Online Responses. "The Census Bureau's secure servers use "HTTPS" or Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer." U.S. Census in Georgia…
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Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure…
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PORTS and their Vulnerabilities



It stands for TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL. It is one of the most common types of protocols over the network. It is based upon Three-Way Handshake i.e. first sender sends the Synchronization(SYN) to the receiver then gets the reply from the receiver what’s called Synchronization Acknowledgement(SYN-ACK) then finally sender confirms the establishment of connection by sending Acknowledgement(ACK). That’s why this is considered a ‘connection-oriented protocol’.

Applications: mostly used where we want to make sure about the receiving of particular data at the intended destination address without the issue of latency.


It stands for USER DATAGRAM PROTOCOL. It is also used for sending and receiving data, but the main difference is that it is a ‘connectionless protocol’. It means no prior confirmation is required. Furthermore, It is also known as the “fire and forget protocol”. Since it has less work to do so it becomes faster than TCP but due to lack of these confirmations, it is also less secure than TCP.

Applications:mostly used where our primary focus is about Latency. And we are not much concerned about whether the whole packet of data is received by the receiver or not like video/voice calls.

Some most common ports with PORT numbers are:

FTP(20,21/TCP) :

It stands for FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL. It is used for transferring files with a remote host with the authentication of user credentials. But it has a disadvantage as it passes login credentials in unencrypted form hence it is an insecure protocol. Here port number 21 is used to establish a connection while 20 is used to transfer data.

KNOWN VULNERABILITY: Its 4 most famous vulnerabilities are anonymous authentication, directory traversal attack, cross-site scripting, and dridex-based malware attack.

SSH(22/TCP) : 

It stands for SECURE SHELL. It is a protocol that provides a secure channel over an unsecured network by using a cryptographic network protocol. It is commonly seen with a terminal emulator to connect to network equipment such as a switch or router.

KNOWN VULNERABILITY: The vulnerability is due to an internal state not being represented properly in the SSH state machine, which leads to strange behavior. A hacker could exploit this vulnerability by creating an SSH connection to the targeted device and using a spec

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Not a trick question - what does HTTPS stand for?

EDIT #2:

Teacher saw IETF docs, agreed he was wrong, and is giving the point. It shouldn't have been this much of a struggle imo, but we'll take what we can get!

EDIT #1:

Thank you, kind sleuths, for your digging and help with this. We've got two pretty solid sources to use now, I think! Here's to hoping he sees the light!


I had to come here and ask this. My niece is studying computer science in college and was asked the question "What does HTTPS stand for." She answered Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and was told she was wrong. The teacher said the correct answer is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL."

Now, I know it can ALSO be referred to as the way the teacher states it, but to my knowledge my niece is also correct. Teacher refuses to budge and give a point for the correct answer, and does not take the Wikipedia article on it to be an "official" source.

Do any of you have any reasoning I am missing to back up this teacher or is he just a donkey? Are there any more "official" sources to provide to maybe get him to see the light?

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Mayock Gives Me So Much Clout

I can't wait until this quarantine is over, I feel like Mayock gives me so much prestige. Just with talking to females and stuff. I'm usually awkward, I tried taking one-a-day vitamins, but it didn't do much. I don't post on Instagram that much, but my life is like art. I'm not that religious, so I depend on these things, to give me esteem.

But after he chose Lynn Bowden, I felt hella vibrant. Now I can talk to girls through hypertext transfer protocol secure based web apps like Facebook messenger.


Now these girls tell me they're in need. I won't break protocol for them, I'm responsible. I flatten the curve like an Incognito pancake.

Like if I could put this feeling in bracelet form, it'd look like this:

Like, I'm a confident working professional, but I still have a fondness for the darkside. I can still throw a shuriken if I need to, but it's not my first choice, I'd rather negotiate a king's ransom. And Henry Ruggs made me shake my fists. Like not in a old man rebellious way, but more like a King Kendrick concert when he says "It's goin be ALRIGHT."

Coronavirus is Carole Baskins, but our draft is full of wild tigers who feast on a regular basis. We don't even need Door Dash, maybe we were stronger when we had to hunt for our own food. That's what I like about our team. We own the food chain. We are the essential working professionals of the NFL.

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It's cute you still use TLS 1.0 in 2020

From the technical document on a post scale a client just purchased.

"Server communication process: When the mailing system needs to connect to our servers, it opens a secure communication tunnel, based on TLS V1.0 protocol, over the Internet to the Quadient server. The mailing system uses the same port used for HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured), i.e. port 443."

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Big Review Brave Browser

Many people do not know about brave browser so in this brave browser review I want to share with you everything about the brave browser.

Adblocker Support

Browsers like Google Chrome doesn’t provide you inbuilt AdBlocker to block popup ads, display ads.

The brave browser provides you very powerful ad blocker to blocks all kinds of ads on any website so no need to install extra extensions to block ads.

This adblocker also blocks ads from accelerated mobile pages (AMP) pages.

Not only that this browser also block ads from youtube also.

I use this browser and I saved my huge amount of time and also blocks a good amount of ads.


Did you notice little lion icon when you install a brave browser that is called Brave Shields.

You can enable or disable 3rd party cookie tracker, connection upgrades to HTTPS, script blocking.

Also, you can allow or disallow third-party device recognization from the shield.

If you want to change global shield default settings you can do that by clicking on change global shield defaults.

Currently in brave shield this options avaliable if they add more options then i will add in this brave browser review post.

Privacy Protection

Brave blocks third party cookies which are good for your privacy.

Now, are you thinking what is this third party cookies it is small files which are stored on your hard disk by the server of the website which you visited.

It helps to identify your browser when you return to that website.

Third-party cookies help to serve better ads to you but you are not a product that’s why brave browser comes into action.

For example, suppose you visit Amazon website and search about the best smartphone now you will notice that you are seeing more ads related to a smartphone that’s because of this kind of cookies.

You can enable or disable third-party cookies by clicking on the brave Shield icon.

They also give you fingerprint protection which makes harder for sites to track you while you browse.

HTTPS Upgrades

You already know that website having Hypertext transfer protocol secure known as HTTPS are considered as more secure than a website with Hypertext transfer protocol.

So what brave browser actually does it will redirect you to HTTPS version of any website if HTTPS is available on their sites.

Just enable https Upgrades from the brave shield.

It is very important because some websites do not set https by default to increase their website s

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DevOps! Where do I Start?

DevOps! Where do I Start?

To begin, begin.” ~ William Wordsworth

IT World loves buzzwords, the most recent one that you could hear and see more often is DevOps. What is it, and why is there so much hype around it in the IT community?

DevOps is Huge and Growing Fast

The DevOps market is expected to grow up from $3.42 Billion in 2018 to $10.31 Billion by 2023. It gives us some idea that this is something growing up amazingly fast — 3 times in 5 years, quite impressive. But what illustrates the interest of the industry much better is — 149,941 job listings in LinkedIn returned from ‘DevOps’ job search Worldwide and the fact that in average, DevOps Engineer in the U.S. makes $100K and above.

Let us find out what is so attractive in this mysterious six-letter word.

What is the purpose of DevOps?

The term DevOps consists of two parts — it comes from a combination of Development and IT. Operations. It is a set of modern practices and tools used in Software Development. Its main goal is to help organisations to increase speed in the delivery of applications and services with high-quality standards to satisfy their customers’ needs. Basically, this is the goal of any business — to grow by attracting more customers which is only possible if you deliver results better and faster than your competitors.

There are a few questions you might be thinking already. How exactly can DevOps help in achieving this goal? Why is it considered a game-changer?

How did we live without DevOps before?

First, let us remember how software development was done in the past. In the good old days, when computers where large — every server was a single piece of hardware that used to perform some predefined set of instructions, Mostly considered as “Program”. The number of programs and servers were quite a few. There were people whose job was to develop programs for these machines — “The Developers”, and there were people who used to maintain, service and operate Backend Servers, Operating Systems, Databases etc. — “The System Administrators” (or IT. Operations). These two roles did not have much of the intersection of skillset, and their tasks were pretty much isolated from each other.[ Systems or Software development lifecycle (SDLC)](

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Web 3 and Crypto, this is why Blockchain is the future ( long read )

The Internet we have today is broken. We do not control our data, nor do we have a native value settlement layer. Thirty years into mass adoption of the Internet, our data architectures are still based on the concept of stand-alone computers, where data is centrally stored and managed on a server, and sent or retrieved by a client. Every time we interact over the Internet, copies of our data get sent to the server of a service provider, and every time that happens, we lose control over our data. Even though we live in a connected world, with more and more devices getting connected with the Internet – including our watches, cars, TVs, and fridges – our data is still centrally stored: on our computers or other devices, on the USB stick, and even in the cloud. This raises issues of trust. Can I trust those people and institutions that store and manage my data against any form of corruption – internally or externally, on purpose or by accident?

Each time we interact over the Internet, copies of our lives are made and sent to the other computer, and when this happens, we lose control over our data on the other end of the Web, behind the walled gardens of a server. This is not only an issue when it comes to the privacy of our personal data, but it also produces a lot of inefficiencies in the backend of operations along the supply chain of goods and services. The current Internet – with its client-server-based data infrastructure and centralized data management – has many unique points of failure, as we can see from the recurring data breaches of online service providers. It furthermore produces high costs of document handling, as well as non-transparencies along the supply chain of goods and services.

There are historic roots to these issues. We first had the computer, then the Internet was invented, which connected these stand-alone computers with each other through a data transmission protocol. In the early days of personal computers, we used to save data on a floppy disc, eject it, walk over to the person who needed the le, and copy the le onto their computer so they could use it. If that person was in another country, you would need to mail the oppy disc to them. The Internet and the emergence of the WWW put an end to this by providing a data transmission protocol – TCP/IP – that made the transfer of data faster and massively reduced the transaction costs of information exchange. Ten years later, the Internet became more mature and programmable. We saw the

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Ever wonder what that little www. stands for? Well now you know.
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Question regarding Auto SSL renewal issue for my email domain

I use a third party web host but use GSuite/Google Apps to access all my emails. Lately, I have been getting Auto SSL renewal failure emails from CPanel. I get multiple emails each day. I'm not sure if this is a GSuite issue.

Has anyone had similar issues? I would appreciate your help! AutoSSL would normally renew this certificate now, but 0 of the website’s secured domains just failed DCV. To provide you with more time to resolve these problems, AutoSSL will defer the renewal until May 31, 2021 at 4:48:06 AM UTC. After that time, AutoSSL will request a replacement certificate that excludes any domains that fail DCV. At the time of this notice, the certificate will expire in 9 days, 7 hours, 25 minutes, and 19 seconds.

AutoSSL did not renew the certificate for “”. You must take action to keep this site secure.

The “LetsEncrypt” AutoSSL provider could not renew the SSL certificate without a reduction of coverage because of the following problem: ⛔ (checked on May 24, 2021 at 9:22:42 PM UTC)

DNS DCV: No local authority: “”; HTTP DCV: The system failed to fetch the DCV (Domain Control Validation) file at “” because of an error: The system failed to send an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) “GET” request to “” because of an error: Could not connect to '': Address family for hostname not supported. The domain “” resolved to an IP address “123fake” that does not exist on this server.

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Is there a concern for gemini feature creep?

There's not much wrong with the secured hypertext transfer protocol in it of itself, the problem was all of the garbage that was added on to the most popular HTTP clients and effectively making HTTP bloated. It's like you like young adult fiction, but you like Sci-Fi, but you can't stand dystopian stories, the common association ruins your experience.

There are emerging technologies in data compression that can help a small internet, Codec2 is so bandwidth efficient, it can put a podcast on a floppy, (that's 2400 baud) but I hear it takes 100 Mflops and according to this list that's Pentium Pro speeds.

Anyway, I was thinking what if gemini had more bandwidth conserving features? Like dictionary based compression with a client stored dataset and I think a good scope limit would be requirements that was technically possible in the 80's even if it wasn't feasible and by "80's", I mean "If it could have existed before Jan 1st 1990, it counts" like a 2.2GB dataset could have existed before the 90's with a quad CDROM expansion (not to mention 1x speed is 1,224kbps, almost as fast as a T1 line, better than paying $9,000 per month at the time) and I think that's good for pre-processed server side processing at minimal client side processing because the processing power it takes isn't much different than decryption. Said dataset could have public domain vectors and midi transcriptions of melodies that existed 96 years ago as building block content and I wouldn't push my luck with trying to make a precedent with "If you can brute force generate it, it's not copyrightable", let's just go with the bird in the hand for now and worry about the two in the bush later. We could have a more advanced for of tracker music with the vocals isolated and if you just have Jack Black's vocals isolated and you have instructions to play specific parts of "Bourrée in E minor", "Für Elise" and "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" on the client system with a recommended sound font or audio plugin that's in the dataset, the data transmitted would be not much more than 23KB for the song "Classico" as an extreme example though most original songs wouldn't be much more than 200 KB. There could be vector and 3D models in said dataset, [Call of Duty: Black Ops had limited vectors you could r

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