Hey you! Yeah you! Do you like sparrows? How about giant robots? Tanks? Well come on downnnnn to the last city and let’s slay some fallen!

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Everyday I will host a Scourge of the Past session at 6PM EST Roster for each session is listed below. I’m only allowing 1 signup per person unless people don’t show up or the rosters don’t fill. If you’d like to be including in a 2nd session let me know in the comments and if someone doesn’t show I’ll reach out to you!

Tuesday 3/31 ROSTER FULL: JSchift, Kijumbo, badjujutrav, Dibranchiata, Cricket502, CPageLoading

Wednesday 4/1 ROSTER FULL: JSchift, LeadAsprin333, itsyeboi345, puremattness, MikeyT, minginmate

Thursday 4/2 ROSTER FULL JSchift, xhailxanax, aka Lotso, SCHERERBOY18, ExiledTeaBot, Rick A Fe114

Friday 4/3 ROSTER FULL JSchift, Roii7ide, Lomoria, Yuorii, OneMagicMind, Mr D Malfoy

Saturday 4/4 ROSTER FULL JSchift, flammzrant, Odus4, PittsCaspian, FILLED, FILLED

Sunday 4/5 JSchift, nashionalcookie, TOX1C FLAME, FB Megatron, OPEN, OPEN

6 RAIDS 6 SUCCESSFUL RUNS!!! Thank you all for joining this week!!! Ton of fun and met some great people!

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👤︎ u/JSchift
📅︎ Mar 31 2020
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The Halloween Terrors (The Plague Mistress, The Ninja Mime, The Wicked Witch & The Teenage Slasher)
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📅︎ Oct 31 2019
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👤︎ u/stroke_bot
📅︎ Sep 04 2019
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👤︎ u/stroke_bot
📅︎ Aug 24 2019
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👤︎ u/stroke_bot
📅︎ Jun 18 2019
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