[REVIEW] Biggest Haul Of My Life (So Far) - Canada Goose, LV and more!!!

Hi ladies, the beginning of autumn and the school year calls for a haul, which is like the title says, the biggest I have ever ordered at once. I'm currently writing the draft of this review and I am SO EXCITED. This might be long but I have a lot to say! I won't be including in hand images other than a group one but if anyone would like any of a certain item just ask in the comments:) Now to the details:

14/09 Processed the haul using Superbuy

18/09 9kg Haul shipped via EMS ($117.34 ouch)

20/09 Received

Total: $531 + $117.34 shipping (by paypal)

Side note: My partner and I ship together so the shipping cost was influenced by his clothes but the item total is purely from my portion:)


168cm 60kg, usually wear a XS-S in trousers and S-M in tops, 34C

  1. MacMillan Parka Black Label - wechat: feiyu1816

Auth | Warehouse | Taobao | Price: $150.61 | Small

Firstly, I know that the W2C link prices the jacket as higher than what I paid. My partner bought from the seller multiple times last year so this year he was willing to give me a discounted price. I bought a men's coat in a S because I hate the way all of the coats in the women's section come in at the waist.

Quality: 10/10 I feel rich wearing this coat. It is so comfortable to wear and the materials just feel like good quality. Very weighted and will definitely save me from the UK winter. I can't think of anything that would take a point away and don't see any difference in quality between this and auth.

Satisfaction: 10/10 Love it.

Accuracy: 9.5/10 I tried the coat on in store and took a picture of the badge for qc-ing. When I first saw the badge in the superbly qc I panicked because some letters looked off and the leaves were too thick. But, when compared with the auth badge... the seller was able to replicate Canada Goose's own flaws more or less perfectly. *inputs reminder that even brands get it wrong*. The lining on the inside is also very similar to auth and the tags are correct.

Communication: 10/10 feiyu is great. His English is decent and I have no complaints. He seems to have blown up over at r/fashionreps too so if any of you would like a Canada Goose I would definitely recommend reaching out to him.

  1. Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons M
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