Inside the online cult of #JusticeforSSR The story of three men united by their fever-pitch resentment towards Rhea Chakraborty, and their anger and grief at the death of a Bollywood star.

A picture posted on a popular Facebook group shows actor Rhea Chakraborty next to a coronavirus illustration. “Which virus is more dangerous?” shouts the text on the image. The caption says: “2020 worst year in the history of mankind. The two most dangerous virus against humanity.”

The Facebook group in question is called “Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput”. With over one lakh followers, it’s peppered with posts hashtagged #ArrestRheaChakraborty and #IAmSushant.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“She should be hanged,” said Singh Dheeraj, one of the group’s five administrators. “But then again, in our country, it took very long for even Afzal Guru or Yakub Memon to be hanged..."

Dheeraj is a final-year engineering student in Faridabad. He agreed to talk to me over a Facebook Messenger call only after he confirmed that I’m a “nationalist”. “I’m against anti-nationalism,” he told me. About being one of the admins of the Facebook group, he said, chuckling: “I have not told my

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A Guide to Mumbai for ESL One Mumbai

So after reading this post:

I thought I would make a similar one for ESL one Mumbai. Granted ESL one Mumbai is not as big as most tournaments I thought that if any foreigners come they might want a guide to Mumbai.

For this post I am assuming that you have attained a visa and have made travel plans to get to Mumbai and go back home.

At the Airport

Firstly always take a prepaid Cab out of the Airport or if you have hired a car service make sure you use that DO NOT use the local taxis unless absolutely necessary (this rule applies to the trip from the airport to the hotel only mainly because local taxis are not allowed inside unless associated with a prepaid service and the ones that are inside despite this and offer to help you will definitely try to cheat you). To do this go

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Indians of reddit, we have 24 hours to Save Net Neutrality in India.

EDIT: An hour and a half left.

The Government has called for Comments or Suggestions on Recommendations of Committee on Net Neutrality on However, this is open only till the 15th of august, which is Independence Day in india. This date/time seems calculated to minimize the responses they'll receive in favour of net neutrality.

AIB's latest video explains the latest development - (Please turn on Closed Captions. Some portions of the video are in Hindi).

More from the SaveTheInternet Team -

Alternatively You can go directly to MyGov and post your comments there -

It takes 5 minutes

You can use any of the following templates as your comment. Please mix and match and add your own comments if you want and its not necessar

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Need Help!! Im on verge to get insane.

I don’t understand this situation. There are tons of thoughts in mind. Revolving around my mind. Pain, agony, sadness, depression, suicide, loneliness, disappointment. Hence I’m writing down all my issues.
I have been struggling thought heart break and this isn’t an ordinary heartbreak. It simply shattered my mind completely. I use to save our meets and places we visited along with the number of steps taken and km travelled on foot!! Count was 518 places together visited, over 619000 km travelled together! Now the counter doesn’t move. It was a 10 years relationship. I could partially overcome, because the reason for heartbreak wasn’t said while the closure and many other reasons which I will mention here! It made me insane, thousands of memories and words shared/said to each other. How could a relation go that badly in the end which was so beautiful! While leaving relationship, she said relation was shit!! Since ten years she was staying in shit and she realised on 10th year! My p

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The Polder Times, NO.3

<- Previous Post

NO.3 11/22/13

^November ^22, ^2013 The Polder Times ^Edition ^NO.3

>Polders repel combined Japanese and Hun Attack

Let's be honest here. The Oda Nobunaga and Attila the Hun are the worst warmongers in the world, being in 2nd and 3rd place only to Gandhi. So we should have seen it coming when They signed an agreement to launch a surprise attack on the Netherlands.

>"I will destroy all your Polders! HAHAHAHAHA!" -Attila the Hun

Upon realizing the infringing threat upon their borders, William of the Netherlands has asked for help to all great nations that weren't total dicks (like Gandhi) and enlisted them to help him fight off a great threat to the entire world (like that of Gandhi's). Among those who answered the call was Enrico Dandolo, who sent a portion of Venice's infinite gold to Polderdam to aid the war effort, and Sejong of Korea, even though they already

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My (21f) acquaintance (21f) of a month drunkenly branded me a racist. It blew up and I have no idea how to handle this.

I (Sarah) am a senior in college, and I'm in a music group on campus. I have a lot of friends in this group, including "Lydia" and "Jay." I don't know Jay that well, but other ensemble friends do, and he seems to genuinely be a sweetheart. The problem here is his girlfriend, "Amrita."

Recently Lydia has been working with Jay on job applications, since they're applying to some of the same companies. Additionally, she's become closer to him outside of that (there's no sexual tension there -- just friends.) This is also true of another ensemble friend, "Mark." Consistently, I hear that no matter where Jay is, Amrita shows up every time. She shows up to our apartment when Jay comes over to work with Lydia; to Mark and Jay's lunches; to a workshop downtown we all went to, etc.

Lydia and Mark have both said several times that Amrita can be dismissive of and mean to Jay at times. From what I've seen of her, I believe it. She's bubbly and outgoing, but that can sometimes translate into be

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