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Welcome back to another update to the Pocket Trains Strategy Guide! This update will cover Stockholm - Helsinki and the Mediterranean tracks, as well as trains choices in different stages in the game.

Part 0: Links

Now with all the links put in a single pinned post, I can finally not flood this part with tons of links.

Map view of this update

Post of Tips and Tricks Links

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Part 1: Changes to Previous Guide (v1.1)

All the changes this time are on or very close to the Europe part of the map.

  1. Stockholm - Helsinki track: The Eastern Europe route Tehran - Helsinki would be extended to Stockholm. The Madrid - Scandinavia RR would be altered to not stop at Oslo (meaning that Oslo is not served). An interchange is set up at Stockholm.

  2. Rome - Tripoli track: Tasilaq - Rome will be lengthened to Tripoli via this track. This provides another interchange for N America cargo to go via Tripoli and W Asia into SE Asia/Japan.

  3. West Asia Reform: With the Athens - Amman track introduced, Athens, Riyadh, and Dubai are more feasible to be served. The Berlin - Baghdad RR will be moved to serve Berlin - Dubai via Athens and Amman instead. Istanbul will be left aside, while the Baghdad interchange will be moved to Amman. The Chengdu - Baghdad RR will be serving Amman as well, taking over the Baghdad - Amman track from the N Africa RR (originally Casablanca - Baghdad).

  4. Merging New York - Belin RR: The new Tripoli interchange would provide a faster way to go to N America. This would reduce the burden on the European RRs and especially Madrid - Berlin. Considering this, New York - Madrid would be merged with Madrid - Berlin into a single RR. This would make the total RR count down to 34, saving more RR opening costs.

Part 2: Train choice for RRs

I’ve been seeing increasing queries about which train to use on which RR, and this time I’ll hopefully resolve such kind of questions.

First of all, it’s important to note that there is little difference between trains in the same category (e.g. Steamers, Expresses, Standards, etc.) because their stats are quite close to each other. There will be certain circumstances wh

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Nearly 500 movies since March

Tldr: my wife saw almost 500 new movies this year.

Hello r/movies, it’s been a crazy year hasn’t it... Theaters are closed, production has (for the most part) ground to a halt and what was scheduled for release has moved to a streaming service or was delayed to next year or both. With the initial quarantine back in March starting I decided to take this unprecedented opportunity to give my wife the catch-up she desperately needed since she didn’t watch very many movies growing up.

A little backstory, she grew up in a home where many movies were forbidden for religious reasons and as a result just never became a cinephile. She saw many Disney movies and a few random others but missed a vast majority of cinemas best (and worst). On the flip side I grew up near a regular theater and a dollar theater and saw a ton of films as a kid and teen, I’d regularly go on weekends or skip school for a triple feature or catch the last showing of something every night of the week.

We’ve been together for almost 11 years now and she would go see anything and everything with me. All the Marvel movies, action comedies, sci fi, animation, whatever... but her movie knowledge is fairly contained within the last decade. So when I got laid off and she began working from home we decided to see how many new movies we could see during this Covid mess.

We defined “New” as anything we had both never seen or anything she had never seen and I hadn’t seen in 10+ years since we met. Since mid March we have managed to watch 500 movies and in the process learn a few things about her individual tastes and the kinds of movies we enjoy watching as a couple the most. I’m going to drop a list of everything we saw, after the list I’ll highlight a few hidden gems we both loved...

Dr No. - From Russia With Love - Thunderball - You Only Live Twice - Goldfinger - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Diamonds Are Forever Never Say Never Again - Live and Let Die - The Man With the Golden Gun - For Your Eyes Only - The Spy Who Loved Me - Moonraker - Octopussy - A View to a Kill - The living Daylights - License to Kill - Goldeneye - Tomorrow Never Dies - The World Is Not Enough - Die Another Day - Casino Royale - Quantum of Solace - Skyfall - Spectre - Enter the Dragon - Way of the Dragon - The Big Boss - Fist of Fury - Game of Death - Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth - Bruce Lee: The Legend - The Birds - Dora and the Lost City of Gold - The Brady Bunch Movie - A Very Brady Sequel - Planes, Trains, and

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