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June 1, 1967 – The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is released.


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by The Beatles, released on June 1, 1967. It topped the Billboard 200 Top LP's chart for 15 weeks, and the UK Albums chart for 27 weeks. In 2003, and again in 2012, the album was placed at number one on Rolling Stone magazine's list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time".



Grammy Awards

Nominated for seven Grammys in 1968, it would win four, including Album of the Year, the first rock album to receive this honor.

  • 1968 Album of the Year
  • 1968 Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts
  • 1968 Best Engineered Recording, Non-Classical
  • 1968 Contemporary Album


>**"**Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band didn’t start out life as a “concept album” but it very soon developed a life of its own. I remember it warmly, as both a tremendous challenge and a highly rewarding experience. For me, it was the most innovative, imaginative and trend-setting record of its time." - George Martin

“The Beatles definitely had an eternal curiosity for doing something different,” says George Martin, producer of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Certainly, this album was entirely different from anything which had gone before, and although it has been much imitated since, it remains today a unique, epochal record one which revolutionized the entire recording industry and caused such vast repercussions that its influence will very probably be felt for as long as the music is written and performed.

The Beatles’ musical ideas progressed in a most tangible way with each album they recorded. Geoff Emerick, the recording engineer who with George Martin formed the imaginative team which translated the Beatles’ requirements onto tape, once totted up the number of hours put into the making of Sgt. Pepper and came up with 700. Please Please Me, the Beatles’ first album, was recorded in 585 minutes.

“The Beatles insisted that everything on Sgt. Pepper had to be different,” said Emerick, “so everything was either distorted, limited, heavily compressed or t

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A Guide to Matthew Good (Solo Career)

About a month ago, there were some genius and informative threads surfacing in /r/music about certain artists’ or band’s discographies. Some of my notable favourites were Lil Wayne's, Modest Mouse's, and Kanye West's . Inspired by these threads I wanted to do one on one of my favourite artists, Matthew Good. His collection is so vast that I decided to concentrate exclusively on his solo career. Depending on the interest of this thread I will work on a thread for the Matthew Good Band discography.

Before I delve into the collection I will start with a little history on Matthew Good’s decision to separate from the band. In 2000, Good was struggling to deal with the band’s success following two immensely popular albums: Underdogs (1997) and Beautiful Midnight (1999). He felt a lot of pressure from record companies to write more ‘hit songs’. On top of this, there were a lot of issues the band was dealing with, personally and professionally. At the same time Good was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a disease that causes lesions to form in the lungs. All of this led to emotionally straining recording sessions for the upcoming album The Audio of Being (2001). The band’s relationships diminished during the recording of this album and Dave Genn, lead guitarist, keyboardist and co-writer, left permanently because of the turmoil that was plaguing the band at this time. Following Genn’s departure, Good decided to break up the band in 2002 and pursue a solo career.

Avalanche (2003)

Good’s first solo album contained many stylistic differences from that of the band. People who were used to the band’s rock and roll hits met a surprising but welcoming change in Avalanche. It was not a total transition as Avalanche had the same style as some of the band’s songs such as Advertising on Police Cars and Suburbia, however, Avalanche went deeper, both lyrically and instrumentally. For this album, Good used the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra on several of his songs which added a sort of epic-ness to some already fantastic tracks. Here are some notables from Avalanche:

  • Weapon: Still perhaps one of Good’s most famous songs. This is one that used the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. It is a haunting, b
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