[A Rookie’s Film Essay] What the Telugu film industry should have learnt from the success of Athadu.

So, uh, hi. This is my first post here. I know this is going to be very long and you might already be disinterested, but bear with me, and you might learn some cool things happening outside of Hollywood.

I decided to make this after realising how the quality of Telugu movies refused to rise after an entire decade. Sure, the image and sound quality is better, but the real quality has stagnated. So, in order to make an essay like this, I had to find the highest-quality Telugu movie ever made. I know this post won’t do the movie justice, but it’s worth it if it gets the real attention it deserves.

Just because the most common genre in Telugu film is Action, I picked a movie from the same genre.

This is where Athadu comes in.

The full movie is on YouTube, with zero copyright issues. Turn on the captions for subtitles.

Now why did I pick this movie?

The resolution is garbage compared to most modern movies and the sound quality is extremely outdated (

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