Why CookieJar uses 'static lifetime on cookies?

I just don't understand why.

As I assume, cookies lives only during request handling (from parsing http headers until finishing sending http body). Why CookieJar uses `'static` attribute on definitely non-static data?

The other questions: Does it leak memory by making non-static data static? How it is making cookie data static?

The method that I am talking about is here.

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DI with Akka Remote / Cluster

How would you guys handle Dependency Injection of something like an HTTP Client with a filled CookieJar with multiple machines in an Akka Cluster?

The only option available for DI with Akka is Guice as far as I know but using pre-populated props isn't recommended according to the Akka docs.

Would you guys build a separate HTTP endpoint, just for the sake of having a central place to handle sessions with third parties.

How does Akka's props deal with serialization. Is it even possible?

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Non-Star 3 Post-Race Thread

###Non-Star 3 Post-Race Thread

Congratulations to Albert Sultan for winning the Non-Star Race without any turmoil. As for the race it went super smooth and without any real incidents.

Do note that we may take more people from these standings in case we have people from the All-Star race not being able to participate.

###Wild Card Poll Update

So far Vaffel and Rens de Kok are tied for the lead! We'll have a few more days until the Wild Card Poll closes to get those names in the cookiejar!

Other Notifications

  • Work for Season 4 is continuing and currently GT3 looks solid apart from a few cars we're waiting on that might get added to the pool of cars to work from. We'll update you guys on our progress and changes soon, which you can still give your opinion about and still has a chance to be changed if your feedback is thorough.

  • The All-Star Race track was changed from Silverstone to Spa because of too many complaints that for the longest time we've been doing things on Silverstone for the past few weeks (which is true).

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📅︎ Aug 02 2015
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