another meaning for "hamper" : a large basket with a lid, used for laundry.
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My darling husband, bless his heart, recently did ALL our laundry (at least 5 full loads), but then shoved EVERYTHING so tightly into a couple of hampers that all our clothes are now wrinkly, unwearable wads. Reddit, what well-meaning thing has someone done for you that you really wish they hadn't?

I go to school and work part time. He just started a new job where he works about 60-70 hours a week. We haven't had a lot of time to keep up with the chores lately. I normally do the laundry, but this semester it's really piled up. He meant well, poor thing. I still have no idea what compelled him to pack it all so tightly into those hampers though. Never in my life have I seen clothing that wrinkled. I had to laugh.

The best part? He swears there is this "jewish ironing" method where you just hang the clothes and they magically lose the wrinkles. I told him that method only works if you hang the clothes while they are still hot and fresh out of the dryer, not after letting them cool into little wads. Still, he's quite persistent that these wrinkles will iron themselves out.

What well-meaning thing has some one done for you that they really shouldn't have?

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I mean, what good is a hamper anyway?
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Saw this pile of food going for £15 on Facebook. Is it some sort of hamper? I dont know. I mean how would you even store this? A few walnuts in there and some soon to be stale crackers... can’t quick decide what’s the worse bit.
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Losing religion might mean for too many men they simply learn what a clitoris is, why it's important, and how being a Utah Mormon has hampered their relationship more than helped.
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Sims 4 washing machine or hampers now working at all - no choices being given. I've tried logging off and on again, deleting machines and buying a new one, moving it around... Nothing has fixed it! Any advice would be appreciated please (sorry for bad pic, thought I'd attach to show what I mean)
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📅︎ Jun 16 2020
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The Ten Types of Ace Attorney Fans

From my two years of experience in the AA fandom, dating back to 2019, I have made many observations. Now, I've compiled my notes and developed a foolproof system for categorizing the various types of AA fans.

(This isn't meant to be taken seriously. This community is great.)

There shouldn't be any spoilers, but you may want to be careful anyway.

1. The Series As A Whole Enjoyer

These are our role models. They're the type of guys to enjoy the series as a whole.

The trilogy is iconic, they say, and it has such amazing stories and characters. It's why we have the franchise that we have! But wait, AJ, DD, and SoJ have great characters too, and they tell amazing standalone stories, not to mention some of the best mysteries in the series! But then again, the Investigations games have such refreshing gameplay and an interesting new direction for the series, and Chronicles takes old ideas and makes a whole new world out of them. I mean, how are they supposed to choose?

In fact, do not ask The Series As A Whole Enjoyer to choose their favorite game. They'll burst out crying. Would you want someone to ask you to choose your favorite child?

The Series As A Whole Enjoyer is great to be around. They're positive, empathetic people with a strength of mind that we mortals cannot comprehend. They always understand how you're feeling, and they have a relaxing presence that makes other people smile. They're the friends you want but don't deserve.

May they never stop being the type of guys to enjoy the series as a whole.

2. The Trilogy Fan

They enjoy the entire series, similar to the Series As A Whole Enjoyer, but for the Trilogy Fan, nothing quite reaches the heights of the first three games. For them, the characters, the story, and especially the cohesion are something the series hasn't matched since. While there's some disagreement about the best game in the trilogy, these fans are united in their appreciation for everything the trilogy gave them, the memories of laughing and crying.

Many eccentricities have been noted about the Trilogy Fan. For starters, they are known to add "pal" to the end of all their sentences. Whether they're encouraging the person they're addressing to be their friend, communicating that they have no hostile intentions, or reciting a mysterious mantra is unclear.

Additionally, they are liable to eat burgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a side of coffee at each meal, carefully planned out so that

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After my last game was hampered by having no good planets and non-adaptive meaning I couldn't expand I made an extremely adaptive race and found the last baol within 50 years

It's like rain on your wedding day

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Celebrating Mads Mikkelsen

This piece was initially written as three separate videos spread across a "Mads Mikkelsen Week" celebration, but I'll combine them into one text post here. If you would like to watch the original videos, you can find all three parts in this playlist. The full piece consists of a mini-analysis of Mads's place in the Danish film industry vs. Hollywood along with reviews for three of his recent Danish-language films: Another Round, Men & Chicken, and Riders of Justice.


Mads Mikkelsen is one of my favorite actors, but I’ve found that many American audiences— or maybe just English-speaking audiences in general— tend to undervalue Mads’s talents as an actor. Even those who like him tend to hold this sort of reduced view of his thespian abilities. So you can consider this mini-series an American’s introduction to Mads’s Danish language films.

Mads’s best roles in the U.S. tend to be villain parts, owing I think to some semi-subconscious ethnocentrism in Hollywood filmmaking that suggests that if someone has a “foreign accent” then they must be “evil”. It’s more rare than you might expect to find anyone who speaks English as a second language placed in the protagonist role of a major Hollywood film. The best you can hope for most of the time is a juicy villain or sidekick role. I’d like to see American screenwriters and studios get away from this narrow view of the world where anyone from outside the country’s borders must not be important, or likable, or interesting enough to follow as a protagonist.

And while Mads is great at playing villains, back in his home country of Denmark, he frequently fills likable protagonist or supporting character’s shoes. A villain role like whatever his name was in Doctor Strange gives him nothing to work with, and even a non-villain role like his part in Rogue One is such a nothing character that it’s hard to see the part as anything other than a waste of his immense talents.

Now, to be clear, there’s no blame on him for those unchallenging parts; those are the roles that provide big enough paychecks and build enough cache and box-office appeal that he’s able to go be in smaller, more challenging films with less wide appeal back in Denmark without worrying about his star power back in Hollywood diminishing in the interim. Those high-profile roles also help to bring new audiences into foreign-language films that otherwise might not receive much

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Life as a bed slave, part 2


(Note: I have fixed the issue and re-uploaded this portion.)


I was very happy. Joseph was working out better than I could have hoped. News from Khaarn was that my human was struggling to develop antiscaber weapons and defenses, but that he also added new material descriptions into the database. Excellent.


In engineering, I explained the armor and weapon's purposes. The sword was to allow me to cut at scabers on the floor without having to bend over. The armor, far clunkier than I had intended, was just a hard shell to protect against the sharp but weak jaws of the scabers.

It took a while, but security agreed to allow me to have a suit of scaber armor, but Khaarn would be responsible for locking the sword away. Failsafe measures were put in place, to prevent me from using the armor against the crew. The engineers looked at the materials I had been using, and scoffed. I explained it didn't have to be sturdy, it just needed to be hard.

Within a few days, they presented me with an improved suit of armor. Something I could really move around in. It was great! Khaarn kept the key to the armor locked up with the sword, and I got to keep the armor standing in the corner.


Three weeks passed in relative calm and quiet. As we patrolled a system on the edge of K'tari space, a signal was detected from a nearby planet. A K'tari distress beacon.

We moved to render assistance, gingerly moving through the colorful orbital ring of small meteoric debris.

Suddenly, the ship rocked, and alarms started blaring. "Status report!" I barked the command as my claws dug grooves into the arms of my chair.

"Warlord Xhikaat! We hit a mine!"

Moments later, the ship rocked again, and then immediately after, the telltale sound of something slamming into the hull was heard. Moments later, my fears were confirmed.

"Warlord Xhikaat! Hull breach!"

An ambush, and using one of my own people's distress signals to do it.

"All hands, prepare for boarders!"


This was a nice day so far. The alarms that went off were eerily similar to the ones I had heard blaring before, back when- I stopped that thought and ran to the armor in the corner. Khaarn retrieved the key, and just as he was locking me in the armor, the announcement came.

Prepare for boarders. Thrrel, and their damned scabers. I had feared this moment, and I was terrified, but I'm human, and I woul

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[MMORPGs] Wealthy players take control of RuneScape’s Economy, earn billions by running pump and dump schemes, and send bagholders broke in the process

Past RS Drama Posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

A plethora of videos, books and clickbait articles exist that spruik hidden get rich quick schemes, allowing the reader to give up their back-breaking, mind-numbing day jobs in favour of the high life. Either omitted or understated is the reality of these schemes. For example, a person selling a dropshipping course won’t divulge that a student’s earnings likely won’t ever cover their tuition. My first encounter with these too good to be true stories occurred in Jagex’s medieval fantasy MMORPG RuneScape, where thousands of naive players fell victim to ruthless entrepreneurs who engaged in price manipulation to amass huge swaths of in-game gold.

The Grand Exchange

>With Jagex controlling the prices, they control the economy. For anyone who knows French, they pretty much just spat on the saying "Laizer Faire". For anyone who doesn't know French, it means leaving the economy alone, like relaxing and watching it go by itself, not having the government control it.
>-TipIt User

Until late 2007, the term merchanting referred to making a profit by buying and selling items, essentially just trying to maximise the markup. This business was facilitated by RuneScape's free trade system, which allowed two players to exchange items with each other. Merchants that made serious money typically dealt in the game’s rare items. Made available only during seasonal events (Christmas, the game’s birthday, Halloween), these discontinued collectables were still tradeable. Purely cosmetic paper hats would go on to sell for billions of coins years after their introduction to the game. Assisted by their appreciation in value over time, the large price spread on these items paved the way for a select group of already wealthy players to become the game’s first billionaires.

November of 2007 posed problems for this m

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On System Era's unacceptable attitude towards the unofficial modding scene

I think it's clear to pretty much everyone who has played a video game at all that video game modding is beneficial for both players and developers. Mods expand on previously unexplored aspects of the game, resulting in an increase in player enjoyment, playerbase size, game longevity, and often game profits as a whole. System Era's official stance towards the concept of Astroneer modding seems to reflect this well, as per Joe Tirado in his interview with One Last Midnight: "we ****ing love them ... we love mods; I personally am a big fan of them," a sentiment which it would seem to me is always expressed whenever the idea of modding is brought up in official developer communications. At the end of the day though, System Era's actions tell a completely different story regarding their views towards the Astroneer unofficial modding scene. The following is a list of ways in which System Era has actively ignored/worked against their own best interests and those of the unofficial modding scene despite what appears to be a positive opinion of modding:

  • I am not a lawyer at all, but I can see that the Astroneer EULA contains a clause explicitly stating that users cannot "reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, display, perform, prepare derivative works based on or otherwise modify the Software in whole or in part," which in most common interpretations (and the one publicly held by System Era) includes any conceivable form of modding Astroneer. This is used as a legal justification to heavily discourage discussion of modding on official outlets, meaning that a significant number of Astroneer players are unaware that unofficial modding is even possible as a concept; whenever I post here about some new mod that I have created, quite a few comments express some form of confusion or astonishment, as they were formerly led to believe that Astroneer modding was fundamentally impossible. This hampers progress in the unofficial modding scene since any modding scene requires as many folks as possible to come and look around as a means to find those rare few who have the technical know-how and work ethic to chip in. System Era claimed in a livestream last year that they intend to change their EULA in the near future, but has provided no significant update in the recent past on any EULA change; such an update would be greatly appreciated among the members of the unofficial modd
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HUMANKIND - Review Thread

#Game Information

Game Title: Humankind

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy, 4X

Platforms: PC, Stadia (August 17, 2021)


Developer: Amplitude Studios

Publisher: SEGA

Price: $59.99 USD / 59.99 EUR, available on Xbox Game Pass

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 81 - 77% recommended

MetaCritic - 80


Website/Author Critic's Score Quote Platform
PCGamer - Fraser Brown 71/100 A smart historical 4X that doesn't quite match the inventiveness of the studio's best. PC
IGN - Leana Hafer 7/10 Humankind is an interesting but fairly safe riff on historical 4X that doesn't always rise to meet its potential. PC
God Is a Geek - Mick Fraser 8/10 There are some cracks in the shiny veneer, for sure, but on the whole Humankind is a great experience with almost endless replayability. PC
GameWatcher - Bogdan Robert Mateș 7.5/10 Although not all of its features are as fleshed out as they could be, Humankind does hit several sweet spots, both in terms of combat and management, having enough going on to push you to click that next turn button. While it probably won’t be a “Civ killer” – not that it necessarily aims to be one –, it’s clearly a game that historical 4X strategy fans looking for a different spin on the subgenre’s formula should definitely consider trying out at some point. PC
TheSixthAxis - Jason Coles 9/10 HUMANKIND is as deep as you could possibly want from a 4X strategy game, but the constant addition of new things to think about never feels overwhelming because everything's explained so well, and often with a good bit of humour too. It's an excellent game, and if you've never delved into the 4X genre before, this might be your best chance to do so. PC


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Give my child your insulin pump!

So, I'm a Type 1 Diabetic. This means that my body doesn't produce any insulin and I have to get it from an external source. The source that works best for me is a pump, which is connected to my body. Without insulin, I would die a rather nasty and painful death. I can disconnect the pump for short periods to shower, change, etc but 99% of the time, it's connected to my body.

I usually wear the pump on my waistband. This allows me to easily access it and make changes to my insulin as needed.

I was over at my mother-in-law's house when my pump had an alert. My blood sugar was trending low and this can be quite serious so it's a loud and demanding alarm. I cleared the alert and grabbed a few fruit snacks to raise my sugars. My 5 yr old nephew heard the alert and asked me what it was and I told him. I explained that it's a medical device that I wear to keep me healthy.

He considers this and holds out his hand, demanding to see. I refuse since it's a MEDICAL DEVICE that I need to live. Beyond that, he's not gentle with anything and breaks most of his toys very quickly. I tell him no again and knowing that he rarely hears that word, move my pump from my waistband to clip it onto my bra. This way he can't just grab it, which is absolutely what he would do.

He starts crying and wailing so his mother, my sister-in-law, comes running it. She screams at me, asking what I did. I just shrugged and said that I told him no, he couldn't have my insulin pump. She scoffed at me and told me to just hand it over. I can go without it for a little bit and my nephew deserves to see it. I should be stimulating his natural curiosity instead of trying to hamper it.

I refuse again and tell her to drop it. It's not going to happen. "But he's a CHILD." Now, I've dealt with them before so I know that she's not going to be able to drop it. I said no to her child and that's unforgivable. I'm getting a headache from the screaming so I just turned and left. I didn't need to be there anymore so I went home.

I'm sorry that I'm not willing to risk my health and well-being just to entertain your child., I'm not sorry.

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Keidran are carnivores. But are they really? Is there something more going on?

Put on your tinfoil hats.

We know Keidran are carnivores, as Flora said she ate bread once and it made her ill. Meaning they can't process carbohydrates.

However, we know they can drink beer. Which has carbs, albeit not as much as bread. This means that canonically, they can tolerate at least some carbs.

So following that logic, they should be able to eat some low-carb veggies like spinach, cauliflower, green beans, etc. Maybe not in huge quantities. Dogs should be especially good at this as their real world counterparts are "facultative carnivores" which means they are mostly carnivores, but can eat non-meat foods in moderation. This of course is an evolutionary trait they have developed from thousands of years of living alongside humans.

Assuming the comic follows real world examples, the races in order of most to least carnivorous (all of them are carnivores) is: Tigers -> Cats -> Wolves (real world wolves will eat plant material if they need to) -> Foxes -> Dogs.

However that's not really the tinfoil part. What is tinfoil is the reason they are carnivores at all. Think about it; it would take so, so many resources and time to sustain a population of carnivores. Of course in the modern world we can produce so much it wouldn't be an issue, but in a roughly 1400-ish world, for a race a people who can't natively use magic that's a big deal.

It's one of the reasons why humans are so dominant. But still, why are they carnivores at all? Like I said it doesn't make sense for any demigod-like being to hamper them like that, for as we know all races of the 2K world are created, not evolved. The masks created each race themselves, and represent them, why would Ephemural handicap itself?

My theory is that the masks are playing a "game" with each one representing a race. What the end goal is, I don't know but at some point the Keidran races were cursed with carnivorism and short lifespans.

The Basitins live for basically as long as humans and are omnivores, whoever created them did it right in that regard. I think the Keidran were originally like that too, but have long since forgotten, or possibly had it wiped from their collective conscious.

This is why that baby Flora has been pregnant with for like 14 years is so important. A true crossbreed, and possibly a descendant of the original peoples before the masks split them into their separate races.

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My entitled mother demanded I hand over my house to her because my little sister is pregnant and NEEDS it more than me

Hi everyone. This story was previously posted in another subreddit. However it was removed. So I'm reposting it here. This happened about two months ago. I'm warning you all in advance that this is gonna be a pretty long one. So I'll include a TLDR at the end.

I (31m) have a sister (28f) that has honestly been the golden child to my mother but not my father for as long as I can remember. My parents divorced when I was a teenager because my mother cheated with an old high school ex-boyfriend and has always been controlling, manipulative and narcissistic. And sadly my sister was like her little Mini-Me. Our mother also seemed to believe she had total authority over me any time she so much as snapped her fingers. She'd snap them and order me around like a dog. It was demeaning. And my sister always backed her up too. So no surprise I went to live with my dad full time after our parents split while my sister stayed with mom. The two of them were very alike. And both pretty much stopped speaking with my father unless it was about money. Though I'm more like my dad. My father was very business oriented and started teaching me how to do his line of work as soon as I was 16. I got pretty good at it. And after 12 years of working for my father I was made a partner in his company. Things were great. But then about 8 months ago tragedy struck. My father had become somewhat immunocompromised due to being a heavy smoker for much of his life and died at only 60 years old after he caught C19.

I met my mother and sister for the first time in years after we had a socially distanced funeral for my father over video call. My father was cremated by his own request and buried in a local cemetery. So there was no body or casket. My sister seemed to grieve, but my mother looked indifferent the entire time. Though I honestly was not surprised. The last time she saw my father she screamed at him that he owed her more money, and then threatened to sue him. To which he just laughed at her. He'd paid alimony and child support as long as he was legally mandated to, and no more than that. And he even put 30K toward my sister's college fund. But ten years after the divorce he was no longer legally required to send mom money anymore because of the judge's ruling. And she's by no means broke. She works the same job she has had for nearly 3 decades, fully owns the old family home we used to share, and even rents out two of the rooms in it to Air B&B regularly. She's by no means hurti

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Why people would argue against buffs or stronger releases

In the recent conversations, there have been a lot of people saying 'why would you not want a character buffed, it benefits you too'. In this post, I'd like to go into the reasons why. I'm not going to go into whether certain characters should be buffed here, that's what other posts are for. I would simply like to shed a light on people's motivations for arguing this in the hopes that we can have healthier debates on the matter.

Note: Not all people who argue this will have all of these exact motivations. They just play a role very often.

Second note: These are from the perspective that the player feels X character is sufficient in strength, but is still being considered in need of a buff by the community.

Third note: I am not listing these arguments to convince you that they are correct, but merely to try and explain them more clearly so that you could better understand another's perspective.

Fourth note: Some of these arguments pertain to straight number buffs, others to kit changes.

Edit: If you stop reading and downvote as soon as you see something you don't agree with, then you missed the point of this post. I'm not here to convince you of a certain narrative. My convictions are my own. I simply wish to shed light upon some common reasonings.


Genshin can be a hard game. Genshin can be an easy game. A lot of it depends on how you approach gameplay. But more often than not, players will evolve to a point where they can beat most bosses with relative ease. To many, the joy in a character comes not just from their strengths but also their weaknesses: Trying to find ways to deal with those weakness or work around them is satisfying.

If the character gets too strong, you don't have that.

Edit: This is not just referring to the challenge in gameplay itself, like using weak equipment. It's the challenge of team building. Of identifying a character's weaknesses and finding ways to play around that. If a character is too strong by default, this loses its charm.


It took months for Bennet to be recognised as meta, and after Zhongli buff, many came to the conclusion that Zhongli was never that bad to begin with, and the buff was premature. Regardless of whether this is correct, people find that time is needed for a character to be judged properly. New characters come out for them to interact with, more players gather mats and try different comps, and secrets in the data are discovered that shed new lights on characters

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Radioactive water is pooling outside Fukushima's reactors at levels exceeding one sievert an hour. Work to contain the disaster is hampered as just four hours exposure could mean death within two months.…
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📅︎ Mar 28 2011
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Ranking the new Thousand Sons Cults

So, thanks to the efforts of a friend, I've managed to get my hands on the new Thousand Sons codex in full. I suspect that it will be rather strong, though not quite to the extent of Drukhari or Admech (and that's a good thing for the overall balance of the game). However, this is not a discussion of the codex in full, but rather of the 9 Subfactions, the Great Cults, found therein. Each Great Cult has a unique psychic power, a unique Warlord Trait, an a unique relic. I'll be ranking these according to the following 5 tiers:

S Tier: These subfactions are going to almost always be found in the top tournament lists. They are hands down some of the best, and you're deliberately handicapping yourself if you don't have them.

A Tier: These subfactions are good, but not necessarily must-have. If you want to go with a single detachment, you probably won't go for these, but they're excellent to bring along as a Patrol.

B Tier: These subfactions are probably not going to see play at the highest levels, but they can still do quite well at lower-level or casual play.

C Tier: These subfactions are pretty much only feasible in casual "beer and pretzels" kinds of games. They might be fun to play, but they're not actually very good.

D Tier: These subfactions aren't even going to cut it on casual tables. They're simply bad, and may even actively hamper your ability to enjoy the game.

So, starting out, we have two S Tier subfactions:

Cult of Duplicity: They have Da Jump, nuf said. Well, not quite, but having access to a teleport power is extremely useful, especially in an army with as much good short range shooting as this (Inferno bolters and Warpflamers can both be boosted to rather nasty levels, and combined with Twist of Fate to turn off invulns). It helps that with Cabal Points, that teleport will go off if you need it to, denies and bad dice be darned. Furthermore, they also have access to a Redeploy WLT, which is also one of the strongest tricks in the game. As regards maneuverability, they are hands down the best subfaction in the game and open up an absurd number of options.

Cult of Time: Cult of Time also benefits from having an excellent Warlord Trait and Cult Spell. Their ability to bring back models of Terminators is obviously quite welcome, but it's their warlord trait that actually puts them up here. It allows for the warlord to, once per round, cast an additional spell if they cast a spell at 9+. Here's the trick, that goes off even on *modif

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Have Lucid Group (LCID) & PIF fallen prey to what Saudis wanted to save Elon Musk from? Shedding lights on Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas “Tale of the two companies”

In August 2018, Elon Musk announced that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) had agreed to take Tesla private at $420 (a 20% premium to the then stock price of $350). The “funding secured” tweet that put Elon Musk in feud with SEC implied that Saudi’s PIF was ready to pay as much as $60B for the largest BUYOUT transaction in history that put Tesla’s valuation close to $80B. Elon Musk wrote a letter to investors and explained his motivations and the benefits of going private, the reasons were sheltering from short sellers and attacks that the company was receiving as well as shifting his focus and energy to production instead of dealing with analysts and short term quarterly earning pressure. He wrote,

“First, a final decision has not yet been made, but the reason for doing this is all about creating the environment for Tesla to operate best. As a public company, we are subject to wild swings in our stock price that can be a major distraction for everyone working at Tesla, all of whom are shareholders. Being public also subjects us to the quarterly earnings cycle that puts enormous pressure on Tesla to make decisions that may be right for a given quarter, but not necessarily right for the long-term. Finally, as the most shorted stock in the history of the stock market, being public means that there are large numbers of people who have the incentive to attack the company.”

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) wanted to spend close to $60B and take Tesla private to shield it from massive short selling attacks and to move forward their “Strategic Vision 2030” which would lead the country to diversify away from fossil fuels and oil and to fortify their footsteps on clean / sustainable energy track.

The deal ultimately fell apart and Saudi PIF sold their billions of dollars of Tesla stake and instead invested $3B in Lucid Motors in several rounds between 2018 – 2021. The latest round that they invested in Lucid was in February 2021, when they invested $200M in parallel with PIPE investors. I will get back to the PIPE deal and Sep 1 sell off at the end of this article.

In Feb 2021, Saudi Arabia’s PIF took Lucid Motors public via SPAC but ironically, since early March and as soon as the hype deflated, the company and its largest backer have both fallen prey to what Saudis wanted to shield Tesla from. The stock has been a sweet target for short sellers and option writers since the DA. Short interest since April (until Aug 31) has been i

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Why Halo 5 feels "sweaty", while Halo 3 does not.

Because of a thread on the front page, there's been a big uptick in discussion on casual (social) vs competitive (ranked). A lot of it is coming down to a sentiment a lot of casual players are expressing - that games nowadays feel super "sweaty", regardless of if it's in the social or ranked playlists. And that games didn't used to feel like this. There are obviously numerous reasons for this feeling, even some that aren't true (that getting stomped must mean your opponent is trying super hard), but I'm going to look at one specific one - a larger one, in my opinion. Why does Halo 5 feel so sweaty to play, while Halo 3 - a game beloved by the competitive community to this day - not?

In a bit of an ironic twist for a few people out there, it's because of the advanced movement. Sprint, Thrusters, Sliding, Clamber. In Halo 5, you are expected to input numerous button commands while traversing the map. You do not get a break from things on respawn. The maps are much larger; they're designed in mind for sprinting, sliding, thrusting, and clambering. If you don't utilize these abilities, well... it's not going to go well for you when you're up against someone who does. You need to be active and focused on movement around the map for the entire game, especially off spawn. You don't get a respite outside of when you're dead, or you're actively hampering your chances to win.

In Halo 3, there is only a single consistent movement speed. When you respawn, you generally - especially in social playlists - just tilt the thumbstick forward and go toward the next fight. Now, certain maps like Heretic are designed for immediate contact off spawn, which is why Slayer on Heretic is about the fastest game of Slayer you'll ever play in a Halo game (averaging a minute and a half faster than Truth in tournament play, by the way). But others, like the Pit, one of the most beloved maps in the series, commonly - especially in the non-MLG playlists - has a lull of about 3-5 seconds before things kick off again. Time you're physically a bit more relaxed than usual, since you aren't being asked to do anything by the game's design just yet. And it's also time that isn't costing you anything, since that's the one speed the game plays at. Whereas again, in Halo 5, those 3-5 seconds of traversal demand your full attention, so that you're playing up to the speed the game is designed around the whole time. If you don't, you're putting yourself - and your team - at a disadvantage each

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Huge spoiler alert! Sex Education Script analysis from a writers point of view

Hi everyone,

I‘d like to share a script analysis of the first three seasons and make predictions for season 4 and maybe season 5, if Netflix will give it go.

I am not a native English speaker. Please excuse possible mistakes in my post. Since I have a job, I wrote this at night in my spare time. Please go easy on me :)

There is the triangle between Otis, Maeve, and Ruby that was fully established during season 3, most likely even earlier. Otis has a sincere and deep emotional affection and connection with Maeve and vice versa. They are soul mates. They love each other! Moreover, Otis supports Maeve’s aspirations in pursuing her educational career and her feminist ideals. However, Otis has a very deep and strong physical affection with Ruby, conscious as we see in season 3 and, almost more important, subconscious as the see in season 1 and 2. Ruby clearly has that physical affection to Otis as well and has also built an emotional connection towards Otis, way before season 3. She sincerely loves him. However, he is not able yet to reciprocate her feelings. Ruby cracks Otis physical blockade from being unable to masturbate (Season 1) to become a passionate desirable lover (Season 3). Otis helps Ruby to open up with her emotions. Important to consider, Otis does not have a physical connection to Maeve. Maeve would like to build on a physical connection with Otis but he is not able to reciprocate her attempts. Maeve was not able to open up Otis on a physical level. Ruby was!

Moreover, there might be a connection between Ruby and Maeve that predates the events of season 1 and was not properly addressed in the script yet. At the beginning of season 1, episode 1, both know Aimee very well and are close to her. Both Maeve and Ruby are beautiful girls that are chased by boys on campus. However, Maeve has that cock biter stigma. In S1E5 we learn from Maeve that all of this started when she was asked by boy to give a blowjob on a party (maybe Ruby was there as well) which she declined. She was than slut shamed. I assume that Maeve was a former member of the untouchables and was somewhat kicked out by Princess Ruby (see Shakespeare below, Ola actually called Ruby and Otis in S3/E3:”The Queen and King of the untouchables”) who did not want a shadow over their public image. It also started to go down for Aimee’s membership when Ruby tells; or you can even say orders her; in S1E1 that she has to break up the Adam und that she has to eat vegan now. There is clearly a

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Individual awards > Rings in the era of El Bron. No longer are we hampered by “it don’t mean a thing if you don’t got that ring.” Klutch sports more effective than Fox News…
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[OC] Let's give an asterisk to every NBA champion, from 2021 to 1947.

During the playoffs and especially in the bubble last season, it seemed like anything anyone talked about was asterisks, and if this season "deserved" one due to the plethora of injuries. So, I decided to see if I could technically give an asterisk to literally every NBA Champion from 2021 all the way to 1947, just to show how fucking stupid the argument is.

Note - Even though the NBA didn't exist until 1950, they consider the 3 previous years of the BAA as official history, and list it as such.

Once I hit the early 1960s and 50s, due to there being practically no real information regarding those seasons besides a very brief overview and recap (some cases not even that), most of those seasons I had to stare at box scores and read team histories and see game by game if there were injuries and fall back to shooting% or FT%, which is why a lot of the asterisks pre-1960s-ish are pretty fickle.

2021 Milwaukee Bucks: Nets injuries let the Bucks cakewalk to the finals, and the Suns weren't real contenders and only made the finals cause of injuries to everyone they played.

2020 LA Lakers: Bubble ring. No crowds, no travel. Heat had injuries that made the finals a cakewalk.

2019 Toronto Raptors: Klay and KD both going down with injuries.

2018 Golden State Warriors: CP3 getting injured and the Rockets going 0-27 in game 7.

2017 Golden State Warriors: Warriors were down 20+ points before Kawhi went down with his injury.

2016 Cleveland Cavs: Draymond got suspended cause LeBron whined to the league, and Bogut went down with injury.

2015 Golden State Warriors: Kevin Love and Kyrie both were injured.

2014 San Antonio Spurs: Conveniently malfunctioning A/C forced LeBron to leave game 1 and deal with cramps.

2013 Miami Heat: Horribly weak East, Spurs missed insanely easy clutch free throws, and Ray Allen hit the shot of his life.

2012 Miami Heat: Lockout shortened season.

2011 Dallas Mavericks: MVP Derrick Rose tore his ACL and took the best team out of contention. Manu injured round 1 for Spurs.

2010 LA Lakers: Kendrick Perkins got injured.

2009 LA Lakers: Kevin Garnett got injured.

2008 Boston Celtics: Bailed out by refs against the Cavs and LeBron.

2007 San Antonio Spurs: Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudemire both got suspended for BS reasons.

2006 Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade FTs the entire series. Shot

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Encouraging heroes to kill villains regularly is irresponsible

Hey, y'all I am back again with a bit of a less focused rant than my maxim opus about girls with big biceps, but it's something I feel semi-passionate about.

Time after time, whether it's a simple conversation, looking at blogs, or just reading writing advice I hear about this idea, this concept. One that at best is inept in its construction and at worst is downright malicious. I've seen posts of people who don't seem to live in our world that complains about heroes not wanting to kill people, in a baffling reality-detached rant, I've seen people explain that heroes should murder villains and it is enabling if they do so. Sometimes even going as far as to say that it'd be more realistic and make their universe better.

Today I am here to dash these common criticisms that are made from no sense of rhyme nor reason. All so I can explain why heroes killing villains should never be normalized or considered completely just. So I am going to break this down into sections.

Section 1: Center of Morality

What is the justice system? Well simple, it's a set of laws that create a legal standard within the area that a person resides in. It also includes law enforcement alongside courts where trials are held. Prisons are meant to hold offenders until they are deemed safe enough to let them back into normal society. It's a complex order filled with many loopholes, asides, and extras that would fly over the average person's head, and yet still it's not perfect. Rulesets based on moral cores have been cultivated and evolved over years to adapt to new societal views, previously abused laws, and the technology of today. Yet despite that, they are not perfect, they never will be perfect. In some countries especially it could be argued that the common man's philosophy would be hindered by their justice system.

So put all of that stress, knowledge, and responsibility into the hands of someone who can make military-grade equipment, run at the speed of light, or smash boulders with ease, and probably a shit-ton of trauma. By stating that superheroes should kill more often, you are effectively arguing that they should disregard the systems they were made to help keep set up which, honestly I can understand wanting that in most cases, however, it's still not a responsible choice.

If you've ever looked at cases of serial killers you'll often see that they go after people they deem to be worth killing. Hell, you'll often see people who commit violence against prosti

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Naval blockade would mean ‘war’: Moscow slams US idea of hampering Russian trade…
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Update to catching my boyfriend sexting a woman on Kik

Original post:

So, it's been almost a month. I've been NC except for an accidental thing that I will mention in a minute. I have not blocked him on anything.

It's been HARD. I've suffered at times crippling anxiety. I've had days and days of being weepy. I miss him so so so so so so so much.

We shared so much with each other and always were in communication with each other that I had a hard time not reaching for the phone to send him a text about this or that, like we always did. So, I opened up a Word doc and basically put all my "text messages" to him in there, including any links to recipes I thought "we" should try or any photos I'd normally share with him. All of it. I treated it like a regular text thread. It helped A LOT.

He has not reached out to me but I've learned he wants to. More on that.

So, the accidental contact. I don't really use Facebook. I still have my account but I haven't posted since 2011. I use it to see family news and for Marketplace. And with Hurricane Ida I've been on a lot because my folks took a direct hit. Anyway, before Ida, one day I was on FB on my phone on Marketplace communicating with a seller about something I wanted to buy (and did). It was around noon on a workday and on a workday in which I was giving a training. These trainings are 5 hours long with a lunch break. During my lunch break I pulled out my phone to message the seller and then put my phone in my pocket to go down the rather harrowing narrow spiral stairs from my loft where my office so I could go make lunch. Well, it was still on Messenger and I hadn't switched the screen off. Just shoved it in my pocket. And, one of my message threads was one with his merchant account (he only has FB for his shop and his profile name is basically something like [Brand] Seller). We actually only had a thread because previously he knew I was looking for a table for a specific purpose and he'd sent me some Marketplace links through it. The last one was from very early July, when his mom was still alive. Somehow, I thumbs upped that last message he sent me. I didn't notice I did that until several hours later when he replied with "Just saw this. You ok?". That made me kind of panic, I have to say. The idea of getting contacted

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Ever wondered which big banks are on the opposite side of GME?

Sup PsYcHoLoGiCaLlY dIsTuRbEd investors. Need a break from gam-i-fy-ing the markets? Ever wondered which of the big banks are on the short end (pun intended) of GME? Rest your FDs, weary GaMbLeRs, and wonder no more.

Before we begin, yes this is a new acc. WSB retard that deleted my acc post Jan sneeze and mod takeover. Been lurking since. IDGAFF if you believe that. It’s not my fuckin job to persuade you. Your job as an individual investor is to read, learn, second guess, and verify the things you read over the internet, on your own. You’re an actual idiot if you trust me to make your own financial decisions. I’m retarded. I mistake green crayons for joints.

Now let’s get to it:

The History Lesson: The Dodd-Frank Act and the Volcker Rule

In the wake of '08, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank act intending to reform and protect the financial services industry (lol). No need to go into all of it, all we need to know about for this DD is The Volcker Rule. To briefly summarize, the Volcker Rule prohibits investment banks from trading against proprietary positions. This is intended to reduce the amount of risk/exposure that investment banks can carry on their books (again, lol). In terms you apes can understand, it basically means no more Greg Lippmanns (Jared Vennet/Ryan Gosling in The Big Short) running CDS trading desks within CDO departments. The Volcker Rule, however, "allows banks to continue market-making, underwriting, hedging, trading government securities, engaging in insurance company activities, offering hedge funds and private equity funds, and acting as agents, brokers, or custodians." In other words, the Volcker Rule allows banks to continue to operate as prime brokerages.

Notice something here? Th

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Speaking of r/ new apartments bathroom comes with a rolling tray...i mean laundry hamper
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[Seasonal] Bungie's Multiverse, and the second saga of Destiny. (NO LEAKS)

So this is my second (very long!) post on this sub and I was debating if I really had the motivation to write it out, and seeing the recent chaos regarding leaks, I thought we need someone to change the converstation to something else, so here I am.

(This post is not about this current season exactly, but I couldnt find a more appropiate tag)

Today, I'll be talking about a theory thats been speculated before, like when Destiny itself launched, and I'll be contributing to it with what I have seen and compiled about it.

The post is totally inspired by this one: Pathways Into Darkness is Destiny's Prequel

This post might be very long but I promise it is worth it, since they might been expanding Destiny's lore since back on 1993.

Therefore, I present:

Bungie's Multiverse (and the possible plot for Destiny 2's second saga)

This will be a post detailing old games from Bungie, their narrative, and all the connections Ive been able to found between the games.

This games will be:

  • Pathways Into Darkness
  • Marathon
  • Marathon 2: Durandal
  • Marathon Infinity

I myself did not finish Pathways or Marathon Infinity. I ran into a game breaking bug on Pathways (sad) and didnt have the motivation to finish the third Marathon game before the 24th (really puzzle-ish and hard games in which you need to be focused).

Some thoughts and theories wont be mine, which in that case, the original comment will be linked.

So lets get straight to it.

Pathways Into Darkness

This is where I think, this narrative and multiverse starts, with one of the first Bungie games ever.

Pathways was a First-person shooter action-adventure game developed in 1993 for the Apple Macintosh. The game is hard to play nowadays, but what we are interested in, is the story of the game.

The premise of the game is that you are an american Special Forces soldier, which had the mission to go to the Yucatan Peninsula to blow up some things, or it might be more intrincate than that.

I will quote some text from the official Pathways manual.

>The alien projection appeared in the early Spring of 1994, flickering suddenly into existence deep within the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The hologram of the Jjaro diplomat interrupted, quite deliberately, an important briefing of the President by his senior military staff. It told them they h

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Catex projects a very transparent means of trading and installs a special stock exchange for users. This is what allows it to trade in heavy and low volumes without being hampered. It makes a very good impact in the cryptocurrency market.
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AITA for 'Ruining' My friend's wedding by first reusing to give her my own wedding and then for crying when I was made to leave in a semi-public space.

Sorry in advance for the long post, English is not our primary language.

Partner- A, Entitled friend- EF, EF's parents- EFP, Parents - P

My partner A (28 M) and I (25 F) were scheduled to marry this year. A and I and my family would be paying for it. Months before the wedding, A got injured. We put a hold on the ceremony. The date we had picked was also of importance for us. Several vendors couldn’t refund us such as The decor, food and the location. A and I were leaning towards having a small party instead, on the same day.

My friend EF (27 F) was also engaged. After A and I cancelled our own wedding, I had been talking to her and telling her about it. She said, "it would be funny if I had my wedding there on that day instead". I firmly said no as that day was still a significant day for me and I would be planning something else for that day.EF then led her parents (EFP) to believe that I offered her the venue, food and decor. It was only when they visited my family to give them the wedding invites that my parents (P) learnt of this.

P were in the loop about my own plans with the location. However, EF started crying asking her 'godparents' (P) to agree. P did not confirm till they had spoken to me.

EFP, EF and P wanted to convince me but I said no. EF and EFP started accusing P of having raised their hopes and going back on their words. Under coercion, A and I felt obligated to say yes.

My friend invited me to her wedding as a bridesmaid. I declined to attend. I told EF that P were free to attend. This resulted in a breakdown on her end with all her friends & family calling me to yell at me. She threatened to cancel the wedding if I was not present. A asked me to reconsider. I agreed to attend. I did let Ef know that I would be attending.

On the day of the wedding, I contacted a mutual to ask the colour of the bride and the bridal party's outfits to not clash with them. However, EFP pulled me aside to demand that I had to go change as EF wore something similar. I made it clear that If I left I would not be making it back. The argument grew from there and I walked out.

I broke down and cried in the parking lot. I was surrounded by some of our mutual friends. I was not aware of the fact that EF's boss was just around the corner and overheard me crying and was upset at EF's behaviour. Other guests nearby were starting to crowd but I was too distressed to see anyone else.

After we left this spread like wildfire at the wedding with several guests

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China is NOT banning Bitcoin mining. This means the government's current stance on bitcoin mining is to neither encourage nor hamper such activities.…
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CE5 is pseudo-religious nonsense

CE5 is total and complete nonsense. It is simply the repackaging of archaic religious ritual and makes no sense for the exact same reasons.

There is no reason to think CE5 has any basis in reality or any efficacy, because by nature there is nothing to it. It comprises of essentially performing a light meditation ritual and waiting for a result, with no causal link between the two that has any practical or theoretical basis in evidence or fact whatsoever. Prepare to focus your 3rd eye chakras hard because they don't exist.

There are also always caveats like the participant has to be credulous and totally unskeptical in intention ("sincere")... Because "they" can sense your intentions: if it didn't happen to you, you aren't worthy, you're too skeptical and the aliens don't want to talk to you!

Another term to describe this is "deliberately unfalsifiable": as with religious apologism, unfalsifiability is considered better than something that could be wrong. Because there's no way to distinguish whether it's real or not... You could ride on the wave of "could be" forever, into madness.

There are innumerable such totally baseless conjectures we can make, then say "how did you PROVE it's wrong?", and nobody can: that is deliberate and by design. It just also has no relevance to the real world and there is no reason to believe it is true. You can't PROVE there isn't a ninja on your roof right now. If you go to look and there's nothing there, well maybe the ninja was too fast... You just have zero reason to believe in the fiction I just conjured up.

CE5 thus runs entirely on the power of " trust me, I'm telling you bro.".

This entire LARP is engineered to prey upon a certain subsegment of society that accumulates people who are vulnerable to all sorts of superstition, a small portion of whom might even be otherwise mostly functional but are either fully or borderline mentally ill or otherwise have a somewhat tenuous grip on reality.

Predatory people have figured out that you can still make millions from this niche market, sell them any bull crap and they will buy it.

You can also clearly tell these subs are getting obviously astroturfed by people pushing the same woo-y nonsense. It's almost like the same few dozen figures across a couple hundred accounts. Who's behind the astroturfing? I don't know. It'

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[non-MLs] How do you want to do a DotP?

There has been a lot of criticism of the Marxist-Leninist practice of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. The DotP is upheld by having the Vanguard Party (mainly) in charge of the state with no opposition parties and only cooperative parties, as to ensure that continuous progression towards communism will be made through the principle of Democratic Centralism, which can be summarized as "freedom in discussion, unity in action".

Why I still support this way of doing the DotP is mainly the following:

  • As a materialist, I believe that it is vital to develop the material conditions first and impose socialist relations of production after. This is because the material conditions produce and reproduce the property relations on top of it. If the material conditions dont change, then they will cause the property relations (over time) to turn back to capitalist property relations. This requires that, after the revolution, there will still be markets and private firms, which will take time dissolve. But, in order to still be in charge of this capitalist economy and allow it to take the direction of socialism (and not fascism) as it decays, the proletariat needs state power to dominate the bourgeoisie. This requires the state to be made practically immune to bourgeois interests through excluding bourgeois parties.

  • In order to make progress and advancements towards communism, we need unity. We need, as the working class, to act as a single group whose shared interests trumps all. Having opposition parties would mean splitting the working class into opposing camps, which devolves into internal ideological struggle that only hampers progress, by turning politics into a tug of war. It is this tug of war that we see in liberal 'democracies' that keeps the working class divided and distracted from their real enemy, capitalism. Instead of fighting problems the working class has in common, we fight each other over different cultural beliefs. This needs to go. BUT, that does not mean that people shouldnt be able to express their diverging interests. People should still be free to add their ideas to the discussion, join the vanguard party and spread their ideas, and even run as independents or as an alternative party to the Vanguard party, so long they dont disturb the unity by still being socialist/communist.

So, therefor, I ask you non-MLs, if you do not want a vanguard party to seize state power, how else would you organize a DotP? How would you do that while st

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Going Native, Chapter 12 (B)

Read Chapter 1 Here

Previous Chapter Here

A reader was complaining about Sammi's pronouns, so in retaliation here's another chapter with them, only five days early! It's a little on the short side, but I still like it.


Ugh. Samuel woke up feeling utterly spent. He was lying on his stomach in a pile of pillows, naked, alone, and sore. A look up at one of the book cases revealed a mechanical clock showing the time at 10:37, which told Samuel that it was somewhere between 10 and 11. One day he would fix that clock, but today was definitely not that day.

Remembering their Shil'vati guest, he rummaged through a dresser and came up with some long pajama pants and a soft cotton shirt. The pants showed his position in the ongoing duckie war; they were a pale red with dozens of tiny rubber ducks. The shirt was just a simple gray, but he figured it offset the red well. As the soft fabric of the pants pulled over his ass he let out a pained hiss. Marin had got him good. Pulling the shirt over his chest was almost as bad. Sammi had left hickies and bite marks all over his chest and neck, and any time he moved the shirt would slide across something they had marked. All in all, though, it wasn't even the close to the worst he had been through. Samuel stretched and went down to find breakfast.

What he found was Marin sitting at the kitchen table. She was looking at a datapad, its screen dark and webbed with cracks. The large indigo woman didn't move or seem to react at all as he came in. Well, he had figured this was coming. After some knocking around in the kitchen, Sam set a mug down in front of the Shil'vati and moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders in an embrace.


Marin started, coming out of her fugue to notice Samuel's arms wrapped around her.

"It all caught up with you, huh?"

"I guess so." Marin tried to collect her thoughts. "It was like, I don't know how to explain it."

"Like you were outside of yourself?"

Marin nodded. "When that Interior bitch came to tell me that Ayen was dead, I felt like I had lost everything. Then, well, I started digging. Then I met the two of you." She turned her head so she could give Samuel a sad smile. "And it was like all that pain was just kinda pushed aside. I sort of forgot the whole reason I was here. It was like if I focus

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Tier List from a Professional Great Tier Player

Hey everyone, just hit Great 1 after 700 Ranked Matches. To celebrate this awesome achievement, I wanted to make a tier list going over all the Pokemon in the game. Using a relative’s credit card, I was able to purchase all of the Pokemon on release and have rotated to playing a new Pokemon after every match, to make sure the game doesn’t get too stale.

In general, Speedsters are king. Attackers and All-Rounders are usually good, but Defenders and Supporters are boring and unnecessary. The more Speedsters on your team, the better, especially if all of them are going center lane.


Zeraora: This Legendary Beast is an instant win. I never fail with him, or if I do it’s because of my lousy teammates stealing EXP from me. I recommend taking the last hit on either the top lane or bottom lane’s wild Pokemon at the beginning before going into the jungle. Zeraoras need EXP, and once you get your Unite move you basically won the game. Like all other Speedsters, make sure Zeraora leads the charge and relentlessly push forward to the opposing team’s goals.

Garchomp: Some people say Garchomp starts weak, but I disagree. I always push forward to the enemy’s first goal post at the start of the game and try to get a kill as Gible, but if I die it’s almost assuredly because I have a lousy lane partner who is focused on farming wilds. Unlike Zeraora, make sure you never farm and get kills on enemy players to level up ASAP. Once you become Garchomp, you are unstoppable.


Charizard: One of the most badass Pokemon, Charizard starts off strong and ends strong. Pick Flamethrower to safely attack enemies from range, and always use your Unite Move the second you get it. I find Charizard’s Unite move is best used to farm wilds.

Gengar: Gengar is pretty cool because he’s a Ghost type, which means you are invisible to the enemy team. That means you can push forward to get kills all the time, but sometimes this strategy doesn’t work if you team is distracted by side quests like going for Dreadnaw or Zapdos.

Talonflame: Talonflame can be played like the other speedsters, but this Pokemon has increased mobility. Take advantage of that increased mobility by charging headfirst into a group of 4-5 other Pokemon and watch as other team flees in panic. Talonflame’s Unite Move is great for escaping a nasty situation where your dumb teammates don’t join your charge forward into enemy territory.

Gardevoir: Gardevoir starts off super strong as Ralts. With Teleport,

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What player is the biggest “what could have been” story in tennis?

As the title says - what player got most hampered by injuries or misfortune?

I don’t mean like ‘amazing player but unlucky to coexist with Fed/Nadal/Djok’ I mean talent not fully realised.

Who’s yours?

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Sanctions are ‘US way of war’, says Iranian President at UN

Mr. Raisi described the presence of the United States in the Middle East region as a “lack of rationality”, which has been detrimental to “oppressed people, from Palestine and Syria to Yemen and Afghanistan, as well as the US taxpayers”.

Turning to the threat of terrorism, Mr. Raisi warned that ISIS/ISIL would not be the last wave of extremism and declared that terrorism has its roots in crises such as identity and economy: “the fact that modern lives have become devoid of meaning and spirituality as well as the spread of poverty, discrimination and oppression have helped the rise of terrorism”.

I definitely sense bitterness in his speech that US is able to hamper its plan to acquiring its full nuclear program for its network of terrorism.

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Being owned by a cat means waiting an hour for your cat to get out of the laundry hamper so you can finish the laundry so you won’t disturb them
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The 2021 comprehensive guide to VPNs that actually fucking work & playing video games while in China.

TL;DR: How to play video games online while you're in China & what to expect with VPNs.

Fully detailed version with observations & ping tests etc here due to Reddit character limit - If you have problems still after reading this please DM and I'll try and help you out. I don't promise anything but I will try my best!

I've made a guide here to help people get online and play as I know just how hard it is. I also made a Rookie Mistakes guide for /r/shanghai which is a bit dated but I'll update shortly after this to be a bit more relevant to reflect 2 years of change.

EDIT: This had helpful links and whatever but Reddit auto-removes the post if I include them as they're to Chinese domains. If you want a link to things check the post at the top that has my blog. There's a version there which should work. Thanks, Reddit!

Unironically thank you though to the mods who pointed this out to me otherwise I'd have been none-the-wiser.


#Netease UU Game Booster - A gaming-specific VPN for heavy/addicted players. $7.99 USD a month.

My Experience:

While I mainly play FPSs it more or less covers any given game on the market as that's what they specialise in. I could also play FFXIV, CIV, Total War, and Stellaris acceptably with it in all regions. My primary advice however is still to play JP or KR servers where possible. Taiwanese and Hong Kong servers have been getting rather bad of late and I suspect that's due to added policing of internet traffic in general for those locations.

I can't comment on their privacy but with it based in China, I'd take anything they say with an Atlantic ocean's worth of salt. They also have free mobile apps that will allow you to connect your mobile games if you're having issues.

The Good:

  • Massive game library support including games that are in beta.

  • Customer service that will eventually get back to you within 1–2 days with a solution (Usually to the tune of change your node, reinstall, or just restart your computer).

  • WeChat/Visa/Mastercard/Paypal payment options.

  • Regional server selection options for specific games (There are some rare but not unheard of days some coverage is not a

... keep reading on reddit ➡

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