Kraft Creamy Mushroom Bistro Deluxe = heaven in a box!
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Post your favorite restaurants and what you think is the best thing(s) there!


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La Cazzata, the first fluffy restaurant (Hugbox warning ⚠️)

Hey there, my names Julian and I’m the owner and lead cook of an Italian Bistro, La Cazzata.

Yeah it’s a crap name granted, I’ll give you that.

I want to tell you about my place nearly folding. I was shit out of luck for months.

I’d been running a small bistro, didn’t get many to fill the place but enough to tick by. My cooking is……..adequate, you’d enjoy it if I put a plate in front of you. How can you fuck up Chicken Cacciatore? Polenta? Mushroom Risotto? Carbonara? You can’t!!!

Well the critics didn’t agree!!!! Assholes!!!

“No two meals are the same”

So what if I change the recipes in between meals?! It’s fun and my diners don’t know what to expect.

“Who puts tomatoes in a carbonara?”

I do, so fuck you.

“The pesto tasted like it was from a jar”

It was, next.

“The chef leaves a lot to be desired. The guy was late into the place, farted on his way past the tables to the kitchen. All the food was coated in grease and had hairs and what looked like phlegm on top”

No comment.


Never complain about authenticity, that’s just elitist bullshit. You enjoy Italian good? But you want it authentic? Then go to fucking Italy and chow on cold, square pizza then!!! Jesus.

Well, people paid attention to these “critics” and some hardly came to my bistro. Bastards! My regulars became irregulars, and a few became ghosts. My restaurant some nights only served the dead. You just couldn’t see them as you ain’t psychic!!

No paying customers who were alive did the damage to me though. And I was living at the bistro to keep it from going under!! It was only myself and my 2 cousins left (both of these weren’t the college kind I’ll put that kindly).

It took all of my strength to not burn the place the down with me in it!!! I looked at the place on the night I nearly closed the place down. I had a tight feeling in my chest, I had to stop myself from crying. I’m glad Rudy and Marie were out back smoking weed (I think). If someone had looked at me I’d have cried.

But no one will come if there’s no food!!

I started to cook, got my giant pot boiler. Spaghetti sauce!! A classic who could deny, throw in the dried spaghetti too (would it matter if it was starchy?), tomato ketchup, sugar, tinned meatballs, get it all together. Make a meal to serve as soon as they walk in. Give them the parmesan, sprinkle those dumb herbs on like it mattered.

A few hours went by.

No one. A lot of people walked by. No one darkened that door step.

I’d keep the place o

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Pants and shoes. What's your go-to?

What's your go-to non-slip shoe? And what's your favorite type of pants to wear? Lately I've been thinking more of being comfortable rather than "style" and I never in my life thought I'd ever buy Crocs but here I am rockin' some of the Crocks for Work (Bistro). They are heaven honestly. They are light and just so easy on the feet. I have some Birkenstocks for work coming in too. Drop your preferred non slip shoe and maybe we can inspire others. As for pants, I need to wear a cargo of some sort. I am a male and I know it's different but I need to be comfortable and any tight type of jean is a nightmare in a hot kitchen.

I've also noticed a lot my crew wearing regular Doc Martens. As manager, I need to make sure they are non-slip. Regular docs are not non slip right? I know they have a line of non slips but I'm weary that my crew is just wearing their cool shoes to work for style. 🤔

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Therapy Session

Coat, hat, degree on the wall, professionally installed carpet. Couch is not a couch per se, more a sterile and pillowless recliner, designed to give one the best experience possible. Lights, walls, bookshelf in the back full of empty pamphlets, stuffed folders, to the brim with index cards and postcards and info on my past clients. Mahogany, not real mahogany, of course, the desk is made out of wood pulp covered by a layer of plywood designed to look like mahogany. Very dry, yet distinguished, and from a distance you could almost call me a professional. I am a professional, I have a degree in all sorts of mental gymnastics, but you wouldn’t know that.

I dress casually at all times, feeling that one can feel more at ease with slacks and a t-shirt, baseball cap flipped to the side. I am nearing middle age, 42, my eyes squint in dusty conditions and my hair is receding like Grunge. I pace from the bookshelf to the chair in the corner , sometimes. Still don’t know why that chair is there, for a wife or parent or something to sit down while their associate is sorted through, though to date I haven’t had any patients accompanied by anyone. Above this chair, which is plastic with comfy padded armrests, next to this is a potted plant, fake of course, about seven inches to the left is a portrait by some famous artist, of what I suppose one would call the impressionist period, Monet and that sort, only this one is a cheap replica I got for $100 at the local auction, the guy even stated that it was a replica, but who cares, it’s a nice painting and some good décor, more suggestive than a Rorschach test, though I still keep a deck of those stashed in the drawer, just in case.

The painting has ample strokes and pleasant overtones, but something about it makes the mind do acrobatics. I’ve had three of my quota mention that they’ve seen it somewhere before, in a TV show or something, that it was in the background, that it’s always been there. In their heads, they can’t seem to get it out. It’s not San Giorgio Maggiore, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was painted in the same year. This one is simpler, no cathedral in the background, but like Giorgio, it’s set on the water, small fishing dock, maybe a port, and the shapes are just as obscured and vague in the evening haze. In the middle is a ship. Big thing, massive, calls to mind the steamers of old, and there are people on it, too, if you look very closely, faint, almost indiscernible silhouettes. Manning the riggin

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He planned everything and it was wonderful.

Yesterday was our six year wedding anniversary. February 13th. We sighed our papers in a Barnes and Noble (its where we met and be proposed) on a Friday the 13th because I’m weird and he supports my weird.

Leading up, he only asked if he thought a friend of mine would be a back up babysitter. When I said I wasn’t sure, he never brought it up again and I didn’t ask. Because we have the boys and no family around and a revolving door of babysitters, we don’t normally celebrate our anniversary (or go on dates), but he was determined.

He had a sitter lined up. Then a back up. And a second back up. Then all three fell through for legitimate reasons and he started to panic, so he started cold calling coworkers. His boss, who is on medical leave from knee surgery even offered to watch the kids. But thankfully, one of his coworkers wasn’t busy. I asked if she wanted cookies or brownies. She said brownies. I made her some fucking brownies from scratch.

We’re not fancy. I like good food, but we’re not fancy. I don’t need a lot of excitement.

So we put the kiddos down. Babysitter comes. She is there to make sure the house doesn’t burn down and that they’re okay essentially. Make sure she knows everything and we’re off.

My husband is worried I’m too excited and is like, “it’s just dinner babe. Maybe some other stuff,”

And I’m just like, “my favorite dates, are still just when we would eat and walk around target. It was just, fun and we would talk. I love you. I’m just happy that I didn’t have to plan or make decisions,”

So we drive and show up to, a Barnes and Noble. Because we’re early and it makes me smile because you know, it’s our origin story! We grab a coffee and he gives me a gift he had worked on for me and we look at books. Like we used to, which was a lot of fun. Something we haven’t done in a long time because we’re usually chasing our kiddos.

And as it turns out, the restaurant, was the bistro we’ve been meaning to try, right next door and let me just say, when I say that this place was heavenly, I do not exaggerate. I take mid-expensive food serious. And this was amazing. The service was perfect. Everything was fantastic.

I made my husband laugh because I brought along a pad of paper and pen, to play tic tax toe and hangman, something we always did when we were dating.

And when our waiter heard us say it was our anniversary, comped our dessert, which was really sweet!

Afterwards we went to a target and walked around for a while like the goo

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"Dermot Trellis" (?)/Gilbert Sorrentino - An Anonymous Sketch

Standalone short story… essay… parody… thing published in the novel Mulligan Stew (Dalkey Archive Press, 1996). Previously: O'Mara of No Fixed Abode

> A maker of maddening lists, a lister of maddening names, a namer of glistering fakes, an acre of pains, a wicker of aches; a flatulent bore, a sucker for whores, an arthritic lout; a doubter of mythical lore, a chap who once knew semaphore; gastritis is his sorry lot, it’s hairy and furry and hot in the belly; devourer of jelly and jam; the fingers oft crippled with pain of the pen; a yen for good legs in black hose, a shaker of fists; a lover of barter, art is his god, a garter adorer, a clod. > > As a child he feared Hurley Lees, he bruised bashed and scraped up his knees; a fool for the prop aeroplane yet reasonably sane. What popular songs did he like? Peace. He liked many. > > Each of his novels stood out a sore thumb (a bad penny). He ravaged the psyches of friends, rended and plundered their means and their ends as he bound them in fetters in frostbitten letters. What did they do to be fixed on the wall with the tinny nail of his prose? That was their wail. He knew their travail yet he froze them in language for good and for all. He was humorless, bitter and sour, they claimed. Yet in his island retreat he laughed to himself at the pictures his pen so carefully built up and framed. Some were mere anecdotes, lacking a head or a tale; others morose. Some murderous, flip, or crudely obscene. Most were tritely routine, yet many were clever. “He certainly knows how to write!” Why then did he never indite a reader’s delight? A tome that would strike the public as funny (and make him some money)? > > He looked out the window and counted his change, dreamed of a peach of a mouth that would kiss him, conjured a tongue sweet as honey. He groaned alone and saw the ladies he had known stroll in his imagination through his rooms in thyn arraye, after a pleasaunt gyse. When their loose gowns from their shoulders fell he’d cast his spell and they’d enact some shameless tricks. In such wise did the oaf amuse his days. > > If he did not daily write his trash, or read, or weep his dwindling cash, or create his girls in undies heels and hose to adorn his gloomy room, he’d loaf. Where like a pillow on the bed, his eyes would dreamy close; into his stinking sewer (his dour sink) of

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Heading to Islay, suggestions for where to visit which scotch drinking experiences are must?

Hi all!

I'm heading to Islay next week and I'm putting together a list of which distilleries to go to and which of their many experiences to do. I'll be walking distance to Lagavulin and Laphroaig.

Any guidance is much appreciated!

EDIT We spent a Friday-Sunday in Islay. It was not nearly enough time so we'll definitely be planning a trip back.

On Day 1: -We took the Ferry from Kennacraig after staying at the West Loch Hotel (highly recommend for a single night stay, the food was AMAZING) and got into Port Askaig around 3 -We picked up pizza at Peatzeria (Reddit was right to recommend this place) and then went straight to Bruichladdich -We did the free tasting of gin and Scotch at Bruichladdich (wow the Octomore 10.2 was sooo peaty but so good!). They did not do Driver's Drams even though we brought bottles so we bought a bottle for the drivers (and the rest of us to have at the Storm Pods). -We stayed at the Storm Pods near Lagavulin, this was a great location for stumbling between Ardbeg, Lagavulin, and Laphroaig but not so great for getting elsewhere. We were able to get to Port Ellen using a taxi but it took a long time and it seemed most people booked them ahead of time. If you enjoy wildlife, it is a great place to stay because there were lots of seabirds and a very curious seal!

Day 2: -Got up extremely early because our phones were apparently sensing a crack in the space/time continuum between two of the Storm Pods -Walked to Ardbeg to start their 2 hour Full Range Experience. Craig was our tour guide and he was very funny and knowledgeable. His grandfather owns the cows and sheep that were directly across the road and his family makes up half of the population of Ardbeg. I can't say enough good things about this experience. You get to taste 5 of their Scotches and depending on your luck, you might be able to taste the 23 year! -We then had lunch at Ardbeg (which was good because we were all feeling the effects of 5 heavy pours of Scotch at 11 am). If you go to Ardbeg, definitely eat there! It was delicious and they were very good at addressing food allergies for lunch (more on their breakfast later). -We then hastily made our way to Laphroaig where we had scheduled their 2pm experience (Note: after scotch and a big lunch, you move much slower) -At Laphroaig, we were only able to do their 1 hour experience but it was informative (more comparison later). -We had planned to go to Lagavulin but everyone was exhausted so instead we walked around t

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If you ever find yourself at The Clockwork Hotel, stay inside your room at midnight. That's when the children come out to play. PART 2/2


At this time I had been trapped at The Clockwork Hotel for about ten years. Some days those years felt like a few days, some other days they felt like an eternity. Our son was eight years old. He didn’t know anything else than the hotel, so he didn’t miss what he could’ve had. The environment wasn’t good for him though, far from it. We taught him basic skills like talking and reading and so on but we couldn’t give him the social training he needed together with other kids. If we didn’t escape from the hotel soon, the damage would be irreparable for him.

We told the group about our plans over dinner. As expected, everyone was skeptical. They didn’t believe there was any way to avoid the creatures outside.

“They are everywhere,” Peter said. “If you listen close enough, you hear their little feet all over the place!”

“There’s just no way to outrun them,” Rodger said. “And where would you go, anyway?”

“Well,” I said. “According to my theory, the hotel consists of an unknown – but not too large – number of floors and rooms. We know that each floor has four hallways, crossing each other like a Tic-Tac-Toe board. So every floor is connected to eight elevators at the end of the hallways. Now, I believe I’ve figured out the reason why it feels infinite.”

“And what would that be?” August said.

“We can’t trust the buttons! At some point, I believe, the elevators reach their last floor and bring you down even if you pressed them up so you get the illusion of going up when in fact you’re going down.”

“We should have noticed that already,” Meilin said. “If we went down twenty floors with one elevator and then changed to another elevator and tried to go down twenty floors again but ended up at a higher floor we should have seen that and…”

“We have noticed that the elevators bring us back at some point, but because of all the mystery surrounding this place we didn’t consider the possibility that the elevators might simply have changed direction rather than mysteriously ending up at the top even though it went down. Also, the system is more complex than just going to the bottom and then back up again. There are eight elevators involved and I believe that they’re connected to different floors. So when you reach the bottom with one elevator and change to another and press it further down, it might bring you up instead but only to the floors in-between the flo

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SMG4: The New Order - Epilogue: A New Beginning

prologue, Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6

Jury: We find the defendant not guilty on all but three charges of kidnapping and unleashing a malware worm with the intent to destroy; of which we find the defendant guilty. He is to serve a maximum of three months in Commonwealth prison followed by six weeks of probation.

Judge Kermit: Alrighty then. Court dismissed.

Location: New South Wales Commonwealth Prison-New Sydney, New Sydney, NSWC, New Australia

Date: 18 September 2020


SLG4 entered his cell with remorse on what he did.

SLG4: Not what I had in mind, but this will do.

He sat down on the concrete bed with thin sheeting, ready for his long stay.

one month later...

Location: Janette's Diner, 315 Herzen Ave, Mushroom City, NSWC, New Australia

Date: 18 October 2020, 09:00

We see SMG4 entering the diner and sitting down at the counter area.

"Good morning, Mr. SMG4. The usual?"

SMG4: Yes, please.

The waitress put down a plate of hashbrowns, eggs and bacon accompanied by a cup of coffee - two creams, two sugars.

SMG4 began to eat when SLG4 walked into the diner and sat down beside him.

"Good morning sir, what can I get ya?"

SLG4: Piece of cherry pie with whipped cream on top and a cup of coffee, no cream, no sugar.

"Comin' right up for ya!"

SMG4: Did you escape from jail again?

SLG4: They let me out early. The jail was getting too crowded and they have to renovate it because of the massive influx of Inklings into the city. Apparently they can escape through small areas. Jail was nice though. Living off taxpayer money, three meals a day (even though they were slop), free gym access; it was essentially heaven. I haven't had th

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2019 LEGEN-DAIRY Ice Cream Walk

On Saturday August 10, I walked from Centretown, through downtown and into the Byward Market, stopping almost everywhere I could and eating ice cream (or froyo/sorbet/gelato) there. I ended up eating at 23 places in total over 6.5 hours, spending $116.16 (an average of $5.05). The cheapest was the $1.05 cone at McDonald's, and the most expensive was $13.00 for a pint at Pascale's.

Overall, the whole walk was quite pleasant. The weather was mostly decent, with a couple of bouts of rain. Starting around the Rideau Centre, my stomach started to not want any more ice cream. I never felt like I was going to be sick, but my body certainly wasn't happy with me about it. It was getting much slower to eat, but only for ice cream. When I had something that was less creamy, it was easy to pack it down, even at the end of the walk. When I got home after the walk, I was actually really hungry, and I ate a bunch of leftovers and a frozen pizza.

I've written up a lengthy report of how it all went down, but my posts get removed when I keep the links in. I've included a table at the bottom of this post summarizing everything, but it lacks the context of the full report about why I rated things the way I did. For example, you'll see I rated Paradise Poké as 0/10, because I learned during this walk I do not like the taste of coconut. If you like coconut, you would probably rate this higher.

My top 3 are:

  1. Local Strawberry at Moo Shu. This was just amazing, when I finally feel like ice cream again next year, this is what I want.
  2. Vanilla Soft Serve at Quelque Chose. I had this getting into the last 3rd of the walk, when I was not really keen on ice cream any more, and still found it delicious.
  3. Strawberry gelato at Piccolo Grande. This was amazeballs. Had this with one stop to go and it reinvigorated me to finish.

Thanks to everyone here who commented on my last post about ice cream spots I missed, several of the places I went to were your suggestions. That post also caught the eye of someone at CBC Radio, so I'm scheduled to be on the CBC morning show Monday August 12 at 7:30am to talk about my adventure.

Place Order Price Rating Comments
Pascale's Pint of French Vanilla $13.00 6/10 Good texture, but had no flavour
Gladstone Golden Grill Nothing $NA NA/10 They didn't want to sell me ice cream
Moo Shu Local Strawberry $5.99 10/10 Heaven in your mouth.
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As promised: My comprehensive (and biased) list of fun or interesting things to do, eat, and see around Miami and Florida

General things anywhere (tourist friendly):

  • Flanigan’s
  • Horseback riding
  • Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Banana boating
  • Kayaking
  • Take a cruise
  • Take a ferry to the Bahamas
  • Rent a sailboat
  • So a sunset cruise
  • Sea turtle Release
  • Go to a park and throw a boomerang or something
  • Go to an archery range and fire off some arrows
  • Go to the everglades
  • Go ice skating
  • Skydive Miami
  • Go Golfing
  • Go Fishing
  • Go kite surfing
  • Go to a carnival
  • Go camping
  • Go to Flanigan’s
  • I don’t know bro, just go do something you like


South Beach/Miami Beaches/Key Biscayne:

-SoBe (not touristy):

  • Food/Bars:

    • Lost weekend
      • good pool tables
    • Ramen.Baby.Burger.
      • -Best ramen (outside my homemade) in Miami
      • -Cool atmosphere (if you like japan and anime)
      • -Rooftop Bar on the roof
    • Playwright Irish Pub
    • Sylvano's
      • Legit italian ITALIAN restaurant
      • Cannot stress enough that this is not Olive garden and is in fact authentic Italian
    • Joes' Stone Crab
      • Historic Seafood restaurant
      • Very famous
    • Pubbelly
      • Good gastropub
    • Giotto Maestro Della Pizza
      • Great authentic neapolitan style pizza
    • Cleo
      • Fancy Mediterranean place
    • Byblos
      • Expensive Greek food
      • Very good though
    • Time Out Market
      • -Good new food hall
    • Lincoln eatery
      • -Similar food hall, but small
      • -Kosher options
    • News Cafe
      • A favorite spot of Gianni Versace
      • Good breakfast and drinks
    • Under the mango tree
      • -Hippie Acai bowl place
    • Paul’s Bakery
    • Chotto Matte
      • -Peruvian/Japanese fusion
      • -Cool atmosphere
    • La Sandwicherie
      • -Classic
  • Things to Do:

    • Ocean Drive
    • Lincoln Road Mall
    • South Pointe Park Pier
    • New World Symphony
    • Jewish Museum/Holocause Memorial
    • Espanola Way
    • Nikki Beach
    • Monthly Nerd Night events
    • Culture Crawl
    • Sunday Farmers market
    • Colony Theater
      • -Historical theater
      • -See a show there

-North Beach:

  • Food/Bars:
    • Flanigan’s
    • Blue Beer Garden
    • Broken Shaker
      • Real chill outdoor bar
      • Miami vibe
    • Shucker’s
      • -Waterfront bar and grill
      • Marky’s Gourmet Supermarket
    • Josh’s Deli
      • -Good Ass Sandwiches
    • Tap 79
      • -small gastropub
      • -Has a piano
    • Tacaria
      • -Cool street taco place
    • Makoto
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I am 39 years old make $115,000 - live in Melbourne, Australia and work as an Operations Manager in Events

Note: I have converted all figures to USD from AUD for this diary at a rate of USD0.70 to AUD1.0 when I wrote the diary a few weeks back – it’s sitting a little lower now at USD0.67, which is tragic for my Everlane addiction.

Section One: Assets and Debt

Retirement Balance: $80K – my clients mostly have to pay 9.5% of my contract fee towards superannuation and I top it up a bit myself.

Equity: $40K in my apartment purchase from the first 10% deposit paid (balance of 20% down paid on settlement)

Savings account balance: $12K in my emergency fund, $35K in my house deposit fund – in the next few weeks, I’ll settle on my apartment (I will have paid $75K as the down payment/deposit, and the place cost $375K for a 1Bed/1Bath in inner Melbourne)

Checking account balance: $4.5K on average

Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): $0 – pay off in full each month

Student loan debt (for what degree): $45K for undergrad and masters – they are interest-free government loans and our real estate market crazy high so I decided, when I started earning significantly more in the last few years, to work towards buying an apartment and then finish paying down my loan debt. Should have it squared away in the next three years – amount I’ve been saving each month for deposit will now go towards paying off student loans and boosting up my investments and emergency fund.

Investments: $20K in Mutual Fund, $2K in smaller start-up investments

Section Two: Income

Main Job Monthly Take Home: Varies but around $7000 ($9500 but I set aside $2500 for various taxes)

Section Three: Expenses

Rent / Mortgage / HOA fees: Rent is $1340 (last month!) and new mortgage will be $1400 – though I’ll pay and extra $350 towards it each month. I wanna try and pay it off in 15 years.

Renters / home insurance: $70

Work insurances (Public Liability, Indemnity, Trauma, Income Protection, Equipment, Travel): $370 (deductable work expense)

Retirement contribution – Superannuation fund (additional to employer contributions): $350

Investment contribution: $350

General Savings (Fun, Travel etc): $350

Student Loan Debt (HECS): $400

Annual Expenses Savings (birthdays, Christmas, car registration etc): $350

Donations: $70 monthly split across Medecins sans Frontieres, Red Cross, RSPCA and Women’s Electoral Lobby

Electric, Water, Gas: $90 approx.

Wifi/Cable/Landline: $60

Health Insurance: $0 – cancelled it as I was too healthy and it was extortionate (thanks socialised medic

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Baltimore Sales and Specials Round up weekend of Nov. 8. to Nov. 10


Rather than just publish a post every time a sale pop up I thought I would do a round up of specials heading into the weekend/week. If folks noticed anything I missed, feel free to add it.

Heads up

  • November is Maryland Spirits Month: This November marks the second annual celebration of MD based distilleries. Launched and supported by the Maryland Distillers Guild the month will have participating distilleries hosting a number of special events such as tastings. They'll also be giving out passports to help you track your journey across Maryland's craft scene. Check out their calendar for a full listing of tastings.
  • Old line Spirits: Old line will be releasing a special Golden release whiskey on Nov. 9. It's an 8-year-old single malt whiskey. It's left over stock from the distillery that would eventually become Old line. It will be released during the company's upcoming fall fling on Nov. 9. There are only 200 bottles; costs per bottle is unknown.
  • Old Carter Whiskey Preorder: In October, Drug City had and quickly sold out of a release of Old Carter Whiskey 12 year old Barrell strength. They're getting more but have offered people the option to drop them a line and preorder a bottle. No clue on the cost. Hit up their facebook page to shoot them a message or swing by in person.
  • WhistlePig special release: The Catonsville BarState Fare bar ordered a specially blended barrel of Whistlepig and is scheduled to have a party with a smoked pig, treats and specials on Nov. 16. from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. You can preorder a bottle for $100 or buy it the day of the release for $115. That's an OK price I think? Regular Whistlepig retails for around $70 on the low side and this is a special barrel so maybe that's reasonable? I believe they'll be doing tasting the day of the release. I believe they're getting about a hundred bottles and a third or so were already sold as of late October according to a bartender. This place deserves a look in my opinion. You can check out their whiskey list and prices [here](
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[HM] Ruth Long, Age 88

Carnations, seriously?! So much for honoring your mother! What is this, a 1970s high school prompt?! Come to think of it, even my prom date sprung for a rose corsage. I battled cancer for heaven sake and look at the cheap ass flowers my kids picked. I bet it was that Melissa who picked these out. Never liked her. My David could have done so much better. Whatever happened to that Lisa he dated in college? She was such a nice girl.

I forgot how itchy this suit is. I should have donated it when I got sick, just to be sure they wouldn’t bury me in it. I never even liked this suit. I think I wore it to my nephew’s wedding. His wife, now she was a piece of work. Divorced twice, three kids. All illegitimate. Still not clear on how exactly that works but whatever. And then she ran off with her boss. Such a shame but he kind of had that one coming. And his new boyfriend is such a sweetheart.

They could have picked out a nicer box. How did I get stuck with such cheapskate kids?! John set up that funeral trust for our tenth anniversary. I nearly killed him. But there was certainly enough money to cover a nicer box than this. Polyester lining; I never. Not like they had to spend a lot on embalming. I’m practically back to my birth weight after all the chemo. I’m surprised they chose to have me buried in my most expensive wig. Would have thought that Melissa would have tried to sell it online already. Put me in some kind of headscarf, but not one of my good ones. She sure as hell wouldn’t let good silk go down with me. This thing is real hair. Bet that weirdo funeral director takes it off of me before they close the box.

Speaking of that Melissa, here she comes now. Oh, look at those tears. I bet she put eye drops in before they got out of the car. Gosh they almost look real. You’re not fooling anyone sweetie. Give it a rest. No need to make such an exhibition of yourself dear. She asked me if I wanted to end it about three months after I started treatment. Offered to slip me the morphine. I never told David. What a bitch my son married. But look at him. So handsome in his blue suit. Just like his father the day I married him. Thank God they never had kids. That woman as a mother; ugh.

And there’s my sweet Carolyn. Oh my love, please don’t cry. You did your best for your mother. At my bedside every day. Such a shame she’s a spinster and will probably end up with fifty cats. So smart and so beautiful yet so completely inept when it comes to men. What was the

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Restaurants I Want to Try in Calgary

Hi Everyone, I posted my favorite places to eat a few days ago. Here is a list of places I want to try that I got off this sub. Some have specific foods that were suggested. I think I've been working on this list for a couple of years now.

British Chippy

Pio Peru

Korean Culural Center

Heritage deli Eastern European

Cozy Kitchen


Il Chiantis Italian

Pho Binh Minh

Tang Dynasty

South Silk Road

Pita Grill

Unimarket -Tacos

Workshop kitchen and Culture

Shawarma Palace

Jane Bond BBQ




Hoopla - Donuts

Luke's drug mart - Donuts

Shanghai Fine Foods

Jurees Thai

Seniores pizza

Vero Bistro

Q Haute Cuisine

Le Chaumiere

Starbelly burger

CB Burgers

Briggs - Burger

Open Range - Steak

Grandmas Garden - Sandwiches

Dajmahal Namaskar - Northern Indian

Shikiji - Chilli Goma Ramen

Wow Chicken - Bulgogi fries

Noble Pie - The Roni

Ginger Beef Bistro - try Peking duck

Silver inn - invented ginger beef

Spicy Chef

Village square mall - butter chicken wraps

Spiros Pizza - cheesecake

Prairie Dog Brewing - beef brisket

Simply Irie - Jamaican Roti

Lloyds Patty Plus - beef patty

Alumni - hot chicken sandwich

Pow Pizza - deep dish

Rajs Palace - lamb dosa

Pita Basket - Sunridge falafel

Pepinos - Sandwiches, spicy surprise

Craving - burgers

Big sky BBQ

Paddy’s BBQ

Puspa - Indian

Without Papers pizza

De Mincos pizza

Clay Oven - Indian Grecos

Greek Pita Grill - Shawarma River Bend

Volos Pizza


El Charritos - Tacos

Great Taste - Chinese


Choices Café

Szechuan Restaurant

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Places to visit and food to try for tourists in Lebanon


I have made a list of places to go and things to eat for anybody visiting Lebanon. I’ve had several people ask me for suggestions, so I want this to be available to everybody with a reddit account who is planning on going to Lebanon. All tourists to Lebanon should have access to a comprehensive list like this so I went ahead and made one. Two - - means definitely must go, one - means it is a very nice place but the - - should take priority. Fellow Lebanese, if there is something missing in this list, please add to it in the comments with a - or - - depending on how worthwhile it is to go there/to eat compared to the other places on the list.

Places to go in Lebanon:

--Cedars of God forest

--jbeil (otherwise known as Byblos)- (including souk jbeil), laser tag, ruins (castles, churches, temples, mosque, set jbeil waterfall/lake and hiking), port, and beach, beautiful in the spring

--zahle (berdaouni at night, the temsal al 3adra, dt/boulevard, souk al arman)

--Baalbek (and Roman ruins)— don’t go there alone, try to go with a local that you know (baalbek festival in the summer)

-Mar Charbel (if you have a sick family member, you should definitely go. Muslims and Christians alike go there)

-hazmiyeh, yarze, achrafieh


-faqra (natural huge bridge, roman ruins)

--rachaya (visit the citadel of independence)

--Sir El Daniye, Bakhoun (asr el ahlam castle, Roman temple, beautiful scenery, bridge, really good sweets bakery with no name with good 2atayef halawet el jebn and halewet el riz and jarouche, oldest house there-320 years old)

-Akoura (hiking to Saydet el Habs cliffs, laqlouq ("the highest event" camping trip, happens in the beginning of July, cheap and fun, hiking, stargazing), caves- Al Rweiss cave, St. Peter and Paul church)

-al zira island

--jounieh (stay in 3 hearts lodge- run by disabled people, owned by NGO that helps disabled people in Lebanon) (go during the opening night of the Jounieh international festival, watch the fireworks show at night)

-nahr chouwan (chouwen is rated the best hiking place in Lebanon)

--bisri valley (hike and swim)

--balou balaa (oldest water fall in the world, 160 million years old, water dries up in the summer so go in the spring, hiking and ziplining)

--jabal barouk in the chouf region (during the day, sunsets) (moukhtara castle also in chouf)

-2rnet al sawda (highest peak in the Middle East)

--saghbine (lake litani view)


-Palm Island reserve beach (y

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Fun and Exciting Event Note-Foodie Happenings in Michiana!

List created by

Mon, Jul 1st – Otta Ramen – Ramen Pop-up at Temper Grille from 5 – 10pm. We are popping up again @tempergrille_granger. Reservations will go live Thursday, Jun 27th at 5pm. Reminder Temper is 21+ for seating

  • Local Restaurant Vacation Closings

Sat, Jun 29th – Thurs, Jul 4th – Colombo’s Family Restaurant – Closed for vacation and will reopen Friday, July 5th.
Sat, Jun 29th – Tues, Jul 9th – Antonio’s Italian Ristorante – Closed for summer break and re-opening Weds, July 10th.
Mon, Jul 1st – Sun, Jul 7th– Lucky’s, Elkhart - We will be closed July 1st-July 7th & Reopen our regular hours on July 8th! Have a Blessed Week and Happy Independence Day.
Mon, Jul 1st – Sun, Jul 7th– The Vine, Elkhart – Closed for summer vacation. Re-opening on Mon, July 8th.
Mon, Jul 1st – Sun, Jul 7th– Kao’s, Elkhart – Closed for summer break and re-opening Mon, Jul 8th.
Mon, Jul 1st – Weds, Jul 10th – Weiss Gasthaus, South Bend– Closed for summer break
Mon, Jul 1st – Sun, Jul 14th – Cre-Asian, South Bend – Closed for summer break and re-opening Mon, July 15th.
Weds, Jul 3rd – Fri, Jul 5th – Yellow Cat Café, South Bend – Closed for the 4th of July holiday

  • Happy Summer Break!

Sat, Jul 6th – Shoreline Brewery, Michigan City – Red, White & Brews - Come join us at Shoreline Brewery for the 14th Annual Red, White & Brews!! From 2 pm to midnight, this family friendly event will have beer, food & music. The bands Caught on Cline, Midwest Hype & ALLGOOD will be providing jams throughout the evening. Early Bird Tickets are $ 15.00. Hope to see you there! Cheers!

Weds, Jul 10th – Ironhand Vineyards – Love & Macarons Pop Up Shop from 5 – 7pm. Join us for Love & Macarons Pop Up Shop! She sells out quickly, so make sure to stop in early. LOVE AND MACARONS: I'm a 26 year old pastry girl, living in Michigan's Great Southwest. As a graduate of the French Pastry School in Chicago, I like to put a little french touch to most of my creations. I have two cats, too many clothes, and am looking to the future. Love and Macarons was created out of my love of macarons, one of my deepest roots of inspiration. Some may call it an obsession! I provide traditional and custom decorated cakes, cupcakes, macarons, breakfast pastries and many other mouth-watering desserts. I can offer dozens of flavor combinations, so please don't hesitate to contact me and see what we can create together.


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Sydney This Weekend (25 & 26)
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Atti-2.0: Lifestyles of the Rich and Aimless (Chicken Dinner Edition)

I like big docs and I cannot lie, you other runners can’t deny…

We’ve talked about the Denny’s of living in part One, and the Applebee’s was last week’s part Two. Now, it’s time to talk about the Houlihan’s(seriously, their French Onion soup is killer) of living - those actual champagne wishes and caviar dreams in the final part of Lifestyles of the Rich and Aimless - in which we talk about High and Luxury digs that most runners can only dream of, and blessed few ever live to see.

In truth, Luxury digs are what the 1% of the 1% of the 1% (so, dragons and Immortal Elves that are not Frosty) enjoy, and to experience it for two months will set a blue-collar drone up in soy packs and ramen noodles for life. This means that a life of Luxury is the “economic win-condition” for runners the Sixth World over (the others to be covered in later editions of Atti-2.0). Seattle would be exceedingly fortunate to see more than a handful of Luxury lifers in such a rich city - and the compounds they own are fortresses comparable to Mitsuhama’s Zero Zones.

In speaking of Demographics, the Downtown, Bellevue, and even parts of Everett and Tacoma are where the highest concentrations of per capita wealth are concentrated. Metroplex areas showing per capita income exceeding 70,000¥ is where we see single-income Middle households (already pretty wealthy if it’s only one earner) and dual-income High households. Naturally, these are also the areas with the highest Corporate affiliation - just to remind you who really pulls the strings around here.

So come with me, and you’ll see a whole world of SINner domination…

A Silver Bullet and Still Climbing

”Because I’m a 21st century digital boy…”

The suite’s lighting kicked into life as Mitchell’s alarm blasted the most recent set from the live band at Dante’s Inferno, bringing him out of the deep slumber he’d scheduled through his NeoNET-brand Van Winkle Sleep Regulator but three hours before. It had been one and one-half seconds off optimal time, but Mitchell was forgiving this morning as the live band’s completely original song that was not taken from a remake of a remake of a remake played eighty years before was both well-played and in his pool of copyrights that his department enforced.

*Drones whirred to life as Mitchell planted his bare feet on the carpeted floor of his spacious master bedroom. The sheets were already starting to pull towards the foot of the bed as he stood, the auto

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[Race Report] "Sub-20, Bitches!" - The Vermont 100

For the full report with pictures and links, click here.

I've been trying to put together a good trail 100 miler performance for a couple years now. NJ Sufferfest Ultra Fest was derailed by the worst weather I've ever experienced at a race, and Grindstone exposed some weaknesses in my conditioning and mental fortitude. In each case, I finished the race but I was left with the lingering feeling that I could have done much better had a few things gone differently.

Vermont 100 was the race where weather, training, and race prep finally came together and (almost) everything went right.

Note: 100 miler races are as much of an adventure for the crew and pacers as they are for the runners. My wife Alex was kind enough to write her own account of the race, and her comments are interspersed with mine throughout this report, denoted by italics.

#History and Training Vermont is one of the oldest 100 milers in the country and the only east coast race in the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. Back in 2015, I paced a runner for the last 30 miles of the course, and while it lacked the awe inspiring views and heart pounding climbs that I often seek in races, I was drawn in by its history and the serene farmland through which the course passed. The unique aspect of the race is that it is run side by side with a horse race, meaning that riders and runners are constantly passing one another (horses are faster uphill and on roads, but runners are faster on technical downhills).

Needing a Western States qualifier for 2017, I signed up the day registration opened. Although I never trained specifically for Vermont's rolling dirt roads, I figured my local roads and trails were a reasonable approximation. This would come back to bite me a little in the form of extreme soreness, but it did not have a huge impact on my race performance.

With only four weeks between Manitou's Revenge and Vermont, I did not have enough time for any significant training and instead relied on my residual fitness from prior training blocks. A ten day trip to the San Juan Mountains with Alex helped me maintain a weekly elevation gain of about 10,000 feet, and a PR at the Revolutionary Run 10K let me know that my cardio was as good as ever. Unfortunately, I managed to tweak my soleus (calf) muscle in the fi

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Ultimate Best Brunch in NYC Thread

From the best deals, pancakes, and bottomless mimosas. Here's a collection of our favourite brunch spots.

Do keep in mind - Brunch tends to be a weekend event so the deals you see here many not be applicable to weekdays. Always give the restaurant a call before heading over.

All comments reflect 2019 prices

Last updated February 2020

#Bottomless Heaven Alcoholics and Foodies rejoice! A mealtime we can both agree on. Here's a list of bottomless brunches that won't break the bank. We're not legally responsible for your 2pm "You up?" text.

Calle Ocho (UWS)

"Calle Ocho is an absolute treasure" /u/itspeterj

"Unlimited sangria while you're there, for no extra cost (at least I don't think there is, I don't remember getting the bill too well). Cuban style food and 8 types of sangria. Just make sure to eat slowly, because they get pretty pushy to get you to leave once your plate is clean." /u/CowLifter

Be sure to make a reservation, because it does get packed very quickly. We suggest a stroll through the park or Museum Mile to walk off the itis.

The Grange Bar and Eatery (Hamilton Heights)

One of my personal favourites. Be sure to give the foie gras butter hash a try.

Underdog (FiDi)

"It's a $15 all you can drink build your own blood mary's and is awesome. 4 different kinds of infused vodka's, 4 bloody mixes, a huge thing of spices, toppings, cape cod chips, bacon, etc. Easily worth the money a few times over." /u/tmm224

Toro Loco (FiDi)

Great for large parties. They also offer a burlesque/drag show with live music


A sub favourite. "Maya on the UES does unlimited food brunch for $36pp; $49 for unlimited cocktails as well, $15 for children under 10." /u/Do_The_Damn_Thing

"Mom and I went there for her birthday last year and were absolutely thrilled with it! Constant refills on the tasty drinks (multiple flavors of mimosas) and a really great selection of unlimited small plates. We both can't wait to go back." u/u/Mxfish1313

Carroll Place (Greenwich Village)

"$25 for an entree and 2 hours of drinks." /u/Keeganwherefore

Zengo (Murray Hill)

"Similar to Maya, b

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What's happening around town (Wed, Sep 11th - Tue, Sep 17th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


  • Frost/Nixon (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City)
    Thru Sun, Sep 22nd
    Take an exciting look at the post-Watergate television interviews as Lyric Theatre presents: Frost/Nixon. This engaging…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City)
    Thru Mon, Nov 25th
    Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…

Wednesday, Sep 11th

  • 🎓 1 Million Cups (Starspace 46 - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 9:00am
    1 Million Cups is monthly community initiative to support local startups and innovators. It’s a great networking opportunity where two entrepreneurs present. Next, there’s a little Q&A. Finally, the audience asks what we can do to support the entrepreneur in their endeavors. The event requires no registration, is always free, and includes…
  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City)
    Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • 🎓 Budgeting for Baby (Norman Public Library - Norman)
    Start Time: 6:00pm
    Bumpos, Wubba Nubs, and Boppys, oh my! Sometimes budgeting for baby can make you feel like you're speaking a different language. Librarians and new moms Heather and Amber share and translate how to navigate the must-have, and don't-need supplies when preparing for baby.
    You'll also be able to make and take your own felt board learning toy for…
  • 🍴 Dope Poetry Night (ICE Event Center - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 7:30pm
    Every Wednesday night at the Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill located at the heart of Oklahoma City! Sign ups begin at 7pm and show begins at 7:30pmish. Free Admission! Free vendor set up! Bar Restaurant
  • 🍴 HOG FEED & Brad Fielder // The Deli (The Deli - Norman)
    Start Time: 10:00pm
    a late night showcase of electrified sounds for dancing and drinking 10 pm • $5 • 21+ @[613358162016520:274:Brad Fielder] country blues & ragtime @[305468736537459:274:HOG FEED] juke joint blues & jank rock
  • 😂 John Evans *(Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahom
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L'Entrecôte Steak Frites Dinner - What Restaurants Offer This?

Are there any restaurants in Orange County that offer a L'Entrecôte steak frites dinner?

The Parisians created restaurants that serve nothing but steak frites dinner (also known as L'Entrecôte), which includes a basic bitch green salad, sliced up steak (usually ribeye), french fries, and some heavenly sauce that tastes amazing but looks terrible in photos.

When I googled this, I found that Moulin Bistro in Newport Beach does a Thursday night dinner featuring something like this (uncut steak and sauce on the side), and places like Chapter One in Santa Ana do a take on this with a ribeye, french fries, and a side of herb butter (saw it on their instagram last night). While these seem close, I would love to find a place that does the straightforward L'Entrecôte dinner like the famous restaurants in Paris named Le Relais de Venice and Le Relais De l'Entrecôte ( who opened a hollywood location but it is now closed).

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u/vernazza's unnecessarily long guide to Budapest

Free 30+ page travel guide about Budapest, Hungary and bits of Central Europe. Enjoy!

Information correct as of summer 2020. If you find anything incorrect or would like to make requests, suggestions (or just want to say hi), please do that here! You should also drop by in /r/budapest to see past questions and to get advice from multiple people.

I would also greatly appreciate your post-trip feedbacks about whether my recommendations worked out for you or not! Restaurants, clubs can undergo radical changes and it's not always possible to keep track of every single one.

The local charity I support is the Hungarian Food Bank Association. For every €1 donated they are able to save €30 worth of perishable food and have it reach underprivileged Hungarian families. If you find this guide useful, please consider donating to them!

Some links use URL-shorteners, so I could track how many of you are using this guide. Nothing fishy waiting for you behind them.

See my suggestions in the comments below about:


The situation is subject to change momentarily, this information is based on the situation on 18 August. Eastern Europe as a whole has largely been spared from the worst of it, including Hungary, and the risk of transmission is low.

At the moment there are travel restrictions in place based on where your travel originates from. Countries are sorted into green, yellow or red categories. The most recent map of Europe is available here. Outside of Europe, the only countries NOT banned altogether are China, Japan, South Korea, Canada and USA, all of which are yellow.

Traveling from red countries for non-Hungarians and those lacking Hungarian permanent residence rights are *banned

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Iceland - my acquaintance with the northern and moody land.

View at Kálfafellsstaður.

Halló, hvað segirðu gott? ... This English look-a-like but still a bit cryptic phrase actually means "Hello, how are you?" in Icelandic. And if you are as much of a nature addict and a huge fan of Scandinavian landscapes as I am, you better make sure that you have Iceland on your bucket list.

I have been to this country twice and I hope to come back for more. This is kind of a country that you can't get enough of - you need regular injections of its nordic air, volcanic landscapes, ocean breeze and visions of viking history hiding in every corner. And, oooh, Iceland is totally not only Reykjavik, icelandic horses and the Blue Lagoon.

All the classic facts about Iceland can be googled so I will not go much into detail here but some points that I consider important or interesting, should be mentioned:

  • Iceland is located in the North Atlantic ocean with much land (103,000 km2 ) and not that much population (approximately 349,000) - kind of a heaven for an introvert :)
  • The country is warmed by Gulf stream and has quite a moderate climate but from my own experience of travelling there both times during winter (January and February), winter weather in Iceland is like a good roller coaster - it changes more often than my mood during the day, and I am a really mooooody person :D
  • Icelandic horses are not ponies - they are genuine horses of royal blood that you can take a ride with if you are polite enough ;)
  • Iceland has one of the most unique, diverse and picturesque nature in the world - volcanoes, black-sand beaches, glaciers, milky-blue geothermal sources, severe North Atlantic ocean waters are just a small part of it. But the country is also volcanically and geologically active! Do you remember a situation with Eyjafjallajökull eruptions in 2010 that caused a lot of disruptions to air traffic for 6 (!) days and, for sure, scared the hell out of tourists and over 500 farmers that had to be evacuated from the area nearby the volcano? That's the country where this action movie happened. There exists a suprisingly positive side of it though - this situation has resulted in a rise of the so called "volcano tourism" - a lot of people from other countries come to Iceland to look "live" at the famous Eyjafjallajökull (... I'm wondering if anyone in the world apart from Icelanders
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Hi Pundians, happy weekend. Want to enjoy great wines, fresh food, and unparalleled service? Bringing you to "Praelum", opened by wine Aficionado Elizabeth Lin in December 2011. New XPOS location, Singapore.

Praelum Wine Bistro, new use case:

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📅︎ Dec 15 2018
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Barista of the Dead.

We all like to eat one thing or the other right?

We all have that one favourite item that we like to eat and would never get tired of eating.

Similarly, I also like to eat food. But something that I like more than eating is cooking.

And I cook food for a small establishment that cooks good old “fast food” but every restaurant needs something special, something that sets it apart from any other “kitchen”.

So, serving fresh, serving hot I offer you food from the highway of the dead!

We are the first bistro that you will want to visit after your death as your soul tries to locate its way through murderous ghosts and unwanted beings. Afterall our Pale Ghost Ale is the best gift for an unsettled soul.

I am the prime chief of our location and I can assure you that our food is sulphur free, so don’t worry about any demon sniffing you out and if you are one of the more adventurous one I offer you thousands of year old meat form the first genocide.

But of course, not all souls carry enough currency, so we always keep maggots in jars that are free of costs. One of our more popular products is hell hound meat but of course we recommend you drink something after that, unless you want to burn your soul inside out.

We will also provide you with home delivery if you land up in heaven or any other fun place that you are planning to visit. Note: We don’t ship alcohol in the Buddhist realm.

But in case you land up in hell or any of its brethren’s we still can sneak you a few items at very affordable costs. We can also offer you employment as an ingredient hunter and don’t worry we will take responsibility as you try to kill a hell hound with a kitchen knife.

Let me read you some feedbacks left by our customers.

Araon Bastrow

They offered me a burger with meat patty from the first genocide but apparently, I didn’t have enough currency so I have to work there for some eons to pay off my meal.

Chlara Kirk

Ughhh. Arghhhhh!

I guess that will be enough.

But don’t fret over these small issues because we are the only place that provide your starving soul a wholesome meal.

Now time for some FAQ.

Can we eat everything at your place and not pay a single dime?


That’s all for the FAQ

But the main thing that I want to tell all of you human folks out there is that if you print this and die with this piece of parchment… will get my appreciation from all of my 6 hearts. You will also get a fifty percent discount but that is not at all impo

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My chat with AIL: I can see clearly now, the reign is gone!

To begin, I apologize for just now posting about this instead of doing so yesterday after she left. I will explain why I had to wait further down. Take a seat, and plan to stay a while. This is a long one full of doozies. Also, trigger warning: adultery, miscarriage, child abandonment, and abuse.

Tldr: I got pretty much all the dirt on Weeping Willow and I not only understand her better but also some other things about DH and the family as a whole. Secrets, skeletons and coverups.

Tuesday before the big sit down, DH had a bit of a blow up about it. He was upset about skeletons coming out of the closet and feeling like everyone just wanted to dog pile on WW. We finally came to the agreement that part of that reaction was he was not sure he was ready to have his image of her entirely shattered and he was also worried about a big secret he has kept from me (that I sort of pieced together years ago on my own but not entirely). I will not divulge that particular secret as it has little to do with WW other than her drilling the cover lie into DH and BIL because if anyone had found out there could have been dire consequences for a lot of people, and honestly I think she liked the fear it put in them. I promised DH on the Blessed Virgin and my Granny's grave that I will take that secret to my own. We decided that he would sit for part of the conversation and if he felt like he couldnt handle it he would excuse himself. He understood I needed this information as well as at least one female friend in the family since its obvious any hope of that with WW is long since dead at this point. Jesus himself will come again before that happens.

I spent Tuesday night after DS went to bed and DH was at work cleaning and prepping. Mostly I wanted to be sure AIL felt welcome, and I really wanted to return some of the hospitality she has shown me over the years. I thought back to how my Granny would set things up when she had someone over like this and decided to go in that direction. May have been a little extra but it was all I had to go on even if it was a little dated. I cleaned off her old tea cart that for the most part is a catch all for junk mail, change and keys since it sits by our door, pulled out one of the leaves and set out some of my nicer every day serving ware I inherited from her (my really nice set is in the attic right now until I can find a small but nice China cabinet for it). I had not had the chance to go to the panadaria Tuesday because of the

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What's your favorite specific food made in Niceville?

For me it's the fries at 120 Bistro. They must cook them in some kind of rare lard and oil from heaven.

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And You and Me Are Free to See the Pleiades

I wish to wax rhapsodic about a glittery bejewed cluster of stars floating up above our heads. This cluster is found betwixt a bull’s neck and torso if you look high up in the night sky.

She’s the great dame of the local cosmos. In English, we call her the Pleiades.

Sometimes referred to as “The Seven Sisters” in lore, you will find this small cluster of stars is sweetly nestled in the constellation of Taurus.

The Sumerians, the most ancient civilized humans on Earth (that we officially know about, wink wink) were known to have woven the Pleiades into their social mythos. Later, Ancient Egyptians did so as well. In scientific circles, the Pleiades star cluster is known as Messier 45 (or M45).

I would love to dish on how the ancient Atlanteans held spiritual, cosmic, and genetic ties to the Pleaides. So much so that I am desirous to create a standalone post solely focused on the intersection of the Pleaides as it relates to speculated advanced ancient human(oid) history. But that’s a conversation unto itself, so let’s pin that for another day.

I was spurned to pen this post due to real-life events that occurred to me this morning (Tuesday, 8.14.2018 at 9:40ish am). I popped down to my local coffee shop to get my usual morning pick-me-up. One regular customer was sitting on his laptop at a bistro table next to the barista station. The shop owner informed us that we both shared the same first name. That introduction sparked a conversation recalled by me thusly:

>Owner: Look at you two! You’re both Alex.
>Him: [He said something that I can’t remember right now. His exact turn of phrase escapes me but he said something about how this was coincidence from/across “the stars.” Side note - I cannot wait until humans regain the forgotten ability to dial through the infinite library of the Akashic Records so that I may pull up this scene again and re-watch it a second time. Kinda like a digital holographic librarian or knowledge management professional. In any case, I leapt upon his “stars” reference]…
>Me: Okay, well I call dibs on the Pleiades! That is my corner of the cosmos.
>Him: Ha ha ha that’s hilarious that you say that… ‘cuz I am an astronomer.
>Me: Ha ha, shut up. WHAT.

I didn’t really ask what he meant by the fact that he was an astronomer. Like, was that his living? Or was astronomy his life purpose or hobb

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Darling Gurren Doki Evangelion 10.0 [What's In A Name? Part 1]


Nic Beard’s living quarters

Nic Beard’s POV

Chibi Sayori said that she had something she wanted to tell me but I really wasn’t expecting this.

NB: “Wait, seriously?”

CS: “Hehe, yep. The other Chibis and I decided that if we’re going to be members of the team, we ought to have our own names.”

NB: “But your name is “Chibi Sayori” isn’t it?”

Chibi Sayori shakes her head.

CS: “No that’s just the name Doctor M gave to us. We understand that we’re smaller versions of the other four girls but we’re more than just copies. We agreed that maybe if we had our own names, then maybe people would start treating us like we were our own persons you know?”

Hmm...I guess she has a point. It’s been about six months since the Chibis were “born” but ever since the first day I met her, I’ve always just assumed calling her Chibi Sayori was the normal thing to do. I never did actually ask her if that’s what she wanted to be called. Doctor M did say they were capable of making their own decisions and do have their own personalities. Well, as different of personalities as you can have when you were created as a replica of someone.

NB: “So...when did you all decide on this?”

CS: “A few days ago.”

NB: “I see…”

I take a seat in my chair and look at her. She looks at me with those big, happy eyes of hers and smiles. I feel my heart soften just like when regular Sayori smiles at me.

NB: “Alright then, what names did you all decide on?”

Chibi Sayori lets out a nervous laugh as she does her tiny little house pose. Arr, this girl definitely be her mother’s child.

CS: “…”

Her voice trails off as her face begins to redden.

NB: “Hm? What’s wrong little one?”

CS: “I...I haven’t been able to come up with anything. I don’t know what name I should pick…”

NB: “Would you like me to help you pick one?”

She nods. I’ve named ships, islands, and even sea routes. I’ve never actually helped name a person before. Given the look she is giving me though, I can tell this means a lot to her. I stroke my beard as I contemplate what name might best suit her.

NB: “Hm...I got one.”

CS: “Oh? What is it?”

NB: “How about Ms. Cookiebottom?”

Chibi Sayori sticks her tongue out at me as she stomps her foot.

CS: “Hehe, no Nic! I’m serious. No one would take me seriously if I had the name Cookiebottom.”

NB: “I would. I think it’s a wonderful name.”

Chibi Sayori walks over to me. She gives me those big ol’ blue

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What's happening around town (Wed, Sep 5th - Tue, Sep 11th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Sep 5th

  • 🎨 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City)
    Thru Sat, Sep 8th
    Start Time: 10:00am
    September 1 – May 12, 2019 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters As Lakota artist Oscar Howe wrote in 1958, “There is much more to Indian art, than pretty, stylized pictures.” This exhibition highlights this depth and the 20th century American masters who shaped it. Explore early artists such as the Kiowa Six, Tonita…

  • An Act of God (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie)
    Thru Sat, Sep 8th
    Get ready for a night of heavenly comedy as the Pollard Theatre presents: An Act of God. This hilarious performance features…

  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 5:00pm

  • 🎨 Brown Bag Lunch Series: Objects as Art: Beyond Brush and Canvas (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 12:00pm
    S.B. “Burk” Burnett Board Room

    Art is often perceived as 2-D objects created in oil, tempera, and watercolor; however, it is so much more. For many Native people, art was created using ceramics, baskets, shells, beads, and cloth. Join Eric Singleton, Curator of Ethnology at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, as he explores the…

  • $ OK Building Summit & Expo (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City)
    Day 1 of 2
    Start Time: 8:00am
    Building Smarter, Building Better OSHBA's next premiere training event will be September 5-6, 2018 at the Cox Convention Center in OKC. The OK Building Summit & Expo will address the needs and concerns of our members and the residential construction industry. It will again feature an exhibit hall, allowing you to visit with the vendors and…

  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Memphis Redbirds (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City)
    Day 1 of 2
    Start Time: 7:05pm
    2018 Pacific Coast League Conference Championship

  • Dungeons & Dragons (Edmond Unplugged - Edmond)
    Start Time: 7:00pm
    A City on the Edge with Ashley King No Cost Beginners and experienced pl

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Seattle Restaurant Recommendations from locals (outdated as of January 2018) - drawn from 2017 food threads

Maybe this is something that can be put in the wiki.

Criteria: must have been mentioned in a food thread (that I found) from the past year (as of 1/16/2018). Said threads are at the bottom of the post. Restaurant had enough positive comments or upvotes to avoid just one person's views. I attempted to add what they were known for. Attempted it to be a Seattle thread, but didn't look up addresses. Fine Dining is pretty broad, and tastes may vary.

Suggestions: no recent Pizza, thai, korean, italian threads. Feel free to suggest more favorites.

Fine Dining:

  • Altura
  • Bateau
  • Canlis
  • El Gaucho
  • Harvest Beat
  • Harvest Vine
  • Joule
  • Lark
  • The Metropolitan Grill
  • Pink Door
  • Quinn's
  • Redcow
  • Spinasse
  • Staple and Fancy
  • Tilth
  • Walrus & Carpenter


  • Kisaku
  • Maneki
  • Mashiko
  • Momiji
  • Musashi's
  • Nishino
  • Tsukushinbo
  • Shiro’s
  • Sushi Kappo Tamura
  • Sushi Kashiba


  • Boiling Point - hot pot
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Gourmet Noodle Bowl -hot pot
  • Harbor City - dim sum
  • Hong Kong Bistro - Cantonese
  • Jade Garden - dim sum
  • Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
  • Mike's Noodle House - Hong Kong style noodles
  • Ping's Dumplings
  • Seven Star Pepper
  • Sichuanese Cuisine
  • Tai Tung

Thai: not many topics

  • Golden Singha
  • Little Thai Restaurant
  • Little Uncle
  • Pestle Rock
  • Thai Curry Simple
  • Thai Siam
  • Thai Tom's


  • Bitterroot
  • Boar's Nest
  • Cask & Trotter
  • Drunkey Two-Shoe BBQ
  • Hole in the Wall BBQ
  • Jack's BBQ
  • Kickin' Boot
  • Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que
  • RoRo BBQ
  • Wood Shop BBQ

Pizza: not many topics

  • Big Mario's
  • Can Am Pizza
  • Dino's
  • Hot Mama's
  • Pagliacci Pizza
  • Proletariat
  • Stacia's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta
  • Zeek's Pizza


  • Bennett's
  • Blue Moon Burger
  • Dick's
  • 8 oz Burger
  • Jak's
  • Lil Woody's
  • Lunchbox Laboratory
  • Rain City Burgers
  • Red Mill
  • Scooter's
  • Twilight Exit
  • Uneedaburger
  • Zippys


  • An Nam Pho
  • Hi-ho pho
  • Pho bac
  • Pho Ba
  • Pho Viet anh
  • Pho 99


  • Beth's
  • Biscuit Bitch
  • Blue Star
  • The Butcher and the Baker
  • Citizen
  • CJ's
  • Fat's Chicken and Waffles
  • 5 Spot
  • Geraldine's
  • Glo's
  • Green Lake Alehouse
  • Lola
  • Luna Park Cafe
  • Macarina Bakery
  • Patty's Eggnest
  • Pete's Eggnest
  • Portage Bay
  • Silence Heart Nest
  • Skillet
  • Toulouse Petit


  • Bongo's
  • George's Deli
  • Hitchcock
  • Honeyhole
  • Mammoth
  • Market House
  • Other Coast Cafe
  • Paseo's
  • Rain Shadow Meats
  • Royal Grinders
  • Salumi
  • The Swinery
  • Tat's Delicatessen
  • Tubs Gourmet Sub Sandwi
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What are you drinking? This week in ATLbeer. (06/15-06/21)


There are 179 craft beer events across Georgia this week. Check the calendar in the sidebar for a full list.

Friday | June 15th

  • Lots of breweries and bars are hosting World Cup watch parties. Check the calendar for a full list.
  • Wrecking Bar Brewpub’s Seventh Anniversary Weekend | 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM | Wrecking Bar Brewpub (Atlanta)
  • Pool Daze Can Release | 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM | Jekyll Brewing (Alpharetta)
  • Orpheus Anniversary Showcase – Kaleidoscope | 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM | Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub (Atlanta)
  • Cone of Uncertainty NEIPA Release | 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Moon River Brewing Company (Savannah)
  • Fado Lab: Beer & Fruit with Orpheus | 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Fado Irish Pub (Atlanta)

Saturday | June 16th

  • Splodey Release | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Variant Brewing (Roswell)
  • Line Creek Brewing Opening | 12:00 - 10:00 PM | Line Creek Brewing (Peachtree City)
  • Pool Daze Can Release | 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM | Jekyll Brewing (Alpharetta)
  • Wrecking Bar Brewpub’s Seventh Anniversary Weekend | 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM | Wrecking Bar Brewpub (Atlanta)
  • Pig Roast at Coastal Empire Beer | 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Coastal Empire Beer Co. (Savannah)
  • Ale Roswell June 16 2018 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Peach & the Porkchop (Roswell)
  • Atlanta Summer Beer Fest | 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Historic Fourth Ward Park Conservancy (Atlanta)
  • Lean Draft House 1st Anniversary | 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Lean Draft House (Atlanta)
  • Maker’s Mash | 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Reformation Brewery (Woodstock)

Sunday | June 17th – Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

  • Father’s Day at New Realm | 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM | New Realm Brewing (Atlanta)
  • Wrecking Bar Brewpub’s Seventh Anniversary Weekend | 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM | Wrecking Bar Brewpub (Atlanta)
  • Father’s Day at From the Earth | 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM | From the Earth Brewing Company (Roswell)
  • Pool Daze Can Release | 12:30 PM – 7:30 PM | Jekyll Brewing (Alpharetta)
  • Father’s Day at Freight with Reformation Beer-Mosas | 12:30 – 2:00 PM | Freight Kitchen & Tap (Woodstock)
  • Father’s Day at the Brewpub | 12:30 PM – 11:00 PM | Akademia Brewing Company (Athens)
  • Father’s Day at Red Hare | 12:30 PM – 6:00 PM | Red Hare Brewing Company (Marietta)
  • Tacos with Dad | SweetWater Brewery | 12:30 PM – 7:00 PM | SweetWater Brewing Company (Atlanta)
  • Dad’s Day at SBC | 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM | The Southern Brewing Company (Athens)
  • Father Day Blowout with McFarland from LA | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM | Wild Heaven Bee
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I need 50 sandwiches from every state, please help me reddit?

Dear Redditors,

What was/is the best sandwich you've ever had in your state? I'm on a hunt for tastiest sandwich in the US and I have yet to find the best. I need you to tell me your state - sandwich - restaurant

EDIT: I'll take more than one submission for each state, so keep em coming! EDIT: omg haha I wake up to 200 posts ^_^

  • Alabama - Alabama - BBQ sandwich / Dragon's Belly- Fat Sam's Sub Station
  • Alaska
  • Arizona - Tonkatsu Sandwich at Nobuo at Teeter House, Pheonix / Sonoran Hotdog / Sacks Improv from Sacks deli / Wildcat - Bison Witches / The Blake - Diablo Burger
  • Arkansas - Hog Wild Cafe in Jonesboro / Fayetteville, AR- the gyro from Kosmos
  • California - Dungeness Crab Melt on Sourdough / "California (san francisco) Bullseye makes an orgasmic bison burger" / Godfather Sandwich- 4.0 Deli, San Diego / Domenico's Deli
  • Colorado - denver, CO go to elways steakhouse / Bud's Bar - "burger"
  • Connecticut - Louis' Lunch - "The Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich"
  • Delaware -bobbie- Capriotti's
  • Florida - Florida - cuban sandwich / A real grouper sandwich from Green Iguana
  • Georgia - The ghetto burger - ann's snack bar
  • Hawaii - Pizza Bob's - California Chicken Club
  • Idaho - Spicy Lamb Grinder from Bar Gernika.
  • Illinois - Buona Beef - Italian Beef / The horse shoe/ portillos italian beef
  • Indiana - Indiana: a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich OR walleye
  • Iowa - "Coney Island Ted's" / Maid-Rite
  • Kansas - Kansas- Burnt end sandwich with Gates extra hot bbq sauce
  • Kentucky - Hot Brown
  • Louisiana - Shrimp/sausage Po-boy / Oyster Po' boy / Mufalata
  • Maine - Maine - The Ballgame: Black forest ham grilled on a soft pretzel roll / the lobster roll / Italian from Bangor restaurant Coffee Pot
  • Maryland - **Faidley's at Lexington Market in Baltimore / Crab Cake Stacker / "Lanvale" On The Hill **
  • Massachusetts - Curried Chicken Sandwich from Judie's restaurant in Amherst / Lobster Salad roll
  • Michigan - Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor / whitefish sandwich / The Cudighi / Roast Beef Sandwich from Nick's or Kelly's
  • Minnesota - Jucy Lucy - Blue Door Pub
  • Mississippi - Mississippi- Fried Catfish Po-Boy @ Penn's Fish house
  • Missouri - Gerber sandwich / Kansas City Burnt Ends BBQ Sandwich - Oklahoma Joe's / Mom's Deli - Mom's Special
  • Montana - **Wop Chop porkchop sandwich from the Freeway Bar in Butte / Staggering Ox - the Clubhouse or Three Mile Isl
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What are you drinking? This week in ATLbeer. (07/14-07/20)


Friday | July 14th

  • Downtown Newnan Summer Bar Crawl | 6:00 – 11:00 PM | Downtown Newnan (Newnan)

Saturday | July 15th

  • Snellville Summits Bi-Annual Passport Appreciation Breakfast | 9:00 – 11:00 AM | Summits (Snellville)
  • Three Taverns Brettanicus Bottle Release | 1:00 PM | Three Taverns (Decatur)
  • 6th Annual Luau & Pig Roast | 2:00 – 6:00 PM | Red Hare (Marietta)
  • Creature Comforts Beer Dinner | 6:00 – 10:00 PM | Chris’ Caribbean Bistro (Smyrna)
  • Let’s Get Saucey: Southbound Brewing Co. Wing Sauce Competition | 6:00 – 9:00 PM | Southbound Brewing (Savannah)

Sunday | July 16th

  • Sunday Funday | 12:30 – 10:00 PM | Your Pie Perimeter (Atlanta)
  • Big Band Lunch & Brunch | 1:00 – 4:00 PM | 5 Seasons Prado (Sandy Springs)
  • SweetWater Brewing and Gink and Gasoline Present April Vokey | 6:00 – 9:00 PM | SweetWater (Atlanta)

Monday | July 17th

  • Belgian Beer Week | 11:00 AM | The Wing (Marietta) | Through 07/22
  • Service Industry Appreciation Night | 5:00 – 10:00 PM | Creature Comforts (Athens)
  • Sushi Rolling Class | 6:00 – 8:00 PM | Second Self (Atlanta)

Wednesday | July 19th

  • One-Off Wednesday | 5:00 – 8:00 PM | Red Brick (Atlanta)
  • Free Beer Tasting w/ Atwater Brewery | 5:30 – 7:30 PM | Hop City Westside (Atlanta)
  • Team Trivia | 8:00 PM | Your Pie Perimeter (Atlanta)

Thursday | July 20th

  • Local Pint Night | 4:00 PM | Craft Public House (Athens)
  • Christmas in July Weekend | 5:00 – 8:00 PM | GA Chapter Room (Sandy Springs) – Event says “weekend” but hours just show Thursday, check with GACR for details.
  • Marty Manous in Concert | 6:00 – 9:00 PM | Gate City (Roswell)
  • Pi(e)nt Night | 6:00 PM | Your Pie Perimeter (Atlanta)
  • Pups and Pints with PAWS Atlanta | 6:00 – 9:00 PM | Wild Heaven (Decatur)


  • Next weekend hit up Max Lager’s for the Old 320 Beer Festival, get your yoga on at Printer’s Ale Mfg., celebrate in Savannah with Service Brewing’s 3rd anniversary party, help Terrapin raise some funds for Wild Intelligence for a better Earth, or join the Brew & Crew crew at The Dillard House.


Beers marked with a * are from breweries owned by AB Inbev, MillerCoors, or other “Big Beer” corporations.

Georgia Craft Beer

  • Red Brick Boysenberry Berliner Weisse | Berliner Weisse with boysenberries
  • *Terrapin Soul Czech | Pilsner with honeydew and passion fruit
  • Three Taverns Brettanicus | 100% Brett Fermented Farmhouse Ale aged in red wine barrel
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Purgatory Is Other People - [Vol. 3] (WP)

###Original Prompt

[WP] You sell your soul to a demon in order to cause immense positive change. Upon your death, your eternal fate is decided in an absurd bureaucratic process. For the century or two the case takes to process, you're stuck in Limbo: a surprisingly nice resort hotel full of morally questionable people


###Vol 1 - Vol 2 - Vol 3 - [Vol 4] ( - Vol 5 (Final)


Another morning. Well, not technically morning, since the sun is always hanging up in the sky, in the same spot, like an over-attentive parent. On the first day of my new job, my boss had given me one of the golden bands I’ve seen on so many people’s wrists. I look at it now and wonder how it’s made. I like to imagine a man from before the Civil War, in one of those old fashioned shirt and pant numbers with the suspenders over his shoulders, bent over a cluttered worktable, cranking these things out. I’m almost certain to be wrong, however. That’s something I’ve come to realize about Purgatory—if I think something is one way, it turns out being the other way.

I had initially been excited at the start of my job search; putting together a resume in my head, trying to figure out the best way to sell myself to potential Purgatory employers. I had a modern high-school education, I was in the Air Force, and as a result I could fly a wide number of aircraft. I… was leader of the world, for a very short time. I didn’t know about that last part. It didn’t sound like something you would actually want to say to someone considering you for employment. Regardless, my prospects had seemed so open and limitless. At that point I was imagining myself flying people around Purgatory with champagne and finger food handed out by smiling flight attendants.

Unfortunately, for a dimension without internet or telephones, word travels fast. The mistrust I was starting to feel—a mistrust my lawyer practically said was a requirement—had already become deeply entrenched in others. Within days, or what passes for days here, it seem

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Island Update after a 2-week stay

Just got back from a 2-week vacation on Vieques and figured Redditors might appreciate an update on the state of the island. I'll try to cover the normal "vacationy" stuff, at least what we experienced, mainly: restaurants, beaches, grocery/convenience stores, travel & car rentals, gas stations, utility (electric and water) availability, etc.

I'm sure I'll forget a few things and be back to edit later. Let me know if you have any questions. This certainly isn't "comprehensive," and will just cover the stuff we did and saw while we were there. Unfortunately I can't really cover hotels/guest houses as we've stayed at the same guest house every trip to the island.


Green Beach: The road entrance is closed. It may be possible to ride a bike or hike back to the beach (but it's a haul). I assume the road being closed means the beach is technically closed as well.

Playa Grande: Open but difficult to access. There are downed trees over the road at the bottom of the hill. However, this road is not "officially" closed so you can park at the downed trees and walk to the beach.

Playa Negra: Open (however, there is some new construction going on nearby ... so if you're used to driving down the dirt roads on one of the empty lots and then hiking down the hill to the beach, you can't really do that anymore. You need to take the creekbed path, which is a fairly long hike)

Pata Prieta: Open. Limited shade. Beach was in good shape, water was calm and clear.

Playuela: Open (and usually totally empty because of the hike to get here). Water was clear with fairly significant surf.

Caracas: Open. Usually the busiest beach on the island. We generally don't spend much time here because of the crowds (which by American standards are fairly small but it's packed for Vieques, especially with Blue/Silver being closed).

Blue Beach: Closed (rumored to be open Memorial Day weekend but it wasn't as of this past Friday).

Silver Beach: Closed (same as above).

Sun Bay Beach: Open. Honestly never spent any time here in our prior 4 trips to the island, as we preferred Navio, Media Luna, Blue and Silver. However, it ended up being our favorite spot on this trip as it wasn't particularly busy, it's easy to find a palm tree or bush for shade, and the water was clear and calm.

Media Luna: Open. However, it stinks to high heaven and the beach is just covered in seagrass.

Navio: Open. Like above, totally inundate

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WEEKLY EVENTS 11/21 – 11/28

GSF is over, I’m back, did you miss me? I’m sorry pickings are a little slim this week, but it’s the holidays. A few quick notes about new bars: it looks like the older, hippyish live music crowd have a new hangout at the Blue Tavern on North Monroe where Midtown Speakeasy used to be. I assume they’ve cleaned the bathroom. Folks like Bill “The Sauce Boss” Wharton and Jon “I Don’t Think He Has a Nickname” Copps appear to be jamming there. Beer, wine, coffee.

And on the other side of the music scene, the bar formerly known as St. Mikes is back as The Wilbury. The Pies Guys bought it and remade it. Stronger, faster, less smoky. The place was hopping at Gaines St Fest. Stage, bar bowling, pool tables, darts. Full bar. And a really nice patio out back complete with a little trailer kitchen slinging bbq (jackfruit for the veg heads) and the best fried pickles I’ve ever had. So that should be pretty damn cool.

Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:

  • All Saints Cinema: “The Tallahassee Film Society was formed for the purpose of bringing foreign and American independent films to the Tallahassee area.”

  • Monticello Opera House: “A historic theater in Monticello featuring musical performances and local theater.”

  • Quincy Musical Theater: “Quincy Music Theatre is North Florida’s largest and only all-musical community theater.”

  • Ruby Diamond Auditorium: “The primary performance venue for Florida State University.”

  • Student Life Cinema: “Florida State University's Student Life Cinema (located in the Askew Student Life Center) is one of the nation's leading campus film programs, featuring five to six nights a week of everything from the most recent blockbuster movies to documentaries, alternative and foreign films, to restored cinema classics.” General Public permitted.

  • Theatre Tallahassee: “Serving the community since 1949, Theatre Tallahassee has been a leader in professional-caliber community theater featuring your friends and neighbors.” Currently showing Avenue Q.

  • Young Actors Theater: “YAT is a non-profit youth theatre and school for the performing arts founded in 1975. YAT provides quality theatre and theatre education to the community.”


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[Thank You] u/Infinity5623 and u/Etoiles_Filantes

u/Infinity5623 I love this picture of the flame on the Calgary Tower from your Olympics! I remember the 1984 Olympics here in Los Angeles. Everyone was so worried about our horrible traffic that many companies shifted their employees to work shift hours. It was commuter heaven. Now that we are to host the Summer Olympics again in 2028, I wonder what they are going to do about our horrible congested traffic this time.

u/Etoiles_Filantes You are an amazing artist. This painting of macarons on a spoon look so yummy! I couldn't get enough of them when I was in Paris. You have such amazingly great tasting food in France. One of the best meals I've ever had was in a tiny bistro in Rennes. It was a simple roasted chicken and salad. I can't wait to go back.

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Tiny Lore - Tears and Vagabonds

Tiny Lore – Tears and Vagabonds




Before I start I want to warn a little about that this topic will address graphic subjects such as sexual violence, rape and incest. You might not agree with suggestions made in this topic. If any of these subjects pose you discomfort it might be advicable to turn away or return in good company.


Segment Overview











When looking into names the common choice is to look only at the full name and settle if that is an outcome. The choice in this topic is to settle after taking at the full length and its longest nouns or concept that still yield existing concepts.When broken up in the longest terms the name catarina becomes catari + tarina.

Santa Catarina was a saint better known for the Breaking Wheel. Saint Catherine was known for more symbols, but the wheel was her best known attribute. The wheel is a pretty common decoration throughout the souls series and appears as more than merely a tool. Sometimes the wheel is also paralleled with the sun wheel a symbol of the sun and its gods.

Catari can be linked to Qatar as to denote people from there. But catari is also another way to write cathar, which is in turn is derived from katharoi (the pure). Tarina is derived from the Swedish 'starina' for to denote a 'story or tale'.


Catarina is perhaps best known for its unusual armor, likened to the 'onion'. When looking up any symbolism associated with the Onion results were all over the place but with nothing conclusive as to what it ment for the knights to look this way. So here the choice was made to stick to the word as to what it might denote. 'The Onion' is perhaps better known for its satirical and fabricated news, writt

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My 5 favorite NYC burgers.

Yesterday there was a post about the "best NYC burger". I made this comment but then decided to make this it's own post. So here you go, my top 5 burgers in Manhattan:

5: Bareburger - The Grindhouse: "Elk, manchego, country bacon, piquante relish, green leaf, paprika mayo, brioche bun". Here's a picture of my most recent one. The "Country Bacon (bison)" is also amazing.

4: Shake Shack - Double SmokeShack: "Double cheeseburger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce". Here's a picture of that piece of heaven.

3: Whitmans - The Juicy Lucy: Beef "short rib blend burger stuffed with pimento cheese, served with caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, spicy pickles and special sauce on a sesame seed bun. caution: juicy lucy is very hot in the middle and might squirt." Holy fuck. Here is one picture, and here's another after taking a bite.

2: Joy Burger - These are "build your own". I get the 8oz beef with wasabi mayo, bbq, lettuce, tomatoes, sautéed onions, bacon, avocado and cheddar. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of this burger on my phone :-O

1: Paul's Da Burger Joint - Deluxe Eastsider Burger + egg: "a bacon cheeseburger (1/2 lb beef) with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions". If anyone dares to challenge that this is the best burger in NY, you're on. A requirement is that you shouldn't eat 2 days in advance and 1 day after, because it's huge. Here are a bunch of pictures I've taken on several occasions: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4. For some (genius) reason, they serve the burger on top of the fries. So when you're done with the burger, you have a mess of juice + sauce + mushrooms ON the fries. Can't recommend enough.

Honorable mention: Zaitzeff - 1/2 lb. Kobe Burger. I would put this as #2 or #3, however, I rarely eat there. After the burger and the addons, I usually spend about $30 bucks there (no drink!). Delicious as it is, it's too expensive for me, so I rarely go.

Any other NYC suggestions are more than welcome (in fact, I made this post so that suggestions are made!). If it's not obvious at this point, I love eating burgers

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Weekend Update - 5/18 - 5/20

Whats Happening in Lakeview - 5/18/18 - 5/20/18

This post marks the triumphant return of the Weekend Update for Lakeview! Sorry for the extended absence. I'll try to make up for it this time.

In case you didn't know, Friday 5/18 marks the official beginning of the Illinois (formerly Chicago) Craft Beer Week. And while there are events all over the state all week long (check out their site for a complete list), there are multiple in and around the Lakeview area as well. Thus I present our special section of the Weekend Update focused on ICBW:

  1. [Drink] Hopcat, which already features a bunch of great beers as well as food, is having a special Illinois Craft Tap Takeover with 100 local beers on tap for ICBW. If you can't find something you like at this event, then I'm afraid there may be no hope for you... Fri-Sun.

  2. [Eat/Drink] Drank too much at Hopcat? Well, PR Italian Bistro has you covered Saturday morning with their Beer Brunch on Sat, 5/19, 11 am - 3 pm. They are pairing with relative newcomer to the craft beer scene LaGrow Beer, which is a small, family-owned Chicago brewery worth checking out.

  3. [Eat/Drink] Drank too much at PR Italian Bistro? Well, now Burnt City Brewing Company is hosting their Bavarian Brunch again this year, with multiple specials to help you shake off the hangover - Sun 5/20, 11 am - 2 pm.

  4. [Drink] Didn't drink enough at PR Italian Bistro? Then go and try the Sour Beer Fest at Deliliah's, Sun 5/20, 12 pm - 5 pm. If sour beers are your thing, you'll be in heaven at this event.

  5. [Bonus] Dryhop and Corridor always does some special stuff for ICBW, and this time is no exception. Dryhop has events Tuesday with a release of a collaboration with Marz, and Wednesday with a release of a collaboration with Black Acre. Not to be outdone, Corridor has [even

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Was "flexible glass" invented in ancient Rome? (various)

"Beachcombing has never understood the irrational pleasure of glass. Holding a wine glass in our hands – whatever the content – is surely one of the house’s hidden joys and conversely having a chipped glass or one with any line of imperfection is strangely irritating. It was while contemplating one such imperfect glass yesterday in Beachcombing’s favourite bistro that the desire welled up to tell the story of the accidental if temporary creation of a bizarre form of glass in Tiberius’ Roman Empire.

The story appears first in Petronius’ Satyricon (51 – early first century AD):

‘However, there was an artificer once who made a glass goblet that would not break. So he was admitted to the Emperor’s presence to offer him his invention; then, on receiving the cup back from the Emperor’s hands, he dashed it down on the floor. Who so startled as the Emperor? But the man quietly picked up the goblet again, which was dinted as a vessel of bronze might be. Then taking a little hammer from his pocket, he easily and neatly knocked the goblet into shape again. This done, the fellow thought he was as good as in heaven already, especially when Emperor said to him, ‘Does anybody else besides yourself understand the manufacture of this glass?’ But, on his replying in the negative, Emperor ordered him to be beheaded, because if once the secret became known, we should think no more of gold than of so much dirt.’

Of course, it would be easy to disregard this story, for the very fact that it is so pleasing. But then it appears in Cassius Dio (obit after 229) two centuries later:

*About this time one of the largest porticos in Rome began to lean to one side, and was set upright in a remarkable way by an architect whose name no one knows, because Tiberius, jealous of his wonderful achievement, would not permit it to be entered in the records. This architect, then, whatever his name may have been, first strengthened the foundations round about, so that they should not collapse, and wrapped all the rest of the structure in fleeces and thick garments, binding it firmly together on all sides by means of ropes; then with the aid of many men and windlasses he raised it back to its original position. At the time Tiberius both admired and envied him; for the former reason he honoured him with a present of money, and for the latter he expelled him from the city. Later the exile approached him to crave pardon, and while doing so purposely let fall a crystal goblet; and though it

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Erotic / Softcore Movies Collection
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Lunch next week is Burgers!

I didn't even know there was a Facebook group called "Explore Gwinnett". They've arranged a burger promotion at multiple restaurants next week. It's just an a la carte burger so the restaurant is still going to make money off you, but several are probably going to be very interesting creations. Here's a copy pasta of the "Explore Gwinnett" post because I am lazy.

Burgers & Brews, presented by Explore Gwinnett, is your chance to get out and try some of the unique, delicious burgers Gwinnett has to offer.

Participating restaurants include:

  • 1910 Public House
  • Ba Bellies
  • Local Republic
  • McCray's Tavern on the Square
  • Parma Tavern
  • Pub Ten
  • Rico's World Kitchen
  • Sugar Hill Bakery & Cafe
  • Tannery Row Ale House
  • Ten Bistro
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Universal Joint Lawrenceville

We've partnered with each chef to pair each specialty burger with the ideal brew. They're (obviously) the experts, so your burger and beer will be a match made in heaven.

Burgers & Brews Week will take place March 19 through March 25. At each participating restaurant, you'll find a specialty, à la carte $7 burger.*

You'll also find a suggested beer to pair with that burger (but, the beer cost extra and you don't have to get the beer).

Work up your appetite, because you've got a lot of burgers to eat and brews to drink. Remember, each burger is not usually on their menu and is only available for one week only!

*$7 includes burger only. Beer, sides, tax and gratuity are additional costs.

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Things To Do! 9/15/2016 - 9/22/2016

Oh my goodness, y'all, there's so much I want to do this week that I wish I was the X-Men mutant that can multiply himself.

Per usual, if you know about an event I've missed, please feel free to share the details/link in the comments! Especially for things going on this week, I'd hate to have someone miss a thing they'd really enjoy because I wasn't logged in. If you have a future event, go ahead and PM me the info on that. I'll make sure it ends up here and on the blog post that makes it to Facebook and Twitter. If you want to know who this crazy person is who makes these posts, you can catch me talking to The Mid Day Show with Rich & Co. on Fridays at 12.30pm.


RENT 20th Anniversary Tour at the ATT Performing Arts Center, Sept 20 - Oct 2.

Clay Between Two Seas: From the Abbasid Court to Puebla de Los Angeles exhibition at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Sept 17 - Feb 12.

The Wedding Singer at Theatre 3, Sept 22 - Oct 16.

Bella: An American Tall Tale at the Wyly Theater, Sept 22 - Oct 22.


Addison Oktoberfest runs Sept 15 - 18..

Autumn Fest at the Lakefront in Little Elm, Sept 15 - 18.

Southwest RV Super Show at Dallas Market Hall, Sept 15 - 18.

GrapeFest 2016 runs Sept 15 - 18.

Frame 4 Frame Art/Film/Music Festival, September 15 - 18.

Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival September 15 - 24.

Antique Alley at All Gussied Up in Cleburne, Sept 16 - 18.

Danse a Grande Vitesse with Texas Ballet Theater at the Winspear, Sept 16 - 18.

Irving Main Street Event September 16 - 17.

[54th Annual Native

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Some things to do in Salem

I put all this on my blog, with a few more things, and sorted by categories HERE

Growing up we weren't allowed to be bored, that seems to have stuck with me! This doesn't even take into consideration all the things you could be learning/doing on your own which I won't get into cause everyone has different interests :) I've lived here for getting close to 2 years. I moved here from NYC (though I grew up in Beaverton) my main frustration has been finding things to do... so I've been assembling a list and decided to share my findings/ideas:

Flea Market

Theater performances at Willamette University

Improv at Capitol City Theater

Archery at Pacific Crest Weekend lessons, 30 min, $25 Fall

Silver Falls State Park, hiking and camping

U-pick some fruit during the summer/fall

Make a custom popsicle, almost instantly, at Twinsies

Have a beer and play some arcade games

Go to the Saturday Farmer's Market

Swap some homemade jam at the Cherry City Food Swap

Go to the Wednesday lunch time Market I'm not sure why the address says Waverly, it's on Chemeketa between High and Liberty)

Participate in a board game or Magic The Gathering tournament or learn some other games at Borderlands Tuesday night is Boardgame night (they have lots of other games and tournaments, but I'm a boardgamer :P

Play Cards Against Humanity at Franklin's Bottle Shop I think they play almost every night.

Watch a Volcanoes game - that's baseball, even if you don't like baseball, go with some friends and hang out somewhere other than your living room or a bar!

Do a life drawing class at The Nest

Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer at the [Willamette

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Picking my AP up at the airport...

I thought I would lighten this sub up a bit today...

The premise? Recounting how my AP flew in to meet me.

You texted me that your plane was leaving late. So I decided to meet you at baggage claim with one of those cheesy little signs. You walked towards me and smiled. “Are you my driver?”. “No mam. I’m your lover. “ We hopped into my car and headed toward the city. I took you to a little salad bar place I know. It’s called Crisp. You couldn’t get enough of their flank steak salad with goat cheese and pickled beets on a bed of greens. Damn it was good. We caught up on pleasantries and life. All the while I couldn’t keep my eyes from yours. Our hands found each other like long lost soulmates. It felt good. I couldn’t resist any longer so I snuggled up and kissed you. Quickly and softly. Caught off guard but you didn’t pull back. My smile met yours.

Stopping at the Whole Foods for a couple of snacks you insisted on paying for the wine only after we agreed that I could pay you back somehow. By this time it was obvious to anyone around us that we were into each other. On the way to the hotel we discussed dinner plans and such. I had a couple ideas but you wouldn’t commit to any of them. I asked myself if I made a mistake. Is she thinking something else? Darn. I had a nice place picked out to impress her. I knew she would love it. It was French for crying out loud.

We checked into the Crowne together. I held your hand across the lobby and onto the elevator. Once inside the little boy who was told to be a gentleman comes up out of me and I started to mumble. Take a few minutes to freshen up I said. I started to pace. Before I could even think straight the sparkle in your eye sent the hairs on the back of my neck into a tizzy. Who am I fooling? I wanted you right that minute and there was nothing to stop me. I dropped everything and approached you. You seemed a bit nervous but did not back away. I pulled you by your hips onto my body and softly kissed you. Little kisses at first. I dashed my lips onto yours. Tongues darting and tasting. Almost instantly my hands are upon you. I cup your ass and pull you yet even closer. Our breaths become labored in unison.

You unbuttoned my shirt and ran your hands across my chest as I stared upon you. I want you… and I take you. We ripped our clothes off so fast that when we went to get dressed again I couldn’t find my drawers right away. We both still laugh about that. Our

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Concerts and Events for February 20, 2016
Event Location Time Cost Link
david roth, sky in the road, dan weber, casey neill, kelly bosworth aladdin theater 8p $
kerosene dream alberta rose theater 8p $
proven, ditch digger, at the seams ash st. saloon 9:30p $6
erik anarchy, regulo junior, oxford house, thistle stalk ask a punk 2pm $Free Show
wussy, tba, [fill me out!] dante's 9p $
emily wells doug fir 9p $
moon tiger, tents, times infinity the firkin tavern $
state champs, neck deep, knuckle puck, like pacific hawthorne theater 6:30pm $17 adv//20
disenchanter, year of the cobra, moondrake hawthorne theatre club lounge 9pm $6
rylei franks jade lounge $
future historians, supercrow, morganfield riley kelly's olympian $
dog soldier, husqvarna, 42 ford prefect kenton club 9p $
landlines, [record release], [!], talkative, sad horse the know 8p $
toy trains the lovecraft bar 7pm $5
palehound, genders mississippi pizza $
brumes, desert of hiatus, ryan mills, jac nelson, lily weil, spencer pond mississippi studios 9pm $12 dos
down gown, high praise, grand head mother focault's bookshop 7:00 $Donations

famine fest 2016, coffins, [japanese gods of doom and death return to portland for the first time since may 2009], noothgrush, [oakland sludge featuring dino sommese, the vocalist of the legendary band dystopia first time to portland in 17 years], mitochondrion, [canadian elite and profound lore recording artist, first time to portland since dark descent showcase october 2012], skeletal remains, [f.d.a rekotz recording artist, for fans of death an

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What to see and do and eat in Orlando


Hey everybody! Welcome to Orlando.

If you are anything like me you will spend 90% of your time in the convention room and just walk over to Village Inn.Er...Café 24. But if you have time and want to explore, and I recommend you do, go see Orlando!

I love this town and there is tons to see and do here. Because it’s a tourist town it’s a foodie haven. Also there are tons of things in the realm of entertainment. Here i will list some great restaurants close by and within driving range. Also I’ll post a list of great nerdy places to go.


#I-Ride Trolley Distance:

Dicetower Con is at the very bottom end of International Drive (I-drive). It is the heart of our tourist district. Between Universal and Disney; this route has shops, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. You name it, it’s on this road. If you don’t have a car you can get on the I-ride trolley. I believe it costs 2 bucks a ride. The restaurants I recommend here will be pricey, like I said we are in touristville! **EDIT: So apparently the trolley doesn't go as far as the new location. :( Looks like there will be some ubering!


Capital Grille

Fancy Steak and Seafood


Yard House

American, tons of beers on draft


Bahama Breeze

Caribbean food. Granted this is a chain, don’t come to florida without having some type of food from the islands


Cafe Tu Tu Tango

Tapas. Great with bigger groups.



Nice Steak Restaurant.



Very authentic Japanese.


Ale House

An Orlando american food staple. Get the Zingers (Buffalo chicken fingers) and nachos (it’ll feed about 20)



Japanese teppanyaki. Love this place, if you’ve never had teppanyaki, splurge and go here.


Seito Sushi

Pretty good chain sushi place.


World of Chocolate Museum

I can't vouch for the museum but if you are a fan of single fancy $4 chocolates, this is your place. Quick drive from the convention.


Escapology/America's Escape Game/The Escape Game

We have tons of escape rooms here!(this is just a few of them!) Escapology is the closest, really close actually. My favorite is The Escape Game.


The Eye/Madame Tussauds/Sea Life

You know that giant Ferris wheel in London? Yeah we have one here now too, also right there is a Madame Tussaud's and an Aquarium,

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I wanted to share a few lines about Chennai that I wrote some months ago-

I miss the street food on every chuck wagon,

also the front row seats in each theater,priced at Rs.10;

I miss the sound of the sea from near the shore,

and the smell of the soil ,when it would pour.


I miss the roads connecting all the corners and nooks,

and the boulevard shops selling dog-eared books;

I miss the train stations with their old-world charm,

and I miss the air,which was always warm.


I miss the hustling of the buses during nights,

and the bright blue sky dotted with kites;

I miss the bistros and their heavenly brew,

Oh Chennai, I miss you!

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My favorite places to go when eating out as a vegan (just thought I'd share)

Common places found all over the US:


  • Whole Foods - always a little pricey but they have a fair selection of vegan items in their deli that are well labeled.
  • ZPizza / Mellow Mushroom - Both have vegan cheese options for pizza!
  • Sweet Tomatoes/SouPlantation - all you can eat veggies! Vegan dessert trick: oreos+crushed nuts+chocolate syrup in an ice cream cone with a cherry on top!
  • Loving Hut - They now have 43 locations nationwide. 100% vegan restaurant
  • PF Changs Chinese Bistro - their entire vegetarian list is vegan but by far my favorite is the eggplant. I don't like eggplant any other place
  • Pei Wei Chinese Food - again, if it says vegetarian it is vegan (except for honey)
  • Chipotle Mexican Food - simple yet so good! (Baja Fresh and Qdoba are not as good but work too)

General Food Places

  • Thai food - check that it doesn't have fish sauce, after that more than likely any vegetarian item is vegan. Masaman is my favorite
  • Ethiopian - usually anything vegetarian is vegan here. Sometimes 10 or more options for vegans. My favorite is kik misor wat and shuro wat. It's so good and so yummy and fun to eat.
  • Indian - careful of yogurts and cheeses and ghee. I'm lucky enough to have an all vegetarian south Indian restaurant by me which has over 30 vegan dishes. They have Manchurian Gobi which is absolutely amazing!
  • Greek/Mediterranean/Middle East - hummus, falafel, tabouli, babaganoush, pita bread. Very tasty!
  • Sushi - Amazingly enough there's some awesome vegan sushi in normal sushi places. Watch out for fish and fish sauce. After that go nuts. A sushi place by me has all of the following vegan delights waiting for me: inari, Sweet Potato Roll, Veggie Roll, Cucumber/Avocado, Garden Roll, Asparagus Temp Roll, Krisp Green Roll, tofu steak, edamame and so much more.
  • Mongolian Grills - At these places you pick from a buffet all the foods you want grilled and they grill it for you.
  • Sub shops - usually these have a large assortment of vegetables that you can choose what goes into the sandwich. Provided the bread doesn't have cheese on it, it's probably vegan.

Local Places

  • Search for places around you. Often there are local spots you may have never heard of that will take your taste buds for a ride.

  • Any 100% vegetarian restaurant is bound to have a large selection of vegan items

  • Any 100% vegan restaurant is heaven!

  • Raw food restaurants. Raw food is vegan food. Raw deserts are the very best desserts I'v

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Baltimore Sales and Specials Round up Thanksgiving edition (Nov. 28 to Dec. 3)


Rather than just publish a post every time a sale pop up, I thought I would do a round up of specials heading into the weekend/week. If folks noticed anything I missed, feel free to add it.

If possible, I'll try and update this list as things arrive, but feel free to post things as you see them over the next few days.

Black Friday Specials

  • Check out /Dcwhiskey: DC whiskey has a post for sales happening in the DC area. For those of you living close to the capitol, it may be worth a look. Montgomery stores are offering special discounts on clearance items. Check out individual stores to see what deals are available.
  • Knob Creek 15 yr old bottle release: Dry 85 in Annapolis is selling 30 bottles of a special knob creek release on Nov. 29 at 11 a.m. first come first serve. For $115 you get the bottle and a $50 gift card.
  • Drug City Liquors: All flavors of Crown Royal went on sale on Nov. 27 for $23.99. Makers Mark 750 ml bottles are on sale for $20 until Nov. 30. Knob creek small batch 750 ml was on sale for 29.99 while the Knob Creek Twice barrelled rye was on sale for $34.99 earlier this month. I don't know if they're still on sale. By comparison, you coukd get the Twice Barrelled Rye at Liquor world for $26. Thanks to u/-Dionysos- for the catch.
  • Friendship Liquors: This Abingdon store is offering a variety of specials until Dec. 7. The special prices can be gained by mentioning the ad now on their facebook page. Prices are the following: EC small batch and 1792 small batch for $22.99. Maker's Mark and Larceny 750 ml for $19.98 and the 1.75 for $41.99; Basil Hayden for 750 ml for $31.99; Sagamore Rye 750 ml for $32.99.
  • Twin Valley Distillery: They're offering wholesale prices from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Nov. 29.
  • Baltimore Spirts Company: They are scheduled to release a new variant of their Epoch Rye which was finished in Port barrels at noon on Nov 29. This will probably retail for $65.39 given their past releases.
  • [McClintock Stocking Stuffer Sale](http://www.mcclintockd
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Baltimore Sales and Specials Round up weekend of Nov. 15 to Nov. 17


Rather than just publish a post every time a sale pop up I thought I would do a round up of specials heading into the weekend/week. If folks noticed anything I missed, feel free to add it.

Heads up

  • November is Maryland Spirits Month: This November marks the second annual celebration of MD based distilleries. Launched and supported by the Maryland Distillers Guild the month will have participating distilleries hosting a number of special events such as tastings. They'll also be giving out passports to help you track your journey across Maryland's craft scene. Check out their calendar for a full listing of tastings.
  • Black Bourbon Society Meetup and WhistlePig Special Release: The Catonsville bar State Fare ordered a specially-blended barrel of Whistlepig and is scheduled to have a party with a smoked pig, treats and specials on Nov. 16. from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. You could preorder a bottle for $100 or buy it the day of the release for $115. That's an OK price I think? Regular Whistlepig retails for around $70 on the low side and this is a special barrel so maybe that's reasonable? I believe they'll be doing tastings the day of the release. They're getting about a hundred bottles and a third or so were already sold as of late October according to a bartender. The Black Bourbon Society will also be having a meetup at this event as well. Registering for it is free. This bar deserves a look in my opinion. You can check out their whiskey list and prices here.
  • Whiskey Lectures at Drug City: The grandson of Clyde May of the eponymous whiskey will be leading a talk and sampling of the company's whiskey on Nov. 19 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Drug City. Tickets are only $5 and are only available it seems through Facebook. On Dec. 19 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. representatives from St. George Distillery in Alameda, California will be leadin
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Baltimore Sales and Specials Round up weekend of Nov. 22 to Nov. 24


Rather than just publish a post every time a sale pop up I thought I would do a round up of specials heading into the weekend/week. If folks noticed anything I missed, feel free to add it.

Heads up

  • November is Maryland Spirits Month: This November marks the second annual celebration of MD based distilleries. Launched and supported by the Maryland Distillers Guild the month will have participating distilleries hosting a number of special events such as tastings. They'll also be giving out passports to help you track your journey across Maryland's craft scene. Check out their calendar for a full listing of tastings.
  • Baltimore Whiskey Festival: The trigger agency will be hosting the 2019 Baltimore Whiskey Festival on Nov. 23. Tickets start at $89 but discounts are offered if you're buying for a group. Lots of food and whiskey will be available to sample. Dress is casual business. If you're going, let us know how it goes!
  • Rare Whiskey tasting and class: Tom Bender, general manager of Petite Cellars, will be hosting a special class at the Ellicott city shop to discuss the heritage of several rare whiskies including Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Parkers Heritage 11 Year Single Barrel Bourbon, EH Taylor Four Grain Bourbon. Tickets are $100 for the class before Dec. 1 and go up to $125 after Dec. 1. Click on the link for the full list of whiskies that will be sampled and more information as well.
  • Stagg Jr. Beverage Barn in Abingdon has Stagg Jr on the shelf for the very reasonable price of $55 a bottle. This is the best price I've seen for it. By comparison, Whitey near Baltimore has multiple bottles and is selling them for $100 a pop. Reistertown Wine and liquors had it for $65.99 but sold out last month. There were three or four left on the shelf at COB on Nov. 21. BIG shout out to u/-Dionysos- for the catch. If you grab the last one, please let folks know or if you swing by and they're out, sorry, and let folks know. Even beyond Stagg Jr. they deserve a look. They've got EH Taylor Stra
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Sydney this Weekend (18th & 19th)
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Sydney This Weekend (11th & 12th)
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Sydney This Weekend (30 & 31)
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Sydney This Weekend (16 & 17)
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Sydney This Weekend (2nd & 3rd)
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Sydney This Weekend (9th & 10th)
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I've made a big list of songs that are cool to play on acoustic guitar!

Hey everyone! This seems to be a recurring topic on r/guitar so I thought I'd make a list of cool songs to play on acoustic that are not Wish You Were Here or Stairway to Heaven!

I've divided it in a few categories: Classic rock for stuff like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, not so classic stuff for modern music, acoustic only where you don't need to sing (although most of these songs sound nice enough without singing) and weird tunings which require you to retune your guitar.

You might notice that the acoustic ones are usually much harder than the rest, which is no surprise since they have to stand up on their own without backing instruments (although the Stephane Wrembel one would technically require a backing guitar to play the chords).

I've tried to include tutorials when I found some good ones, otherwise you'll have to go and look for tabs or learn by ear (always a good exercise) - you might notice that many of these come from Justin Sandercoe, but it's just because he's very reliable and has made a lot of tutorials!

Oh and I'm sure I've missed a ton (even some that I learned and didn't think about when making this list), these are just the ones that have stuck with me along the way.

**Classic rock/folk: **

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood - Lesson

The Beatles - Blackbird - Lesson

Donovan - Catch the Wind - Lesson

Eric Clapton - Layla - Lesson

Neil Young - Old Man - Lesson

James Taylor - Fire and Rain - Lesson

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon - Lesson

Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away Lesson

Jethro Tull - Mother Goose

[Pink Floyd - Brain Damage (Acoustic)](http://www

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What's happening around town (Wed, Aug 22nd - Tue, Aug 28th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Aug 22nd

  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Canadian County Fair (El Reno)
    Thru Sat, Aug 25th
    The four-day Canadian County Fair, an annual tradition in El Reno since 1914, features a carnival filled with high-flying…
  • 🎭 The Comedy, Magic & Mentalism of Max Krause (Max's Magic Theatre - OKC - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 6:45pm
    Ages 5+
  • 🎓 DAV Mobile Service Office Van Visit (DAV Chapter Home - Chickasha)
    Start Time: 9:00am
    One of the various services DAV provides at no cost to veterans is our Mobile Service Office (MSO) Program. These “offices-on-wheels” travel to under-served communities across the country to help veterans and their families obtain the services and benefits they have earned. Staffed by highly trained DAV National Service Officers, our MSOs…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Omaha Storm Chasers (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City)
    1 day left
    Start Time: 7:05pm
    Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Omaha Storm…
  • DOXA Extreme Rodeo (Winter Creek Farms - Alex)
    Thru Sun, Aug 26th
    This August, gather up your crew and head to Winter Creek Farms in Alex for a unique and exciting rodeo…
  • Just Between Friends (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City)
    Thru Sat, Aug 25th
    If you have a growing family or are planning for one, the Just Between Friends sale, held at Oklahoma State Fair Park, is…
  • Parents Supporting Parents (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 6:00pm
    This group is for caretakers and parents who are supporting an individual managing the complications often associated with having a pervasive development disorder such as autism or aspergers disorder. This group will also provide education and support to those parents who have loved ones w
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What are you drinking? This week in ATLbeer. (07/06-07/13)


Saturday | July 8th

  • Normaltown Automatic Can Launch | 7:00 AM? | Starts at Normal Bar (Athens)
  • Creature Comforts Automatic Brewery Can Launch | 1:00 PM | Creature Comforts (Athens)
  • Low Country Boil & Brews | 1:00 – 4:00 PM | The Mill Kitchen & Bar (Roswell)
  • Pours for Pets | 2:00 – 6:00 PM | Abbey of the Holy Goats (Roswell)
  • Grilled Cheese, Beer and Swimming Pools! | 4:00 – 10:00 PM | Naughty Soda (Marietta)

Sunday | July 9th

  • Sunday Funday | 12:30 – 10:00 PM | Your Pie Perimeter (Atlanta)

Monday | July 10th

  • Summits University | 7:00 – 10:00 PM | Summits (Cumming)

Tuesday | July 11th

  • Summits University | 7:00 – 10:00 PM | Summits (Snellville)

Wednesday | July 12th

  • One-Off Wednesday | 5:00 – 8:00 PM | Red Brick (Atlanta)
  • Girls Pint Out Wrecking Bar Beer Dinner | 6:00 – 8:00 PM | Wrecking Bar (Atlanta)
  • A Cappella Book Club | 7:00 – 10:00 PM | Wrecking Bar (Atlanta)
  • Well-Crafted Comedy at Gate City Brewing | 7:00 – 10:00 PM | Gate City (Roswell)
  • Team Trivia | 8:00 PM | Your Pie Perimeter (Atlanta)

Thursday | July 13th

  • Local Pint Night | 4:00 PM | Craft Public House (Athens)
  • Pi(e)nt Night | 6:00 PM | Your Pie Perimeter (Atlanta)
  • Seven Minutes in (Wild) Heaven | 6:00 – 9:00 PM | Wild Heaven Beer (Decatur)
  • Das Hops Celebration with Real Ale Sharpton | 6:30 – 9:00 PM | Urban Tree Cidery (Atlanta)
  • Wild Heaven Beer Tasting | 7:00 – 9:00 PM | Turtle Creek Wine & Spirits (Bethlehem)


  • Next weekend say Aloha to Red Hare’s 6th Annual Luau and Pig Roast, get your jerk fix at the Creature Comforts Dinner at Chris’ Caribbean Bistro in Smyrna, or try your hand at fly casting with April Vokey at SweetWater.


^Beers ^marked ^with ^a ^* ^are ^from ^breweries ^owned ^by ^AB ^Inbev, ^MillerCoors, ^or ^other ^“Big ^Beer” ^corporations.

Georgia Craft Beer

  • Blue Tarp Cherries Jubilee En Fuego cans | Sour Ale with cherries (not a pepper beer)
  • Jailhouse Five-O cans | IPA
  • Orpheus Silent Haze | NE Style IPA
  • Red Brick Yuzu IPA | IPA with yuzu

Future/Planned Release

  • SweetWater Dirty South | NE Style IPA
  • *Terrapin Ales from the Wood Richland Reserve | Imperial Milk Stout aged in Richland rum barrels
  • *Terrapin White Chocolate Moo-Hoo | Milk Stout with cocoa nibs and natural flavor

Non-Local Craft Beer Releases

  • Achel Trappist Extra | Quad
  • Back Forty Jalapango | DIPA with mango and jalapeno
  • *Boulevard Love Child No. 8 |
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WEEKLY EVENTS 6/20 – 6/27

Here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I’ve ever known.

Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:

  • All Saints Cinema: “The Tallahassee Film Society was formed for the purpose of bringing foreign and American independent films to the Tallahassee area.”

  • Monticello Opera House: “A historic theater in Monticello featuring musical performances and local theater.”

  • Quincy Musical Theater: “Quincy Music Theatre is North Florida’s largest and only all-musical community theater.”

  • Ruby Diamond Auditorium: “The primary performance venue for Florida State University.”

  • Student Life Cinema: “Florida State University's Student Life Cinema (located in the Askew Student Life Center) is one of the nation's leading campus film programs, featuring five to six nights a week of everything from the most recent blockbuster movies to documentaries, alternative and foreign films, to restored cinema classics.” General Public permitted.

  • Theatre Tallahassee: “Serving the community since 1949, Theatre Tallahassee has been a leader in professional-caliber community theater featuring your friends and neighbors.”

  • Young Actors Theater: “YAT is a non-profit youth theatre and school for the performing arts founded in 1975. YAT provides quality theatre and theatre education to the community.”


  • Camp Folks runs day or weekend excursions all around the area. River tubing, kayak trips, camping – anything you’ve been wanting to do but couldn’t find a group to go with. Check it out.

  • The Mickee Faust Club is running Queer as Faust - Queerer than Ever! so that’ll be fun.


  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. That’s right, I said MARGARITAS FOR TWO BUCKS EACH! 7:30pm

  • Midtown Speakeasy: Open Mic Mondays: Poetry/Spoken Word/Acoustic Music/Performance Art. “Perform your own work or someone else's work! We will make writing materials and published poetry available all night for anyone and everyone to peruse, read, write, and read aloud!

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WEEKLY EVENTS: The Big List, 7/22 – 7/31

Don’t forget to check or add to the other list for things I may have missed. Have fun out there!

Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:

  • Cap City Video Lounge: “Tallahassee Florida's premiere cult cinematic theater and movie rental store. Many free showings in their small theater of movies from Lord of the Rings and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to the best/worst in B-rated horror.”

  • All Saints Cinema: “The Tallahassee Film Society was formed for the purpose of bringing foreign and American independent films to the Tallahassee area.”

  • Monticello Opera House: “A historic theater in Monticello featuring musical performances and local theater.”

  • Quincy Musical Theater: “Quincy Music Theatre is North Florida’s largest and only all-musical community theater.”

  • Ruby Diamond Auditorium: “The primary performance venue for Florida State University.”

  • Student Life Cinema: “Florida State University's Student Life Cinema (located in the Askew Student Life Center) is one of the nation's leading campus film programs, featuring five to six nights a week of everything from the most recent blockbuster movies to documentaries, alternative and foreign films, to restored cinema classics.” General Public permitted.

  • Theatre Tallahassee: “Serving the community since 1949, Theatre Tallahassee has been a leader in professional-caliber community theater featuring your friends and neighbors.”

  • Young Actors Theater: “YAT is a non-profit youth theatre and school for the performing arts founded in 1975. YAT provides quality theatre and theatre education to the community.”


  • Breakout Games is new and does that escape-a-locked-room thing with multiple theme options. Good for fun times with friends, team building exercises with coworkers.

  • Joyride Bicycle Collective offers various fun bike riding options, usually accessible for all levels of ability.

  • Gulf Winds Track Club lists many if not most of the area races, so go pound some san

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WEEKLY EVENTS 3/28 – 4/4

WEEKLY EVENTS 3/28 – 4/4

Friday is First Friday and Saturday is Springtime Tallahassee. There’s a parade, all kinds of stuff in the downtown parks, music, food. Go down there and enjoy it.

Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:

  • Please click here for details on this week’s movies at All Saints Cinema.

  • Check here for show times and ticket info for Theatre Tallahassee’s productions.

  • All of the Student Life Cinema offerings are listed on their web site.

  • And here are show details for Young Actors Theater productions.

The FSU Circus is proud to announce the 2016 spring show series "Action!".Click here for schedule and details.

Check here for the current run of excursions offered by Camp Folks. If you want to check out the local outdoors, this seems to be a good group to go with.


  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. 7:30pm

  • The Warehouse: Lost Mondays with Belmont & Jones & Dick Kraft. 8pm

  • Waterworks: Patio Theater featuring Hedwig and the Angry Inch. “My sex change operation got botched/My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch/Now all I've got is a Barbie Doll crotch/I got an angry inch!” 8:30pm/21+

  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke With Nathan. Drink specials and the best selection of songs in town. 9pm

  • GrassLands Brewery: Sustainable Tallahassee Presents Green Drinks! “This month, we're talking about How We're Making the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival a Green Event. Green Drinks is an opportunity for conversation, meeting others interested in sustainability, and hearing an interesting speaker. Bring some friends, meet some new ones!” 5:30pm

  • Junction @ Monroe: Rock N' Roll High School and Repo Man: Trash Cinema Nights Deep Cult. “Hey Gang, The Primal Root here and I can hardly contain my pleasure at our Trash Cinema Nights Deep Cult at The Junction Double Feature of the 1979 Roger Corman youth in revolt cult classic, Rock N Roll High School featuring PJ Soles, Clint Howard and, of course, The Ramones! Followed by one of my personal all time favorite cinematic oddities, the 1984 s

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