I'm the reason TikTok got banned... my bad

So, you’ve probably heard that the social media app called TikTok has been banned by the United States government. The ban has yet to take official effect, and the whole thing is honestly pretty complicated.

The reason most sources have cited it because the app is Chinese designed and has been implicated with various breaches of privacy and illegal collection of data. This whole thing is basically a proxy, cyber war between paranoid factions if you ask me, but honestly, it doesn’t even matter. Now, as rewarding and constructive as it can be to discuss politics on the internet with strangers, I’d rather not go down that path right now. It’s not the real reason it got banned anyways; I am… at least I think I am.

I imagine half of you reading this right now probably hate me already, but please just hear me out. Feel free to lambast and or praise me in the comments if you wish, but I’m not here to make myself famous or gain any sort of clout. I’m here because something truly horrifying happened, and the world deserves to know the truth.

I was an avid user of TikTok, regularly wasting hours just browsing random videos and periodically making my own. My lawyer has recommended not sharing my username for reasons that will become evident soon enough, so sorry in advance. I had a modest following, but nothing crazy. Most of my videos involved me doing dumb little skits or filming my cats doing something funny. Never had anything big, and by all accounts it was nothing out of the ordinary.

I live with my parents, and one night I was home alone playing some Apex Legends when my bedroom door just suddenly shut. It made me jump, and I turned around to see what happened. I fully anticipated seeing my brother or another family member with a smug grin, but no one was there.

I got eliminated shortly after and got up to check the house, still a bit unnerved. My parents were away for the weekend visiting my grandma, and my brother was supposed to be staying the night at a friend’s house. I figured he must’ve come home instead, but after searching the house and calling his name, I didn’t find him.

I figured he was hiding to try and scare me, because that asshole loves to make me jump and it’s not very difficult. I finally decided to call him, only to find out he was in fact still at his friend’s house. I felt chills slither down my spine when he sent me a selfie of himself to prove it.

I thought about calling the police thinking that someone had broken in, but there

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Transformative Access Project Workshops at SDS on Saturday (UPDATES BELOW)

*Please note that links to each workshop have been updated.

Scroll below for the updated 'virtual location' of the meeting. Description/times/virtual locations can also be found at https://u.osu.edu/transformativeaccess/sdsosu-2020/.

Dear Community,

Ohio State’s Transformative Access Project (TAP) is glad to bring you a series of workshops on Saturday, April 4th to explore access as a collective, pedagogical, and community-based process. Our workshops were not originally planned with a global pandemic in mind, but current events make their topics all the more important, and our move online allows us to include as many attendees as possible.

Free and open to the public, the workshops are held in collaboration with the adjacent Society for Disability Studies Conference and Multiple Perspectives Conference. We are also working with Ohio State’s [Graduate Association of Mental Health Action and Advocacy](https://nam02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Forg.osu.edu%2Fgamhaa%2Fabout-us%2F&data=02%7C01%7Cciwertz%40bgsu.edu%7Cfb3870bb509d49f5dd2508d7d7f8f8d1%7Ccdcb729d51064d7cb75ba30c455d5b0a%7C1%7C1%7C637215336642929218&sdata=X%2FDsO5yY8V1h2zj%2BFQ3

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Teen Titans #10 - Cut Loose

##Teen Titans #10 - Cut Loose

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Author: AdamantAce

Book: Teen Titans

Arc: Discord

Set: 22


Recommended Reading:



“So what did the doctor say?” Vic asked with bated breath.

Vic Stone, Dick Grayson and Gar Logan all stood around the hospital bed, in a room with rejuvenated warmth, their weary faces soothed to ones of hope. In the centre of the room, Rose Wilson (as the paperwork referred to her) lay propped up against the headboard, her skin almost as pale as her flowing, wintry hair. Her eyes were heavy, her spirit subdued and floaty, a nothing like her usual attitude.

“He wasn’t gentle,” Rose smiled, “Massive nerve damage. I’m ‘lucky to be alive’... but he says it’s nothing a shitton of physiotherapy can’t fix.”

The room lit up. Dick’s eyes flickered, a weight removed. He took a deep breath, moving away from the bed slightly and steadying himself against the bedside table. Vic smiled solemnly. But Gar, however, exploded.

“Oh my god! That’s…” he beamed, “That’s amazing! How long—?”

“Anywhere from six months to two years.” Rose seemed almost exhausted by Gar’s mass energy, and while she was saddened at the long road ahead, was much uplifted by Gar’s immediate enthusiasm.

Hours passed. Over time, the boys would slip in and out of the room, going on coffee runs or breaks for fresh air, but at every moment sure to leave at least one of them with Rose to keep her company. At one point, even Metropolis’ star reporter Clark Kent stopped by for a half hour, taking the time out of his busy day to see how Rose was doing. Tears were shed, sentiments were shared. Then, for the first time, Dick was left alone with her.

“Rose… I’m…” Dick moved over to the young girl and took her hand lightly, a tense smile on his face. Months ago, Ros

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Bottling up your emotions, isn't healthy. Nor is pretending like everything is okay.

You know getting ghosted by someone is probably one of the worst ways to find out you have been broken up with. Especially if you were dating them for a year and 9 months and it was long distance and you were saving up money for a plane ticket to see them. Whats worse is when they use your netflix and still ignore you. Whats worse is the realization that comes when you try to text them after a week of no communication on their part and you realize they have blocked your number and blocked you on instagram. Then lie to you on skype that they have a lot of work to do and can't talk. Then 20 minutes later on snapchat post themselves using your netflix account with the caption "hmu". Oh i'm bitter, really bitter. Whats worse is when you try to move on they come back in and try to mend things then give you the cold shoulder. Then they repeat the cycle until you don't fucking understand what is going on. Then one day its all really over, and you are still fucking confused about what went on, the only thing you do know is that they are fucking someone else. Lovely.

You know whats the worst and I mean the worst, is when everyone treats you emotions like they are expendable. I get hurt, i don't try to show it to much but I do get hurt. Just because I say its okay and I say its fine and I say I understand, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. Its tiring to have to deal with bullshit from people, for once I would enjoy someone considering what I felt. Just cause I have mental issues and pretend I don't notice all the hateful comments and blatant disrespect does not mean it doesn't hurt. I am not invincible,yes I am proud to be who I am and I like to the person I am. But it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when you groan when I talk, tell me to shut the fuck up, call me an idiot, roll your eyes when I walk in a room, or move away from me when I sit by friends who happen to be in close proximity to you. I get the message, I don't like it but I get it. You are all seniors in high school to, why the fuck are you acting like middle schoolers. I'm sorry I exist or I am the way I am, I try my best to not be annoying or irritating I really do, but i guess it is the way I am. I'm sorry, maybe I'll just shut up now. You will never have to see me again however, so oh frabjous day to you.

Its already shit that my dad thinks i am annoying and that I am pushing him to his "limit". I'm sorry I can't be your perfect indian child like my sister. Isn't getting into USC for Comp Sci enough, is

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