On a warm August evening in 1975, 17-year-old Laurel Jean Mitchell left her job at the Cokesbury Inn, a small restaurant in North Webster, Indiana. The following morning, Laurel’s body was discovered 15 miles away by a fisherman. What happened to her that night remains a mystery.

On August 6th, 1975, around 10:15 P.M., 17-year-old Laurel Jean Mitchell left her job at the Cokesbury Inn, a small restaurant in Epworth Forest, located on the shores of Webster Lake, and headed to Adventureland, a once-popular amusement park just down the road.

Laurel, a high school senior, passed by a classmate who waved to her as she walked by the entrance to the Epworth Forest. This would be the last time Laurel would be seen alive.

No one knew Laurel was missing or in any danger. Her parents believed she was with her friends at Adventureland, when in reality her friends decided to go to the county fair that evening, suspecting Laurel had just gone home after work.

The following morning, 15 miles away, a man and his son who were fishing in the Elkhart River in Noble County, discovered the body of a young woman in the water. The body was quickly identified as Laurel.

An autopsy revealed that Laurel’s cause of death had been drowning. She showed no obvious signs of trauma aside from several bruises on her hands and shoulder. Laurel was fully clothed, however it was determined that she had been sexually assaulted.

Laurel was described as boisterous and motherly, often doting on the neighborhood children. She was said to be kind and smart, and due to her involvement in the local church choir group, dance classes, and other community events, she was a well known face in the small town of North Webster.

Despite the case seemingly to grow colder by the day, Laurel’s sister, Sarah, never gave up hope of finding answers. Every year she would appeal to the media to once again cover her sisters story, and always maintained contact with the detective assigned to Laurel’s case.

During one of her chats with the detective, Sarah mentioned that a family friend had told her a small band from Delphi, Indiana, called “Celebrate the Son,” consisting of several boys and girls around the ages of 16-20, had played a show that evening at the Cokesbury Inn, and had left around the same time Laurel was last seen alive.

The family friend also mentioned seeing the same group at the fire station later that evening. He described seeing a woman “having a panic attack and hyperventilating” outside of a fire station. He said the woman, who was highly distraught, was accompanied by a group of guys, all around the ages of 16-20, who were trying to calm her down.

The detective told Sarah that this tip had never made into any past reports and felt it worth investigating

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Is cokesbury legit?

It seems like a Christian book sight but I'm buying Ram Dad's be here now book. Never been here and it's good price just $12 when I've seen $20 or more. Is this site legit? Anyone use Cokesbury?

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📅︎ Apr 27 2020
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The main bath in my 200 year old house in Cokesbury NJ. Lots of custom work including the shaker farm table vanity. Besides my kitchen, this IS my favorite room in my home
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Cokesbury Building renovations at 5th and Grace

The building has been vacant for years, but there's been a lot of construction going on the past few months. The listed cost of renovations is $100,000. The name of the business on the permits is Pop's Market. Anybody have any info about the owners or what kind of market it's going to be?

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Volunteer park clean-up this Saturday

From Facebook:

UPDATE: We Need Helping Hands!

Cokesbury UMC Boy Scout Troop 3 and Scenic Heights Neighborhood Association are planning a 3 City Park cleanup day this Saturday the 26th

From 9:00am - 1:00pm

Parks to be cleaned up:

Hitzman-Optimus Park

Belvedere Park

Tierra Verde Park

Command Center check in will be at Hitzman-Optimus Park

The Scouts haven’t been able to use their Church Scout Hut meeting place since March!  Now Sally has left them a damaged roof!!!  To keep their Troop active, they’ve been meeting at the Park between rain storms.

Come help get their outdoor meeting place get back in shape so the Parks can be safely opened for ALL to use!!

12:30pm Pulled Pork, Chicken, and Hotdog lunch and chips for the workers will be provided thanks to Troop 3 and local favorite Big Top Brewery!

Bring water, work gloves, blowers, extension cords, rakes, and wheel barrels! No chainsaws allowed at this time.

Make sure you check in at the Command Center at Hitzman-Optimus Park!

Hope to see you there!


Chris Sams

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The One with a Nine-Wing (Excerpt are taken from Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery by Don Richard Riso)

The traits of the One and those of a Nine-wing tend to reinforce each other. Both component types tend to be removed from the environment: the One because it relates to ideals, and the Nine because it relates to idealizations of people rather than to people themselves. The result is that Ones with a Nine-wing are somewhat disconnected from others, impersonal, and emotionally cooler than Ones with a Two-wing. Noteworthy examples of this subtype include Margaret Thatcher, Ralph Nader, Sandra Day O'Connor, Katharine Hepburn, William F. Buckley, Peter Jennings, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Diane Feinstein, Joyce Brothers, David Stockman, Walter Lippmann, Eric Sevareid, C.S. Lewis, Elliot Richardson, Thomas Jefferson, Cotton Mather, [Saint Ignatius Loyola](http://i.viglink.com/?key=bf97434f327a40ffe6cbe2e297a8e230&insertId=ae01c67a03d2c61f&type=H&mid=8653&exp=60%3ACI1C55A%3A8&libId=k9ioybvq0100seql000DAs253pr2vvah8&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.personalitycafe.com%2Ftype-1-forum-reformer%2F8782-overview-one

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West Knoxville- progressive Christian church with a more contemporary service- does it even exist?

I have recently been searching for a more progressive/liberal-leaning Christian church in the West Knoxville area and have found some that were exactly what I was looking for in that respect. But all of these churches had very traditional, liturgical, formal services. I would love to find a place that was more contemporary- which usually means more a more relaxed environment, attire is more relaxed, more contemporary music... with a more progressive theology behind it. Any ideas?

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[SELLING][USA][NYC] Entire Collection

Sorry about the earlier formatting, this was more complicated that I expected.

Looking to sell the entire collection as a whole. Cheap - Make an offer. Located in Brooklyn

Title Subtitle Author (Last, First) Publisher Year Published ISBN Sold (Y/N)
A Clash of Kings Martin, George R. R. Random House 2012 9780345535429 N
A Farewell to Arms Hemingway, Ernest Scribner 1995 9780684801469 N
A feast for crows Martin, George R. R. Bantam Dell 2006 9780553582024 N
A Power Governments Cannot Suppress Zinn, Howard City Lights Books 2007 9780872864757 N
A storm of swords Martin, George R. R. Bantam Books 2005 9780553573428 N
Ajin Sakurai, Gamon Vertical, Incorporated 2015 9781941220214 N
Ajin demi-human Sakurai, Gamon Vertical, Inc. 2014 9781941220450 N
Ajin, Demi-Human. Volume 2 demi-human Sakurai, Gamon Vertical 2014 9781939130853 N
Ajin, Volume 4 Demi-Human Sakurai, Gamon Vertical, Incorporated 2015 9781941220443 N
Akame Ga Kill! Takahiro Yen Press 2015 9780316340021 N
Akira 大友克洋 Kodansha Comics 2010 9781935429029 N
Akira Book one Ōtomo, Katsuhiro Kodansha Comics 2009 9781935429005 N
All Star Superman Morrison, Grant DC Comics 2010 9781401218607 N
Angel Omnibus Whedon, Joss Dark Horse 2011 9781595827067 N
Animal Farm A Fairy Story Orwell, George Signet Classics 1996 9780451526342 N
Arkham Asylum Madness Kieth, Sam DC Comics 2011 9781401223380 N
Armageddon in Retrospect And Other New and Unpublished Writings on War and Peace Vonnegut, Kurt G. P. Putnam's Sons 2008 9780399155086 N
Artists and Their Cats Nastasi, Alison Chronicle Books 2015 9781452133553 N
Ask the Dust Fante, John HarperCollins 2006 9780060822552 N
Atomik Aztex Foster, Sesshu City Lights Books 2005 9780872864405 N
Attack on Titan Isayama, Hajime Kodansha Comics 2012 9781612620244 N
Attack on Titan Isayama, Hajime Kodansha Comics 2012 9781612620251 N
Bagombo Snuff Box Uncollected Short Fiction Vonnegut, Kurt Berkley Books 2000 9780425174463 N
Bartkira Nuclear Edition Harvey, James Floating World Comics 2016 9781942801955 N
Batman Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? Miller, Frank DC Comics 2010 9781401227241 N
Batman Gates of Gotham Snyder, Scott DC Comics 2012 9781401233419 N
Batman The Killing Joke Moore, Alan DC Comics 2008 9781401216672 N
Batman Blink McDuffie, Dwayne DC Comics 2015 9781401251260 N
Batman Dark Victory Loeb, Jeph DC Comics 2001 9781563898686 N
Batman Year One Miller, Frank DC Comics 2005 9781401207526
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A non-profit(no budget) seeks a location in West Knoxville for a community forum for 0-100 people. Locations?

All I can think of is Rothchilds and Cokesbury. What other locations might this non-profit hope to try to make arrangements?

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Local Crisis/Storm Assistance Thread

I'm creating this thread to replace this one about the storm (as opposed to a single comment chain in the other thread).

This thread is for people who are offering/need assistance , have information on how to help, or updated news regarding the storm that went through on Feb 23rd.

It's important for me to note that I have just as much information as you, and I'm not personally involved in any organization that may partake in relief efforts. I'm just helping compile information. All the information provided in this thread is provided by other users, so if something seems wrong, politely say so and correct if you have updated information.

/u/adazzle : There's a shelter now established at cokesbury united methodist church on summit Blvd. They're bussing people there from the affected areas.

Note: /u/astrokey pointed out they are Red Cross and do not allow pets.

According to The Pulse's video of our dear governor (video located here), they are not letting volunteers in yet to help...however they mentioned you can contact the Red Cross and see what they'll let you work on.

(thanks /u/drewbuchanan )



Thanks /u/beer-N-crumpets for this link

/u/gloomyghoul posted this link right here which has video footage.

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Know a 1970s teen singing group, possibly from Delphi? Police want to talk to them as part of a cold case investigation fox59.com/2014/06/30/poli…
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