Endgame DD: How last weeks actions all come together to one specific Date. All the data analyzed.

Q: What about today?! YOU SAID WE WILL GO TO THE MOON 10000000 %!!!!!!!A: https://twitter.com/HeyItsPixel1/status/1372996149825703939


Also: https://twitter.com/HeyItsPixel1/status/1372633163571281926


EDIT(3/5/21): Foreword to my edit: I still think, that the Squeeze happens in the timespan I stated (between march 15th and march 19th). I found a lot more catalysts, that I talked about in the livestreams I list down below. I am actually more confident than ever, that I was infact right with the date. I talk about the AI, even many more catalysts, that I didn't talk about here, the XRT and why it's not the dividens, but the rebalance that's important. If you want to know more about my thoughts on all of this and want a better explanation, I can recommend watching it.

I responded to a lot of questions and critique in 2 Livestreams on YouTube:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32f9CPxGW10&
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99Vc-irYsL4&

I am going to finish my break and will respond to more questions regarding my thoughts and this DD in a Livestream or Video of my own!

More catalysts that I talked about in the Livestreams and that I am also going to talk about in my own Videos/Streams:

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Were people living in my attic?

I am on a throwaway account, this is for my safety, you'll find out why soon.

To start this story off, I'd like to say I'm not a believer of the paranormal, which could be applied to some of the details, if you are an avid believer. Some disclaimers are: My area is a pretty dangerous area, a lot of gangs and stuff live here, and a lot of crime happens. My garden is surrounded by fences, the back one leads to a main road. I suffer with audible and visual hallucinations.

I have been living with my dad for around 3 years now, I have pretty intense mental health issues so I don't know if I'm being delusional and/or detaching from reality. My house is relatively outdated, we have heating that is controlled by a big flame in the centre of the house that transports heat through vents, and the majority of the house is made from wood, the floors, the stairs (which are extremely loud, and creek A LOT when you walk up and down them). We have three rooms upstairs, all connected by one hallway, and in the middle of that hallway the entrance to the attic is on the ceiling. My fathers door is directly across from mine, and the **bathroom door is opposite the stairs banister**, (or railing or whatever you wanna call it) and between both of our rooms, remember that.

It started off as me hearing noises, rustling around, in the attic, but I figured that a bird had got stuck up there, that has happened before, and the majority of the noises were in the morning, after I wake up, and before I go to sleep. The normal times are around 7-9am and 10-11pm. I asked my father and he had thought the same, so I shrugged it off. Around 2-3 months go by, the noises are becoming more consistent, and common, but again, I shrugged it off and drowned it out with music or YouTube videos whilst on my computer, I wouldn't let my paranoia get to me. Until, one night I had woken up around 3am, and I could have SWORN, that I had heard footsteps above me, I heard them moving across the attic floor, I could hear where the noises were coming from, and where it was located in the attic. I ran into my fathers room to wake him up, I'm not sure if we had startled something up there, but the noises stopped, and my father didn't believe me, and he said I was just hearing things. I suffer with audible hallucinations, sometimes visual, so I again, shrugged it off, as a little reassurance is all that I needed.

I hadn't heard anything for a couple weeks after that, and I'm not sure why, the morning an

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(Spoilers Extended) First time reader review: A Feast For Crows / A Dance With Dragons

These were probably my favorite books of the entire series. Though I’ve heard many people criticize these two for being slow in pace, due to the enormity of POV’s being used, and the fact that they are happening concurrently, the Boiled Leather order excellently merged the two books, creating a great flow where each book was strengthened by the other. I can’t imagine ever re-reading these separately, because they worked so well as one.

Here’s my ranking of the POV characters: (This is going to be a long one)

  1. Jon - For a story all about having enough food for the winter and making peace with wildlings, Jon’s POV was constantly entertaining to me. This book is really where Jon matures and grows into the hero of the story, and I found so many of his actions as Lord Commander to be totally badass.

The way in which he tries to put enmities aside and create peace between three completely different factions (Night’s Watch, Wildlings, and R’hllor Worshippers) is extremely admirable, and I like how his vows are constantly tested, whether it be the flirtations with Val, or the potential reunion with “Arya”, or the possibility of becoming Jon Stark. It makes him a great complex character to follow, and it was so incredibly tragic how he was killed by his own men, despite trying to do what was right.

  1. Jaime - Jaime continues to be an excellent POV after his introduction in ASOS. His redemption arc throughout these two books was really powerful, and I loved his journey through the Riverlands, trying his best to hold his vow of “never taking up arms against Stark or Tully”, despite his loyalty to the Lannisters. I also think Jaime’s wits are very underrated; he always has a hilarious remark or retort to give to the people around him, especially to the Freys (who are officially my least favorite family).

His decision to abandon Cersei to her fate is a major turning point for him, after having loved her his whole life, and I really like how he defends the honor of those closest to him, like Brienne. I don’t believe Brienne is going to betray Jaime to Lady Stoneheart, but I am curious as to where his story will continue in TWOW

  1. Theon - Theon’s story was extremely sad to read, and made me the most emotional out of any POV. His torture at the hands of Ramsay left him completely broken, a fate nobody deserves. Though I didn’t really like Theon in ACOK, all of his hardships in this book were so terrible that I immediately forgave him for his actions.
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"I cheered on the IRA from Fleet Street — you just didn’t read all about it". He worked as a senior editor on The Sunday Times, all the while keeping secret his support for Irish paramilitaries. Now a member of Sinn Féin, Roy Greenslade explains why he still thinks the atrocities were justified

Roy Greenslade: I cheered on the IRA from Fleet Street — you just didn’t read all about it

He worked as a senior editor on Britain’s biggest newspapers, including The Sunday Times, all the while keeping secret his support for Irish paramilitaries. Now a member of Sinn Féin, Roy Greenslade explains why he still thinks the atrocities were justified

Sunday February 28 2021, 12.01am, The Sunday Times

One grandson asks: “Why did you become an Irish republican? After all, you’re not Irish.” Another grandson asks: “When did you become a republican? Why? When?” These are simple enough questions, although answering them is anything but simple. Much tougher questions have been asked about me by journalists since the 2008 publication of Flat Earth News by Nick Davies. In my Wikipedia entry it states that Nick “exposed” my having secretly written for the Sinn Féin newspaper, An Phoblacht, while I was a senior executive at The Sunday Times.

A report about the book in The Independent said he had “outed” me. He neither exposed nor outed me. I made a conscious decision to tell the truth after years of concealing my republican sympathies, choosing to do so through someone I could trust. Nick and I remain good friends.

He related how I used a pseudonym for my An Phoblacht columns, George King, a reversal of King George, as bland an English name as I could come up with. He also told how, after the murders of three IRA volunteers in Gibraltar in 1988, I had engaged in subterfuge to direct a reporter towards evidence that contradicted the version of events that had taken hold within the newspaper. More of Gibraltar in a moment. I will deal also with the rest of that Wikipedia entry:

“Greenslade also spoke at a Sinn Féin conference in London on the 30th anniversary of the hunger strikes, and he wrote an article on the same subject for An Phoblacht. He has had a house in Co Donegal for many years, and a close personal friend is Pat Doherty, who from 1988 until 2009 was vice-president of Sinn Féin, and who has been publicly named as a former member of the IRA army council. He also stood surety for IRA member John Downey,one of the suspects in the 1982 bombing of Hyde Park, which killed four soldiers.”

I have decided, at last, to address this matter of my covert political beliefs because various critics — some named, many more remaining anon

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Why we love Chrom, and why his story and character arc are fantastic

Chrom is a character defined by leadership, loss, and self-discovery. Here I'll be attempting to do him some justice with an explanation of his character arc and development, and why I think he's a brilliantly written character with a story that does a fantastic job of connecting emotionally with many fans.

#The Cycles of War

When we first meet Chrom at the start of Awakening, he's an emotional, aggressive guy, running a mercenary group to keep the populace safe while his sister Emmeryn handles leadership and diplomacy for the country. Chrom is quite comfortable in his role as a soldier and his position that simply lets him solve the nation's problems by hunting them down and hitting them with his sword until they stop moving, as Emmeryn's a fantastic leader who takes the burdens of Ylisse on her shoulders and does everything she can to uphold peace. He's the mad dangerous dog leashed by Emmeryn's more serene existence.

Of course, this all gets upended when Gangrel attacks Ylisse and declares full-on war. Gangrel, the unhinged and insane ruler of Plegia, is almost a pure manifestation of the cycle of hate perpetuating between the nations, victimized throughout childhood by an impoverished past caused by the conquests against Plegia by Chrom and Emmeryn's father. Having risen to political power through all of his struggles, he wants nothing more than to see Ylisse destroyed for destruction's sake and pay unto the world everything he suffered through. Driven by a thirst for petty vengeance, he repeatedly attempts to frame Ylisse for political and military misconduct and sends assassination attempts after Emmeryn.

Chrom and Emmeryn, however, disagree on how to handle the war. Chrom believes that Gangrel is a twisted existence without any sort of redeeming qualities and that the problem can be solved simply by cutting him down. Emmeryn, pacifist she is, believes that the only way forward is to appeal to and believe in the Plegians' better nature and attempt to resolve things peacefully rather than kill their king and further perpetuate the cycle of hate among the freshly victimized enemy nation. But things reach a state of maximum tension when Emmeryn ends up kidnapped and held hostage and the Shepherds are forced to rescure her.

Reaching the site of Emmeryn's hostage situation, Chrom finds himself faced with an impossible choice: turn over the Fire Emblem to Gangrel and save her life, or refuse to give it up and let her die. Chrom, shocked at the hop

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Nexon's Statement on the Recent KMST Update, Translated

Hello, this is the Director of MapleStory Wonki Kang.

First, We sincerely apologize for any concerns caused regarding the improvement of bonus stats that were released through the test world update on February 18th. The process of gathering accurate information took time. We apologize for not being able to provide guidance quickly.

The purpose of the change in the bonus stat system and the problem regarding the frequent appearance of the ‘Jump and All Stat %’ combination

In the process of examining the lowering of the hurdles for bonus stats, we found that the method of weighting both the ‘type’ and ‘tier’ of bonus stats was excessively complex. We decided to modify the weighted probabilities of the ‘type’ of bonus stat to equal probability, while maintaining that of the bonus stat ‘tier.’ As such, the modification of the logic behind the probability of bonus stats from that based on differential weights at the time of invention to that of equal distribution was applied in the test world update on February 18th.

Although the appearance of the ‘Jump and All Stat %” combination was common after the test world update, the issue has been resolved since the recent maintenance. As it was unrelated to the content we had made changes to, we analyzed the previous logic again and found where we were misunderstood.

We discuss the previous logic behind the selection of bonus stats and arrangement of bonus stats to provide accurate explanation as follows:

  1. The selection of the first bonus stat based on the weighting of the arrangement bonus stat in a fixed order
  2. The separation of selected bonus stat into upper/lower sections based on its position
  3. The selection of one bonus stat based on its weight in each of the two sections
  4. The selection of the second bonus stat based on equal probability between the selected bonus stat for each section
  5. The selection of the third and fourth bonus stat using the same methodology
Arrangement of Weapon Bonus Stat Arrangement of Equipment Bonus Stat
Max HP Max HP
Max MP Max MP
Equipment Level Reduction Equipment Level Reduction
Magic ATT Magic ATT
Boss Damage % Speed
Damage % Jump
All Stat % All Stat %

In relation, there was a high probability of the appearance certain bonus stats following the selection of the first bonus stat due to t

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Basic Arcanas Tier List

Hey guys!

I've been wondering for a long time which will be the best basic arcana and how to choose your for the build you wanna play. Because of that I wanted to test the damage of each one against the boss dummie of each arcana both unenhanced and both uncharged and uncharged for the charging arcanas. After all that testing I came with this tier list where I've also taking into account the utility of each arcana (range, number of hits, subtype of the arcana, area cover, perforating attacks,...) and the damage/utility of the enhaced version.This is a brief explanation of the tiers, but if I see the discussion goes hotter I will add more info like the numbers and all that.

Tier S

The arcanas here have a really high damage compared with the rest of the arcanas even without being enhanced. Besides that, each one has secondary aspect that makes them shine: chaos crusher is both melee and projectile so it gets the buffs (and nerfs) for each one; fiery yo-yo has a notable range and pierce enemies while bosting the biggest damage unenhanced; bolt rail has the biggest attack speed, huge damage both enhanced and unenhanced and big number of hits to pair with on-hit relics; and spark contact simply has the biggest damage enhanced of the game being really disgusting in comparison with the rest.

Tier A

In this tier, the damage is still high, but not as much as Tier S, but they also bring some kind of utility. Aqua arc has strong damage unenhaced but once enhanced is a beast while also being a projectile, having decent range and perforating enemies (it could be in Tier S without being a problem). Severing Slash has also decent damage if you don't charge the attack (you loose a lot of damage charging it) but has the biggest number of hits during a combo so it's even better than bolt rail when you pair it with vampire sunglasses or so, but never charge the attack or you loose everything that makes this attack Tier A, not worht upgrading it because of that. Stone shotis clearly the best earth arcana, nice damage, strong range and impressive damage when enhanced. Air spinner also has strong damage that goes even higher when enhanced but being the 360 basic attack makes it shines when paired with other arcanas that puts you in the middle of the fight like tearing whirlwind or the jumps. Ice dagger, while having nice damage is here because of having the biggest movement, you can use it with the silver spinning top curse relic and not missing the movement speed,

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Gary Leon Ridgway confessed to 71 murders but was only prosecuted for 49. Who are these victims? What everyone has wrong about Ridgway part 3, follow up to 2 earlier pieces.

Hello everyone, for the last few months I have been creating long form write-ups on a variety of unsolved cases. If you are interested in other lengthy write ups you can find them on my profile- https://www.reddit.com/user/Quirky-Motor/.

Also, huge shout out to everyone who voted for the earlier parts of this series in the Best of 2020 series contest. I am honored that so many of you remembered the post and took time to read it. Those posts can be found here.


Serial killer Gary Ridgway confessed to 71 murders, but was only charged with 49. Of those 49, 3 victims are still Jane Does. Official victim counts place known victims at 52-55 women. The other 15 or so women are still unknown; their bodies undiscovered. But Ridgway and investigators place Ridgway’s body count realistically at 80-100 victims. Who are these people?

Most of Ridgway's victims were killed in between 1982 and 1984 in the worst killing spree that the country had ever seen, with the murderer killing women and girls sometimes more than once a week. Ridgway continued murdering until at least 1998, but police believe he committed crimes until 2001 when he was arrested. Ridgeway claims that he started his killing spree in early 1982. He says does not remember killing anyone in the 1970s but admits that it is possible.

Ridgway has only been charged with homicides if he both confessed and there was one or more pieces of evidence against him. For example, if he led investigators to a body he was charged with that murder and all the murders of the women he left in the same cluster. He has also been charged with other cases if there was circumstantial evidence, fiber evidence, paint chip evidence, or DNA. He has not been charged with the murders of women still missing or women whose cases cannot be linked to him in a corroborating way, which is why the confession list is so much longer than the charged list. Also please remember that mass murders are not known for their honesty and we have to take confessions with a grain of salt.

For months I have been collecting reports of missing women from Washington and Oregon who could be victims of Ridgway. Some of this information was compiled and posted in my earlier write ups on Ridgway, but my research has slowly been growing. Today, I want to profile Ridgway’s unknown Jane D

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The HEL Jumper [Chapter 4.2]

Book 1 of The HEL Jumper

Year 2 of The HEL Jumper

Year 3 of The HEL Jumper


Previous | First | Next | Patreon

Thanks to Big_Papa_Dakky, Darth_Android, bloblob, AMERICUH, Ironwing, Krystalin, Mamish, Vikairious, Sam_Berry, KillTech, LilLaussa, Daddy_Talon, Gruecifer, Gaelan_Darkwater, Konrahd_Verdammt, red-shirt, DaPorkchop, Benjamin Durbin, Siddabear, and everyone supporting me on Patreon.


“You alright? Physically, I mean,” Russell asked as he and Thantis returned to the village alone on the shuttle that had brought them to the Forge. “The old ticker’s not going to give out or anything?”

Thantis blinked a couple times as he extracted himself from the depths of whatever train of thought had occupied him for some time. Needless to say, the trip back had not featured lighthearted education regarding the nature of Mara’s core. “It was certainly a stressful situation, wasn’t it? I thank you for doing all of the heavy lifting, Winters.” He left out the fact that they both knew he’d have been left behind otherwise.

“Don’t mention it. That’s literally the sort of thing I trained to do and you’re lighter than a fellow soldier. Would have been really nice to stick around and take a dip in the hot springs, but something tells me that goes against the new ‘don’t interfere with the planet’ policy.”

‘Not that you didn’t enjoy them to your fullest before the rest of the crew got here,’ Io reminded him with a pointed gaze. Russell cleared his throat and let that particular memory lay dormant.

“A day of rest will be more than enough. But you’re sure everything’s alright on the inside, Thantis?”

“You are kind to ask, Winters. Thankfully, my difficulties at the moment remain in the realm of the mental and spiritual. Much happened that I am having difficulty making sense of.”

“You’re not the only one,” Russell assured him as the shuttle shuddered almost imperceptibly, a friendly reminder that they were traveling through air instead of gliding through space. “At least we didn’t break the place.”

‘On the outside, you mean,’ Io clarified in an agitated tone. She was equally as upset about the day’s events as Thantis. ‘We have no idea if anything is left standing on the inside, not to mention that the robot will likely never re-activate even if the facility

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Theory: The Hogwarts founders sacrificed themselves in order to establish a protection for students at Hogwarts.

(First off, I'm aware that I'm putting way too much thought into creating an in-universe explanation for plot armor. Don't judge me. I have a lot of time on my hands. If you don't want to read all this, just read the bolded parts)

The most important spell used in the Harry Potter books was the one Lily chose to cast over Harry. By specifically choosing to die out of love rather than choosing to live (that's why James's sacrifice did nothing), she created a protection for Harry capable of overpowering Avada Kedavra, the most powerful spell known to wizards. Harry then later chose to make that same deliberate sacrifice for his friends, causing all of Voldemort's spells to be harmless against them.

The Founders of Hogwarts chose to sacrifice themselves in order in order to cast that same protection spell over the grounds of Hogwarts, to protect the students there.

The books themselves even hint at it pretty clearly. Dumbledore mentions that "The castle is a stronghold of ancient magic" (notably, the only other time Dumbledore specifically mentions ancient magic is when he is explaining Harry's protection to him). When Ron discusses how Sirius broke into Hogwarts, Hermione says that "This castle is protected by more than walls.". Finally, Hagrid tells Harry that "Gringotts is the safest place there is-- 'cept maybe Hogwarts."

It seems strange how people regard Hogwarts as safe, given the hundreds of underage witches and wizards with zero training all trying to do magic and make potions. Yet, when there was a single death (Myrtle), people flipped out, and considered closing the school. That indicates that death was incredibly uncommon.

The Founders' spell altered situations and probability to help students escape mortal danger or severe harm

This is basically required to just run the school, even without any of Harry & co.'s hijinks. Students repeatedly test new spells on themselves and others in class, and brew potions that can turn toxic with even a small mistake. They deal with dangerous creatures on a near daily basis, and their one sport literally features hitting opponents with a 40 pound metal ball to try and knock them off their broom to a 50 foot drop. The protection spell makes sure all those situations end up safely (at least relatively so).

Let's just run through a list of examples:

Pre-HP books:

  • Tom Riddle attempted to use the Basilisk while at Hogwarts, and Dippet mentions a series of attacks, yet Myrtle is the only de
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Respect Jace Beleren, The Mind Sculptor! (Magic: The Gathering)

##"Brute force can sometimes kick down a locked door, but knowledge is a skeleton key."

Jace Beleren

This is an update of the previous thread, which can be found here. Permission was given here.


> He had erased his own memories. He had destroyed his own truth. He had invaded the minds of the innocent, he had killed in anger, he had used his power for petty and selfish ends. > > Yet. > > He was capable of sacrifice, of bravery, and of understanding. He was willing to take on responsibilities. Too many responsibilities, perhaps, for one so young. Younger still, if you accounted for the years of his own life that he so roughly erased. His desire for truth was earnest, and his pledge to help the people of this place was pure. >> Stories and Endings

Jace Beleren is a human planeswaker hailing from the little-known plane of Vyrn, a place where massive mage-rings cross the land. He was born with great aptitude for telepathy, magic that lets him invade and alter the minds of other beings. He would be taken in and trained under the sphinx Alhammarret, who was later revealed to be only using him as a tool to further his own ends at the expense of the world Jace thought he was protecting. After this revelation, they both had a mental duel that ended with Jace losing most of his memories, and Alhammarret's death - and Jace's planewalker spark ignited, taking him to the world of Ravnica.

He'd grow up as a world hopper, initially having no particular allegiance or ties to any one plane in the infinite Multiverse and surviving from the day-to-day.

However, he soon found himself wrapped in interplanar conspiracies as other planeswalkers aimed to use him for their own nefarious ends. From there, Jace couldn't go a solid few years without stumbling into some massive plot, going from Consortium Assassin to Living Guildpact to Gatewatch Leader to Belligerent Crewmember while struggling to maintain his sense of self and morality.

Source Guide

Hover over the feat to see the source. Jace is a multi-media character appearing between books, comics, trading cards, and even web stories. So this'll be interesting to comprehensibly source.

Also (major spoilers for Agents of Artifice) >!The book had Jace mindswap with a lookalike friend of his, under

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Subreddit Mayor Post + Mini-update Submission 2


Don't tell me i didn't warn you

They've seen things that no man should have ever seen

They've witnessed brutal deaths. Countless ruthless beasts praying upon those who dare enter the wretched lands.. Men wearing hides of beasts slaying these creatures.. But you kill one, many more comes.

Phantom shadows on Phantom walls, blood on the rocks they used to sit on.. The once magnificent great mountain turned into the breeding nest for hundreds of vicious vulturous spawns of devil..

Not anymore..

They have had enough.. It is time, for a change..

They realized if they want to get rid of them all, they must nip them in the bud.. Slay the monsters who the world hasn't even witnessed..




Skin = Same Skin as their NPC skin..


and yes.. they are standing for election together as a single candidate..


Perk 1 : Spider's Lair

When elected as mayor, a new area is unlocked on the depths of the Spider's Den, Spider's Lair.. With more spiders and less toxicity


Perk 2 : The King Brood

Unlocks a new boss, The King Brood.. Legend has it.. No man has ever lived to tell his tale..


Perk 3 : Infestation

Spiders spawn anywhere and everywhere in the Skyblock world(Exception = Private islands and Village).




So, the explanation

First, the Spider's Lair.. A new area(difficult, not recommended for early or mid-game players) at the bottom of the Spider's Den. If Rick and Pat are chosen as mayors, a cave opens up at the obsidian hole area on the outskirts of the den, where there is a fairy soul


It is a huge cave like area (similar to the caves from the new 1.17 update). Here are some images i got that kind of resembles what i had in mind


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DM Thinks TPK is a One Shot Genre. Players Derail and Survive.

I've always enjoyed reading these stories but I never imagined I'd have anything to post. Now this isn't a full on horror story, but it was VERY close to being one.

This story occurred one day when the usual DM couldn't do D&D so we all decided to play a one shot. This group shuffles DMs so we decided to test the skills of the next DM by letting him run this one shot. As a player, he was acceptable. (He always came off as having a "Protagonist Complex" and his characters were often a little dull.) This One-Shot was described as a "TPK One-Shot" everyone thought he just meant it would be very difficult, so we made sure to put extra care in making our characters strong enough.

This story features Me (I was a bard rouge multiclass specializing on aiding my stealth through invisibility.), the DM AKA TPK DM, Maul Man the Barbarian, and last but certainly not least, the BreadMancer (The druid sorcerer, also his player's second spellcasting character so he may have misunderstood some spell effects).

The one shot began pretty normally, we were all part of some graverobbing guild aside from BreadMancer, he was just a mercenary sent by the church of the bread god. So we are travelling through the mountains, when suddenly, we find a cave that TPK DM basically railroads us into going into without us having a legitimate reason to enter. After entering, we fight some weak monsters. TPK DM is surprised at how well we do against them and we then meet an NPC. We get some useful information from her and decide to polymorph her into a rat for stealthy reasons. She told us about how she was a slave and gave an accurate description of the main overseer and a lot more exposition we didn't ask for. We eventually decided that BreadMancer would use disguise self to look like one of the slaves, I used disguise self to appear as the lead overseer (according to the slave's description of him), and we just said Maul Man was a slave who didn't get dressed or branded yet. We find an elevator and talk to some overseers. The encounter goes fairly smoothly until BreadMancer says "Praise the bread god." He is then knocked to the ground (no save, no enemy attack roll, just knocked over) and laughed at by the overseer.
We keep going forward until there is a split in the path. BreadMancer sneaks off to the mines while everyone else goes to another room. BreadMancer attempts to persuade some slaves to rise up against their overseers. No roll is allowed and the slave just says no. By n

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[Soulless verse] Twisted hell: Chapter 47

Chapter 1 | Chapter 46


“What is that thing?” Mizette asked while staring at the huge contraption. The dwarves worked on it hurriedly while the archmages stood around, watching the big, strange, mechanical thing. Heartwell, Vukasin, and a few other soldiers joined them too.

“That … is our farscope,” Wyvernshield answered, sounding quite proud of himself.

“And I suppose it is similar to our magescope?”

“No. Tis’ much better.”

“How?” Cybil joined the conversation, “How can it be better when it is so … unwieldy?”

“It wastes no energy, and it can take a closer look.”

“It uses a bit of energy to move the scope and its parts around,” one of the dwarves remarked.

“Shut up and get back to work! Talkin’ mouth stop hands from workin’!”

“I guess that explains all those carriages you brought with you,” Hazelmere noticed.

“We have a thing for everythin’. Just can’t set everythin’ up right away, it takes a lotta time.”

“When will it be ready to use?”

“The lads are makin’ some final adjustments. It won’t be long. Must make sure everythin’ works perfectly.”


“Honestly, this is as alien to me as those demonic constructs are,” Mizette said.

Hearing that, Wyvernshield grunted: “I’ve always found it funny when I saw the stupefied faces of the other races when they had to deal with the dwarven engineerin’. Now, I finally get to understand them, and it’s both exhilaratin’ and terrifyin’ at the same time. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those constructs you’ve been talkin’ about.”

“They are very good at running away.”

“Aye, I bet they are.”

“All ready, boss!”

“All right, let’s see what they’ve got out there.”


Wyvernshield sat on the big, mechanical construct for quite some time, without saying a single word. He was clearly doing something with the machine though. The big tube on top of it was separated into several segments, all of which had different sizes. As Wyvernshield tinkered with the machine, those segments rotated and moved, sometimes independently, sometimes in unison with another segment.

The only sound coming out of him was an occasional: “hmm …”

Finally, Hazelmere ran out of patience.

“Umm, can you see the portal?”

“hmm … yes.”



A long, awkward moment passed. One of the dwarves approached Hazelmere, but she failed t

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[Reynauld Stormhammer and Lilith Ryepan] Chapter 6

Well, so it is here. Chapter 6.

Now you might ask why there are those foreboding periods and fragmented sentence, and well it's simple,

Today's chapter is 5,354 words or about 19 and a half pages of Reynauld. That's a lot of words to me and I am terribly sorry for lying to you once again. Hopefully, one day I can learn to edit and bring these down to more reasonable lengths.

Until then, enjoy the newest chapter!

Reynauld looked up at the mid-day sky, still filled with storm clouds that would never rain, and sighed to himself. He wasn't excited for Dread Knight 101.

The class itself was held outside at Calamity U's track and field. Of course, it’d be held on top of the cracked ground that plagued all of the Darklands.

To Reynauld, it looked more like a cracked and field area. Reynauld refused to smirk at his mental pun about the cracked earth. Instead, the would-be paladin made a mental note to not let Lilith's punny nature rub off on him.

He would have wondered how Lilith would be doing in her class of Succubus training. He would have been worried for the girl. When he had asked her if she knew what it meant to be a succubus, she responded with, "oh! I know this! It's about baking... I think!"

Reynauld had cringed at her response, hoping that the track allowed a more wholesome student to succeed in the sultry curriculum. Maybe there would be a track for a pun-filled succubus rather than… whatever else they could be filled with.

While he wished her puns didn’t come to him, he did wish her always exuberant nature rubbed off on him. He could go with some extra pep in his step as all his classmates watched him.

Reynauld felt concern bleed through on his face as he looked out to his classmates.

His eyes saw all the massive, predatory beast-people chomping at the bit to break him. He saw some lion-people that gave him stares that would devour him on the spot. He saw scaly human derivatives that gave him cold-blooded alien glares. He even saw a spattering of beast folk that he wasn’t sure about what they were. But Reynauld was positive about one thing.

They were all ferocious-looking creatures that wanted to rip his throat out.

The dread knight trainees didn’t take to the news of a paladin in training as kindly as the introduction class had.

He also noticed a few orcs that looked like they wanted to destroy him. Reynauld would have looked away, terrified, but one of the green-skinned orcs caught his attention.

One of them w

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Twin Flames: Let's talk about them...

So, I have been going back and forth on writing to you all about this topic. I do many readings every single day and I have noticed a recurring topic : This is my twin flame, who is my twin flame, is this my twin flame, etc.

Pop culture has taken spirituality and the concepts of spirituality by storm. Many platforms, Tik Tok being the most guilty, have been quite the aid in misinformation. For some reason, that platform especially has been abuzz about Twin Flame connections. So let's discuss...

There are many different connections you could have in this life. Twin Flames, Karmic Relationships, Soulmates. Each with their own lessons and purpose. I would like to focus on the first two and their differences/similarities as I believe many are being fed misleading and confusing information.

A Twin Flame is quite literally your soul in two different people. Not everyone has a twin and the purpose of having a twin is that that souls purpose was so large, it split between the two of you. Your twin is your mirror and the connections are difficult. Sometimes, a twin flame could simply be a friend or non-romantic connection. Your twin is meant to make you confront things about yourself - much akin to shadow work and inner child work. These relationships are complex and beautiful. Here is a very informative article: https://www.thelawofattraction.com/twin-flames/

Now Karmic Relationships. These relationships are difficult and meant to teach you a lesson. They are not fated to last. They are often painful and cyclical until you break that pattern. Often times, they could be abusive. The reason I am detailing this is because I have many, many clients who confuse their karmic connection for a twin flame connection due to the misinformation they have been provided. They often want an explanation for their partner being less than kind to them because they love them. The relationship could often be considered addicting and frustrating. Here is a very informative article on this type of pairing: https://tableforchange.com/what-is-a-karmic-relationship-the-testing-ties-that-help-you-grow/

Most importantly, I want you to all remember, if you're in a Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship, you are not to tolerate abuse or mistreatment. If a partner continuously leaves you over and over, you need to take a break from that connection and love yourself. If a partner is constantly arguing with you (or vice versa), you both deserve peace. You come first. The soul is happiest when

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Dark Souls 2 and 3 - Worthy Sequels?


Over the last 8 months or so I've been playing through the Dark Souls trilogy and I'm now mid-way through DS3. Throughout the process, I've also dipped my toe into the online communities around each game and even now, 6 years after its release, there doesn't seem to be anything as contentious as DS2. To its hardcore fans, it's a severely underrated standout sequel that innovated from the first and made bold changes in design and tone. To its haters, it's an incoherent overstuffed mess that fundamentally misunderstands the original game.

Confronting all of that left me trying to make my own assessment and, particularly, comparing the game to it's own younger brother, DS3, which is a very different beast in many ways (thanks to sharing DNA with it's cousin Bloodborne). So, I decided to look at the 3 areas that I've found most interesting to consider and see how the two sequels compare to each other.

Before we start, I'll clarify 2 things:

  1. I played through Scholar of the First Sin and have no clue what basegame DS2 was like, so I'll only be talking about that final version.
  2. I haven't actually finished DS3, so my analysis will be a bit incomplete (I might write another post when I have finished it). For reference, I've just beaten Yhorm.


The differences are really stark here, but I feel that both have flawed world design, just in different ways. Drangleic is a sprawling place that covers countless zones, but the cohesion is... iffy. This is probably because of the troubled development, but the map is an incoherent mess. Any sense of distance is severely warped (from Majula, Heide's Tower of Flame looks like it should be miles off), some areas are blatantly unfinished (i.e. The Gutter) and the connections are a joke at points (the obvious example being taking a lift from the top of a windmill into a volcano). One of the great features of DS1 was its interconnected world where if you saw a big thing in the distance, you'd probably go there at some point, which DS2 severely lacks (the exception being Drangleic Castle). There are some suggested lore explanations for why Drangleic is like this, but they've always felt like after-the-fact rationalisations for poor design to me. However, it's wonderfully open. From Majula you can go in 4 completely different directions and it creates a great variety of experiences and makes new playthroughs a lot more fun. It gets more linear as it goes on, unfo

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FYI, the damage and HP of mobs scales in co-op as the number of players increases. the HP goes up by 50/100/150% and the damage goes up by 10/25/40% for 2/3/4 players.

The title is pretty much the TL;DR (Damage from Leyline disorders and auras doesn't seem to scale, the explanation is under the last image) .

Tried looking around for these numbers and unfortunately came up empty handed so I decided to calculate these myself!

The maffs/test process

Damage test

For the damage test/calculation I picked a Pyro Fatui Agent (lvl 89, WL 7) and got hit by him for a bit. This helped identify his move-set and the damage he does on each of those moves. Then I wen't into co-op and recorded the damage he did on each of those moves when I had 2,3 and 4 people in my world.

This was the result (the character this damage was done to was Jean, with 910 DEF):


The last column compares the damage he did when I was alone with the damage from when I was in co-op, for each move. The slight variation is, according to me, caused by the damage numbers being rounded to the nearest integer.

As you can tell, every move did an additional 10% damage with 2 players, 25% with 3 and 40% with 4.

HP test

The same PFA was ironically used as a test subject for the HP calculations. This was the more tedious part of the whole process because I basically had to record the entire fight and then write down the damage I did from every single one of my attacks.

An example, one of the shorter fights.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to get an accurate estimate of the enemy's health because we can overkill them and the HP bar doesn't really show numbers...

Anyway, this was the final HP table:

Note that the HP shown for 4 Players is about 1.5k higher than it should be because the PFA was overkilled. This increases the multiplier by a bit and it should actually be closer to 2.5.

This shows a 50% increase in the PFA's HP which directly increases in relation with the number of players.

First conclusion + Further testing

All of the info shown above makes it very clear that, in WL 7 and specifically for the fatui agent, there is a clear increase in HP and damage that is linked to the number of players. I then try to test if the same applies to

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Здесь Куют Металл: Legends of Russian Metal (Part 1, The Pioneers)

October 31st, 1985, Soviet Union. Ария / Aria release their debut album Мания величия / Mania velichia, thus marking the birth of Russian heavy metal. This record was so well executed and so different from everything else that was being performed in the Soviet rock scene at the time that Aria saw immediate success. The group was about to be catapulted to fame and glory, leaving the door open for other talented groups to soon follow suit.


#Introduction: Rock Music in the Soviet Union

Hello and welcome to my primer about Russian metal, from the legendary groups that started it all to today’s torchbearers that keep the flame alive. Although, as explained in the introductory paragraph, Russian heavy metal was born with Aria's Mania velichia, there are over two decades of context prior to 1985 that must be briefly explored in order to get a fuller picture of the scene in general and how it was influenced.


As Beatlemania was sweeping the West in 1964, its ripples were felt in the East as well. A product of Western society, Beatles’ music was quickly outlawed in the Soviet Union as it was considered a threat to the Soviet way of life. Possession of their albums (as well as other Western musical works) could result in grave consequences for the offender, such as being ostracized from society; one day you’re quietly listening to A Hard Day's Night, the next all your friends give you the cold shoulder, as they’ve been advised to not interact with you.


Of course, try as hard as they might, the Soviet government was unable to completely suppress the dissemination of Western music within the Soviet borders. The black market thrived selling illegal music, with especially enterprising individuals coming up with ingenious ways of distributing it, such as музыка на рёбрах (Russian for “music on the bones”), 7-inch improvised recordings made from X-ray films. The music itself was obtained either through smuggling or through Western radio broadcasts.


And so, the Soviet people were able to, and very much did listen to the Beatles. The influence this group had on the genesis of the Soviet rock scene cannot be overstated, since many Soviet rock groups began their journey covering Beatles songs.


These groups, however, had little hope of ever achieving commercial success. In 1964, the state-owned recor

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An all-out ancient nuclear war happened more than 20 million years ago... [Discussion]

So, theorists claim that there was an all-out ancient nuclear war...which means we’ve got sanskrit war epics, desert glass, and Robert Oppenheimer to talk about. So sip that coffee and strap in. We’re starting in ancient India.

How about a glass of Ice cold Fusion?

The Bhagavad-Gita, the great Indian war epic completed around the 2nd century BCE, is a mythic text. But the descriptions of the wars inside it have led to theories that these battles weren’t just stories.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, the “Book of Drona,” describes magical weapons called astra that could destroy entire armies, “causing crowds of warriors with steeds and elephants and weapons to be carried away as if they were dry leaves of trees.” (That could just be describing any explosive, but wait, there’s more. Sooo much more.)

The most devastating astra was known as the brahmastra. It was depicted as a “single projectile charged with all the power in the universe...a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race. There was neither a counter attack nor a defense that could stop it.” (Now we’re getting closer to nuclear. If only there was something that described the mushroom-like cloud or toxic aftereffects, right???)

The brahmastra was said to produce “an incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns that rose in all its splendor. After, corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without any apparent cause, and the birds turned white…After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected.”

Doesn’t that sound like Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Never trust an atom…they make up everything.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Okay, cool, an old story. Is that all you’ve got? Really?

Oh, we’ve got more. See, there’s a substance known as trinitite. It forms when a nuclear blast turns sand into glass and received its name from the Trinity team, which tested the first nuclear explosion in the United States. Trinitite is often also referred to as desert glass, nuclear glass, and atomic glass.

Albion Hart, an engineer on the Trinity team, first noticed and examined the trinitite. H

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Chrome is a traitor (theory)

You know when you have a theory that makes sense and there is evidence about it, but in the end, you don't see it being true? A theory that sounds like a crack theory but all the clues are there, and if you end up being right you would lose your mind? Like "how the fuck did I make this call"?

That's how I feel with my "Chrome is a traitor" theory.

I think it is self-explanatory, but I think Chrome has been collaborating with the Why-Man since the beginning of the story.

Before we dig in in the "Chrome works with Why-Man" theory, let me explain to you another theory that links with this one:

Why-Man helped with the founding of Ishigami Village


Now, we all know in the 100 tales, Byakuya said to go to Japan where Senku was, but how could people on Treasure Island know where Japan was? Where Senku was located?

Why-Man told them.

He made contact with the Treasure Island folk and helped them reach Japan, founding Ishigami village along the way.

It could be that Why-Man told them to name it Ishigami or even help with the flag that looks like a star.

Okay, now onto the first point of the Theory: why do I believe Why-Man has an ally?

We all know Xeno and Senku depetrified at the same time, right? A little bit convenient, don't you think? After 3700 years two scientists wake up at the same time in different ends of the world? Suspicious.

Also, see how Senku's statue was out in the open, it was not burrowed in the ground, which it should be (like Taiju's).

So hear me out: the statues got moved.

Senku and Xeno were chosen to wake up at the same time, in different places.

It is my theory that Why-Man did this, but he would have needed help, since he needed to move both statues at the same time. This is where the whole idea of "Why-Man has an ally" comes from.

But why would this ally be Chrome? What evidence is there to support this crazy-sounding theory?

The evidence:

1.The fateful meeting. The first time Chrome is introduced, he says he's been watching Senku from the shore. What shore? Ishigami village is surrounded by a cliff and there is no way he saw the bubbles from the shore!

So Chrome had his eye on Senku even before he arrives at the village, as he knew when and where he was going to show up, almost as if he was waiting for him.

  1. Chrome's collection. Of course, we have an explanation on why it exists, but...isn't it a little bit weird? Without knowledge on where to look, would Chrome really have
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I became the most powerful entity in the universe. What could go wrong? | Chapter 1

| Next Chapter

Chapter 1 - Did God just say 'bruh'?

It all started with my adult naked self sitting in the middle of a flawlessly clean room with 21st century furniture. In front of me was a man dressed comfortably in a loose T-Shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He was explaining to me who I am and how I ended up in such a questionable place.

Before he started his explanation however, he made me stare at a portable screen, which he held in front of me, with recurring 0's and 1's. I don't know how long I was staring at that, either because I had no sense of time or the concept of time simply didn't exist in the room; or both. What I do know is that I began to comprehend everything around me only after that. For instance, I had no knowledge of any form of language before, and I had no idea what 21st century furniture looked like.

Anyway, the man in front of me patiently explained everything in the language that I had just learnt. Long story short, he is God and he created me by accident.

Long story long, the person before me was the Omnipotent who created the universe, and by extension, created human beings. He made it very clear while explaining that humans were his proudest creation. "Such a complex life form. It took an exhausting number of attempts to get the evolution to work," were his exact words.

Originally, the Omnipotent is not supposed to feel pride. If you think about it, pride is a human emotion, so what gives? Well, the answer to that is also the answer to how he 'accidentally' created me. He explained that after the success of human evolution, he decided to have a human form for himself; the unquestionably most flawed species in the universe.

"I technically didn't 'create' you," he continued with his explanation, sitting next to me on the white sofa. "You were born naturally, but you had a, for the lack of a better term, virus installed in you." Basically what he meant was, a portion of his powers got embedded within me by mistake.

As you could already assume, the Omnipotent' power is literally boundless. So, a portion of his power is essentially the same as all of it. "This 'virus' will do everything in its power to protect its host," he continued. "It's power being boundless, even I can't destroy you without risking literally everything I've created."

Obviously, I had no control over this power within me. And that was the reason for

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Stable 3.1.9

Hey Depthians!

Happy to release 3.1.9 stable, which incorporates Betas .6 .7 .8, which introduced a number of new functions for Breadboard, but before we get into the new stuff and things, we would like you to guess what this is.


We would also like to give you good peeps a basic explanation of each function, these are by no means for only playing sound.
You can set up your construct to listen to an event such as CRAM fired [yes/no] if yes change the AI to broadside: imagine a spinal mounted CRAM and when it fires you want the construct to turn and broadside for X seconds which X is the reload time and swap back to point at AI.
You can also set up a method that if a missile is reloaded, change the altitude of your submarine to surface, once it’s fired change the altitude to descend again.


Event input listens to various vehicle events such as weapons being fired and outputs the value of events on a particular frame of the simulation.
The event input does not need anything attached to it as it listens to the events triggered from the construct itself after choosing one from the list.
Read without resetting to 0, toggle this to allow the value of the event to increase indefinitely rather than resetting once read. Useful for knowing the total amount of damage sustained.
Inspection period X seconds, the time between checks. On frames when it’s not checking it will output 0. A larger period can be useful for accumulating a larger sample of events (such as damage from an explosion).


Accumulator (with threshold), The first output is the sum of the first input over time. The second outputs is a trigger value of 1 when a threshold is reached. Reaching the threshold resets the counter.


The Differencer outputs the change in input since the last frame.


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I think my body switched dimensions last night, but my roommate's daughter is the only one who seems to notice

I simply don’t know what to do. Has anyone ever experienced something like this before?

Last night was a night completely unexceptional. I was up with my roommates pretty late, maybe a few hours after midnight -- honestly I don't recall the exact time. There was an ice storm, which was unusual for where we live in the Pacific Northwest. It rains the entire winter straight, but in the two years I've lived here, I've never seen snow or ice actually stick to the ground past the cold early mornings. I'm cold now as I type this, because the ice hasn't yet gone away.

So my roommates and I were watching a movie, just some cheesy movie as we always do. But when I say my roommates, I mean myself, Erin, and Sam. We have another roommate, Marisa, who moved in with us just a few months ago, but since she works long hours, she tends to spend most of her time away from home or with her girlfriend. Regardless, we're all just a few post-grad girls who get along fairly well in our little Washington townhouse.

But once morning came, and the ice storm was still blowing, everything felt...different. I cannot explain how it simply felt differently, but it did. Like I was breathing a different sort of air.

I pushed the strangeness aside as long as I could, until I started noticing things. The first thing was the toothpaste, something so inconsequential, I know it sounds stupid. But I swear the tube looked differently than I remembered it. It was a brand I didn't recall ever buying, although I couldn't tell you what brand I normally buy anyway. I thought I was simply being silly, so I brushed it off as my brain playing tricks on me.

Except other things, other small differences, kept popping up. While I was out walking my dog in the layer of ice that had frozen to every street and sidewalk, I noticed a scar on his nose, and when I pointed it out to Erin, she was confused, claiming he had always had that scar. The novel on my bedside table was dog-earred in a chapter I hadn't yet gotten to. The gallon of milk that had been nearly empty the day before was now half-full. And then it was the scripts I write for work that convinced me I had to be dreaming. In it were lines I never remembered writing, and yet it was clearly my writing. My style, my voice, my distinctive word choice.

It was mid-afternoon at this point, so I brought it up to Sam when she came home from work at the coffee shop -- odd again, because I knew Sam didn't work at a coffee shop, she worked at the bo

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The True Power of Solaris the Sun God

In this post I will be explaining the power of Solaris from the Sonic The Hedgehog Series, notoriously known as the perfect eternal and infinite an astral Entity god of the sun and time of Soleanna.

So anyways People have been asking me where my translations went for Solaris, even though it was right people have said there are some flaws so I kind of went into a state of learning the Kanji of things more to decide for myself although most of the Translations had been verified by those well known to these things such as Aries and Windii. I wanted to know myself because even they have their limits. Windii has Literally said that she didn’t know the Difference between what is SpatioTemporal and SpaceTime Itself If you didn’t know Spatial Refers to Concepts regarding the Entity of Space, Temporal Refers to Concepts Regarding The Entity Of Time.

So obviously Those that is SpatioTemporal that is both Spatial and Temporal would Refer to Concepts Regarding The Entity Of SpaceTime.

So.... I figured why not learn it more myself?

Windii on a Sonic Rush Adventure Thing where Eggman Nega and Eggman talks about Parallel Universes and The Power Of The Stars to add more proof of Sonic Following Many Worlds Theory. First one containing part of the Kanji https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/707549174383640676/709548422872694884/1444_Sonic_Rush_Adventure_USM6__25422.png

The Full Sonic Rush Adventure Kanji Of Thatinstance From Windii https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/661004385735802909/709558565668651048/image0.png

I Got “There are Worlds That Functions with Completely Different Dimensions From Our World So to speak it is Made up Of Worlds Existing Parallel With Our Own as Counterparts, Powers Required to Form It is Very Great it is The “Power Of The Stars” according to Legends” but the only thing I’m confused with the Possessive Kanji. I used Jisho for Assistance to complete the but still a bit puzzled. World is not referring to Planets, but Universes btw.

Now this is Windii’s https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/661004385735802909/709558783260491786/image0.png

And I got the first set of Kanji referring to the Parallel World’s as seen before here. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/661004385735802909/709558920678473788/image0.png

Now here’s where things get iffy, I displayed my earlier translation results to Her (Yes Windii is a She) and she didn’t say it was wrong but lengthy, Called it “Word Salad” https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/6646

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Galactic Economics 1: Happy Existence



Story contains a lot about markets, logistics, development, and the best and worst of human history. Not so much Space Marines nuking aliens.

If you enjoyed the trade negotiations and Senate politics in the Star Wars prequels, and wished that there was an entire standalone story consisting solely of those parts, this might be for you!

In response to all the helpful feedback I've gotten, I am making major revisions to the start of this story, especially focusing on chapters one through three. While this occurs, there may be some inconsistencies.

The names of the brave astronauts aboard the first manned FTL spacecraft will forever be recorded in the annals of human history as a triumph of human ingenuity, determination, and international cooperation.

However, what came immediately after would be far more remembered.

"Hello, people of Earth! Humans! Welcome to the galactic community."

A shocked planet watched on their screens as an utterly alien character that looked like it was lifted out of a bad sci-fi show spoke. The alien mouth movements of what could only be described as a frog creature did not match the very human words that came out of the robotic translator.

The aliens did not pirate TV networks, nor did they hack into important government websites. They simply broadcast this openly on satellite TV for anyone with an antenna to hear. And for anyone who did not, there were CNN and social media.

"First, we would like to congratulate you on your first successful use of the blink drive. That itself is a feat of enlightenment most species we monitor do not achieve. Indeed, the physics of it all is not only extremely complex, it requires the cooperation and sacrifice of many beings, over many generations."

The young people at Mission Control in Johnson Space Center patted each other on the back tepidly as they watched the green headed frog-like alien addressing their hard work on the main screen.

"We come in peace. We are representatives of the Galactic Trader Guild."

Some humans let out a sigh of relief. Others, skeptical, watched intensely on.

"We are not here to take your resources or your people. The thousands of planets and species in the galaxy live in total peace and harmony with each other. Regional conflicts on planets are inevitab

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These incidents occurred in the Rocky Mountains ...

These incidents occurred in the Rocky Mountains just south of Silver Plume, Colorado beginning on the evening of August 14, 2018 and more strange reoccurrences would take place the following couple of nights.

That day a couple of neighbors had gone hiking along the ridgeline of Leavenworth Mountain, just south of town, and I was set to meet them up there later that afternoon. My plan was to rendezvous with them in the early evening and hang out until after the sun went down. That night was the peak of the perseid meteor shower and it was forecast to be especially spectacular since the moon would be a barely thin crescent and would not obscure the clear dark skies. So I set out in the following hours with a small pack and limited supplies since I was staying relatively close to home. I did have a small camelback with liter or 2 of water, a rock hammer and hatchet, and my new green laser that I was hoping would add another bit of goodtimes to the night’s light show.

I started the hike a bit later than I’d planned. The main trails to the top consisted of a series of long and winding switchbacks so I decided to cut some time by bushwacking straight up the mountain to meet my friends. My plan backfired as I found myself slowed down by steeper than anticipated inclines, slippery rock tailings, and sheer cliffs. Unfortunately the cell service is spotty at best and I was unable to contact my friends until finally reaching the summit around sunset. After a few attempts I finally got connected to my pals via text and to my surprise learned that they had already hiked back down into town as it was starting to get dark. I told em no problemo, since I had planned to stay up top o the mountain until late anyway to count meteors and maybe they could join later. They informed me they were pretty beat from the day’s trek but would let me know after they’d rested a bit and had some dinner if they thought they’d make it back out. The new arrangement was perfectly fine by me.

Being the consummate night owl and having lived in this area for 5+ years, most of my excursions into the mountains tended to be nocturnal and I’d spent many a night, some planned, some not, getting along just fine in these precarious mountains and usually had very little anxieties in doing so. In this manner I made my way down the ridgeline of Leavenworth to a locally known camping area, Pavilion Point, which from its high vantage point overlooked both Silver Plume and the neighboring town of Georget

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I became the most powerful entity in the universe. What could go wrong? | Chapter 5

Start from Chapter 1 | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

Chapter 5 - That's not possible

The unexpected sight disturbed the hundreds of men and women around us. I saw parents shielding and averting their children’s eyes from the scene, while they themselves were unable to look away. Gasps and whispers were loud enough to be noises. The city guards were pushing past the crowd to make it to the scene. The man who performed the voluntary murder stood before Devon’s body, trying to hiding the sexual pleasure he received from it.

Amidst that relaxed chaos, Edith and I were the only ones who were in a completely normal state of mind. Although I did have a burning desire to inflict intolerable amounts of pain on that horny mage for decapitating my companion, I had enough self-control to not act on it yet. If we killed him right after this incident, anyone with average IQ can connect the two matters.

Anyway, back to the show, which is not over yet. The interesting detail that most people missed was the blood that was still pouring from Devon’s neck, which means that his heart was still pumping blood. Then again, nobody needed to notice this detail, because just as the city guards reached the stage, Devon’s decapitated head started rolling on the floor unnaturally. It wouldn't be accurate to say that the head was moving towards the body, rather the body and head were being pulled together; the body being more massive, only the head moved.

At this point, there was only silence as the crowd noticed and watched the creepy scene. Blood smeared onto the clothes as the head overcame momentum, air resistance, and not to mention common sense, to park itself where it belonged. Some part of me worried that Devon may not survive a clean decapitation, but the immortality skill was broken beyond acceptability.

The nerves reattached, the bones mended, and the spine connected. The man who was definitely dead in the eyes of over 600 people lifted himself from the floor that was slippery from his own blood. Aside from the head literally rolling on the floor back to his body, his skin repairing itself was also kind of creepy. “Harh...” Devon tried to speak, but he couldn’t effectiv

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Add these


  • Give any existing common building block in the game (e.g. terracotta, concrete, netherrack, snow, dirt, etc.) a slab/stair/brick/cracked brick/pillar/polished/etc. variant
  • Chests/bookshelves/etc. for all wood types (partially implemented with signs, buttons, and pressure plates)
  • Furnaces/Stonecutters etc. for all stone types (partially implemented with blackstone buttons/pressure plates/etc.)
  • Any stone/cobblestone based items work like the full block does (e.g.: stone stairs/etc. become cobblestone stairs/etc. when mined, cobblestone stairs/etc. become stone stairs/etc. when smelted, stone stairs/etc. stay as stone stairs/etc. when silk touch is used, etc.)
  • Add NBT data to certain blocks (only block entities can store NBT information)
  • Add any gold or copper version of existing iron blocks (e.g.: hoppers, chains, bars, doors etc.)
  • Fake Netherite blocks/any other expensive block (a survival friendly way to use the Netherite/etc. block texture without the high cost)
  • Craftable/mine-able End portal blocks
  • Make blackstone renewable in a similar fashion to cobblestone or basalt (i.e. blackstone generator)
  • Add any missing soul fire variants (e.g.: soul fire jack o' lanterns)
  • Lava-logged/glass-filled/filler blocks
  • Storage block for charcoal
  • Glass doors/trapdoors
  • Rope/rope blocks/rope ladders (partially implemented via weeping vines/twisted vines
  • Rotten flesh blocks
  • Ash blocks (most commonly suggested for the Nether)
  • Crystal blocks (partially implemented as amethyst crystals)
  • Bamboo planks/blocks
  • Mud blocks/bricks/etc.
  • Darkstone/any block/item/etc. that cancels out light/produces negative light/etc.
  • Lava sponges
  • Warped wart and crimson wart, used to craft warped Nether bricks and crimson Nether bricks, respectively, as well as any other common, generic, or obvious uses for them (e.g. a use in potions that acts different from Netherwart, fortresses made of the brick blocks, etc.)
  • Magnet/magnet blocks that attract/repel certain items/entities

Building Improvements and Decoration

Limitations often encourage builders to come up with creative solutions, such as chairs made from stairs or slabs.

  • Fake/empty bookshelves
  • Sideways banners/flags
  • Horizontal glass panes/fences/walls/etc.
  • Leads can be placed sideways on fences to make "rope fences"
  • Custom paintings/drawing paintings
  • More banner patterns
  • Carpet or snow layers placed over stairs/slabs/wa
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Goodnight, Good Morning

[WP] Scientists make an astronomical breakthrough; telescopes are now immune to relativity, time dilation and the finite restriction of light speed. We are capable of seeing the universe in a real time format. NASA's Live Broadcast is about to begin as the world watches on.

Hey, so here's a story I wrote over on r/WritingPrompts. Thought this would fit here. This is my second story here, so I'm fairly new, so please tell me if I've broken any rules. [OriginalPostPrompt]

Goodnight, Good Morning

Sip. Ahh, coffee was amazing. A lifesaver, saving me from falling asleep at work by a very thin thread.

I was exhausted, wanting to just lay my head down on my keyboard, and stay there. Over the past week I'd probably slept less than a horse. Under 5 hours.

I'd been working on getting the software working and up-to-date for our new telescope, Hubble II. NASA's scientists had created this new kind of telescope, that was immune to relativity, time dilation, finite restriction of light speed. So, for a non-nerdy explanation, we can see space live. In a real-time format. Mind-blowing, right?

Today's the day we're gonna show this incredible feat to the world, via live-stream. A stressful day to sum up, as our Control Room team here at STScI need to prepare, and get everything right. We couldn't fail, live, in front of the world.

"Ready Dr. Goldwin?" I called, typing some codes to initiate the Hubble II telescope start-up sequence. "Just need your authorization, and we're all set."

Dr. Goldwin lifted his head from his notes. "Yes. Initiate countdown sequence. Hopefully this works, we're showing this live." he announced, in a very calm tone. Dr. Goldwin was always calm and cool-headed, guess leading 16 missions really gave him experience.

We had obviously tested our brand new, state-of-the-art Hubble II, but showing it to the public was on a whole new level. I had actually seen recorded footage of a few experiments, and the universe, according to my perspective, was literally out of this world.

So far, we hadn't done too detailed tests. We've just seen the bigger picture - like galaxies and stars - but we haven't studied individual planets.

The universe, or as far as the Hubble II could see, if described in one word, would be 'fluffy'. Ye

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[indie perfume oils] "Does anyone know what's going on with AlphaMusk right now?" Another promising indie maker skids out, and then flames out amidst a hail of accusations, cross-accusations, and tears. Featuring gnomes and receipts in the form of math!

I'm a moderate participant in the world of "indie" (small batch, usually single maker, usually natural or naturally-based) perfumes. For perfume lovers, the world of indie fragrances can often be a major revelation---highly unusual scents, custom scents, and fandom scents--usually at very affordable prices compared to niche designer fragrances. There are a few older major players such as Nocturnal Alchemy and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but every few months or so, a fresh "house" enters the scene usually through etsy and Instagram.

Generally the routine follows a well-trodden path: a launch announcement with giveaways, small fanfare, and samples. A few people test it out, then come back with glowing reviews. Then more and more people hop on the bandwagon and start the hype train. Soon the "resale" market is established with people looking for rare or limited edition scents. Soon the new house is everywhere and everyone is trying them out.

For a house with established business best practices and/or marketing experience + no personal challenges this is the best case scenario.

But about half the time, there's a spectacular flame out that results in TONS of drama. (and that usually follows a well-trodden path too---flailing, blaming emergencies, a well-timed distraction, cross-accusations, and then a tearful retreat/flounce. This is all conducted under an absolute hail of back and forth from skeptics/the 'I told you so' crowd and rabid fans)

This is one of those second kind of stories.

Alphamusk launches September 2019. Shoppers are immediately taken by the maker's deft hand with scent blends. Alphamusk gets tons of positive attention in the form of gushing reviews on specific subReddits [that I won't link to as to avoid brigading] that cover these things.

Alphamusk starts pumping out collections with dozens of options. She also offers a complicated custom fragrance option with what turns out to be, mathematically, hundreds/thousands of options. By July of the next year, close to 300 perfumes were being offered for sale. One key aspect of the popularity of this house is the super-approachable price point. The owner was offering 5ML for like $8 or similar. Most indie fragrances are about $25 per 5ML plus $8 or so for shipping. A combination of "dollar sign eyes" and FOMO and hype meant an absolute feeding frenzy started occurring on the etsy page.

An important note here is that for most indie sellers of hand-blended perfumes, the perfumes are

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I've manged to run a systemd container using cgroupv2 in Docker 20.10.3!

In theory this would allow the nested systemd init to manage its own resources via slices and scopes - kind of like with LXC's nested mode but without the nasty security implication of bind mounting the real cgroupfs into the container.

Running a systemd container is not the only thing that this would enable - together with fuse-overlayfs it might allow one to run containers inside containers more securely (e.g. run DIND the proper way).

The problem is that by default the nested group is mounted ro into the container which should not be necessary according to my research. It gets mounted rw as expected when userns-remap is enabled in Docker what is not desirable for me. I am not sure if docker/moby/containerd is at fault here or if it's a limitation of Linux control groups or user namespaces. It would be great if somebody could point me in the right direction. I'd be happy even if you prove me completely wrong and point out a fault in my reasoning :)

My full writeup and explanation is in a serverfault answer.

💡 Later I intend to provide an ansible playbook and possibly a VM image to demonstrate a full working setup.

INB4 this becomes a flame war

IMHO This is not always an anti-pattern! This is a legitimate use-case for all kinds of CI, testing, local-development and other workloads. Among others this approach is used in ansible molecule, I've seen it used and sought after many times and personally have multiple use-cases that would greatly benefit. After all this is what essentially LXC/LXD does and I've seen large-scale, production deployments based on it.

Also even if you don't use it for containers running init it still is a security enhancement.

Upon consideration I wonder if its even possible to do without userns-remapping. It might be that kernel does not support clone/unshare inside a child namespace of UID 0?

Theoretically namespaced clone/unshare calls do not require CAP_SYS_ADMIN (they are unprivileged), but I'm not sure if it's applicable here.

Via namespaces(7): > Creation of new namespaces using clone(2) and unshare(2) in most > cases requires the CAP_SYS_ADMIN capability, since, in the new > namespace, the creator will have the power to change global > resources that are visible to other processes that are > subs

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Evidence for the Creator: Shut Up, That's Why!

It seems that /u/azusfan has figured out about our war on Christmas, and he's not going to take it sitting down! No, he's a Christian warrior, proudly carrying the banner for creationism in a world where his kind is regularly derided. I'm guessing he had a negative interaction with a mainstream Christian recently, just kind of my kneejerk guess for when /r/creation doubles down on the piety.

And so, he has come up with his Evidence for the Creator: Life: which is just... well, you'll see.

>Life is the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe. We cannot define it, really. We don't know what it is. We cannot replicate it, yet it is all around us.

As /u/lisper notes: "Of course we can: life is the set of self-replicating physical systems."

So, he shifts the goalposts: "Show me a man made amoeba."

Lisper replies with the proper response: "That's kind of like someone in 1935 saying, "Show me a machine that plays chess." You'll have to give me a few more years of research."

And so, clearly, the problem isn't that we can't define it. We can. And we are getting closer to replicating it -- but there's almost no economic value in doing so when you can take a standard extant microbe and modify it your needs.

>For millennia, man has tried to unwrap the mystery of life, speculate about its origins, and parse it into manageable bits. Spontaneous Generation was the naturalistic explanation for life for a couple of thousand years, in the scientific establishment. It was thought that life could just spring from non-life, if the required elements were present. Recipes were even produced, for particular life forms.. rags, meat, grain, and other such items could be placed in a desolate place in the woods, and mice would spontaneously appear! It was Pasteur's experiments with isolation & bacteria that debunked the theory of spontaneous generation, and revealed the Great Mystery of Life.

Spontaneous Generation is a Artistotlean concept -- who would also lend his physics to Aquinas, so you might want to avoid casting stones. Otherwise, it is a concept that almost entirely predates our scientific method, so I fail to see why he thinks it matters to us in this context.

>Attempts to animate life have continued into the industrial age, through the age of technology, and up to our current modern scientific state. Still, ALL

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Opinion of Chapters 1061-1066 (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Hello everyone, this is Parcanon, and in this post I will talk about the most recent arc in detective conan

El FBI vs La Organizacion electric bogaloo.

Before starting, I would like to admit that, although reading a confrontation against the organization while it is being published week by week is an incredible experience and I enjoyed it.

This confrontation, for me, had so many conveniences and plot armors that I feel that it is perhaps the worst special of the organization in tems of plot.

I will argue what I say with all the events and comment on each of them.

You can leave your opinion in the comments, but before doing so, please read the full text. =)

Thanks a lot.

The beginning seems to me perhaps one of the best, since the organization was in a very complicated situation.

As antagonists, they weren't that big of a deal, or at least the plot made me think that

I mean, making a count of the most important of said organization:

Vermouth won't kill Ran and Conan.

And both Bourbon and Kir are double spies

It was hard to take Gin seriously, with Vodka and the snipers.

However, I loved the fact that they could kill FBI members because they knew they were in Japan illegally, since they took advantage of that weakness

Gin is a great character, and very analytical, but seeing that vodka is almost mocked by conan, in chapter 311, he is not that intelligent or a character that can give many problems.

Chianti and Korn are only two characters that work to shoot, but nothing more, we have never been shown that they are analytical and they do not have to be, so at the intelligence level that they are a threat, we only know Gin and Rum. Let's continue

I also liked the way conan finds them, since it shows that the sense of haibara was lost over time because of being in a calmer environment and she could not feel that 5 members were close to her.

Kir saving conan, is another element that I liked, because she has an agreement with him.

could call it plot armor, but the deal with her is from the special clash between red and black.

Conan arrives at his house and meets the entire FBI there, hiding because the organization discovered their secret messages.

and that both yusaku and yukiko were looking for ingredients to cook, since it would be problematic if there are many foreigners walking through Japan and they all go to shinichi's house.

Lets pause a little, Something I don't understand very well about this decision is that the FBI is hiding in

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Respect Flint Marko / William Baker, the Sandman (Marvel 616)

"When I saw those bad guys gone good on tv, part of me thought they were crazy. But I gotta admit, doing the right thing like this...it feels pretty damn good."

William Baker had a rough upbringing between his absent father, alcoholic mother, and bullies. When he finally stood up for himself, he realized he liked the feeling of being in power. Thus started his career as a bully, making up for his lack of academic performance by making people do his work for him, ultimately resulting in him adopting the alias of Flint Marko. While Flint found himself excelling in American football at high school, he was thrown out after agreeing to fumble some games to help fix bets, turning him to a life of crime, something else he found he excelled at. While he was caught and sent to prison, Flint escaped, only to hide close to a nuclear test as it went off. He survived through a miracle, his soul becoming tied to the sand he was lying in, and decided to use his new powers to further his criminal career as the Sandman.

Flint made a name for himself as being unstoppable, slipping through cracks in bank's security with ease and having any bullets shot at him just pass through him, up until the point he met Spider-Man, who captured him inside a vacuum cleaner. From that point on Sandman became a frequent thorn in superheroes' sides, being a founding member of both the Sinister Six and Frightful Four, until a traumatic experience of being fused with Hydro Man caused him to rethink his life. A drink with Ben Grimm convinced him to turn good, leading him to become a founding member of the Outlaws, a member of Silver Sable's Wild Pack, and even a reserve Avenger. Unfortunately, he was captured by the Wizard and corrupted by his Id Machine, turning him into a villain once more. But while he continues to work against the law and often appears in Sinister Six lineups, there's still a spark of good in him which emerges occasionally, leading to questions to whether he'll forever be a villain.




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Dragonstone - Chapter 53

Chapter 1 | Chapter 52 | Chapter 54 | Patreon


He is slight without the bulk of steel and leather armor, lanky arms that have been restrained behind his back. Legionnaires stand guard over him, hands on the hilts of their swords and eyes wary. He may have been removed from his armor and stripped of his weapons but he still exudes an air of his dangerous nature.

“Who are you?” Aubrey asks.

We have retreated to the safety of the fortress, within the protective confines of thick walls that are being reconstructed by thousands of engineers and legionnaires, carting stone from the stores into place along the length. Still more chisel away at the shattered pieces, while others work at the scars of other battles throughout the rest of the fortress.

Aubrey and Aldrich have come, with Allie and several of her legionnaires and Knights as well. Chrysta too. Governor Rin is with us as well, along with General Kervan, the surviving officer of the Southern Province legion and several Western Province officers. Emery and the one called Ivey, another human mage have gone with Alcina to speak with the Sapphire to coordinate the efforts of the mages and dragons that have come to join us.

Others have tasks their own, leaving us to find answers.

“I am Liana, the Lady of Steel.”

“Do not speak that title!” Her brother’s eyes snap to her. “It is no longer yours.”

She does her best to ignore him but it is obvious that the words have pained her, as deeply as a knife thrust.

“I am the Lady of Steel. That-” she motions to the dragon with the overlapping scales of steel itself. “-is Veyra, my First.”

“A Prime.” Cassian says, looking to me. I nod and study this Veyra.

A Steel Dragon. He is close to a Sapphire in size but much thicker, sturdier. His wings are a dark black membrane with a spiderweb of steel lace that runs through it. His snout is wider and his eyes set deeper and his body is formed with the same fluid lines as the humans have crafted their armor into. Sweeping, as to cause blows to glance from him. His snout comes to two dangerous points, his jaws meant for crushing.

Where I have spines that protrude from my head in a way much like branches might, his are very nearly blades in

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Shadowrun 5e character creation guide (comments welcomed).

I recently went back to the official Shadowrun forums (after being chased off years ago for the heresy of suggesting that the game would work better and faster with fewer dice at 4+ for success) to get some old forum posts and found the WIP, but mostly complete, guide I was writing to help people make characters. Considering how many posts I've seen lately about this subject, I figured, "Hey, why not post it up? Sure, it's a bit out of date but I can get comments from people to make it better ya know?"

DISCLAIMER This is written mostly from a minmaxing, munchkin-ass, squeeze-every-Karma-til-it-bleeds style of play. While I do not myself advocate such play, I maintain that knowing what the bare minimums for broad archetypes as well as the absolute best options for each build gives even a dire-hard role-player vital tools in making characters.


Really, this is THE priority that must be chosen first. Deciding whether or not your PC is Awakened influences everything else, and should be decided on initially. If you're not, just skip past this section to the next 18-point font header and don't worry your pretty head about it.

If you're going Awakened, go full-bore - I know those lower Priorities look tempting, but putting A for Magician/Technomancer, and B if you're Aspected/Adept is VITAL. Not only do you get more free Skills and Spells to start with, but it means you don't have to spend any of your Metatype Special Attribute points increasing your Magic - and you NEED as high a Magic as possible, as it's what you'll be rolling for almost everything you do.

The split between Magician and Mystic Adept is quite easy to define. Choose Magician if you need the expanded senses, as well as the ability to scout astrally. Choose Mystic Adept if you're going far more combat, and you don't want to have to cast and sustain buffing spells on yourself in order to fight. Which one to choose is hard to say - a team with only a single magician will find astral recon and assensing invaluable, but a mysad can laugh off attempts to Geek The Mage First (GTMF).

Adepts are ass-kickers, or ninjas, or pretty much anything you want them to be - a lot of the 5e adept powers take the game closer to an Earthdawn-esque era where magic is used as an edge that replaces cyberware/bioware entirely. However, there are certain things they do better than 'wared characters - some of which is only available to an Adept. Specific adept builds are later in this sect

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Some Texans think that snow is a government conspiracy

Although the fact that snow can burn and even blacken when exposed to a flame is quite a confusing visual, there’s an explanation as to why this happens. Matter can change from a solid to a liquid, or a liquid to a gas, and most people have seen snow melt. Sublimation is a term used to describe the transition of something that skips a step – in this instance, going from a solid to gas. The heat is turning the frozen (solid) water into vapor (gas), which is why no liquid appears, according to IFL Science. As for the black residue left behind, those are just the ordinary particulates that are generated from burning any fuel source. They're coming from the lighters and candles being held against the snow rather than something inside the snow itself, in the same way that holding a candle too close to a wall can leave similar black staining behind. WTVR CBS 6/YouTube Despite the fact that the claims of artificial snow have come up and been debunked before, conspiracy theorists are continuing to insist, and try to prove, that the snow is artificial. Some have gone so far as to claim it will spark if you put it in the microwave, only to be undeterred when they tested it out and were proven wrong. This isn’t actually the first time this conspiracy theorist party trick has emerged, as back in 2014, people’s interest was piqued by the phenomenon.

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how the archons choose the vision bearers - common traits found through people with the same element. (an idea that could ruin the end of the game if it comes true. be careful)

geo - determination, a resolve as strong as stone. noelle is determined to become a true knight, ningguang is determined to be rich. it's almost as if the elements are all symbolic of their personalities.

electro - people who don't fit into modern society. razor is a wolf, fischl. beidou is a drunken pirate. electric is unpredictable and doesn't always follow the path laid out for it? there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

hydro - love or care or devotion or someting. childe cares about teucer, barbara's whole devotion to singing. xingqiu does his books. maybe people who have a cause to fight for. barbara fights for her people, childe fights for his archon. perhaps similar to how water can be a calm pool but a raging torrent too.

pyro - passion or energy. amber - passion of grandfather, outrider, descrbed as always energetic. bennet's passion to be an adventurer,. klee. xinyan's passion for music. xiangling's passion for cooking. something about the intensity of flame and the energy that it has.

anemo - a desire to help or support others. sucrose wants to help albedo as much as she can, and jean's daily schedule.ver.xvii. there's not much to go off of here, because there are only 2 anemo characters that aren't venti or the traveller. venti himself though seems to want to help others, through his want to find the cat in his story quest and the entire first act with dvalin.

cryo - calmness. the abililty to stay calm and composed in every situation. chongyun's story is that he has to stay calm or he's too positive to endure. in the opening kaeya just casually does whatever he does, qiqi 'has seldom much in the way of words or emotion' i have no clue about diona but the expression she holds during both of her idle animations and considering that she's partially a cat..

dendro - not present. if i had to guess? strong and sturdy, trees really aren't informative.

the traveller. due to the way that visions are given, there's no way that you just get a personality test and it tells you what vision you have. it's because you're part of a game that you don't need a vision, because ultimately the traveller has your own personality, and the game can't be the one who chooses that for you, so you get all of them. that's the metaphorical explanation anyway, but i don't know if there's a kind of in game explanation which is different, though i assume there's going to be this 4th wall break somewhere in there.

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Chris Robinson vs IAG: was it insurance fraud, arson or an accident?

I was reminded of this case by a brief discussion yesterday about fire science and arson investigations in the post asking people for cases they think are/aren't foul play. Happily, it does not involve anyone dying! Pure property damage. But it takes a few twists and turns, so I thought it would be a fun one to write up.

Chris Robinson

Our main player is a British man named Chris Robinson, who emigrated to New Zealand with his wife Alison and two kids Alex (14) and Eleanor (12) in 2005. He'd previously worked as a physics teacher, then a computer businessman, though it's debatable how successful he was. Certainly they were able to purchase a very nice house in Kerikeri, in the northern part of the country, which they renovated into a luxury lodge. They would live there for the next six years. This time wasn't without incident - Chris was in the news in 2010 along with the rest of the family alleging that they were being sickened by dioxin which they say was dumped on the property some decades back. They claimed symptoms such as fatigue, trouble breathing, skin conditions, digestive issues, and link a case of glandular fever that Eleanor had. They also had three pets develop lumps and die, and also say that their symptoms reduced when they were away from the house and got worse when they started drinking more tap water to save money. Their health insurance company (note that I haven't seen any information about which company this was, but IAG, which will come up later, doesn't seem to directly offer health insurance and I think only one of their subsidiaries does) paid out NZ$30,000 in testing to determine the cause of their illnesses without reaching any conclusions, and dioxin testing would be another $2000.

Chris said they were stuck. They couldn't sell the house, nor could they run it as a lodge. Instead he created a publicity campaign, speaking to reporters from the UK press, and talked about suing the government for its "100% Pure" branding of the country. Previous owners of the land, as well as tradesmen who'd worked there, reported no problems.

This wasn't the first time Chris had made the news, either. Back in 1993, when he still lived in the UK, he was charged with blackmail for passing himself off as an Irish priest and approaching a dozen or so large businesses saying (in somewhat less blunt terms) that they needed to donate £1m to a charity that turned out not to exist to avoid being bombed by the IRA. This was, for those who aren't awa

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Respect The Thing (John Carpenter’s The Thing)

Little is fully known of the shape shifting alien lifeform simply referred to as The Thing. After its ship was uncovered by a Norwegian expedition in Antarctica, the hostile entity woke from its suspended animation and wreaked havoc. Able to overtake and replicate just about any organic matter, the creature can pose as anything from a dog to a man before transforming into a fleshy mass of tentacles and teeth. The men of Outpost 31 soon fall into paranoia and infighting when they realize that any of them could more than they appear to be. Do they stand any chance against the thing from another world? Does Earth?

Note: This composite thread covers John Carpenter’s The Thing series of films, games, comics, and more. The original Who Goes There? and the 1951 film it inspired are not included as they vary from the Carpenter inspired Thing in many ways.



The Thing 1982 = 1982

The Thing 2011 = 2011


The Thing from Another World

Climate of Fear

Eternal Vows

Questionable Research

The Northman Nightmare

Video Games

The Thing = Game


The Thing (1982 film novelization) = Novel



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[OC] Chronicles of the Siren War [Chapter 67]

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A/N: Please consider supporting my writing efforts on Patreon. You can follow this story and be alerted when new chapters release via fanfiction.net.


“I think I preferred the driving rain,” Thorson muttered to himself. He was a cramping, sweating mess by the time he reached the shrine atop the hill behind his base. Flickering flames within lanterns of stone greeted him and lit his path to the final set of stairs, flanked by the bold, red pillars of the Torii gate that, as Yamashiro had explained to him one day, separated the realm of the living from the realm of the gods. “No disrespect, but I have no time to stand on ceremony.”

The man took the stone steps two at a time until he reached the apex, the yellow and orange light of flame replaced by a calming, blue glow, its brightness a sad reminder of how many had been lost already after only half a year of war. It was easy enough to spot the cubes that belonged to Hornet, though they were not the bright yellow that Enterprise described at dinner. Instead they had faded significantly, looking more like dim sunlight. As Thorson drew closer he could swear that he felt something from them, but the nature of wisdom cubes never seemed to settle on one given explanation or mode of operation. He brushed against Yorktown’s first, bowing respectfully. As his fingertips glided over the smooth surface, a certain peace descended upon him. “I see. To fight at both Coral Sea and Midway like that and care for them both for so long? Rest easy then, Yorktown. Hammann will miss you, but I think she will understand in the end. We’ll take care of Enterprise. As for you-”

Thorson almost jumped as he laid his hands on Hornet’s last vestiges in the mortal world. His heart pounded and breathing quickened as Midway flashed before his eyes again, the sky utterly black and reaching out for him, or perhaps for her. So much remained obscure. As a mere human, shrouded in the fog of war, he called out anyway as he’d done for Arizona. You aren’t forgotten. I’m here, and so is Enterprise. Hold your ground. We’re coming. A small part of him expected Hornet to reply, in spite of everything that shouldn’t have been so. The maelstrom didn’t die down, but there was enough. She was there. She was fighting…

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How to deal with Griefers, Cheaters and other Toxicity

If you’d rather listen to this post than watch it, I made a video covering the same topic, although it is more generalised.

Hello there! Back in my very first post, I touched briefly on what to do with problematic teammates in your games however I quickly found that a lot of people struggled with similar situations such as dealing with cheaters, people don’t flame but intentionally grief the game and people who display toxic behaviour to their close ones (friends, duos, teams etc). So this post will be covering what constitutes toxic behaviour, how to deal with it and how to avoid displaying it yourself.

Remember I only play games and talk about the mind, If you are severely affected by these problems seek medical advice, now with that out the way, let’s get to the post, shall we?

So, to start off with let’s define what it means by toxic behaviour by splitting them into the emotion and the action. whilst there isn’t an official definition of toxicity in the sense of bad behaviour there are some key elements and signs that can point towards it. Which are manipulation, difficulty offering compassion towards others, dishonesty and deceit, tendencies to cause drama and conflict and the one I feel is the most common sign which is self-absorption and self-centeredness.

These emotional signs and feelings then translate into action and these actions are the toxic behaviour you’re seeing or even receiving, which I think can be split down into three categories first is verbal abuse (or flaming) which is all to do with anything harmful through text or microphone (this includes gatekeeping and elitism), Griefing is actively and willingly throwing matches, obstructing objectives or otherwise preventing your teammates from winning and finally cheating is any use of 3rd party software or bugs to gain a distinct advantage in-game.

Keep in mind that all of them are bad in their own way for their own reasons, some people become more tilted over flaming than they do griefing, others hate cheating above all else. Needless to say, all of them need dealing with at some point both by the community and by game devs.

So now that we’re all on the same page for knowing what toxic behaviour is let’s look at some ways of dealing with it.

Don’t assume the worst

Before we go into these technics I’d like to stress that when it comes to toxic behaviour sometimes

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Has anyone reversed Etsy’s decision on not as described case?

I am absolutely furious. I make leather handbags and a customer messaged me on Saturday, Jan. 9 around noon. She said she just got the bag and it is beautiful but wanted to confirm that it was indeed genuine calfskin. She said she was a handbag designer herself (which I call bs lol some people tell lies like this thinking they will get what they want if they seem to be knowledgeable in the subject 🙄) and was concerned that the texture felt a little different from other leather bags she had and just wanted to confirm so her mind could be at ease.

I try not to look at the Etsy convos on the weekends so I don’t get burnt out from dealing 24/7 with what seems to be an increased number of entitled customers.

Because I did not reply immediately, she took the bag to some leather cleaner/repair shop and asked the owner to assess whether it’s genuine leather. Then she opens a ‘not as described’ case on sunday Jan 10 with a screenshot of an email from the owner of the cleaner/repair shop claiming that my material is not real leather.

I replied to the case with an explanation that the methods this repair shop guy used to assess the material is not applicable for all types of leather. i also posted photos of the material used for her bag to show that it is, indeed, real leather. Included in my evidences was a photo of the leather material I used on her bag vs. PVC (what the repair shop guy has claimed my material to be) after a flame test. Anyone who works with leather would know a flame test is a solid way of differentiating btw leather and pvc.

Instead of objectively looking at the proofs that I provided, this dumbass of a customer (who claims to be a handbag designer but doesn’t recognize flame test) kept insisting that my material was not real leather because that is what the repair shop guy has determined. She keeps saying he is a highly regarded professional with deep expertise in leather lol

All she had as “proof” was the email from the repair shop vs I provided many photos and factual proofs. When I spoke with the support reps over the phone, even they said the case should be closed in my favour if all she’s got is an email against my photos and detailed info. But noooooo After 3 weeks Etsy mediation team admin concluded that the customer provided evidence that the material is not as described and basically threatened me to refund all of her money by Feb 2 or else.


All she had was an email from some guy from a repair shop an

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Harry Potter: The Hogwarts founders sacrificed themselves in order to establish a protection for students at Hogwarts.

(First off, I'm aware that I'm putting way too much thought into creating an in-universe explanation for plot armor. Don't judge me. I have a lot of time on my hands. If you don't want to read all this, just read the bolded parts)

The most important spell used in the Harry Potter books was the one Lily chose to cast over Harry. By specifically choosing to die out of love rather than choosing to live (that's why James's sacrifice did nothing), she created a protection for Harry capable of overpowering Avada Kedavra, the most powerful spell known to wizards. Harry then later chose to make that same deliberate sacrifice for his friends, causing all of Voldemort's spells to be harmless against them.

The Founders of Hogwarts chose to sacrifice themselves in order in order to cast that same protection spell over the grounds of Hogwarts, to protect the students there.

The books themselves even hint at it pretty clearly. Dumbledore mentions that "The castle is a stronghold of ancient magic" (notably, the only other time Dumbledore specifically mentions ancient magic is when he is explaining Harry's protection to him). When Ron discusses how Sirius broke into Hogwarts, Hermione says that "This castle is protected by more than walls.". Finally, Hagrid tells Harry that "Gringotts is the safest place there is-- 'cept maybe Hogwarts."

It seems strange how people regard Hogwarts as safe, given the hundreds of underage witches and wizards with zero training all trying to do magic and make potions. Yet, when there was a single death (Myrtle), people flipped out, and considered closing the school. That indicates that death was incredibly uncommon.

The Founders' spell altered situations and probability to help students escape mortal danger or severe harm

This is basically required to just run the school, even without any of Harry & co.'s hijinks. Students repeatedly test new spells on themselves and others in class, and brew potions that can turn toxic with even a small mistake. They deal with dangerous creatures on a near daily basis, and their one sport literally features hitting opponents with a 40 pound metal ball to try and knock them off their broom to a 50 foot drop. The protection spell makes sure all those situations end up safely (at least relatively so).

Let's just run through a list of examples:

Pre-HP books:

  • Tom Riddle attempted to use the Basilisk while at Hogwarts, and Dippet mentions a series of attacks, yet Myrtle is the only de
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GME Endgame DD: How last weeks actions all come together to one specific Date. All the data analyzed.

- Original post by u/HeyItsPixeL. Full credit to them. Date of original post: Feb. 27 2021. -


Foreword by u/Rensole

Even though all of this is based on data we have found, and that we have cross referenced this with multiple members. lease know that everything stated in here are nothing more than personal opinions.

You should under no circumstances invest only because we have come to certain conclusions. We personally invest because our DD and information we have found has led us to believe in this stock.

We like the stock!

But everyone should make their own choices when it comes to investing, and do their own research.

As for the date, we believe everything may happen on (or near) this day, but it's also very likely that the hedge funds will try to kick the can down the road as we have seen time and time again.

And we realize that by publishing it here online in a public forum they can see it as well.

So if it doesn't happen on this date don’t worry, the date is nothing more than a indication where we believe the data has led us to. It is by NO MEANS meant to be used as a prediction, it is merely what we believe, with all the publicly available data, is one of the most likely indications of date.

And as always, invest responsibly!

Do not put money in you can't afford to lose.

Do your own research and cross reference everything and anything here, and if you believe this data is wrong or the conclusion is incorrect please post it, by having a public discourse we can get new ideas and have a fresh look on this.

And by saying that I'd like to hand the word over to u/heyitspixel


I don’t even know how to start this. First of all, I want to add a really important disclaimer. The following DD presented is solely based on research, numbers and data available to the public. I tried to take every single factor out there into account. That doesn’t automatically mean, that all of the following has to become true. The following DD is what I THINK is going to happen. There is no guarantee and I am not taking any responsibility for any decisions people make after reading the DD. I let other people check my DD, double and triple read it myself,

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Dealing with Griefers, Cheaters and other Toxicity

If you’d rather listen to this post than watch it, I made a video covering the same topic, although it is more generalised.

Hello there! Unfortunately, toxicity is quite commonplace in competitive games and a lot of people struggled with toxic situations such as dealing with cheaters, people who don’t flame but intentionally grief the game and people who display toxic behaviour to their close ones (friends, duos, teams etc). So this video will be covering what constitutes toxic behaviour, how to deal with it and how to avoid displaying it yourself.

Remember I only play games and talk about the mind, If you are severely affected by these problems seek medical advice, now with that out the way, let’s get to the video, shall we?

So, to start off with let’s define what it means by toxic behaviour by splitting them into the emotion and the action. whilst there isn’t an official definition of toxicity in the sense of bad behaviour there are some key elements and signs that can point towards it. Which are manipulation, difficulty offering compassion towards others, dishonesty and deceit, tendencies to cause drama and conflict and the one I feel is the most common sign which is self-absorption and self-centeredness.

These emotional signs and feelings then translate into action and these actions are the toxic behaviour you’re seeing or even receiving, which I think can be split down into three categories first is verbal abuse (or flaming) which is all to do with anything harmful through text or microphone (this includes gatekeeping and elitism), Griefing is actively and willingly throwing matches, obstructing objectives or otherwise preventing your teammates from winning and finally cheating is any use of 3rd party software or bugs to gain a distinct advantage in-game.

Keep in mind that all of them are bad in their own way for their own reasons, some people become more tilted over flaming than they do griefing, others hate cheating above all else. Needless to say, all of them need dealing with at some point both by the community and by game devs.

So now that we’re all on the same page for knowing what toxic behaviour is let’s look at some ways of dealing with it.

Don’t assume the worst

Before we go into these technics I’d like to stress that when it comes to toxic behaviour sometimes it is really obvious that they are being toxic but at times it may come down to the fact that you’re reading too much into it. This mainly com

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