Anniversary: Booking Bray Wyatt breaking The Undefeated Streak of The Undertaker: The New Face of Fear

Build To Wrestlemania XXXI

Week after week, we see a desperate Bray Wyatt trying to provoke the Undertaker, and with the aid of the hammer punctures nails through the wooden frame of a coffin. β€œ"For what seems like since the dawn of time, The Undertaker has been the embodiment of evil, darkness in it's most pure form. But what happens when the time arrives that death himself must die? The time when even the reaper must wave his final goodbye? The time is nigh, have no fear my fellow fireflies. For Sister Abigail has said that I am the one... the one who will save us. Unlike yourself time is always on my side. Follow the buzzards...." Undertaker responds with silence as he reflects Bray’s cryptic words.

On one episode of Smackdown, Bray is sitting next to the wooden coffin in the middle of the darkened ring flanked by the Wyatt Family. "Do you fear that this silver tongued fool, that this mortal can finally lay death to rest? They told me I was worthless and I have accepted if I beat you what does it make you? I have accepted my's time for the Phenom to accept his." Bray douses the coffin in gasoline and sets it ablaze. But the Kane emerges from the coffin! With a series of left and right big boots, The Kane clears the ring as The Wyatt Family flee.

The next week, Paul Bearer cuts a promo with Kane, welcoming Bray's challenge saying if he wants to face death himself, then he must enter through Hell's Gate guarded by The Devil's Favorite Demon. He is to the Undertaker as Cerberus is to Hades. Bray looks down at his lantern and says Abigail's flame burns brightest and will guide him through any obstacle. Even through the darkest depths of the night, Abigail protects her fireflies. A momentous main event is made as it is announced Kane with face Wyatt in an Inferno match!

Kane vs Bray Wyatt: Inferno Match

The two heavy hitters have a bruising bout trading tedious left and rights, brawling amongst the flames. Kane goes for a choke slam but as he lifts Wyatt, Wyatt nails a Sister Abigail! Wyatt tosses the corpse into the flame as he celebrates his victory. After the match, The Wyatt Family pounce on a wounded Kane with Wyatt directs traffic. Harper lands a Discus Clothesline as Rowan feeds Kane to Wyatt and sets up a Sister Abigail when the infamous gong is heard. The lights go black and it’s the Undertaker! With a series of big boots, Taker clears the ring. Wyatt scurries to the foot of his rocking chair for refuge as Taker

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"Hagamos este trabajo y nos paguen."

REAL NAME: Roberto Rodriguez Jr.
AGE: mid 70s
BASE: Tijuana
OCCUPATION: Bio Engineer
RELATIONS: Wife (Deceased) Daughter(Deceased)
VOICE: Danny Trejo

"ΒΏQuΓ© deseas?"
(sarcastically) "I read you, sir."
"Quid pro quo"
"Todas las cosas buenas para los que esperan."
"You should know this isn't personal!"
"This can only end with one of us dead, and I have never died."
"Don't live in regret, ese."
"Does this look like a team orientated group of individuals to you?"
"I don't have time to f*** around."

ROLE: Support
HEALTH: 240 (80 Life, 80 Armor, 80 Shield)
FORWARD SPEED: 8.33 meters per second
BASE SPEED: 6 meters per second

Vulture is a speedy dive support hero, able to outpace any other character in the game, base speed able to keep up with a sprinting Soldier 76. Vulture's mobility affords him the choice of waiting to engage enemies at their weakest, flanking and turning backline defenses to rubble while also healing his frontline allies.


Sticky Grenades (Primary Fire/Weapon)
TYPE: Projectile
DAMAGE: 50-80 Primary Target, 20-40 Splash
AOE: 1 meter
FALLOFF RANGE: 20 to 40 meters
SPREAD ANGLE: Wide Parabolic Arch
RATE OF FIRE: 2 rounds per .6 second (simultaneous fire)
RELOAD: .4 Seconds
DETAILS: Fire twin sticky grenades that heal allies and harm enemies.
DESCRIPTION: Vulture's primary fire are twin biotic grenades fired from a grenade launcher built into nose of his bike. These two rounds will travel together with a hitbox in the shape of a Frisbee, having a magnetic orbit like bolas, sticking to the first surface they encounter. The grenades will magnetically track toward any player near it's trajectory. Once stuck there is a .7 second delay before the grenades explode, not dissimilar in effect to a Tracer bomb. Grenades deal damage to enemies and heal Vulture's allies.

Love Tap (Secondary)
TYPE: Standard Melee
DAMAGE: 30-60
EFFECT: Additional Knockback
DESCRIPTION: Knockback foes with your chopper's momentum.
DETAILS: A skill of physical science, the momentum or speed of the chopper is directly linked to the amount of damage and knockback created when Vulture uses his melee attack.

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The Realm Part 7 - 'How to train your Griffin'

Note in advance; there is more after this, but while typing I realized how long the Griffin confrontation on its own was, and split part 7 into part 7 and 8. 8 will be tomorrow. (Also sorry for the flood of 4 parts in literally a day. We played a lot.)

>So BroCode and DaggerEars finish the trek to Millstone from Dragons Hoard, and recuperate there for a night before continuing the search for their winged prey.

>First day of traveling on the road again looking for Griffin, roll D20 for random encounters.

>1-10 I have set as encounters, 10+ means they succeed in their goal, in this case being finding the Griffin.

>No luck day one, giant vultures instead.

>4 of them.

>I am kinda skeptical as to whether or not this fight will be difficult.

>My suspicions are answered when Vultures roll lowest initiative, DaggerEars goes first.

>Rest of initiative doesn't matter at all because he rolls well enough to one shot all 4 of them with chain lightning as they are diving.

>The bodies of these buzzards are singed and smoking a little bit as they thump into the ground around our heroes.

>Time for day 2.

>Roll 16, they found the Griffin already.

>Well I was gonna turn their search for the Griffin into a sort of mini-game in itself, requiring tracking checks and such as they travel inside the random encounters, but I guess finding it outright works...

>'You are walking on the mountain path headed south on your second day when a loud eagle cry breaks out over the silence.' -Me

>'I take a defensive stance and roll perception to search for the Griffin.' -BroCode OOC

>'I start getting the goat meat out of my pack.' -DaggerEars OOC

>BroCode's perception roll is high enough to spot the Griffin.

>It was flying in front of the sun towards them, trying to use the glare to hide its approach, it almost worked too because BroCode can only just barely see its wings flapping around the edge of the sun. Since it is too bright to look directly at it.

>Points it out to DaggerEars, whom has now laid out half of the goat meat on the road. They both take a few paces backwards.

>About 40 seconds later the Griffin is coming in to land. Descending with it's wings half folded up against its back, diving like a hawk.

>About 40 feet above the ground the Griffin spreads it's wings out and gives one last powerful flap of its wings, spanning probably 40 feet.


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Crows vs Vultures

Which one of the two birds is more ferocious/powerful?

Round 1: Crow vs Vulture

Round 2: pack of Crows vs pack of Vultures

Round 3: Crow vs Buzzard

Round 4: Vulture vs Buzzard

Round 5: FFA of a pack of all 3. (they're all bloodlusted)

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Sting's Road to WrestleMania

Ever since Sting left TNA and rumors began to surface that he might be talking with WWE, the wheels in my armchair booking mind began to churn. I don't type my fantasy booking ideas out usually, but I really like this one, so I am typing it up for a blog and thought I would share it here. I will mostly be just describing what will happen, but I might throw in exact dialogue occasionally...

Hall of Fame Ceremony: Bray Wyatt mocks Steve Bordon backstage at Hall of Fame...

  • Steve Bordon will be at the ceremony to support his former tag partner the Ultimate Warrior. There will be a backstage interview segment with Steve, where the interview talks with him and asks some basic questions, nothing to even suggest he is returning to ring in WWE. Shortly after the segment begins, Bray Wyatt and the Family run into Sting backstage. Wyatt will mock Sting, saying he is another one like Cena and Hogan and Bryan who always wanted to be the hero. No physical confrontation, but it will be very clear that Wyatt's words have had an effect on Steve Bordon.

WrestleMania: John Cena Vs. Bray Wyatt, Hogan is injured...

  • John Cena narrowly defeats Bray Wyatt, but Wyatt wins the war, because Cena is beaten down again after the match and handcuffed. Some sort of spot after the match too where Hogan steps in, but the Wyatt family do some sort of special effect like a fireball or a pair of brass knuckles to take Hogan out (something to make it seem legitimate, but keep Hogan safe). Cena appears okay when Wyatt's leave, but the injury of Hogan seems very serious.

RAW after WrestleMania: The Hero Returns...

  • A hell in the cell is above the ring. Cena comes out at the top of show and calls out Bray Wyatt. He talks about the severity of Hogan's injuries and challenges him to a hell in the cell match, tonight and Wyatt accepts.

  • As they hype it up through the night, at some point they will show the footage of Wyatt and Sting, and Michael Cole and Lawler are so up in arms about Wyatt insulting and legend who was a guest at the ceremony. Use it also as a transition to hype for the debut of Nitro on the Network the next day. They can have a package of Sting, and basically use this segment as a way to introduce Sting as someone who is a legend to newer fans without being overbearing about it.

  • Later in the night, in the main event, Cena and Wyatt face off in the cell, and through some shenanigans, Harper and Rowen enter the cell and they handcuff Cena

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