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Couple of observations
  1. If you watch with closed captions, you'll notice that Candahar Sr. (the father)'s name is "Wallace": Wallace Candahar. Awfully similar to "Cantar Walley", transposed. In Urdu, Cantar means "small bridge" and Walley is a UK surname... making the whole name a fishy pseudonym to begin-with. Did the writers bury something in there? Maybe that is why the Candahar family is otherwise so closely involved.

  2. A lot has otherwise been passed-over (and, perhaps, intentionally kept in the dark) in the original arc that had John becoming acquaintances with James/"Spike" (from MI6) and the untold details that tie him to John's current mission versus their original mission in Egypt. >! When they cut to James in "Army of Strangers" and he's seemingly muttering gibberish to his SO on the beach about tracking the jellyfish... he seems to very directly be talking about John's figurative jellyfish, as this is the exact point that everyone gets drawn in: McMillan's whole travel s

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