Truth about Tamil Nadu

I posted the following to a thread posted in the Tamil Nadu. It can get removed because it goes against the popular perception. So I am posting my response here:

" This kind of feel good mindset arises from ignorance. This poster probably is not on the receiving end of hatred. As a result he thinks it is absent in TN. Hatred is very much present in TN, like everywhere else. It is just that it is not focused in the same direction as that in North India. The poster does not realize that North India is not a homogenous entity either, which arises from ignorance. Based on what he writes and that of others in the state, for them North means an Aryan dominated, Hindu state that is arrogant and wants everyone to speak in Hindi, their mother tongue. They have been fed this simplistic world view by decades old Dravidian ideology which was created on the basis of hatred. Before I go further, let me say clearly

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I'm the reason TikTok got banned... my bad

So, you’ve probably heard that the social media app called TikTok has been banned by the United States government. The ban has yet to take official effect, and the whole thing is honestly pretty complicated.

The reason most sources have cited it because the app is Chinese designed and has been implicated with various breaches of privacy and illegal collection of data. This whole thing is basically a proxy, cyber war between paranoid factions if you ask me, but honestly, it doesn’t even matter. Now, as rewarding and constructive as it can be to discuss politics on the internet with strangers, I’d rather not go down that path right now. It’s not the real reason it got banned anyways; I am… at least I think I am.

I imagine half of you reading this right now probably hate me already, but please just hear me out. Feel free to lambast and or praise me in the comments if you wish, but I’m not here to make myself famous or gain any sort of clout. I’m here because something truly horrifying

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Transformative Access Project Workshops at SDS on Saturday (UPDATES BELOW)

*Please note that links to each workshop have been updated.

Scroll below for the updated 'virtual location' of the meeting. Description/times/virtual locations can also be found at

Dear Community,

Ohio State’s Transformative Access Project (TAP) is glad to bring you a series of wo

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Teen Titans #10 - Cut Loose

##Teen Titans #10 - Cut Loose

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Author: AdamantAce

Book: Teen Titans

Arc: Discord

Set: 22


Recommended Reading:



“So what did the doctor say?” Vic asked with bated breath.

Vic Stone, Dick Grayson and Gar Logan all stood around the hospital bed, in a room wit

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Bottling up your emotions, isn't healthy. Nor is pretending like everything is okay.

You know getting ghosted by someone is probably one of the worst ways to find out you have been broken up with. Especially if you were dating them for a year and 9 months and it was long distance and you were saving up money for a plane ticket to see them. Whats worse is when they use your netflix and still ignore you. Whats worse is the realization that comes when you try to text them after a week of no communication on their part and you realize they have blocked your number and blocked you on instagram. Then lie to you on skype that they have a lot of work to do and can't talk. Then 20 minutes later on snapchat post themselves using your netflix account with the caption "hmu". Oh i'm bitter, really bitter. Whats worse is when you try to move on they come back in and try to mend things then give you the cold shoulder. Then they repeat the cycle until you don't fucking understand what is going on. Then one day its all really over, and you are still fucking confused about what went on,

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