Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the launch of Internet Explorer 5 for Mac. Here’s a bit of the backstory of how and why Steve Jobs unveiled a Microsoft product in his Macworld keynote.…
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TIL that Internet Explorer was the default browser for Mac between 1998 and 2003.

"As a result of the five-year agreement between Apple and Microsoft in 1997, it was the default browser on Mac OS and Mac OS X from 1998 until it was superseded by Apple's own Safari web browser in 2003 with the release of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther." - Internet Explorer for Mac

Also here is Microsofts Website from 2003 Explaining Internet Explorer for Mac

Edit: Thanks for the up votes! If you have never checked out the Macworld Boston 1997 Microsoft Partnership Deal it is also worth a watch.

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Microsoft Edge browser coming to Mac over 15 years after Internet Explorer for Mac…
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Test your website or web app across latest and oldest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer on Mac machines for cross-browser compatibility…
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The leaked details about Internet Explorer 5.5 for Mac!…
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Internet Explorer for Mac the easy way: run IE 7, IE8, & IE9 for free in a VM…
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Internet Explorer for Mac the Easy Way: Run IE 7, IE8, & IE9 Free in a Virtual Machine…
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How to get Internet Explorer for Mac…
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I'm sorry, we only support browsers that don't exist

Same company and website as previous tale here:

So there's this website used by a few thousand paying customers - something like $200/year. It's used by pastors to download material to use in their church services. We support the following browsers -keep in mind this is probably 2002/2003 2006 (thanks /u/gargarlord and /u/BCdotWHAT):

  • Internet Explorer for Windows

  • Internet Explorer for Mac

If you've never heard of Internet Explorer for Mac, be grateful. Anyway, Chrome did not yet exist, and Firefox either didn't, or was super early on and not that great. Then something happened. Microsoft killed IE for Mac. I don't mean they just stopped developing it. They pulled the download links, and more or less pretended it didn't exist. If you didn't already have it, there was no way to get it - if there was some sort of abandonware website or other repository for old software back then, I didn't know about it and couldn't find it.

Our Mac browser support remained the same: IE only.

>$Customer: Hi, I'm having some trouble with your website.

>$Me: What browser are you using?

>$Customer: Safari

>$Me, through gritted teeth: Unfortunately we don't support Safari. You'll need to use Internet Explorer.

>$Customer: Oh, how do I get that?

>$Me: You can't.

>$Customer: ...what?

>$Me: We only support Internet Explorer on Macs. If you have a Windows computer, you can use that. If not, you'll need to get Internet Explorer.

>$Customer: Ok...this is my only computer, so how do I get it?

>$Me: You can't. They no longer make it. It's not available anywhere.

>$Customer: So how do I use your website that I'm paying for?

>$Me: You can't.

>$Customer: Do you not see the problem here?

>$Me: Ok look, maybe we can help each other out here. We really should support Safari, but we don't. There's no other option. If possible, can you please write me an email, and be as upset as you can - swear, threaten to cancel, threaten to sue, whatever you can. I'll take it to the powers that be and try to get this fixed for you.

>$Customer: You want me to swear? I'm a pastor!

>$Me: I know. Look, it's Thursday afternoon. Getting this pushed through before Sunday isn't going to be easy.

>$Customer: I'm sure God will understand.

So I get this email from him, and it's everything I asked for - ranting and raving about how

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Going online with a 23 year old computer (Macintosh Performa) running Mac OS 7, am I putting myself at risk?

I found my parents’s old computer, it is a Macintosh Performa from 1995 but I was curious so I set it up and since we still have the dial up modem plugged it into the phone line, opened up the browser (Internet Explorer for Mac) and now I am on the internet, posting a question on Reddit (I can only see text and a lot of code errors), amazing!

My question is, am I vulnerable to attacks from viruses and such? I know that the reason that you are supposed to update your operating system is for security reasons but is there any malware for Mac OS 7 still even around? My parents did spreadsheets with all of their financial information on here that I am looking at, the information is 20 years out of date (they got a clamshell Mac laptop in 1998) but the accounts and social security numbers are the same. Should I be worried?

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[Tutorial] How to TaiG Jailbreak on a Mac [and Linux]

I feel like I have posted this as an individual reply 50 times in the past day and a half so I thought it might warrant a separate post on how to use get TaiG Jailbreak on a Mac. These are the exact steps I followed yesterday and have done it a few dozens times overall. It should also likely work if you are running linux as well as you get the window vm with curl. The benefits to this method is everything is free to download, you don't even need a Window CD.

Anyway here we go. Feel free to ask any questions you have and I will do my best to help.

  1. First install which is free. [edit 3: full link to Mac dmg]

  2. After installing it follow to get windows installed. I like to pick ie 9 or 10 edit 10: people have been having trouble with the ie 11 VM so best bet is to go with ie 10.. As a side not I came across this as a web developer needing to test different versions of IE. This could take 20-30 minutes via terminal. Just let it go in the background while you do other stuff.

  3. Then install virtual box extension pack [], [edit 4: full link], go into [edit 1:] the VM settings and make sure USB 2 is enabled under ports > usb.

  4. Boot up the VM edit5: and go to the icon at the bottom of the VM window that looks like a USB plug and click on it. A little popup window should come up and you can select your iphone to be used in windows versus on the mac. See this:

  5. Then download and install itunes 12.0.1 [].

  6. Download TaiG [] and jailbreak. edit 9: In case you have 'yeah but how do I jailbreak question?' this is a good thread except you need iTunes 12.0.1 and not 12.1.x which is wrong.

At this point you could delete the VM and even VirtualBox if you wanted to but you don't have to.

Hope this helps people.

edit 2: this is not to say you can't do it via bootcamp or parallels but not everyone has access to bootcamp or parallels and more importantly a copy of Window they

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Wait, you downloaded what?

I'm the tech support in my family. Most specifically for my mother. She happens to be taking online college classes, so she ends up downloading a lot of different pieces of software for her classes. Most of the links are provided by her instructors, but some of them have to be sought after. One day I come home and she wants me to take a look at her computer because it's been acting very "slow" and she keeps getting these annoying popups.

"What were you doing before it started to act funny?"

"Well, my instructor told me that this website worked best on Internet Explorer, so i went and downloaded it."

I took a little bit to think about how to break it to my mom that they do not make Internet Explorer for Macs. I got rid of "Internet Explorer" and cleaned off all the adware, and put an admin password on her computer.

TLDR: My mother downloaded "Internet Explorer" for Mac.

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Internet Explorer for MacOS?

I'm taking an online class and it says I need internet explorer to load one of my flash texts. Is there any way to download internet explorer for MacOS?

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Recommending some must-have Apple software to a new Apple user (and iPhone user) - did I miss anything vital?

This is the list I sent to him, he's a total Mac newbie, please feel free to suggest more/alternatives.

1. Perian This is free software that adds a lot of power to Quicktime. Basically it means that a lot of downloaded videos that otherwise wouldn't play in QuickTime will now play, and the audio will work.

2. VLC This is a free video player that will play pretty much every format you will ever come across. Even weird video that someone might send you from a mobile phone. (It's also available for Windows and Linux).

3. Click To Flash This is BRILLIANT. It stops Flash automatically playing on a webpage. So Flash ads and popups are effectively blocked, but you can click to activate any bit of Flash you want. It also allows you to download a YouTube video rather than watching it in your browser (so you can put it on your iPhone if you want).

4. Firefox You may find that some websites don't work 100% in Safari, so it's always worth getting a copy of Firefox. There is no current version of Internet Explorer for Mac, so if a website is IE only (due to crappy coding by some shit web designer) then you're stuck :(

5. Flux This is really cool. What it does is automatically adjust your screen colour (like white balancing) depending on the ambient light. So in daylight, your screen is a bluer/whiter colour to match the outdoor light. At dusk, the light warms up to match lightbulbs in your home. It's not essential software but I find it absolutely brilliant

6. Lab Tick This is cool: it gives you control of the illuminated keyboard. So if you want the keys to illuminate but the computer doesn't think it's dark enough (the keyboard is activated by light sensors) then you can force them to light up.

7. Skype Obviously get Skype, for making free/ultra cheap phone calls. There's also a version for iPhone, so if you're in a wifi network, you can make calls on your mobile that cost nothing.

8. MPEG Streamclip This is a brilliant video/audio converter. Not only will it actually let you view and play files that no other program will, it lets you easily convert them so you can play them on your iPhone, or compress them so you can upload them to the web. (It's also available for Windows). http://

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Easiest way to test any version of IE on a Mac

Link to article

Link to updated downloads/information on Github

Finally did this after trying quite a number of other solutions that didn't work for various reasons (e.g., not free, problematic without an internal disc drive), and it so so good.

Note that if you install them all (IE6–10) it's like 40GB.

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Thoughts from a Network Engineer after having Starlink for five days

The setup is brain dead simple. It comes in the box fully hooked up, all you have to do is place it with a view of the sky and plug it into electrical power. It is the dish with a temporary use stand, a two port PoE injector (that sends PoE both towards the dish and towards the router), and the router. Note that anyone can install the Starlink app and “check for obstructions” to see what might be in the way.

Starlink still in the box

Upon startup the dish moves from the “stowed” position (tilted down) to perfectly vertical (to scan the sky). After a couple of minutes it then moves to its final orientation (for me this is facing somewhat North).

Scanning the sky

The cable is fixed attached to the dish which avoids waterproofing issues at the dish end but it is definitely NOT setup for professional installers. The cable is maybe 75’ or 100’ (I have not measured it yet) and it has a huge “choke” on the end which means you need a large hole into your building. A professional installer would just drill a hole large enough for the cable and “field terminate” ends for the wire. Sadly this is not an option for Starlink currently.

Starlink permanently attached ethernet cable

The choke on the cable you have to pass through the wall is huge!

I put the dish on a kill-a-watt to measure its power consumption. I saw it up to 154 watts (combined for the dish and the router which is also powered by the same power injector brick). This leads me to believe that output power is more than even the highest 802.11bt PoE spec allows. I suspect this is one of the reasons for the permanently attached cable on the dish. They likely don’t support any longer cords due to voltage drop issues. Note that 154 watts is quite a bit of power! That may be a challenge for off-grid operations.

[Power consumption of the PoE brick with both the Dish and Router powered (sometimes it draws less)](

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"Why is San Francisco the way that it is?" - A history of pluralistic populism and the urban anti-regime in Baghdad by the Bay, aka the Beachhead of Unintended Policy Consequences

>"Why is San Francisco the way that it is?"

- /u/the_status

^(Discussion Thread, Queen Hillary Publishing, October 15th, 2020)

Boy, am I glad you asked!

^((but really...)^(am I)^(? I know I said "ask me again on Monday" back in October. I spent a little longer on this than I thought I would...Sorry bud.))

A brief note about me and why you should or shouldn't care what I think:

I was born in San Francisco*, California in the late 1980s (👴 lmao), and grew up there through the '90s and '00s.

^(*No, not Moraga. Not Mill Valley. Not Sunnyvale. SAN FRANCISCO. You moron. You absolute dolt.)

I've worked for small startups and watched them become major publicly-traded tech firms.

I've worked for local government and watched planning professionals drive themselves insane from knowing how to fix things but not having the political mandate to act on that knowledge.

I've mansplained to more than my fair share of people who didn't really care why San Francisco is the way that it is today. And you can be next!


Introduction: "The City" as Everything but a City

>"It's an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco. It must be a delightful city and possess all the attractions of the next world."

- Oscar Wilde

>"Hey, Georgia! San Francisco just wanted to say "thank you!" We already have Nancy Pelosi as our Congresswoman, now you're gonna give us John Ossoff as our Congressman!"

- Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC

Few cities carry as much symbolism as San Francisco. When you consider that San Francisco is a city of not even a million people, its outsize presence in our cultural zeitgeist becomes all the more notable.

For progressives, the city is a besieged bohemian mecca - at once quaint and visionary, and under siege by a looming neoliberal order.

For conservatives, it's an anarchic disastrous mess where unchecked liberal policies have produced a petri dish of societal failure and hedonism, all funded by extreme taxation.

For liberals, it's a hub of technological innovation paradoxically situa

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[Guide] Linux für HIFler


"Open Source ist Kommunismus" hat ein Freund mal gesagt, ich weiß leider nicht, wer. Genau so gehe ich mit Informationen um, daher teile ich sie hier. Fühlt sich sonst irgendwie verschwendet an.

Ich habe div. Probleme mit Microsoft und Windows, daher wollte ich eine Alternative. Apple ist, naja, teuer, bleibt Linux. Die Schule war jedoch ein Teil, der mich davon abgehalten hat. Zumindest zur Sicherheit die Windows Partition behalten war mein Gedanke. Meine Einstellung war bisher diese. Wie man sieht, wurde bereits eine Lösung vorgeschlagen. Nachdem der Kommentar von meinem Onkel "Dann verwend ich eine VM" auf das grad verlinkte Problem war, hat mich das wahrscheinlich auch dazu gebracht, das hier zu schreiben. Dieser Guide ist für diejenigen, die Windows möglichst nicht verwenden wollen, aber die Spengergasse besuchen.

Da die End-User Welt leider hauptsächlich auf Windows läuft, ist die Schule natürlich mit Windows leichter (abgesehen von den spontanen Updates, Bugs, Technische Probleme, die einen daran hindern, überhaupt eine Abgabe zu erstellen), das möchte ich nur erwähnt haben. Ein weiteres Problem ist, dass Lehrer euch wahrscheinlich nicht helfen können, wenn ein Problem Linux-spezifisch ist.

Diesen Guide werde ich ev. im Nachhinein verändern, weil ich oft im Nachhinein auf div. Sachen draufkomme.

Meine Probleme mit Windows

Ich hab einmal geschrieben "Zuerst einmal das positive über Windows: ...Ja, das war's so ziemlich". Mittlerweile fällt mir tatsächlich eine positive Sache ein: Verfügbare Software. Das war's dann aber so spontan auch.

Vielleicht liegt ein guter Teil meines Hasses an meinem alten Laptop, der schlecht unterstützt wurde. Die einmal aufgeschriebenen Probleme hatte ich nicht mehr mit meinem jetzigen. Dennoch:

  • Telemetrie: Privatsphäre kann man ziemlich vergessen. Ich werde hier im OP nicht auf Privacy Debatte eingehen. Man kann sie unter Windows 10 Home nicht ganz ausschalten. Die Einstellungen, die man bei der Installation setzen kann, sind eher Homöopathisch. Auf AME gehe ich noch ein.
  • Bugs: Linux ist nicht Bugfrei. Im gegensatz zu Windows kann man sie aber meistens beheben. Dazu komme ich später.
  • Windows Fehlerbehebung: Muss ich nicht kommentieren.
  • Geld: Das ist bei L
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I am 25 years old, make $63,000, live in Chicago, IL and work as a speech-language pathologist in schools.

Section Zero: Background (inspired by u/throwaway_md765951 last week!)

I’ve been somewhat active in this sub, but made this throwaway so I could talk with more details and a greater sense of privacy. The thread about what we like to see from diarists mentioned wanting a greater range of careers, so I finally signed up to post, but am a little bit nervous. I’m a speech-language pathologist in a large, urban district. I work with three schools, with students aged 3-18. Most of my students have developmental delays, Autism, or a learning disability. I work with students on developing communication skills, producing speech sounds, language skills like comprehension and storytelling, and some students who stutter. I evaluate and treat communication disorders that prevent students from participating in school. Usually, I’m moving around the school building and district throughout the week, but my district is fully remote until January, when we will allegedly switch to a hybrid model.

I wrote this last week (Nov 30-December 6) which was the week I did all my Christmas shopping! So obviously not a normal spending week, but I’ve liked reading about what others buy for gifts and how they allocate their holiday spending.

I live with my boyfriend, who I’ve named Avery, after Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy lol. He’s the only person I saw this week.

Also overall TW: I talk a lot about poor mental health and being under significant stress.

What do money and success mean to you? What are your end goals?

Money is a tool to get what I want. I like having it in the bank, but I love using it for immediate gratification (see next question).

“Success” to me means having my student loans are paid off, I have a nice home to live in, a job I like, my bills are paid, I can travel 1-2 times a year on a nice vacation, I’m able to spoil myself and my loved ones with things they want, and not worrying about retirement. I don’t necessarily want to be independently wealthy or create generational wealth, but I want my future kids, if I decide to have them, to have the same quality of childhood I had or better.

End goals: I want to buy a house one day, and I want to be able to renovate it into exactly what I want. When I get married, I want to invite all my loved ones for an awesome party and be able to afford it with my partner. I want to be able to retire and feel “set” financially so I can have my house, read books, bake, and see friends and family without wor

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Mozilla really needs better marketing, IMO

As much as I dislike Brave, their website is really empowering and convincing. I don't get that same feeling with the Firefox website. It doesn't really get the point across that well.

I think the first part of the website is fine, but the "We block the ad trackers. You explore the internet faster." is just misleading. It puts purple over an ad, suggesting it's blocked, and it says that "ads are distracting and makes web pages load slower," suggesting Firefox blocks these. Firefox doesn't block these though, Firefox just blocks trackers. While many of those are intertwined, a lot aren't, and by the time the user downloads Firefox, they might be confused to see ads.

The "Firefox is for everyone" part is weird. I don't see why this is really necessary. The only modern browser that isn't cross platform nowadays is Safari. Is that really that big of a deal? Most browsers like Chrome, Edge, and others are cross platform, and they make up the bulk of the Internet's usage. Mozilla should try to differentiate itself better here because this doesn't matter to most users. In addition, the "Review system requirements" link is just... why? It brings you to this dead end of a link where users probably just get confused. It doesn't go over features whatsoever. That link should be removed. If people want to check the requirements, they can look them up for themselves.

"Put Firefox on all your devices." Okay, I mean, tracker blocking on every device, that's fine, but I feel like it'd be more useful to put an actually differentiating feature like how it just blocks trackers in general. This should be on the bottom in my opinion.

The next section is "Do it all with Firefox," and then it just lists out a bunch of generic features most modern browsers have. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Same with "Make Firefox your own."All in all it's just... not great.

The compare website is decent, but they should consider removing IE. It gives the person a perception that Firefox can be compared with Internet Explorer which is bad psychologically. Internet Explorer has a garbage reputation, and grouping them together makes Firefox actually look worse. Ever wondered why Apple doesn't compare iPhones to Galaxy phones? It's because it gives people the idea that iPhones can be compared with those phones, but Apple wants people to think that in fact, [iPhones are other-worldly and cannot be compared at all.](https://

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[Share] My Music Library Index (861GB)

Hello everyone. I made a post about two months ago sharing my library index (646GB at the time). I was working with 400GB of space back then so I went with a request format so people could comment and request titles on my list. However, I have since exceeded that storage space limit through the sheer number of requests I've been getting so I decided to purchase more space to accommodate everyone's needs. As a result, I now have enough space to upload my entire library which is what I have done. Please enjoy!


*This keeps coming up on my last post, so I will reiterate it here:

This is not a request post. I'm sharing what I have in my library. Please do not request titles that aren't listed below. Thank you. :)

If there's no quality specified, it's FLAC at 16bit / 44.1 or 48 kHz

[320] MP3 at 320kbps, when this number is 3 digits and not 16/24 it is always MP3 with the number indicating kbps

[24] FLAC at 24 bit, if the sampling rate is higher than 44.1/48kHz it will be specified

[MQA] will be specified after bit-rate

Discographies are studio albums mostly, some include EPs/Mixtapes/Live albums as well

All albums listed are complete, unless otherwise noted.

If there are multiple formats available within an album, they will be in separate sub folders.

Occasionally there will be albums with mixed formats, which will be noted.

There's a small percentage of titles that are labeled in FLAC but are actually upsampled MP3. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure which ones they are. I'd estimate this to be less than 3% of the collection.

Some video content are also included with certain titles.

I think that would be all for now. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions below.


2 Chainz - Discography (2012-2020)[16~24/96]

2 Pac - 2Pacalypse Now, Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ, Me Against the World, All Eyez on Me, Americaz Most Wanted

8 Mile Original Soundtrack

8Ball - Lost

21 Savage - Slaughter King [320], Savage Mode, Savage Mode II [24]

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin', The Massacre

112 - 112, Room 112

A Boogie wit da Hoodie - Artist, The Bigger Artist, Hoodie SZN, Artist 2.0 [24]

A Great Big World - Is There Anybody Out There? [320]

A$AP Ferg - Furious Ferg, Floor Seats II [24]

A$AP Rocky - [Live.Love](https://

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HOW TO make a FULL (offline) installer for macOS on Windows!

So, in this guide, I am going to show how you can make a full offline installer for macOS, on your Windows PC. This can come in handy for the people wanting to install macOS on a device where internet connection is still a problem.

(Disclaimer: I am not a developer of any of the tools used in this guide, this is just how I got a successful full installer USB. I thought it could come in handy for the people wanting to get this too, so I wanted to share it.)

So first of all, go here and make sure you have the prerequisites (gibMacOS, MakeInstallmacOS, Python, TransMac, Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Boot Disk Utility and 7-zip). You don't need the Clover Cloud Editor, because we will be converting the installer to OpenCore😊. And I highly recommend a 16GB USB 3.0 as a minimum. Higher is better of course.

The guide can be a little confusing, I had a hard time finding my way through the guiding files, as they are all apart from each other. They do link to each other tho.

  1. So you start the guide here. So run gibMacOS and enter the number of the macOS version you want. You don't need to toggle Recovery Only, as we want the full installer. Once it's downloaded, you can enter the next step.
  2. So now you want to put the (from MakeInstallmacOS) into the downloaded macOS Installer files folder (i.e.: gibMacOS/macOS Downloads/publicrelease/xxx-xxxxx blah blah blah) Open it, and enter P. Now a new folder called SharedSupport will be created. Once that is finished, you can go to the next step.
  3. Now you will be making the actual installer. Plugin your USB, and open the BDU tool (Boot Disk Utility) you
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[OC]So You Want To Read About Basketball, Eh? Here is one R/NBA user’s recommendation as to the best basketball books you can find.

I’ve been watching and loving basketball for a long time. My first word was ball, and my parents have a picture of me making my first basket on a little tykes hoop around age two. Until I was in 7th grade, I truly figured I would make the NBA because I was better at basketball than my friends. I told everyone I'd be like a 9th man kind of guy. Matt Bonner perhaps. Middle School crushed that dream. I’m not so old, but it’s been about 20 years of obsessive NBA fandom. From an early love of the 2000 New York Knicks, to an obsession with Gilbert Arenas, and nerding out over everything from Marc Gasol pick and roll defense to LeBron James handshakes, this has been my life.

I’m also a big reader. I’ve loved reading since I was a kid as it was one of my parents big priorities (my mother briefly worked for a bookstore). I love Non-Fiction, and am a major proponent of novels (fiction is generally not nearly emphasized properly around the world these days. Bring Back Fiction). When I was younger I wrote the first two pages of a novel about Latrell Sprewell saving the world by choking out a bad guy. In my book, he was losing air or something. It was an objectively dumb idea. I got bored of writing it after like 2 pages. Turns out I hate writing. Though I still have an idea for an anthropomorphized Toaster that toasts people alive and yells hibachi. If anyone wants to run with that, feel free.

As you can imagine, I’ve read quite a few books about basketball in my day. Novels, Biographies, Topic specific pieces, exposes. Even a random Jordan hit piece or two. I wanted to share my love for basketball books combined with my obsession with ranking shit, so I am making this post to give a quick ranking of my favorite basketball books in 3 separate categories that I find particularly compelling. If you are of any age and want to read some great books, you can use this as a good place to start.

I’m going to make 3 short lists.

*Topic Specific Books*. The books will pick a subject and delve into it. Think The Dream Team. These will be judged on topic, writing, story, interesting info, and the level of new information we got in the book.

*Young Adult Novels* I adore young adult novels AND I’ve re read most of them since my initial reading. So for all the 10-14 year olds on here, these books are amazing and can help you get into reading if that’s something you’re struggling with. And if the book is on this list, it means I think it holds up and adults/pseudo-adu

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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 Complete Buying & Maintenance Guide | All You Need To Know

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 Complete Buying & Maintenance Guide | All You Need To Know

Note: this post is not yet finished; some parts are still under construction. I’m new and still learning reddit text editing/formatting in markup mode, and some of the write-ups are taking a long time to finish. So in the meantime, please peruse the current contents of this guide, in the hopes that it may be of help to you. We’ll finish and keep this guide updated together as we go along. Enjoy!

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (GA401)


  • New AMD Ryzen 4000 series processors paired with Nvidia GTX/RTX series graphics cards
  • Low and efficient power-consumption -35W, thus
  • 8-10 hours of battery life (after a few days of tweaking and tinkering)
  • Premium build quality
  • Thin and light; portable
  • Wide selection of ports available
  • Great 14" display (100% sRGB, adaptive sync, anti-glare, multiple options)


(please check if some of these are deal-breakers for you)

  • No built-in webcam
  • No Thunderbolt 3
  • No ethernet port
  • Soldered 8GB RAM on one slot (max 40GB total; 8GB+32GB)

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 VERSUS other laptops

> Compared to other options, this is quite a step up from the TUF A15, for example. You get a better build quality and a rigid form factor. You definitely won't get the power of a thick and heavy, 15-inch, 144Hz laptop (Nitro 5, Dell G5/G7, Helios 300, etc.) of around the same price, but you will get better battery and portability. You also need to have an external camera as there is none built in.

G14 VERSUS Asus G15, Asus A15, Dell M15, Razer Stealth, etc.


The G14 variants are subject to the availability that varies per region. Please do check with your local dealers and suppliers beforehand for stocks and availability.

Refer to the Asus Zephyrus G14 website for the complete tech specifications sheet of each configuration.


  • Color: Eclipse Grey or Moonlight White
  • Display panel: FHD 1080p/60Hz, FHD 1080p/120Hz, QHD 1440p(2K)/60Hz
  • LED back panel: AniMe Matrix option available (see what it does)


  • CPU: Ryzen 5 4600HS,
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This very long comment on by Anita Kanitz with many anti-pornography quotes from books!!!

So, some thousand people have a petition to keep trafficking up, and the comments are mainly terrible as to be expected. But then i read this gem with plenty of amazing quotes and book reviews. I added some formatting for readability:

"Pornography is the instruction, rape the practice. Pornography shows evil lies about women and the sad truth about men." -Anita Kanitz

"Show me an abuse of women in society, I'll show it to you made sex in the pornography. If you want to know who is being hurt in this society, go see what is being done and to whom in pornography and then go look for them other places in the world. You will find them being hurt in just that way." -Catharine MacKinnon

"Pornography is used in rape - to plan it, to execute it, to choreograph it, to engender the excitement to commit the act." [Andrea testimony before the New York Attorney General's Commission on Pornography in 1986] -Andrea Dworkin

" If pornography is part of your sexuality, then you have no right to your sexuality." -Catharine MacKinnon

" Men, permitted to put words (and other things) in women's mouths, create scenes in which women desperately want to be bound, battered, tortured, humiliated, and killed." -Catharine MacKinnon

"Pornography is now beyond anyone’s control. It’s a classic example of ever-controversial unregulated capitalism — the market automatically responding to individual needs and desires. I continue to support and defend pornography, which I believe exposes the deepest, darkest truths about sexuality.2 -Camille Paglia

“It is not a single crime when a child is photographed while sexually assaulted (raped.) It is a life time crime that should have life time punishments attached to it. If the surviving child is, more often than not, going to suffer for life for the crime(s) committed against them, shouldn't the pedophiles suffer just as long? If it often takes decades for survivors to come to terms with exactly how much damage was caused to them, why are there time limits for prosecution?” ― Sierra D. Waters, Debbie

“The rape of a child is a violent act of contempt, not an expression of sexuality or affection.” ― Mike Lew, Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma

"We are very close to death. All women are. And we are very close to rape and we are very close to beating. And we are inside a system of humiliation from which there is no escape for us. We use statistics not to try to quantify the injuries, b

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[Success] New Intel + Nvidia build

Hi everyone, decided to build a new system with VFIO in mind. My last PC build was Skylake back in 2016. As much as I want to try AMD, Intel with its iGPU still won me over. So with that out of the way, let's start with the hardware I have chosen.


  • Intel i7-10700 8c/16t 4.8GHz 65W
  • Asus ROG Strix H470-I
  • Team T-Force 32GB DDR4-3200 2x16GB
  • 1TB and 500GB WD SN750
  • WD20EFRX 2TB NAS Drive (Old)
  • WD80EDAZ 8TB NAS Drive
  • MSI GTX 1060 ARMOC OC 6GB (Old)
  • Noctua NH-D15 Chromax
  • Fractal Define Nano S Non-Windowed (Old)
  • Corsair SFX 450W PSU (Old)


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for Host OS

  • Stub GPU and 500GB NVME on etc/default/grub
  • Created bridgesbr_wan for realtek and br_lan for intel nic for pfSense VM
  • Created empty bridge win10 with no slave ports for Moonlight Streaming 1440p @ 144Hz of Windows 10 VM back to Host
  • CPU governor set to Performance all the time (5W higher than Powersave) with minfreq 4.6Ghz and maxfreq 4.8GHz

Windows 10 for Gaming VM

  • 6C/12T and 12GB RAM assigned, no hugepages and vCPUS # 2-7 and 10-15 pinned.
  • br_lan for internet access and win10 for streaming desktop and games over Moonlight to Ubuntu host. Uses around 95mbps of bandwidth.
  • No noticeable latency spikes, FPS is almost the same with bare-metal.


  • 1 vCPU and 1GB RAM assigned
  • Bridges br_wan and br_lan assigned to VM utilizing VirtIO.


  • 1 vCPU and 1GB RAM assigned
  • WD 8TB passed through by /dev/disk/by-id

2x MacOS Mojave VMs

  • 2 vCPUs and 2GB RAM assigned to each
  • Mainly for downloading files and photos from iCloud and rsync to OMV NAS

Home Automation VM

  • 1 vCPU and 1GB RAM assigned
  • Conbee II USB passed through
  • Currently evaluating Homebridge and Home Assistant

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Docker VM

  • 2 vCPUs and 2GB RAM assigned

Motioneye NVR VM

  • 2 vCPUs and 2GB RAM assigned.
  • WD 2TB passed through by /dev/disk/by-id
  • Still playing around with this setup. I have a Reolink POE RLC-520 camera to play around with optimal recording settings.


IOMMU Group 10 05:00.0 Non-Volatile memory controller [0108]: Sandisk Corp Device [15b7:5006]
IOMMU Group 11 00:1f.6 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (11) I219-V [8086:0d4d]
IOMMU Group 1 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GP106 [GeForce GTX 1060 6GB] [10de:1c03] (rev a1)
IOMMU Group 1 01:00.1 Audio device [0403
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The iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard is not a Substitute for a Laptop - Student's Perspective

Edit: TL;DR: The iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard sucks at Microsoft Office word processing.

I didn’t expect this post to get so much discussion going. I just want to address a couple of things. I admit that this really is an issue with more mainstream word processing software on other platforms, and I have not tried using other programs with built in citation tools. With that said, my educational institution as well as my own workflow are very much ingrained with the tools in Microsoft Office. Learning and changing my workflow just to use the iPad was not worth it to me and I cannot see myself recommending doing that for anyone else in a similar situation. I also want to address the Apple Pencil. The pencil really does change the experience and makes the iPad Pro an amazingly great note taking device. I honestly still struggle with annotations, but it is a fun process. The Pencil connecting and charging to the side are honestly enough for me to justify going to the Pro for the sheer convenience. I love my iPad Pro, just not when I need to write a 10 page research paper or an academic research grant ✨

I recently read a post by u/Chihuahuagoes2 here on this subreddit regarding his experience as a lawyer and how he found the iPad Pro unsuitable for his work. For some background, I am a current masters student who needed to upgrade from my 2014 Macbook Pro that needed a logic board replacement. I purchased my iPad Pro 12.9" about two months ago and also purchased a Magic Keyboard, which I promptly returned.

From what I had researched on the internet, the information available and general recommendation for the iPad Pro as a laptop or Macbook replacement was heavily favoring it as a powerful device. I chose it over buying another Macbook as I heard that big changes were coming to the Mac lineup and the iPad Pro may be slightly more future-proof. I already have a desktop PC that I use for more serious projects, so I wanted a portable device that I would enjoy and the iPad Pro seemed to fit all the categories.

Articles that did mention shortcomings never seemed to go into the details of the issues nor look into it from a student's perspective. With that said, many medical students on Youtube have praised the iPad Pro as a great tool for sketching and drawing anatomy notes, but forget to mention the issues it has with word processing. Also, many of the other reviews created by other Youtubers and tech review companies are heavily focused on the video editing ca

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here is some details on it

FLOPPY EMU DISK EMULATOR For vintage Apple II, Macintosh, and Lisa computers

Instruction Manual for Floppy Emu Model C

  1. Introduction

  2. Connecting the Floppy Emu

2.1 External Connection and Daisy Chaining 2.2 Internal Connection 2.2.1 Special Note for Apple II Disk II Controller Card 2.3 Special Note for Apple IIc

  1. Initial Configuration and Setup

3.1 Installing the Desired Firmware 3.2 Choosing the Disk Emulation Mode 3.3 Configuring a Favorites Menu

  1. SD Memory Cards

  2. Apple II Usage

5.1 Understanding Apple II Boot Disks 5.2 Copying 5.25 Inch Floppy Disks

  1. Macintosh Usage

  2. Lisa Usage

  3. Disk Images

8.1 Technical Info for Disk Image Formats 8.2 Creating and Editing Disk Images

  1. Transferring Files from Modern to Vintage Computer

9.1 Vintage Software from the Web 9.2 StuffIt (.SIT) and Other Compressed File Archives

  1. Transferring Files from Vintage to Modern Computer

Appendix A. - Error Messages

Appendix B. - Notes for Visually Impaired Users

Appendix C. - FAQ


Thank you for purchasing a Floppy Emu disk emulator! Floppy Emu is a specialized floppy and hard disk emulator for classic Apple computers. It uses a removable SD memory card and custom hardware to mimic an Apple floppy disk and drive, or an Apple hard drive. The Emu behaves exactly like a real disk drive, requiring no special software or drivers on the computer. It's perfect for booting your favorite games, moving files between modern and vintage machines, and troubleshooting a computer without a working OS. Just plug in the Emu board, and you’ll be up and running in seconds.

Floppy Emu is designed to work with disk images – special files that store the contents of an entire floppy disk or hard disk. Each disk image is stored on the SD card as a separate file. Using the menu interface on the Floppy Emu, you can select which of those disks to insert or mount in the emulated disk drive.

Disk images can be downloaded from archives on the internet, or created using 3rd-party tools. With the right software for Windows or Mac OSX computers, it’s also possible to peek inside a disk image, and view the actual Apple II or classic Mac files it contains. See the DISK IMAGES section for further details.


Floppy Emu Model C is compatible with the entire Apple II line. It’s also compatible with vintage Macintosh computers from the original Mac 128K through the Mac II

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Surface has a Microsoft Problem

I'm probably going to get a lot of backlash and downvotes for this, but this is something I really care about and I want to foster a discussion about it. Please hear me out! I will be breaking down all the issues and problems that plague the entire Surface brand. This is not just here to vent or complain, my goal is to help foster and encourage critical discussion of the products. I apologize for how long this post is, but I'm just so passionate about this topic and I want things to be better. A TL:DR summary will be included at the bottom of the post.

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Surface fanboy. I always wanted more from tablets, and the Surface line piqued my interest when it was first launched. My first Surface was a Pro 3, and it was the perfect college companion. (However, I do NOT miss the molten core that it would become) I think the Surface line of products is one of the few truly innovative line of mobile PC products. Each product brings something brand new to the table. I can not wait for the Surface Neo, what a great innovation in the mini-tablet market!

That said, the more Surface products I buy, the more apprehension I have with buying from the Surface brand. That really pains me to say; I love the sleek brand, the look, the name. As I said, I'm a fanboy! Unfortunately, the brand has been plagued by Microsoft's incompetency: Hardware/software issues, defective units, inconsistency, little improvements with devices, and worst of all, Windows. Lastly, and I never thought I'd ever say this, but the biggest issue with the Surface brand is Apple. Let me break it down…

> Part 1: The Surface level

The new iterations of each device feels even more disappointing that the last. Minor improvements, it feels like Microsoft is trying to see how little it can do and still justify releasing a new version every year. I feel so bad for the Surface Book fans waiting for a proper upgrade… Don’t get me wrong, it's got great hardware, but 3 years…. And 0 changes to the design? 3 years and they didn't even move the awful placement for headphone jack??

Speaking of headphone jacks, (or lack thereof…) we all made fun of the iPad Pro for being a 'professional' product without a headphone jack, and the SPX deserves equal treatment. A gorgeous device, incredibly sleek, a screen to die for... It's a shame that Microsoft had to handicap it so badly. I don't hate ARM, I 100% understand the reasoning for going that route. (

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[Achievement?] Ranking: Brand New Objective Truth (1/2)

Ranking in Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage is not exactly an easy thing. Since the primary method of point gain for any event is to ‘play the game’, usually the solution is to ‘play the game’ more than everyone else to get the highest rank possible. This obviously isn’t always the case, as Parade has no ranking element beyond SSS rank and Carnival is just a glorified high score ranking. To break it down:

  • Parade (SSS): Play the game a lot and play the game really well,
  • Groove: Play the game a lot and then after half time also play well,
  • Token: Play the game a lot.

…The above is all information directly lifted from a post I made nearly a year ago, where I played [email protected] Forte 2258 times in 174 hours to celebrate it being added to the game, and accidently became a Mayu/HinakoP in the process. At the time I only offered the info I had on Token, and not having officially participated in a high-end groove run felt that it would be presumptuous for me to present my expectations for one. Fast forward nearly an entire year, and I now have a perhaps unfortunate level of experience from ranking the most recent Groove, Never Ends. That said, the strategies I utilised did not resemble what is the expected style of play, so I will do my best to provide all the facts I know about Groove here.


##Groove Ranking Primer

Groove has existed since the debut of Tulip in Starlight Stage (January 2016?), experiencing several evolutions both major and minor since its original conception. It began life taking a random selection of three (non-collab) songs from one of the three types (rainbow included as a wildcard in all three) and slapping a fourth encore song on the end that required reaching a particular point threshold (called applause) during the first three songs to actually play it. Completing the first three songs would award you points for how high you managed to make the applause go, and completing the encore would award a fixed number of points based on your score rank.

Worth noting that the fourth song is the new one people actually wanted to play the event for, thus forcing them to go through filler to reach it. A popular interpretation of the event said by men wiser than I is that Groove is taking the bus through the bad neighbourhood, having to make three shady stops before finally reaching your destination. From a purely c

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Tools I wish I had known about when I started coding

Hey all! I had compiled this list about two years ago, shortly after I started programming, and I found that is was helpful to a lot of folks, so I wanted to resurrect it.

While the way I do some things has changed a lot in the last couple of years, these all helped me a lot when I was just getting into web development, and hopefully they might help you too!

Chrome Extensions

Now that I am a self-proclaimed web developer, I practically live in my Chrome console. Below are some tools that allow me to spend less time there:

  • WhatFont — The name says it all. This is an easy way of finding out the fonts that your favorite website is using, so that you can borrow them for your own projects.
  • Pesticide — Useful for seeing the outlines of your HTML elements and modifying CSS. This was a lifesaver when I was trying to learn my way around the box-model.
  • Colorzilla — Useful for copying exact colors off of a website. This copies a color straight to your clipboard so you don’t spend forever trying to get the right RGBA combination.
  • CSS Peeper — Useful for looking at colors and assets used on a website. A good exercise, especially when starting out, is cloning out websites that you think look cool. This gives you a peek under the hood at their color scheme and allows you to see what other assets exist on their page.
  • Wappalyzer — Useful for seeing the technologies being used on a website. Ever wonder what kind of framework a website is using or what service it is hosted on? Look no further.
  • React Dev Tools — Useful for debugging your React applications. It bears mentioning that this is only useful if you are programming a React application.
  • Redux Dev Tools — Useful for debugging applications using Redux. It bears mentioning that this is only useful if you are implementing Redu
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Natural Docs 2.2 Development Release 1

Time to start a new round of development releases for 2.2. What do we have so far?

Custom Home Pages

Now you can use your own HTML file to serve as the home page instead of the default one. Just create an advanced style, add a HTML file to the style's folder, and add "Home Page: [file name]" to Style.txt. It will appear in the content area on the home page, highlighted below. The header and menu will still be there for people to navigate.

You can also put these strings anywhere in the HTML and Natural Docs will replace them with the project information. This is useful if you wanted to add a build timestamp that updates automatically.

  • %NaturalDocs_Title%
  • %NaturalDocs_Subtitle%
  • %NaturalDocs_Copyright%
  • %NaturalDocs_Timestamp%

This feature isn't documented on the web site yet, but if you run the new version of Natural Docs you'll see it in the comments inside Style.txt.

HTML Refresh

I updated the default style of the generated documentation. The design and appearance are still fundamentally the same, so you might not even notice much unless you were looking at a before and after. However, there were lots and lots of little tweaks and cleanup that's more noticeable on higher resolution displays. Here's what's changed:

  • SVG icons. No more blurry icons on high resolution displays.
  • Moved the footer. Now instead of a too small bar stretching across the bottom of the entire page, it's a panel on the bottom of the leftmost menu. This gives you more vertical space for the summary and content panels and also allows me to increase the font size a bit to make it more readable. You can see it in the screen shot above.
  • Font change. It now uses the default UI font on Windows and macOS for better readability and familiarity. If you preferred the old look you can always use a simple style to set things back to a combination of Tahoma and Trebuchet MS.
  • Modernized HTML. I removed a lot of cruft that was there to support ancient browsers. Did you know Natural Docs 2.0 originally
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YSK that blind people use technology successfully and it actually helps us a lot. We're also capable of living a pretty independent life without the ability to see.

I was born blind and have been on the internet since 2003. Many people seem to think that the evolution of mainstream technology is on a growing list of reasons why we (blind people) can't function in the world without the help of a sighted person. This is really far from the truth. I use my flat, touch-screen iPhone every day with the screen totally blacked out. I can explore the screen, hear the names of the things I'm touching, and double-tap them to actually choose them. I sit down at my desk and instantly have access to Windows and Mac computers which I've connected to a mixer and a keyboard switcher so I can control them both at once.

The category of software that makes this possible is called a screen-reader. NVDA is probably the one I use the most on Windows; it's free and open-source. But every mainstream operating system comes with one built-in now, probably in settings under accessibility or something similar, and most of them are really good. They all provide extra touch-screen gestures to navigate without being able to see precisely where everything is, and they have lots of extra keyboard commands to quickly search through apps and websites. Even my Samsung TV, Apple TV and Fire cube all have screen-reading software that reads the current item as I move around. They aren't magic; they can't figure out what's in a picture for instance, and some web designers and programmers make mistakes that take away my access even though it functions just fine for a sighted user. However, anyone reading this should know that a large portion of this website is highly text-based and that's one of the many reasons I enjoy being a user here. Besides that, AI is evolving to a level that allows a computer to recognize objects in photos, and any OCR app will pull the text out of pictures, which is slightly clunky but doable.

Can you imagine being a person who physically could not use the internet or the features of a modern Smartphone, but also couldn't read print? It was fine when I was a kid and didn't really care: I had Braille and audio books galore because my mom is awesome, and nobody really had the internet. But now, everyone has some kind of computer or phone and the whole world is digital, and I'm an adult who needs to be able to get through the digital world. I've been to college (including partially online classes and a ton of computer-based homework), and curr

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I'm about to lose my marbles (quest to save two iPod shuffles)

Collectors, trigger warning, I bought and opened a brand new Shuffle, please don't hate me, much love. :(

Given how much I loved my Shuffle back in 2012 and how much I hate phones the size of a coffee table in 2020, I decided to buy one on the internet. I got a 4th gen, new but open box, with all original accesories. iTunes detected it, I can sync music to it, but it won't turn on. Not even after long charging in a computer and through a wall adapter. Figured out the person pulled off an incredibly good scam: the iPod, as soon as they opened the box, fell in a cup of water or something and that's the reason everything looks so new. It's ok, sometimes you win sometimes, you lose on Craigslist.

Couple days later, one of the other leads I had drops the price by half on a new 4th gen shuffle. Given I was already willing to spend x amount of money, I meet up with them and I open the brand new box in front of them. Not wanting to be scammed again, I took my laptop to set it up there (they were ok with it) and the same fucking thing happens; iTunes detects it, I can sync music but it won't turn on, nothing happens when I flick the switch, no lights and no sound. Given I had also gone on quite a trip to the other part of town for this, and given I want to find a solution for this mess and sell either to get some money back, I payed for it and brought it home.

Friends, I've tried EVERYTHING. I tried resetting both multiple times, on different computers. I've tried installing older versions of iTunes, charging them with different adapters, charging them on different computers and they won't function. I'm having a very hard time accepting that they have dead batteries given the lights function JUST as they are supposed to, except turn green during charging (or the iPod playing music, for that matter); also, I would have to be the unluckiest individual in the multiverse to buy two new Shuffles and have two dead batteries (which, if they were dead, why would the iPod show charging), or have two malfunctioning cables. I though "maybe they're just too old" but my dad has a Classic sitting in a drawer and he uses it once a year, and the thing works, I don't get it. I don't even get a red light indicating dead or empty battery, I get nothing with the switch.

I had the hypothesis that, for some ungodly reason, my computer bricked them but I can't troubleshoot why that would happen. I though of straight formatting them through Windows Explorer but it seems like a bad

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Serial Experiments Lain - Thursday Anime Discussion Thread (ft. r/anime Writing Club)

Hi! Welcome to another edition of the weekly Thursday Anime Discussion Thread, featuring us, the r/anime Writing Club. We simulwatch anime TV series and movies together once a month, so check us out if you'd like to participate. Our thoughts on the series, as always, are covered below. :)

Today we are covering...

##Serial Experiments Lain Lain Iwakura, an awkward and introverted fourteen-year-old, is one of the many girls from her school to receive a disturbing email from her classmate Chisa Yomoda—the very same Chisa who recently committed suicide. Lain has neither the desire nor the experience to handle even basic technology; yet, when the technophobe opens the email, it leads her straight into the Wired, a virtual world of communication networks similar to what we know as the internet. Lain's life is turned upside down as she begins to encounter cryptic mysteries one after another. Strange men called the Men in Black begin to appear wherever she goes, asking her questions and somehow knowing more about her than even she herself knows. With the boundaries between reality and cyberspace rapidly blurring, Lain is plunged into more surreal and bizarre events where identity, consciousness, and perception are concepts that take on new meanings.

Written by Chiaki J. Konaka, whose other works include Texhnolyze, Serial Experiments Lain is a psychological avant-garde mystery series that follows Lain as she makes crucial choices that will affect both the real world and the Wired. In closing one world and opening another, only Lain will realize the significance of their presence.

Written by MAL Rewrite

###"Watch This!" posts

[WT! Serial Experiments Lain]

Looking for more "Watch This!" posts? Check the "Watch This!" archive!


AniDB | AniList | AnimeNewsNetwork | MyAnimeList

##Groupwatch prompts and thoughts

1) What are your thoughts on the ways in which the show engages with the concept of The Wired itself

It is a pathway for the flow of information

Rather than try and predict exactly how the internet would end up

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Do they make Internet Explorer for Mac?
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[Tutorial] How to Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9 on a Mac [and Linux]

This tutorial is based off of my earlier tutorial on how to TaiG Jailbreak iOS 8 on a Mac [and Linux]. A lot of the steps here are the same but there are a few things that are different and a few things I had to do to get cydia to show up and to avoid things like the BLOD [boot loop of death].

You may find that you had to do different things or could skip some of my steps but I had to restore like 8 times to finally get to where everything worked for me and that is what I have outlined below. Here goes.

First off let me talk about my environment at a high level. I am running OSX 10.9.5 but I was also able to get this to work on the latest 10.10.x. I am running VirtualBox 4.3 with a Win 7 VM and iTunes 12.2 [Mac] and 12.3 [on the VM]. Not saying it couldn't work on El Capitan but lots of people I spoke with were having issues with 10.11. Also I don't see why VirtualBox 5.x would not work but again that is not what I have used. I have VirtualBox on my machine for regular uses and not just this jailbreak so that is why I am where I am. edit 1: I have used the instructions below to jailbreak 2 x iPhone 6 as well as an iPad mini.

edit 4: I have auto backup when phone is connected TURNED OFF in iTunes. People have seen issues with auto backing up when you reconnect the new iPhone. Does not affect jailbreak but might screw up your full backup.

Again feel free to ask any questions you have and I will do my best to help.

  1. Mac sure you do an iTunes or iClould backup. I like doing a full iTunes backup so in case something happens your covered but that's just me. So you know I did my backup on iTunes 12.0.1 before I realized you needed at least 12.2 to work with iOS9. It's probably easier to update iTunes first. Go ahead and get 12.3 if you want. I installed 12.2 from Note: If you are already on 9.0.2 [that is not from an OTA update] you can skip step 2-4. Even though you can jailbreak 9.0 and 9.0.1 I recommend getting on 9.0.2 so you can be on the latest. Also if you OTA updated to 9.0.2 you should do a fresh restore to 9.0.2, AFTER TAKING A FULL BACKUP.

  2. After doing your backup go ahead and grab/download the correct IPSW file for your devidce from I find it is better to download the ipsw file straight so you have it in

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Terminal Instructions not working

I have been using these directions for over a year to use Windows on my Hackintosh computer via VirtualBox. Today, I was unable to get the terminal instructions to work. After copying and pasting the instructions into Terminal, I just get another prompt. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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[Share] My Collection Index (646GB)

Update: I've made a new post and now the entire index has been uploaded. All of the links here will now be invalid. Please head on over to the new post if anything here interests you. Thank you!

Sharing my music collection. Comment what you would like from my index (if it hasn't been requested already). I only have access to what's in my library. Please do not request for something that's not listed below.

If there's no quality specified, it's FLAC at 16bit / 44.1 or 48 kHz

[320] MP3 at 320kbps, when this number is 3 digits it is always MP3 with the number indicating kbps

[24] FLAC at 24 bit, if the sampling rate is higher than 44.1/48kHz it will be specified

[MQA] will be specified after bit-rate

Here's a link to what's been requested and uploaded so far:


The Index:

2 Chainz - Discography (2012-2020, studio albums only)[16~24/96]

2 Pac - 2Pacalypse Now, Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ, Me Against the World, All Eyez on Me, Americaz Most Wanted

8 Mile Original Soundtrack

8Ball - Lost

21 Savage - Slaughter King [320], Savage Mode, Savage Mode II [24]

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin', The Massacre

112 - 112, Room 112

A Boogie wit da Hoodie - Artist, The Bigger Artist, Hoodie SZN, Artist 2.0 [24]

A Great Big World - Is There Anybody Out There? [320]

A$AP Ferg - Furious Ferg

A$AP Rocky - Live.Love. ASAP, Long. Live. ASAP

Aaryan Shah - In the Making, The Arrival: Part II [24]

AC/DC - Discography (1976-2020)[16~24/96]

Ace Hood [320] - Studio Album: Gutta, Ruthless, Blood Sweat and Tears, Trials & Tribulations

Mixtape: Ace Won't Fold, All Bets on Ace, Final Warning, Street Certified, The Preview, I Do It.. For the Sport, The Statement, Body Bag Vol.1, Sex Chronicles, The Statement 2, Body Bag Vol.2, Starvation, Starvation II


.hack_Sign OST 1+2 [320]

Castlevania - Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections Box

Curse of Darkness - Prelude of Revenge

Harmony of Despair

Lament of Innocence

Lament of Innocence Limited Edition Music Sampler

Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

Symphony of the Night

Death Note OST 1+2+3 [320]

Detective Conan OST 3

Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite

Final Fantasy VII OST

Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks

Final Fantasy VII

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