I move out on Saturday - my STB ex husband is really showing his true colors. Please send all the lady empowering memes/quotes to get me through these last couple days!
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Judge quotes bible, allows ex-husband who battered ‘adulterous’ wife walk free rt.com/news/407650-portug…
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A church-going mum and her "humanist" ex-husband ... - with "humanist" in quotes because we're not "real". dailytelegraph.com.au/new…
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Disaster Debbie and the Wedding She Tried to Ruin

To recap: Debbie is awful, makes everything about her, insists that things are done a particular way for appearances' sake, and has very recently collected a whole poopton of blackmail material on her husband, with whom she is (still!) mired in divorce proceedings.

The wedding was another Debbie disaster. She has a huge Latino family and expected a wedding to be not just a huge party but a show of wealth. My friends just wanted good food and good beer (which, rest assured, there was plenty of). I got a front row seat to a lot of this wedding conflict, as I'd known the bride since we were 13 and we grew up in the same small town, went to college together, I’d introduced the bride and groom, etc.

To back up in chronology a bit, my friends got engaged in October of 2014 and got married in October 2015. When my friend called her mom to tell her the news, the first thing Debbie said was that she had to get her measurements to this dress designer she knew ASAP so that a couture gown could be made for the wedding.

For Debbie.

She wanted to stick it to her ex and his family by showing off how good she looked.  I admit, Disaster Debbie is gorgeous for a woman her age--she does a lot of yoga, she's strictly vegan, and has very few wrinkles. But still—WHO DOES THAT? When my friend told me, I already wanted to put a boot in her ass, but that was not the first attention-seeking thing she'd do.

Everything about this damn wedding had to be “how things were done.” The first battle was over the venue. Debbie wanted it in a Catholic church, while my friend reminded her mother they weren’t practicing, and that the groom’s grandmother was a Lutheran pastor and they wanted her to perform the ceremony outside. Debbie screeched that it wasn’t done, that everyone in the family would expect Mass, that they wouldn’t have a real wedding if it wasn’t in the Catholic church. Luckily, friend won that battle. The battles over the procession, first dances, the flowers, the bouquet toss, and the table décor, however, went to Debbie. Fucking huge purple flower arrangement and no father-daughter dances because Debbie “would feel left out of her own family.” Such nonsense.

After a while, my friend told me she just stopped fighting, that it wasn’t her day anymore but Debbie’s. It ended up being a proxy battle between Debbie and her ex, because the ex was funding all of these ventures and Debbie was trying to “beat” her ex by spending as much of his money as possible on this fete.

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[Spoilers EXTENDED] Courtesy is a Lady's Armor – An Analysis of Femininity in the Books vs. Show

Although a lot has been discussed regarding the writing and character choices of S8, I wanted to focus specifically on how the changes in costuming do a great injustice to the thematic values of GRRM’s work, particularly in regards to femininity, strength, and women in positions of power. I'll be focusing on three of the main female characters of S8: Daenerys, Sansa, and Cersei.

> She enjoys the sport, but I believe your sister intends to rule herself until her boy is old enough to be Lord of the Eyrie in truth as well as name.” > > “A woman can rule as wisely as a man,” Catelyn said.


Most of my time is going to be devoted to one particular outfit, not only because I disagree with what it symbolizes visually, but also because we have interview statements from the costume director (Michelle Clapton) that are completely out of line with Dany’s arc and serve to undermine - not support - the truly Mad Queen ending that D&D wrote.

Michelle stated in an interview with TV Guide that the decision to move away from lighter silks and linens to fur was originally conceived as a practical measure, as Daenerys goes north, which makes sense so far. But then she gave us this quote:

> And then I decided that actually it’s the first time she’s performed a completely selfless task — because it’s usually for her own gain — and on this occasion, it was actually for her love.

Anyone who watched the first four seasons, or has read the books, is going to take real issue with that statement. No character in the entire series - some might even say no people alive - are completely selfless in their motivations. But to suggest that nothing of Dany’s actions - from her attempted rescue of Eroeh, to protecting what remains of the khalsar after Drogo’s death, to deciding to stay in Meereen and rule, to chaining her dragons - was done with altruistic motivations is to fundamentally misunderstand her character. Secondly, if the final season was always heading down the path of Mad Queen Daenerys (or even Daenerys the Conqueror!) to have this be her first completely selfless act undercuts that. She even goes so far as to say:

> "I felt that there should be a definite shift in her look to reflect her decision to go to the aid of Jon and his team trapped north of the wall," Clapton said in an email. "I think it's the first time that she has really been to the aid of another individual.

But up until Dany’s flight from the Meereenese fighting pit

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Cheating fiance tried to cut her ring finger off

I've posted this on another sub yesterday I am a freaking mess now. Have no idea what to do or whom to listen to. The title sums it all up.

To sum it all up we've been engaged for over a year now . We were supposed to get married on our anniversary. But along came the bug and we had to postpone our wedding. She's been acting real shady during the middle of quarantine dayslike hiding her phone super fast reflexes to the message. This wasn't normal when I asked she just brushed it off and blamed it on quarantine. Then come January She's back to herself but overly clingy too much care. I get some sparks start snooping nothing on phone or her laptop I felt bad but then I saw a spare android phone tucked inside one of her shoes booted it up there it was an EA starting from september of 2020. But she ended it in january after it turned physical (they fucked 3 times ina week). Her ending line was and I quote "AP I LOVE YOU BUT I LOVE MY FIANCÉ MORE, I REALIZE THE TIME WE SPEND WAS GOOD BUT IT'S NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I HAD WITH MY SOON-TO-BE-HUSBAND(the fuck). I HOPE YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE BETTER , FOR NOW GOODBYE AP"

Well I can't say I am master oogway in any sense confronted her immediately. She let out the whole cheater moves out. Lucky for me I was prepared(thanks to all the redditors). I asked for the ring back she wouldn't give it back and I took it forcefully and I left. She texts and calls me everysingle day then onn. I got fed up and I responded. She said she missed me and her ring finger doesn't feel complete without the ring and she can't sleep without seeing me

I was more than pissed I started lashing out at her called her some awful things then I finally said the only way I was going to take her back was if she cut of her ring finger and I hung up 2 days after that her mom calls me and tells that she is in hospital and she tried to cut her finger off. I started to panic. I went to check on her. She started crying and I asked her what she was thinking and she said if this was what I wanted she would do it for me. I was silent and I left

So here I am typing this rn. I don't know what to do. She has exhibited tendency of self harm before. I feel like I am abandoning her at her time of need.


EDIT : I am clear on where I stand I don't want her back. It's over. She's my ex. The problem I am dealing with is I don't want someone dead because of me(or atleast people assume that way). If she ends herself with a note saying

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Sarah Titus - an attempted DEEP dive

I've always wanted to do this and the sarah titus situation was too weird for me to not investigate after I read the post by u/airplane35:


**Spoiler, I kind of ended up just deepening the mystery rather than solving it, but I pull out the receipts regardless.

So first things first - I put on the armor of the Lord my GOD and I went straight to the source - double u double u double u dot sarah titus dot com:


Naturally, because I love mess, my eyes were immediately drawn to an ominous tab at the top left - "my story", so that's where I began my new season of mommy-blogging investigations.

So if it all checks out, Sarah had a pretty hard come up. She was married to a frequent cheater with a "porn addiction". I managed to find him and while I won't dox him, I will say his social media is... interesting, and full of qanon shit. I was especially impressed by the poorly edited impact font meme with great leader trump saving 2 white babies from a Hillary Clinton's demonic floating head and the iconic crisp-brained quote: "If we need to follow the science. The science says a boy chromosome xy is a boy and xx is a girl." Obviously this is not a reflection on Sarah, as they aren't together, but I wouldn't be surprised if she has similar political takes considering some of her blog posts which I link below.

Anyway, when he became abusive she left him with the kids and found herself in a homeless shelter with 30k in debt, I'm not sure from what but possibly student loans? She makes it clear that she could easily get a high-paying job at any time she wanted because she does have a degree, but she didn't want to leave her children while she worked so she wouldn't take a job out of the home anymore.. Instead, our girl Sarah placed her servant's heart in god the FATHER and started a blog, and he blessed her with the riches of a saintly life - to start with, a 3 bedroom with a fenced yard and 2 car garage in the "most sought after subdivision in the area".

Thankfully, Sarah's perseverance continued to pay off, and the sweet Lord continued looked kindly upon her mommy-blogging endeavors, leaving Sarah with nothing less than TWO multi-million dollar businesses: a shopi

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I‘m literally raised to be a breeder

Hello CF peeps! I want to apologise for my English, it’s not my first language (:

Ok, this sounds dumb. But hear me out:

I‘m scared that I‘ll get manipulated into having kids, bc I was raised to want kids. My mother basically taught me that no matter what, I WILL WANT KIDS IN THE FUTURE.

„You don’t want kids yet, but (quote on quote) your hormones WILL kick in and you‘ll want to have a baby!“ I don’t doubt that. Everyone I know has kids. EVERYONE. I have one relative who didn’t want children, divorced their ex-husband, got engaged and 11 months(!!) after they met, she found out she was preggers. She cried tears of joy. She was so sure to be childfree!

I get told that:


Childfree people aren’t happy


What are you going to do with your life?


You HAVE a purpose in life, do you remember?

Or straight up just

It’s just in your head. You want children. I know that.

Now I‘m scared that my hormones will change my mind. I‘m that one person who gets manipulated easily and I‘m scared that my hormones will manipulate me. (Thats what im taught)

Will my hormones kick in at 30? 35? 40? 100? Pls tell me I don’t want to have children, seriously.

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The US Marshal and the beautiful Mrs. Reddington and her little daughter

In the very long arc of the bones, which continued long past 5.22 when Red took the bones and burned them at Dom's into season 6, an arc that ends when he gets out of jail, there are still a few mysteries to solve.

Not only who beat Dennison up before the bones were identified in CODIS, but who severed Pete's fingers yet left him with the suitcase of bones.

But also there are a lot of Jennifer's and Garvey's actions to unpack. First, let us examine what Garvey knew, and what we can deduce from his words and actions.

in the previous two posts , we examined whose remains were those in the suitcase, following up on a post by u/jen5225 about who the bones would be, of they were not RR.

In the second one, we examined how could Liz had seen a different report than anyone else, one that convinced her that Red was a supplanter.

If you have read these recent, skip to the end of the introduction.


We had looked at the bones and the report, and concluded the only way the bones perspectives make sense, is if the bones were a fake death for Katarina Rostova, to account for Kate's loving actions (likely believing it WAS Katarina's), Dembe's comment about what Red did TO Katarina, taking the bones to Dom to burn, and believing they were valuable enough for an action, validated by Garvey's comment about the unstable things people would be willing to do to get them. The bones are then, likely to be the ruse that failed, which prompted Dom to set Fakerina to die in Belgrade to provide a dead Katarina Rostova, but turned into another fiasco. The bones then, would be female.

BUT we have another set of clues, that whoever had the bones would go immediately to Red, just as Garvey did, and that Red would be certain that Garvey would give them to Jennifer, or Naomi, which he did. This tells us that the bones would also, for some reason, be also identified as Carla Reddington.

One other thing we concluded, as had u/jen5225 in her post, was that the bones could not have been identifi

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Long-term update: Post-divorce experience and questions

At Christmas 2018, I was just separated and my now-ex had already moved in with her now-husband (they got married early 2020). I posted an "if you are alone at Christmas..." post. I was going through old posts recently as I had taken a lengthy break from Reddit to date and work and be a dad.

I was inspired to write this post because of something that u/Caroline_Bintley wrote in that thread. The quote was something like "Perhaps you will look back on this moment and see it as the beginning of an upswing in your life." As it turns out, this was most definitely the case (and rather prophetic).

It took me a *long* time to be truly ready for a long-term thing. There were consultations with therapists. There was forgiveness of my ex for her contribution to how the marriage ended (and my own mistakes tbh). We are better as friends and are great co-parents to our son.

I see a lot of posts in here that ask, "How do I know that I'm truly ready after a break up?" The answer, in my experience, was when I stopped dating to make myself feel better and started dating to actually build something important. There were a lot of early dates where it was nice just to spend time with somebody. They didn't have to be the "person of your dreams", and it certainly wasn't about the sex, when it happened, but it felt good to be there - to see different perspectives, to have fun WITH somebody.

And then Covid happened. Dating, for a while, became dangerous. Many, many months of thinking that the time lost was going to leave me old and decrepit before I found anyone to enjoy the time with. Sure, the last person I went on a date with before Covid was a thing was enjoying being the preferred person to date for that time, because we were already exposed to each other and were careful about it.

Then my father died. A switch flipped in my brain. Time really is limited, and you never know how much you have. To hell with Covid, I don't want to die alone, and pretty much everybody with half a brain is wearing a mask now, so it's not nearly as dangerous as it was when it began. Later, it's fall. I had two very promising multi-date situations, neither of which panned out into a relationship.

But then February came along and I got my first vaccine shot. I'm scheduled for my second this week. There's a certain sense of hope in the air for me, but my outlook is changing. I've reached that point where it has to be *THAT* person. Someone wh

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I asked my Imam what should women do if they cant become teachers/scholars

So yesterday, my Imam told me that women should not become teachers/scholars and that Allah "divinely appointed men to teach religion". [Read this post for reference ]

Today I asked him a question, "If women can't even become teachers or scholars or exercise any authority over a man, what were women created for?".

He said, and I quote, "Women were given an amazing ability which is becoming mothers. Paradise lies under the mother's feet, mothers are 3 times more important than fathers."

Hm, okay, let's see: are mothers actually 3 times more important than fathers in the eyes of muslims?

Are mothers given more authority than fathers? Are mothers the legal guardians (walis) of their children? Can mothers arrange marriage for their children? Do mothers get the custody of their children after divorce? Do children belong to the mother's lineage? Can children get the mother's surname? Are children known by their mother's name (ex. Ahmad ibn Noor/Humeyra bint Haleema etc.)?

No. There is no difference of opinion, children belong to the father's lineage, known by his name, only the father can act as a legal guardian (wali) for his children and, in some schools, even force his minor children into marriage, the father always gets the custody after a divorce, and only fathers exercise legal authority over their children.

You know, actions speak louder than words, and I don't see any way in which women are cherished or given special treatment as mothers.

I don't see any volumes of books on the importance of mother's in Islam, on the universal virtues and wisdoms we can learn from mothers as I see volumes of books and chapters in fiqh books written on the father's authority.

Or is the reward for being a mother awaiting us in the afterlife? Every single one of us comes from a woman [mother], yet it is widely accepted by muslims that based on a hadith, women are the majority in hell. So you clearly don't even get a free pass to paradise for being a mother!

So yeah. I don't see any special treatment that women receive as mothers. I would rather study my religion [Islam] and become a scholar/teacher, than simply birth a child that I will put into my master husband's hands and under his authority.

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Least Likable HW of 2020

So I was thinking of all the things that have gone down with the HWs this year and who was the least likable and I came up with some strong contenders, but have built up a top 10 so here we go without further ado...


Honorable mention:

  • Ramona Singer

    • Bad quarantine behavior but also like so were all the other HWs
    • Poops her pants. Pooped on camera.
    • Says she has 7 billion girlfriends or whatever
    • Said “All lives matter” on an instagram comment
      • But did backtrack after her older sister and BFF Avery set her straight on BLM
    • Referred to human beings as “servants”
    • Doesn’t wear masks in the ocean.
    • Again, with the poop I just hate it.
    • Had all her friends chip in to buy the ugliest Gucci bag
    • Refused to be in a picture with Gizelle def bc Gizelle was too pretty so she gets some points for being petty
    • She’s an awful person but she’s like OUR awful person and we’ve already known this so she doesnt make the list
  • Doooorinda

    • Turkey baster quote was disgusting
    • Bullied and victimized poor Tinz
    • I think she’s actually going through addiction so she did not make the list :(
    • I really hope she gets the help she needs.
    • Gets a lot of points for her Berkshires house and eclectic style
    • Get well soon, bitch.

TEN. Gizelle - Way too pretty to be so mean. - Who hurt her? - hooking up with her gross ex-husband despite her daughters (and the world) saying it was an awful idea - Her taste in fashion and interior design - Gets points back for being really pretty

NINE. Kyle Richards - Stole Kim’s god damn house - Weirdly worships her insane mother - Whiney crybaby. - “Just be honest” - Gets points back for high Mauricio - Gets 10000X points back for having five dogs that seem to be better cared for than Braunwyn’s “Littles” - Totally orchestrated the scene with Alexia and Amelia to show how much of a better kid Alexia is and I am with that level of pettiness

EIGHT. Cynthia Bailey - Having a Covid wedding with 200 guests - This woman has the worst weddings - We saw her get married before and it was literally an empty room with dinosaur bones - We do not need another wedding - Is a good mom to Noel - +1000 pts for hot hot hot Leon - -1000 pts for not marrying Leon - She is pretty but a superspreader so -1000

SEVEN. Ashley Darby - Excuses her husband being a sexual assaulter -

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During the night on January 12, 1976, eight-year-old Eloise Anne Worledge was abducted from her home in Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia, meters away from where her parents slept. Where is Eloise now, and who took her?


Patricia Ann Watmuff was a student-teacher when she met her future husband. Lindsay Worledge, three years older than her, was building an academic career at the Caulfield Institute of Technology. By the time that Eloise Anne Worledge, their first child, was born in 1967, the small family had moved into a four-bedroom weatherboard home in the suburbs of Beaumaris. The home was perfect: it was 500 meters from the popular Beaumaris beach, with light traffic and close to shops, schools, and work.

They went on to have two more children, Anna and Blake, in 1969 and 1971, respectively. However, regardless of the new children in their lives, the decade-long marriage between Patsy and Lindsay was falling apart. While Patsy immersed herself in her children, local friends, and arts & crafts, Lindsay spent more time at the Caulfield Institute of Technology, where he was a lecturer and completing his MBA at Monash University.

According to friends, Linday's comments to his wife were becoming increasingly sarcastic. Patsy tried to convince Lindsay to try counseling, which he refused--but Patsy went ahead alone and, while it didn't improve their marriage, it helped her to recognize the irrevocable state of her relationship with Lindsay.

By 1975, the couple's marriage was virtually over. They began to build independent lives and sought comfort in others. In September of that year, Patsy began talking to Linday about a separation.

The couple agreed to split, but Lindsay asked if he could wait to move out until he completed his final exams in November. They agreed that Patsy would stay in the marital home with the three children, and he would have the freedom to visit and have access to the kids at any time. Regardless of their own problems, Patsy and Lindsay wanted to put their children first and do everything in their power to protect them.

But, once Lindsay's exams were over, he told Patsy that he needed more time. They agreed to stay together over Christmas for the sake of the children, and then he would move out. They set the date for Patsy's 33rd birthday, January 10th of 1976.

Patsy's birthday came. She had been preparing the children for the

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Surprise the debt was more then he originally told me.... O_o

since my last post where I talked about him asking me for $10,000 we have had two conversations about his debt. I'm sorry our debt as he's referring to it now. Yes I know since we're married that technically does make it my debt but since we've always had split finances ( his decision) and I didn't know about it until last month I'm not considering it mine. First conversation we had about it when I asked how much he had he said and I quote "20 grand between two cards" so I clarified so you have 10 on one and 10 on the other and he said yes. last night was the second conversation about the debt because he was talking about how he's paying $13,000 onto the one card from the money we have gotten from refinancing the house(first head scratch moment) that will pay it off completely and then he's going to do a debt transfer from one card to the other that has a lower interest rate. Here I stop him and I say what do you mean you're paying 13 on one card, shouldn't you only be paying 10 on that and 3 on the other one. To which he replies no I have 13 on one card and 17 on the other, so big freaking shocker to me to hear that we actually have almost 40,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. I could just scream, I don't even know what to do at this point I can't even fathom how do you get $40,000 worth of credit card debt??? I don't think I would be so mad if he at least has been honest about it with me from the start, but we've been together for 4 years now married for two and this is the first that I've heard about all of this debt. Every conversation about it before this is pretty much been don't worry about it I have it handled so it seems really strange to me now to learn that in fact no he doesn't have it handled and now in a very weird manner it says if he needs to pay it back right now. He drained his savings of $9,000 not even 3 months ago to pay onto a credit card now he's refinanced our house and is paying $13, 000 onto a credit card and he's still has 30,000 to go then. where in the world did it all come from and when I asked him to lay it all out he says don't worry about it I've got it handled. If he's not willing to budge I think this might be the divorce point...... I know I've had other moments so far where I probably should have by now but this is really just the icing on the cake, I really just don't even know how to handle this. Oh I'm editing to add that I spoke to his uncle at the Christmas party since you know my husband already felt incline

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How do you make friends as a grown-up?

My husband, kids and I moved to town about 4 years ago and we’ve had a really hard time making friends. The isolation is starting to wear and I’m wondering how I can meet friends at this stage of my life (almost 40, with elementary school aged kids)... in a pandemic.

When we first moved I was introduced to a circle of friends and I’ve tried to fit-in. They have all known each other for years, and are truly lovely and good people, but no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve never felt accepted.

When I’ve tried to make friends on my own, pre-COVID, I seemed to run into a disproportionate number of people with red flags.

EDIT2: The people below aren’t friends I’ve made and abandoned, they are people that I’ve met, thought we might be able to form a friendship with, but before we could hang out, outside of that context, there were red flags.

The mom at the bus stop who is easy to talk to? She’s super involved in an MLM and I need to join her team. The mom at the park that we just had a 30 minute Office quote-off with? She and her husband are training their seven year old for the NHL and they’re hardly around due to the hockey schedule. That mom at dance class who’s also always running late, with wet hair and freshly spilled coffee on her pants just like me? Going through a messy divorce and isn’t aware that she’s causing a fair bit of the mess.

I’m not quite sure how to forge connections at this stage of my life or during the pandemic. Please share your experiences and advice.

Edit: The reference to the person going through a divorce was not a knock on people going through a divorce. The person I encountered was doing things like reporting her ex to CAS, and putting her child through invasive exams when she admitted she knew no abuse had happened, but it might help her when it came to custody.

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SO YOU CAN'T VISUALIZE, RIGHT? | A Borealis Guide to Visualization.
  • {8 min read time.}


For the most part, every single person out there can and do visualize every single day. It's all a matter of perspective. So the first thing I'm going to ask you to do is this.

Let's start with the common misconceptions.

  1. You're trying to view everything with your eyes in HD, play by play like a physical, 3D thing.

  2. You think visualization is a goal, not a tool.

  3. You're focusing more on the tiny details than the actual goal of the visualization.


1. Leave every single expectation at the door; in everything you do, especially the esoteric- you have to have an open mind. Even if you don't believe it, just do it anyway, it'll prove itself to you.

Now the most common misconception with visualization is that people think they need to see with their external eyes just like how they see the 3D reality. Visualization is "the formation of a mental image." and people get carried away.

I want to make this very clear, you do not have to see anything- especially with your two eyes- to visualize. If this was the truth, then blind people would not be able to visualize, and they do. The concept of Human Echolocation (produces an actual image in the brain albeit colourless) wouldn't exist.

They don't use sight, they use other senses, time, feelings, events.

Visualization is NOT seeing, it is experiencing. Visualization is the representation of an object, circumstance, emotion, word, etc.? How about not having to 'see' in the conventional way to visualize? It's not such a crazy thing.

When you apply this second definition, then you see the connection between this and the way the subconscious mind communicates in symbols and sensations. It is a 6th sense all on its own, it has literally no connection to your sense of 'sight'. This is why you can daydream and you can imagine, you're exercising that sense of visualization; Imagination. You'll find in some of Neville's work he calls this your 6th husband, the one that you should marry yourself to instead of allowing yourself to be impregnated with the other 5 husbands/senses- in a biblical manner of speaking.

Now that you know this, here are some more realistic concepts to adopt/think on.

  1. Visualization = mental goal (imagination) + focus (willpower).

  2. Your sense of Imagination/Visualization is not a third pair of eyes. If you want to 'see' then use your sight, that's what it's for.

  3. Verbal comm

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The First Act of Violence

I came across a quote from bell hooks in another subreddit and I thought it was here at first, until I realized it was a photo post, and those aren’t allowed here, ha.

> The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves. If an individual is not successful in emotionally crippling himself, he can count on patriarchal men to enact rituals of power that will assault his self-esteem.

It’s from her book, The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (2004). I’ve just ordered the book because my husband and I are raising two boys/AMABs, 12 y/o and 18 m/o. Ensuring my children are emotionally healthy adults is very important to me, so I’m reading everything I can get my hands on regarding emotional states for boys/men and related topics.

My dad’s side of the family doesn’t talk about anything deeper than surface level and meets any display of strong emotion with awkward, though usually supportive, silence. My mom’s side is more understanding and willing to talk about it, but only under specific, “acceptable” circumstances. Ex: If an 8 y/o is upset at losing a game, rather than talk them through it, dad’s side would say “maybe you’ll win next time” and that would be the end of it, and mom’s side would call the kid a sore loser and say “well, you can’t win all the time.”

I think a lot people would look at those two responses and maybe think they’re maybe not the best responses to an upset child, but not something they’d consider abuse or emotional neglect because those terms are “too strong” to describe the responses. But stack them up, year over year for 18+ years, and it weighs on you.

I don’t ever want my kids to feel the way I do, or resent their family for not being supportive for even the everyday emotions they have.

Has anyone read much of bell hooks’s body of work? If so, what did you think?

Also, any recommendations for blogs/vlogs/books/etc regarding raising boys in a healthy way?

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[Thank You] February Thank You’s- If my mailbox could talk

Hello my RAoC Family !!

Well, we can all agree if my mailbox could talk, I would need some pretty serious meds, but it definitely felt all the love and warmth of all you amazing friends. You all have had such a profound impact on my life that even the biggest thank you would fall short to express how truly blessed and grateful I am for all of you ! I’m a firm believer that you can never show too much gratitude for the people who bring so much joy and love into your life.... please know there is never anything random about your acts of kindness. Kindness is just what you all do, and you all do it so well!

First, everyone who signed up for my offer, I apologize because I’ve only just sent most of them out. Covid Vaccine Part Deux wasn’t kind, it knocked me down like I was in an unexpected prize fight, and I stupidly left my boxing gloves at home !! Ok a little PSA : Please, please, please get vaccinated, with whatever vaccine is available to you, and continue to wear a mask. Oh, and continue social distancing... just pretend like you farted in a high end Department Store, and you need to maintain a distance and need to keep moving so no one knows it was you !! Maybe not the best analogy... but when you have a sister who is lactose intolerant and INSISTS on having a venti latte, you quickly learn survivor skills.

Now the Thank You’s...

u/trashtiger101 : Thank you so much for the Blue Neptune Card !! It’s beautiful !! Thank you for the book recommendation !! I don’t think I’ve read anything by Jennifer A. Nielsen, but I will definitely be checking it out. I just read the synopsis on Goodreads, and it’s right up my alley. My brother in law is an avid reader too, so I texted him, and he was like, “You haven’t read it yet ? Whaaaattt ???”... I said, “Sharing is caring man, so I’m gonna remember this”... I won’t remember anything.

u/stephenfromreno88 : Thank you for the wonderful card !! You are too kind !! I love the Pelican Sticker !! It’s so cute and the tea was just what I needed at the time. I’m so happy to have “met” you, and I am so looking forward to sharing more cards with you in the future. I think you’re the only one excited I talk so much !

u/carleen1210 : OMG !! Thank you so much for the surprise hand made Valentines Card !! I love it so much !! It’s perfect in every way !! I love the stickers and the Dino eraser ! I use pencils for everything so it has a very special place on my desk (where my dog won’t eat it...yes, unfortunately that has

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Do all teens lie to their parents? Long, sad rant about 13 yo

My SO and I have always tried to be laid back parents. Our 13 yo has had very few expectations from us, probably too few as we've giving him unlimited screen time and enjoy his life as he pleases; we've merely asked him to do his best in school (he's always been an A student although he has an ADD diagnosis that he has chosen himself to not treat medically) and to not lie to us, but instead talk to us about whatever is bothering him. We've encouraged him to ask questions about pretty much everything in life, including sex and relations, and we'll answer truthfully, not about personal stuff, but generally speaking.

It's been going well up to around this past Xmas. But the past months, something has felt off about him. We figured it was raging teen hormones, but he just didn't feel like our old kid anymore. Something was off and we couldn't figure out what was off. He pretty much shut us down when we asked if something was wrong. He duped us for months until everything came to a head last week.

Okay, first a needed backstory: The deal we've had since he got his own phone two tears ago, was that he can't have his phone in his room when he goes to bed. Several nights, he said he didn't know where it was when we asked to have it to charge it in the living room. We accepted it, because he lever lies. But one night last week, my husband got a weird feeling (I'd already been getting a weird feeling about the missing phone but couldn't figure it out) and caught our son red handed hiding the phone under his pillow after telling my husband to look in the bathroom. This was the first time ever we caught him lying and our son just went quiet and couldn't come up with an explanation.

Turns out, he and one of his female friends started a "secret relationship" and I put that in quotes because he's been in distance learning since March last year and hasn't seen any of his friends irl since then. She made him promise not to tell anyone, including us, because of a self harming ex of hers. So we knew nothing.

The relationship has changed him, to say the least. He repeatedly stopped handing in his assignments and doing his hw. Suddenly, F after F popped up in his grades. He'd "forgotten" to turn them in. He'd handed them in but somehow, they got lost or "unturned in". When asked, he always said he'd done his hw. When the Fs started to show up, he always assured us he'd fix it, he'd email his teacher and take care of it. We accepted it, because he never lies.

The morning a

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Glee was racist - Part 2: The Characters

Following on from Part 1: The Music (old.reddit link) - same disclaimer, I'm white, this is media theory. disclaimer 2: I don't believe, and I don't think anyone should think, that Glee is inherently or entirely racist. That is not its foundation, that was not its goal. I don't want to make people think more poorly of Glee, but to take a critical lens and hopefully have some valuable discussions about how it presents things, why, and what effect this has.

These essays also aren't me saying that X and Y are racist and that's the only way you can see it, nor is it me claiming to understand how offensive/harmful some of the inferential racism can be. I'm identifying where Glee handled race issues in ways that can be seen as poor.

This part was originally structured in a more essay format, connected by concepts. It's still written pretty much like an essay but I've broken it down into characters more. Some concepts may be repeated, but I guess people might want to discuss on a character level more, and can read each part separately! I also broke off an essay about ethnic Jewish stereotypes (old.reddit link).

In editing this post, I've been re-reading a journal article on ethnicity in Glee written during S3 (https://doi.org/10.1111/cccr.12002 or PDF), which I refer to a few times as "Dubrofsky", and I dug up a magazine article from 2009 with the headline "[Is 'Glee' a Little Bit Racist?](https://web.archive.org/web/20200803210458

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Started as an affair and now we're here... I feel like the wicked stepmother... HELP?

**Disclaimer : This is long. If you want to skip all of the history and just go straight to the stepmom quandary, scroll down to the horizontal line. I’ve marked the paragraph where all of that starts. But for those who want to hear it all, here it goes…

It’s taken me a lot of courage to get to this point and share my story but I desperately need to ask for advice, and I know I have to be 100% truthful with all of the facts so that I can get honest and true advice. I know though, a lot of people will condemn me for my story but it’s my truth and I can’t keep it buried any longer. It’s long and I know few will get through it all but for those who do, I hope you can help.

I (31F) am dating and living with my boyfriend (36M). But let’s rewind… I was with my high school sweetheart for 15 years… met at 16 and got married at the ridiculously young age of 23 and unfortunately divorced 6.5 years later. We endured a gruelling miscarriage together but went on to have a baby boy a little while later (he is now 4). Unfortunately, our relationship declined rapidly… not sure whether it was because we met too young and grew into different people, whether it was because I caught him on dating apps while I was pregnant with our son, or whether the stress of a newborn was too much for us? Or all of the above? Looking back now, I often wonder if I was going through postpartum depression but whatever the reason(s) were, I made a decision in October 2017- one that went against everything I’ve been taught and thought was sacred. One that would change the whole course of my life. I decided to create an account online so I could meet someone… on a website specifically for married individuals. Awful. I know. Believe me, I KNOW. I was lonely, insecure, lost and horribly confused about my life… and obviously myself. My husband at the time paid zero attention to me. We both barely slept as our baby was a terrible sleeper who suffered from severe acid reflux and couldn’t lay down on his own w/o being in an incredible amount of pain. I was exhausted, I felt gross about my weight gain and most importantly I think, I wanted someone to see me as more than just a ‘mom’. I didn’t like the new role I was settling into. Don’t get me wrong, my son is my world and I would literally jump in front of an 18-wheeler for him, but at the time, I was battling feelings of nostalgia… nostalgia for the old me where I was fit and could work and felt great about myself. Post partum? Yeah. Probably. I f

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How do you know if your family is in Qanon?

My father voted for Trump twice. He firmly believes the election was stolen. He believes COVID19 is false and not really as bad as everyone says. Masks are not useful and are anti democracy. He believes the my pillow guy knows how the election was stolen. He rants about critical race theory and quotes the Epoch Times regularly. He claims he doesn't know what Qanon is. He wrote me and my husband and two kids off last night. I bawled my eyes out all day. I am devastated. Am I dealing with a Qanon fanatic? I don't know. He's not terribly religious. He is deeply paranoid. He's ex-army intelligence, and he worked for the joint chiefs of staff during the Vietnam war. I am trying to find others who might at least have an understanding of what it's like to have ones parent say that they don't want anything to do with you or your kids.

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She Wolf Of WhatStreet

let’s run down Ronnie’s life post time jump

  • graduates from Barnyard or whatever
  • really good at the Stonks
  • baddest bish on the trading floor
  • marries an alpha
  • gets into a horrific helicopter accident
  • husband doesn’t want her overworked
  • secretly works in an underground celebrity jewelry store giving insider trading tips
  • goes back to Riverdale to take on Daddykins
  • starts teaching economics and tries to jumpstart Riverdale’s economy with $50,000
  • daddy ruins this plan
  • or maybe the plan itself was stupid
  • divorces husband
  • gets back with ex who is pretty good at cheating on her with her QUOTE UNQUOTE BEST FRIEND (but does it really count if she doesn’t name drop her 20 times like her real best friend Katy Keene...who at this point, has shared more dialogue with Veronica than Betty & Veronica have shared post time jump)

still waiting on the She-Wolf to earn that moniker we like to make fun of...because I honestly wouldn’t mind it if she even slightly resembled Jordan Belfort’s character/ they didn’t make her storyline so completely revolve around men.

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Why I Think Lucy Killed Leda

I have spent the last few months somewhat obsessed with the idea that Lucy may have been the one to kill Leda (intentionally or unintentionally). I’m curious to see if others see any plausibility to this theory. It first struck me on a re-read of Cuckoo’s Calling - specifically the first time we see Lucy, and she goes a little TOO crazy at the news that Strike and Charlotte have broken up. I then started seeing all sorts of clues, and I confess, I was collecting them as a sort of joke. But I wonder if they do point to anything.

  1. Lucy had motive. She did not like her mother - she says in Troubled Blood: “Leda wasn’t my mother” and we know she left Leda for good at age 14 because, among other things, Jeff Whittaker was making her life miserable. Whether he was actually physically abusive or just trying to mess with her psychologically, we do not know. But I think it’s pretty clear that Lucy’s childhood with Leda must have been awful, and as a female, much different than the experiences of her tall and strong brother. We don’t know WHAT happened at the commune, but there are enough hints and descriptions of awful conditions at the various squats that Leda dragged them to that I think it unlikely that Lucy would have escaped unharmed. I think that Whittaker must have finally turned his taunts into physical harassment the night that Lucy called on Ted and Joan to rescue her.

  2. For as much as she disliked Leda, and tries to lead a “conventional” life, Lucy can’t seem to stop talking about her mother. In CC, Lucy tells Robin all about Leda. SHE initiates the conversation. The sensible, simple explanation is that this is a good way for us, the reader, to learn about Strike’s past. But still…

“Oh God, that won’t be fun for Cormoran,” said Lucy, with a strange note in her voice. “Hasn’t he told you? Mind you, people usually know without telling. Our mother was a famous - groupie, they call it, don’t they?” Lucy’s smile was suddenly forced, and her tone, though she was striving for detachment and unconcern, had become brittle. “It’s all on the internet. Everything is these days, isn’t it? She died of an overdose and they said it was suicide, but Stick always thought her ex-husband did it. Nothing was ever proven. Stick was furious. It was all very sordid and horrible anyway. Perhaps that’s why the client chose Stick - I take it the suicide was an overdose?”

To me, it sounds like Lucy is really fishing for information. Also, it's odd wording to say som

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[Thank you] such a wonderful mix of different cards :D

Thank you u/amyt13 🍀 for this amazing collection fo Irish things celebrating St. Patrick's day 💚 I've actually turned some of the confetti into cards for my Irish friends - I'll send you a PM. 😊 Thank you for all the suggestions for things to do in Dublin - will check those out next time! pic

Thank you u/monk3yking for this CNY related card. I love you play cards! And I love that tong sui too 😊 🎴 pic

Thank you u/somethingnoo for this pretty card of lollies - my favourite flowers 💐 and for your well wishes 💜 pic

Thank you u/talkingroses for this Australian Maxicard 😊 Enjoy listening to White Christmas (maybe closer to Christmas haha) 🎄 pic

Thank you u/AfricanViolet for this marimekko postcard. Love the design! 😊 pic

Thank you u/lonelytwatwaffle for this postcard of Granada Cartuja monastery. Love your message 😂 pic

Thank you u/stephkampf for you cute reddit card - love you've made these 💜 pic

Thank you u/tohakumasu for this brilliantly designed postcard and your well wishes 🌸 This is my husband's favourite pic

Thank you u/misssweetlady for this Egon Schiele card. He work is so unique! 😊 pic

Thank you u/k_the_engineer for adding another "Women in Science" postcard to my collection at school. Elizabeth Blackburn is really inspiring 💜 pic

Thank you u/starbrightsky for this rose card and your kind well wishes 💜 pic

Thank you u/PMmeifyourepooping for this super cute hedgehog card 🦔 and your funny username 🤣 pic

Thank you u/real_henley for this lovely cacti card🌵👋Love the quote!! Glad you are back at writing (as I'm reaping the rewards 😊) pic

Thank you u/babyraspberry for this groovy minion card! You have pretty penmanship and love all the stickers. It's a shame I can't share with the world the best envelope stickers of my name, I've cut it out and stuck it too 😊💜 pic

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Update: Cheating Ex first love's, girlfriend sent me vicious messages telling me off for ignoring her and calling me a pathetic loser for not forgiving her

Part 1 initial contact her reaching out to me after many years


Part 2 when I met up with her in person


sorry for the late update this happened right after Christmas and ive been busy


So I stopped talking to her after meeting up as you all know in part 2 update. She would send me facebook messages but then stopped, then before Christmas she sends me a message a text message and then voice mail and facebook asking me what I will be doing for Christmas or new years eve.

She sent me some quote on Forgiveness again and learning and some story of some person who didn't mature until later and that everyone learns some mature faster than others, basically hinting that the story is about her that she didn't realize she hurt someone until she lost everything and now feels the pain of that person she hurts and didn't realize that person is someone she should have been with

anyway I didn't reply to her.

After Christmas her friend messages me on facebook, and said I was a pathetic excuse for a man.

She said I was a coward and didn't deserve her and that I was weak for not moving on and forgiving her. She also said a man should never do what I did and hurt a woman's feelings that I was showing my true colors and mean spirited.

She then said if I really loved her I would have gave her a second chance and said all that stuff I said about loving her years ago was all fake then, because now that she is single and not as good looking it shows I was shallow and only loved her for her looks.

She really ripped on me, I decided to message her friend back and told her well what do I get thats so special? she said what do you mean, and I said she cheated on me left me, basically abandoned me and never though about me and had kids with another man that YOU helped approve and hooked her up with and told her I was no good years ago.

Her friend didn't bother answering and just sent me to talk to the hand emoji and said you know what this convo is over you loser, its 2021 women deserve better by

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Did AH confess everything anonymously on Datalounge in 2018?

Background: there was an ongoing series of Armie Hammer threads on Datalounge.com starting in 2018. (You can google by searching “Datalounge.com Armie Hammer Part x”). Datalounge lets you track frequent posters by using the Ignore function.

The are two sets of IPs who were posting in the thread that are the same person. If he is referencing a question by a previous poster, I will include that question beforehand in italics.

IP one:

Armie Hammer Part 4 at Datalounge.com

That and he is also possessive of her (and she of him, obviously). I remember some time in March- April where he liked this IG post. I can't find the original post, but he did like this meme. https://pics.me.me/if-my-girl-ever-cheat-on-me-ima-just-loosen-2183071.png

209 - you idiots, that was about his mistress

Jennifer Lawrence or any female A lister. Nothing would satisfy Armie’s quest for fame more than being part of a celebrity couple.

Do you think if he was on a quest for fame he would’ve married a reporter that looks twice his age

Armie Hammer Part 5

It’s rather easy tolerating your straight husband being a little too close with his middle-aged unattractive director before awards season when the alternative is your husband disappearing into the rope dojos with his teenage sex slave, don’t you think.

I envy Kevin Spacey who likely got to grope that; this whole Luca business has made it clear that Armie is aware of, and pretty opportunistic towards, the effect he has on certain older men. This is probably what his parents were dreading when he told them he wanted to become an actor.

@173 Fuck off. i’ll fucking rip Kevin Spacey’s fucking hands off and skin him alive if i ever found out he so much as thought of doing something to Him.

Armie Hammer Part 9 on Datalounge.com

I already told you guys about his sex slave and you didn’t listen.

Can someone offer a brief recap his interest in bondage (and elaborate how know this)? I only came aboard this ongoing series of threads in Part 9.

Yes @187. He’s into tying girls up, choking them out, being worshipped and rape play, preferably anally. His wife isn’t into any of that but they have a one year old and she legally has control over his finances - they’re married with no prenup.

Citation needed

@197 You won’t

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Am I reasonable for wanting to keep my first husband's last name when I remarry due to my life accomplishments under that name?

So...I married young. 22. Fresh out of college. I did the traditional thing and took my (now ex) husband's last name, largely because I came from an emotionally abusive family and wanted to symbolically end that chapter of my life.

We've been divorced now for three years, and when we divorced I kept my married name. To quote the great Michael Bolton from Office Space: "Why should I change my name? He's the one who sucks."

I'm now in a wonderful relationship that is heading towards marriage. The thing is...when I remarry, I feel like I'd like to keep my name as it is rather than taking my new husband's. With this name I have served in the military, bought a house, earned a career I'm proud of, and generally became a person I am proud to be. I have uniforms and plaques and awards with this name.

It's not about feelings towards my ex or my current SO-- it's about my feelings towards myself. I'm not a 22-year-old girl anymore, I'm a 34-year-old woman with a full life; one I've worked hard for.

Also all the paperwork would be a massive pain in the ass, so.

Has anyone else had this situation, or have an opinion? It's a common thing for women to keep their maiden name when they marry, but keeping their name from a past marriage is rather a different story and I'm just curious about people's thoughts on the matter.

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Just a little rant about the baby shower I didn't want....

So this year has been hard on people and this is our second boy. We really have all the big stuff already from our first and tons of clothes. So I asked that no one throw us a shower because many of my friends and family members didn't have it so easy and shouldn't feel like they need to bring a present. But....they are doing it anyway. More like let's eat and play games. There's not even a registry on the invite. Probably gonna be fine. I'm looking forward to it. BUT, I'm browsing the guest list and there's a few people I dont know. So I ask my husband who his mother has invited. They are: 2 of her coworkers I've never met and 2 of his estranged, half brother's ex wives.....now she did some stuff right. She invited close family friends that are important to my husband. Wonderful. That was exactly her job for representing his side of the guest list.

So he calls her to ask why she has invited these people. She starts off with something along the lines of not wanting it to look like she didn't invite anyone (my family is so much bigger than his so maybe she felt pressured by the amount of people coming from my side.) So he points out that I have no idea who these people are and I'm the one having the baby. She replies with, in a heightened tone, "well it don't matter if she knows them, I do!" She insists they probably won't come.

And that people, is my MIL explained in a single quote. She is a lovely lady. Raised my husband of course. Stubborn. Obviously inclined to be a bit selfish. She invited people important to her, instead of just my husband. People my husband truly doesn't care about either.

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How a Murdoch sailed off with Maxwell's superyacht Lady Ghislaine - named after his daughter

dailymail.co.uk | 12 February 2021

How a Murdoch sailed off with Maxwell's yacht: For years the press titans battled for supremacy and now Rupert Murdoch's first wife has bought and refitted Robert Maxwell's boat Lady Ghislaine - named after his disgraced daughter and scene of his death

  • Disgraced newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell owned Lady Ghislaine superyacht
  • He fell overboard in the Atlantic 1991 with his empire on the brink of collapse
  • Lady Ghislaine fell into Rupert Murdoch's family's possession - Maxwell's rival
  • The yacht is now named Dancing Hare and owned by Murdoch's ex-wife Anna

Dancing Hare, a 189 ft superyacht, is currently moored in Auckland after traversing the South Pacific and Caribbean Sea.

As displays of conspicuous wealth go, she certainly takes some beating with glass panels encircling the deck, wraparound glass railings, and accommodation for 12 guests — and up to 15 staff — in a master suite, four doubles and a twin stateroom.

The price? £11.8 million; at least that was the asking price when this behemoth was purchased in 2017.

Since then, Dancing Hare, flying under the flag of the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific, where she is officially registered, has been spotted sailing around the Galapagos Islands, St Lucia, Fiji, Tonga, and Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

Those on board, according to online video diaries chronicling the cruiser's progress, enjoyed everything 'from diving adventures with sharks and turtles' to watching 'dolphins swimming off their bow'.

Yet few outside the boating world will be aware that the white and orange striped flag fluttering in the ocean breeze belonged, in a previous life 30 years ago, to one of the most famous — or rather infamous — yachts in the world.

Back then it had a very different name. It was called the Lady Ghislaine and the owner was disgraced newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell.

On the evening of November 5, 1991, with his empire, including the Daily Mirror, on the brink of collapse, Maxwell's naked 22 st body was found floating in the Atlantic off the Canaries, having fallen overboard from the stern of his yacht earlier in the day.

It soon became apparent that Maxwell, who was 68, was not only bankrupt (about £1 billion) but had also pilfered millions from the Mirror's pension fund.

Many believe his bitter rivalry with fellow media tycoon

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Bait & Switch

I learned a lesson ten years ago.

My stepbrother, who I had been close with for most of our lives, ruined our relationship. He and his then girlfriend (later wife, then ex-wife) chipped away at me for two years before I cut off all contact with them.

Their relationship was complicated and stupid from the beginning. My stepbrother is a habitual cheater and has never been single for longer than five minutes. I mean, they met through her roommate who he was sleeping with while cheating on his second wife. She willingly began sleeping with him under those circumstances.

He would hang out at my place since I was at work most of the time and I lived only a few blocks from these two women. It was also the perfect excuse to give his wife for his absence.

Anyway, roommate 1 found out and drama ensued. I stayed out of it—I didn’t want to hear a single word about any of that bullshit, I would be giving no advice other that “stop being a dipshit.”

One day, his wife called me to inform me that she had contracted an STD. She figured since I spent so much time with him that I would have information. The reality was that I rarely spent time with him because I was always busy with my own life. I hated every second of that conversation. I don’t want to be a part of deceiving anybody. Still, I told her that I didn’t know anything and got on with my life.

Three months later, he was getting a divorce and he had started a relationship with roommate 2. Cool, buddy. Best of luck to you and the dingbat. He began cheating on this new girlfriend two months later.

Girlfriend showed up at my place when I actually had time to spend with my boyfriend. She was crying and telling me all about the dirty text messages she had found on his phone. I didn’t sugarcoat anything and said, “What did you expect? I love my stepbrother, but am grateful that my dating pool has one less dud to get through. He’s a moron and maybe you can do better.” She got really upset and dropped the bomb. She told me that she was pregnant. “Oh, do you need me to help you get an appointment and be there with you for the abortion?”

“I don’t know. I think if I keep it, it will make our relationship better and he’ll want to just be with me.”

I poured a glass of whiskey for myself and didn’t say a thing while she continued on her ludicrous rant.

She ended up keeping the pregnancy and married my stepbrother two years later. They had a destination wedding that I did not attend. He had already gotten two wed

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UPDATE: I (29 F) met my husband (39 M) and began seeing him when I was a minor. My mother (56 F) has finally found out and is threatening to report him.

Hello everyone, "John" here.

Original Post on the profile, Reddit would not allow me to link it.

Long story short, I'm the guy mentioned in the previous post. The husband who got involved with his wife when she was a preteen. Yeah, that asshole. Wanted to give my two cents about this whole situation as well. To continue the theme of codename simplicity, I'll just call my wife "Nancy." So, I read through most of your comments and I sure do appreciate all of the things you said about us. Always nice to wake up to seeing the love of my life called a heartless narcissist. Or when I was accused of grooming, called a sexual predator and a pedophile. All of those insistent comments that I "must have known." Real nice, thanks. I'm sure you can sense my sarcasm.

Well I didn't know.

Let's pretend for a second that I'm the sort of person you probably think I am. Let's pretend, for the sake or argument, that I was this horrible pedophile. You really think I'd have gone along with the lie for that long? That I would have stayed with one person for that many years, without even bothering to cover my tracks? Even if I had no morals, you think I'd risk my entire life on a single "victim" who was only getting older and older? You do realize that I am still with Nancy, right? Even well into her adulthood? Look, I realize that everyone on the internet is a stranger and sure, I could be lying, but on the other hand, why would I bother? Everyone on the internet is a stranger but I still take offense and want to set the record straight. So here's my side of the story. Read it or don't.

I have three younger siblings. Two sisters and brother. So I've known for a long time how it feels to look out for them, what it means to be there for them. When I was in high school, I was often babysitting my brother, which led to cancelling hangouts with friends, leaving them early, or even bringing him along. So when I met Nancy and she claimed to be sleeping in a different dormitory for the sake of her friend, my first thought was not, "That's suspicious." It was, "Finally, someone who gets me." The other thing about having younger siblings is that I never questioned my perception of what preteens were supposed to look like. It certainly feels awkward to say now, but Nancy wasn't kidding before. She definitely didn't look twelve. Years later when I found out and she tried to reassure me that I wasn't a pedophile, one of the things she said was, and I quote, "It's not your

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Gene Borrello recorded himself threatening ex Girlfriend. Excerpt from Jerry Capeci’s Gangland

Reformed One-Man Crime Wave Back Behind Bars For Threats To Ex-Girlfriend

Gene Borrello, a former one-man crime wave who got a "time served" sentence after flipping against Bonanno crime family mobsters and who has been a co-host of a podcast about the mob for the past year, is back behind bars for threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and her husband.

The 36-year-old gangster who once terrorized Howard Beach and neighboring communities in Queens could be locked up and off the air for up to five years.

Borrello was sent away following a contentious virtual hearing at which Borrello's mother and his aunt sang his praises and begged the judge to release him. During the session the turncoat gangster complained to the judge and prosecutor that he was being railroaded for a minor argument with an old flame. The argument didn't stick. Instead, he was detained as a danger to the community and remanded for a hearing on March 31.

"The threats he made are very, very serious," argued assistant U.S. attorney Lindsay Gerdes, the prosecutor whose praise had earned Borrello a reduced sentence in December of 2019. She said he threatened "to kill the husband of his ex-girlfriend and to severely beat her father all because she refused to grant him permission to publish a picture of her in a book that he's working on."

"He said, 'The minute you call the cops on me and grow those balls, I will blow your husband's head off in the middle of the street,'" said Gerdes, quoting from an alleged tape recorded threat that Borrello made to his former girlfriend on January 24.

"Fucking try me," Borrello continued, the prosecutor said: "Don't make me come to your fucking mother's house right now. I am that fucking serious. Don't forget about me. Remember what I used to do. I will grab your father right now and beat the dogshit out of him. Be happy I don't grab you or your fat ugly husband by the neck and drag you down the street."

Several times during the hour-long proceeding Borrello — as well as his mom — interrupted Gerdes while she was arguing to Magistrate Judge Robert Levy that the defendant should be detained because he was a danger to the Howard Beach community where he still lived.

"Why are you doing this to me Lindsay," he said at one point. "I did everything for you."

"I made one mistake with my ex-girlfriend," he said at another point. "Why are you burying me like this?"

Defense lawyer Nancy Ennis noted twice during the hearing that Borrello's ex-girlfriend had spo

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Ex-convert. Convert psychology.

I made a throwaway just to post this. I’ll talk about my own psychological process behind why I converted, and got out of it. Finally, If also like to hear your ideas on why women convert. Maybe you are ex convert too?

I converted 6 years ago, as a normal European young woman in her 20s, except I have aspergers. I had a shitty narc upbringing, pretty much no friends, and live abroad as well. I was raped, and after that a female friend (Christian) said “no wonder, as you wear bodycon dresses. If you want respect and want to find a man to marry you, you should dress modest. For example.. [insert outfit examples here]”.

She was not Muslim, but I was sick and tired at the time if being 25, and always having relationships end badly, when all I wanted was a marriage and family. I figured out - if I become a sweet traditional girl and enter a string traditional religion, I’ll get what I want.

I didn’t care of the doctrine itself. And I am PRETTY SURE most converts convert exactly for social reasons. Frequently for the same reason as I. Because it is hard for a European girl I our societies to get the traditional idylle so many crave, from our own European men.

I compared religions and chose Islam, partly ‘cause I look a lot like a certain Muslim ethnicity and dont look out of place among them.

I never got married in Islam, because ever time I was seeing a prospect, they’d bring up my “slutty past”, what a slut I must have been pre-Islam ‘cause I had a normal European life w/ boyfriends then. I had read and been told by Muslim women before converting that id start from a blank slate? So wtf?!!

These men were also upset if I showed pictures from concerts I had been to. “Music is haram, you know that?” Those who didn’t want to ban me music, were just unpleasant in other ways. Plastering their FBs full of misogynistic quotes/memes shaming women just for existing. It didn’t help if the guys were of similar ethnicity as me (east Euro), it they were Muslim they did this.

Then another aspect socially... Was the female company. I joined convert women’s FB groups and met some on Insta. But they were all SO culty and restricted in the head that after hanging out w/ then online, I NEVER felt like I wanted to go into a mosque to a women’s circle or anything. ‘Cause if they were such joyless people who had nothing going for themselves, no individuality, no real hobbies (except having 3-7 kids and bragging about how important being a housewife/mother is), why would I g

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Cheaters Websites

I’ve recently discovered my husbands ex girlfriend (allegedly) created 23 different posts on about 9 different “cheaters” websites. Everything she’s said is false. All the posts have my name and the city where I’m from. There are two different photos of me on some of the posts.

I had no idea these websites existed until I stumbled upon them when I googled myself. There are 1000s of people who are doxxed on there and the poster can say whatever they want, anonymously, without any legal repercussions (that I’m aware of).

I was just wondering if any of you have had an experience of being doxxed on one of these websites, and if there is anything that can be done to take them down and hold the poster accountable.

Update: I just got a quote from a lawyer.

“Pricing starts at $1,500 for one post and goes up depending on which sites you are on and how many posts you have. Based on the number of posts you provided, you are probably looking at a cost somewhere between $6,000-$9,000.”

So... I won’t be getting a lawyer. I figured that would happen but I wanted to see what my options were.

Also some good information from the email:

“When a post becomes public on a shaming site it opens the content up to be ‘scrapped’ to other shaming sites. Scrapping takes place when other sites take content from one site and put it on multiple others as their own. We don’t know what posts can be subject to this, or when they will duplicate in this manner, please keep in mind this does not happen to each post; however, we want our clients to be aware of the possibility. If a post is scrapped and put on another site, additional cost will be required to remove that content.”

So, who knows what posts are hers and which posts are scrapped. What a fucked up situation.

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The newspaper archives have again taken me down a rabbit hole. Tonight I’m sharing my story of Frank Leaver, a man I believe is an unknown serial killer from Kentucky who used Indiana as his dumping grounds in the 1960’s.

Once again while stumbling through the newspaper archives, I came upon an interesting article that has taken me down quite the rabbit hole. Now, after a lot of digging, I wanted to share my findings with y’all.

This is in no way complete, as the information available is scattered. But, hopefully after some more research I can include more details later in a more thorough write-up.

This is the story of Frank Leaver, a man I believe may have been a serial killer who used Indiana for his dumping grounds in the 1960’s.

On May 21st, 1962, a nude woman’s badly decomposed remains were discovered in a drainage ditch off of a rural farming road 3 miles north of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The remains would later be identified as Julia Ann Dawson, a 22-year-old waitress from Louisville, Kentucky.

Julia was determined to have died from “Darvon Poisoning,” caused from a “massive drug overdose.”

Only a month later, in June of 1962, another body was discovered in rural Jeffersonville.

Only a couple of miles from where Julia was found, the nude body of 22-year-old Judy Gardner, another waitress from Louisville, Kentucky, was discovered along a rural road.

Her cause of death was determined to be strangulation.

Four months later, on October 15th, 1962, yet another body was discovered in rural Jeffersonville.

Only 1 mile from where Julia had been found, the partially nude body of 21-year-old Nancy Webb was discovered. Nancy was also a waitress from Louisville, Kentucky.

Nancy’s cause of death was determined to be strangulation, however she was also severely beaten prior to death. Superficial rope burns were discovered on the sides of Nancy’s neck indicating her killer had attempted to use a small rope to strangle her.

On November 8th, 1962, approximately 10 miles from where the body of Nancy had been found, a farmer discovered the severely mutilated body of a woman in a rural Charlestown, Indiana corn field.

The body was identified as 21-year-old Anita Barmore, a bartender and waitress from Louisville, Kentucky.

Warning, the details that follow of Anita’s death are extremely disturbing.

From the case file:

*”An autopsy on the body of Anita Christine Barmore, the deceased, was conducted at 10:00 P.M. on November 8, 1962. The pathologist testified that she had been dead at least eight (8) hours, and probably between eight (8) and thirty-six (36) hours. The pathologist testified the left breast had been amputated, most of the pubis, the skin of

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Teenagers, do you all lie to your parents? Long, worried rant

My SO and I have always tried to be laid back parents. Our 13 yo has had very few expectations from us, probably too few as we've giving him unlimited screen time and enjoy his life as he pleases; we've merely asked him to do his best in school (he's always been an A student although he has an ADD diagnosis that he has chosen himself to not treat medically) and to not lie to us, but instead talk to us about whatever is bothering him. We've encouraged him to ask questions about pretty much everything in life, including sex and relations, and we'll answer truthfully, not about personal stuff, but generally speaking.

It's been going well up to around this past Xmas. But the past months, something has felt off about him. We figured it was raging teen hormones, but he just didn't feel like our old kid anymore. Something was off and we couldn't figure out what was off. He pretty much shut us down when we asked if something was wrong. He duped us for months until everything came to a head last week.

Okay, first a needed backstory: The deal we've had since he got his own phone two tears ago, was that he can't have his phone in his room when he goes to bed. Several nights, he said he didn't know where it was when we asked to have it to charge it in the living room. We accepted it, because he lever lies. But one night last week, my husband got a weird feeling (I'd already been getting a weird feeling about the missing phone but couldn't figure it out) and caught our son red handed hiding the phone under his pillow after telling my husband to look in the bathroom. This was the first time ever we caught him lying and our son just went quiet and couldn't come up with an explanation.

Turns out, he and one of his female friends started a "secret relationship" and I put that in quotes because he's been in distance learning since March last year and hasn't seen any of his friends irl since then. She made him promise not to tell anyone, including us, because of a self harming ex of hers. So we knew nothing.

The relationship has changed him, to say the least. He repeatedly stopped handing in his assignments and doing his hw. Suddenly, F after F popped up in his grades. He'd "forgotten" to turn them in. He'd handed them in but somehow, they got lost or "unturned in". When asked, he always said he'd done his hw. When the Fs started to show up, he always assured us he'd fix it, he'd email his teacher and take care of it. We accepted it,

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I did it

It always helped me a lot reading other peoples stories, so just another person talking to say that it really does get better after you and the long-term relationship. My guy and I had been together for seven years, engaged, end through therapy I reached a point where I just couldn’t lie anymore.

I thought that I would feel completely devastated and like I had ruined both of our lives, but now that it’s done I honestly I feel bad that I don’t feel worse. There is just a mental peace, like, I’m not trying to be two people anymore. Every time I would push myself back in the closet I started having memory problems, indecisiveness, sleep issues, anxiety. I woke up this morning and there was a tightness no longer in my chest I hadn’t noticed because it has been there for so long.

He was really respectful and kind about it, we aren’t going to be in each others lives for a long time if ever again, I will miss his friendship and his sense of humor and his intelligence and his encouragement so much, but I couldn’t make myself want him the way a wife should want her husband no matter how much I wanted to.

I have no intention of doing a big coming out anytime soon, but I never have to be with a man again and that feels amazing.

I want to leave a couple quotes that really pushed me to pull the trigger:

“Good enough is what makes people drink too much and snark too much and become bitter and sick and live in quiet desperation until they lie on their deathbed and wonder: what kind of life/family/relationship/world might I have created if I’d been braver?”

“I didn’t want to stay with my ex-husband, not at my core, even though whole swaths of me did. And if there’s one thing I believe more than I believe anything else, it’s that you can’t fake the core. The truth that lives there will eventually win out. It’s a god we must obey, a force that brings us all inevitably to our knees. And because of it, I can only ask the four women who wrote to me with the same question: will you do it later or will you do it now?”

Hugs to all of you, no matter what stage you’re at. If you remember nothing else, it’s that you matter and your needs matter.

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