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When I needed help writing an essay for a class, I did a deep dive into the Best Essay Writing Service from Reddit page moderated by r/HomeworkCentral. I found a ton of essay writing services in this subreddit, but I know not everyone has the time to look through all the posts. So, I’ve summarized it here!

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Finding a great essay writing service can seem like a daunting task. Below is a complete guide to finding and using an essay writing service to turn in quality, original work.

How to Choose an Essay Writing Service on Reddit

* You get what you pay for. Everyone wants the best quality work, but in this open market, the price of a great essay may be higher than you expect. Don

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So sad that I messed up on my bibliography

So part of my rubric was making sure there were on errors on my MLA bibliography. Otherwise, I would get a Fully Meeting Expectations (B), which was 1-5 errors in formatting.

I looked at my bibliography now, and saw that there was http:/ in front of the websites, despite me using zoterobib.

I was scared. I thought my other bibliography for the last project also had the same mistake. It did. I was in denial. I thought this was a draft, or this was a mistake. This couldn't be my last bibliography.

Turns out, it was. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to turn back the future. It was making me a little mentally unstable.

I realized later that I deleted my previous bibliography, and that was because it wasn't double spaced, so I thought that it was wrong. I did double check. I triple checked the bibliography for errors. Problem was, I didn't check another set of instructions for electronic publications, and not just for the general set of bibliography citation types (book, journal etc)


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Ten Essential Tips for College Students

I've been in college for four years now. In the past four years, I've made my fair share of mistakes, discoveries, and just little tricks that make the whole experience infinitely easier. I figured that I'd post a few of these for everyone's perusal, and hopefully it will help someone out! While I may not post all ten right away, they will be up within the day.

1.) Textbooks

The bane of every poor college student's existence, textbooks are a money vacuum - plain and simple. However, there are so many ways to mitigate the excessive cost of your textbooks.

First, while I would never advocate pirating textbooks, I will say that you'd be surprised what a textbook name or author's last name will turn up on the popular torrenting sites. They may be an older edition, but the changes between two editions are usually minimal.

*Second, your university library is likely to have copies of some textbooks available. If you are the early bird, you may just get the worm in this instance (T

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Expert in all kind of essay, thesis, dissertation, annotated bibliography, literature review, English assignments writing and online classes.


If you are fed up with so many assignments or you have tried to determine what to write, but you cannot find anything, then you do not need to worry. A student needs to have free time to have fun and relax. The homework online services for sale is an ideal solution for any student who is overwhelmed or cannot find time for his or her assignments.

What Classes Can Take My Online Class Help Me With?

Click the following links to check out each course offering for your degree program: high school, undergraduate, or graduate.

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Research Paper Writing Guide from the Best Essay Writing Service on Reddit

Students’ life is one of the most exciting periods for every person who studies in high school, college, or university. New friends, funny stories, outstanding professors, amazing events, and lots of memorable moments that will remind about years of education. Everything seems fine; even numerous home tasks cannot distress you unless one day your professor gives you the assignment to write a research paper. Now you have faced a real challenge because writing a research paper is not a piece of cake. To cope with this task successfully and provide a quality paper, you need to have excellent critical thinking skills and be good in analysis. Besides, a research paper is not a 3-page essay that you can write in one day. You need to spend much time gathering credible information to satisfy the requirements of the assignment.

What a Research Paper is

Even when students have enough time to write a good research paper, they often fail to get the highest grade. The most common reason for t

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LPT: Microsoft Word can cite your sources for you in any common format (MLA, APA, ISO)

Look under the references tab and there is a section for "Citation and Bibliography" that a surprising number of people don't know of yet.

When you hit "Insert Citation" it opens a box that prompts you to input all the required (or available) information in to create the citation.

(In the version I'm using) It can cite in around 15 different styles and create a properly formatted Bibliography/Works Cited as you add sources. It's pretty useful if you're like me and turn to MLA/APA generator websites and such. Much more convenient to have it right in your word processor.

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How should I format my bibliography?

I'm approaching my 3-year anniversary working from home, and I've racked up a lot of bylines --- 100/month for most months. Up until now, my strategy has been to have a bibliography landing page with links to pages for individual years, which use headers to separate months and lists bylines in MLA format (English major habits die hard) with links. I like this system because I can go to any given page and use CTRL + F to find all of my articles on a certain topic or for a particular site, but it's starting to feel a bit unruly, not to mention the fact that it causes my WP back-end to lag a heckin lot.

Should I tough it out and continue with this long-form bib system, or just have links to my author pages at various websites?

Thanks for your input!

Note: one website I write for does not have proper author pages, so I'm not certain that this would work for all my outlets.

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Drowning in Debt, I need surgery badly but must pay off debt. Willing to work for necessities so I can dump my income into my debt!

Hi there!

I need desperately to have 2 surgeries for a degenerative back condition that has recently forced me to drop from full time to part time work and is limiting my mobility severely. The pain is debilitating and I desperately need the surgery, but I can't have the surgery until I get out from debt for approximately 20K worth of debt. The reason I need to get out of the debt is because the recovery is long and for many weeks I will not be able to care for my 3 young children, my home and support my husband in daily tasks and for likely months after that I will still only be able to do minimal activities. That said, we'll need the income currently barely covering those debts in order to pay someone to help us, plus our income will be reduced while I am out of work. If we eliminate this debt, we reduce our monthly payments by about $1000 a month. Plenty of leeway to higher some help for a few hours a day.

If anyone can help out with basics, diapers wipes, clothes, grocery cards,

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