Curious if I’m SB material bc of my body and lack of a degree

I’m a 28F in the Houston area. I’m in good shape, but I certainly don’t look like a fitness model - meaning I’m athletic, but naturally very curvaceous, so I’ve got a little belly pooch. Measurements are: 5’3” tall chest, waist, hips: 42, 30, 42 Just a Texas lass with an extreme natural hourglass. I am attractive in the face and take care of my hygiene and such, but I would be a fool to not acknowledge the standards of having an instagram body.

While I have plenty of accomplishments, I didn’t complete my undergrad because I wasn’t willing to keep spending my time and money on a STEM degree. I do have a five year plan for getting my undergraduate in Anthropology that I’m very set on accomplishing.

Not looking for a SR to supplement my plan or anything like that. Honestly, I really want to date someone interesting. I just don’t like the dynamics of vanilla relationships. I’ve only had two and I know I just don’t vibe with the unreasonable expectations in vanilla.

I’m great to hang out or grab a beer with in addition to being hyper sexual. I have an incredible amount of interests and hobbies, including some awards for writing and visual arts. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy my company, so I feel like I have a lot to offer a pot SD in terms of enjoyment and intimacy.

However, it’s hard to not compare myself to SBs I see on here and feel like I would be delusional to even try. Vanilla and sugar market value are just very different.

I guess I’m just wanting to hear some honest feedback about whether my body or “lack of worldly accomplishment” would make sugaring harder or potentially degrading to my self worth, more than vanilla dating anyway.

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[Request] Creators with skater vibes?

Hi all! This is perhaps a slightly out there request, but it occurred to me this evening as I was contemplating the wide range of creators I both patronize currently and plan to soon; I'm a big fan of a lot of different "types" (which is part of why I'm looking for more creators as frequently as I do 😅) but it occurred to me I've yet to find any creators with skater vibes which is an aesthetic I find pretty hot! What do I mean by that? Well, think alt or emo or punky, but combined with a bit of tomboyish energy. HOWEVER, bonus points if that tomboyish energy is more in clothing choices than anything and they conceal a ROCKING curvaceous figure underneath. ;) I realize this is perhaps a strangely specific request but does literally anyone know what I'm getting at here? Let me know! Also limited or no PPV preferred. As always, thanks so much!

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My strange experience in 2011

I was 22 years old when this took place. I'm a male, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, which is where this experience took place.

I was living with my girlfriend at the time, she was around 26 or so, working at a law firm. I was working a government office job, dealing with compensation claims for injured workers. Pretty boring, stock standard lifestyle. Until we both started experiencing paranormal events which I won't get into, then we started becoming very interested in experimenting with ESP etc. She was a real natural at remote viewing, telepathy and all that. I was getting the hang of it to, I could mentally tell her to call me and she'd do it real quick. Little things like that. We started experiencing more and more paranormal activity, including a shared UFO sighting.

I remember waking up one morning, in bed next to my girlfriend, who was still asleep. I got up, looked at her, then lied back down again. So this was not sleep paralysis. I slipped back in to sleep, but there was this strange magnetic shift in my mind as I fell asleep. I instantly woke up in a different place. There was no time loss, and it didn't feel like a lucid dream. I could feel the cold metal that my naked body was lying down on. I didn't go to bed naked, it was the middle of winter in Melbourne, I was supposed to be all rugged up in a comfy bed. And I've never experienced the sensation of temperature in any of my dreams before, or the feeling of cold metal. Let me know if you have, but that was the first thing that made me think that this was no dream.

As I woke up on this cold metal gurney/table thing, I was trying to gather my senses, my vision was dark and blurry, I was struggling to open my eyes. I was thinking to myself, where am I? What is this place? I was lying down, and all I could move were my blurry eyes. My vision started to come to me, as well as my thinking ability. There was what looked like a naked female torso with a tanned white skin, right in my field of vision. At first I thought I was imagining this woman, but then I realised it was real. This torso was moving up and down rhythmically, like she was having sex, but it was so rhythmic it was almost like a dance, she was very close to my face so I couldn't see much else beside her torso. It must've taken me about 5 seconds before I noticed I could feel that she was actually having sex with me. I was very numb, so I could barely sense her. The first thing that went through my mind was how odd it was

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i don’t wanna hear ‘skinny bodies are shamed too’ type of shit

you still know plus size bodies are targeted whenever i see a fucking CAT on tiktok and everyone gotta body shame saying the cat looks like their body and laughing at the fact that different body types exist i mean… is a fucking fat cat. i mean if anything resembles as a plus size body or someone who does have different body proportions and they’re also plus size, it’s all shamed. even laughing about it is also shaming plus size bodies.

i feel like people only care if you’re plus sized just if you have curves. media only represent plus sized people that way, and when apple bodies try to get represented, they always get negative responses about how they need to lose weight or on how their body resembles of a man (bc men tend to gain more weight around the abdomen).

it’s like skinny privileged people don’t even know how plus sized people look. are you consistently on social media, expecting women and plus size women to be a perfect, beautiful, curvaceous woman for you? is it that fat women can’t exist and when they do they’re targeted as cringe worthy, ugly, worthless.

cringe culture does have a big affect with degrading plus size women, but when you even see women participate in it… it just hit different. like why oppress someone else who goes through the same oppression as you? like getting along w women seem to be better for me being plus size, but like… women who act like they’re better for male validation is gross.

anyway, there’s my rant. have a good day :)

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A masterlist of common misconceptions I see with this system, please add more in the comments!
  • Yang types can't have hourglass figures, a defined waist, big boobs, etc. – any type can be any shape in the fruit system, it's about whether that shape is created by your frame or the flesh that extends past it
  • Rs and TRs have to have defined hourglass figures – they certainly CAN but Rs are defined by their lack of frame, not how conventionally curvy they are
  • Face doesn't matter – Kibbe discourages DIYers from focusing on their faces but they absolutely do play a role, your face is an extension of your body!
  • Everyone who's conventionally broad or has a bigger/wider bone structure is a natural – Kibbe width is about proportionate width in the upper body relative to one's own frame, not about overall width compared to other people or even perceived broadness
  • Naturals all have noticeably broad shoulders and if you do, then you're a natural – see the point above, shoulder width can be a signifier of being in the N family but it's not exclusive to it. It's more about the shape of the shoulders and their proportion to the rest of your body.
  • Naturals are athletic looking and naturally muscular – they may have a "stronger" look to them because of their more defined frame, but being a natural doesn't mean you build muscle easily or look strong without working for it.
  • Tall + curvy = SD – like I've said a few times, any type can be conventionally curvy and many verified FNs and Ds are more curvaceous than some verified SDs. SDs are defined by their need for upper curve accommodation, which means the flesh of their chest extends horizontally outside of their frame and is the first thing that interacts with fabric. In an FN or a D, fabric would interact with the bones of their ribcage instead (or hang straight down), as their curves are contained within their frame.
  • Everyone who's tall (or looks tall) and has a narrow bone structure is a pure D (especially if they're thin) – many FNs are also conventionally narrow/lanky looking and they may not have obvious width, just bluntness to their bone structure
  • SNs don't need waist definition/have straight figures – SNs are a soft type and their body types and recommendations are often closer to Rs than those of yang types!
  • It's almost impossible to be a tall type below a certain height – it's less likely for short/moderate people to be tall types but it's far from uncommon
  • DCs have noticeable elongation and long limbs for their height and are basically just less extreme/shorter dramatics – they're class
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[The Great Erectus and Faun] Isekai Hustle: Friendship is my Special Ability

Evangeline and the party make it to town and make some friends.

It is her special ability after all.

And, of course, more crab!

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On a warm sunlit beach, a little crab stirred just under the surface.

As it slowly returned to consciousness, it pondered all that it had learned…

And understood almost none of it.

For example, it was buried under a layer of silicon dioxide particles. What did that even mean?

It idly filtered the granules through its mouthparts, sifting out little food, which was a mix of algae, bacteria, protists (little not-animal thingies), detritus, and all manner of other things.

Interesting, to be sure, but hardly enlightening. What was far more interesting was that he could now “know” where little food was even when it was much farther away. For example, there was a nice rich patch a little bit down the beach.

Fully awake, it cheerfully popped up out of the sand and started scuttling off towards the little food.

Maybe he would find some new things to learn about.


“Aside from everything looking a little funny,” Veelanora said as they strolled down an entirely too even and mud free dirt road, “It seems like a nice place.”

“You are mistaken, wise Veelanora,” Faun replied, “This is a dismal place. The land weeps and has lost so much life. I look forward to wringing it from Ni—”

She was cut short by “Evangeline’s” hand covering her mouth.

“Would you stop that!” Faun snapped.

“Would you stop saying stupid shit?” Evangeline replied. “Don’t say his name. There are bots everywhere!”

“Maybe you shouldn’t call them ‘bots’ then,” Faun snarked.

“That’s different!” Evangeline huffed.


“Because it isn’t his name!” Evangeline snapped. “Must I explain everything, noob?”

Evangeline strode ahead in irritation.

“Butthead…” Faun muttered under her breath.

“I heard that,” Evangeline called out from the front of the party.

“So, what are we going to do once we reach town?” Flopsybun asked.

“We will head to the adventurer’s guild, just like we are supposed to,” Evangeline smiled, “and start wrecking shit like we are not supposed to.”

“But, no killing, right?” Faun asked.

“Oh, absolutely,” Evangeline replied.


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Jerry and the Goddesses: Part 98

Part 97

One Year Later

"Yeah, she just discovered the joys of biting her own tongue," I told Gary over the phone. I tossed the box of diapers on top of the Humvee and reached into my pocket to trigger the keyfob.

"Heh," Gary responded, "Bet that's an attention-getter."

I chuckled back. It was an understatement to say that it was an 'attention-getter'. "You have no idea, Gary. She howls for five minutes straight and then sulks, and doesn't want to eat anything for an hour. And the best part is that now that she's done it once, she does it almost every time she eats." I got the rear gate open and tossed the box in. I had a bag of ice cream and a variety of stage one baby foods that followed it in before I shut it. I walked to the driver's seat and climbed in, starting the engine and letting the stereo take over as I tossed my phone on the passenger seat.

"Well, just hold her tight, calm her down, and remind her that she's ten thousand years old and can handle a gnawed tongue."

"That's the plan," I told him, pulling out of the parking lot. I still had one more stop to make before I went home. I caught the green on Lexington and turned right, heading up Granite. "So how's the cruise?"

Gary and Chris -the latter in a constructed body, much like Yarm's had been- were on an LGBT+ couple's cruise, much to Gary's chagrin. Chris had insisted, and Gary just didn't have the heart to tell him no.

"There is, I shit you not," Gary told me in the same voice he used to call out enemies to his teammates in the middle of a pitched firefight. "A six-foot-seven, two-hundred-and-ninety pound bodybuilder wearing nothing but a pink tutu, a hard-on the size of a baby's forearm and a collar, being led around by a five-foot-nothing supermodel looking little thing who is so incredibly delicate and feminine that her possession of a cock would be a the subject of several heated arguments between Chris and I, were in not right fucking there because she ain't wearing nothing but a satisfied smile."

Oh yeah! It had been an LGBT+ couple's nudist cruise, that's right. I pictured Gary, naked as the day he was born, with his own bodybuilder's physique and enough hair to make a bear ask his doctor about Rogaine. And a farmer's tan that was as stark as the frosting on a black and white cookie.

I chuckled to myself.

"So is that a g

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A Quirky New World Omake: Interview With The Quirky Quartet!


Ruby: Can...Can we talk now? Can we-oh, it's on. Okay. Ahem...hewwo world! My name is Ruby 'Xiao-Long' Rose! Aspiring Queen of Demons! Hey! Don't give me that look! It's not nearly as bad as you're probably thinking it is! No really! It can be super cool! I'll show ya one day!

Cinder: Cinder Fall. I'm a dragon who may or may not have several issues to work out, that might have began from my very birth...but other than that I'm great! Superior, even! No, you can't rub my belly!(Okay maybe for a few minutes...)

Jaune: Jaune Arc, here! Shining Gold Guardian, Knight of the Light, and all around...oh who am I kidding, I'm a dork. I'm hopelessly entranced by the thicc Dragon. Knights aren't supposed to do that! What is WRONG with me?!

Oscar: Oscar Pines. I'm, uh, an aspiring High Wizard, much like my mentor Ozpin. Although, hopefully nowhere near as highly...eccentric. But given who I'm helping write a story for...that's kinda impossible.

Ruby: I'm the leader of the Red Riding Hood Guild! I've already proven my qualifications for such, and by this point I'm 20 years old!

Jaune: I'm her second in command and one of her best friends. We oughta help each other out whenever we can.



(They both high five)

Ruby: Quite a few of our friends have joined up with the Guild, and we're gonna be adventuring for love and glory!

Cinder: I do love glory...

Oscar: Maybe now I can help myself build my self-confidence...kinda. Ozpin kind of makes it rough to figure out what I'm supposed to do.

Ruby: We're like leading those four-person parties!

Oscar: Except whoever heard of a Demon Queen, a Hero Knight, a High Wizard, and a Fiery Dragon ALL being on the same side?

Cinder: That's not done often. ALL four of them on one side, and none of them being all that evil? Very rare.

Jaune: Tell me that isn't a great premise for a movie. It's rare enough to want to try out!

Ruby: No one can really imagine a Demon Queen being a good person, so I wanna turn that into a reality, by doing that myself!

Oscar: Usually the High Wizard helps the Hero Knight slay either the Demon Queen or the Fiery Dragon...

Jaune: But instead, me and Oscar are helping the both of them.

Cinder: Sounds backwards, doesn't it?

Ruby: Cinder actually has a really REALLY soft and warm heart deep inside. But because of her experiences she hides that behind a wall of 'Raaawwwr! I'm a big mean fire breathing dragon

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A Quirky New World Omake: Grandma Salem's Hobbies.


"Oh dear. All my plants are growing so wonderfully." Salem smiled while leaning close, seeing that her sunflowers were standing tall and radiantly.

Especially since some of them were the size of trees.

"I don't know what they're talking about, this clearly makes them a lot more interesting to admire." Salem beamed while lightly tipping her gardening hat. "I've really improved over the centuries!"

Salem grinned.

"And now, for the next step..."

Several seconds later.

"Echo! Echoooooooo!"

Salem cupped her hands and shouted outwards towards the forests, where her voice kept echoing further and further. She pumped her fists.



"I don't remember setting these here, do you?"

Ozpin wondered as he was gazing at what appeared to be a sizable box in his office. Glynda and Oscar were standing by, also wondering what it was.

Who it was from, however, was dreadfully obvious.

"...I will not lie to you, Glynda. I don't want to open it." Ozpin deadpanned.

"We have no idea what's in there." Oscar muttered.

"Oh, is that so?" Glynda noted. She briefly nodded her head, and the box suddenly came undone due to her telekinesis. Ozpin's eyes widened as he was immediately greeted with a splash of something against him. Oscar barely managed to dodge it.

"What the heck was that?!"

"I'm...not certain." Ozpin wondered, the scent being peculiar. "Though I'm sure that whatever it is, it cannot be good..."

Something soon sparkles into existence, and Oscar gasped. The rainbow glitter surrounding it, the golden flowing main, the majestic horn right in the middle of it's forehead.

" that a unicorn?"

"I do believe it is." Glynda nodded.

"Strange, I wonder wh-"

Ozpin wasn't granted much of a reprieve, when the unicorn soared towards him and kicked him through the wall. Several walls, actually. HARD.

It neighed angrily for a brief moment, before vanishing into sparkles. Oscar blinked.

"What...what did it say...?"

Glynda looked through her book. "Best translation I could manage is 'that's for wasting my feed', ahem, 'jackass'."

A Seeker manifested right next to the collapsed Ozpin, and all he could hear was the sound of Salem's cackling

"....She's getting more indirect, it seems..."


"Are you ready?"

"Most certainly!"

Right then, Salem slides into view, and she elegantly does a curtsy, her brilliant gold and black dress glittering off of the light. She pushed a bang of her

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A reccomendation to the HP fanfic community.

William Strunk's Elements of Style is a short guide for grammar, form and composition, and It provides guidelines for any amateur writer looking to improve their work.Here are the ones I think are most pertinent to fic writing, particularly HP fic writing:

  1. Place yourself in the background.Write in a way that draws the reader's attention to the sense and substance of the writing, rather than to the mood and temper of the author. If the writing is solid and good, the mood and temper of the writer will eventually be revealed and not at the expense of the work.

(To the authors who come in swinging with character-bashing and the 'fixing' of canon)

  1. Write in a way that comes naturally.

Write in a way that comes easily and naturally to you, using words and phrases that come readily to hand. But do not assume that because you have acted naturally your product is without flaw.The use of language begins with imitation. The infant imitates the sounds made by its parents; the child imitates first the spoken language, then the stuff of books.

The imitative life continues long after the writer is secure in the language, for it is almost impossible to avoid imitating what one admires. Never imitate consciously, but do not worry about being an imitator; take pains instead to admire what is good. Then when you write in a way that comes naturally, you will echo the halloos that bear repeating.

(For anyone who worries about their writing being stiff)

  1. Work from a suitable design.

Before beginning to compose something, gauge the nature and extent of the enterprise and work from a suitable design. Design informs even the simplest structure, whether of brick and steel or of prose. You raise a pup tent from one sort of vision, a cathedral from another. This does not mean that you must sit with a blueprint always in front of you, merely that you had best anticipate what you are getting into.

To compose a laundry list, you can work directly from the pile of soiled garments, ticking them off one by one. But to write a biography, you will need at least a rough scheme; you cannot plunge in blindly and start ticking off fact after fact about your subject, lest you miss the forest for the trees and there be no end to your labors.

*Sometimes, of course, impulse and emotion are more compelling than design. If you are deeply troubled and are composing a letter appealing for mercy or for love, you had best not attempt to organize your emotions; the prose will hav

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why do fashion companies make clothes for people that aren't me?

why are they trying to make straight legged pants "in"? what shoes am i supposed to wear with those?

why have crop tops been "in" for years now are they trying to make crop tops "in"? dont you know we're paying less for more fabric? don't they know i don't want to wear crop tops?

why are they trying to make cottagecore dresses "in"? don't they know they only look good on skinny women? i mean, i am skinny and petite, don't confuse me for a pore, but i think they make you look like a mormon. no, i don't care that you don't live somewhere where mormons exist and that this means nothing to you, I THINK that you look like a mormon damn it!!

why won't they put pockets on every single garment even if it would look worse with them? where am i supposed to put my laptop?

why are they trying to make low rise "in"? don't they know they don't work on my va-va-voom curvaceous womanly ass? (i am still skinny btw) why should any woman other than me want to wear pants? what's in it for them?

why are they trying to make shapeless "in"? i cant fathom anyone not wanting to make curves (our primary, and only, asset as women) their priority? is it a gen Z tiktok thing?


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The Guardian Temple: Book 3 - Chapter 4 Demonic Echoes
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l Chapter 3


I had spent the better portion of the last week or so walking towards Master Xyphiel’s signal.

Master had left so suddenly, I thought he had forgotten about me!

But he told me he was searching for Bella and for me to catch up to him.

But he just kept flying! I considered creating wings like Master’s, but I needed power in order to do so and such a modification to my system would require permission from my Master, Xyphiel.

What if the wings made me less useful to my Master Xyphiel? I couldn’t disobey my directive!

Master Xyphiel had finally stopped moving in a mid-sized home somewhere in Rome, Italy.

The city was ravaged from the demonic invasion and I was impressed to see how much damage they had done in so short a time.

“Please…” a woman reached out to me from an alleyway. She was bleeding badly, deep slashes were in her shoulder and there appeared to be bite marks on her face, “H-Help me…” she cried.

I approached her with curiosity, looking her over.

Her body had lost a significant amount of blood and it appeared that the blood in her body had been corrupted by some sort of dark energy.

Could the demons corrupt flesh in this way? What an interesting experiment! This could be useful to my Master, and if not, then she could be easily terminated.

I picked her up roughly, noticing her larger wounds had stopped bleeding.

She gasped, tears running down her face as I handled her with little concern. I did not need to, as her body was already accepting the corruption from whatever had caused her damage.

Still, this appeared to cause her great pain.

“S-something… Is crawling… Under my skin…” she complained.

“That’s likely your human body coming into contact with the demonic corruption that is seeping through your flesh,” I said, scanning her shifting physiology, “Fascinating,” I observed.

“W-what…?” the woman gasped, as her wounds began to close, “I-it hurts…”

“I can see that,” I said flatly, tossing the woman over my shoulder and walking through the streets towards my Master's signal.

The woman would only moan, complain and whi

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Live Thread! Tucker Carlson Tonight! UGH It's Monday January 17th,2021

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning: My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims' pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring.

And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true. And so let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado. Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. But not only that, let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee. Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, Black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: Free at last. Free at last. Thank God almighty, we are free at last.

Martin Luther King Jr

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Jerry and the Goddess

(NOTE: no more parts will be posted here. All future entries will be posted at r/JerryandtheGoddesses.)

I tossed the book down on the table and stared at the computer who'd betrayed me for a moment. All I wanted to do was get some info on an intriguing Proto-Indo-European deity, but the internet hadn't given me anything but her name and her portfolio; writing and learning.

I turned my ire upon the book, supposedly the definitive guide to this ancient culture, but it hadn't had any more to offer. "Sarisa, a little known deity often associated with scrolls and students." Pffft. What use was that to my dissertation?

A fit of pique came over me. I grabbed the book and stepped out into my parent's back yard, tossing it in the fire pit. A quick squirt of lighter fluid and a flick of my bic later, it was happily burning up. Twenty dollars, down the drain. Whatever, I'd only bought it for this purpose, and the clerk at the bookstore assured me that no refunds were possible on used books.

I held my hands up to the sky, channeling my inner theater nerd and called out in a mighty bellow (read; nasally yell), "Sarisa, I offer this sacrifice to you! Please bestow your wisdom upon me!"

Nothing happened, of course. I didn't really believe anything would. I sighed and checked the time; 11:47pm. Whatever, burning the damned thing had been cathartic, at least. I went back inside and went to bed.

It was still dark out when movement in my room awakened me. I blinked the blurriness away and my eyes focused on a slim, feminine figure, arms raised as if it was dancing. Except it was completely motionless. A rush of adrenaline sent my heart racing and rocketed me to full wakefulness. It wasn't just the fright of awakening in the middle of the night to find a figure in my room, but the sheer incongruity of a woman actually entering my room of her own free will.

Okay, stop with the jokes. I've never kidnapped anyone, man or woman, and I'd certainly not bring them here if I had. Yeesh, I've heard them all before, anyways. Can't a guy be an introvert in peace?

"Uh, hello?" I said. The figure put its arms down and I jumped out of bed, backing up to the wall. "I know karate!" I shouted, panic making me stupid. After a few seconds of no more movement, I edged over to the door and flipped on my lights.

It was a woman. A tall, thin woman with a willowy figure. Her eyes were focused on nothing, her face blank. She had tan skin and dark hair, and her eyes were completely black, e

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Spiral - Chapter 08 - Miscalculation

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Amelia was tired, but in a good way. The excitement of the day as a whole, studying an uncontacted culture, had been a low-grade drain on her energy that she didn’t truly feel until about halfway through her second workout. It was disappointing that she hadn’t yet managed to convince any of the other key officers to join her in that evening workout, but she intended to keep trying. It was a major victory that they all joined her in the mornings, but she attributed that largely to the fact that she’d been successful in convincing Aaren and Akari. It was hard to make excuses when the two smallest were putting forth such obvious effort to improve their physical condition!

The distinct crack and clatter of a game of pool in its opening stages greeted her before she even opened the door of the officers’ lounge, bringing a smile to her lips. As she stepped in, she found that Ides was playing against Ethan. Rachael was in the corner with her tablet and a glass of wine. At the other end of the room, occupying one of the sofas, was a sight that made Amelia come to a stop, simply to take it in for a long moment. Vaar was settled in the middle of one of the sofas, dressed in a pair of denim trousers and a loose cotton shirt cropped just at the bottom of her ribs. Her legs were parted just far enough to make room for Akari and Aaren to claim a thigh each as their pillows, with the pair curled up on the cushions to either side of her, arms draped over the edge to hold each other’s hand. Her own hands were lightly stroking both heads of hair as the trio watched one of the documentaries that Ethan had recorded over the course of the day, its volume turned low and machine-translated subtitles displayed on the screen.

Amelia heard herself mutter before she could stop it, “Damn, girl. You do have a type, don’t you?”

She flinched slightly when Rachael gave her a Look, but didn’t seem to have otherwise generated a reaction, and made her way over to where Ides and Ethan were playing. “So, a little birdy tells me that half your team are filling up storage media just recording these people’s entertainment and educational broadcasts. Pick up anything particularly interesting, yet?”

Ethan smiled a

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The Ballad of Steve

EDIT: It's been brought to my attention that this needs a length warning. This is a very long story. You've been warned. :)

The story I'm going to tell you happened over the course of roughly five or six years. Names have, of course, been changed.

When I was in college I met this dude named Steve. He was good-looking, well-spoken, and confident. He was instantly well-liked by most of the people that he met, but was a bit intimidating to me at first due to the fact that he was pretty jacked and didn't speak to me a whole lot in the beginning. Here I was, an eighteen-going-on-nineteen fat kid with an inferiority complex that made me act out to get attention. I would wear women's clothes to class to get a laugh, or interrupt the professors with a witticism here and a joke there...again for a laugh. I was that kid. The one that people didn't exactly dislike, but weren't too eager to hang out with because I could be a bit much at times. This did nothing to help with my feelings of inadequacy, but I didn't make the connection there until a couple years later.

Steve and I didn't exactly become fast and hard friends, because I got pretty drunk at a party once and he decided instantly that I was annoying. Still, we were civil to each other as we were in the same department and had a couple of classes together. We kind of hung with different crowds too, even inside the department. Steve had recently been kicked out of boot camp in the military. He told everyone that it was because he had injured himself badly enough that he had been discharged, but that wasn't true. However, we'll get to that part later.

Cut to about three or four months after my first meeting Steve, and I had been invited by a mutual friend, Cory, to come to a small get together at his place where he incidentally was roommates with Steve. I told Cory that I was kind of wary of Steve and felt like he didn't like me, to which he replied that I was right and that was why he wanted me to come over. He wanted me and Steve to get to know each other better because he was positive we would become friends if we just gave each other a chance. After some more prodding I finally agreed. When I arrived at Cory's house there were maybe three other people from the department there. It seemed like a pretty chill setting. There was some alcohol being passed around and I drank a little bit, but I kept my distance from Steve.

After a couple hours, and quite a few beers, I was starting

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Hostus: Chapter 2 (Electric boogaloo)

FOREWORD, FEEL FREE TO SKIP Hello again, dear readers! After days of procrastinating, my house looks impeccable. I finally ran out of excuses not to make the second chapter, and so... here it is! Once again, if you have comments, concerns, corrections, or anything else, I'll be happy to read them all!



I inhaled deeply as I stepped into Love’s, taking in the familiar smell of my favorite bar. Sweat, vomit, urine, and alcohol all swam together in a beautiful miasma that clung to your clothes hours after you’ve left.

Behind the bar was my best friend, my closest confidante, and my worst enemy all rolled into one curvaceous chocolate package. Lucy, the owner and bartender, was busy wiping down a spill on the counter as I took a seat at my favorite stool. A couple chairs down to my left was some business type fellow, nursing a half-finished glass of brandy. By his downcast eyes, I could tell why he was at a bar at only half-past one and not behind a desk.

Same reason I am, it would seem. To wallow in self-pity and alcohol after a shit day, before trying to find your next job. Speaking of alcohol, it seems Lucy finally noticed me. I gave a wave as she sauntered over.

“Lucy, you look stunning as ever.” I said, offering her my most winning smile. “Did you do something with your hair? It looks… extra poofy today.” Indeed, she did enjoy the classics. Hair tied back with a bandanna, and spread out in a large, fluffy ball at the back of her head. By the wry twist of her lips, I didn’t quite hit the mark.

“Mornin’, Todd.” She said, swinging her bar rag up over her shoulder. “You’re a bit early to be showing up… waiting for the garage to air out after another experiment? Or just making a social call?”

“Mmh… how about helping to drown the sorrows of a wounded man?” I asked. As the gentleman two seats down looked over, I flapped a hand at him. “Not you.”

“Ooh, no.” She said, swiping one hand through the air as her other landed on her hip. “You’ve already drunk up plenty of my hospitality, you lazy bum! Unless you pay at least half your tab, you ain’t getting another drink.”

I slumped against the bar, casting her a pathetic look. “Why do you think I wanna drink, Lucy? I just lost out on a good job! I’d be paying you off, otherwise. Plus extra for the trouble!”

I like to think it was my charm, maybe my good looks that broke down her walls. But whatever it was, she relented with a sigh. Pouring a nice, t

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Does the portrayal of sexuality in social media have an impact on gender dysphoria?

This question is motivated by an interesting statistic mentioned in Emily Bazelon's recent piece for NYT magazine entitled "The Battle over Gender Therapy." To quote Bazelon, "Cases of teenagers coming out as trans aren’t new. But their prevalence is. In addition, the current caseload is around two-thirds youths who were “assigned female at birth,” in the current parlance of the field, and identify as trans boys — or as nonbinary, in a smaller but growing number of cases. In the past, by contrast, most patients at gender clinics were trans girls who were “assigned male at birth.”" In other words, the recent rise in kids coming out as trans appears to be fueled to a large extent by a rise in biological girls identifying as boys.

It's not remarkable to me that more kids are coming out as trans, as it has become more socially acceptable to be trans, and we have created an ever-growing vocabulary with which people can express the nuances of their conception of their own gender. But I find the skew toward girls identifying as boys to be surprising and a tad troubling. My question is whether this can be explained, at least in part, by the influence of social media?

The theory is as follows. Suppose we assume that, as gender theorists argue, gender is a social construct (or at least an epi-phenomenon of society). Then changes in society can have an impact on the way in which people conceive their own gender and the genders of others. One way in which our society has changed dramatically in recent years is the introduction of social media. Specifically in relation to gender, kids are getting exposed to a cartoonishly hypersexualized and stereotypical notion of femininity promulgated by influencers. Girls are facing ever-increasing pressure to have a curvaceous but athletic body type; to dress in ways that accentuate their feminine sexuality; to wear copious quantities of makeup; to pursue traditionally feminine professions and hobbies; and to otherwise conform to what social media tells them it means to be a woman.

I think it's important to mention that many of the pressures mentioned above have existed for a very long time indeed. But social media has massively amplified these pressures and focused them on very young cohorts of girls. A fraction of these girls find themselves unable to conform. They are left feeling as though there is no space for them in the notion of womanhood pushed on them by social media. Consequently, they are faced with the following e

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Morgane Blackwood, Lady of Raventree Hall

Discord Name: Cubismo #0548

Name and House: Morgane Blackwood

Age: 24

Cultural Group: Riverlander (First Men)

Appearance: With her long raven black hair, dark blown eyes, and a pleasantly pale complexion, Morgane Blackwood is a darkly beautiful young woman. She is also tall, slender, and curvaceous in figure. As the ruling Lady of Raventree Hall, she often wears gowns in colors that denote her status: Blacks, whites, and reds the color of blood, along with the traditional raven feather cloak worn by all predecessors.

Gift(s): Insidious

Skill(s): Covert, Espionage (E), Investigator, Magic (Greensight)

Talent(s): Deceiving, Language (The Old Tongue), Theology (The Old Gods)

Negative Trait: N/A

Starting Title(s): Lady of Raventree Hall

Starting Location: King’s Landing

Alternate Characters: N/A


Born to Lord Brynden Blackwood and his lady wife Perrine Tully in the year 276 AC, Morgane’s story would begin with normal enough. The eldest of a trio of Blackwood daughters, her childhood in Raventree Hall was one spent learning the usual disciplines expected of a lady of her rank, with courtesy lessons and the arts being dogmatically drilled into her head by her mother as soon as she was old enough to understand them. Indeed, it was only her religious schooling in the Old Gods faith, that served as the outliers to an education that was quite typical of Westerosi noble girl.

It was all so painful dull by Morgane’s reckoning, a judgement she came to rather quickly in her girlhood. She needed more. More excitement. More adventure. Anything to break the tandem that came with living in a time of relative peace and plenty. A young Morgane would find her solution not too soon after she turned seven. Even then it was obvious that she was blessed by the Old Gods or perhaps the Crone with a surplus of wits that she more often than not used to conduct all manner of subtle mischiefs in Raventree Hall. Whenever she was away from her dreary lessons, she would entertain herself by collecting secrets and weaving playful lies that saw her ladies-in-waiting made into guileless pawns, with even worse misfortunates being meted out on Raventree Hall’s servants and smallfolk. Not even her own blood was safe. She masterfully played her younger sisters Bethany and Agnes against one another in contests for the affections of squire boys that they both desired and in turn quietly drove th

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Notations on Yin & Yang I | HIERARCHIES OF CIRCLES AND SQUARES | Opposite Ends of the Yin-Yang Scale

Full Accompanying Gallery (Full Body)

Full Accompanying Gallery (Faces)

Note: The images in this post and the images in the galleries are not the same sets of images.


The notes here are on (a) the concept of Yin and Yang, (b) the common associations with these concepts in the realm of style systems, (c) the features of women at the extreme ends of the yin-yang scale, and (d) how the want to be seen as desirable creates falsities.

The working definition for these notes will be taken from Harriet Tilden McJimsey but most examples chosen will be taken from David Kibbe's system as it's more expansive than that given by McJimsey and there is some crossover as Kibbe is one of the McJimsey-derived style systems that are usually the focus of these series of notes. Where the system is not specified and a type is named, assume the type is from Kibbe's system.


In McJimsey's 'Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection', she credits Belle Northup with first bringing the ancient Chinese concepts of yin and yang into the realm of personality types and styling and also acknowledges how the concepts are traditionally linked to intangible characteristics and the concepts of masculinity and femininity. Throughout the section of the book outlining yin and yang traits and types, gendered language is sometimes used in the descriptions and explanations.

Despite some of the McJimsey-derivative style systems rejecting this gendered classification of certain features (and some embracing it), the association of yin with the feminine and yang with the masculine overwhelmingly persists.

MCJIMSEY EXAMPLES: Top Left - Dramatic Lauren Bacall, Bottom Left - Natural Ingrid Bergman, Bottom Centre - Classic Grace Kelly, Bottom Right - Romantic Elizabeth Taylor, Top Centre - Gamin Leslie Caron, and Top Right: Ingenue Debbie Reynolds.

*Lauren Bacall is also a Dramatic in Kibbe, Ingrid Bergman is a Kibbe Flamboyant Natural, Grace Kelly was

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The concept of “dressing for your body” is NOT fatphobic!

I’ve seen so many claims that advising someone to dress for their body is “indirect body shaming” and “fatphobic”. People seem to forget that dressing for your body isn’t just about your weight— arguably, it’s the least important part of the concept. If anything, bone structure matters more when it comes to dressing for your body.

A 5’10 woman with broad shoulders and slim hips will look much more different than a 5’2 curvaceous woman in the same bodycon dress, regardless of their weights. A pale-skinned blonde will not look the same as a dark-skinned brunette in the same shade of sandy brown. Different things suit different people. Sure, wear whatever you’d like, but that doesn’t mean it’ll like you back!

The concept of dressing for your body is about finding clothes and colors that make you shine in your own unique way. It isn’t about “hiding” or “camouflaging” and I’m tired of people perpetuating the idea that it is.

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Am I alone in this?

Not salty, just bummed.

I was playing earlier and the thought has been bugging me again...

Body types.

The male characters in this game actually have a range of variation in build and sizes, where female characters are all basically fitness models or built like instagram/tiktok influencers??

Aside from some rando larger build women walking the streets or roided up Animals chicks, there's really only one body type for ladies, including fem V.

Not that the ladies in this game aren't lovely or anything, they just leave me wishing for more options I guess.

I just wish CDPR would have actually implemented character creation where you weren't restricted to a single type of build. And given the other fem characters some more variation in appearances body wise too.

I mean, even as V, if you choose to have the big bewbs, your clothes still conform to the small default bewbs, which really blows. Like, let me have some semblance of the curvaceous bod I want for my V ;-;

It's like they just decided "eh this body works, let's just copy/paste it everywhere including your custom character, no one's gonna care, right?"

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The winged horror before us bore little-to-no resemblance to the cat I'd previously known. The cat I thought I knew. The Black Sphinx was a dark corruption of the creature from ancient Egyptian mythology. Hide as black and grotesque as a cancer-ravaged lung, massive batlike wings, dark-maned head attached to a lionlike body, long serpentine tail that split in four places at the tip like the business end of a pitchfork. It was several meters above the boat--hovering over us--gazing down with the infernal green torches of its eyes.

All in all, the Black Sphinx looked like some insidious steed reserved for the God of Death.

Standing there exposed, floating along on our tiny boat that was no more than a glorified dingy, I was capital-S Scared Shitless.

From behind me by the stern, Wolf and Edward had finally woken up. Wolf asked no questions. There was no hesitation from the frog man. He shouted, "Everyone! Take heed!" He'd already drawn his flintlock pistol. Without further warning, he took aim and fired a shot right between the monster's eyes. There was a loud retort as the weapon discharged--a puff of smoke as the hammer struck home. However, the projectile merely pierced through the Black Sphinx's dark hide for a moment, forming a small hole, before the flesh there began to ripple again as if it weren't solid matter. The hole closed almost immediately.

The thing that had once been Midnight turned to Wolf and let out a bellowsome laugh. Even its voice was a dark nightmare. "It will take more than that to harm me. I could have spared you, but now you'll be destroyed with the others."

It turned its massive lionlike head toward Beanz. "What a pity. If only you could be there when the Calamity-Bringer and I finally put an end to The Last Living Mage. I was only trying to get you and the human out of the way. I never expected to end up right on the Mage's doorstep! What a fortunate turn of events! With the Mage dead, Prometheus will at last reign over these miserable realities, and humanity along with them!"

Beanz glared back at the Black Sphinx but said nothing. I could feel Artie trembling, pressing himself against my ankle in terror.

The monster turned its attention back on Wolf. "But first... let me repay you for that pathetic attack!"

It moved closer to the frog, until it was hovering directly over him. Wolfgang drew his rapier, holding it at the ready. The creature raised a paw the size of my head and shot toward him, pr

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"A Grimm Turn For the Worse! The Fall of Atlas Begins!"

Ruby: Okay, uh, funny story. This got SOOOO long, that we seriously couldn't post it at first. Passed the character limit.

Weiss: So we had to cut it down a LOT.

Blake: What a's not even that great. Trying to account for everyone present gets rough.

Yang: Hopefully it still turns out okay? Who knows? Mods? We good? We good, mods?

(Sequence Start!)

(Ruby's Inner World)

A flash of inner light clashed with a blast of inner darkness.

Ruby slid across the ground away from Grimm Ruby, with their scythes covered in their respective signature energy. Ruby breathed a bit as her Grimm counterpart scoffed.

"You're useless. This body is going to be mine completely." Grimm!Ruby smirked as she stood up while brushing herself off. "You've no chance of getting out of this!"

"Even though you're essentially the other half of me, now, you still speak like you don't know me." Ruby narrowed her eyes as she too stood up fully. "You're not taking over this body. You'll use it to slaughter my friends."

"It's the only outcome that will have meaning. You've acknowledged yourself that you've made plenty of severe errors in judgement that put them in danger. Best to simply put all of you out of your misery."

Ruby dashed towards Grimm Ruby and vice versa, with both of them making a heavy collision via a headbutt, that send a swirl of their respective rose petals violently swirling around them like a fierce windstorm

"I'm NOT gonna to let that happen!"


Cinder could safely say that yes, underestimating the machine might have been too much. Very much so.

There wasn't many ways she could seriously comprehend just how pissed Penny was with her until she threw an entire glacier on top of her. That was definitely a surprise she wasn't completely prepared for.

Regardless, she wasn't about to give in so easily.

Cinder eventually managed to thaw herself out of the ice, and flew back up like she was a comer going towards, and managed to reach back to where Penny was.

They were once again face to face, Cinder's arms being folded. "Well, aren't you a fast learner. Can't have that."

Penny slowly raised her arm, as three of her swords manifested by her side, each sword coated with a single element: fire, lightning, and ice.

"A Maiden is capable of manipulating the elements. Which ever element corresponds most closely with that Maiden's theme and personality, can draw even more power out of it." Penny relayed, whilst the

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Gods, Saviors, People - Part 16: Unto the Void

Wiki | First | Previous | Next

Flames roiled across the fields of festering mud and shattered hopes. The sounds of explosions and gunfire and screams echoed all around, blending together into a neverending symphony of ruin. And the smell. Rotting blood and gunpowder, infection, disease… but among it all, the faintest smell of trimmed grass.

Shannon held a Berthier carbine, clutching it as if her life depended on it. It did. There were three men around the next corner. She could hear them whisper.

“There is one in that trench.”

“Use a grenade.”

“Who still has one?”

“I do.”

“Throw it.”

A single hand appeared over the trench line, slinging a Stielhandgranate toward Shannon. In an instant, her sights snapped to the flying instrument of death. Account for lead, exhale, pull. An 8mm round sliced the handle in half, knocking the grenade off its course and causing it to explode on the soil above the trenches’ edge.


She chambered the next round with haste as footfalls sounded on either side of the corner.

Two men crossed in front of her. The one on the left died instantly as another 8mm round pierced his forehead. The second was raising his Mauser, but too late. Shannon knocked the muzzle aside with the barrel of her Berthier as the guns slid against each other, his deflected from its purpose, hers closing the gap between its bayonet and the man’s sternum.

A crunch of bone went unnoticed by all but one. Her right hand shot back and clamped around her foe’s bayonet, unlocking and removing it in one deft swipe. The third soldier rounded the corner only a moment after his fallen comrades. The last thing he ever saw was the blade careening directly for his eye. She pulled on the rifle, dislodging it from her dying opponent. Then she drove the blade through his neck.

Shannon snatched the Reichsrevolver from the third soldier’s holster and rounded the corner. Four more were rapidly approaching down the trench to the right, their shouts falling on deafened ears. She shot two as she crossed, dashing for a corne

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Demons Don't Lie - Chapter 31 - It ain’t over ‘til the fat human sings

The game lit battle royale where everyone is a demon except for the main character (and a crazy demon hunter).


Chapter List | First | Previous | Next


Have you ever sat back and wondered, how the fuck did I just manage that? You know, like you’re in so much shock that you can’t process anything and just walk around in a daze. Well, that was me at the time, struggling to process the fact that I’d just erased an estray. Except I wasn’t walking, and not exactly by choice.

My left arm was busted. My legs felt like jelly and one had a nice gaping hole in it. I was covered in scrapes and cuts. My face was stinging from third degree burns. If it weren’t for the final vestiges of ash, I would have passed out by now.

As I shuttered my eyes, a popup flashed in my vision. With great effort, I forced my eyes back open and read.


>Secret objective fulfilled: [Defeat the Spawner]!
>For landing the final blow on the Spawner, you have been awarded 1000 points.
>An accolade has been added to your profile. It can be redeemed in the next Ring.


>[Corruption] has increased to 9 (was 8).


>[Ash] saturation down to 2/100.


Aside from the corruption, and the fading effects of the ash, that was great and all, but I was too tired to celebrate. Also, now that I was looking, I had just discovered something terrible: erasing the estray didn’t get rid of the existing digressers. With the fire walls completely devoured by explosions and reality-eating beams, they were coming in fast.

My head was pounding. An unintelligible string of thoughts was flowing in from Volce. I closed off the connection and, groaning, I picked myself up. Experimentally, I placed pressure on my gored leg and realised it couldn’t carry much weight at all. In fact, I was struggling even to move it. The only way I could move was by hopping on the other and dragging it behind me. Crawling was pointless on account of being unable to raise my left arm. The ash had helped cover for that weakness earlier, but now it was no use.

Both of my weapons had been separated w

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I have a Dream...

/u/CITY_F0X (Halo Rights Leader): 12 years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed off on the story of the iconic Halo 3. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of gamers who had been seared in the flames of withering Call of Duty. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their mediocrity. But 12 years later, the gamer still is not free. 12 years later, the life of the gamer is still sadly crippled by the manacles of predation and the chains of FOMO. One 12 years later, the gamer lives on a lonely island of no playlists in the midst of a vast ocean of game modes in custom games. 12 years later...

...the gamer is still languished in the corners of Xbox Game Studios society and finds himself in exile in his own land. And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful monetization system. In a sense we've come to our subbreddit to not spend anything on this store. When the architects of our past iconic games designed the magnificent customization options of Halo 3 and Halo Reach, they were signing a promissory note to which every gamer was to be entitled too in the future. This note was a promise that all gamers- yes, PC as well as Console gamers - would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of customization, choosing which game mode and the pursuit of bigger AI breasts once again.

It is obvious today that 343 has defaulted on this promissory note as their gamers of old are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, 343 has given the gamer a bad store, a cosmetic store which has come back marked "Insufficient Credits."

But we refuse to believe that the bank of free customization is bankrupt.

We refuse to believe that there are insufficient credit in the great vaults of the greed of 343. And so we've come to aquire a fair store, a store that will give us upon demand the riches of more customization and free cosmetics

We have also come to his hallowed spot to remind 343 of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of taking Holiday Breaks or to take the tranquilizing drug of rest after crunch.

Now is the time to make real the promises of the Battle Pass. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of Free to Play to the sunlit path of Halo Reach progression. Now is the time... lift our game franchise from the quick sands of free to play injustice to the solid rock of Pay to Play. Now is the time to make justice a

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The Devine Demon {Chapter 93}

Chapter 93

Taking another look at her palace and the yard beyond Lilith noticed the nearby Noodles who were watching them from atop their bovine perches. They had indeed manage to coral ten of the beasts into the front yard simply by speaking into their minds and lightly tapping them with their tails. ‘It seems cows aren’t as afraid of snakes like horses are.’ she mused before she got back on task finally deciding that 1 year was long enough for these wards. With the effects and duration set Lilith spoke the rune words for [Pact Magic] and initiated the contract.

“What would you have me do mortal?” Lilith said in a resounding voice.

“I would like to protect the outside of the palace and its borders with a wall of force and a Magic Circle to turn back evil fiends for the next year in a way that does not interfere with its normal operation using half the magical energy I have.” Bindi said with confidence.

“I will contribute 30% of my pact energy to make it so.” she replied.

“Agreed.” Bindi said with a nod.

“The pact is made the spells shall be cast.” Lilith said extending a hand towards the front gate of the palace causing a bolt of blue and green energy to shoot out and surround both the fences and the walls of the massive structure.

After that they went and tested the door and gates to great success. They could open the doors without issue but if a rock was thrown at a window it bounced off with the same speed it was thrown.

Happy with the results they repeated the process creating another magic circle using the term Undead.

“Feel better now Bindi?” Lilith asked while lowering one eye brows at her.

“Yea. Now I can sleep better and the Noodles can too.”

“Yes we will sleep well tonight.” Noodle One said from the back of one the white and brown cattle.

“Well now that that is done, lets go enchant your bracers. Come along Noodles.” Lilith said as she led the group into the palace down to the crafts room on the first floor just to the right of the entrance.

Once inside she had Bindi remove her bracers and began etching golden rune words into the face of the armored plates. Lilith explained that the runes collect and store force energy that is used to protect her from damage anywhere on her hands or arms. With room on the inside of the bracers Lilith added an enchantment to grant her the Blink spell once per day.

“Blink? How does that work?” Bindi asked.

“Well when you say the command word for the bracers, the spell activates for a minute. Eac

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Reexamining my goals - Long post, need advice!!!

So, let me preface this by saying I do struggle with ED/BDD issues. However, this post is Not about that. I really need some guidance about fitness, period. I am trying to change my mindset.

BACKGROUND: I started working out in May 2020 at home, and then started going to the gym and lifting later that year. I go to the gym up at school for periods of about 4 months, have to stop for about 2 at a time when I go home for winter break and don’t have gym access, continue for 4 months during the spring semester, and then stop for another 3ish month period when I’m home for summer. The stopping and starting is frustrating, but its what I have to do. I am currently at a state of having lost a lot of progress due to the nature of this particular break, and stressful circumstances. I am hoping this next semester will be a good sort of fresh start, with a new mindset and approach.

I at first struggled with getting enough protein, being very consistent, etc. But this last school year, I really really stuck with it! I lifted 5x a week (3 lower mostly glute focused days, 2 upper days) every week, and was finally getting 90-110 g of protein a day! However. My mental struggles, the stress of school, and I think having my aims be wishy washy kept me from seeing as much progress as I could have. I kept wanting to be muscular, curvy, thick in my lower body (even though genetically I am built oppositely!), while also wanting to be thinner, thinner, thinner.

CURRENT DILEMMA: I know myself, physically and mentally. I feel that bulking and cutting will Not be good for me mentally. I gain weight mostly in my face, back, boobs and stomach, almost none in my lower body. I know to build up muscle, I need to bulk. And I so so wish I could bring myself to, the results so many women see are amazing. But… I just don’t know if its worth the mental stress, especially because I am at a default built OPPOSITE of what I want.

That said, I also do not think it is sustainable to eat at a big deficit for a long time. I will slip into obsession. I will lose muscle.

I think.. I just want to look FIT. Is this too lofty/vague a goal? I want to look healthy, and strong. I want to Feel healthy. I think aiming to be “thicc” and curvaceous is unrealistic for me, and aiming to be so skinny is also not healthy or what I want, despite years of ed telling me otherwise. I think I just want to look lean and firm, have a bit of muscle definition; not skinny-fat, not skinny, not thick. I know the word t

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Jerry and the Goddesses: Part 48

Part 47

Nick Beauford, Chosen of Astarom

Nick screamed. A raw scream. A scream of agony at the remembered pain of the fight. A scream of frustration at his failure to kill even the skinny nerdy guy. The two greasers guarding the door that led to the compound's courtyard looked away, afraid to attract his ire. But Nevin needed to vent. He slugged the short, stocky guy on the right in the jaw, breaking it with his god-enhanced strength. The equally-stocky-but-even-shorter woman on the left side of the door gasped and took a step back.

Neo crouched over his erstwhile punching bag and rained blows down on him. The man did a better job defending his head than that skinny loser had, and so Nicolas only redoubled his efforts. His fists flew, the pain in his hands as he broke them and they healed over and over only enraging him further.

After a few minutes, the man stopped defending, and the feeling of impact changed from hard bone to something softer, more squishy. Nelson straightened, covered in blood. It was his own blood, mostly, but the freshest layer was from the guard. He turned towards the other guard.

"Take your fucking pants off, bitch!"

"What?" the woman replied. Neal growled in frustration and smacked her across the face with his palm. The blow knocked her down, so he bent over and grabbed her, flipping her over and fumbling at her belt. "I said take your fucking pants off, bitch!" he growled, getting her belt undone. He grabbed her pants and ripped the zipper apart, yanking them down. She squirmed and wedged a foot into his crotch, then shoved him off of her.

Nikko stumbled backwards, then rushed back to her as she tried to regain her feet. He bowled her over and grabbed her exposed underwear, yanking hard. The woman screamed and the thin cloth ripped, coming off in his hands. He flipped her over onto her belly and unbuttoned his own pants.


Awareness returned slowly. Julie stirred and tried to stand, but something was tangling her legs. She looked down to see jeans and men's boxers pooled around her legs. Her lip turned up at how hairy her legs were; she needed to shave. She grabbed them and tugged up. Her stupid penis and testicles got caught, causing a wave of pain to pass through her. A deep breath and a bit more care got boxers and jeans pulled up, and she stood.

As she did, she s

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Episode 5 - "Slikky Nikky @ Nite" [POLL]

The camera pans over a dark werkroom. The lights are off and it is eerily quiet. Suddenly the lights flicker back on.

Xtina (***V.O.***): "We are back back baby! So let's get this show a-cookin'!"

Lilac struts into the werkroom with her suitcases, "Is anyone else getting déja vu?" she cackles.

🌟 Lilac I'm BACK! And boy am I glad! I was getting so bored at home, I literally started sending Xtina hatemail pretending to be Jamie Lynn. Life is soooo crazy sometimes.

"Ah... that beautiful stench of antiperspirant and... wood glue?" sniffs Lilac.

Sharris shuffles into the werkroom and gasps. "HEY BITCH!" she screams.

🌟 Sharris I'm so happy to be back, I am here with a refreshed mind and a brand new wardrobe! But don't tell anyone! Also do you like my entrance look? Very A'Whora... hmm... very that.

"Sis I missed you!" says Lilac.

🌟 Lilac shakes her head

"Yes, it's been a while! Wow!" says Sharris.

Anna tip-toes into the werkroom and poses cutely. "She's baaaaaack!" giggles Anna.

"Yes queen! Yes!" says Sharris.

🌟 Anna I'm kinda glad we had a little break... it was nice to get a little peace from these chatty bitches. Now I am back to carry on with my slayage!

"Looking cute, feeling gorgeous!" says Anna.

"Didn't you... already wear that look before?" asks Lilac, confused.

"Naur," says Anna.

Howling strolls into the werkroom and laughs, "Can't get rid of us vermins that easily, huh."

"What's a... vermin?" whispers Sharris.

🌟 Howling Howling is back and hairier than ever! Just kidding, I waxed my coochie yesterday!

"Loving this... sexy... boy... drag thing..." says Anna.

🌟 Anna Did Howling get hotter during the break? Wow... ay papi.

Jammer rolls int

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Chapter 6 - ... And Broken Bones

I won't be doing a 'Preface' anymore, because I'm lazy. You can go through my post history and you'll find the rest of the story chapters pretty quickly, since that's pretty much all I've been posting lately.

As for the individuals that star in this chapter; u/Mr_Renn**,** u/Capswick and u/Skafflock

Walking down Roarhaven was no simple task for an assassin like Skafflock. Sigils littered the streets that were capable of detecting known criminals and sending signals rippling through the Whispering to the Supreme Mage. For Roarhaven, symbol magic had flourished and become a normal practice for many sorcerers. Of course, only those who went down the path of the Signum Linguist had the most potent, most powerful versions of these symbols. But with the rise in Neoteric numbers and magically ambidextrous sorcerers, more and more people had begun studying the discipline with more care and practice than ever before.

Years ago, sorcerers had the mindset of a specialist. Choose a specific discipline, then spend the rest of your life trying to become good at it. But now that wasn’t enough. After seeing the terrific displays of magical abilities showcased by the Mevolent from the Leibniz Universe, and the raw unstoppable power of Abyssinia and her father, the Royalty of the Darklands, many sorcerers had grown interested in developing themselves in other areas. Seeing as how anybody could employ the use and reap the benefits of symbols, this is where the majority of them started.

This influx of symbols led to the advancement of symbol magic in ways that were previously unthought of. With China Sorrows herself spear-heading the progress from her retirement, symbols that nullified noise, enhanced a users chosen discipline, cleaned Roarhaven of pollution and provided security were just some of the types of symbols that were created. The last use concerned Skafflock greatly, as these security symbols were directly connected to the Whispering, which was connected to the Supreme Mage himself. One wrong move, and Skafflock’s presence would be known to everyone in the city in mere moments.

However, Skafflock did have some tricks up her sleeve. Her beauty, for instance. She’d seen the way men looked at her. Watched her walk when they thought she couldn’t notice. Their eyes following the curvaceous lines of her body. She could use this to her advantage. Walking up to a young man, she tapped him on the shoulder and gave him her best smile, wigglin

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Micro's Drag Race Season Two Finale Red Carpet 👠✨/ Grand Finale Part One 👑

the lights and cameras flash as u/chitownbreeze stands on the red carpet

Chitownbreeze Red Carpet Look

Chi: Hello hello and thank you for joining us! My name is Chi and I am back again hosting the red carpet for the Micro's Drag Race Season Two grand finale. Since last season, I have been up to so much. The rats in the basement can now do a triple axel into a high kick. And I can make the walls talk. Nobody else can hear it but it all makes sense to me. Oh! Who's that coming this way? None other than the first queens to sashay away. u/haze_vocaloid17, u/sheissoglamour, u/Turbocool02, and u/MrSnowBro19!

Hayes, Melannie, Turbo, and Snow

Chi: Hello ladies! Turbo and Hayes, lovely to see you again after we met on XDR! Hayes, congratulations on the release of your new album!

Hayes: Thank you so much! The support has made a huge impact and I can't wait to deliver more music in the future.

Chi: Melannie, I just wanna be glamorous with you for a moment. Can we do that?

Melannie: Always! Let's pose, let's pose.

Chi: Turbo, how are you holding up after the reunion?

Turbo: Feeling so much relief to properly introduce myself as the queen I am.

Chi: Tell me about this amazing look.

Turbo: Designing my own looks this season meant a lot to me so I made this patchwork skirt with an element from each of my looks. And a little nod to my theater roots.

Chi: Well you look stunning. Snow. This look is spectacular. What was the inspiration?

Snow: I was hoping to wear this when I won the crown but that didn't pan out so I'm wearing it now! I wanted to look like an icy empress and also use this as a final moment to show up the finalists.

Chi: I know that they are seeing this and feeling real grateful that you're not competing for the crown because this is the one.

Snow: Thank you gorgeous!

Chi: Who are we rooting for tonight?

Hayes: My Aussie sister, Lilac!

Snow: I'm torn between Lilac and Venetia.

Turbo: Team Venetia all day. Those looks deserve a crown.

Melannie: I'm hoping Nikky takes it home. But there's no bad option

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How To: PERFECT The Glamorous Bombshell Aesthetic + Girly Beauty & Fashion Do's and Don'ts

With the recent talk of Victoria's Secret and how people are in need of the lingerie company to bring back their original bombshell aesthetic, I got the sudden momentum to create a post specifically targeted towards this desirable look. It’s a no-brainer that (almost!) everyone wants to look like an ultra-glamorous individual, so how do you exactly achieve this effortless look?

I’ve always loved the hyper-feminine aspect of women who embodies the physical attributes of what a bombshell is, really want to dig deeper in regards to what this entails. And let’s be clear, the bombshell aesthetic does not in any way, shape, or form correlate to the Instagram baddie look! I will further differentiate the two later in this post.

Section I: Defining the Archetype.

What is a bombshell?

Bombshells from a physical aspect define a woman with natural appeal who knows exactly what to do as it relates to playing up their femininity with their looks. When defining this word, I really want to speak about some of the bombshells from the twentieth century, solely considering the fact that I truly think this current generation lacks glamour and praises mediocrity. The notoriously known bombshell in the twentieth century was Marilyn Monroe, perfecting this title well. She was curvaceous, feminine, and was one of the many women who conveyed glamour throughout the ’50s and 60s’. The same goes for the great actress who I personally love, Diahann Carrol.

Considering I was inspired to create this post due to the controversy surrounding Victoria’s Secret’s older brand aesthetic, it’s only right to further compare this look to the one and only Victoria's Secret models as well. The models, such as Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks to name a few, who walked these iconic fashion shows embodied the bombshell look with their perfectly styled hair, flawlessly applied makeup, and of course, their amazing body frames. I’m sure when we all watched these yearly fashion shows in years prior, we wanted to look like a VS model any and everywhere we went.

Bombshells aren’t tomboys by any means, like I stated in the introduction, these are ultra-feminine women! Nails are always done, hair is voluptuous, lips are glossy and their outfit is guaranteed to be glamorous. Now, let’s dive into how to actually achieve this look.

Section II: The Beauty Aspect.


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The Boss gets embarrassed by a living legend Melina.

Melina was backstage shortly after the Rumble. In a way she was glad she had so much fun. But her anger wasn’t only just eliminated so early by the likes of Sasha Banks and her Sailor Moon cosplay pissed her off enough, but to see Sasha copying her iconic splits was more than enough to seal the deal as she was easily already planning her payback. Soon after The Boss was eliminated and made her way to the back, Melina was simply relaxing in Sasha’s dressing room waiting patiently. Soon as an exhausted Sasha Banks came in still in her gear but wrapping with a towel around her neck, a grin soon came to form on the legend’s face.
*“*What do you think you’re doing in my locker room, Melina? Surely you know how to read so get out of here.” Said Sasha sternly as she was just ready to take a shower
“Well I just think that what you did eliminating me so early from the Rumble and while I was on my way back you were poking fun at someone you really don’t wanna poke fun at, so what I think is in order is a true apology and I will simply be out of your hair Miss Banks. If you simply don’t give me one though…” Melina soon walking up to the sweaty Sasha as they were both in gear and Melina had the more appealing body in terms of thickness than her as well. “You’ll be in for an embarrassing night of your whole career.”
Sasha is already annoyed as it is that this woman won’t get up out of her locker room and firmly stomps her foot on the ground. “Alright I had enough, I’m sorry that I taunted you and now you wanna be in her like the fuckin baby that you are. Now if you excuse me, Ima take a nice long shower to wash off this frustration.” In that instant, Melina grabbed Sasha by the hair and pulled her back as she attempted to walk off playing off a legend of the women’s division. “Now, you know we can’t let that simply slide. Little Miss Banks is gonna have to learn a certain lesson when messing with someone who is physically dominant.” Melina said as she pulled Sasha right into her breasts with her gear on simply robbing the blue haired woman of her breath with her tits. “Mmm..That’s right, enjoy them Sasha. Tell me how you enjoy my cleavage, you arrogant brat!” Sasha was stuck with her face deep into Melina’s breasts and within five minutes of no chance of breathing she was lifeless as Melina’s grip was too much and she now had Sasha all to herself.
Sasha was soon awake with her hands tied behind her back and feet tied together. She was still in her locker roo

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Typical OA/Affiliate ads

I’ve been on OA/Affiliate groups lately and needless to say, it’s all been very underwhelming…

What a typical ad looks like:

1. It all starts with an uninspired, generic title -“Looking for my partner in crime/ I’m the guy your mum warned you about.”*

But that’s ok because we can’t be on all the time. Titles can be hard.


  1. “I’m not looking to change my situation or yours”-I’m not sure what the point of this line ever is on such a sub. On other hand, “I’m looking to change my situation,” that’d be the exception, not the rule.

Then the caveat

  1. “I’m probably not going to get any replies, women get a million replies, and it sucks for men here.”*

This is just the kind of positive energy you want in an ad

Then the “whys”

  1. “I’ve been in a dead bedroom for years, no spark, SO has lost interest. I feel something is missing. I’m just looking for excitement.” (aren’t we all?)

Then the “about me”

5.“I’m 6’1, attached, work in IT, a runner, open-minded, blue eyes, outdoorsy, sporty, gamer with a bit of a dad bod. Everyone in my life says I’m attractive, not just my mother. I promise I’m attractive.”

I’m starting to suspect that there is some kind of template with variations of these words somewhere.

What does it for me personally, however, is the "blue eyes" because who doesn’t want an AP with blues eyes, oh man! Maybe I drown in blue eyes someday, who knows. Don't you ever forget to include the color of your eyes, that's a key element in these ads

Then (Here you state your preference of a pAP) My personal fav;

  1. You: “I don’t have a preference but prefer a curvaceous woman, flirtatious, big boobs……with a quiet confidence.” Does anyone know what quiet confidence means because I don’t? Then another critical reminder just in case you forgot…. “You must NOT be willing to change your circumstances in any circumstance…Other things I want….I want someone intelligent, willing to carry a conversation….age is unimportant as long as you’re 18+…then some intrigue... “I’m looking to release your dark side and do the naughty your SO is unwilling to because I’m a sex god, who will make all your sex dreams come true.”

Then In conclusion (Something super cheesy)

  1. “I want someone to share their everyday grind with. I need your intellect, your struggles, your thoughts, and your deepest desires.” (But in reality all I want are you’re nudes/dirty talk because that’s really why I’m posting here, something you’ll find out in my first 3 texts or so) also….”
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"Ancillary Justice" trilogy by Ann Leckie - Positive review, then detailed overview/discussion with increasing spoilers

Covers "Ancillary Justice" (book 1 - 2013), "Ancillary Sword" (book 2 - 2014), "Ancillary Mercy" (book 3 -2015).


"Ancillary Justice" is the first in the highly acclaimed, multi-award winning "Imperial Radch" series, from a debut female author [Wikipedia, Goodreads]. It felt very different from most of the sci-fi that I've read and loved, in not being primarily about a technologically exciting setting, cosmologically consequential events, or near future insights. It's overwhelmingly character driven, with an extreme focus on their development and back story.

Consequently, I was not utterly riveted by the first book, coming to it a couple years late, with a gap of a few more years before recently returning to finish the arc. But the story really grew on me; I can understand why this caused a splash.

I'd describe the core (feel good) hook of these books as ethics competency porn. The central character, Breq, always seems to hit the nail on the head, in terms of picking the most righteous course of action. Even in thorny situations, sticking it to the callous powers that be, etc. In a similar way to how Iain M Bank's Culture novels have a kind of ship mind competency porn, where it may come down to the last breath, but they clutch it out somehow, against all odds. More on the link between these authors, later.

Much has been made of Leckie's unique take on gender [e.g. Slate]. With Breq's biological sex never explicitly confirmed. Equality and gender neutral pronouns are one progressive aspect of the deeply flawed Imperial Radch empire. Feminine pronouns are always the default: she/her. Breq struggling to accurately gender some of the people they meet is certainly a cute device to accentuate this point. But it made less sense to me by the end of the series; when she was the troop carrying spaceship "Justice of Torren", she will have been intimately involved in matchmaking and interpersonal harmony between the many officers of her crew.

See, Breq is the last surviving fragment of a millennia old ship AI. Out, from the start, for revenge against the tyrant who murdered the rest of her. In the first novel, the story and meaning behind that unfolds in flashbacks i

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A succubus doesn't quite get what she expected. [F4A] [comedy?] [Modern succubus] [head scratching] [humming] [some profanity and mentions of lewd activities] [annoyed speaker]

Hello again. This is my second script and I would like some criticism on it. If you would like to record this script please just let me know you are doing so and the same goes if you would like to monetize it. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them. I would love feedback to help improve my scripts. I am still very new. I hope you enjoy this one.



Sonazki ASMR on youtube and patreon :

[Setting: a succubus manifests herself into the room of the listener expecting to have to seduce them into a contract and try her best to corrupt their judgment until they finally agree to make a deal with her. However as it turns out the listener was intentionally making themselves a target to get the attention of a succubus which takes her out of the mood but by laws of succubus she can't leave until she forms some kind of a contract and ends up reluctantly agreeing to enact a few favors just so she can leave.]

( The sound of a magical portal opening and crackling of different magical sounds while the succubus laughs. Her voice sounds like it's being projected from a distance and echoes in the room)

( Her voice is booming and confident and full of energy)

" Oh, human! I can sense your desire for satisfaction! You yearn for something you can not have and I am here to deliver on your darkest desires! For a price I will grant you anyth- ( she fully manifests and her voice goes normal and partially disappointed now and the sound of her entering halts abruptly.) Why are your pants off…and why are you looking at me like that. Like what? Well with that face…it's like you're assaulting me with your eyes. You're supposed to be like on the floor against the wall or something wondering what the hell is going on…why is there a dark figure in my room and maybe even scream a little. Instead you're just…not…bothered. Could you stop staring at my chest please? That is just incredibly rude and no woman is going to appreciate that."

( She snaps her fingers and the sound of cloth is heard as she covers herself up)

" Yes I'm covering up. Clearly my curvaceous figure is just simply too distracting to a horny little mortal like yourself. I'm not what you expected? Well you're not who I expected! And put some damn pants on! Yes I'm a suc

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Sexy Space Babes: Chapter Fifty Three

“So I’m a standard-bearer now?” Jason asked from his position on the sofa as he glanced up from his data-pad.

The colonel had dismissed the pair of them for the day after his impromptu ‘promotion’, so they were the only ones home. Everyone else was at their relevant jobs – with the notable exception of Tarcil, who was still on leave and sunning at a nearby beach.

Yaro shrugged from her seat, her own data-pad in hand, as she familiarized herself with what her own new role entailed.

“Technically, you’re the standard,” she said, a small smirk forming on her features as she gestured to her device. “From all indications, I’m closer to being the standard bearer.”

Jason just rolled his eyes at the obvious innuendo. “Color guard. You’re the color guard.”

“Color guard?” she asked, eyes quickly flitting over her own list of duties to see if she missed anything.

“Sorry, human term,” he said. “I doubt you’ll find it there. It’s basically the moniker for the people that guard the regimental standard.”

Of course, he hadn’t known that himself until a few minutes ago, defunct and outdated roles from the age of European Imperialism not exactly being his strong-suit. Unfortunately for him, it seemed the Shil’vati military did not consider the notion quite as outdated as the militaries of Earth.

During the Shil’vati equivalent of the first world war, when humans were retiring flag-bearers from battlefields on account of the fact that they were great big targets, the Shil’vati had instead switched the onus of upholding the regiment’s honor onto the shoulder of the flag-bearers themselves rather than the flags.

And they’d dubbed that role…

…The regimental ‘champion’, he thought, feeling out the idea in his mind. A mascot by any other name.

Part of him had been worried it was some kind of… super commando role. It wasn’t. The reality was much more grounded. He was essentially a representative of the regiment as a whole. When on parade, he would be first. When at a function, he would attend with the colonel. Most importantly, in his eyes at least, in the event of a catastrophic loss in battle, he should be the last to fall – because so long as he survived, the regiment was said to still have its ‘soul’.

Something that suited him right down the ground.

“So, it’s like a hearth-guard?” Yaro asked.

“Sure.” He shrugged, trusting in the canine-woman’s good sense to have reached the correct conclusion.

They’d both already pretty much figured out what was expected of

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Wondering if I should reexamine my goals - long post - any advice?

So, let me preface this by saying I do struggle with ED/BDD issues. However, this post is Not about that. I really need some guidance about fitness, period. I am trying to change my mindset.

BACKGROUND: I started working out in May 2020 at home, and then started going to the gym and lifting later that year. I go to the gym up at school for periods of about 4 months, have to stop for about 2 at a time when I go home for winter break and don’t have gym access, continue for 4 months during the spring semester, and then stop for another 3ish month period when I’m home for summer. The stopping and starting is frustrating, but its what I have to do. I am currently at a state of having lost a lot of progress due to the nature of this particular break, and stressful circumstances. I am hoping this next semester will be a good sort of fresh start, with a new mindset and approach.

I at first struggled with getting enough protein, being very consistent, etc. But this last school year, I really really stuck with it! I lifted 5x a week (3 lower mostly glute focused days, 2 upper days) every week, and was finally getting 90-110 g of protein a day! However. My mental struggles, the stress of school, and I think having my aims be wishy washy kept me from seeing as much progress as I could have. I kept wanting to be muscular, curvy, thick in my lower body (even though genetically I am built oppositely!), while also wanting to be thinner, thinner, thinner.

CURRENT DILEMMA: I know myself, physically and mentally. I feel that bulking and cutting will Not be good for me mentally. I gain weight mostly in my face, back, boobs and stomach, almost none in my lower body. I know to build up muscle, I need to bulk. But I just don’t know if its worth the mental stress, especially because I am at a default built OPPOSITE of what I want.

That said, I also do not think it is sustainable to eat at a big deficit for a long time. I will slip into obsession. I will lose muscle.

I think.. I just want to look FIT. Is this too lofty/vague a goal? I want to look healthy, and strong. I want to Feel healthy. I think aiming to be “thicc” and curvaceous is unrealistic for me, and aiming to be so skinny is also not healthy or what I want, despite years of ed telling me otherwise. I think I just want to look lean and firm, have a bit of muscle definition; not skinny-fat, not skinny, not thick. I know the word toned is kind of ridiculous, but you know what I mean when I say thats what I want.


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