I don't know about you but today is a frigidity one...
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Is there a way that I can use climate change to rid my wife of her frigidity?
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When her second husband Harry left her for a younger, prettier peahen, Gwen did her best to keep her beak up and her dignity intact. Sure she hid her pain, wrapped in dense layers of feathers and frigidity. But that never stopped her from from faking the image of an undismayed guinea fowl.
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"There was never so much impotence and frigidity as today"โ€”Slavoj ลฝiลพek: What is happening with sex in our world? youtube.com/watch?v=YiUIXโ€ฆ
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Ready Player One is afflicted with the corporate frigidity it claims to hate.

EDIT 2: Spoilers ahead.

I wanted to love this movie. I thought to myself, "Finally I'll have a story told about my lifestyle and hobby that isn't derogatory and cartoony. Going into the realities of escapism and depression surrounding the darker parts of gamer culture." Because that's what the book does. It puts everything into context, what it's like to do nothing all day and go nowhere, touches by extension pro culture too.

But it's not. It's a goofy corporate-influenced "hey gamers!" movie, with CGI, animation, and acting that shows how much the people who actually made it, loved it.

EDIT: and what the hell is with Wade meeting Artemis before the end?? It's bullshit! They shortcut Wade having to deal with stardom, depression and social isolation, weight/body image problems, etc., they cut the CORE of his fucking story. And no D&D references as well!

What the fuck. D&D was a virus back then, the thing people referred to when thinking of a geek. "Go backwards on a racetrack." Really? Nobody ever tried that. Decades of races and nobody went backwards. Not even by accident or as a joke to grief their friends. NOBODY. As somebody who plays games constantly, this is horseshit and immediately pissed me off.

Not only do we miss the sick duel between Wade and the Lich via Joust, but also Og intervening earlier. And the movie totally turns into a LOAD, by assuming Og would be the curator! He can hang out there all day doing nothing but talking to random Gunters? Not only that, but Og was apparently the only reason they won.

They play it off like "Oh you earned it," but that's not true! He knew a piece of trivia, that anybody (and many others DO) know. Whereas in the book he earned the coin by winning a perfect game of Pacman, demonstrating his mastery and understanding of older games. That's a core component to his character. I really liked the Shining test as a compromise between the original War Games and the one game (I forget), but it again cut away at Wade's claim to being a Gunter.

The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

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Adderall: memory loss, frigidity, loss of verbal/spelling/ language formation Is this normal?

just started taking adderall XR 20mg. Wonder if this is considered normal comedown effect or side effect/

I take adderall in the morning and usually feel it within 20 minutes.

Within 2 hours of taking adderall, I feel motivated, general feeling of wellbeing and confident

3-4 hours - I feel super focused but I am having some working memory problems along with verbal fluency. Verbal fluency: not knowing what to say in a conversation. Can't spell, like don't in the middle of typing a word, would forget the rest of letters/
Working memory: when someone asking me to calculate 50*35, you would probably imagine in your head how 35 would multiply 50, but as soon as I mental mapped 35, I can't keep up with adding the 50 in my mind. Another example is immediately forget what you just read, and have to go back.. almost like zoning out. Intense focus but gets nothing done?- I get super focused but keep doing the same thing over and over, maybe so focused on my inner thoughts that I can't absorb any new information.

So frustrated....

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Her husband's frigidity
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A video where I randomly explore FARCRAFTยฎ and /u/Riitoken. Everything from Riitoken's thoughts on female frigidity to his website suddenly showing me a download link instead of purchase. youtube.com/watch?v=7DfItโ€ฆ
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Cuthberts Log: Day 26 (or: Frigidity and Lack of Reason)

((Please forgive my long windedness and lack of writing skill))

Cuthbert's Log: Day 26

We were on the very edge of frozen lands, seeking a replacement argentavis for my tribe mate Silent Snake when I spotted a saddled argent, minus rider, huddled beside a rock next to the rushing water. We landed to investigate and discovered that the bird belonged to our friends and allies the Cortex. Realizing how valuable a bird of its stature would be to them I invoked the device on my arm to attempt to contact one of their members. As my attempts to do so the past few days (due to unknown reasons: at this point suspected collusion with the pack of terrorists in the Northeast) have all failed it didn't surprise me to go unanswered. Making a quick check around the bird's perimeter we came upon an extremely aggressive (and impressive) sabercat, headed straight at the bird. The argent didn't seem to notice, likely struggling with the dropping temperatures of an impromptu but not uncommon blizzard. So Snake and I set about distracting the cat with tranquilizer arrows (we had needed to replace a high level cat that had been lost in our recent stressful move, but more on that later).

After knocking the cat unconscious we made camp by both animals. A short time later we both heard a low sound at the edge of our campfire light and in a blur a huge alpha wolf dove out of the darkness and straight at the animals in our care. I jumped onto my own bird: Cultist V2 (we never found the first one the Cortex gifted me what seems like so long ago, but we named its successor in its honor) and we frantically attempted to wrangle the wolf. After a few moments we had the majestic beast subdued within Cultist's claws and had the tricky decision of what to do next. As we were on Cortex land and were familiar with the new laws of said land we reached out once again through the device on my arm but yet again heard nothing.

Personally I had not yet trained a wolf and this one was a particularly strong and fierce looking fellow. I knew a few of my tribe mates had tamed a few personal wolves when they first arrived with the snows but I had yet to have the pleasure, nor finalize a payment/deal with Cortex regarding all of it. I couldn't bear to destroy the wolf, nor could I set it loose as it could likely kill us all, your bird included, so we began to tame it to be mine own personal canine companion. As we braved the elements, almost falling prey to the bitter cold on several

... keep reading on reddit โžก

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TIL that at 0.1 kelvin (-273.05 degrees Celsius) the Planck space observatory is the coldest known object in space; the frigidity ensures the highest possible sensitivity when the bolometers scan the space for the target light news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/scienโ€ฆ
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Francis Howard's supposed Frigidity a 17th century divorce case earlymodernmedicine.com/fโ€ฆ
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ใ€ใ‚คใ‚ถใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ใ€‘Frigidity (ใƒ•ใ‚ซใƒณใ‚ทใƒงใ‚ฆ) youtube.com/watch?v=4wx5Uโ€ฆ
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