Two young women vanish without a trace in the same area within 9 months of one another. 21 years later, they still haven’t been found. What happened to Elizabeth Chauand Lola Shenkoya?


Elizabeth was a 19 year old Vietnamese woman studying at Thames Valley University when she went missing. Described as ‘caring and considerate’, she was also known as Liz and liked a drink at the Student Union bar. Liz was 5’2” and slim when she disappeared, with shoulder-length layered hair and brown eyes.

Lola was a 27 year old temp worker when she went missing. Described as a devout Christian, she had a degree in Computer Technology. Lola was 5’5” and slim when she disappeared, with brown shoulder-length hair.


On Friday 16th April 1999, Liz handed in a University assignment and went for a quick drink at the Student’s Union bar with a friend. There’s some slightly differing information regarding the timing of what happened next. One source states that she left the SU bar at 5.50PM and headed down Uxbridge Road in the direction of her home in West Ealing. She was captured on CCTV walking past the local police station just past 6PM. A different source states that a friend saw her in town at 5.30PM - I suspect that this sighting is actually the word of the friend she went for a drink with, worded differently on different sources. After this, Liz was never seen again. She had none of her possessions with her (including her passport) and no money has been withdrawn from her bank account since. On the day of her disappearance, Liz was wearing a purple jumper, a sleeveless black body warmer, jeans, brown boots, a silver watch and a gold necklace, and she had a black shoulder bag and a blue arch folder with her.

On Monday the 3rd of January 2000, Lola returned home from her temp job at Entertainment UK in Perivale at some point between 4 and 4.30PM. She was unable to get into her Swyncombe Avenue home because her sister owned the only key and wasn’t in, so it’s speculated (based on eyewitness accounts) that she took the E2 bus from Northfield Avenue to Haven Green, where she disembarked the bus outside a Burger King. Lola hasn’t been seen since. On the day of her disappearance, Lola was wearing blue jeans, a black coat, a grey scarf, a blue velvet hat and black leather shoes.


As of 2011, Liz’s sister Bic still had the same phone number just in case Liz tried to get in touch. Liz’s mother Phung continues to look for her, and Liz’s brother Minh remains distraught. In 2011, Lola’s little sister Yewande (then age 27) said she was hopeful someone would come forward.

In 2004, then-48 year old Andrzej Kunowski was arrested in connectio

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