Using iA Writer for Academic Writing?

After using Notion for a while, I decided to try out iA Writer as they both have a similar minimalistic aesthetic and both support keyboard-only working. I want to fully work with iA writer for my academic writing, but there are two things which I could not figure out quite yet.

  1. Is there any way to make footnotes appear at the end of a page instead of the end of the document? (strictly speaking, aren't notes appearing at the end of the document called endnotes anyway?)
  2. is it possible to combine iA Writer with processing plugins from reference management software like Zotero? I am looking for functionalities like this one for Word, where you use a keyboard shortcut to put in certain references in the text. Problem is, Zotero only provides Plugins for LibreOffice, Google Docs and Word. The Zotero Documentations lists [a few plugins for plain text editors](
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