hummel and the International Handball Federation join forces…
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FCB's Nikola Karabatic named 2014's best player in the world by the International Handball Federation…
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Born today : April 1st - Ivano Balić, Handballer, Olympic Gold Medalist, "chosen the best male handball player ever in a fans' poll organized by the International Handball Federation"…
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Born today : April 1st - Ivano Balić, Handballer, Olympic Gold Medalist, "chosen the best male handball player ever in a fans' poll organized by the International Handball Federation"…
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We Stand With Lama | Gender Discrimination in Handball

In July 2020, equitysport joined Egyptian handball player**:** Lama Elshawarby and her teammates in calling for the Egyptian Handball Federation to establish a national women’s handball team; and to start regulating playing contracts within the Egyptian domestic game to protect the rights of female athletes within the sport.

Handball is the only team sport in Egypt with a mens team but no women’s national first team. Lama Elshawarby, supported by her handball teammates and Mona Amin of the EHF took their two demands to the Board of Directors at the Egyptian Handball Federation in June 2020.

They were rejected out of hand and without engagement.

We refused to stand silently as the constructs of an old world stand in the way of dreams. We continue to stand with Lama in campaign for the Egyptian Handball Federation to establish a national women’s handball first team and take action to regulate and register contracts for female handball players in the country.

We continue to campaign alongside and with Lama, her teammates and their supporters and we will do what is required to draw attention, to engage relevant figures and organisations in the sporting world until an acceptable resolution is found.

We implore the Egyptian Handball Federation to come to the table ready to listen to the concerns of this group of players; who’s only desire is to represent their country in a sport they love, on an equal footing to their male counterparts. We urge constructive engagement from the International Handball Federation and we encourage supporters of gender equality and handball from every corner of the planet to actively get behind Lama and her campaign.

Find out more and support via

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History of Handball

Handball history

Handball, a sport which is best described as a cross between basketball, hockey, soccer and water polo; is one of the oldest in ball games. In the 19th century, there were similar sports being played in different European countries such as Ukraine, Denmark, Czech Republic and Germany. All these games were named differently in each country i.e. Handbol in Ukraine, håndbold in Denmark, házená in Czech Republic, torball in Germany.

Origin of Handball:

The origin of Handball is quite debatable. The modern game of team handball was originated in the late 19th century in Northern Europe particularly in Germany, where it is played as an outdoor sport. Though, the handball history goes back from 18th to 16th century where more or less similar games were being played in different parts of Europe. Pelota, another handball style game was played in Spain over four hundred years ago, which was later called “Jai Alai” as it was brought to Cuba in 19th century.

This game was rather played indoors at walled spaces. The British adapted the game handball in 16th century and gave it a name “fives”. It was played either by two or four players in an enclosed capacity. According to some reports, the modern handball was played in Ireland and was introduced in America by Irish Immigrants.

The Modern Handball History:

The first official match in modern handball history was played in Berlin, Germany in October 1917. The first International match was played between Austria and Germany in September 1925.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) was named in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1946. It was previously called the Federation International Handball Amateur. Avery Brundage was its first president, who later also served as the fifth president of International Olympic Committee from 1952 to 1972.

European Nations were always dominant in this sport. Outdoor handball became most popular in Northern Europe particularly in Germany, Austria and Denmark. However, after World War II and the establishment of indoor handball, Eastern European countries such as Yugoslavia, Romania and Soviet Union became competitive and started to dominate the sport.

After the end of the Cold War and the migration of many popular coaches and players from East Europe to West Europe, France, Germany and Spain became dominant. Later, a few African and Asian countries also made a footprint in handball while participating in Olympics.

Handball made it first Olympic appearanc

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[OC] 10 years ago today, France NT players went into strike during the World Cup in South Africa, for the most infamous moment in french football history. But how did this happen ?

2004 - 2010

All start after 2004 Euros. France NT, coached by Jacques Santini, is eliminated in QF by Greece. High-profile players like Zidane or Thuram announces their international retirement.

It's time to rebuild, and french federation picks Raymond Domenech as the new coach. He was the coach of the U23 since 11 years, and federation expect him to bring new young players in the team.

The choice is a bit criticized, because Domenech has very few experience of coaching as high level. But he starts a real revolution, new staff, new methods ; he was appointed for this.

The first matches are very poor, and quickly Domenech starts a conflictual relationship with the press. He doesn't answer the questions about the matches, the tactics, and prefer irony, bizarre answers and provocations. Some says he does this to protect his team, some says it's because he loves to troll and getting attention (he is a theator actor in his free time). He loves to tell to the journalists "rendez-vous le 9 juillet" ("see you at 9th july"), 9th july being the date of 2006 World Cup Final.

In summer 2005, France is not sure to qualify for the WC and Domenech convinces Zidane, Thuram and Makelele to come back to the team. France earns three wins and one draw and qualify. But the performances are still poor and no one is very optimistic for the 2006 WC. Team harmony is not a it best too. At the world cup, after two disappointing matches, the team starts a golden run, beating Togo, Spain, Brazil and Portugal to reach the final. See you at 9th july... Domenech was right. But some sources said he had 0 control of the team during that run, Zidane, Vieira and co taking control of the team. Truth or journalist lies wanting to downplay Domenech role ? Probably 50/50 (leaders took a step forward, but it was still the same tactical system).

France loses the final, Zidane retires for good, and it's time to rebuild again. The matches to qualify for 2008 Euros are very poor. Domenech still trolling the press, and fails to integrate Ribery, Nasri and Benzema as new leaders. Also fails to prevent them to have behaviour problems (for example, Nasri disrepecting Henry and Gallas). This time, no miracle, France is eliminated in group stage of 2008 Euros after losing to Netherlands and Italy. As it looks like a last provocation, Domenech decides to ask his girfriend in marriage live on TV just after the elimination...

But against all odds, french federatio

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That day, that goal, that prodigy.

Less than eleven seconds earlier, when the Argentinian player receives the pass from a teammate, the clock in Mexico marks thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty seconds. In the opening scene there are also two Brits and a slightly older man of Tunisian origin. Football isn't very popular in Tunisia. That's why the African seems to be the only one who is not in an athletic mental alertness

The Tunisian is called Ali Bin Nasser and, while others run, he walks slowly. He is forty-two years old and ashamed: he knows that he will never be called again to referee an official match between nations. He also knows that if twelve years earlier, when he was injured in the Tunisian league, he had been told that he would be in a World Cup, he would not have believed it. Nor would he have believed it the afternoon he became a referee. After all, in Tunisia you only need to have the same number of legs as lungs to get the job.

But when he officiated his first match, he discovered that he would be a proper referee. And it was more than that: he managed to become the first football referee to be recognised on the streets of his city. He was called up for the 1984 African qualifiers and his judgment proved to be so good that a year later he was called up to command in a World Cup.

In Mexico he was asked for autographs, had pictures taken with him and slept in the most luxurious hotel. He had successfully refereed the Poland-Portugal match in the group stage, and watched the left half in a Denmark-Spain match where the Danes played the whole second half with a high-line; he didn't make a single mistake when he raised his flag.

When the organisers informed him that he would be directing a quarterfinal - no Tunisian judge had ever come this far - Ali called home from the hotel, with reverse charge, told it to his father and both cried.

That night he slept through hot flashes and had two dreams of ridicule. In the first dream he twisted his ankle and had to be replaced by the fourth referee; in the dream, the fourth referee was his mother. In the second dream a fan jumped

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FIFA Club World Cup 2019 exposes 'soulless' Qatar as Gulf nation gears up for the mega tournament in 2022
  • The Club World Cup was the first dress rehearsal for the global finals in 2022, and another elaborate attempt at Qatar-ification — convincing foreign, sport-oriented guests to overcome Western skepticism about the emirate staging the 2022 World Cup.
  • That normalization process amid the super-acceleration ahead of the World Cup has been a difficult sell.
  • The grim tales of corruption ever since world federation FIFA awarded Qatar the World Cup on a frosty December afternoon in 2010 apart, Qatar also has a huge human rights problem.

Doha: And so, Liverpool won the world crown with a 99th-minute strike from attacker Roberto Firmino after South American champions Flamengo had vexed their European counterparts with their own superb interpretation of the modern game. At times, Flamengo had run circles around Liverpool. At other times, Liverpool had run circles around Flamengo in a splendid end-to-end match that fulfilled its promise of an absorbing intercontinental contest. In recent memory, it was arguably the best Club World Cup final.

The occasion had all the trappings of a normal football match at an elite level: gilded champions, star power, charismatic coaches, tactical sophistication, technical finesse, box-to-box action, controversial refereeing decisions, buoyant fans and a state-of-the-art venue — except, of course, it wasn't normal. The stadium environment suggested as much: the giant, pitch-side air-conditioning vents; the alcohol ban, and the sensation that
some of the fan noise had been amplified through the sound system.

The Club World Cup was the first dress rehearsal for the global finals in 2022, and another elaborate attempt at Qatar-ification — convincing foreign, sport-oriented guests to overcome Western skepticism about the emirate staging the 2022 World Cup. The 2015 World Handball Championships, when Qatar flew in journalists and paid Spanish fans to cheer court-side, and the recent Athletics World Championships, when athletes ran in the cooled Khalifa International Stadium, were previous attempts at positively positioning Qatar as the emirate of the future, a global geopolitical force.

That normalization process amid the super-acceleration ahead of the World Cup has been a difficult sell. The grim tales of corruption ever since world federation FIFA awarded Qatar the World Cup on a frosty December afternoon in 2010 apart, Qatar also has a huge human rights problem. The society is a hierarchical pyramid with 300,000 Qatar

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The federations that govern Olympic sports, their noteworthy competitions, and noteworthy non-Olympic events they sponsor

While the Olympics are considered among the most, if not the most, prestigious events for many federations, many there are other important sporting events that are almost if not equal or more important in status than the respective Olympic competition. Some of these sporting events serve as Olympic qualifiers while others add points to an athletes cumulative score on a specific competition circuit.

It's fun to look at these because sometimes these federations sponsor events that aren't yet on the Olympic program but allow us to dream. Also, I just want to learn a little bit more about each organization. Finally, I'm not going to include para sports as I'm hoping to do a separate post about that.

AIBA: the amateur boxing federation (emphasis on amateur). One of the biggest differences between amateur and professional boxing is the requirement of headgear in the former. That might be a bit laughable to pro boxing fans but so it goes. The current premier amateur boxing tournament is the World Boxing Championships alongside with the Olympic competition. Because of the vast difference in prestige between amateur and pro boxing, AIBA developed the World Series of Boxing as the premier boxing circuit to allow amateur boxers to compete professionally while maintaining amateur and thus Olympic status. Of course, many amateur boxers do eventually make the switch to pro boxing which is sponsored by the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO, with The Ring magazine also awarding top-level titles as well (yeah, it's a particularly messy situation there...).

BWF: encompasses the sport of badminton. They made things easy by dividing their championships into grades, 1 being the highest. The most prestigious event is the World Championships (which are the same as the Olympic competitions in Olympic years). Additionally, several grade 1 team competitions such as the Thomas (men's), Uber (women's), and Sudirman (mixed) Cups also generate much viewership. Finally, although only a grade 2, the BWF World Tour serves as the most prestigious badminton circuit.

FEI: the governing body of equestrian. In addition to the Olympic events of dressage, show jumping, and endurance, FEI also sponsors many non-Olympic disciplines, notably driving, reining, and vaulting. All of these events have appeared in the most recent World Equestrian Games competition, arguably the most-important single-event competition outside of the Olympics. Many of these disciplines also have their own World

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Why is handball unknown/not popular in the USA?

Handball is, as we all know, a fast sport with a ton of physical contact.

It would fit in right between basketball and american football but most americans I have spoken to don't even know that this sport exists.

When they hear the term "handball" they usually think about a sport that is closer to Squash than any other sport.

How is it possible that a sport this large (especially in northern, central and east europe) is not known?

Yes.... Handball is a relatively "young" sport but some even younger sports are much better known.

Could it be that the US doesn't have the same "sport club/assocation" culture like many other countries (germany for example has a total of 4600 handball clubs, 33 000 teams and 800.000 members in total) and and that most sports leagues in the teenager age range are just "school leagues"?

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Bolivia's unexpected appearance in the chaotic South and Central American Men's Championship

January is the time of the year for international handball, with teams vying not only for continental glory, but also a spot in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and the 2021 World Championship in Egypt.

Most tournaments have reached their penultimate stage. In Europe we are down to the final four teams that will battle for what is probably the most contested title in international handball. In Africa Angola are once again trying to reach their first final after rattling the dominant trio of Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia. In Asia it's a battle between East Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. But in the middle of all of this there's one more competition that's happening for the first time.

In Maringá, a city of almost 400 000 inhabitants in the south of Brazil, the inaugural edition of the South and Central American Championship is underway. As is tradition in South America all signs are pointing to an eventual final between Brazil and Argentina, who bar an upset in 2016 after Argentina's surprise loss to Greenland in the group stage have faced off in the final of the last ten editions of the Pan American Championship, but this time around there is something that has raised many eyebrows.

After a close inaugural game between Chile and Uruguay the next teams to enter the tournament were Argentina and Bolivia, and once the game was over the scoreline was broadcast across the handball world. Argentina won the game 82-7, with Ignacio Pizarro scoring 20 goals. Not letting themselves be outdone, the next game between Brazil and Bolivia ended 77-9. Almost worse, Uruguay proceeded to only concede one single goal in their 55-1 victory against Bolivia in the third round.

If you don't have much knowledge of Bolivian handball that's not a surprise, considering the sport is very young in the country. The first handball club in Bolivia was founded in 2013 ^[*], and the national team participated in their first international tournament in the 2017 Bolivarian Games, where both the men and women's teams ended dead last in their groups with no victories and -170 and -240 goal difference respectively. The same fate awaited them in the 2018 South American Games, although they did manage to keep the losses slightly narrower in the 2018 South and Central American Emerging Nations Championship. ^[[*](

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[World Cup] France's Abysmal World Cup Team

Football (Or Soccer) is basically the most popular sport in the world, being played my millions around the world. While playing it is a hobby, there is a big professional scene where the best players in the world compete in teams for glory, with the World Cup being the most important event.

Most qualified countries wanted to win the championship, or at least, doing a good showing. This was not the case for the 2010 edition of the French team.

I did not forgot to mention that being a football fan could also be a hobby, which could also been taken too far.

Before the World Cup, France was dissapointing, having to do playoff matches against Ireland for qualification. France won, but not without a handball by Thierry Henry, causing controversies in the process. Obviously, both the Irish team and its fans were not happy about it. They requested actions from FIFA, but they were declined. Little would they known about the disasters that would happens both and off the field.

Allegation of bad behaviors aside, after a 0-0 Tie with Uruguay, France had to do its next match against Mexico. It lost 2-0, but something bad happened. Striker Nicolas Anelka had a feud against coach Raymond Domenech , and got expelled from the match. The next morning, French newspaper L'Equipe reported in its front page that Nicolas Anelka had said to his coach ''Va te faire enculer sale fils de pute!''. Translated to English, it means ''Go fuck yourself you son of a bitch !'' Anelka was expelled for the rest of the World Cup for throwing insults against his own coach.

But wait, it went worse.

Many French players were not happy about Nicolas Anelka being expelled. So much, that they boycotted a training session. I am not joking. Raymond Domenech had to do a press statement that the players would not train, in front of the entire world.

Other key events were an altercation between French captain Patrice Evra and fitness coach Robert Duverne, and a television advertisement featuring Nicolas Anelka from French fast food chain Quick becoming a meme. It got modified so that it included these famous words. This video itself is very crude so don't blame me for that.

So many fans, including from the French government, are worried about the behavior of France's football team. It seems that all hope is lost, but there is still a glimmer of hope. If it defeated South Africa, the host nation and one of the lowest ranked team, by at least 5 goals, and the match between Uruguay and Mexico did not

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2019 World Men's Championship Introduction - Group B

#Group B

The second group in the tournament, just like the first, may be considered the strongest in the tournament. Spain looms over it as the reigning European champion and the top seeded team, while the frequent semifinalist and second-seeded Croats will likely contest them for the top spot in the group. The teams have long traded blows, their six competitive meetings since 2012 breaking even with three wins each.

The middle of the bracket contains another pair well acquainted with each other, the third and fourth seeded Macedonians and Icelanders. Their competitive record against each other in five matches since 2013 contains one draw as well as three wins for the Nordic nation and one for the Balkan, giving the lower seed a historical advantage.

The fifth and sixth seeds in the group will feature the second-place Bahrainis from the 2018 Asian Championship as well as the 2020 Olympic host Japan, who will both be eager to make their mark in such an intimidating group.



While currently known as one of the giants of handball, their road to greatness had humble beginnings. From the establishment of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation in 1941 and throughout the next three decades, the Spanish only participated in two tournaments. Their debut came in the 1958 World Championship, where they placed 12th out of 16 participants after failing to advance from the preliminaries, and the 1972 Olympics where they lost all matches and placed next-to-last. As the 1980s began, the sleeping giant began to wake from its slumber. They gradually began placing higher as the decade went by, until their breakthrough finally came in 1996.

A win over France saw them place third at the Atlanta Olympics, and by the end of the 20th century, they had won two European silvers and a bronze, a fourth place result in the World Championship, and an additional Olympic bronze. From then on, Spain never looked back. The following 20 years saw Spain win two World Championships, the latter in 2013 coming after an unbelievable 35-19 slaughter of Denmark, and one European title. The latter they still hold in their crown after their 2018 triumph over Sweden, so they can certainly be counted among the favorites in the coming competition.


As the reigning European champions, the Spaniards qualified directly to the competition.


The Spanish squad, often known in the past for playing almost excl

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2019 World Men's Championship Introduction - Group D

#Group D

Featuring only two European teams, Group D can be considered the second weakest group in the tournament. Four time champions Sweden will be looking to recreate their latest tournament victory from 20 years ago, however the other teams only have two final appearances to their names. Nevertheless, this is definitely looking to be an interesting group, with African powerhouse Egypt featuring in their 14^th straight appearance in the competition, Qatar looking to continue their high that started in 2013, Angola aiming to improve their last place finish from 2017, Argentina gunning for their fourth qualification from the preliminary round, and Hungary hoping to repeat their quarter-finals performances from their last two appearances.



The foundation for Angolan handball was laid in the mid-1970's. Less than a month after the 1974 coup that overthrew the Portuguese rule the first handball tournament was held, and in 1976 the Angolan Handball Federation (Federação Angolana de Andebol) started their operations. The country's most successful club, CD Primeiro de Agosto, was founded in 1979 and have since won 26 league titles. In 1981 the national team placed fifth in their first African Championship, and already in 1986 CD Primeiro de Agosto placed third in the African Champions League.

Following an African Championship hiatus during large parts of the 1990's the national team have cemented their place in the top tier of African handball. Starting in 1985 no other team than Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt have made the finals in the African Championship, but Angola are have been catching up to these teams. Since 2004 the Angolan team has reached the semi finals six out of eight times, and following the 2005 debut in global competitions the 2019 World Championship marks the fourth time Angola qualifies, albeit with disappointing performances during the previous editions.


Angola qualified to the 2019 World Championship after their third place finish in the 2018 African Men's Championship. After finishing second in their group behind eventual silver medalists Egypt, they narrowly defeated an underwhelming Algeria in the quarter-finals before losing by 20 goals to Tunisia in the semi-finals, and finally defeating Morocco by 29-26 in the third place game – a matchup that ended 32-21 in the group stage.


The Angolan team is mostly based out of Angola, with 13 players representing CD Primeiro de Agos

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Extracurriculars for success?

My current extracurricular activities are,

- Badminton (11th, 12th)

-American Handball (11th, 12th)

- WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) style Taekwondo (10th, 11th, and 12th)

-ACE Mentor Program (my team is led by AECOM's senior vice president, 11th and 12th)

-Community Service (180 hours, 9th,10th)

-11th Grade Advisory Leaders (Provide academic, social, and career path counseling to 9th grades. 11th grade)

- Studied abroad in China (fully paid by the Chinese Overseas Affairs Office, 10th grade)

So my main interest of major is either Environmental Engineering or History, or I'll plan to double major, and major with a minor, vice versa.

These internships are most likely going to happen within my senior year:

If I am to add an internship as a Student Historian (paid) from the NY Historical Society, how would it benefit me?

From the organization's website, they stated that, 'Student Historian interns are high school-aged students who use the resources of New-York Historical to conduct exciting research and share their scholarship through creative digital projects. Interns meet with professional staff to learn about careers in the museum, library, and history fields; work collaboratively with fellow students to develop their public speaking and leadership skills; and engage in hands-on work to deepen their understanding of American history and art. The theme of the program is We the People: Democracy from Athens to America'

Also, If I am going to be offered an Internship from AECOM, which one would most likely stand out? I have a problem deciding because from the ACE Mentor Program I already got to experience hands-on work from the industry.

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Match Thread: Canada vs USA (International Friendly - Toronto - 19:00 EDT / 23:00 UTC)

International Friendly, CSA Centennial Match: CANADA vs UNITED STATES

Kick-Off: 19:00 EDT (16:00 PDT/ 23:00 UTC / 01:00 CEST / 09:00 AEST)

Venue: BMO Field - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Surface: Kentucky Bluegrass

Capacity: 21,859

Weather forecast: 18°C (64°F), Clear, Humidity 50%, Rain 20%

Referee: Mauricio Morales (Mexico)

Assistants: Marcos Quintero, Salvador Rodriguez

4th Official: Paul Ward (Canada)

Match Hashtags: #CANvUSA, #canMNT, #USMNT


Internet Streams:




Preview, Bleacher Report

MLS, Canadian Soccer Association, United States Soccer Federation, US Soccer Players

Sportsnet, CBC, FOX Sports

CANADA | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Last Match: Armenia 3-1 Canada (Friendly - Limassol, Cyprus - February 29)

Next Match: Cuba vs Canada (WCQ - Havana - June 8)

Starting XI: 4-3-1-2

(#) Pos. Name Club  
1 GK Lars Hirschfeld Vålerenga
21 DF Ante Jazić Chivas USA 87'
5 DF André Hainault Houston Dynamo 54'
4 DF Kevin McKenna Köln ©
15 DF Dav
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[OC, Long post] In 2 days time, Australia will face England for the first time in 13 years. Australia's shock victory in 2003 was the catalyst for a revolution that has taken the Socceroos to unscaled heights. This is my account of how that happened and why the victory was so significant.

This is my first journalist piece, so please be nice :)


February 13 2003 and the Australian National Team (The Socceroos) were walking out of the tunnel to play the motherland for the first time on English soil. This was the first time the team had come together for over 14 months, since their disastrous 2002 world cup qualifying campaign ended in defeat to Uruguay in Montevideo. With the entire team based in Europe, only Scott Chipperfield had played for Australia in the Oceania Nations Cup, in the past year. As the teams came out of the tunnel at Upton Park and lined up for the national anthems, the Australian supporters – known as the fanatics, erected a banner to taunt the English. It read “Lose this and you suck at EVERYTHING!” The sentiment was not lost on anyone the significant truth to what the banner was saying. At the time of the match, Australia were at their absolute peak in the sporting landscape, especially in all of the sports England had invented. Coming off a hugely successful Olympics at home, in 2003 Australia were reigning world champions in Rugby and Cricket. World #1 Lleyton Hewitt had won Wimbledon and would later in the year guide Australia to the tennis world title too. In contrast England had not won a title in any sport of note since the 1966 world cup. They also had not beaten Australia in anything of note and were weeks earlier thrashed in the all-important Ashes, which England had not won for 17 years. The one difference to the sporting trend was soccer, where both countries were at the opposite ends of the scale. England were in their golden generation and despite a poor 2002 world cup, were going in to Euros full of confidence led by David Beckham and most of Manchester United’s 1999 treble superstars. Australia on the other hand, were still in the doldrums. Few could imagine the golden English team losing to the Aussies, such was the gulf in class.


In 2003, Australia were in football wasteland. The national league was rampant with hooliganism and blatant racism. So much so that the league was avoided by the white Australians and then left for the migrants who had immigrated to Australia post -World War II. This earned soccer the nickname as being for “Shielas Wogs and Poofters” a moniker which would then be adopted by Johnny Warren – Australia’s spiritual football leader in the 80’s to highlight the great divide. It was almost the case that to play soccer in Australia (instead of other tougher

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Wayback Wednesday: Notable Women in Hockey

Most of us know the greats of men's hockey- those who changed the game, those who made it better, those whose skill was unrivaled. But left in the shadows are their female counterparts, who arguably had a tougher hill to climb, fighting for ice time, for teams to play on, and for respect for simply playing the game they loved. Today, I'm joined, as always, by /u/lakingsdave as we try to bring some of those women into the light.

Hilda Ranscombe

Hilda Ranscombe was one of the pioneers of women’s hockey. A gifted athlete from a young age, Ranscombe was a member of Preston Rivulettes baseball team in the 1930s. Hilda, along with her older sister (and teammate) Nellie, was looking for a winter sport to play. There were no local hockey teams that allowed girls, so the sisters and their baseball teammates simply started their own and competed in an Ontario women’s hockey team. They played teams from Toronto, Kitchener, Stratford, London, Hamilton, Guelph and Port Dover and they dominated every single one of them. Hilda Ranscombe was the star. It was speculated that she was every bit as good as her male counterparts who went on to play in the NHL. With Ranscombe leading the way, the Rivulettes went 348-2 during the 1930s. Ranscombe’s amazing play lead to fame and that fame kept the women’s league afloat by bringing in spectators.

Ranscombe was inducted into the Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame. She was posthumously inducted into the World Women’s Hockey Hall of Fame in the Pioneer Player category. In the Hockey Hall of Fame, there are journals and notes written by her contemporaries describing her play. Parts of her uniform and equipment are also preserved at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Fran Rider

While Fran Rider did play hockey, her biggest influence on the game has come off the ice. Rider is a lifelong hockey fan who realized from a young age that there wasn’t enough opportunity for women to play hockey. In an interview with the International Ice Hockey Federation, Rider said “I was a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan, but women and girls didn’t play hockey. Then, in 1967, I saw a notice in the Toronto Telegram that there was a tournament starting up called the Brampton Canadettes. It was girls’ hockey. I played in that first tournament that year. It was full body-checking. I was 16, and we had a seven-year-old and a 44-year-old on our team.” Rider recounts how limited ice time was for girls, and they did most of their learning how to play during games

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Slovenia, Ljubljana, European basketball

"Luka Doncic traded from Atlanta to Dallas."

I was really happy when I read that on twitter on NBA day draft. Of all realistic options for Luka to start his journey my favourite team were Dallas Mavericks. I wouldn't mind if he would play in this club for the rest of his career and become a legend same as Dirk.

Since many people from USA are unknowledgeable about Slovenia, Ljubljana and basketball in Europe generally I decided to make a post about all of the mentioned, so you could all get the perception where he is coming from.

As you probably already know he is coming from Slovenia. The country is located in southern Central Europe and it is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It covers only 7,827 sq mi and has a population approximately of 2 millions. Slovenia is also a member of the European Union. Official currency is Euro (€).The country, marked by a significant biological diversity, is one of the most water-rich in Europe.Slovenia has historically been the crossroads of Slavic, Germanic and Romance languages and cultures.

During WW II, Slovenia was occupied and annexed by Germany, Italy and Hungary. Afterwards, it was a founding member of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, a communist state. In June 1991 Slovenia split from Yugoslavia and became an independent country (luckily the war in Slovenia only lasted for 10 days)

Slovenia's education ranks as the 12th best in the world and 4th best in the European union. The universities are free.

In sports Slovenia is an absolute phenomenon. A variety of sports are played in Slovenia on a professional level, with top international successes in handball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, rowing, swimming, tennis, boxing, athletics

Just to mention some of the biggest accomplishment:- Tina Maze, skier a double olympic gold medalistPetra Majdič, ski jumpers as Peter Prevc, the ultramaraton swimme Martin Strel.- The men's national football (soccer) team qualified for one European (2000) and two world cups (2002,2010). NK Maribor played three times in Liga Europa and three times in Champions league.- The volleyball team won a silver at the 2015 European championship.

BASKETBALL: The men's national basketball team has participated at 13 Eurobaskets, winning the gold medal with Goran Dragić been named the MVP at the 2017 edition, and three FIBA World Championships. Slovenia also hosted the 2013 Eurobasket.

The most known Slovenian basketball players worldwide:Luka Dončić, Gor

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Match Thread: Melbourne Victory v Central Coast Mariners

Melbourne Victory vs Central Coast Mariners

/r/Aleague Season 9 Round 22!

Venue: AAMI Park, Melbourne

Kick-off: Friday 7 March 2014 7.30pm AEDT

Referee: Ben Williams


TV: SBS2/SBS HD Coverage starting from 7.00pm AEDT. Live streaming via The World Game website, starting from 7pm AEDT.
FS1 (Official Subscriber LiveStream)

Radio: ABC Grandstand (On ABC Local in respective club cities).

Streams: First Row, Wiziwig

Excerpt of FFA Preview

Kevin Muscat will be without key players Mark Milligan and Tom Rogic due to international duty, while Adrian Leijer is still sidelined due to facial injuries. Pablo Contreras is available again after serving a suspension, but now it's Nick Ansell's turn to be sidelined due to a ban after he was harshly sent off in the derby defeat to Melbourne Heart. Kosta Barbarouses is likely to be named on the bench due to his commitments with the New Zealand national team, who are playing a friendly against Japan on Wednesday evening.

The Mariners have been shaky themselves in recent weeks, but finally registered an overdue win at home to Sydney FC last time out. These two sides are direct rivals for a top-six berth, which is by no means assured for either club. Victory must dig deep to respond to their 4-0 loss against Melbourne Heart, while the Mariners need a win on the road to prove they can still have a meaningful impact on the finals.

Personal Preview

This is an important match for both teams. A win would secure either team's position in the top four - for another week, at least - whereas defeat brings with it the spectre of dropping out of the top six altogether.

The Victory are coming of a thrashing in last week's Melbourne Derby as well as a heavy loss overseas in the AFC Champions League. To further compound their misery, they will be without Milligan and Rogic for tonight's match. The Mariners, on the other hand, had a morale-boosting win last week against Sydney which ended a five-match losing streak.

But the only thing that's been predictable about the A-League over the last few w

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[EVENT] Pakistan Establishes Sports University in Islamabad, Outlines Framework to Promote Sports in the Country, and Expresses Desire to Host International Events

#Pakistan Sports University Complex, Islamabad

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) have worked in conjuncture to establish the Pakistan Sports University (PSU) in Islamabad.

The University will start its first Academic year in the Fall of 2022. It will offer undergraduate programs (4 years), postgraduate programs (2 years) and short-term diplomas.

Undergraduate students will study a Bachelor of Arts degree with courses that will encompass a variety of skills surrounding sports. They will Major in their respective sports and or professions concerning sports such as Sports Management, Coaching, and Physical Therapy. Students may also choose to opt for a Minor in the latter.

The University hopes to produce world class athletes and professionals involved with the sporting world, preparing the next generation of Pakistani sports-persons and athletes for the international stage.

HEC has also announced that it will be providing sports scholarships on a need-based basis to potential students from poor backgrounds who otherwise show great potential in their relevant sports.

Students will be granted admission on the basis of trials. Prospective students may apply to the university directly and they may also be called up for trials by university scouts who will visit schools across the country on an annual basis.

The Pakistan Sports University Complex has been established within the preexisting Jinnah Sports Complex in the heart of the Capital's Shakarparian Hills National Park and Recreational Zone. The University will currently use the academic facilities at the Quaid-e-Azam National University until the completion of the academic and administrative buildings within the complex next year.

Preexisting sporting facilities at the university complex include:

Name Type/Sports Capacity
Jinnah Stadium Multi-Purpose Stadium (Association Football, Athletics) 48,200
Liaquat Arena Indoor Arena for Miscellaneous Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Boxing, Wrestling) 10,228
Aquatic Center Swimming, Diving 10,000
Hamadi Hall Indoor Arena for Miscellaneous Sports (Fencing, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Martial Arts) 5,000
Naseer Bunda Hockey Stadium Field Hockey 10,000
Mushaf Squash Complex Squash -
Cricket Ground Cricket -
Outdoor Track Athletics -
Football Field Association Football, Rugby -
AstroTurf Tennis Courts (4) Tennis -
Grass Tennis Courts (4) Tennis
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Euroleague Basketball presents new long-term agreement proposal to FIBA

On the 8th of March Euroleague Basketball executives visited FIBA executives in Geneva to present a new proposal aimed at establishing strong and clear principles within a collaborative framework that would enable European basketball stakeholders to work together towards a common objective.

The 26-page proposal was shared with FIBA one week ahead of the meeting, and it included seven different areas in which EB strongly believes an agreement is necessary to allow the sport to boost its existing growth. Unfortunately, the meeting only lasted 50 minutes due to the unwillingness of the FIBA executives to discuss the agreement proposal in any depth.

The agreement proposal included several points with the goal of discussing these with FIBA prior to reach an agreement that addresses them.

  1. Competitions:Three international club competitions:

a. EuroLeague (EL)

b. EuroCup (EC)

c. Basketball Champions League (BCL)

As FIBA and the Domestic Leagues in October 2015 agreed that top leagues should have a maximum of 16 teams, Euroleague Basketball included this within the proposal.

  1. Access:

Pyramidal System:

a. Domestic Leagues (DL) to have direct access to the EC and BCL in this order via sports ranking, after DL Playoffs

b. BCL to have direct access to the EC via sports ranking

c. EC to have direct access to the EL via sports ranking

  1. International Calendar:

Three calendar alternatives with detailed calendar simulations for the upcoming four-year cycle. All three alternatives apply the following principles:

a. FIBA to have its National Team Competitions taking place on dates that do not compete head to head with any other major sports event, with the world’s best players available to play, maximising the return for rights holders, sponsors and licensees

b. National Federations to organise their National Team qualification games on dates that do not compete head to head with any other major sports event, with all their best players available to play, maximising the return for rights holders, sponsors and licensees

c. Leagues worldwide to guarantee regularity in their competitions as they will not have the most talented players being released to their National Teams in-season, therefore the integrity of the competitions will be upheld, maximising the return for rights holders, sponsors and licensees

d. Clubs worldwide to work with their players on a regular basis, reducing the injury risk that comes from intracontinental travel an

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[EVENT] Dubai Bid for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games

The Games of the XXXV Olympiad

This bid to host the 2032 Summer Olympic Games is presented jointly by the Government of Dubai and the UAE National Olympic Committee. It is also supported by the UAE Federal Government, especially the Ministry for Culture and Tourism, as well as the governments of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah.
It is prepared with a beautifully designed logo that emphasises Dubai's position between a rich cultural history and a booming growth of modern development, by incorporating a stylised trace of the city's skyline mixed with traditional Arab and Bedouin symbolism.

The bid has been planned with the IOC's Olympic Agenda 2020 explicitly in mind – especially relating to the selection of venues and the sustainability & legacy concepts. In its new policies, the IOC has made clear that use of existing and/or temporary demountable venues is preferable in cases "where no long-term venue legacy need exists", as well as emphasizing that the sustainability of the games must be a top priority. Based on that, an optimised selection of venues has been made and developed with a detailed long-term legacy plan.

Outlined in the bid is a proposed date of either October or March-April 2032, owing to the high summer temperatures in Dubai. Further moving it into winter would of course also be feasible, and there is some historic precedent with the 1956 Melbourne Olympics held in November/December.

Simultaneously to the Olympics, the bid is of course also dedicated to the Paralympic Games. All the venues are designed so that they can accommodate the Paralympic athletes and events immediately after the Olympics with minimal reconfiguration. Dubai is excited to continue accommodating the disabled athletes on equal standing with all others, as it has done many times before.

To alleviate some concerns, the government has stated that all athletes, including Israelis, will be able to participate in the tournament equally.
It's been said that the Olympic Games are meant as a festival celebrating sports and international brotherhood, where such political squabbles have no place.

Dubai: A Global City

Dubai is widely considered to be a truly global metropolis. With a huge immigrant and expatriate population, it is one of the most diverse cities in the world.

The city is well known for its large tourism industry and large number of hotels — the total number of hotel rooms in the city will well exceed

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