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Applying for jobs with a disability

A bit about me: I'm deaf, but am not the stereotypical deaf person. I can speak, and due to my two cochlear implants, can hear well enough to keep up with a conversation. I've been told by other people that they wouldn't have known I was deaf, if not for my visible sound processors attached to my head.

The issue is, despite my implants, I cannot hear well enough over the phone. To get around this, I've been giving my wife's cell phone number, as we do not have a landline phone. A few people have called, only to state that the job requires me hearing on the phone, and hang up.

Often, when filling out online job applications, I'm truthful about my disability when asked for EEOC purposes, if I have a disability. Other times, there's an comment box to supply additional information that I may want the hiring manager to know, and so far have been a bit concerned about mentioning my hearing disability, out of fear of having my application rejected for those reasons.

Today, while app

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