A chat with Andrew Tjangs' start up "Cognition IP"
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Ever wondered why fungi contain compounds that affect human cognition? It's because our unicellular ancestors shared ancient neurotransmitters that pre-dated the evolution of the brain. - Prof. Michael Levin NeurIPS 2018 reddit.com/r/DrugNerds/co…
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Ever wondered why fungi contain compounds that affect human cognition? It's because our unicellular ancestors shared ancient neurotransmitters that pre-dated the evolution of the brain. - Prof. Michael Levin NeurIPS 2018 youtube.com/watch?v=RjD1a…
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Ever wondered why fungi contain compounds that affect human cognition? It's because our unicellular ancestors shared ancient neurotransmitters that pre-dated the evolution of the brain. - Prof. Michael Levin NeurIPS 2018 youtube.com/watch?v=RjD1a…
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Ever wondered why fungi contain compounds that affect human cognition? It's because our unicellular ancestors shared ancient neurotransmitters that pre-dated the evolution of the brain. - Prof. Michael Levin NeurIPS 2018 youtube.com/watch?v=RjD1a…
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Ever wondered why fungi contain compounds that affect human cognition? It's because our unicellular ancestors shared ancient neurotransmitters that pre-dated the evolution of the brain. - Prof. Michael Levin NeurIPS 2018 reddit.com/r/DrugNerds/co…
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How did you determine/find out that you were an INTJ?

Its a general question as lately I've been getting the feeling that a lot of people on this reddit want to be an INTJ but are not, or are at a very low average % rating

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Daily Covid Roundup 25 June

McGowan no longer posts the green and white info graphics, so I thought I'd just post the report extract here and link to the full one on my profile, as always.

Not a lot to say today about the overall trends.  Still following the same trends.  I do, however, have a lot to say about today’s News In Focus article, so let’s just get straight into that.

And now for the news. The United States Supreme Court has overturned Roe v Wade, erasing the constitutional right to an abortion; Australia's COVID-19 and flu cases are on the rise; and today’s News In Focus is about how COVID cognitive decline is more widespread than first thought, according to researchers at Australia's first long-COVID clinic.

> Around one quarter of the ADAPT study's participants were experiencing noticeable cognitive decline a year after getting COVID. > > And, some sort of cognitive decline was recorded in almost all of the participants, regardless of the severity of the initial infection. > > "When we look over time, across the 12 months of the study, we see that even the people who have performance within a normal expectation do also have a mild cognitive decline," says neuropsychologist and associate professor Lucette Cysique.

> Dr Cysique is the lead author of a yet to be published research paper based on data from the ADAPT study — a collaboration between St Vincent's Hospital, the Kirby Institute and the University of NSW. > > She says the unpublished research suggests the cognitive impact of COVID may be more widespread and longer-lived than previously thought. > > And their research is shedding light on how exactly this occurs. > > "The immune system reacts first with the virus … tries to basically get rid of the virus," she says. > > "Then it goes a little bit into overdrive and this overdrive does not fully calm down." > > Dr Cysique points to a chart on a computer screen in which a metabolic marker known as the kynurenine pathway is tracked among the ADAPT study participants. > > It shows that the pathway has been agitated by the coronavirus in a similar way to how inflammation is caused by viruses such

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Settlement mediation next week - appalled at the victim blaming by our court system

STBNXH is a highish-earner (made at least $200K almost every year of our marriage) who spent all his income (our family money) stroking his ego while destroying our family from behind closed doors. I was (at his behest) a SAHM during our 16 year marriage who occasionally took babysitting jobs to offset his massive overspending and short-sightedness. I have no degree or career to fall back on and have been out of the job market for well over a decade.

I live in a no-fault state, but I nonetheless filed for divorce on the grounds of abuse/ extreme cruelty so that it was on the record (after 9 months of STBNXH being gone and just doing nothing - I finally figured out that he didn’t even care enough to file). My divorce complaint has a long list of examples of his abusive behavior.

My attorney has told me what I should expect as a settlement for spousal support and division of “assets” (laughable, as he left nothing but debt), and I’m utterly appalled at how low it is.

I have YEARS of bank and credit card statements which show my STBNXH’s wasteful spending habits, now-obvious infidelity, and duplicitous money shuffling, and which also show my own thrifty spending habits which, over time, became ever-more-thrifty to accommodate (read: keep us from having unending overdraft charges and/or bankruptcy) his recklessness with our money.

My attorney told me none of that will matter to the court, as: 1) I STAYED in the marriage knowing STBX was an over-spender and philanderer, and 2) there is no money left except for what he earns currently.

***My question is: if Abuse (emotional, physical, and financial) is a recognized and accepted reason to file for divorce, why wouldn’t the court take into account the realities and statistics of abusive relationships when factoring in my having remained in an abusive marriage, and allot a settlement based upon solid proof that this man basically stole our future while pummeling our (then) present?

Statistics back up why I stayed: abusive relationships are much harder for an abused partner to leave due to FOG, DARVO, triangulation, normalization of abusive behavior, learned helplessness, idealization interwoven with terrifying abuse, gaslighting, cognitive dissonance, fear of being a single parent with no money to a very hurt and troubled child…

Yet the court still, despite recognizing abuse as a reason to divorce - which implies that it therefore recognizes the effects of abuse on the abused party - will blame t

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The Myth of Disney's Apoliticism | Disney's History of Politics (in the parks and beyond)

Yesterday I saw a commenter sincerely ask why can't we "just keep Disney non-political?"

My eyebrow raised all the way to the back of my neck. Disney has been deeply involved in politics (in the USA and abroad), since the very beginning of the company, for better and for worse, in both the studio and engineering/parks divisions.

I'll throw out some standout examples from Disney's storied history (for the parks and beyond), and would love for people to share others they're aware of, but at the end we need to address the obvious: there's no such thing as not being political. And so, this should not be misconstrued as criticism of Disney. There's plenty to criticize them for politically depending on your views, but criticizing them for engaging in politics makes no sense.

If you do reply, please follow the rules! Keep it on topic and be civil!

Disney's [Highly Abridged] Political History


Mickey's Mellerdrammer, an animated short in which Mickey, in blackface, perform a gutted minstrel retelling of the watershed anti-slavery book, Uncle Tom's Cabin.


Art Babbit, director of Pinocchio and animator on Snow White, Fantasia, and Dumbo, claims him and Walt attend Nazi party meetings - but Walt attended much more frequently.


A rep for Disney Productions states they don't allow women to do "any of the creative work" in animation and that "girls are not considered" for their animation training program. Their application denial letter clarifies women are, however, allowed to apply in person to outline and fill in the men's drawings though.

Walt gives Leni Riefenstahl, a Nazi propaganda filmmaker, a personal tour of his studio.


Fantasia is released with a segment depicting mythical proxies for black and white people, with the black characters being subservient to the white characters. These would be removed in 1969.


Now that the draft for WW2 is in place, women are entering the workforce, including in Disney Studios' animation training program and other company roles. Walt says "If a woman can do the work as well, she is worth as much as a man."

The US State Dept takes Walt on a publicity tour of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru to improve relations and reduce ties to Germany.

After years of discontent, animators go on strike and start unionizing. Disney responds by firing them. The National Labor Relations Board steps in and has Disney agree to a union contract.

Disney becomes a propaganda ar

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Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Top Line Results from Open-Label Phase 2 INSPIRE Trial of Zygel™ in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Top Line Results from Open-Label Phase 2 INSPIRE Trial of Zygel™ in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome






Devon, PA, June 21, 2022 — Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZYNE), the leader in innovative pharmaceutically-produced transdermal cannabinoid therapies for orphan neuropsychiatric disorders, today announced positive top line results from the exploratory, open label Phase 2 INSPIRE (Assessing the Impact of Zygel [Transdermal CBD Gel] on Pediatric Behavioral and Emotional Symptoms of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome) trial. Based on the positive Phase 2 data, the Company will request a meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to discuss the data and the regulatory path forward.

The Phase 2 trial was designed for signal detection by assessing the safety, tolerability and efficacy of Zygel (also known as ZYN002) for the treatment of behavioral symptoms of chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q) in children and adolescents. Zygel was administered to patients with 22q as add-on therapy to their standard of care and utilized a variety of efficacy assessments. Key findings from the trial disclosed today include:

  • The total score and all five subscales of the Anxiety, Depression and Mood Scale (ADAMS) showed statistically significant improvements at 14 weeks of treatment compared to baseline;
  • All five subscales of the Aberrant Behavior Checklist – Community (ABC-C) showed statistically significant improvements at 14 weeks of treatment co
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New choons! Chase & Status, Sam Binga, Coco Bryce, Bcee & Inja to mention a few... [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] | New Music Monday! (Week 06)


Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Youtube Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass YT Music
Apple Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Apple Music
Retroactive Playlist H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Last Week's list http://reddit.com/smorcp


#Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

####0. Wilkinson - Cognition LP [Sleepless Music] Recommended if you like: Sub Focus, Pola & Bryson, Mind Vortex

In case you missed it.

If you enjoyed Cognition, you might also enjoy these from this week:

  • Pirapus, Angus Mossman - Destination
  • Andromedik, RIENK - I See You
  • Culture Shock - Panorama
  • Sly Chaos, Elle Monnery - Too Far Gone
  • Bastion - Stuck In Time
  • Audioscribe - Here To Stay

####1. Nebulate - Marble Theory EP 💎 [Diascope] Recommended if you like: Finalfix, Notequal, Volatile Cycle

Obviously the quality of the music is always my first priority, but if I've still got multiple great candidates after this first filtering step, I take other things into consideration too. Since I already spent a considerable amount researching stuff on the aforementioned Wilkinson review, I thought, why not give a spotlight to a newcomer. There's usually not that much to research with them, after all. So I chose Nebulate and his new Marble Theory EP, released on Neonlight's label Diascope. Producer from Germany, basically no bio other than that on his SoundCloud, nothing on Spotify either, great, I can immediately dive into the music! I present to you, my Hidden Gem Of The Week™️!

Not so fast though. His backstory goes way deeper.

First of all, he apparently isn't even german, but dutch and living in Germany. Or putting Germany in his bio to throw me off. Or spent quite some time in The

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April 2022 Wiki Deep Dive: Reactivity

Howdy and Welcome to April's Wiki Deep Dive where we are shining a spot light on Reactivity! While most puppy owners may not experience reactivity til Adolescence, if at all, we felt it was important to add to our wiki. That way those who do deal with a form of reactivity on the daily have reliable resources available to them here as well as support from fellow puppy owners! Shout out to mod /u/Cursethewind for writing this fabulous article here for us!


What is Reactivity?

Reactivity is when a dog reacts to something, whether it’s an object, a certain type of person or another dog above and beyond what is expected to occur. Reactivity can be brought on by fear, excitement, or uncertainty.

What Can Reactivity Look Like?

Note the word Stimuli is used here to describe the trigger for the reactivity, this can be a person, pet, or item the dog is reacting to

  • Decreased Food Drive or unwillingness to take food in the presence of the stimuli

  • Ignoring of previously proofed cues

  • Stiffening or Frozen body posture

  • Frantic Attempts to Flee the stimuli

  • Lunging at stimuli

  • Snarling, growling or otherwise vocalizing in the presence of the stimuli

  • Pulling desperately to get to the stimuli

Reactivity, no matter the cause, is a complex problem that needs careful treatment.

In extreme cases, reactivity can cross into redirected aggression on dogs and people.

####Causes of Reactivity

A number of things can cause reactivity. Low or inappropriate socialization, genetics, trauma, anxiety or training flaws can lead to reactivity. Additionally, studies have shown that pain can be a contributing factor in reactive dogs. For this reason, it’s always suggested to have a vet specifically rule out underlying problems prior to labelling reactivity as behavioral in nature.

####Types of Reactivity

  • Fear-Based Reactivity - Typically seen when a dog is confronted by a stimulus they find scary or intimidating eliciting a Flight-Fight-Freeze reaction.

  • Excitement-Based reactivity - Commonly called a Frustrated Greeter.

  • Barrier Reactivity - where a dog reacts in response to a barrier. Many barrier reactive dogs are not reactive towards other dogs if the barrier is removed. It can be excitement or fear-based.

  • Leash Reactivity -A form of barrier reactivity caused by a leash not al

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Metroid 1 on the NES shouldn’t be this much fun – but it is.


Metroid 1 on the NES shouldn’t be this much fun – but it is. The game is a study in oppressive exploration and is fun to play despite its many shortcomings. If you cannot put up with the original and still wish to experience the game then the Metroid HD hack resolves almost all of the game's basic issues while also throwing in an HD texture and sound overhaul.


Although I grew up playing on the Famicom/NES I wasn’t ever able to experience Metroid as I couldn’t locate a copy of it where I lived. Regardless, I remained very familiar with the game design of that era as well as the limitations faced on the NES specifically. Thus, when I recently thought of getting into the Metroid games the NES original was a no-brainer for me. I was suggested Zero Mission, Super Metroid, AM2R, and Fusion in its lieu of it due to NEStroid’s infamous shortcomings but I figured due to my history with those sorts of games I’d be okay. I was mostly right and kinda wrong but mostly right.

#The Good

#####The Mood

I emulated the game through Mesen and played through it vanilla. The atmosphere and ambience were immediately apparent. The world feels derelict and unwelcoming and the game really hammers that in. The 8-bit hardware has no right to ooze with such moody gloom but it absolutely does. The music backs this up for the most part with it starting off upbeat in the initial section and then gradually getting a lot drearier as you progress onwards. The theme evokes an oppressive isolation which fits the game perfectly.

#####The Art

The enemies look like macabre insects and jellyfishes adding in an organic horror feel. The H.R. Giger influence is obvious and it is done extremely well. Almost every enemy in the game has its own basic AI that you pick up on. Some move along waypoints, others walk endlessly, some respond to your movements, and some just want to ruin your day. The variety is wonderful and it was fun learning each one's quirks even if they weren't the most complex.

The look of the world is limited by the hardware but the forced minimalism still fuels the imagination. Certain areas feel a lot more isolated and desolate whereas others feel much more aggressive and oppressive. The art may be rudimentary but it certainly gets its job done. The only real issue is that there isn't enough visual distinction between rooms at times which causes you to get lost. More on that later.

#####The World and

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I’m a psychologist, and I just found some therapy notes that I don’t remember writing. They outline some pretty disturbing stuff.

I’m afraid I may sound foolish, or maybe insane. I’m going to share some therapy session notes that I found on my laptop, session notes I have no memory of writing. I’ll anonymise the contents, of course, and normally, I would never violate confidentiality this way. But I’m truly scared now, and I just want this out there in case anything should happen.

Note that these are my very rough drafts of notes, the kind I type down really quickly in the short 10 minutes I have between sessions, for me to edit later, before I upload them onto the secured system. They also contain some of my own random thoughts. I have tried to flesh them out a little so they make sense, and explain some terms used, but I’m not really in the mood to do up proper notes, so do pardon me.

Some context: I do allow anonymous online counselling. Most people choose the calls or text counselling versions, but this client had chosen to use video counselling, while maintaining anonymity. As anonymous as he could be when I could see his face, that is. Anonymous clients are a huge debate in psychology ethics, but my stance is that people deserve help, even, or especially, those who fear to reveal their identities. Anyway, here goes:

06 June 2020, 10:00 Session 1 with DW

Observations: Well-groomed, good hygiene, oriented to place, time, date etc. Subdued, anxious affect, dark eye circles, pale complexion. Soft spoken.

Client seeking individual counselling for couples difficulties. Partner unavailable to join therapy.

Discussed confidentiality issues and conducted psychoeducation on how therapy works.

Presenting issues: Client feels powerless and helpless in relationship. Unwilling to define relationship with partner. Likened relationship to family mixed with employee/boss dynamics. Client wishes to end relationship, partner unwilling. Client fears for his safety.

Background: Client in relationship since 2009. Client devoted and fully committed for the first 6 years. Then, partner demanded that the client sacrifice something important to the client (unwilling to share what it was yet). Client eventually obliged, but relationship soured since then. Client is completely dependent on partner for living, shelter, finances, food etc. Feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, self-hatred and low moods.

What client had tried before: Negotiating with partner, but partner unwilling to compromise or talk through issue

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Interesting Post in the Ars Technica comments from a former SoTA employee (Long Read)

The following is from the comment section of the Ars Technica "hit piece". I am not going to provide a tldr since it is worth the read and a tldr would not do it justice. It is basically a roadmap :smirk of things likely to come in the next few years

Edit: Adding in source link where you can find entire discussion:



Hurrah! It's my area of expertise again!

Some background first. before moving it over to why you're likely to be seeing this open abuse of backers at Star Citizen now...

I had Chris Robert's old colleague and friend and fellow Kickstarter-Sleight Of Hand-Into-Game As Service-Permanent Mactrotransactions Grift Richard Garriott blame many, including me personally, for the negative reactions his grift was getting.

Read the article that comment is made upon, and see all the glorious list of similar sounding excuses for why their game-as-grift is getting hammered by audience opinion, including blaming Steam users for just not having the required qualities as people who praise them;


"Everything was pretty hunky dory until we went up on Steam. Then we found a different type of customer who hadn't been with us from the beginning. They see that the game looks unfinished, unpolished, with only a few weapons and an obtuse UI and we get a backlash."

Whilst quietly behind the scenes I was actually still working on his former game, Ultima Online, and was even in the honor guard behind him when he came to try and boost his reputation after years away. NDAs and all that at the time, but just in the public realm some of my art also went into the heraldry for the latest grift (the cow elements), the NPC push through rather than push back behaviour is because I spent hours testing and proving why it was a bad idea by kidnapping NPCs (Especially the Cow NPC) with careful nudges, and some of my poetry would have done too except they suddenly decided they didn't want to recompense anyone for their submissions and cancelled that project (Ok yes, it was also a poem about the Cow. Don't judge my kinks!).

So I was hardly a "hater" or a new comer.


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GTX Corp Reports First Quarter 2022 Financial Results and Corporate Summary Update

GTXO (ASK @ 0.0077)

GTX Corp , a pioneer in the fields; of :

  • health & safety,
  • wearable GPS human
  • and asset tracking systems
  • and personal protective medical equipment and supplies,
  • today announced financial results for the First Quarter ended March 31, 2022 and provided the following corporate summary:

Three Month Financial Highlights

  • Overall Revenue decreased 27% over 2021 comparable period.
  • Gross Margin increased from 36% to 42% over 2021 comparable period.
  • Wages and benefits and professional fees both decreased by 2% over 2021 comparable period.
  • Reduced government loans by 31%.
  • Other expense decreased by 129% as we lowered accrued interest, reduced our government debt by $68,000 and eliminated losses from the extinguishment of debt.

Management commentary by Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp CEO:

As we started seeing an end to COVID on a grand scale and a return to normal operations and staffing, the Company began mapping out its 2022 post pandemic course.

Early in the quarter

  • we sold most of our remaining PPE inventory,
  • completed our international 4G testing
  • and prepared for our Cat M1 LTE SmartSole launch.

With businesses opening back up and overall general travel picking back up we saw a 132% increase in B2B sales and a 34% decrease in net loss.

Overall revenues were down by 27% compared to the previous comparable period because we started to transition out of PPE, and we were not able to ship SmartSole preorders until the end of March and into early April.

To that end we do expect our subscription revenue to start ramping back up in the second quarter as we continue to backfill orders and activate users, along with seeing continued demand for the new 4G SmartSoles with several thousand units of forecasted sales over the coming months just from our international distributors.

In early January we had a surge in orders for medical supplies which enabled us to convert paid for inventory into cash while reducing our overall protective medical supply inventory levels.

We also produced and committed production for close to 500 pairs of SmartSoles, which also enabled us to convert paid for component inventory into finished product and start back fi

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Growing beyond technique: What's the point of kung fu training?

Many laypeople and even some experienced martial artists seem to believe that applying kung fu in combat primarily involves skillfully employing the techniques that are found in your style's training routines, which typically come from the forms and drills that comprise your system. A Hongquan practitioner ought to deploy tiger claws and horse stance to defeat someone, a mantis exponent should be able to apply Mantis Catches the Cicada in a fight, a Taiji fighter should be able to pull off White Crane Spreads Its Wings, and so on. This emphasis on the distinctive techniques of each style, I believe, is exacerbated, if not primarily the result of, decades of style v. style-type kung fu films (Snake Under Eagle's Shadow, Drunken Master, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, Five Deadly Poisons, the Ip Man series, etc.). I think it's hard to deny that media depictions of how kung fu fights go down has informed our collective (mis)conception of kung fu combat, and continues to do so to this day.

The problem is that, while differentiating your characters in a film by giving them unique and evocative fighting styles replete with distinct, easily recognizable techniques makes for highly entertaining cinema, this representation of kung fu combat is rather detached from what I feel the reality is, and I think far too many practitioners of the Chinese martial arts fall into the trap of believing as fact what the Shaw Brothers have sold us as fiction. Many kung fu students, initially quite enthusiastic about applying what they've learned from other parts of their training to their first times sparring, can become quite discouraged when it seems impossible to stand toe to toe against even a novice kickboxer. Soon, out come the sloppy haymakers and roundhouse kicks as any pretense of kung fu is abandoned. I've seen many students drift away from traditional kung fu in favor of MMA, and the ones who remain committed to traditional training often have to engage in a degree of self-delusion or endure cognitive dissonance. The root of the problem, I believe, lies in a fundamental misunderstanding of kung fu training's primary purpose.

I've been practicing martial arts for thirty years, and have experience in over a dozen styles, Chinese and non-Chinese. What I've come to realize, slowly, over this time is that training effective techniques--that is, practicing specific technical movements as a primarily mechanical pursuit--is low-level training. To be clear, I'm not saying it's bad t

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PSA on "fun private discord groups"

Reposting this because people can be awful and the rest of us have short memories.

(( Original post link for comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/adultery/comments/kcfagv/psa_on_fun_private_discord_groups/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3))

So it's happened again. I just got approached by another one of those groups, this time by a ((user name redacted)) speaking for some dude named ((name redacted)). I'll put a disclaimer that "she" was polite and pleasant enough to talk to. However she was very insistent on this server and labels caution about the server as "fear".

Here's why your spidey senses should be throwing red flags whenever ANYONE approaches you to join a "fun private discord group". That "fear" isn't a bad thing. How it works:

  • You get a private message outside of the sub.
  • You'll be invited to give your discord info to another user, whom you don't know. In this case, it's one dude with a private server.
  • They ask you for "verification", including personal information about you and a FACE SELFIE. Yes, "wtf" should be your first response.

Here's what all this means.

Best case scenario, this is one skeezy guy looking to "screen" women vulnerable and desperate enough to farm into a private chat where he already has their information, link to an adultery sub, and a face picture.

Worst case scenario, this is an outright scam preying on those who are just lonely enough to forget their own safety. They'll take your - men and women's - personal information for any number of purposes including stalking and extortion.

Don't be that victim.

This sub already provides a place you can meet and chat with like-minded people. If you find friends and want to start a private server among friends, I say go for it! But if you're being approached by a complete stranger asking you to give them personal information and pictures that compromise your opsec - run. Don't walk. Even better, post their usernames here and report to the sub mods.

Good luck, all, and be safe.

Edit: I've since removed the username of the user who messaged me. I know enough to believe that she herself meant no specific malice. She's guilty of nothing more than having super bad opsec. A sample of my conversation with this other person went something like this:

Her: "What could someone possibly know from your picture?"

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Historical backgrounders for "The Red Sleeve" (2021) and "Yi San" (2007) with parallels and differences between these dramas

Index: A. Introduction; B. "Yi San" aka "Lee San, Wind of the Palace" and PD Lee Byung-hoon, "King of the sageuks"; C. "The Red Sleeve"; D. Historical figures in "Yi San" and in "The Red Sleeve"; E. Parallels and differences between “Yi San” and “The Red Sleeve”; F: Miscellaneous backgrounders — In Ep. 7, why did Court Lady Seo look down before asking Deok-im if she's alright?; Yi San’s iconic words “I am the son of Crown Prince Sado!”; King Yeongjo is in a bad mood because >!he washed his ears!<; King Yeongjo and King Jeongjo (Yi San) wearing eyeglasses; Yi San's fan; The painting of a yellow cat in Yi San's library; Inspiration for “Gwanghang Palace”; Persimmons, marinated crabs, and the Musin Rebellion against King Yeongjo; Mount Geumgang, Hong Deok-ro, and Deok-im; Wrong costume for Queen Jungsoon in the silk cocoon ceremony in Ep. 6 of "The Red Sleeve"?; Warming up Yi San's bed; G. If you enjoyed watching "The Red Sleeve" but don't have the time or patience to watch all 77 episodes of "Yi San," maybe you can just watch some great episodes from "Yi San."

A. Introduction

Yi San and Royal Noble Consort Uibin Seong, you rock!

I wrote this discussion and analysis for the following groups of people:

(1) Those who are curious about "The Red Sleeve" because of the buzz and hype about the drama;

(2) Those who have watched "The Red Sleeve" and have become interested to know more about the lives and times of Yi San aka King Jeongjo, Royal Noble Consort Uibin Seong, King Yeongjo, Queen Jungsoon, Princess Hwawan, Hong Deok-ro, Lady Hyegyeong, etc;

(3) Those who have become interested in watching "Yi San" because of "The Red Sleeve" but are intimidated by its 77 episodes; and

(4) Those who love romance dramas but aren't fans of historical dramas.

If you belong to the 4th group, please do give "The Red Sleeve" and "Yi San" a chance. To give you an idea of how incredibly romantic these dramas are and how they will make you cry your eyes out for the next three months or so, here are scenes from "The Red Sleeve" (JPG and GIF) and from "Yi San" (GIF).

You can also watch the official trailer for "The Red Sleeve" and an MV for "Yi San" (but watch only up to the 3:09 mark of the MV because the rest are spoilers).

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[R] Meta-Learning Machines in a Single Lifelong Trial: lecture video (24 min) presented at meta-learning workshops at ICML 2020 and NeurIPS 2021 (Schmidhuber YouTube Talk)

Saw this posted on Schmidhuber's Twitter:

Meta-Learning Machines in a Single Lifelong Trial: lecture video (24 min) presented at meta-learning workshops at ICML 2020 and NeurIPS 2021. URL of talk: https://youtu.be/2GgGVdkq2bU


The most widely used machine learning algorithms were designed by humans and thus are hindered by our cognitive biases and limitations. Can we also construct meta-learning algorithms that can learn better learning algorithms so that our self-improving AIs have no limits other than those inherited from computability and physics? This question has been a main driver of my research since I wrote a thesis on it in 1987. In the past decade, it has become a driver of many other people's research as well. Here I summarize our work starting in 1994 on meta-reinforcement learning with self-modifying policies in a single lifelong trial, and - since 2003 - mathematically optimal meta-learning through the self-referential Gödel Machine. This talk was previously presented at meta-learning workshops at ICML 2020 and NeurIPS 2021. Many additional publications on meta-learning can be found at https://people.idsia.ch/~juergen/metalearning.html

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When the time comes don't believe your local news, there's NO SUCH THING as Spontaneous Human Malnutrition.

Title says it all. I don't care what the doctors, teachers, police, my parents, or anyone else in this backward-ass town says. There's no such thing as Spontaneous Human Malnutrition.

Fuck, you probably haven't even heard of it. Well, no, of course you haven't heard of it, it's not fucking real. Spontaneous Human Malnutrition. SHM. Those three letters didn't just ruin my last year of middle school. They've ruined my damn life.

It's like every adult in town has gone mad. People don't just… they don't…

Fuck. Fuckety fucksticks. How to even begin?

It started during the Covid lockdowns. It wasn't until the fifth or sixth case that the local news started putting the pieces together. That's three weeks after Grant and I started our investigation, bee tee dubz. We knew something was up from the third victim. Why? Because the third victim was Doug's Mom.

Doug is (or was) the third member of our cafeteria-loser Musketeers set-up. When his Mom… when whatever SMH actually is happened to her, she was in the background of our weekly D&D Zoom session. Doug was shaking dice and praying to the nerd gods for a critical when a weird noise came from his audio. It was barely half a second long, almost too quick to notice, but it was loud. Like, real fucking loud. So loud that Doug jumped a few inches in his seat and dropped the dice.

Grant and I never found out if Doug hit that crit. His blonde bowl-cut whipped away from the screen before we heard the clattering of dice on polished wood. Me and Grant didn't really care too much about killing cave trolls anymore though. Both of us were glued to the scene playing out in Doug's kitchen.

The noise had come from Doug's Mom. She'd stumbled into shot, clutching the kitchen sink. She was vibrating. Not trembling, not shaking, vibrating. The motion didn't seem to be coming from any of her muscles. It was rapid jolting like that caused by pneumatic tools rather than fits and convulsions. She'd fallen to the floor by the time Doug reached her, totally rigid and still juddering so fast that her form on my screen was barely more than a blur. From the angle I couldn't see too much of what was going on. I saw Doug reach down to touch her, heard him yelp in pain, started yelling along with him when he recoiled and held up the stumps where his fingers had been. My speakers screeched at the moment he made contact; a horrible shrill grinding with a wet edge, the exact same noise Freddy Gruber's elbow made when he accidental

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Cambly. Bambly Smambly!

​​There is something wrong with Cambly and a rating system that follows me but doesn't follow those submitting the ratings. Anybody want to tell me another "Camblyism" about what I'm doing wrong? How am I missing some point here in Camblyland? I do not understand how I am at all benefiting from a rating that is clearly one sided and don't tell me Cambly doesn't have their fingers in there somewhere and somehow. If you fall for the old "How it is calculated..." crap....then you’re eating bullshit.


So let me understand this.. an individual is given a quantity and it is generated by an algorithm that is stated to be "lenient" (how are numbers and calculations lenient?) toward the individual but the individual does not know what they are being rated on or what the rate is in comparison to...Hmmm... wait a second you mean NO ONE KNOWS THE CONSISTENCY MEASURE USED TO CALCULATE FOR COMPREHENSION, PERSPECTIVE, PRIOR EXPECTATIONS or for OUTLIERS? Are there conditions for LANGUAGE OR OTHER COGNITIVE DEFICITS, or can I & EVERYBODY ON CAMBLY SEE an AVERAGE OF RATINGS SUBMITTED by each student or how long the IP address has been used on Cambly or any assessment at all? HELL NO ONE KNOWS HOW THE RATINGS ARE INTERPRETED BY THE 'Student' SUBMITTING THEM.... And no one sees a problem with THIS?

What about the fact that a rating is PERFORMANCE based on a platform without standards for technical operations, instructional delivery, time management or well, no standards of anything except if the tutor can check the boxes after logging in and access the platform???

How can it be a consistent measure across thousands and thousands of people all around the world speaking wait wait did we forget..... The person submitting the damn rating can't speak the tutor's language and half of them are ***not at all honest in their own profile?***???

Also, a tutor's rating can be impacted by canceling a scheduled 'lesson' hours prior to the start time yet a student can cancel 17 minutes before a 3 a.m. scheduled 'lesson' and nothing impacts their rating? Of course not, haven't you been following this logical, reasonable train of thought? STUDENT ARE NOT RATED - EVER - ONLY BLOCKED OR YOU HIDE!!! That's a sound solution to a student that lies and submits ratings for sport!

SO -I got U

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(Probably Incomplete) Encyclopaedia of Eve Echoes Currencies, Tokens, Points and other confusing fungibles

... because one does not simply stop creating currencies. Not that they needed all that for the game, but once you get locked into a serious currency-creation, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

(This post will probably be updated so can be bookmarked).

1. ISK

Currency sign: “Z” crossed by horizontal line.

Purpose: primary in-game cash.

You get it: selling stuff on the market/via contracts; killing pirates (as bounties);

You spend it: on the market, contracts, fees for many operations, (rarely) in the Store.

2. PLEX.

Currency sign: “X” crossed by horizonal line.

Purpose: “in-game gold”, mostly used to buy Omega clone.

You get it: buying it in the store, 1 PLEX for 1 AUR; buying it on the market (only on Alikara but it doesn’t matter as you physically don’t store it), with variable market price.

You spend it: buying the Omega Clone (so you are not significantly limited in-game, and get the most SP per hour); for various swag and costly gambling stuff in the Store an in event-specific places.

3. AUR

Currency sign: “A” with two horizonal lines from the left of the left leg, typically in red.

Purpose: in-game equivalent of real-life currencies (Euros, dollars, roubles).

You get it: buying with real money.

You spend it: in the store – for PLEX, IP, various rare items (event-specific or not)

4. SP (Skill Points)

Currency sign: a diagonal (from bottom-left corner to top-right corner) thing like a handle of Jedi lightsaber.

Purpose: “XP” – equivalent of your in-game experience points, basically, the time you spent in-game. The more you have, the more skills you can learn (and learn further) to be more effective in various aspects of the game.

You get it: mostly, just by having the game. (You earn maximum) 75 per minute, with all the bonuses from Omega and Cognitive Neuroscience skills; it may be lower if you don’t have Omega Duo or Cognitive Neuroscience.

Sometimes (often) you get them as gifts from developers, for your patience, for maintenance compensations, Concord Pass/daily login bonuses, in event-specific situations, sometimes in the Store for some event-specific currency.

There are some rumours you can buy it for raw cash in the Pilot Growth Fund, but luckily the clumsy in-game UI doesn’t even show me this opportunity, until I buy some ridiculously expensive pack of PLEX and IP for real cash.

You can reset your trained skills and get bac

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I want to share with you the best post made on this subreddit. It helped me tremendously because it tackles the root of our problems.

Tricks like putting your phone in a spot far away from your bed, or having to solve equations in order to stop the alarm, are all fine but for me and many others they just work for a short period of time. After that, we find a workaround. Like, I started to just turn off my phone completely in order to stop the alarm. Or with stational alarm clocks I just unplug them or put the battery out and continue sleeping. Nothing has helped. But today I got out of bed very early and without problems, thanks to a post made on this subreddit some years ago.

This tackles the root. The root of our problems is, that we feel like we have no power. We feel like we are too weak to get out of bed. But that's just a habit that we reinforced our entire life, it is not true.

Here is the post, written by u/anagarm


It may sound silly, but hear me out: periodically, I look at this picture.

This monk, Thích Quảng Đức, literally lit himself on fire and stayed completely still. I think of this picture when I feel weak: when I can't.

Further, I don't know you, and maybe you have biological conditions that make you sleepier in general (everyone is different!), but those are entirely conquerable (if they even exist). Even further, and this is the absolute most important sentence I can offer you:

There is nothing about the process of getting out of bed that is inherently hard.

It is all in your head! For example, if when your alarm went off and you woke up to find 1,000 live spiders crawling all over you, you would react normally by freaking the fuck out and screaming. Presumably, you would panic your way out of bed after a few seconds. This example is ridiculous but is important to realize just how tricky ideas like "I can't get out of bed" or "I have tried everything" can be. I really don't mean to slam you when I say that, but from first hand experience, one of my biggest breakthroughs with getting out of bed came from realizing how using or even thinking phrases like these limits ourselves. You are literally placing a restriction on your potential. Every time I catch myself thinking things like this, I very deliberately think about how untruthful it is (i.e. spiders in your bed example) and

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The crime of intentional infliction of emotional distress!

Hi there! You have committed the crime of intentional infliction of emotional distress! Do you know what a John Doe lawsuit is? Here's what's going to happen to all of you next, for falsely reporting my command to be unbanned as "violent content," when it is, in fact, not violent content.

  1. I will now petition the local circuit court. It's Friday, so I'll actually be heading there after this.
  2. A subpoena will be obtained from the court after the case is docketed and a motion is submitted to the clerk to be reviewed by the judge.
  3. I will receive a warrant to uncover your identity.
  4. This warrant will be submitted to Reddit's legal division.
  5. They will provide your subscriber information (IP address)
  6. This will be cross-referenced with ARIN (IP block delegate) to see who owns the IP block within which your address resides
  7. The subpoena will be forwarded to the owner of the IP
  8. They will send me your personal information. Your full legal name and home address.
  9. I will forward copies of relevant paperwork pertaining to the lawsuit to you through registered mail.
  10. You will finally understand that you are a cognitively impaired waste of human sentience, reviling the entire procession of human history through your cowardly, miserly, pathetic attempt to assert yourself by abusing an intellectually superior anonymous stranger on the internet.

Or you could admit fault by deleting your Reddit account immediately, and posting a publicy apology for abusing someone who's better than you.

If you think this is a joke, take into consideration the fact that what I described above is precisely how things would go in the event that this actually did happen.

Because this is what is about to happen to you.

Don't fuck with people who are more intelligent than you. I will never be silenced by the ignorant who use violence to oppress intelligence.

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MNMD Starter Due Diligence

Alright so you've obviously heard the craze by now about psych stocks and I'm sure a lot of it has been gain porn and fat stacks. If MNMD's poor up-listing performance today didn't turn you off, here is some DD that will hopefully give you a better idea of what the company does. Plenty of people seem to think that MNMD is going to be selling tabs of acid and caps of mush to folks, but that's just not it. Take a look at whats below if you're interested.

Psych Sector Quick Overview

At the moment, there are (I think) 28 publicly traded companies in the sector. They are pretty much all penny stocks, except for Compass and Mind Med. This is a nascent sector and most likely an extended play given the time it takes for the drugs to come to market. Basically the sector can be divided into three main groups: 1) Drug Developers, 2) Clinic companies, and 3) Recreational Companies. Many companies blend these different categories but the one we are looking at today is predominantly in the drug development space. The drugs they are working on can be classified into two distinct categories: 1) Classical psychedelic compounds (Psilocybin, LSD, DMT, etc.) and 2) Novel psychedelic compounds (Derivatives and Novel Formulations). MindMed is focused on developing a blend of these two. There's an incredible wealth of research that has gone into these substances and how they are presumed to be far more effective than traditional therapy options in treating a variety of psychological disorders and ailments. In fact, Ketamine is already being used in assisted therapy in many places around the world. The sector had quite the run last fall and early into the new year. Looking like there might be another run based on a couple of big-name catalysts in the coming weeks. Because of the volatility and anecdotal hype, plenty of people have likened the sector to weed. But anyone who has felt the benefits of these drugs knows it's not the same. Sure, most of the companies are going to fail, and many don't have a lot to offer at all. However, MindMed is one of the biggest names, with the biggest backers and the most expansive drug pipelines, so it's nice to think they are in a league of their own.

Mind Medicine:

To get us started, their mission statement: “MindMed’s mission is to discovery, development, and deploy psychedelic inspired medicines and therapies intended to treat diseases in the areas of psychiatry, neurology, addiction, **

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P != NP has been confirmed (Ha! No.)

A new account has linked to a researchgate paper proving P!=NP on a number of subreddits. For example here and here.

There are a few comments that seem to be trying really hard to imply that the OP is not the paper's original author. While this may be true, spamming the internet with your paper while pretending not to be you is a classic crank halmark.

But we haven't gotten into the paper yet. First the positives:

  • It's actually typeset properly.
  • It attempts to explain why this proof is different from all the other proofs.
  • Using MLTT to (attempt to) prove a result like this warms my constructive little heart.

And... that's really about it.

Let's dig in.

> Now, I obviously cannot go down the line of proposed proofs and pick out each one’s “fatal flaw” [...] However, I can show how my proof differs from the others dramatically.

This, the author does, but the author does not explain how his proof differs from the current state of the art, and why this novel approach pushes us past it. "This is better than all the other crankery" is not what we're looking for, but "this is better than all the other actual math".

He goes onto give a quasi-mathematical explanation that his solution is the most general---I should clarify here: He doesn't substantiate this claim, he only explains what it means with reference to Tarskian hierarchies (this informal explanation gives us the second of 5 references. The first is to an "unofficial source" of failed PvsNP proofs)

He then gets to the proposed technical advantages: A link to MLTT he calls "programs as machines" (which is never made clear), and attaching to each machine a triple---a set of theorems T, some info related to transitions, and the symbols for the language of T. Here, he makes no mention of how these are chosen (except for the choice of L), nor why attaching this information to a TM actually does anything. It appears from the surrounding discussion, that these choices are meant to capture facts about the execution of the machine, but this is never made explicit in any way. And as above, he spend a lot of time clarifying what he means (Quote: *In the “real world,” however, it is far from obvious what such a thing could mean. How can we even talk about the “ideal software” of a nondeterministic machine, if we have no idea what

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22022 - 01 - 15

It’s 7:00 PM. It’s hard to keep sleeping.

I was woken up by my grandma and mom talking to my sister over the phone. I don’t have anything bad to say about that. They laugh, that’s good, even if it wakes me up. They mostly talk about my sister's kid, he’s having a hard time, not that I think he realizes it - I think he’s going strong, causing chaos, but the doctors with their graphs and rays and ominous expressions say a lot of foreboding things and look smart while they do it.

I don’t think I ate at all yesterday, I hardly drank anything either. Now I’m listening to ‘Nationalism Debate: Yaron Brook and Yoram Hazony | Lex Fridman Podcast #256’

I don’t feel like I’m dying anymore, but I still feel like I’d rather not exist at this moment.

I have to remember to edit these on google drive before I try posting to reddit, because the formatting gets all messed up and I don’t want to spend time fixing that. I’m making food, cheese stuffed chicken cut apart, doused in ranch, and thrown into a tortilla. My friend said the Mormons taught them this recipe. I don’t know what the mormons stand for but they’ve influenced my diet.

I already paused the podcast. I don’t think I care about the nationalism debate one way or another, but I have to admit it’s important - I think it’s just another blackbox, whose hole I could lose all of my energy in and not get any further understanding.

Vaping is still painful. I’m pretty much out of weed, except for some crumbs. Now I’m sitting in silence waiting for my chicken to cook. We have this micro-oven kind of deal that I find awesome, it’s quick. I’m impatient.

I had hoped that when I had journaled enough, I’d get to dump all this clutter, and baggage, that maybe if I dug into the things that were distracting me I’d finally uncover them all and be able to write about the future, instead of being stuck in some kind of past. This is some attempt at catching up, I suppose. What happens when I write down everything that needs to be said - what comes after that?

I wonder!

I want to start progressing further into Franz Bardon's Initiation to Hermetics - the reading group I’m in for it has been quiet for the last two days but I sent a message.

“I think I'm going to start progressing past Step 1, but I'm around to discuss any troublesome parts of it before I move ahead here”

There is a benefit in working together, there’s a lot of things that don’t make perfect sense, and I don’t pretend to be able to solve anyones questi

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Software and tools to assist with your focus, addictive behaviour, scheduling and living a bit better

Hi! I'm making this post to give a few tips from my experience, but also to get tips from you guys as I want to become better at keeping focus and living a better life. So please contribute your tips and what has helped you as well.

I have a background in among other things, project management and behavioural economics, so most of what I do is based on my experiences from those fields. I really recommend the book "Thinking Fast and Slow" as well as the book "Check-list manifesto". The last one is about the healthcare-sector, but it also helped me in viewing my day to day.

A lot of this is what my professor would have called "Tying yourself to the mast". You want to concentrate actual decisions and challenge to when you are rational and have the energy to make them. You want the Long Term Rational You to make plans, and the Short Term Irrational You to be forced to follow them.

For distractions and addictions

  • Freedom (Blocking software)

I recently started using a software called Freedom to manage access to web sites and programs on my computer. You can set up block lists at certain times for programs and web sites (IP-s). As someone who really struggles with keeping focus and being derailed it has helped me a lot, and I recommend it. I have it set up so I will get redirected between 22-16 if I try to play games or do distracting things on the internet.

It's not impossible to trick or shut off, but for me it as been really useful in not acting automatically and without thought. Instead of mindlessly going to a website or starting up a game, I'm forced to think if I want to do it in a conscious manner.

It's payware, but not very expensive and has a free trial. Also a very good refund policy, I tried it out earlier and they paid me back when I thought it wasn't good enough. I would love if somebody had free software that could replace this, feel free to recommend! A big gripe I have with it is that it hasn't got a keyword function, so you have to add URLs. They do however have well functioning block lists for social media, adult material and so on.

Tasks and structure

If you struggle with being overwhelmed and having a lot to do, then breaking down tasks and thinking about the tasks themselves, and not just the content of the tasks, is a first step to getting there. However, there is a huge risk of getting caught up in planning too much, instead of being productive, so be cognizant of that risk.

  • *Todoist
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$ATNF ( 180 Life Sciences ) Best risk/reward biotech. Phase 3 trial DD result in a few weeks. Probably the best scientific team on the world. Great long term investment. Blockbuster pipelines and multibagger stock under the radar.

edit: Aug 13th

Huge purchases of insiders in July and Aug before DD results !!!

Top management holdings

180 Life Sciences is developing new treatments for one of the world's biggest drivers of disease: inflammation

· Stock symbol #ATNF
· All insiders fully invested ( the last was today)
· 50%+ Ownership by Management and Insiders
· Best risk/reward biotech plays
· The top selling drug class in the world (Remicade, Embrel, Humira,etc)
· Under the radar
· Less than 1 year public
· Market cap under 250M
· Stellar management team
· Strong IP portfolio with a long lifespan, providing coverage up to 2039
· Blockbuster pipeline
· Multibagger stock
· Low float
· Very undervalued
· Great short/long term investment
· Possible short squeeze candidate
· Largest shareholders include Ionic Capital Management LLC, Vanguard Group Inc, Cnh Partners Llc, ADANX - AQR Diversified Arbitrage Fund Class N, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Susquehanna International Group, Llp, Boothbay Fund Management, Llc, BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd, VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares, and BlackRock Inc..

Q3/4 Results of Early stage Dupuytren’s disease Phase 2b/3 Clinical Trial ( it is possible that the results will be presented at the BSSH conference in September)
Sept 9 Professor Jagdeep Nanchahal, has Been Invited To Present a Keynote Talk at the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) at the Autumn Scientific Meeting in Oxford UK
Aug 10 ATNF participation at BTIG Virtual Biotechnology Conference Fireside Chat
Jul 28 ATNF Announces Selection of Lead Synthetic CBD Analogue
Jul 20 ATNF Regains fully Nasdaq Compliance
Jul 07 [ATNF Expands Scientific Fibrosis Platform with Collagen VI as a Driver and Disease Biomarker in Human Fibrosis Published in the FEBS Journal](https://ir.180lifesciences.com/news-ev
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Wed Dec 1 23:14:46 2021

NYSE:CEO / 130

Bc they were shorted because they missed their end target. CEO came out for the GAIN Trial two only going to select people they know it will work on so they’ll def meet their end target goal. So not incorrectly shorted per se. but it’s def something that in a few weeks will have no reason to be shorted.

NYSE:CEO DATE : Wed Dec 1 05:19:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks

The CEO came out and said they're ready to send out 1 billion pills in 2022 once authorized. Let's say 40 cents a pill we are looking at a gross # of $400mill, with a 5x multiplier gives us a 2 billion valuation - there is 317,958,751 shares outstanding giving us a PPS $6.30usd. If there is a buy out or Revive wants to pursue with selling these pills could be much larger. I believe we make a couple billion and sell the bucillamine to a big pharma company and have money in the bank to fund our psychedelic side where the real money is. So short term $5-$8 usd a share, long term (5 years) $25 usd a share. I'm conservative with those numbers, but don't listen to people saying $100 a share. I don't see that happening. Good luck !

NYSE:CEO DATE : Mon Nov 29 17:47:52 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks

You didn't get fucked by the CEO, you got fucked by hedge funds shorting this stock heavily.

NYSE:CEO DATE : Mon Nov 29 13:39:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks

[Drone Delivery Canada Awarded Sixth Patent for Its Proprietary Drone Delivery Solution Canada NewsWire TORONTO, Nov. 25, 2021 TORONTO, Nov. 25, 2021 /CNW/ - Drone Delivery Canada Corp. (TSXV: FLT) (OTC QX: TAKOF) (Frankfurt: A2AMGZ) (Frankfurt: ABB.F) (the "Company" or "DDC") is pleased to announce that on November 23, 2021, the United States Patent Office granted a patent 11,181,933 for DDC's patent application titled 'Location for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing and Taking Off'. This patent is related to DDC's previously granted U.S. patents 10,625,879 and 11,027,858. Drone Delivery Canada Corp. Logo (CNW Group/Drone Delivery Canada Corp.) The 11,181,933 patent is directed to DDC's drone delivery technology and processes related to managing access to one or more UAV zones. The one or more UAV zones can include a landing zone, a loading zone and/or

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[Cosmere Expanded] The Eberron System

(Follow up to this post.)

Properties - Cosmere (Brandon Sanderson), Reckoners (Brandon Sanderson), Eberron Campaign Setting (D&D) Kaladesh (MTG), Ravnica (MTG), Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This post regards a crossover universe between several existing fantasy IPs, in which I link those properties into Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe.

The Eberron System - Origin

"Every child knows the myth of the Progenitors. Three dragons from afar descended to our corner of space, forging a realm of nothing. Their divine thoughts shaped the planes, and then, they crafted our world - Eberron. But that was not the end. Khyber, cruel as he was, sought to destroy the other two Progenitors and claim their creation for his own. He brutally wounded Siberys, whose blood scattered to the stars. But Eberron, clever as she always was, was able to trap him. She coiled around him, burying him beneath the earth. And thus the world you see - the blood of Siberys, which flows in the sky at night and which grants us magic; the surface of Eberron, and all of the wonders natural and created; and the depths of Khyber, where dark mimicries of the world emerge to finish what their master started."

(Side note for any fellow Eberron aficionados - yes, I swapped the genders of Khyber and Siberys. This is to facilitate crossover and done deliberately)

The myth above (the canon creation myth of the setting) is easy to transpose Shards into. The three dragons were some of those who shattered Sardior, and used their power to create the Eberron system. Their names, of course, have been changed through the ages, both deliberately to obscure their nature and naturally as the stories were passed on. The three Shards of the Eberron system are Reverence (Siberys), Innovation (Eberron) and Calamity (Khyber). While storytellers only speak of the myth on Eberron (for reasons that will be addressed) and therefore only mention the world they're on, the Shards created three planets, each intended to house a single Shard.

The Children of the Shards

The Shards, early on in their creation of the world, realized that they themselves may be held back by important things from direct interaction with their precious creations. Because of this, they joined together to create a single race, after the image of their own, to be the shepherd of mortals - the drag

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What makes INTPs unique based upon Dr. Nardi's brain scan work

I've recently found Dr. Nardi's work regarding brain scans or neuro activity and its associations to Myers-Briggs. First, let me say that I am not surprised Myers-Briggs is correlated to cognition despite it often being a punching bag with claims it is nothing more than pseudo-science. Anything that continues to prove correlations is not pseudo-science. It gets a bad rap because of its binary clustering mechanism which for some people causes misclassifications on close-call cases. You could also argue that is a function of someone not knowing themselves and or the test instrument well enough to avoid ambiguities.

With that said, Dr. Nardi's work shows correlations. The first, and most obvious one, is in the Fp1/Fp2 regions which DIRECTLY correlates to socionics i.e. EJs and IPs are judgers while EPs and IJs are perceivers. Here is where I am going to ask you to follow some logic. Each MBTI type has 4 primary regions that are often fired. Because we can correlate Fp1/Fp2 to E/I and J/P and every type has one and only one classification of either Fp1/Fp2, we can rule it out from future discovery. This leaves us with 3 unique regions each type uses.

Of the remaining 14 regions, 6 have representation of 2 or fewer MBTI types. These are the regions I would argue are more unique because fewer people actually tend to go there often.

The INTP is the only type that has all 3 of its other brain preferences fall into a region where 2 or fewer types (including the INTP) prefer.

Those three brain processes are F3 Linearly Derive Solutions, F4 Categorize and Define Ideas, and C3 Action Routine/Factual Recall. ESTPs also use F3/F4 and ESTJ also use C3.

This does not mean we are the most unique necessarily, but it is certainly interesting and definitely feeds the notion that we have a strong argument to be the best analyzers. Just like the INFP is unique in that it is the only type to use both of the regions next to the ears related to listening for words, tone, and voice. INFPs are notorious for being the best listeners and picking up human motivations.

I have a number of other observations, insights, and theories based on this work, but thought I'd share this as a start...



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