I’m more of an earthenware potter but I found a random ball of porcelain in my bucket of wedged balls. Definitely can’t call me a porcelain purist, haha.
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Seventeen Mixtape Vol. 8 (Vernon) - B Boy Lyrics Translation

It's been awhile, so I bring you another diss-filled mixtape (no, I mean nothing by it!)

This one had quite a few language-specific parts that I've done my best to explain. :)

Vernon yeah
if I wasn’t going to be excellent I wouldn’t have started it*
Don’t even think about asking when you get to the end and you’re run over, rappers
Just think of it like you stepped in some shit and pass by
like crush T I’m the shit


*There are two potential reading of 죽여주지 here, the more literal meaning of “if I wasn’t going to kill you (momentarily), which makes sense but doesn’t make 100% sense. 죽여주지 in the slang context can also mean “I’m the best” or “I’m excellent” that fits better in context, so I went with it here. Although, you could argue that he could ‘kill’ someone momentarily by annihilating them with his rap, so both versions can work here!


my stuff is the shit, can’t unclog the toilet
try the school me I'm getting out here early
Little Rolly look at my schooling history, I’m an elementary school grad
but that doesn’t mean my sense of doubt is dead
My senses are alive and sharp, always

Some things I’d like to say to a few systems
Don’t be so rough on your vocal cords by straining them
Use that energy to research Drake, Meek Mill hell yea
And increase your flow, tone, lyrics, and level multifold

This is a genuine warning, don’t take it for anything more
or anything less
if you still can’t make sense of it, try digesting this verse
ah but this doesn’t suit your tastes at all, you might throw up

oh well, no choice but to acknowledge it
That terrible trill acting stinks**
It’s okay, it’ll go well
cheer up, I’ll make you earthen pots of CornFrost***


**Trill: I’m assuming he means the urban dictionary definition of ‘trill’ which means ‘true and real.’ So in Korean really bad acting is called 발연기, or “foot acting” when literally translated. Don’t know why it’s a thing to compare really bad things to feet, but it’s kinda like when SVT kept joking that Carnival was “content made with your feet!” It’s a commonly used phrase to mean that something sucks. So, Vernon plays off the foot pun and says that it stinks.

***Oh boy, a phrase that really stumped me! So 뚝배기 is an earthenware pot that people use to make Korean stews in. However, in recent times there have been a lot of memes relating to the earthen pot and I can’t figure out if he meant to use these memes - but CornFrost is

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Unreached People Group of the Week - Sasak of Indonesia

Sorry for the delay this week, its been a busy morning fixing up our new apartment that my fiancee has already moved into! So, anyways, its Ramadan so for the next 4 weeks, we will do Muslim peoples, and I hope that while they fast and pray, you too can fast and pray for them.

Region: Lombok - Indonesia


Stratus Index Ranking (Urgency): 70

Climate: Lombok has a beautiful tropical climate. It is hot and humid all year round. Temperatures range from 21 – 32 degree's Celsius. Temperatures can also vary depending where exactly you are on Lombok.

The island is to the immediate east of the Lombok Strait which marks the biogeographical division between the fauna of the Indomalayan realm and the distinctly different fauna of Australasia; this distinction, known as the "Wallace Line" (or "Wallace's Line") takes its name from Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913). Wallace was the first person to comment on the division between the two regions, as well as on the abrupt boundary between the two biomes. Lombok is part of the Lesser Sundas deciduous forests ecoregion.

Terrain: To the east of Lombok lies the Alas Strait, a narrow body of water separating the island of Lombok from the nearby island of Sumbawa.

The island's topography is dominated by the centrally-located stratovolcano Mount Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, which rises to 3,726 metres (12,224 ft), making Lombok the 8th-highest island. The most recent eruption of Rinjani occurred in September 2016 at Gunung Barujari. In a 2010 eruption, ash was reported as rising 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) into the atmosphere from the Barujari cone in Rinjani's caldera lake of Segara Anak. Lava flowed into the caldera lake, raising its temperature, while ash fall damaged crops on the slopes of Rinjani. The volcano and its crater lake, Segara Anak (child of the sea), are protected by the Gunung Rinjani National Park established in 1997. Recent evidence indicates an ancient volcano, Mount Samalas, of which now only a caldera remains, was the source of the 1257 Samalas eruption, one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history, which caused worldwide changes in weather.

The highlands of Lombok are forest-clad and mostly undeveloped. The lowlands are highly cultivated. Rice, soybeans, coffee, tobacco, cotton, cinnamon, cacao, cloves, cassava, corn,

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Gyuvetsch: the hearty earthenware stew you didn't know you wanted

>Тhe weather outside is delightful,
>but being stuck at home is oh so very frightful.
>And since we've no place to go,
>let's cook an epic meal on the slo'!

Sound about right? Today, I have for you fine people, a recipe to raise your serotonin level and satiate your hunger for a warm and comforting Sunday evening meal.

Gyuvetsch (гювеч; pronounced gue-vetsch) is a traditional Balkan dish, originating from Turkey and made with some variations in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania. In essence, it's a stew prepared in earthenware pots. These pots are, confusingly, also called gyuvetsch. They come in two varieties -- small pots containing a single portion, and large ones sufficient to bathe comfortably newborn twins.

We'll use the big G this time; get the largest one you can fit in your oven and can lift when full. The smaller ones are good for.. well, if you like this, I'll share a recipe later.

This is a small variation of my mother's recipe from Bulgaria, with some minor embellishments for improved palatal experience. Traditionally, it's made with whatever vegetables are seasonably available, but in this day and age, almost everything is. Feel free to omit the veggies you don't like or have on hand, and add some your favourites. This is a dish intended to have every vegetable available tossed in, and the taste will become even richer and more complex the more (complementary) ingredients you add.

This is one of those epic dishes that is that it's even better the next day. So even if your hungry squad can't quite gobble everything up in one go, the leftovers are still very good for a few more days.

Fair warning, this takes some time to cook, but prep time is short; after the pot is in the oven, it needs only occasional tending to. I usually get started just after lunch to have it ready and still warm by the evening.

Clean recipe for saving/printing at the end of the post.

Disclaimer: Your friends at /r/cooking remind you to enjoy food preparation responsibly.

Bulgarian Gyuvetsch

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking: 2-3 hours

Resting: 3+ hours

Pairs well with full-bodied red wines (malbec, merlot, mavrud or local varietals from your region)


The absolutely must-haves are carrots, onions, potatoes, aubergine and peppers. Meat is optional; substitute with your favourite protein source instead (red kidney beans will probably work great). Other veggie suggestions: okra, green beans, peas.

Canned ver

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Some problems with imperator and some potential solutions

So I recently gave imperator another spin around Christmas after the culture patch and hearing news of the 2.0 rework. Last time I played I found the experience kind of a mixture of boring and frustrating but the sense of unique building kept me intrigued enough to give it another try after the culture patch and before the major rework. I was almost ready to shelve the game again till the patch after a pretty boring tribal campaign and one as istros where pirates fucked me up but something clicked while playing as one of the other greek minors and I was hooked. Despite that however there some noticeable issues with the design of the game in my opinion and I thought I'd give my feedback on them along with a potential solution. All of these are my opinions and the suggestions haven't been rigorously thought out so feel free to disagree

  • Faction system for civil wars: This is one of the most frustrating aspects of civil wars, the unpredictable rng nature of it. Instead I think the faction system from ck should be copied with the faction made ahead of time with all members who wish to rebel shown, along with the troop numbers they bring to the table and which provinces will rebel.

  • No more total war for civil wars: Civil wars often feel a bit cat and mouse as the enemy repeatedly retreats and re-sieges land. I think the ck system of a tangible war goal you have to defend which the enemy tries to take is a far more sensible system.

  • Removal of disloyalty threshold for generals: This is something that's very off putting for new players imo. When I first tried imperator I was almost ready to put it down when I lost all control of my army because the general dipped below 30 loyalty. It's basically the worst way to handle it, almost completely untelegraphed and brutally punishing to newer players. Now I can see why they have this system to make exciting story lines of betrayal, except it feels more like insanely bad rng for newer players. It's also just not fun to go from 100 to 0 instantly. My suggestion is to completely remove this mechanic since disloyal characters already contribute to civil wars.

  • Attrition and supplies: This is totally personal preference but I was not a fan of how much micro there is for small nations to fight wars. Large 30 stacks end up being more mobile than small stacks because they don't have to wait to replenish supplies. My suggestion is that on capture of provincial capitals you sack a portion of the food in t

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Old Tagalog Food and Cooking Terms from Historical Dictionary Pt. 1

I'm just gonna post this now because I keep adding more stuff...I'll post the second part in the next couple of days. EDIT: I guess there's waaay too many to post, the next half ie 4-6 will be in a couple of days.

Many of what we know as “Filipino food” really are foreign recipes adopted by Manileno’s from Spanish, Chinese and other Asian neighbors. Pancit for example is a S. Chinese type of dish that really only took off after the Spanish ended Galleon Trade and opened Manila, creating a huge surge of immigrants from China to Manila in the late 18th and early 19th c. Just like how Manila Tagalog (and other cultural trends) propagate its influences, these cooking methods become representative of the larger “Filipino” cuisine and were copied by other regions in the PH today.

But if you’ve ever lived outside Manila or had been exposed to dishes by other groups (my experience is Ilocano from my family in Hawai’i) you’ll notice how different and unique “native” cooking styles really are. The dishes outside of the what is considered generally as “Filipino food” today ie “Manila recipes” retain more of the native aspects of traditional Filipino cooking. You will notice that some of the terms here are not used any longer on “mainstream Filipino recipes” ie “Manila dishes”, but many are retained in food culture outside of this region.

Because of the lack of true historical (although there are some accounts relating to food in colonial manuscripts) books about Filipino cuisine, it’s hard to really research the evolution of Filipino dishes because there are not a lot of social historical writing in regards to food. Many Filipino cooking books that are available for most people are only published from after WWII, and many don’t really talk about historicity of each recipe, most merely put conjectures from oral and urban myths or many still just list the recipe themselves.

Because I spent a whole lot of time reading dictionaries (which IMHO are one of the best sources of day to day ie social history of Filipinos), I decided to scroll through Delos Santos’ Tagalog dictionary for clues (again). I translated many of the terms to illuminate what food and cooking styles would’ve looked like in 16th-17th c. During the early colonial period (and probably pre-colonial since many of these terms were likely in existence before coming of the Spanish).

In this post, I decided to keep it short so I took out some of the stuff I originally wanted to add for example units of

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Clay or stoneware pot on electric coil stove?

Will stoneware or earthenware or clay pots like a dolsot or a chinese clay pot work on a electric stove with coils? I can't find a definitive answer online.

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Antique Asian cups, plates, teapots and other odds and ends.

Hey folks, got a rather specific one for you... Someone in the family was talking to me about some heirloom china they have floating about. The standouts, it would appear, are some cups and plates. They're very finely painted, and to my untrained eye the style appears to be very early, but if I knew for certain I wouldn't be asking you guys!

There's a small note with them, tying them to the "Sydney Exhibition" in 1877. Although nothing places them there for definite yet, we'll have a look at the list of exhibits, held in a library in Sydney. Family Member has applied for a copy.

There's a few other pieces, some small and very fine earthenware teapots, a serving set Family Member reckons could be exciting, and a couple of other odds and ends, but we reckon these are the really interesting ones.

Here's a link to an Imgur gallery, for your perusal. Excuse the photos, I'm just passing on the pics I had sent to me...

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Old Tagalog Food and Cooking Terms from Historical Dictionary Pt. 6

Continued from Pt. 5 https://www.reddit.com/r/FilipinoHistory/comments/jzsc4z/old_tagalog_food_and_cooking_terms_from/


Pagauay (pagaway)-herrmientas del carpintero, platero, herrero/iron tools used by carpenters, silversmiths, blacksmith etc.

Pagulong (pangulong)- Carreta, carro, o carreton/cart.

Losong (lusong), pinagdidician/dicdican (dikdikan), losonglosongan (lusonglusuongan)-mortero o pilon...ordinario o almirez de palo...es lo mismo que el, diminutivo losong.../Lusong mortar or pylon (ie pestle),...dikdikan is the ordinary size with stick pestle...lusonglusongan is exactly like the dikdikan, diminutive of losong. Eg. Lolosongin co yaring cahuy. “I’ll make a mortar ie pestle out of this stick.”

Note: Lusong is the large mortar and pestle used to beat rice etc, dikdikan ie lusong-lusongan ('little lusong') is the ordinary one used it kitchen to smash herbs, vegetables, spices etc. Watching traditional cooking of nearby SEAsian neighbors, I have a feeling the role of this tool was very big among early Tagalogs. Lusong is generally accepted as the origin of the island name of ‘Luzon’.

Hauir, hauil (hawil)-lanza con que cazan o pescan/spear with which they hunt or fish.

Manlalantay, mamamatbat-batidor de qualquiera metal/whisk and other metal (tools).

Note: Not exactly sure if this means ‘whisk’ or a type of metal tool used outside of cooking ie mixing other things.

Sipan-biznaga con que se limpian los dientes/toothpicks used to clean teeth

Pangsol-embudo de cobre/funnel made from copper.

Balisongsong-embudo que hace de ojas de plantanos/funnel made of banana leaves.

Pagsusucaan (pagsusukaan)- vinagrera para echar el vinagre/cruet, container used to pour vinegar. Hogasan mo ang mgang pagsusucaan. “Wash these cruets.”

Palasinan-salero para la sal/salt container (modern Sp. trans. ‘salt shaker’)


Yguigan (wigwigan), agagan-cedazo con que ciernen harina...uiguig, cerner./sieve with which they sift flour. Uiguig (wigwig), to sift.

Sangkalan-sobre que cortan palos/chopping block.

Panhihinauan (panghihiwanaan)-agua manil, donde se lavan las manos/ewer, where one washes hands.

Tapayan-tinaja/jar. Eg. Tapayang Burney, Tapayang Japon, Tapayang sanglay/”Bruneian jar, Japanese jar, Chinese jar.”

Note: *Despite commonly termed as

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First time buying clay - is it always so hard?

Hi, newbie here - just set up my home studio. I’ve taken classes in the past but the clay was always just handed to me ready to go.

I purchased some from clay king online: 25 lbs White Earthenware Clay

And some locally: 100 lbs Amaco stoneware #46

So I had 3 boxes of clay. All of it was so hard. Definitely couldn’t wedge it. Of course I googled and have it sitting now with holes poked, and some cut into slabs in water to try to soften it... but I was really disappointed since I was anxious to get started.

Is all clay like this when purchased new? If not, what can I do to avoid it?

Thx for the help!

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Outlanders (Daria-Morrowind Crossover)

("Outlanders" is a story crossing over The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with the old animated '90s sitcom Daria. The central conceit is that the characters from Daria are re-imagined as natives of late Third Era Tamriel (though not necessarily of Morrowind). I try to keep the tone consistent with that portrayed in the series--satirical and subversive, but not too dark. I also balance this by trying to stay true to the lore of Tamriel as established in Morrowind, the First Edition PGE, and the mods Tamriel Rebuilt/Project Tamriel.

This introductory story follows Daria getting finding her way around the city of Balmora. With its xenophobic natives and bug-based cuisine, it's a world away from her childhood home of Stirk, off the coast of western Cyrodiil. The corruption and selfishness, however, are reassuringly universal... but in Morrowind, it can come with more of an edge.

"Outlanders" is the first story of a series.)

Chapter 1

Tinos Ondryn smiled wider than any Dunmer that Daria had ever seen. The smile almost looked natural on his gray face, soft and round for a Dunmer's. Only the red eyes gave it away, his gaze as fixed and forced as all the other instructors she'd seen at Drenlyn.

Standing at the head of the adobe room, its deep and dusty shadows somehow emphasized by the half-dozen flickering tallow candles, Tinos smiled even wider. The students, seated at long wooden benches, writing slates on their laps, did not return the expression.

"Outlander," he said. "It's a kind of a scary word, isn't it? Hearing it makes you feel like you don't belong."

No one had called Daria an outlander to her face, at least not in her language. But she heard it all the time in the Dunmer tongue: n'wah. It hovered in the damp air like a evil spirit, each utterance a jab into her ears.

Not, she reminded herself, that she particularly cared what the natives thought. The boors in her old hometown had been one kind of stupid, and the ones here were a different kind. But stupid never changed.

Daria grimaced. The thick lenses of her spectacles seemed to warp her shadowy surroundings, blurring and stretching the faces of her peers—all outlanders, except for one Dunmer girl sitting next to her. She took them off for a moment, blinking to restore her equilibrium.

"But I'm here to help you feel like you belong. Great House Hlaalu is a friend to the Empire, and we believe there's a place for everyone, even outlanders! Outlander just means you're from somewhe

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Rereading the Frame, part 4

He shrugged, facing the fire. ‘We are all creatures of habit.’

Welcome to Rereading the Frame, a tool against insomnia.

From this episode onwards, the summaries will also take into account what happens during the Foundation.




Let’s take a minute to consider why, in the books, the Frame interrupts the Foundation.

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of intermissions: internal to the narrator (Kote/Kvothe stops talking for personal reasons) or external to the narrator (something stops Kote/Kvothe from telling his story).

Important: it’s worth pointing out that during the Foundation there are other kind of interruptions, and they are extremely important narrative wise.

Possibly related: a post from Jezer1, his point about the nature of interruptions is extremely valid imo.

But Foundation breaks differ from the Frame breaks, both in methodology and purpose.


Ask yourself a question: why and when does a Frame intermission show up? Because the answer to the question isn’t that immediate.

-Are the Frame inserts a corollary over the Foundation?

-Are they necessary narrative breaks?

-Are they ‘bookmarks', a way to signal the reader a shift in the plot, like “PART II” or something similar?

-Are they a parallel plot? And if yes, what if the timing of the pauses isn’t casual?

Or… is it all of them being true at the same time?

Post length issues forbids me from group every single KKC Frame intermission together, but at the end of the whole reread I may try to go for a global retrospective.

For the purposes of today's episode, let's just say: there's different kinds of interruptions, and from now onwards a new recurring section will show up.

Its title will be 'Interruptions', because while I can be imprecise and vulgar, I can also lack originality. Never underestimate me!



Chapters 5, 6 and 7

>We get to see Kvothe’s troupe life. One day he meets Abenthy, an arcanist willing to teach him something new. Something different. Kvothe dreams of going to the University.

Bast eavesdrop Kvothe’s story but gets caught. Kvothe prevents a confrontation between his faen friend and Chronicler. Once they promise to behave, he continues.

>Abenthy leaves. Kvothe's parents 'have been singing entirely the wrong sort of songs', and Kvothe experiences the consequences f

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SCP-089: Tophet


Author: spikebrennan

> Object Class: Euclid

As a Euclid class skip, the box test posits that it wouldn't necessarily escape if left unattended, but exactly what would happen isn't clear. SCP-089 isn't difficult to contain, but its anomalous properties are going to keep the Foundation busy.

> Special Containment Procedures: SCP-089 is stored in a special shipping container at Site-36 and monitored for locution events.

There are three important pieces of information in this sentence alone. Firstly, that a shipping container serves as its primary form of storage tells us that it's fairly large and lacks particular needs for comfort. Secondly, that it's in a shipping container and not a standard containment unit means that needs to be relatively easy and convenient to move. Thirdly, it is capable of speech.

> Mobile Task Force Mu-89, consisting of personnel with advanced training in linguistics, psychology and tactical diplomacy, has been established in order to respond to such locution events. Upon the occurrence of a locution event, Mobile Task Force Mu-89 is to translate and interpret the locution so as to identify the primary subjects of that triggering (herein designated as SCP-089-A and SCP-089-B), then execute Protocol M8

What it has to say is important enough that there's a very specialised team set aside just for this SCP, and their skills revolve around non-lethal engagement skills. What it has to say concerns two targets, and a very specific protocol involves those two targets.

> then execute Protocol M8, which consists of the following steps: > > - Transport SCP-089 to SCP-089-A’s location and explain Protocol M8 to SCP-089-B; and > > - At such time as SCP-089-B is prepared to voluntarily execute Protocol M8, render to SCP-089-B any assistance as SCP-089-B may request in connection with SCP-089-B performing the following actions: inserting SCP-089-A into the cavity together with inflammable materials such as oiled wood or charcoal, then igniting them.

This seems fairly straightforward as far as unusual esoteric rituals are concerned. Take the statue to the person, and help the person burn the Macguffin in the statue. The whole description is wonderfully clinical and emotionless, and indeed the rest of the piece is as well, which is important for the wham line later on.

> The successful execution of Pro

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Hobonichi Weeks Quotes (Weeks of 3/9-3/30)

Sorry for the lull! I left my planner at my college when I left for spring break, which got extended to... well, I'm not going back for a long while, not even to move out properly. Yikes! Luckily, a good friend of mine was able to go into my room and mail me some essentials, including my planner. It took a while to get here (thanks to me mistyping one number in my address) but it's finally here. Now that I'm stuck inside, I'll have nothing to do but hone my translation to a razor edge.

###3/9 Japanese > 文字を書くことを生業にしている人たちは、 > > 言葉を書くことで、 > > 何かの存在に迫りたいと思っていると思います。 > > 例えばあるものを並び替え、その配列によって、 > > 言葉を超えたものが出てくるかもしれない。


> I think people whose livelihood comes from writing things down > > are trying to get close to the existence of some thing. > > For instance, when you rearrange things, depending on the order, > > you can make something beyond words.

This one is pretty tricky to convey properly. 迫りたい (semaritai) means "want to approach/draw near." This one could be improved.



> 土鍋でごはんを炊く人は、結構増えたと思うんですけど、 > > そのあと、おひつに移したほうが絶対おいしいんです。 > > 土鍋のままだと熱がすごく溜まるけど、おひつのほうがいい温度になるし。 > > 昔の映画みたいに、おひつでご飯を出されたら、 > > なんかちょっと、ありがたい感じがしません?


> I think quite a few more people are cooking their rice in a donabe (earthenware pot), > > and putting it in an ohitsu (wooden tub/container) afterward is definitely delicious. > > Straight from the donabe, the heat is intense, but in the ohitsu it reaches a nice temperature. > > When you take rice out of an ohitsu like in an old movie, > > don't you feel a little thankful, somehow?

This one's kinda cute. I personally have never cooked straight white rice in a donabe (my family has only ever done hot pot and mixed rice in ours) but I get what this writer means with the ohitsu! There's something elegant about it...



> 質問:世の中では60歳になると現場どころか > >    会社から定年で引退することが多いです。 > >    みうらさんにとって引退とはどういうときでしょうか。 > > みうら:それを考える以前に、そもそも自分がはたして > >    デビューしたのだろうかという疑問があります。


> Question: In today's world, it's common to retire from the factory floor around 60, of course, > then from your company at the standard retirement age. > According to you, Mr. Miura, w

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Posting wikipedia articles for ban and entertainment: Noodle


Noodles are a type of food made from unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut, or extruded, into long strips or strings. Noodles can be refrigerated for short-term storage or dried and stored for future use.

Noodles are usually cooked in boiling water, sometimes with cooking oil or salt added. They are also often pan-fried or deep-fried. Noodle dishes can include a sauce or noodles can be put into soup. The material composition and geocultural origin is specific to each type of a wide variety of noodles. Noodles are a staple food in many cultures (see Chinese noodles, Japanese noodles, Korean noodles, Filipino noodles, and Vietnamese noodles).

Etymology The word was derived in the 18th century from the German word Nudel.

History The origin of noodles is Chinese, and the earliest written record of noodles is found in a book dated to the Eastern Han period (25–220 CE). Noodles were often made from wheat dough. It became a staple food for the people of the Han dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE).

The oldest evidence of noodle consumption was from 4,000 years ago in China. In 2005, a team of archaeologists reported finding an earthenware bowl that contained 4000-year-old noodles at the Lajia archaeological site. These noodles were said to resemble lamian, a type of Chinese noodle. Analyzing the husk phytoliths and starch grains present in the sediment associated with the noodles, they were identified as millet belonging to Panicum miliaceum and Setaria italica, although this was disputed.

Asia Wheat noodles in Japan (udon) were adapted from a Chinese recipe by a Buddhist monk as early as the 9th century. Reshteh noodles were eaten by the people of Persia by the 13th century. Innovations continued, as for example, noodles made from buckwheat (naengmyeon) were developed in the Joseon Dynasty of Korea (1392–1897). Ramen noodles, based on Chinese noodles, became popular in Japan by 1900.

Europe and the Near East In the 1st century BCE, Horace wrote of fried sheets of dough called lagana. However, the method of cooking these sheets of dough, lagana, does not correspond to the current definition of either a fresh or dry pasta product, which only had similar basic ingredients and perhaps the shape. In the 2nd century CE, the Greek physician Galen mentioned itrion, referring to all homogenous mixtures from flour and water. The Latinized itrium was used as a reference to a kind of boiled dough. The Jerusalem Talmud records that itrium was common in Israel

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[LFP] [Online] [Roll20] [5e] [GMT+1] [CET] The Silver Guard of Karlan

EDIT: Applications are now closed. Thanks for everyone who applied! We'll be getting back to people who we'd like to talk to more in the next few days. We received well over 30 in total, so please don't be too discouraged if we don't choose yours. There are definitely more great applications than people we can choose!

We're an established group looking for one or two new players for a new campaign. This is a brand new world, and departs from the pure high fantasy setting by borrowing subtly from a few beloved modern authors and JRPGs. We hope you like what we've come up with!

You can see the game listing on Roll20 here.


It is the year 499. Karlan is on the cusp of celebrating five centuries since the great god Thea, creator of the world, gave the Divine Oath to the Karline people.

The world is divided into two parts: Karlan, the bastion of civilization, and Mora, the endless and barren desert that surrounds it.

Some of you are cadets in the Silver Guard, the organisation that keeps the Karline people safe from the beasts beyond the Silver Wall - with the help of a few mysterious and unexplained artefacts that pre-date all recorded history. You have been sent to the northern mountain town of Tor to investigate a handful of reports of strange events from the superstitious locals. What you find there will change everything you think you know.

No-one in almost five hundred years has seen real magic, let alone learned it for themselves. You're about to be the first.

The World


Capital: Alabrachorum, City of Bells

Karlan is the last of the mortal civilisations, the sole survivor of the collapse of the Age of Unreason. It is composed of one sprawling nation, from the mountainous north to the arid south. Its citizens live simply yet comfortably, eschewing wealth in favour of the greater principle of Divine Harmony. Karline architecture is elegant but built to last: simple, solid walls, spreading and stepped, topped with colourful dwellings in azure blue, sun gold and autumn red. Here and there, pure white Thean church towers look kindly down on the houses and terraced farms, their belfries shuttered against the constant wind.

Here and there, traces of an older, stranger world show through - an indestructible, seamless wall, a path that stays warm and snow-free in winter, a boulevard of perfect trees that glow at night. The Empire calls the time these

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Martingales: The House Goes Bust


Part One: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Part Two: Instruments of Darkness

Part Three: Absolute Zero

Part Four: All Sevens

Part Five: Whale-Watching

Part Six: On the Shores of Oblivion

Part Seven: Ante Up


“Okay, what the hell is this?” Martin’s confusion is evident in his tone as he takes in the sight before him, slowly stepping out of the elevator as he does so. Rather than the sumptuous yet gaudy building he’s been used to, here it looks like he’s entered into some ancient Greek temple. Worn columns reach to support a supposed ceiling, and rather than carpet, colorful flecks of tile make sweeping images that spread across the floor. The walls are stone as well, daubed in paint and carved with expressions of stern individuals, and of others kneeling before the banks of a snow-white winding path. No, not a path, a river, Martin notes as, upon closer inspection, he sees hands reaching into the depths, and others raised before mouths.

“Welcome to the Executive Level, Mister Gale,” A smooth voice says from beside him, causing the boy to jump a solid foot. An immaculate looking man in black suit and tie stands beside him, his face masked with an inscrutable mask of tragic woe. “Your friend mentioned that you were having troubles with your memories; please, allow me to be of assistance.”

Martin turns to look for Anthony, but only an elevator door is to be seen, the lift hidden behind twins doors of steel.

“Come now, Mister Gale, let’s have a conversation, you and me.  Are you thirsty, hungry?” The masked figure saunters deeper into the room. Beyond a fountain of oily black water and that looks like its offering liquid snow, there sits a stone table, a pair of chairs on opposite sides.  Well, a throne and a chair; the one bes

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Questions about tulip & alium bulbs in pots

I'm new to gardening so please excuse my amateurish questions!

I've just bought a selection of tulip and alium bulbs, along with potting compost, to prepare my glazed earthenware pots for next spring. I've read up about planting bulbs in layers etc. but can't find definite answers to the following questions -

Firstly, once I've planted these bulbs where and when should I move the pots to for over wintering? My options are to either leave them out on the decking, to move them into a wooden shed (very cold) or move them into an outhouse (still chilly but slightly warmer than the shed).

Secondly, once the bulbs are done flowering next year is it absolutely essential to lift them for re-planting into the ground, or can I leave them in the pots for the following year?

Many thanks!

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Eating vegan in Macedonia (FYROM), Bulgaria and the Balkans in general! (LONG POST)

Hi everyone! So last year I went to South-Eastern Europe for the first time and was worried about how eating vegan there might be. But, I have some good news for you.... its a lot easier than I thought it would be!! I wanted to make this post to help others who might be in a similar situation while travelling in this awesome part of the world :) I'll include an album of (kinda crappy) photos at the end of some of the stuff I tried!

Посно/постно/fasting/lean food

So, in the Balkans, especially among the Orthodox Christian community (although the Muslims do this as well, according to a friend), during religious holidays people give up meat, dairy, eggs and other things that come from an animals (except for fish and honey, which are still allowed). This means that vegan food is widely available where people fast, and it always means that if you ask for посно (or posno in Latin alphabet) food in the Slavic countries (the spelling will vary), then people will know what you're talking about, whereas they probably won't know what vegan or even vegetarian means. This way, you can go into any old bakery or restaurant, ask if they have posno food, and then decide what you want. I used this tactic a lot, and the amount and variety of food I ate made my trip so much better. This is probably the best advice anyone could have given me, so if you're looking for food and aren't sure, ask if its posno (and use common sense of course: they're probably not gonna put fish in your cake, but they might in rice or a sandwich!).

Traditional foods in Macedonia and Bulgaria

Here's just a bunch of foods that are usually vegan and which I think you should try while away:

  • тавче гравче (tavche gravche) is the national dish of Macedonia. It consists of beans baked in an earthenware dish flavoured with dried peppers, mint, paprika and other things. Almost always vegan, but may have meat added to eat so make sure to check!

  • ѓеврек (gjevrek), a kind of bread a bit like a bagel, but, in my opinion, superior ;)

  • кифла (kifla), another type of bread roll, like a croissant but not flaky. Very very nice and also almost always vegan, unless with added stuff like cheese or meat which happens. But the plain ones should be fine.

  • зелник (zelnik), a type of filo pastry. The ones which are usually vegan are ones with праз (praz, which means leak) and кисела зелка (kisela zelka, which is sour cabbage). If you're unsure, ask if they're posno.

  • Ајвар (ajvar), another absol

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[OC] The Adventures of Iron Hue-Man, Ch. 03 (Or, Chosen One? Aw, Frig...)

First Chapter

Previous Chapter

Next Chapter

At least for the first night, the 'something' turned out to be the floor in the same room where Halamar was recuperating. Renna's brother was still unconscious, but his color was much better after receiving the medicine brewed from Renna's stolen herbs.

The Primarch had just left after chasing away the curious townsfolk. Allen could still see a couple of smaller faces in the window as he removed his coveralls. These looky-loos were smaller than the other elves, they were probably kids. He briefly considered giving them a roar of mock rage, then thought better of it. He needed to wait until everyone was comfortable with him before fooling around like that.

Allen folded his coveralls and set them aside along with his hard hat. He turned as Renna brought in some blankets with an apologetic expression. "I hope this is not too much of a hardship," she said. "I know the floor will not be comfortable. Our woodworkers should be able to make you something suitable in the next few days."

He accepted the blankets with what he hoped was a winning smile. "This will be fine for now."

Renna actually smiled back. Allen wished his phone was on; he could have captured the rare moment for posterity. The elf was actually cute when she wasn't being all bossy and serious.

"I was going to bring in some food," she said. "Are you hungry?" Then she looked at his broad frame. "Um...do you only eat meat?"

Allen laughed. "I can, but I don't need to. And yes, some food would be great."

That answer seemed to relax her, and she left the room briefly to return bearing a large bronze platter. By now it was early evening, and getting dark outside. The room was now lit with several candles made of what smelled like beeswax. Dinner consisted of cheese, some apples, and a large hunk of dark bread. There was also a small bowl which held what looked like tiny scallops. The platter also had an earthenware bottle and two mugs. After setting it down, Renna poured each of them a portion of what looked like white wine.

There didn't appear to be any ceremony attached with eating; Renna simply sat on the floor across from him and tucked in. Allen gave a m

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[OC] The Adventures of Iron Hue-Man, Ch. 06 (Or, How to Win Friends and Influence People)

First Chapter

Previous Chapter

Next Chapter

His gift of concrete meant that Allen was allowed more time to work on his own project, namely making a separate forge and figuring out how to work with his haul of meteoritic iron. The forge itself was pretty straightforward. His only worry was if it would get his iron hot enough to weld. If it didn't, then he was going to have to try to build a blast furnace to melt everything.

Allen's initial plan was to try hammering the iron lumps into flat bars and then welding them together to make a sort of pattern-welded stock material. But welding the bars would require some kind of flux to go in between the various metal layers. He didn't have borax, but he remembered hearing that some early forge-welding had been done using fine silica sand as a flux. And the nearby beach had quite a bit of that.

It took a little bit more experimenting, but the pattern-welding wound up working better than he could have hoped. He had no way to figure out the nickel content of his meteoritic iron, but whatever it was the amount was small enough to make the iron easy to work. The entire scheme worked out so well that Allen felt there just might be the hand of a certain smart-ass pixie involved.

His training with Halamar and Renna also continued. After a bit, he felt knowledgeable enough to make himself an iron spear-head and sword. Since his smithing skills were still pretty primitive, the latter was more like a sharpened crowbar rather than the elegant leaf-bladed weapons that the elves typically used. As crude as it was, the sword was at least sized properly for his height and grip...although Renna had given him some snark about 'overcompensating' the first time she'd seen the weapon.

Prior to getting yanked into this alternate world, Allen had considered himself to be in decent shape. He had hit the gym a couple times a week and his job involved a lot of manual labor. But now he knew what true tiredness was. When he wasn't hammering away in his improvised smithy, he was weapons training with either Halamar or Renna. He was getting in the best shape of his life, and his jeans were actually hanging a little loose on him while his shirt was g

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Professions (Crafting and Gathering) - A beginner's Guide

Hey all!

I had the chance to play on CBT and having buddies who were so excited for the game they played on any non-official server they could find, so I'm here to give you some tips on the crafting system on Blade and Soul, which is in my opinion a little under-explained in-game.


Crafting in BnS is very hands-off, and requires mostly a time investment rather than actually going to a set location and standing in front of a forge for hours on end.


Your first interaction with professions will be at Jadestone Village. Here you will be introduced to the major gathering and crafting guilds. You'll recieve a quest from the village mayor to talk to all available representatives and get your bearings.

Proffesions are split among 2 categories: GATHERING AND CRAFTING.

There are several gathering guilds; unfortunately I don't remember their names at current, but they split up such as this:


  • The Trappers Alliance - Meat and Bones
  • The Stone Cutters - Stones
  • The Prospectors Union - Ore
  • The Fish Network - Fish
  • Herbside Service - Herbs and Flowers
  • Green Thumbs - Soil and Crops
  • The Tree Fellers - Lumberjacks


  • The Forgekeepers - Weapons
  • The Radiant Ring - Jewelry
  • The Silver Cauldron - healing tonics, antidotes & extracts
  • The Merry Potters - jars, pickaxes, & bowls
  • The EarthSeers - escape charms, polished shells, charms
  • Acquired Tastes - Food
  • The Soul Wardens - transformation stones & soul shield

EDIT: Big thanks to senorbozz for the correct guild names xD

When you decide which path you want to walk, talk to a guild member and sign up with them. Now, here's the tricky part.

Signing with a guild doesn't mean you'll be gathering the materials yourself. The guild will present its materials offering to you, you request the one you need and they charge a gathering fee to get it for you. You can also pay a delivery fee to have it delivered instantly to your location. This is very useful since most towns don't have a guild representative, but can get expensive at lower levels when you're strapped for cash. Conversely, you can pickup the materials yourself and pay a minimal fee to save some coin.

You can sign up with 2 different guilds, both gathering and crafting, for a total of 4 separate contracts. Once more, don't go crazy with material requests as they can empty your cash pouch quickly.

A key point to understand is that thes

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[Lore] "Vexing Origins, Pt. 2" What are the Vex and what really happened to Kabr based on what we know so far.

This post is a follow up to /u/Artificis_Vix and his post, Vexing Origins that some of you may be familiar with. This post lead to the most interesting and possibly most accurate insight into what the Vex are than anything that has been posted before. We had ourselves a nice chat over in /r/RaidSecrets and this post will summarize what we discovered thus far:

First off, the TL;DR on the original post is that the fluid inside of the vex core is referred to as a "Milky Radiolarian Fluid". A quick search reveals what radiolaria actually are, which lead to a series of fascinating discoveries that finally put several pieces of mystery to rest. In short: The Vex either are, or are related to a form of prehistoric plankton. In this edition we're going to start with Kabr in the Vault of Glass, as there seems to be quite a bit of misinformation about what happened to him there. I still highly encourage you read /u/Artificis_Vix's post, as it will make a lot of this much more clear.

Kabr was consumed by the vex inside the vault in an attempt to consume them. He fashioned armor out of them and they, in turn, invaded his body, literally (fits quite well with the Radiolaria theory). In some sort of desperate attempt to find the weakness of the Vex, he may have literally drank the fluid inside the Vex mind cores, which would have tasted like a briney ocean.

> I drank of them. It tasted like the sea.

His last words:

> I have destroyed myself to do this. They have taken my Ghost. They are in my blood and brain. But now there is hope.

> I have made a wound in the Vault. I have pierced it and let in the Light. Bathe in it, and be cleansed. Look to it, and understand:

> From my own Light and from the thinking flesh of the Vex I made a shield. The shield is your deliverance. It will break the unbreakable. It will change your fate.

> Bind yourself to the shield. Bind yourself to me. And if you abandon your purpose, let the Vault consume you, as it consumed me.

> Now it is done. If I speak again, I am not Kabr.

These suggest he was aware of this transformation before pouring his dying light, life, and all that was left of

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A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

>A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne.

Revelation 12:1-5

The astronomical alignment that so many are now pointing to comes from a literal reading of Revelation 12:1-5, which describes a sign in the sky involving a woman who is crowned with twelve stars, clothed with the sun, having the moon under her feet, and giving birth to a male child. The text itself does not describe the sign as a parable or illustration, which validates the view that this passage is in fact describing a real astronomical event visible to the inhabitants of the earth - complete with real sun, moon, and stars. Each of the elements described in the sign have significant prophetic and allegorical meaning as will be shown, but the passage itself describes first and foremost a real sign and so any accurate interpretation must begin with that premise. Lacking any evidence that the Apostle John was not describing a sign visible in the sky as the text plainly says, the burden of proof is entirely upon those who would argue that this passage is only pure allegory.

There has been much confusion over both the Hebrew and Greek words for heaven. In the Greek, the word in Revelation 12:1 is ourano with a definite article, which can be translated as "in heaven" or "in the sky." The distinction is a big deal, because many who deny a literal one thousand-year kingdom of Christ and the earthly fulfillment of Old Testament covenant promises, will opt for "heaven" being the translation every time. The same goes for Revelation 21:1. John sees what is often translated "a new heaven" and "a new earth." However, it may be better to translate this as "a new sky," rather than confusing modern readers by using a word in modern English most often associated with God's dwelling.

It is also important to note that these first five verses in Revelation 12 purposefu

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