Funny how handicap parking is synonymous with "my son really needed a burrito and I'm just picking up" also how that "no parking" means "I didn't park in the handicap space."
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No, it's a synonym for "a normal, sane human being that can spot an insane pedophile groomer" And also "Anyone who looks into his past at all"
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Netflix's "Best of Stand-Up 2020" Reviewed

Jerry Seinfeld - I can't help but imagine the comedians who actually go out there and are truly killing it in the game at every level clenching their teeth at delivery and the touch-and-go writing quality of this absolute legend in comedy show business. His body of work speaks to itself, and it's hard to know why he seemed determined to re-prove his worth by doing something that he didn't need to. And while this type of thinking may say more about me than of his professional style, I did get quite tickled at the idea of the International viewers outside the United States struggling to understand what a "death-row inmate last meal at an all-you-can-eat buffet" is, or would even look like, and for that, the first 2 minutes of the special are worth it.

You can skip to minute 4 if you count yourself among the living.

Taylor Tomlinson - Plenty of critics might say she got too much too early with her career, but I think that type of critique is born of jealousy. I naturally second her praises and second-guess her critics, because she puts in the work, and it shows. Is she a prodigy? No. Is she on her way to eclipse those twice her age? In ways that would confuse even a flat-Earther.

Let me be the first to say, doing woke comedy is easy, but doing it well is hard, and she bridges that gap with layers that any fan of comedy can appreciate and understand immediately. The nuance of Facebook being the medium of dim wit, occupied by people we all know, and cutting with left-wing perspective can make anyone an instant fan even before her smart misdirect before taking us into a bit that requires just a bit of trust from the audience that she earned in spades the moment earlier. If I would give a note at all, I'd say it was a bit rushed, but true to the special's title, the white-knuckle cadence works to her target audience: people her own age.

If only she had stopped there, she takes us on a low-brow tour of a woman's perspective of other women's lives and their casual disdain for men in general that passes for fun, but can easily leave a careful listener wondering whether it was just a joke that missed the mark or some echo of a mean spirit on the keyboard or notepad of a moment soon after a failed relationship.

And to be as fair as I can, men get away with murder in comedy when bringing up the fairer sex. I've been a new fan of comedy for the last 4 years now, and I won't pretend I know the rate of exchange between who says what and how or why i

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Wrestlemania 37 (February 1st)

Night 1 1-Andre Battle Royal Aliester Black last eliminates Damian Priest

1-Aliester Black

2-Damian Priest

3-Braun Strowman

4-Sami Zayn

-I’m bringing it back because it’s a nice way to give Damian priest a rub and re-introduce Aliester Black

2-Inter-promotional Match

Kevin Owens defeats Aj Styles

-Aj takes Kevin’s place in the smackdown chamber (the edge spot, only Aj doesn’t end up winning)

-Aj and Omos then beat Ko at fastlane in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

-Omos then travels to smackdown to face KO in a no dq match after KO Challenges him, KO wins with help from Big E and Rey Mysterio (repaying their debt from the royal rumble)

-Aj talks about how KO hasn’t won a big match in ages and how KO is just gonna be another checkmark on the career of AJ Styles.

3-Women’s Tag Team Championship

Dakota Kai/Raquel Gonzales defeats Riott Squad (C)

-Riott Squad wins tag titles at Fastlane by defeating Nia/Shayna (they implode)/Dakota and Raquel win the dusty classic and defeat the transitional champ Riott squad

-Dakota and Raquel will end up feuding with Shotzi/Ember over the titles

4-United States Championship

Bobby Lashley (C) defeats Sheamus

-nothing intricate here, (babyface) Sheamus helped eliminate Bobby lashley in the Raw elimination chamber match, wants the US title -the heel turn by sheamus that literally just happened on raw IRL DOESNT HAPPEN

-strong style/hard hitting match

5-Raw Tag Team Championship

Jeff Hardy/Matt Riddle defeat the Hurt Business (C)

*as much as I’d like to get new day on the card, i feel like this is the move, new day are gonna be in the Andre battle royal and can do a skit with Big E on night two.

-Matt Riddle eliminates Bobby Lashley in the raw chamber, loses to him at Fastlane.

-Suckers the Hurt Business into a handicap match, if he wins he gets to challenge for the championship at mania, he wins thanks to help from Jeff Hardy, They expected him to challenge for the US title but he challenges for the tag titles

-Jeff and Matt (Riddle) finally get one over on the hurt business after months of frustration and take the titles.

6-Smackdown Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks (C) defeats Bianca BeLair

-Bianca chooses to stay on smackdown and challenge Sasha Banks -tweener vs tweener feud -The match has spots where Sasha and Bianca are trying to pull “Eddie Guerrero’s” to win the match -Sasha ends up winning relatively clean, Bianca shakes her hand afterwards

7-WWE Championship

Keith Lee de

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From a book, Gadsby, that was sold as not containing that foul symbol. Probably as long of a work a man or woman could put forth without. Solid.

If youth, throughout all history, had had a champion to stand up for it; to show a doubting world that a child can think; and, possibly, do it practically; you wouldn’t constantly run across folks today who claim that “a child don’t know anything.” A child’s brain starts functioning at birth; and has, amongst its many infant convolutions, thousands of dormant atoms, into which God has put a mystic possibility for noticing an adult’s act, and figuring out its purport. Up to about its primary school days a child thinks, naturally, only of play. But many a form of play contains disciplinary factors. “You can’t do this,” or “that puts you out,” shows a child that it must think, practically or fail. Now, if, throughout childhood, a brain has no opposition, it is plain that it will attain a position of “status quo,” as with our ordinary animals. Man knows not why a cow, dog or lion was not born with a brain on a par with ours; why such animals cannot add, subtract, or obtain from books and schooling, that paramount position which Man holds today. But a human brain is not in that class. Constantly throbbing and pulsating, it rapidly forms opinions; attaining an ability of its own; a fact which is startlingly shown by an occasional child “prodigy” in music or school work. And as, with our dumb animals, a child’s inability convincingly to impart its thoughts to us, should not class it as ignorant. Upon this basis I am going to show you how a bunch of bright young folks did find a champion; a man with boys and girls of his own; a man of so dominating and happy individuality that Youth is drawn to him as is a fly to a sugar bowl. It is a story about a small town. It is not a gossipy yarn; nor is it a dry, monotonous account, full of such customary “fill-ins” as “romantic moonlight casting murky shadows down a long, winding country road.” Nor will it say anything about tinklings lulling distant folds; robins carolling at twilight, nor any “warm glow of lamplight” from a cabin window. No. It is an account of up-and-doing activity; a vivid portrayal of Youth as it is today; and a practical discarding of that worn-out notion that “a child don’t know anything.” Now, any author, from history’s dawn, always had that most important aid to writing: an ability to call upon any word in his dictionary in building up his story. That is, our strict laws as to word construction did not block his path. But in my story that mighty obstruction will constantly stand in my path; for man

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Has anyone tried their hand at creating offline dictionary from Wikitionary? I am specifically looking for Telugu language though.

What I want to do? : I'd like to embed a dictionary in custom lightweight markdown based editor, especially for Telugu language. Features that I'd like to incorporate is word completion (perhaps dropdown) and built-in synonym lookup feature.

There don't seem to be soft dictionaries available for Telugu language (even commercially). There are a few websites where a word can be looked up but that doesn't serve my purpose. So I looked at Wikitionary for Telugu language. I took an XML dump from this page. This is bz'ipped and it expands to 200M+ one single file with non-standard formatting even for MediaWiki sites (it seems individual deployments of Mediawiki provide a great flexibility of templates). This comment from SO is troubling

>Although there are conventions used by the editors they are not enforced by anything other than peer oversight. The diversity of templates used along with all the typos in the pages makes the parsing quite challenging.

>like the others have mentioned, wiktionary is a formatting-disaster, and was not built to be computer-readable

There is also another advisory from someone who already have attempted this

>If you’re thinking you’ll just go ahead and extract the information you need from the XML file, I suggest you abandon that idea. Not only is the file difficult to manipulate, it’s HUGE. The French Wiktionary “pages” XML file, once decompressed, weighs in at 1.5 GB and is therefore much too large to simply open and work with.

Offcial documentation of MediaWiki only mentions about importing MediaWiki data from one wiki system to another. Not much help here. However, there are some python tools to deal with Wiki dump data

  1. Pywikibot - A collection of python scripts and a powerful library for bot writing
  2. mwclient - Python library that makes most of the API functions accessible.
  3. wiki-scripts - Framework for writing bots, maintenance scripts or performing data analysis.

And then, few others I have found in my search that attempt to do what I wan

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Show 4.14 Results


Phil X vs. Yamashita

It didn't take long for Yamashita to put away Phil X, but what was more shocking was the assault by Phil after the match to Jack Steele, who was doing commentary. The dismantling of the announce table sent a clear message, and Jack Steele will be sure to relaliate.

Edward Bronson vs Flapjack Carter w/ Bruhbble

Menacing. Intimidating. Other scary synonyms. The amount of pressure on Bruhbble's shoulders must now be insurmountable. How will Bruhbble be able to take down this massive human?

Tifanie Quin vs. Alexandra Marie

Tifanie Quin picked up a significant victory over Marie, but the thing we want to talk about was what happened after. A security camera caught someone dressed as Ilene Macey, who was formerly Tifanie Quin, attack Tifanie after her match in the locker room. Just what is going on here?

Xistro Horror vs Jack Thunderheart

Some will call it an upset, but others will say Jack Thunderheart called his shot. He made the best of this, and now with a victory over the Youtube Champion, Jack Thunderheart has got be feeling himself more than before.

GPU vs. Pistolero/Harris

The unlikely tandem of Pistolero and Harris came together for a common goal, but in just 2 weeks they will meet in one of CWL's most brutal matches in Iron Tables. 20 minutes, whoever puts their opponent through the most tables will win and challenge Michael Young at Merry Mayhem 4.

Blxck Rose vs. Lady Brittania

The Blxck Rose has claimed another victim in Lady Brittania. It seems her skill hasn't diminished in 3 months. Yuri York, however, seems to not be done with her previous leader. The White Lotus has once again risen, and were headed for a collision course


Samuel Black vs. Warboy Krom w/ Haas

The former tag team champion brought out everything he could against the Detroit monster, and it seemed to be enough. Samuel Black still has Drake Harrison in his sights, and it seems he is losing focus when its not Drake across the ring from him. Will we see Samuel Black bounce back strong?

Alex Clark vs. Classy Von Cody

It seems Alex Clark has a tendency to pick up dominant victories over former tag team Champions... isn't TJ Black a former tag team champion?

Ryan Quinn vs. Rodrigo Del Gaiso

A strong statement was made by Ryan Quinn, when he planted Rodrigo with a Quinn Shot in just about 3 minutes that put him down and out. Was that enough for the Starjammer to put stock into Quinn?

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Polo Handicap: The system explanation

Argentina is not only synonymous for high-quality polo, but also of high polo handicap. This is a system used to calculate the level of the players, and of the polo tournaments that are disputed around the world, measuring the handicap of the teams.

Currently, Argentina has eight players with 10 goal handicap, the maximum qualification. They are: Adolfo Cambiaso (H), Juan Martín Nero, Gonzalo Pieres (H), Facundo Pieres, Pablo Mac Donough, Hilario Ulloa, Nicolas Pieres, y David Stirling.

These eight argentinean players are the only players with this qualification in the world.

How is the handicap of a player calculated?

The handicap is the playing level of a player and its calculated taking into account the number of goals he’s worth on his team. The aspects to be considered to calculate it are: horsemanship, individual and team playing skills, technique, disputed tournaments and the number of goals and the quality of the horses.

Who calculates it?

The Polo Association of the country in which the player is registered. In Argentina, the handicap system was established in 1911 and the responsible entity to measure it is the Asociación Argentina de Polo.

What’s the lowest and highest valorization in the handicap system?

In Argentina, the handicap system is measured from 0 to +10, being this the highest score, displayed only by the professional players. The lowest handicap is 0, generally applied to amateurs. The team’s handicap is the result of the sum of the players’; therefore, the maximum handicap for a team is 40.

Is there a women’s handicap?

By initiative of the women’s committee of the Asociación Argentina de Polo, a few years ago was created a handicap system exclusively for women’s tournaments to avoid comparison with the men’s system. Argentina became the first country to provide a handicap exclusively for women.

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Ascendancy Art Tier List

To help hold us over until the Harvest League drops, I decided to critique each of the 19 ascendancy artworks and rank them. Below is my ordered tier list along with my review of each one. This ranking is based purely on the impressions I get from looking at the art, and it has no bearing on the actual in-game power of each one. This was purely for fun, and I appreciate GGG for working through the current health situation to provide us with new content.

The definition for each tier is below. The ascendancies in each tier are ordered, and I will be starting with the worst one first and finishing with the best one.

S TIER: Super badass. When you look at these portraits you say to yourself, "Yeah, that's me."

A TIER: Pretty cool. These portraits have elements that make you feel something when you look at them and you get excited about the possibilities of becoming these ascendancies.

B TIER: These portraits get the job done at communicating what the ascendancy is all about, but ultimately there isn't much substance to make a lasting impression.

C TIER: You feel disappointed when you look at these portraits, and they primarily exist for memes. You wish to not be identified with these portraits when you play these ascendancies.



First on the list but definitely in last place is this homeless crack-addict. I know that the Ranger in general is very eco-sexual, but by god the Pathfinder looks like she hasn't taken a shower since the fall of the Vaal. In a way it is surprisingly fitting, that the girl that drinks mysterious liquids all day ends up looking like a drunken mess wandering the woods in search of fresh meat because she doesn't have sufficient transmutation shards to buy some ramen from Yeena. The bow might give off the impression that this girl has some semblance of dexterity and grace left, but I wouldn't want to be within a 10 mile radius of a girl with a knife and those tired, bloodshot eyes. A complete mess of a person whose art just reeks as much as she probably does.


Unfortunately, the ascendant doesn't even get to show herself on the passive skill tree. To view her mug shot, you'll need to open up the character panel or join a party. There isn't even a way to view the whole picture in-game, which really takes away from the excitement a new player might have when they investigate what the ascendancy option is for the Scion. Let's assume we're looking at the complete artwork, which can be seen [here](http

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Can't stop thinking about my ex's extensive sexual past and how she never wanted to have sex w/ me when we were together.

Sorry if this is long. This is really tough for me to write and honestly i dont know if this is even the right thread to post this because it requires me to reach all the way into my deepest insecurities, which I've carried around for my entire life, but I've struggled with this for way too long and I am just so done with feeling helpless all the time. I'm so tired of carrying around so much shame.

I grew up with and feel like I still have a very dysfunctional relationship with sex. I could never talk to girls in grade school. I would be painfully shy and often girls would tell me I was hideous straight to my face. People would tell me that nobody would ever love me. The toll this took on my self esteem, confidence, and life in general cannot be described with words alone. In 2019 I started seriously working on myself and I've made significant progress since. Nonetheless I still remained deeply insecure around sex. I go to a college known for casual sex and hookups and it just seems like everybody is hooking up on a daily basis except for me. All my friends had lost their virginity years ago and I had not even had my first kiss. Every time people even referenced anything relating to sex like "bro I smashed so-and-so last night" I feel such a deep sense of shame and just stay silent.

This year at age 21 I finally met my first girlfriend and things started out well. I had my first kiss with her and I genuinely thought that I was going to lose my virginity to her. After all, she was a perfect dime in my eyes. Everyone I knew on the face of the earth had lost theirs years ago and I was so excited to finally get over what has been an insurmountable hurdle thus far.

Then one day we were cuddling in bed, we got naked with each other and made out but she said she was "celibate" and didn't want to have sex. I didn't make much of a big deal about it since I was like "she just needs more time". She ended up just giving me oral sex that night but I felt such a sense of shame. I was 21 and she was 19 and it was like she had much more experience than I did. I was starting from square 1 mind you. I was so nervous she would catch on (and she most likely did).

At that time I had known she had hooked up before. Then I learned she had had 2 more sexual partners and a full on relationship the year before. Then I learned about 1 more hookup. Then a 3way. The list kept expanding. What had been just 1 prior sexual encounter for her had grown to at least 8. And that's just w

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The secret to (video game) success

Xiltoh put down the controller, and sigh with tangible irritation. “I give up. That's ten times in a row you've beaten me, even with the handicap. What's the trick?”

Alex chuckled, and walked over to the college dorm fridge to grab another beer as he answered “I told you we could up the handicap if you wanted. And there's no trick, just a lot of practice. Want anything from the fridge?”

“Ox-poo, I've practised a fair bit at this game, but against you, it's barely even noticeable. There has to be a trick. And no thanks.”

“First of, it's 'bullshit', you can't use synonyms for expression like that. Secondly, there really is no trick, I just have a couple thousand more hours in this game than you, that's all there is to it.”

“Well, I don't see why synonyms shouldn't... A couple THOUSAND?!?!?!”

“Well, yea. Think I played maybe 6 hours a day on average, back in high school. Not counting the weekends, of course, think I probably spent most weekends doing nothing but game. Oh, I watched a lot of pro games too. Never managed to get quite that good though.”

“Was it fun, working that hard at it?”

“Well, I do like playing the game, but... No not really, I love the game, don't get me wrong, but grinding ranks like that was a lot of hard work, frustrating, and reading up on strats and memorising the numbers and patterns you need to know to get that high in the ranks was not really fun for me.”

“So you spent 6 hours a day, trying to become one of the best in the world at something, even though the process of it was not truly enjoyable to you?”

“Yea, I guess?”

“Bullshit. I've known you for over a years now, and I've never seen you work anything near that hard on anything. If you could put in that kind of work, you'd be near the top of the class, not near the bottom.”

“Ouch. And you're just gonna have to believe me on this. I really did play this game that much.”

“... You're serious, aren't you?”


Xiltoh paused for a while, before speaking again. “Did you suffer brain damage, or severe mental trauma before enrolling in college?”

Alex barely managed to avoid doing a literal spit-take, but ended up chocking a bit on his drink in the process. After coughing a couple of times, he spoke with a slightly pained voice “Dude, what the fuck?”

“I mean no offence, of course, and you have my sincere condolences. Tragic for such things to happen.”

“I'm not brain-damaged, you fucking moron!”

“... Then why do you not put in anything resembling the same level of

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Women’s Polo: A brief history and nowadays

Although often considered a sport for men due to it’s physical characteristics, in recent years women's polo has had a sizable growth. This has been not only in the amount of women beginning to play the sport but also in the amount of associations, clubs, and tournaments built around women.

Argentina is one of the first to implement specific rules for women’s polo, and a few years back created a unique handicap system exclusively for women’s tournaments that has helped eliminate direct comparisons with men’s handicap score (though in some mixed competitions they use a general handicap). Because of this, Argentina has become the first country in the world to grant handicaps exclusively to women, representing a big step for the global respect for women’s polo at an international level.

The origins of polo began in Persia, around the 5th century AD. We know it was a training game that ended up becoming the national sport in Iran. It’s practice was linked with nobility, but rather than being focused on only kings, queens and maidens played as well. In ancient literature the name Princess Shirin, daughter of Emperor Mauricio is mentioned as being famous for her abilities in the sport.

Since then, feminine polo extended to new territories such as India and China, where women also practiced the sport.

Argentina is undeniably synonymous around the world with polo, as much for the quality of the horses as for the skill of the players. Other strong forces in this sport are the U.S and England. Both countries have a large trajectory in respect to women’s polo, and have their own associations and organizations that group women players together and organize tournaments. In England the most important is the UK National Women Polo Tournament (in which 30 teams compete annually) and in the U.S. the prestigious Women’s Championship Tournament (WCT) takes place.

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Book Hiroshi Tanahashi's Retirement - Part Six: High Energy

Part One Here!

Part Two Here!

Part Three Here!

Part Four Here!

Part Five Here!

Wrestle Kingdom 15

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Jay White

Switchblade is out first, unaccompanied, and he's already taunting Tanahashi through the camera as he makes a grand entrance in the same attire he wore to beat the Ace for the IWGP Heavyweight Title in Osaka. There's a pause after his entrance, a good minute passing before OH MY GOD! HE'S BROUGHT BACK HIGH ENERGY! Tanahashi comes out to his best theme, and White looks like he's seen a ghost, because it's wrestling and a great theme can buff your power levels a thousand percent. He enters the ring as "Tanahashi" chants echo through the arena, grinning at White before the bell chimes.

It only takes a second for White to slide right under the bottom rope, not wanting any of a revved up Tanahashi. The Ace takes a strike of his air guitar before virtually hurling it at White, Jay laughing until he's MET WITH A DRAGON ROCKET UP THE RAMP! Tanahashi pelts him with forearms as they fight up the lower portion of the entranceway, Tanahashi hitting him with a knife edge chop before going for a URANAGE ON THE RAMP, BUT WHITE WITH AN ELBOW! SNAP SUPLEX ON THE RAMP BY THE SWITCHBLADE!

The Ace is sent back into the ring, where his back and lower neck are already becoming a problem. White rolls in and goes straight for the Blade Runner, but Tanahashi pushes him away, going for a Sling Blade that's COUNTERED WITH AN URANAGE! White covers quickly for two, bolting up to his feet to go for another one, but TANAHASHI WITH A DENKOU SEKKA! He garners a two count before landing a dropkick to the knee, leaping behind a grounded white for a DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX! ONE! TWO! TH-NOO!

He nurses his back following the bridge, but pulls White up to hit a TWIST AND SHOUT! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Tanahashi's a little frustrated as he heaves the Switchblade to a vertical base,

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FBE BTE II: Book Kota Ibushi in AEW | Part 1: PURGE

Note: COVID doesn’t happen cause that shit nasty.

AEW Dynamite

AEW Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page were set to face The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution, but just a week before the PPV, The Inner Circle’s Proud N’ Powerful ambushed Adam backstage ahead of their match later that night, Page suffering a concussion after a Spike Piledriver through a table onto exposed concrete! AEW officials and referees rushed to the scene to stop the pair from doing any more harm, a distressed Kenny Omega going after Santana and Ortiz only to be stopped by refs. Kenny checked on Page, helping him to the medical room where the cameras cut, and later in the night it’s revealed that Page can’t compete tonight, in their scheduled match against Proud N’ Powerful, or in a weeks’ time on Saturday vs The Young Bucks, the Hangman reluctantly having to pull out of both. The Proud N’ Powerful match would be scrapped, but Revolution’s Tag Title bout would stay on; Omega would have to either find a new partner or face Matt and Nick alone. The following episode, we’d see Kenny look around backstage for a replacement, but eventually, he’d run into Adam Page; the Hangman had been searching for Kenny too, and he informed Omega that he should be all good to go. Page was evidently not alright due to his concussion, but a desperate Kenny was ecstatic that he could finally go in 2 on 2, the doctors and medical team frantically trying to stop Page from entering the match. However, Page assured Tony Khan he wouldn’t do anything drastic, and Tony knew that Page’s health and safety could only be controlled by the Hangman himself. The Young Bucks acted sympathetically, but they knew that this would be an easy win for them if Page continued.

Revolution 2020

Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c) vs The Young Bucks

AEW Tag Team Championship

Matt and Nick were out first, visibly confident as they made their way to the ring, and the audience was intrigued to see whether Adam Page would actually turn up, or if Omega would have to face them by himself. Their theme hit, and out walked Omega, championship over his shoulder but no matching title in sight. Omega waited a bit, taunting The Young Bucks, and the crowd readied themselves for Omega vs The Bucks due to Page’s absence, however, the theme music of the Hangman played, and the audience popped for the tune, but it wouldn’t be Adam Page walking out, no, instead it was Omega’s long-lost lover…


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Trump is fascist. Here's the evidence.
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The Discovery Institute needs to shut up.

>The biology textbook my daughter uses in high school, Miller and Levine’s Biology, is in wide use. It’s the one from Pearson with the parrot on the cover. On page 468, it employs a circular argument beloved by evolutionists: the argument from homology. The same argument features in many different textbooks. And it is regularly cited by biologists in scolding the public about their Darwin doubts.

>“Long Story Short” Here is a really brief, cute, and effective new video from Discovery Institute that addresses and deftly punctures this argument. Just eight minutes long!

Off course it makes this disproven strawman:

Look how it ignores that it doesn't give links to the papers it uses as being from 1993:

Which says the discrepancies between molecular and morphological phylogenies are so small as too not matter.

Even though it's been solved:

The other article cited is this: From said article: >Here we describe how gene tree discordance can be predicted under a widely used evolutionary model, the coalescent, applied to multiple species

Oh? Not an issue.

He also goes "Scientists intentionally changed the definition 9f homology to only involve common descent"

At 3:42, they show this study, but everything under the title is blurred and tiny:

One that says this: >Before the publication of On the Origin of Species the standing patterns of natural history — common plan, homology, ontogenetic parallelism, and the hierarchy of groups — were taken as indications of a biological order that had not yet been

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Rey defeating Kylo Ren in TFA was the scene that forever killed any chance the Sequel Trilogy had of being a good story

Rey is so iconic as a Mary Sue that just the name "Rey" could justly be used as a synonym for that term. She exhibited many, many moments of this throughout The Force Awakens leading up to that final battle, many of which could warrant their own topics (and they have, many times and all being completely right).

However, there is one point that marked the beginning of the end for the ST, a point of no return that could never be undone, and a point where all the bullshit we saw in TLJ and TROS were just byproducts of what was established. In fact, this was the point that it became clear, without a shadow of a doubt, that Rey was a Mary Sue, and this fact only gets even more clear with hindsight.

As you can tell by the title, it's the climactic battle between Rey and Kylo Ren.

There are so, so many things wrong with this, the logic (or lack thereof) behind the victory, the massive ramifications it would have on not just the following movies but even the universe itself, and the fact that there was no real tension that could actually be felt once you had a master Sith Lord get overpowered fairly easily by a scavenger from a backwater desert planet who had never used a lightsaber and a few hours ago didn't even know the Force existed.

I've seen the defenders give one justification, which could only hold up if you completely accept it at face value and don't look any further into it:

"Kylo Ren was injured! He was fighting with a handicap, putting him at a disadvantage against Rey!"

Which is total bullshit.

General Flaws:

  1. Kylo Ren was injured, but it was a shot that grazed him, and he was nowhere near being in critical condition. Kylo would've been able to get that patched up with one trip to the First Order's medical facility. He may have been showing signs of the wound, and wasn't at his A-Game, but it didn't appear to hinder him to such an extent that someone with absolutely no experience could believably overpower and defeat him, and in a way that didn't seem all that difficult.
  2. I mean, for a real world comparison, imagine having no fighting experience at all, and going against a 9th degree black belt and martial arts prodigy who has trained since childhood to become an absolute god at what he does, but the only catch is that he has some kind of handicap before the match. You would still get your ass handed to you on a silver platter, handicap or not.
  3. The fact that Rey was able to beat Kylo Ren at the climax of TFA meant that
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(translation) The Stardom roster's reaction to joining Bushiroad

December 1st is making its way across the globe as we speak, meaning a new era has dawned on Stardom. For this occassion, I decided to make a quick translation of the Stardom roster's reaction to the merger with Bushiroad. These reactions come from the report in the Nov. 6th issue of Weekly Pro (No. 2036) and date from the first press conference announcing the Bushiroad takeover.

There are a few obvious clichés that nearly everyone throws out (and that get kinda tiresome after reading them 20 times), such as "I want to work hard" and "I hope Stardom becomes more famous", but there are some neat bits too. You can expect to encounter the people's champion Hana Guevarra, old school Kagetsu, an angsty Leo and a sober, badass Hazuki, among other things. Apologies in advance for the inevitable typos and mistakes. Here goes:

Iwatani: Good evening everyone. I’m Stardom’s Icon, Mayu Iwatani. We’ll be entering into a new organization now, but I’m a founding member of Stardom and have been here ever since year one until today. When I was granted the opportunity to perform in Madison Square Garden earlier this year, I really felt the grand size of that venue and was overwhelmed by the spectators. I felt it would be amazing if Stardom could one day hold a show in a venue like this, watched by a lot of people. After we enter this new organizational structure, I think we might run bigger venues more frequently, so I’d like to show the world a Stardom that is continuously growing and I hope we can enjoy ourselves too along the way.

Hoshiki: I’m Stardom’s Arisa Hoshiki. I made my return in November of last year and it feels like the year has gone by in a flash. It’s amazing that an event this big has occurred in the span of this one short year. As for my personal goals, in Tokyo we run venues like Shinkiba and Korakuen frequently, but like Mayu just said, holding shows in larger venues is something I’ve been thinking about ever since I made my comeback. I want to give it all I’ve got so we can run shows in Ryogoku Kokugikan and even bigger venues.

Momo: I’m Queen’s Quest’s Momo Watanabe. Entering into this new structure, the thing I want to do, or rather my objective is that I really want to expand the women’s wrestling business, be it through running larger venues or by being broadcast on TV. I want to work hard to make it more popular with teens and people of my generation.

Utami: I’m Queen’s Quest’s Utami Hayashishita. I’ve always loved pro-wrestlin

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A Tale of Two Goals (by u/unconsideredtrifles)

##Note: This is written by /u/unconsideredtrifles, I am simply sharing it here with their permission since their analysis are always top quality but they deleted their reddit account so can't/won't share it themselves.

One of the things that surprised and puzzled me for a long time about the way the Saitama and Garou fight had ended was why Saitama had branded Garou’s goals as half-assed and accused the latter of taking ‘the easy way out.’ Most trenchantly, he said 'after all, all you had to do was defeat heroes.’

Looking at how tough it was for Garou to push himself, breaking past limit after limit, until he was hideously strong, I could see how he was misguided. But taking the easy way out? What gave?

It finally all came to me in a rush. And comes down to the goal that Garou had.

(Image here):

#A: Just a little further…

Before I go into this, I’m going to ask you to forget anything and everything you may know about 'Boku no Hero Academia.’ It’s a fine series, but it’s its own story with different premises, principles, characters and development. A lot of needless confusion arises when people misunderstand just how superficial the similarities are. Let’s go on.

Fundamentally, Garou wanted to stand for the oppressed and downtrodden, which is a pretty heroic goal. However, he wanted to do it by scaring people straight. His goal was to become The Symbol of Fear. This is important to keep in mind. The manga has done a very nice little expansion of what he means by it. Even drunkards are to be scared straight by the reign of terror he would like to unleash on the world.

(Image here):

His approach to becoming the Symbol of Fear was to attack heroes. It was straightforward enough. All he had to do was beat the twenty or so strongest heroes in the world to declare himself the Symbol of Fear. Why heroes?

1. IT IS NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE STRONG. Sorry for the emphasis, but it’s important. One thing we’ve learned in OPM, particularly in the manga, is that there is no shortage of strong people. In the webcomic we’ve had to wait until chapter 106, well after the Hero Hunter arc to be introduced to the idea of there being a pool of really strong people, but the mang

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[OC] Ligue 1 Season 2019/2020 - Complete Preview

Ligue 1 is coming back this Friday, so with some French users of this sub, we have decided to make a preview of the season for everyone to get to know Ligue 1 better ! We used u/Boolouloubi ‘s post from last season, so big shoutout to him for the beautiful presentation of this post that is absolutely not mine !



2018/2019 winner : Paris Saint-Germain

[1] Winner/ UEFA Champions League Group stage
[2] UEFA Champions League Group stage
[3] UEFA Champions League Third qualifying round
[4] UEFA Europa League Group stage

[18] Relegation Play-off
[19-20] Relegation

For the rest it's pretty classic. 20 teams, each team face every other teams 2 times. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a defeat.

Rules for classifications are:

  1. Points;
  2. Goal difference;
  3. Points in head to head games;
  4. Head-to-head goal difference;
  5. Goal scored in direct confrontations;
  6. Goal scored away in direct confrontations;
  7. Goal scored;
  8. Goal scored away;
  9. Most goal scored in one game;
  10. Fairplay ranking.
    As you can see, Ligue 1 places a lot of importance on direct confrontations.



# Club Pts P W D L GF GA GD
1 Paris Saint-Germain 91 38 29 4 5 105 35 +70
2 Lille OSC 75 38 22 9 7 68 33 +35
3 Olympique Lyonnais 72 38 21 9 8 70 47 +23
4 AS Saint-Étienne 66 38 19 9 10 59 41 +18
5 Olympique de Marseille 61 38 18 7 13 60 52 +8
6 Montpellier HSC 59 38 15 14 9 53 42 +11
7 OGC Nice 56 38 15 11 12 30 35 -5
8 Stade de Reims 55 38 13 16 9 39 42 -3
9 Nîmes Olympique 53 38 15 8 15 57 58 -1
10 Stade Rennais 52 38 13 13 12 55 52 +3
11 RC Strasbourg 49 38 11 16 11 58 48 +10
12 FC Nantes 48 38 13 9 16 48 48 **+0
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Last week Arsène Wenger did a masterclass at l'Olympia, the most prestigious venue in Paris. Here are some excerpts.

On April 1st, Arsène Wenger spent two hours on stage at l'Olympia for a masterclass organized by Christian Jeanpierre, journalist and TF1 commentator. He was invited to speak about himself, his carrier and football in general. All the benefits of the evening were given to the Premiers de cordée association that makes sports affordable for handicapped children.

His youth in Alsace : "I come from a small Alsatian village with a life that revolved around religion. The "king" of the village was the priest. I was raised in a restaurant that also served as the football team's club house and that's all it talked about. But religion didn't help to win matches. Much later, I replaced my missal with good players and football became my religion. The game must be treated as religion. He alone dictates your choices."


Coaching Nancy at 33 : "Some players were older than me. But I've never had a problem with authority, I can't say why. I was vomiting after defeats, I couldn't live with defeat. I figured I wasn't cut out for this job. But my body got used to it and over time I changed."


The squirrel's metaphor : "The animal is survival. So is top-level sport. It's me or the others. But in a team sport it is also me AND the others. The squirrel shares its body between the head and the top. Football is about managing with your brain and legs. But if someone doesn't look up often, it will never make him a very good footballer."


Football is synonymous with lion pits : "There are an incredible number of players who don't win in the dressing room. They don't make it through the landing. The high level player, when he starts, must show that he is there. It starts with entering the dressing room with a clear message and sometimes simply with an attitude you say something: "Now you have to count on me". I remember Bojan, who played in Barcelona and was even afraid to drink from the same bottle as Messi. It's a detail, but he never knew how to live up to his potential."


His definition of the great player : "It is a rather special animal that revolves around three essential precepts. Ball control, decision making and execution. The great players anticipate and are ahead of the others, they have understood what is going to happen. But I think that if the players watched their game even more, they would be even better. All successful guys have a regularity of effort and an objective analysis of thei

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Mage Powers (Class Powers 2)

Just did princes, now I'm gonna do mages. Gonna work through all the 12 aspects, starting with Breath and working around the wheel to Hope, just to keep things consistent. Sorry if your particular one is short, but sometimes a class and aspect work too well together and that makes extrapolating difficult because what you should be doing seems too obvious. I try to counterract those biases as much I can, but if I can't you can always add in the comments below. Obviously, I think someone with the specific classpect should have say over me. I mean what do I think I am, OD? I would OD on heroin before I ever compared myself to OD. Alright, I'm going to stop Daveing now. Enjoy your superpowers

Mages know their aspect better than anybody else, and they know when to make sacrifices regarding it. They know when to hold back and when to plow straight ahead, and when things are more nuanced. They know stuff, man. As such, I'm gonna have to pull out all of whatever knowledge I have on each of these topics and go balls to the wall

Mage of Breath

He who sacrifices - freedom for comfort deserves neither. Breath players of this class can shed light on the topics that keep their teammates bound to their undesired fates, including unhealthy dependencies. With their leadership skills as breath players, they could figure out how to speak people's language in getting them to overcome substance abuse, electronics, factors outside their control, or otherwise, and show them what all there is to life. In other words, they know when to sacrifice freedom of action for freedom of choice. By this point the Mage themself knows what all there is to life, and that stress and responsibility shouldn't be feared because you have the power and there's a greater force there with you along the way (Breath and spirit are synonymous, in case anyone didn't know), or other wise you just know there's no reason to get hung up on things in life and that's what drives you forward

Let my people go - Mages generate and spread their aspect around, and the Breath aspect is the most pervasive of the bunch. Their presence could spread throughout the land in spirit and free people from whatever bondage holds them. Forgive me for treating mages purely like saints so far, I'll get into combat abilities in a second

Blood into Breath - the heir of breath might bellyache whenever he doesn't have the freedom to do what he wants, but a mage knows when they have to become trapped to truly be free. As s

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{Discussion} Understanding Willowbrook Asylum & its Horror

Willowbrook, the institution that shocked a nation into changing its laws

by Matt Reimann

Patients needing “tenderness and affection” got the opposite. The women’s ward at Willowbrook State School in January 1972. (Bill Pierce/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

When World War II ended, a large Staten Island facility on 375 acres of land faced an uncertain future. Some believed that Willowbrook should be used for the care of disabled veterans, but ultimately the preferences of New York governor Thomas Dewey won out. Dewey argued that there were thousands of children in the state who were “mentally and physically defective and feeble minded, who never can become members of society,” who needed to be cared for with a “high degree of tenderness and affection.” On this last matter, the institution would utterly fail: In the coming decades, Willowbrook would become synonymous for social injustice, moral abhorrence, and the glaring failures of the state psychiatric system.

Full Gerardo Rivera documentary on Willowbrook via Youtube (link below)

The Willowbrook State School opened on October, 1947, admitting 20 mentally disabled patients from upstate institutions. In only a short time, Willowbrook was overfilled and understaffed. By 1955, it had reached its full capacity of 4,000 occupants. Around that time, hepatitis infections ran rampant among patients and staff. Only a short time later, in 1960, an outbreak of measles killed 60 patients.

Yet these snapshots fail to convey the wretched and abhorrent conditions Willowbrook patients lived under. Despite its name as a “school,” there was barely any educational structure at Willowbrook. When teaching did happen, it was only for a handful of cooperative students, and only for around two hours per day.

A Willowbrook picture postcard fails to register the nefarious acts within. (Wikimedia)

Most of the Willowbrook experience was defined by constant neglect, a condition that the overstressed and underfunded staff were not necessarily responsible for. In some buildings, the mentally disabled were let to huddle in rooms, moaning, fidgeting,

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I can pretty much guarantee that Kanye has a very low IQ.

I've studied and worked with children and teens who have behavioral issues and metal handicaps, and I can pretty much guarantee that Kanye has a very low IQ.

I wouldn't go as far as to put him in the category of mentally handicapped, but it wouldn't shock me if a test showed him in that low a range.

Children learn the basic skills that a rapper requires before they're even 10 years old.
So, being able to rap isn't really the banner ad for intellect. Memorizing nursery rhymes and "banter" type word play is part of most children's lives. As most people get older they focus on other things, but rest assured, even the dumbest of children could astound you with their rap abilities if they continued that type of play behavior all the way through adulthood. As you age your life experience grows, you learn a more in-depth vocabulary and you can apply ides to themes and events that have a wider meaning than what they initially seem. The better you get at it, and the more you can utilize that wider body of knowledge, and you can make some really insightful lyrics. (No matter what anyone says, a "Rap" is just a lyric) Most rappers (even those who have the lowest of IQ's) have a host of people around them and the internet to look up words and meanings, and that means they can sit down and given enough time and labor, can crank out lyrics that have some serious artistic merit on their own. Kanye doesn't even remotely approach that. His lyrics are beyond simplistic, they're the kind of thing you'd expect a child with no education whatsoever to come up with, if one of his songs had "Na na na na boo boo, pocket full of doo doo bitch, Uh, Yeah" in it, that would would fit in 100% with his current writing ability.

It would be different if lyrics this basic and devoid of intellect were spontaneous, like if he ONLY wrote in the heat of a rap battle. You'd have to made some consolations for that due to the massive constraints therein, but these are studio songs that could have been rewritten a million times to get "just right". If that's the polished version, I'm terrified to see the rough drafts. I'm guessing they all look like "Like Bitch, Uh Yeah, Money, Uh Thassright, word!"

It's very obvious just from TV/Radio interviews that he has a sub standard IQ. He doesn't have even have the basic understanding of many "real world" situations that children have. There are absolutely behavioral and mental issues there that I constantly see in children with intellectual deficit

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Anime where the MC gives himself a handicap, because he's so op.

Think of One Punch Man or Overlord, in the sense that both MCs are ridiculously overpowered, and they are aware of it. There is an example of this in Overlord, where he chooses to fight in a half-assed state just because the fight would be boring otherwise. So basically, I'm looking for an anime with an MC who knows he is op, is searching for a worthy opponent, and makes battles harder by handicapping himself? Doesn't have to be perfect, just in that general viscinity.

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FAQ / Megathread: The Nazis, Chemical Weapons, and the Holocaust

Hello dear users!

As I am sure many of you have already heard, today has seen a certain commotion over comments made by a US government official regarding the Nazis, the use of chemical weapons in WWII and the Holocaust. Because recent experience surrounding the comments of Ken Livingstone has shown us at here at this sub that it is likely that we will be see an uptick of questions surrounding this issue, I have decided to preemptively put together some answers and information surrounding these issues.

  • "You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons."

According to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons "the term chemical weapon may be applied to any toxic chemical or its precursor that can cause death, injury, temporary incapacitation or sensory irritation through its chemical action." This internationally recognized definition of chemical weapons includes many things, from nerve agents like Tabun and Sarin to the more conventional pepper spray and CS gas. It also includes poison and other gas, both famously used by Nazi Germany to kill millions of people.

The utilization of gas as a means of mass killing has in fact become so strongly related to the Nazis and their policies that it as well as the used gas chambers have become by now almost synonymous with the Holocaust and other Nazi mass crimes, even despite the fact that a lot of other means of killing, foremost among them mass-shootings, were also employed by the Nazis.

Historians generally distinguish between four different kinds of mass killings via gas as employed by the Nazis depending on the technical method of killing:

  • In the earliest iteration of Nazi mass murder via gassing (1940/41), in the six T4 killing centers (Grafeneck, Brandenburg, Hartheim, Sonnenstein Pirna, Bernburg and Hadamar) the Nazis employed Carbon Monoxide from gas canisters that was funneled into gas chambers. The same methods were also employed during the mass killing of concentration camp inmates unable to work dubbed "Aktion 14f13" and by the so-called Sonderkommando Lange, a special SS and Police unit that used two gas vans with the same method to kill both Polish intellectuals as well as inmates of Polish mental and handicapped institutions around the same time. This method was also later used in the first gas chamber in the Majdank death camp

  • In the death camps of Aktion Reinhard (Sobibor, Treblinka, Belzec) as well as in the Chelmno death camp and

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The Taken King: Analyzing What Worked and What Didn't

It's been almost a month since 2.0 dropped, and it's been 3 weeks since The Taken King arrived. I think ample time has passed for everyone to have pretty realistic opinions, and we can give Bungie some consolidated feedback about the expansion - what we as a community liked and disliked. Like many of you, I read this sub often. I've kept track of most of the offshoots of the community, and this post is my best effort toward aggregating a lot of the sentiment shared by many parts of the playerbase.

If you think I've missed something or I'm gravely wrong in my assessment of the way the wind is blowing, call me out on it in the comments!


###POSITIVE: The Story

Utilizing Nathan Fillion more extensively was an excellent decision, as was recasting Ghost to Nolan North. The Taken King's story was filled to the brim with excellent dialogue, cutscenes, and a coherent narrative - all things sorely lacking in Year 1. The storytelling was superb; TTK has certainly set the bar high for our Destiny 2 expectations. The more humorous tone fits Destiny's atmosphere much better, and the playful and downright silly things the Ghost says now are welcome changes from the dry monotony of Dinklebot's canned delivery. For the first time in a while, Destiny's story feels like that of a AAA title. Excellent job, Bungie. You shattered our expectations.


###POSITIVE: Questing

It's only been a month, but Quests feel synonymous with Destiny. They were an elegant and completely necessary solution to tying the various disparate parts of the game together, and I can't imagine the game without them now. Getting guaranteed rewards serves as the incredibly obvious carrot at the end of the stick that keeps us playing around in the sandbox, and the effort/reward ratio has been pretty well balanced. I would bet player retention is a lot higher, but I don't have the stats to substantiate that. Making the distinction between "Story" and "Quest" missions was a great idea as well, because that prevents us from looking at the "Quest" missions with a super critical eye like we did with the weaker "Story" missions from Vanilla Destiny. It also gives us more content on the map, and allows us to play around in the same areas of the game over and over again without it feeling too repetitive. As it turns out, if you make us play Cerberus Vae III backwards and throw some Fallen majors in the Cabal base, we won't complain. Who knew?

The Exotic Bounties of yore seem like a d

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After completing PvZ2, I have this to say

I am writing this because I am very bored, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about the game. How I obsessed over it as a child and where it's been going.

A week ago, I completed PvZ2 with nothing but level 1 plants (stuff like the expansion packs, Big Wave Bitch, and Modern Damnation). It was excruciatingly painful but worth it. Now I want to give my opinions on the game. Is it as pay-to-win as the people say, or are some people just exaggerating?

I guess you can consider this a review of sorts.

So my first and possibly most important point is (so pay attention to it): you should play the game yourself if you want to see how you like it. It's free, there's little reason not to. I can go on and on about how the games are good and/or bad, but in the end, what really matters is whether or not YOU enjoy it. Whether or not I enjoyed it shouldn't affect whether or not you enjoy it. So play the game yourself and see if you like it. If you do, great, keep playing. If not, delete it. It's not complicated.

So that's my most important point out of the way. Now, here are some of the good things I saw with this game:

  • The game was quite challenging. PvZ1 was a very easy game if you had a basic understanding of RTS. So it was good to see PvZ2 ramp up the difficulty a bit. Now, I do feel they overdid the difficulty in some cases, but I'll touch on that later. For now, though, I will say I appreciated the greater difficulty. The game was brutally difficult, but I was up for the challenge. Especially when I didn't use any premium plants, Zen Garden boosts, power-ups, or plant levelling. Which proves, in my case, that you can beat the game without spending a penny on the game.
  • The game was still cartoony, and I always liked that. It's true I prefer PvZ1's artstyle, but that doesn't make this artstyle bad. I think most people would enjoy the way it looks. The plants are still cute and the zombies are still goofy, so all is good. True, I prefer PvZ1's look, but PvZ2's look is good too.
  • Whoever thought of the Turbo button must have been a genius.

However, that's mostly it for the good. Now onto the bad.

  • The game was challenging, yes, but I take issue with some of the more frustrating levels. Some of the levels were simply poorly designed, no questions asked. Wild West Day 35 was extremely frustrating, as it was just praying to RNGesus that the odds be in your favor. There was very little the player could do in terms of strategy other than pray or spend a m
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24 YO depressed worthless and here is my short story. Would gladly talk with someone !

I'm 24 years old this december, struggling with basically everything in life- broke with no job, 0 friends, socially handicapped, distanced with close family, lonely, stupid, whatever- you name it.

My longest employment period was 5 months, but usually it ends after few days or 3 months max, then I do nothing next 2-6 months- that's my entire adult life. Well I withdraw from University 3 times too after about the same time as my working periods (scared and exhausted of people).

3 days ago I tried working in a kitchen as a assistant cook and in my mind it was good job for me and I was excited about it. But then reality hit me hard, shifts were only 12 or 14 hours, people were too open and friendly, everyone was joking around and having fun in work. As I started learning how to cook for myself things weren't as simple as in home and everything had to be made really fast. I didn't return the next day, now I'm scared of going back asking for money and returning clothes...

I have no life (I'm League of Legends addict- this is all I do in free time recently + some exercising and cooking- recently the same frozen food. I play to silence thoughts in my head- I don't even enjoy the game anymore) so had no things to talk about with other workers- I'm distressed of myself, I don't want to talk with anyone to be honest so nobody learns how pathetic I am. But even if I wanted... On the way home I had realization that I can't interact with people anymore - I'm afraid of opening my mouth, I'm scared of words I have to use, I think about them too much and I barely can put a sentence together. It's so exhausting and sad for me to be between people... On that realization I had sudden attack of panic and cried for hours in home. I based my vision of near future on that job and now I think I can't work anywhere because of my anxiety and inability to talk. Since then I haven't left my house, I'm living with parents but they are on holidays. I'm barely eating anything. I just started working out month ago and I stopped my diet now, dropping weight i worked hard to gain. Can't find energy or motivation to do exercises home and having anxiety to go to the gym.

My interactions are very awkward in general, I never know what I should be saying so i push people away and avoid them- this is my defence mechanism. As I'm writing it now I have such painful cloud of thoughts I don't even know what should I be talking about in this post.

I've been having mood swings and depression sin

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UHC Dictionary

UHC Dictionary

Word/Player Definition
22 Sugarpuffzz
69 A term used to pretend you are mature, but really aren't.
Army Strats A term coined by /u/mpmg which means doing getting alot of players in Slave Market
Audicy4Mod A slogan which when AudicyMC made a post, people would say it, as a thank-you.
Backstabber When a player attacks another from behind, popularly used in Cleanup.
Bias The act of favoring certain popular players over others. Usually used with "Elitist", "UBL Committee", and "Mindcool".
Blockhitting Using the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously to fight in melee.
Bowspam the spam of arrows
BTC(er) The act of waiting out a game as long as possible until meetup and attempt to win by fighting as little as possible.
Butcher!?!?!?! Feed!?!?!?!?!? Set Day!?!?!?!? Starter Food!??!?!?! Things new players say before every game
Canaleth Frostbreath's server
Cleanup The act of killing/fighting someone directly after they have finished a fight.
cri Used to show if a player is upset; used jokingly.
CutClean a game mode in which furnaces are useless. See UltraSoftCore
Died Alone Zaenith
EeeeeeeEee Lolz, Czibi and Timon
Efo Name used to mock Etho
Elitist Predominantly used as a joke for describing UHC groups.
eZ A term used to describe a player as easy in various ways such as, easy to kill
eZ'd that creeper Kowalski (All Stars RR)
Famus weeuy
Favonius Skript
Fleft excessive Skriptler
Fleft It A term used by members which a good scenario is made, they do this to try to get Fleft to skript it.
GG Good Game
Goodmin Good Admin
Gottem Good What Tommy says after he rapes children.
GraserMC Popular request, doesn't need definition
griegy18 ScorpionJg
Hacker See 'Rekt'
HBL Old banlist for "harrassment"
Hitlerr Complaining about something
I'll take you to the real courtroom Coined from an attempt of Dallas to be UN-UBL'd used more as a joke in the courtroom.
inb4 used right before something happens, as a prediction
(Going) Ham When a player goes on a rampage achieving multiple kills.
Janitor(s) Always Cleaning up fights
Kaufing Excessive tormenting, bullying, and harrassment. That guy is kaufing me. It hurt my feelings! That guy is such a Kauf, always putting me down. Don't be a Kauf man, be a nice guy. Kaufing is a very serious thing, and no one should have to deal with it. Synonyms: Bullying, harassment, etc. Antonyms: Being nice, flowers, anything good.
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DONGPOCALYPSE's ultimate guide to becoming a 5k+ player, aka how to escape the (non-existent) trench (as any role!) (1/3)

##DONGPOCALYPSE's ultimate guide to becoming a 5k+ player, aka how to escape the (non-existent) trench (as any role!)

Table of Contents:

  1. Prologue - Why I wrote this guide and how to use it
  2. Who am I?
  3. Step Zero: Having the mindset of a champion
  4. Understanding MMR
  5. Drafting, Farm Priority, Hero Roles and Win Conditions
  6. Understanding Gold and Items
  7. Playing Cores
  8. Playing Supports
  9. Communication
  10. Laning
  11. The Midgame
  12. The Lategame and Ending the game
  13. The Ultra-Lategame
  14. Final Thoughts

##0. Prologue - Why I wrote this guide and how to use it

Dota is hard. Really hard. On my own personal journey to improve, I sought after resources that could answer complicated questions that I had. What exactly is it that separates good and bad Dota players? What do you need to know and do in order to improve? How can I, as 1/5th of a team, consistently cause my team to win, even as a position 5 support? I found the answers I sought, scattered throughout various videos, guides, and reddit posts. But one thing bothers me - now that I understand the game much better, it's apparent to me that there isn't a solidarity resource that explains all these things. It's a cryptic web of folklore, nestled between tons of garbage. This is why I wrote this guide. It's an attempt to explain what exactly it takes to be good at the game, all in one package.

With that said, there are some really important things I need to point out. This guide doesn't contain the sum of human knowledge about Dota. That's impossible. Really specific things like what all 115 heroes do and how to skill/build them, what every item does, etc... that's not here. It has more of a "teach a man to fish" approach. Also, some portions of the guide will be more or less important to different people of different skill levels. If I put it in here, it's important, but at the same time some things are more important than others for different people. At any point you could ask yourself, "What's the single most important thing I need to know, that I don't know right now, in order to be better?" If you're a 1k player, the section about the basics of playing core or support are almost certainly more relevent to you then the section about how to draft. For 4k players, it could be the opposite. One final thing: It'll take you a long time to read this if you go down the rabbit hole of following every single link in it. You don't have to fully read any esoteric articles about math or wat

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Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals 720p Eng Dub WEB x265 10bit


Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village. The village where Uzumaki Naruto, star of the TV show “Naruto” makes his home. Every day, countless powerful ninjas carry out missions and train to hone their skills. Our main character is one of these powerful ninjas…but it’s not Naruto! It’s the ninja who can’t use ninjutsu, Rock Lee! In spite of his handicap, Lee has big dreams. He works hard every day to perfect his hand-to-hand combat skills and become a splendid ninja! And to achieve his dream, he puts in more effort than anyone else. Under the hot-blooded tutelage of his teacher Guy, he works alongside his teammates Tenten and Neji. Watch the Beautiful Green Beast Rock Lee train, go on missions, and have all sorts of adventures! (Source: Crunchyroll)

Alternative Titles

  • English: NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals
  • Japanese: ナルトSD ロック・リーの青春フルパワー忍伝
  • Synonyms: Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden


- MAL ID: 12979

- Type: TV

- Episodes: 51

- Status: Finished Airing

- Aired: Apr 3, 2012 to Mar 26, 2013

- Premiered: Spring 2012

- Broadcast: Tuesdays at 18:00 (JST)

- Producers: TV Tokyo, Shueisha

- Licensors: Viz Media

- Studios: Studio Pierrot

- Source: Manga

- Genres: Action, Comedy, Parody

- Duration: 24 min per ep

- Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

Link :

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[Bible] Genesis (Chapter 36) - In Which Esau’s Family Gets Their Own Chapter

PDF Link

Genesis 36

In Which Esau’s Family Gets Their Own Chapter

Author's note: I am so, so sorry.


One day, Esau decided to sit down and write a biography about his family. After the death of his father, he wanted to make sure that his loved ones were remembered. Over the span of a year, he found time to talk to all of them one-on-one, really get to hear what they had to say. He learned things he had never known about them before, and grew closer to them as a result. Finally, it was time to write it all down. The stories, the confessions, the ruminations. A book like that would certainly have become a bestseller. Unfortunately, Esau’s version of writing consisted of various rudimentary drawings and oddly spaced lines that bared absolutely no resemblance of anything that could be remotely called ‘language’.

And while those texts have been lost to time, other stories of Esau’s family are collected below, to give unprecedented insight into the way people of the time lived. Please enjoy.


Adah was walking down her village’s road shopping one evening when she was almost bowled over by a giant, mangy, rabid dog chasing a hare. The dog was making quite a racket, yowling in the air and ruining public property. As she got closer, she realized to her surprise that it was not actually a dog at all. A year later, they were married. Esau had never been happier.


Ever since Aholibamah and Adah had been children, they constantly tried to outdo each other. Who could find the biggest stone? Who could hunt the strongest animal? When Adah married Esau, Aholibamah searched across the land in order to find a larger, hairier, crazier man to marry. Having no luck at that, she went ahead and married Esau too.


Bashemath wasn’t exactly thrilled to be marrying someone who already had two Canaanite wives. She worried that she wouldn’t fit in, would never be able to connect to the culture that the other wives shared. Luckily, it turned out that they all had more in common than she had thought.

“Pass the steak,” said Bashemath through a mouthful of food.

Adah and Aholibama nodded approvingly.


Eliphaz was scared of desert. It was a problem. He would do well in the grasslands and the fields, but the moment he got too close to those sandy areas, he began to feel a tension in his neck and he would find he could move no further. He ended u

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Kaido: Strongest Creature ≠ Strongest Pirate


In order to understand the nuance between the titles "Strongest Creature" and "Strongest Pirate", it's necessary to glean background information of who Kaido and Whitebeard are, to construct a lucid and clear understanding of why they were attributed these titles (which many unintentionally assume to mean the same thing); this will be consolidated with an explanation of what "Creature" and "Pirate" inherently denote to; ultimately, this will reinforce and edify readers on the distinction that should be made when confronted by this seemingly complex (albeit simple) conundrum.


##Whitebeard - The the World

The very first time we become to a certain degree familiar with Whitebeard, we're told by Buggy that Whitebeard is presently the strongest Pirate in the world; it's contextually key to understand that at this period in time, Garp tells us that he in the same vain is an Emperor along with Kaido, Big Mom & Shanks. This enforces that Whitebeard stands out distinct from the other 3 Emperors being that he's superior - Garp aptly refers to him as the King of the sea^432 .

Another thing to take note of is that Big Mom and Kaido during their years as Yonko challenged Whitebeard, what came of their attempts? For one, he's still in possession of his territory, and the next extract will elucidate more on Whitebeard's standing amongst all Pirates^697 .


#####Impel Down

During the Impel Down arc, the conversation opens up with "So, you're telling me there's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to kill Whitebeard?" by Sir Crocodile, as insidious a statement that is, it is complementary in the sense that he's being painted and illustrated as indomitable.

Through the pandemonium and orgy of death-wishes upon Whitebeard, Crocodile continuously elevates Whitebeard's already fierce image saying Whitebeard (like Roger) were Pirates that couldn't be overcome due to their immense power, subsequently, this leads to Kaido going after Whitebeard complementing what was said concerning the "once-in-a-lifetime..." statement.

Conclusively, what is most powerful in this scene is what's uttered by one of the prisoners who says "I'll end Whitebeard's reign!", ironically, Whitebeard is just one of 4 Yonkos who reigns over his own territory, but his presence stifles th

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Do your SOs think you're retarded?

Disclaimer: Sorry to use the term "retarded," but I don't find it inappropriate here. If I think I feel slow, then retarded works (synonyms).

I am often embarrassed by my behavior in front of my two SOs. One has witnessed it for years, and the other has witnessed it for some months.

I'm on meds regularly--not 100% stable, but is anyone ever? I've never had poor quality relationships, so I never suspected that my disorder impacts them. But evidently it does. Anyway, my question is do any of you worry that your SO thinks you're degrading mentally or kinda retarded or cognitively impaired? I feel dumb a lot, and my SOs laugh it off and act sympathetic and understanding, but I can't help but fear they see me the same way they'd see someone with a clear mental handicap. They haven't broken up with me, but whether it's my manic behaviors (the energetic impulsiveness & weird movement/speech), my horrible coordination and clumsiness, my not-worth-shit memory, or my ridiculous lack of concentration and ultra delayed mental processing functions, I just feel like I seem retarded. And the last thing I want is for the people I date to think that about me to, because why would anyone want to have kids with someone who's mentally challenged? Why would anyone want to bring me around their friends and family if I act weird and off.

My bf has definitely mentioned that I have always seemed a little off to him, but he loves me anyway. My gf probably doesn't feel comfortable enough saying something like that, but she definitely has commented on my weirdness before, mostly concerning my delayed processing time or poor concentration ("You're always having a different conversation than everyone else").

It makes me want to cry; I feel so retarded these days. Do you just choose to focus on your betterment and to forget what everyone else thinks? I have no idea how I look to other people, I just know that I feel slow and confused.

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How do you feel about people saying "gay" or "fag" when they mean something like "lame" or "asshole"?

I even see this happen in highly opvoted comments ("OP is a fag" on stolen content etc.), and when I make a remark about it I usually get downvoted.

I realize that the people who say these things often have nothings against gays and don't think it's offending anyone, but they're still part of the reason why these terms have such strong negative connotations.

I know it bothered me even before I knew I was gay, and it saddens me that the majority of reddit doesn't seem to feel the same way about this.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Should we just ignore it at hope this usage falls out of fashion? Does it bother you when your friends say "gay" when they mean "lame"?

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Sick of cheaters? Sick of 64 tick? Let's build a competitive NA Community!

Good Afternoon /r/GlobalOffensive

After seeing the numbers for Dreamhack this weekend, I couldn’t help but get excited. CS:GO is finally gaining the numbers required to become part of the larger international tournaments. It’s high time that North American players build a competitive community. There are a lot of people playing the game, but very few of them are playing genuine competitive Counter-Strike. By competitive I mean the way the game was played at Dreamhack: 5v5. Teams. Strats. 1:45 rounds and 35s bomb timers. I do not mean to create an “us” versus “them” mentality, but MM, even when queued with five, is not genuine competitive. People are not running strats on MM the way they are being run in league matches or on LAN. Matchmaking is pugging in the same way that ESEA, AltPug, and Leetway are pugging. How are we going to go about moving away from a model where we play with random people, to one where we play with a team consistently? We have to stop relying on pug services like ESEA, AltPug, Leetway, and Valve’s matchmaking and do it ourselves.

There are three main issues that need to be overcome for this to be possible:

  1. Cheaters:

We’ve all been there. “You guys are going to lose :))))” Only to have someone who just bought nine accounts during the Steam Sale so that he could aimbot with a SCAR through double doors. It’s frustrating. “Want to all just dc?” is usually the response from a team facing the cheater. But that means another five minute queue. Some days you’re lucky enough for the other team to kick the kid, but more often than not the other four people are paying him so that they can have “Global Elite” next to their name. The best we can do is click “report” and hope Overwatch bans the account four months down the road only to run into the same person on one of the other ten Steam accounts he made to cheat on after the Steam sale.

How is it possible that we all deal with this on a daily basis? We have accepted a model of playing Counter-Strike that was created out of circumstances dating back about six or seven years. It was sometime around season 16 or 17 that CAL introduced the CAL-Anti-Cheat Client. CEVO also had its own client. ESEA also had an AC client. Prior to ESEA having its own league, it was solely a PUG service. ESEA was where you went to PUG when you weren’t scrimming with your team (after your 5th had to go to bed). During this time, scrimming was played on private servers with no client. T

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Arsène Wenger interview at the Olympia - Translated

I translated this from - it may not be entirely accurate


The former Arsenal coach was on the mythical Parisian stage Monday evening for a conference on his career and an exchange with the spectators.

His youth in Alsace: "I come from a small Alsatian village with a life that revolved around religion. The "king" of the village was the priest. I was raised in a restaurant that also served as the football team's club house and that's all it talked about. But religion didn't help to win matches. Much later, I replaced my missal with good players and football became my religion. Gambling must be treated as religion. He alone dictates your choices."

Coach in Nancy at 33: "Some players were older than me. But I've never had a problem with authority, I can't say why. I was vomiting after defeats, I couldn't live with defeat. I figured I wasn't cut out for this job. But my body got used to it and over time I changed."

The squirrel's metaphor: "The animal is survival. So is top-level sport. It's me or the others. But in a team sport it is also me AND the others. The squirrel shares its body between the head and the top. Football is about managing with your brain and legs. But if someone doesn't look up often, it will never make him a very good footballer."

"In a cloakroom, you have 25 predators in front of you. They detect everything and especially your weakness"

Football is synonymous with lion pits: "There are an incredible number of players who don't win in the dressing room. They don't make it through the landing. The high level player, when he starts, must show that he is there. It starts with entering the dressing room with a clear message and sometimes simply with an attitude you say something: "Now you have to count on me". I remember Bojan, who played in Barcelona and was even afraid to drink from the same bottle as Messi. It's a detail, but he never knew how to live up to his potential."

His definition of the great player: "It is a rather special animal that revolves around three essential precepts. Balloon control, decision making and execution. The grown-ups anticipate and are ahead of the others, they have understood what is going to happen. But I think that if the players watched their game even more, they would be even better. All successful guys have a regularity of effort and an objective analysis of their p

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