[Kurtz] Hanwha announced the signings of pitchers Nick Kingham ($100K signing bonus, $250K salary, $200K incentives) and Ryan Carpenter (signing bonus $100K, $300K salary, and $100K incentives) mobile.twitter.com/MyKBO/…
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📅︎ Nov 30 2020
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[Carpenter] “Update: Multiple players and staff are still reportedly owed back salaries from EnVision CEO Artur Minacov. Earlier in Sept. Minacov said the money was sent, but nothing was received. More than a month has passed since our initial report.” twitter.com/sweetpotatoes…
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What is the realistic salary for a entry level carpenter? And how dos it change as you progress?

I dont know anything about the trade so please forgive my ignorance if I say something obvious/stupid.

I am interested in getting into the trade. Money is not everything but its definitely a factor.

I am just having trouble identifying the salary of this field.

I read on here people making 30-40k and then others saying 50-70k which is a big difference.

I live in CA.

Another question is,how "stable" is this field? I heard winter time has less work, how much of a drop in monthly check do you guys see?

Lastly, from what I am getting, this seem to be a job to job type of field is this right? so carpenters don't work for one company permanently? is it normal to take on project after project from different contractors? How would benefits, PTO, etc play into everything?

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📅︎ Oct 02 2019
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Would you sign a contract to manually sharpen carpenter pencils with a knife for 8 hours a day for 100k per year salary + benefits and 2 weeks vacation for 30 years? Why or why not?
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Jets converted $3.69M of G James Carpenter's $4.45M base salary in 2016 into a signing bonus, creating $2.46M in cap space. twitter.com/FieldYates/st…
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Jets converted $3.69M of G James Carpenter's $4.45M base salary in 2016 into a signing bonus, creating $2.46M in cap space. twitter.com/FieldYates/st…
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Source: the Jets converted $3.69M of G James Carpenter's $4.45M base salary in 2016 into a signing bonus, creating $2.46M in cap space. twitter.com/FieldYates/st…
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So I have a question about the money

the US living wage is, at least last I checked (3 seconds ago) 68k a year, and carpenter salaries according to google is around 40k, is it all bogus and/or is it hard to make a living as a carpenter or do you just have to settle with doing extra work in order to survive? I really want to become one but I'm worried I'll have to do a bit of side hustling, or am i just worried for nothing and it just depends on where you live? Any advice or information would help a ton!

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📅︎ Jul 03 2021
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I am deaf guy from Kazakstan

about me: ex-carpenter salary was 80-90$ a month. i want more salary. Also i am forex trader since 2011-

How can I get work in Qatar? i want build business

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Am I sacrificing a better career for a better job ($$)?

I am 27yo, with a bachelors in business administration. Worked since I was 14 in construction related fields and always came home with a smile on my face and good money in the bank. Went to school, worked hard, and studied business. I'm pretty good at both and always saw myself applying my education in some sort of construction management position "when I'm older."

My first year out of college my buddy was working in Seattle (I'm from boston) and invited me onto a prevailing wage job as a carpenter. Long story short, I worked 58hr/week and was one of the last handful of guys to get laid off at the end of the job, I made $100,000 that year... Being a big-headed young kid I thought it would be fun to "just go live in San Diego and find another well-paid construction job." Because, after all I'm basically a veteran after one year, right?? So, there goes a year living off unemployment (which was so bad in hindsight because I made so much money I couldn't get a job that paid more than my unemployment, so why stop??) When that well was running dry I had so much savings that I moved back to Boston and have worked several different jobs, accumulated several OSHA certs, a CDL-B, and some decent experience. Three years later I've become a member of an electrical lineman union and ended up working with wind turbines gaining electrical experience (which turns out is nasty, greasy work.) After six months I'm stuck in the office running the show but I'm realizing that might be glamorous, flexible, and easy, but I'm not doing what I love (carpentry) and I'm not challenged enough. I am basically a secretary, and simply because I'm the only one in this 50-100 person company with a useful degree.

So, I called some old contacts who said they can probably get me working back in Seattle if I wanted to, and my girlfriend is a nurse who is motivated to make some more money by travel nursing and is willing (eagar) to come along.

Question is, do I give up my option to excel in this office and eventually pad my resume enough to move up, and still make half a carpenters salary, or do I go for my passion work of manual labor and big paychecks, with the logical path being construction management, years down the road? What I am really asking is, am I being a stupid young kid again giving up a quick path to office/management work? I am tempted to go with construction because at my office salary, I am basically paycheck-to-paycheck and working construction I was able to put away mon

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Rory Hearne: The next housing crash will hit even harder than the last irishexaminer.com/opinion…
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Islanders 2021 Offseason Tracker

Use this thread to discuss any rumors. When news from a credible source breaks that directly related to the Islanders (we sign someone, one of our UFAs sign somewhere, a player we were very closely linked to by a credible source signs somewhere else [at the mods discretion]), it can have its own thread. Any source that starts with "hearing the islanders are linked to" belongs in this thread. Be sure to check that it truly is a verified account, and verify the date of any tweets

When news breaks the most complete source will be the approved post, and any additional information related to terms will be flaired as either the terms and/or stickied as a comment in the thread

###Isles RFAs

Player Notes News Contract Thread
Adam Pelech Arbitration Eligible
Anthony Beauviller Arbitration Eligible
Anatoly Golyshev Arbitration Eligible
Bobo Carpenter Arbitration Eligible
Dmytro Timashov Arbitration Eligible
Ilya Sorokin Arbitration Eligible
Kieffer Bellows
Michael Dal Colle Arbitration Eligible
Otto Koivula

###Isles UFAs

Player Notes News Contract Thread
Andy Greene
Braydon Coburn
Casey Cizikas
Cole Bardreau
Cory Schneider
Joshua Ho-Sang Group 6
Kyle Palmeri
Tanner Fritz
Travis Zajac

###Free Agency Signings

Player Previous Team Notes News Contract Thread


Isles get Traded with Isle give Notes Thread
Richard Panik (50% retained), EDM 2021 2nd DET Nick Leddy Thread

###Expansion Draft

  • TBD


Round Overall Selection Position Notes Thread
1 29 N/A N/A Traded as part of Palmeri/Zajac trade
2 52 Acquired from DET in Leddy Trade (Originally EDM pick)
2 60 Acquired from COL as part of Toews trade
2 61 N/A N/A Traded as part of Greene trade
3 93
4 125
5 157
6 189
7 221

###Critical Dates:

  • July 17: Deadline for teams to submit protected lists for 2021 NHL Expansion Draft (5 p.m. ET).
  • July 21: 2021 NHL Expansion Draft (8 p.m. ET).
  • July 23: First round of 2021 NHL Draft.
  • July 24: Rounds 2-7 of 2021 NHL Draft.
  • July 28: Restricted free agent/unrestricted free agent signing period begins (12 p.m.
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Networks of Trust vs Markets

Markets are trust reducers. When functional, they make sure that you mainly need to trust one thing: that others will be self-interested. And since, as Adam Smith pointed out, you can trust even butchers and bakers to be self-interested – markets greatly increase the number of people you can trade with.

"Markets!" my econ professor would proclaim in a thick Armenian accent. "If only they were a machine! People would love a machine where you can put in wheat and pick out a helicopter."

That is a marvelous machine.

But one should not forget what it is built for: enabling transactions with strangers. Being able to transact with strangers doesn't mean transacting with strangers is in your self-interest. Not always. Not, I have noticed, as often as I had thought.

Often relying on non-market transactions is more efficient than markets. What is a non-market transaction? It is a set of different things: neighbors providing each other mutual aid, or friends trying to outcompete each other in generosity. Gift economies. Iroquois longhouses. Transactions that take place within your family, your circle of friends, and the people they can refer you to – your network of trust.

Last year, two incidents made me sit down and calculate just how much markets costs me compared to my network of trust. There are a bunch of things that markets can do, but my network can't: assemble the raw material to a computer, ship me a banana. But in areas where I could rely on trust, it turned out to be surprisingly cost-effective.

Friends are cheap

A few weeks after covid-19 closed the borders, I had to ship my furniture from Sweden to a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. At first, I tried markets.

It wasn't easy.

The only shipping company that quoted reasonable-sounding prices turned out to have a business model based on making people's belongings disappear. Alas, I had already signed the contract when I figured this out – a contract that on closer inspection turned out to have a clause that stipulated that if I wanted to break of the deal, I would have to pay the equivalent of a month on a median Scandinavian salary.

This is a very gripping story, but to cut to the chase: after having convinced the criminal truckers that it was in their best interest to drop the case, I called my friend Torbjörn –

"Could you get a vacation next week?"

"Of course." (This is Sweden.)

– and that save

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Which Players on Offense Have the Most to Prove This Season

Entropy reigns in the NFL. Carefully designed plays can disintegrate after the snap. A single injury can tank a roster. A week’s worth of game planning can be rendered useless in a single moment. Chaos defines the NFL. Exerting a degree of control over that chaos is what defines a good team. However, there is no measure of control that can insulate a team entirely.

Change is inevitable.

When your team goes 4-12, change is essential.

In 2020 the Atlanta Falcons cleaned house. New coach staff. New general manager. Numerous holes in the roster were laid bare in 2020. Thanks to a perfect storm of cap mismanagement and a global pandemic wreaking havoc on league-wide revenues, the Falcons didn’t have the resources to aggressively pursue solutions to the litany of issues that had plagued them the year prior. It would be easy to see the turmoil and assume the Falcons will be mired in this pit for a few years, but chaos isn’t a pit. It’s an opportunity. It’s a ladder.

The Falcons are likely to have five new starters on offense this season. Julio Jones, Alex Mack, and James Carpenter are gone. Terry Fontenot completely overhauled the running back room. Kyle Pitts steps in as the new starter at tight end. This turnover will create opportunities for new, younger players to step up. It will also put pressure on the returning starters to help knit the unit together. Who has the most to prove this year on offense? Over the summer, I will take a deeper dive into what we can expect from every presumptive starter, but for now, let’s look at a few players with the most on the line in 2021

New Roles, New Faces

Kyle Pitts

No rookie in the NFL has more pressure to deliver this year than Kyle Pitts. Analysts and fans are already placing Hall of Fame expectations on the player that’s never taken a snap in the league. It is a ridiculous standard to set for a 20-year old, but his record-setting draft status made it a foregone conclusion. It will take a record-setting rookie campaign from Pitts to clear the absurdly high bar set for him, and that was before he was considered the Julio Jones “replacement.”

I don’t share the opinion that it’s a record season or bust for the first-year tight end. It is famously difficult for tight ends to transition to the NFL. Expecting him to be an inline blocker on one play and an X receiver on the next amplifies the difficulty. Pitts will have to process a daunting amount of information, not to mention the adjustments he will have

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📅︎ Jun 14 2021
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Defending the Draft: Atlanta Falcons

Setting the Table

The story of the 2021 Atlanta Falcons has been a curious study in opposing forces thus far. New ideas and old faces. Reloading versus rebuilding. A fresh start versus a return to previously successful strategies. After multiple years of stagnation and roster regression, the team parted ways with long-time general manager Thomas Dimitroff and the “fast and physical” coaching staff led by Dan Quinn. The Brotherhood, with its cliches and carefully crafted buzzwords, had run its course. On the surface, it appears Arthur Blank and Rich McKay set out to reverse each decision that had led them to this point. Aside from Bobby Petrino, whose tenure in Atlanta had the charisma and staying power of a lingering fart, the Falcons have chosen defensive-minded head coaches dating back to 2004. New head coach Arthur Smith signals a new direction for the team while simultaneously offering a return to the familiar by bringing in a scheme heavily influenced by Kyle Shannahan and Mike Mularkey, two former offensive play-callers in Atlanta. After a string of awful free agent signings from Thomas Dimitroff, a former director of college scouting, the team sought out Terry Fontenot, the lauded director of pro personnel in New Orleans, to take the reins as general manager. Dimitroff deserves a measure of leniency; none of us could have predicted COVID and the impact it would have on revenues and spending. However, it is apparent he had gambled heavily on the idea this roster was ready to compete in the post-season and lost that bet. He left the team with less than 30 players on the roster, multiple bloated contracts for aging or underperforming players, and a salary cap crisis with no clear solution. New GM Terry Fontenot is familiar with navigating these waters due to his time working for the perpetually cash-strapped Saints and has a history of making shrewd, budget-friendly free agent signings. Together, Fontenot and Smith must a way to right the ship both schematically and organizationally.

Owner Arthur Blank isn’t the type to meddle in front office affairs. He is loyal to his staff, almost to a fault, but he does make his expectations clear. Blank wants to compete now. He wants a team that excites the fanbase and fills up his new multi-billion-dollar stadium, and he isn’t particularly interested in waiting a few years for that to happen. I’ll stop short of saying he gave a clear directive that a total rebuild of this roster was out of the question, but

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📅︎ May 16 2021
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Integrating Spotify with Nano to tip musicians, song writers, and producers

Hi everyone, I wanted to share an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for the past month or so. I don’t have the technical ability to follow through with it on my own and it’s a lot of work, probably requiring at least one full time dev, if not a small team, so I thought it would be a good idea to share it with everyone instead, and hopefully generate some interest. [Skip to the *‘Listening time based tipping’*subheading to get the details on how this project might work.]

The recent NFT frenzy has been a boon for many digital artists, with millions of Ether being traded on markets like OpenSea everyday. However, it’s been much more difficult for more traditional artists, like musicians to participate and earn a living from cryptocurrency related projects. Concerts and live shows, the bread and butter for many smaller artists, have also been put on hold due to the pandemic. So I’ve come up with an idea that might help - music streaming integrated Nano tipping.

The current streamscape
Over the past two decades the traditional business model for the music industry, largely based on record sales, has been upended by the internet. In the 2000s, it was music piracy through peer-to-peer file sharing. More recently it’s been music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music. Although music piracy is still an issue, it’s seen a sharp decline over the past decade due to subscription streaming and free tiers from Spotify and similar services.

Music has also become much more diverse, accessible, and inclusive with the rise of streaming services. This has been amazing for listeners but not for artists. The pay per stream model has allowed industry revenue to grow in recent years, but it’s still relatively low at about ~$12B, nearly half of the 1999 peak of ~$21B. When major record labels are involved, the majority of streaming revenue goes to record labels at ~52%, with artists receiving ~13%, and the rest going to run the streaming service. This current streaming music model seems unsustainable, especially since Spotify has lost $2.2M every day in 2020, and has never made an annual profit.

The pay-per stream model also affects the type of music that gets made. Pop songs have been getting shorter, with song lengths condensing from four to three minutes over the past 20 years. The way music is composed has also changed, with choruses starting sooner, usually within the first 15 seconds of a hit song. Although pop music has always bee

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I am 32 years old, work for the government, live in Zimbabwe and earn an income of $16,640 a year (CW: weird/disordered eating)

Link to my previous MD

I am 32 years old, and currently make an annual income of $16,640 (joint is $33,280). My income has recently gone up and I am very happy about it. These are the main changes from my last MD, otherwise everything else in almost the same except for the black market exchange rate. It is now 1:150, so if you are interested in the local currency amounts, you can always calculate.

Section One: Assets and Debt

Retirement Balance – no clue. My salary has changed a lot due to changes in the currency as well as hyperinflation. We tend not to focus too much on retirement money because it does not keep up with our inflation rate.

Equity if you're a homeowner (and how much you put down and how you accumulated that payment) – we fully own our house and we paid it off fully. We bought the land in 2018 for US$19,500.00. We paid an initial deposit of $6,000.00 and the rest was supposed to be over 10 years. However, we paid off most of the loan extra early, because whenever we got paid bonuses or got back pay, the windfall money went to that. Current value of our home is about $105,000.00 and will keep going up as we continue to put finishing touches on it.

Savings account balance - $180 cash. We convert part of our monthly income to hard currency USD as it is the most reliable store of value

Checking account balance/mobile money wallet - $130.00

Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it) – N/A, we do not have credit cards. Our economy is largely a cash economy.

Student loan debt (for what degree) – N/A our education was fully paid for by our parents/their employers/government bursary. We both hold Bachelors degrees and are about to start our Masters (paying our own tuition in cash).

Other - We have a stock market portfolio currently valued at $130.

Section Two: Income

Income Progression: Please refer to my last MD for that bit.

Main Job Monthly Take Home:

Our total take home each month is $2,600.00. Our deductions are tax and other statutory deductions, trade union subs, and pensions (a total of $300.00). Our employer provides medical aid for both of us and our kids, and they also pay our life insurance.

Side Gig Monthly Take Home

Varies wildly. Sometimes $0, at other times $2,000.00.

Any Other Monthly Income Here

My mum pays my car insurance and licensin

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Am I on the right track? Should I go with my plan or try something else?

I understand this is my own decision to make, but I wanted to ask here for advice on whether my career plan makes sense and which path could make the most money/be the best one. Right now I'm 17 and I will be turning 18 in September, I've been living in the UK since last October, though I speak fluent english and my CV up to now has mainly been General laboring at construction sites or warehouse op. I'm thinking about doing a carpenter apprenticeship, as I liked construction and carpentry seems to be the right fit for me from all of the trades, one thing is that I don't have good experience doing carpentry (did a few days as a try-out, got hayfever 2nd day and it was very hot outside on the days, wouldn't say that's a fair assessment of how I would like to work there though, I've heard good carpenters can make 1k a week easily and that some don't get out of bed for 20p/h minimum. Which makes the job very compelling. After that, my 2nd option if the apprenticeship doesn't succeed and i would drop-out is to get a truck license and be a truck driver, my father is one and he wants me to be one, he gets paid about 700 a week I think (net) and says that he likes it, comparing to carpentry, i don't like the pay and it seems like a dead-end job to me, if the apprenticeship fell out, I would then have to do truck driving for a couple years untill I could join the police force, which seems as the best option for me in a way, it has career progression, good benefits and salary, physical work (I just love doing physical stuff), possibly combat (MMA is my true passion), and I would get to help out and serve the community, which might sound cliche, but I do think that it would bring me a level of meaning and job satisfaction that no other would, I've been thinking about doing volunteering work and the idea of contributing something so positive to society seems great. So, how stupid am I? Should I try anything else? Do carpenters actually make that much, as I see the salaries for it vary alot. Thank you for reading, sorry for such a long text. Welcome any advice, suggestions, criticisms.

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「Gold on the Ceiling」

DISCLAIMER - I, being an anime-only fan, have not seen/read parts 6-8. If this Stand is similar to any from those parts, please let me know.

Also, there are TL;DR's for the backstory and ability because this is a long post.


Stand Name -「Gold on the Ceiling」

Localised Name - Riches Above, Fortune on the Roof

Namesake - Gold on the Ceiling, by the Black Keys

User - Kaitou Tokugawa

Plot Role - Minor Antagonist

User Info TL;DR - In a desperate attempt to buy a cure for his father (who had contracted a rare disease), Kaitou turned to crime. His gang, hearing rumours about a man with endless money, hosted a full-on assault on the man's place of residence, where Kaitou was able to take ownership of「Gold on the Ceiling」.

Kaitou Tokugawa was born into a poor family. His father, a carpenter, worked long hours every day for a meagre salary, while his mother died when he was a baby. Together, they grew very close, and although they were incredibly poor, they were happy. Kaitou learned his father's trade at the age of 18, and together they made a great team. However, when his father contracted an incredibly rare disease with an expensive cure, what little money they were earning began to slow down.

As the debts began to pile in, Kaitou began to panic, and he turned to crime to pay off his debts and, more importantly, buy the cure for his father. His desperation, strength from his profession, and natural skill at all things criminal caught the attention of a gang, where he quickly became a part of it. He rapidly rose through the ranks, and although he was able to pay off many of his debts, he was still far off the cure. Despairing, he began to believe that he'd never get enough money to buy the cure. That is, until rumours of a man with endless amounts of money reached his gang.

After much planning, sacrifice, and what was effectively a quiet, all-out war, Kaitou was able to take possession of「Gold on the Ceiling」from the previous user, and thus set out to buy the cure for his father. However, he learned that while he was fighting, his father had passed away from total organ failure caused by his illness in his sleep. Stricken with grief, Kaitou resolved to make sure that something like that would never happen to anyone ever again, and used the resources from「Gold on the Ceiling」to enact this. Unfortunately, even one as pure-hearted as Kaitou is not immune to「Gold on the Ceiling」's corruptive parasitic ef

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Jacob's HK S21, E1: Lights, Camera, Action!

Red Team:

Annie Lamb, 25, Line Cook from Detroit, Michigan. Her biggest claim to fame was starring in a Disney Channel original film as an extra. She didn't do much, mainly stand around in the background, but she still considers it her proudest moment.

Claudia Moreno, 30, Sous Chef from Miami, Florida who has Brazillian heritage on her father's side.

Elizabeth Carpenter, 28, Private Chef from Augusta, Maine. Prior to coming onto Hell's Kitchen, she's been regarded as one of the best chefs in all of Maine and seems destined to be a face of the culinary industry if she can sharpen her skills.

Gianna Pertuzzi, 22, Culinary Grad from Chicago, Illinois. Graduated from culinary school three years ago and only six months later found a job working for a local Mom and Pop store.

Linda Morgan, 35, Executive Chef from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who on her days off spends her day supporting her hometown football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Melissa Alcantra, 26, Line Cook from Indianapolis, Indiana who moved to America from the Phillipines at the age of five.

Penelope Lopez, 27, Line Cook from Phoenix, Arizona who outside of cooking actually did a few photoshoots dating as far back as five years ago.

Sabrina Lewis, 31, College Chef from Orlando, Florida. She is an avid Disney fan and owns the entire Kingdom Hearts series.

Wylie Saxton, 27, Prep Chef from Knoxville, Tennessee who also spends time as a freelance creative writer and writes poetry on her blog as 'Ms. Y'

Blue Team:

Brock Servo, 26, Line Cook from Minneapolis, Minnesota who spent a year living in China to build his experience.

Dalton Michaels, 23, Catering Chef from Portland, Oregon. Is currently dating his boyfriend of two years.

Frank Howard, 28, Executive Chef from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is happily married and has two daughters.

Jack Harper, 29, Fast Food Chef from Louisville, Kentucky who has spent the last three years working for a local McDonalds and on his off days spends time giving back to his community.

Mark Sampson, 41, Executive Chef from San Antonio, Texas who was in the military for eight years prior to jumping into culinary arts. Has only gotten into local restaurants at this time.

Ned Hooper, 49, Culinary Instructor from Hartford, Connecticut who has spent thirty years in the industry, working for some of the highest quality restaurants around America.

Troy Berry, 30, Sous Chef from San Francisco, California who was arrested a few years ago for partaking in a fistfight wit

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Advice Needed - Health Insurance

I just left a job of 15 years in a local school district, which had excellent health insurance, Aetna. No deductibles, low copays. $200 a month my cost for family coverage. I just took a new job in a local municipality as a clerk, and because I am the only employee (of 3) taking the insurance, the Village only pays 50% of the premium, which is $2500. So therefore, I am paying $1225 for family (3 of us) coverage. It is eating up the increase in salary for the new job. I looked on the NY state Marketplace, and it looks like the best plan I can get through them (Silver level) is $700 a month with each of us having a $1600 deductible. My husband is leery of going this route, as he is a self-employed carpenter who risks being hurt on the job. My argument is that $1600 each ($1600 x 3 = $4800) is cheaper than the difference in premiums ($525 x 12 = $6300/year). I also believe we can claim the marketplace premiums on or taxes. With that said, the premiums at the new job are taken out pre-tax. Thoughts, advice? I need to make a decision pretty quickly, as the new insurance is set begin through my new employer on 8/1.

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Guaranteed dual-income or house and land?: need advice

Sorry, I couldn't come up with a better name for this post. Basically, here is the situation:

I am married and my husband and I both work. I'm a post-doctoral fellow right now so my job is temporary (it will be ending by next June). My husband's job is permanent, but he is remote, so we could live anywhere in the world (one of his co-workers lives outside of the US).

My grandparents have left me a house and some land (2ish acres). The house condition is fair to maybe poor (porch damage). But it has a lot of sentimental value to me, and so I'm interested in renovating (starting now while I have a secure job for the next year). Only one thing needs fixing that isn't cosmetic, the rest is for looks/comfort. My dad is a carpenter by trade and so I could probably get most of it fixed at the cost of materials only. If we moved into this house, we would not have rent or a mortgage, just property taxes.

The problem is the location doesn't lend to many job opportunities in my current field (which doesn't really work remotely). There are some options for which I'm well qualified (also temp with potential for permanent later) but it's not a guarantee. So percentage chance of us living there off of my husband's salary is high. His salary is sufficient for us to live on for the foreseeable future (especially with the low low cost of living in the town the house and land is in), but we'd have to get better at budgeting our money. Also for context, I currently out earn him, but he will be getting a significant raise soon. If I stay in my field and get a permanent position regardless of location, I will likely out earn him again in the future. Also, average household income in this town with the free house and land is around 30,000. His income is...significantly more than that.

Or...I cast a wide net of options all over the country and we go where I get hired. In this case, we'd have to pay rent, and later a mortgage for the next 30 years I suppose. We'd be further from family most likely, and maybe more financially comfortable depending on location (Cali, Seattle, NY, for example, would put us at less comfortable, a smaller town would put us at more comfortable). The house and land would still be there, for later, I guess.

My question is, is it better for us to be investing in renovating the house that we own and take a slight financial hit? Or be doing better financially, but dumping money into rent/higher cost of living? If I got the job in the small town, that's

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Part 1 of 2. An absolute EPIC, entitled a'hole gets what's coming - "Do you know who I am" and "you're fired" until they realised their terrible mistake. /r/idontworkherelady.

Hopefully the mods will forgive a two-parter, this one is just that long. This is one of my favourite tales on reddit, I'm surprised it hasn't been posted here yet, however, WARNING, >!it has an unexpected, and unfortunately, sad ending.!<

Part 2 here.

Original: ***"Do you know who I am" and "you're fired" until they realised their terrible mistake.*** Posted in /r/idontworkherelady

Firstly this didn't happen to me. I was with the person when they received a phone call about this issue. Then he explained it all to me. He's not on Reddit so I'm sharing it. It's priceless.

All names changed to protect personal and company identities

Listed buildings - Important to the story. In the UK there is a system for preserving ancient and important buildings. If a building has historical importance it is known as a "Listed building" and the rules about how it's developed/maintained/improved are VERY strict.

I need to be vague about the work involved otherwise it's too easy to identify the parties involved.

My friend David is skilled in a very niche area of construction. He repairs and renovates buildings using a very old construction method that hasn't been common for several centuries. All his work is on conservation projects and "listed buildings".

Work was required on a Grade 1 listed property.

The overall building work was being done my the main contractor ACC Ltd. One part of the work is VERY specialized.

The contractors managers didn't know anyone who did it so the architect gave them a list of qualified people. The contractors chose my friend because he had the earliest availability.

5 days into the work the owner of ACC Ltd, the main contractor company, arrived on site. He was throwing his weight around and being a "noisy gobshite" (David's words). David was just doing his job and ignored him.

Noisy gobshite told one of his carpenters to get him a coffee. The carpenter disappeared. Noisy gobshite continued wandering and "gobbing off" about delays "costing him a fortune".

15 minutes after the carpenter had disappeared the Noisy Gobshite asked my friend a question.

Noisy Gobshite : "Where is that fucking chippy with my coffee?" (Chippy=carpenter)

David: "Don't know"

Noisy Gobshite: "Go and find out

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Seattle Kraken Reddit Mock Expansion Draft – Current Status

Welcome to the Seattle Kraken Reddit Mock Expansion draft. We will be going through all 30 teams alphabetically. Below are links to the completed teams. Please join the conversation on each teams post. Instead of having links in each post, the current status can be found in this post.

Teams that are being monitored for trades or signing:

  • Montreal Canadiens - Need to expose 1 more eligible forward.

Teams that have been updated:

  • New York Islanders - Updated 7/16 Nick Leddy traded to the Red Wings Pick updated to Kiefer Bellows
  • Detroit Red Wings - Updated 7/16 Nick Leddy acquired from the Isles Pick updated to Troy Stecher
  • Calgary Flames - Updated 7/15 Flames currently are exposing Backlund, but they will most likely sign someone before the draft and he will be protected. Backlund is now protected
  • New Jersey Devils - Updated 7/16 Accquired Ryan Graves, Signed Bastian updated pick to Will Butcher, PK Subban is exposed
  • Colorado Avalanche - Updated 7/15 Traded away Ryan Graves, pick will need to be updated. Pick updated to Joonas Donskoi
  • San Jose Sharks - Updated 7/15 Need to expose 1 more eligible forward. Dylan Gambrell has been signed to meet exposure requirements.
  • Dallas Stars - Updated 7/15 Ben Bishop has waived his NMC Doby is now protected, pick remains Dickinson
  • Florida Panthers - Updated 7/15 Yandle is being bought out, Forsling and Duclair signed a 3 year extension Forsling are Duclair are protected, pick moved back to Wennberg
  • Minnesota Wild - Updated 7/13 - If something happens with the Dumba situation will revisit the Wild. Parise and Suter have been bought out, pick remains Talbot
  • Edmonton Oilers - Updated 7/12 - Acquired Duncan Keith for Caleb Jones and a 3rd round pick Updated pick to Klefbom
  • Chicago Blackhawks - Updated 7/12 Duncan Keith traded for Caleb Jones and 3rd round pick Jones is protected, pick stays the same with Kampf.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs - Updated 7/8 Need to expose 1 more defenseman. Travis Dermott has been signed to meet the exposure requirement
  • Anaheim Ducks - Updated 7/15 - Ducks acquired Volkov and Fleury via trade. Silfverberg's season ended due to a hip surgery and based on his performance might not be protected. moved to 8-1 protection, updated pick to Sam Steel then back to Mahura to ensure 9 dman taken in the draft
  • Caro
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Scaling Networks of Trust

Say you want to buy my house, but you're out of money. What can you do? There are some obvious things, like getting a job or taking out a loan, but those things bore you, so here's an interesting solution: you do something extraordinary that convinces me to trust you more than my wife. Then you sign a piece of paper saying: "I owe you one."

Assuming what you did to make me trust you was public enough, I might not even need to cash in your promise. Instead, I can go to someone else and hand them your note in exchange for a first edition of Newton's Principia. Now your promise has turned into currency. And I get to cry in silent awe.

Some of the most successful examples of people doing these types of transactions come from the early Islamic caliphate. Arabic papyri from the 9th century documents that merchants would write letters of credit (suftaja), saying, basically, "I owe you."

If the merchants had good reputations, these letters could be passed on from trader to trader – making their way from one end of the Sahara to the other. Even, on occasion, crossing the Indian Ocean. Traders in Zanzibar or Sri Lanka would trade pieces of paper backed by nothing but the reputation of a person living in Algiers, a person they would probably never meet. How could that possibly work?

David Graeber writes of one of these trading posts:

>The level of trust [...] between merchants in the great Malay entrepôt Malacca, gateway to the spice islands of Indonesia, was legendary. The city had Swahili, Arab, Egyptian, Ethiopian, and Armenian quarters, as well as quarters for merchants from different regions of India, China, and Southeast Asia. Yet it was said that its merchants shunned enforceable contracts, preferring to seal transactions “with a handshake and a glance at heaven”.

How was it possible to scale trust so far?

[In another essay](https://escapingflatland.substack.com/p/networks-of-trust-vs-ma

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A Sincere Thank You For Whatever Is Going To Happen

I’ve read the research. I invested my money in January on Robinhood (I was such a fool back then!). I’ve held until now, through all the nonsense and fuckery, and have almost tripled my position in GME since then. It’s not 100% of my Fidelity account, but it’s darn close. I’ve held despite occasionally doubting the DD in February. I’ve held despite occasional fear of personal financial repercussions if the stock really did go to zero. I’ve held through the drop in March that really gave me a taste of what having diamond hands means. I’ve held because you absolutely beautiful assholes have given me the one thing in life I never had before.

I was raised by a small Christian family in the Midwest United States, but we moved around a lot due to my father’s work. Financially, sometimes things were comfortable and sometimes things were tight. We were never rich, and my parents raised me and my brother to keep our nose to the grindstone, get good grades, go to college or trade school, and get a good career out of that. I became a teacher, my brother a carpenter. Over the last ten years, my average salary was less than $55,000, and I know that’s just pretty good for some, but I thought I was killing the game.

Then fucking GME comes along and for the first time in my life, I see a system designed to keep me financially immobile. I see a world where my “wins” pale in comparison to so few with too much. I learned how massively biased my government and its lawmakers are. (I kind of knew this, but my outlook only grew worse.) I discovered how deeply the stock market is designed to use me and not offer me opportunity. And I invested more money because for the first time in my life I had hope. I believed some small percentage of others’ disgusting wealth could be mine. I had hope that I might one day not have to wake up at 5 AM to get to work in time to copy worksheets for kids who are already more aware of the systems that are designed to control their life choices and limit their futures.

You fuckers gave me hope that one day I might be able to relax on a Sunday night,

I hate you for it, but I am so incredibly thankful. I’ve never felt like I was a part of a movement in my life until now, and I’m so proud to be sharing this with you.

So thank you, apes. You’ve radically changed my perspective on life, and I’m forever in your debt.

PS. Should I ever make some actual money money off of this, I want to set up a few college scholarships for the kids that I te

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I (29F) am livid at my husband (32M) for abandoning his career. At a loss for what to do.

We got married about three years ago, together for six.

We had contributed in a joint savings account to save up for a down payment on a house and we were very nearly there when he told me he wanted to go back to school and get his masters degree. I had 20K of my own money in the account. We had a lot of discussions, he assured me that he would be making way more money and we’d make the money back very soon after he graduated. I begged him to just take out loans so we could invest in a house, but he didn’t want the debt, so after months I finally relented and let him use our savings for his degree.

After he graduated he got a part time job making minimum wage in the city we’re living in. He said it was transitional while he looked for something better. I have been sending him job listing upon job listing, things he is qualified for or even paid internships (that he failed to do while he was in school) to help him build up his resume. He only applied for one, and he got rejected. I think it made him upset so he’s completely given up.

I was visiting my mom for Mother’s Day and he called me and told me he had been reading a bunch of articles about the Carpenter’s Union. He gets interested in stuff like this so I didn’t think that much of it. He said they get paid for apprenticeships and take classes and that it sounded cool. I was like, yeah that is interesting. And then he said he was going to reach out to them about apprenticeships the following day.

I said, “I’m sorry what?” and he said “You know I just want to do something different, something tangible. I hate what im doing now.” I got upset and told him that if he bothered applying for any of the positions I had spent hours finding for him he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing now. And then he got super defensive and I think tried to imply that I was being classist or looking down on skilled trades.

I admit, I started seeing red. I said that I couldn’t give two shits what he thought I thought, he spent over $50,000 of money that we NEEDED, 20 of which I had put in MYSELF, getting a degree in a lucrative field. I told him he had no way of knowing whether or not he liked it because he hadn’t tried to find a job or get any experience. He said he had tried, and I said that he needed to try harder and hung up.

I didn’t talk to him until I got home later in the evening on Monday, but when we sat down to talk, he said he still thought the carpentry apprenticeship was a good idea. I was still very angry at

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I confirm
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I don't have much left besides a plea to everyone that has weathered this storm thus far

Good Morning r/Superstonk,

I want to start by saying how much comfort it is coming here and reading the dailies and everyone's DD's. I'm as smooth brained as they come, hell I even opted to stay in the service industry instead of using any of my degrees if that tells you anything.

I fell in love with Bartending when I was newly old enough to do so. It was joyous, I met so many great people over the years and had great experiences that I'll always remember and love sharing with others due to the humor in them. I wont sit here and tell you I didnt have a great time early on in life. I was able to pay for 4 degrees out of pocket and put 65% down on my house, but I like most in our field lived the life.

We partied way too much, did too many questionable women (Men, Both, no judgement here) Over the years of that empty life, things start to weigh really heavily on you. You start to look at yourself as a failure, like you worthless. Society looks down on you for the career you have chosen and demeans you by saying things like "Why don't you get a big boy job?" "Are you sure you'll remember my order with out writing it down?" "Run along and get me someone who can actually help me" and a favorite of most "How hard can it be to take an order and not fuck it up". We are verbally, mentally and physically abused on a daily basis and the harassment is a real thing.

Over time you start to realize you have a shelf life at the career you have chosen. My next step was to go into management and am now running a sports bar/restaurant. I have been where I am for 2 years now and the depression and self loathing are getting rougher by the day.

Covid hit and almost every one of us lost our income and for those that were forced to stay and hand out food to curbside were stuck with the task of doing a 10 person job with 2 people. The bail out and stimulus has made things even worse. We are severely under staffed because of those people just wanting a hand out. People are extremely hateful with their food/drink/check takes a bit longer than normal (No workers to help expedite the process).

Earlier in the year a car drove through our front doors and almost hit 4 of us, didn't shut down for repairs just had to keep going. Yesterday my last day cook walked out mid shift. we are running full services with 5 employees in house. In the last 9 months I have worked 11am-11pm daily and I'm averaging 3 days off a month (Im salary, and a shitty one at that) I haven't had an actual vac

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Repost: 32 Days / 32 Teams: Atlanta Falcons

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Division: NFC South

Record: 4-12 (1-5 Division) (4th in NFC South)


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Falcons' 32 Teams/32 Days post. I'm u/Pink_Skink on Reddit and ForeignFalcon23 on the NFL Draft's Discord channel; I'm pretty sure I'm also the first Colombian, French, and possibly German writer of a 32/32 post. I've been following the Falcons for over 20 years now, and I'm finally starting to be more active when it comes to season analysis, draft preparations, etc. In fact, I'm actively helping our Falcons GM in the r/NFL_Draft sim of off-season activities.

I understand most 32/32 posts talk about the past season in-depth, but given that we have a new regime starting in Atlanta, and also considering how disappointing our 2020 season was, I decided to focus in what's to come, rather than what has been.

With all that said, let's get to the actual Falcons review.

2020 Season Statistics

Category League Rank
Total Points Scored 16th
Total Points Allowed 19th
Overall PFF Grade 18th
Offensive PFF Grade 17th
Defensive PFF Grade 22nd
Special Teams PFF Grade 24th

If you're not a Falcons fan, you may be surprised to see the team ranking pretty much around the average in most categories; especially considering we finished with the 3rd worst record in the league. This helps show that the Falcons were actually a better team than their record suggests, though they still were a very disappointing and underachieving team all year long.

First, let me say that I don't think it's fair to be mad at Mr. Blank (team owner) for being patient with Quinn and the, at best, questionable coaching staff he insisted on keeping year after year, but it seemed very obvious to anyone paying attention that nothing was going to change coach-wise in 2020. It may not be a popular opinion among Falcons fans, but I honestly think we've only had 3 decent coordinators during Matt Ryan's career: Kyle Shanahan (OC), Jeff Ulbrich (DC) and Keith Armstrong (ST). This lack of capable coaches has led to a lot of promising draft picks never reaching their full potential and strategic mismatches in a lot of games. Because of the horrible coaches our franchise has had in the past 10+ years, the Falcons as a team have relied on elite performances by a small amount of players in order to achieve success. Not only was 2020 not different in this regard, but it also was one of the most obvious examples of the lack

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Recommendations for Learning Opportunities for Poor Young Adults and Teens?

Posting to ask if anyone knows of learning opportunities for poor teens and young adults.

Context is that I used to work in a construction firm, and part of my job was to find training opportunities and certificate courses for employees there. It wasn't particularly hard to do because a bunch of training groups would send their pitches at me and all I had to do was match the good ones to employees with fitting skillsets, wanted a certain skillset improved, or wanted to learn new skills. Anyway, one of the people I've sent to the trainings sought me out and asked if I knew of any learning opportunities that may fit his siblings. Sadly, I do not. That was only a small part of my job there, but I have tried checking every now and then during my breaks and off hours. However, have not been particularly lucky with this. I really do want to help them out in finding these though because things don't look particularly good for his family.

The guy is 24, a high school graduate, and works as a heavy equipment operator, as well as a carpenter and plumber as sidelines. He has a wife and one kid that he's supporting, as well as 5 other siblings (he has 6 siblings, one helps with supporting the rest). He's fairly versatile with a couple of NC2 certifications under his belt. Ideally, if my employee scholarship project would've come to fruition, I could have had the company send him out to get a Mechanical Engineering degree under a 5 year bond. I had left that job and the project was scrapped. In between then and now, he got a girl pregnant. So I don't think it's feasible to get him into any big learning projects anymore, at least at this point of his life. Unless anyone has recommendations.

The sister that helps with supporting the other siblings is 22, had finished via the Alternative Learning System and currently works night shift in a BPO. The brother had told me that she has expressed an interest in learning accounting, but aside from that I don't have much more background on her. He fears that they might not be able to put their other siblings through to college, so wonders if there are any learning opportunities that she could capitalize on and maybe get a better job later.

Two of their siblings F(18) and M(17), are Senior High Students. The sister recently finished but has not been enrolled into a college course yet because the family lacks the funds. The brother will finish Senior High this year. The sister apparently also seems interested in accounting, whi

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4 things I did after I quit gaming

One of the most common problems my mentees face when reducing gaming is not knowing what else to do with their time.

I’m going to get into the nitty-gritty details of exactly what I did after I cut back from grinding up to 80 hours a week.

As I’ve said before, gaming can be both great fun and good for mental health. I have no problem with gaming in general.

But as we all know in r/StopGaming, it's like a problematic friend that keeps inviting you out binge-drinking. For some people gaming can get in the way of creating a great life.

As a teenager I was fairly hardcore, racking up 4400 hours over 3 accounts in just 5 years. You might call those rookie numbers, but my life was entirely online.

I don’t regret all of it, but I’m glad I broadened my life to include other things.

Quick warning here that at the end there is a brief mention of my "mission" - help people beat excessive gaming - but this post really isn’t a promotion. It’s aiming to provide usable advice, some motivation, and it's also written as a reference I can send to people I’m coaching.


  • Overcame the common blockers to a good social life.
  • Used seven key ingredients that jump-started my dating.
  • Put time into a new hobby that introduced me to some awesome people and has taken me all over the country.
  • Built a high-earning career before I was thirty using side-projects (despite several mis-steps).

Two reasons you don’t know what else to do:

1. Pleasure relativism. I promise you gaming isn't all that you'll find fun. If you were sent back in a time machine to the 50’s, and didn’t have games to play, after a few weeks of adjustment you would find other things to enjoy. There’s plenty out there.

In 2021, yes, gaming gives you the highest quality dopamine release for your input energy. But if you don’t game, you’ll (eventually) enjoy other things.

2. “Hunter-gathering” versus farming. The hunter-gatherer goes out and eats what they can find: berries, nuts, deer. Their concern is surviving today, or this week. The farmer thinks long term – they labour over gathering seeds, sowing seeds and cultivating. But when the farm is running, they have bountiful food.

A great life has a bit of hunter-gathering and a bit of farming. Fulfilment requires some amount of delayed gratification (farming). Just don’t take it to the extreme and completely avoid enjoying life today (hunter-gathering). This is why I believe gaming in moderation is perfectly healthy, e

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What are some low investment, home based small business ideas that seniors could do?

I live in Bangladesh and I am trying to start a small business. It would be operated on a daily basis by two seniors (60+ yrs) from home who are very much industrious and hard working.

The business needs to be low investment, operable from home, low-tech (otherwise the seniors won't be able to operate it with limited computer skills). It only needs to earn decent money on a steady stream and does not need to be very big.

I was thinking of starting a manufacturing workshop of some kind. We have a small space for setting up a small workshop and we can hire part time employee for help with manual/simple tasks. The business idea does not necessarily needs to be manufacturing based, it could be something totally else as well.

Also, USD 2000 might look like a very small investment but here in Bangladesh you could set up a small print shop with that along with 6 months worth of salary for a full time employee.

Here is what I considered:

  • Plant nursery: Too much competition already and low prices that I just can't compete.

  • Essential oils: Too much competition from Chinese products. Keep in mind that its very difficult to win in manufacturing, because Chinese manufactured products are of a higher quality and much much cheaper than Bangladeshi products. Often, no one in Bangladesh can even make 20% of the quality that China makes.

  • Essential Home Decor: People here have too low purchasing power to buy these. I would also need to hire carpenters and designers (because the operators are not skilled in crafts or design savvy) and that won't be cheap.

  • Mushroom cultivation: Not enough demand. People here consider it yucky.

  • Print shop: Too many shops already exist in the country.

  • Call center, virtual assistants: Not possible given the lack of English by the operators.

  • Export agent: Too expensive to get the license. More importantly, the fixed shipping costs are such that any shipment less than USD 5000 is not cost effective at all (its a money losing machine). So I need to focus on the local market.

I have run out of ideas. Any idea suggestions?

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Choosing a career, I need your advice.

Hello everyone! If this is a place for professionals in the construction industry, I need your advice.

I have a 15-year-old son, and he is now choosing a career path. I know that this is quite a challenging task, and I didn't cope with it, so I've been working as a flower seller all my life. At first, I thought it was a temporary job for a student, but I've never achieved anything more. So I'd like to help my son make the most important decision of his life and not repeat my mistakes.

I want him to choose the right direction and become a professional in this field. You probably want to say that a flower seller is a good job and I would agree with you. The problem is that I've never liked flowers because plucked flowers lose their appeal after a few days and turn into garbage. And I can say that I work at a job I don't like. My therapist believes that I am used to being in a comfort zone, so I couldn't change the field of activity, and perhaps he is right. What do you think?

But let's talk about the construction industry. I want to know how profitable and safe this profession is. If you work in this industry as a carpenter, plumber, architect, builder, contractor, please share your experience. I am interested in any details related to your job (learning process, complexity, safety, salary, and whether you are satisfied with your job).

I think my son is too romantic. And I'm sure it's because he grew up without a father. When he said that he was interested in the construction industry, I was happy because I think this area is promising. Then I found out that he doesn't want to build houses, but furniture. He showed me some websites, such as https://www.gardenfurniture.co.uk, which inspired him to choose this direction and open a small furniture company in the future. I think building houses is much better than making furniture. But maybe I'm wrong. Any comments and thoughts are welcome!

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Proof Pest Control [Deer Park]

Service/Sales Technician (Long island ) employment type: full-time We are looking for qualified technicians to perform a daily route. This position requires you to have a vehicle or you will need to take public transportation. The candidate should be interested in joining a strong dedicated, self-motivated business team. The candidate should have the flexibility to work additional hours and days on an as needed basis. Commissions paid.

Position Purpose: To provide professional pest control services within residual and commercial dwellings throughout Long Island.

Reports To : Manager

Education : High School Diploma or GED

Experience : Must have Pest Control Experience.

License(s) : Must have a valid driver’s license. (Registered Technician or Certified Applicator License and vehicle a plus)

Knowledge : Prior pest control experience a must. Be comfortable with the use of new technology. (i.e. smart phone apps, in wall cameras)

Duties : Provide professional pest control services to homes. Carefully inspect, diagnose, and/or verify pest-related problems for the assigned locations. Advise customers of facts and solutions to their current or potential pest control needs. Pro-actively identify service needs beyond what may have been requested/reported by the customer. Perform a variety of pest prevention and pest elimination services in and around living areas including, but not limited to, the interior, exteriors, attics, crawl spaces, porches, and other areas. Inspect all work for completeness, quality and accuracy. Follow up on your work to ensure problem has been solved satisfactorily. Continually build relationships with customers and, at all times, promote excellent customer service, quality work, integrity, and professionalism. Complete required service records, customer reports, time records, or others documentation in accordance with company procedures and state/federal regulations. Maintain compliance with all company and state/federal safety standards, regulations, equipment, and procedures. Proactively inform management of any customer issues or concerns that are not completely resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Properly maintain all service equipment. Maintain up-to-date with company provided training and state/federal licensing. Perform administrative duties as required. Prepare all equipment by checking route in handheld prior to beginning each day. Perform all other duties as assigned.

Skills : Problem-solving skills and numeri

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How the Giants landed the best defensive player of all time

Every year, New York Giants executives, scouts and coaches ask the same question during their pre-draft meetings.

“We like to compare players from the past,” said Chris Mara, now the team’s senior vice president of player personnel. “Even to this day, (general manager) Dave Gettleman always asks me, ‘Who does he remind you of?’”

Mara, who began scouting for the Giants in 1979, said one name has never been uttered in any of those meetings.

“I have never heard anybody say, ‘He reminds me of Lawrence Taylor,’” Mara said.

Forty years ago this week, the Giants took Taylor with the No. 2 pick in the 1981 draft. Here’s the story of what led to that franchise-altering pick.

(Note: All positions and titles are from the relevant time frame.)

Taylor was lightly recruited out of Williamsburg, Va., accepting one of his few scholarship offers from the University of North Carolina.

Buddy Curry, UNC linebacker: When he came to North Carolina, he was like 6-2 or 6-3, about 185 or 195 pounds. We knew he had good ability, but he had like two offers coming out of high school.

Al Groh, UNC linebackers coach (and future Giants defensive coordinator): We had two players ahead of him, both of whom were All-ACC players. He played mostly on special teams as a freshman. But there was no doubt as to what he was going to be.

Head coach Bill Dooley left UNC after Taylor’s freshman season to become the head coach at Virginia Tech. The new staff, led by head coach Dick Crum, struggled to find a spot for Taylor initially.

Curry: I think they saw he could play and just tried to find him a place where he could play right away. At the time, we had smaller (nose) guards. They were trying to slot Lawrence — I knew him as Lawrence.

Groh: It took them a couple years to work their way out of that mistake, but they eventually got him back outside where clearly he belonged.

Curry: I came home after spring practice (after Taylor switched to outside linebacker) and told my dad, “Remember the name Lawrence Taylor.” The way he could bend at the knees and his flex in his ankles and the leverage he played with, he made some plays that were just outstanding. He started his whole junior year. He had a good year. And then the last game against Michigan in the Gator Bowl, that’s when he became “LT.”

Chris Mara, Giants scout: The first time I heard about him was the year before the draft. This was before juniors

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Advice Needed

I just left a job of 15 years in a local school district, which had excellent health insurance, Aetna. No deductibles, low copays. $200 a month my cost for family coverage. I just took a new job in a local municipality as a clerk, and because I am the only employee (of 3) taking the insurance, the Village only pays 50% of the premium, which is $2500. So therefore, I am paying $1225 for family coverage. It is eating up the increase in salary for the new job. I looked on the NY state Marketplace, and it looks like the best plan I can get through them (Silver level) is $700 a month with each of us having a $1600 deductible. My husband is leery of going this route, as he is a self-employed carpenter who risks being hurt on the job. My argument is that $1600 each ($1600 x 3 = $4800) is cheaper than the difference in premiums ($525 x 12 = $6300/year). I also believe we can claim the marketplace premiums on or taxes. With that said, the premiums at the new job are taken out pre-tax. Thoughts, advice? I need to make a decision pretty quickly, as the new insurance is set begin through my new employer on 8/1.

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Why (in my opinion) Julios demands will not work out for him.

In my opinion it’s hard to be mad at Dimitroff for the contract and salary cap when it comes to Julio. He made a ton of stupid deals that are still impacting us today like giving Devonta Freeman a huge contract and James Carpenter. But with Julio he did deserve the money he got. The problem is that he wants to be on a winning team, while also being the highest payed player. IMO this just can’t work as there are so many cheaper wr’s that can still be effective and cost 1/10 of what Julio does. He constantly wanted more and more money from the Falcons, putting us into cap hell, and then wonders why we have no money to pay a defense. Looking at Brady he was never the highest payed player, but Stafford was the highest payed player who never could win. The Chiefs may even be going that way after the Mahomes contract, as they had to cut both of their tackles due to cap reasons. Honestly your priority as a player can either be make as much as possible, or make a ton of money but shave some off to help pay for other positions to put your team in a better spot to win. Wherever he goes it will be hard for him to be successful if he wants to be payed what he did here, as the team will have to make cuts.

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