Proposal Writing Project (First Draft due on the 17th and the final submission is due on the 21st

Not looking for a high grade. I'm happy with a high C, low B. Pages in total should be roughly around 15-20 pages.

I. Memo (one page minimum; though mentioned here, this memo is only required for the final draft):

Here you willΒ describe your goals for the final project, highlighting your experiences and providing analysis of your peer-review and other editing work since the conference. You should update me on any changes made to or information learned about the problem you're addressing, your audiences, or anything else relevant, since topic selection. Be as detailed as possible while explaining the decision-making process that went into your final submission. At the end, please also provide more general comments about your experience in the course overall.

II: Audience Selection (1 pages minimum)

  • In this section, you will identify this project'sΒ Gatekeeper, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary audience members, following the model covered in the [reading](https://umd
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How to place page numbers one inch from bottom on pages with chapter heading and place text body one inch from bottom on pages without them?


How can I write a thesis class to place page numbers one inch from the bottom on pages with a chapter heading and place the text body one inch from the bottom on pages without a chapter heading (with page numbers in the header instead)?


My university's thesis guide has these things to say about pagination.

> Page numbers must be placed as defined by the style manual used by the student, except for those pages with major headings, i.e., bibliography, appendix, where the page number would be centered one inch from the bottom.

> ...

> Major headings such as chapter titles bibliography, and appendix should be typed in all capital letters and placed two inches from the top of the page. Page numbers appear one inch from the bottom of the page.

> ...

> The one-inch margin at the top of the page should be measured from the edge of the paper to the top of the page number; at the bottom of the page, the one-inch margin should be measured, as the

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The best tool for writing citations in MLA, APA and Chicago

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):

I am a third year English major with a concentration in Technical writing. I have had to write so many citations and there are two things that always surprises me when helping other English majors and non-majors. One is that college-aged students think they can still use bibliography generators and the other is that people do not know about this site. Hopefully, this can help some people out there. As many of us know, bibliography generators are often times not the best so this site gives countless examples of anything you could need for a citation and is extremely up to date. This can avoid plagiarism issues as well as making it super simple to do your own bibliographies with clear outlines

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Research Paper Writing Guide from the Best Essay Writing Service on Reddit

Students’ life is one of the most exciting periods for every person who studies in high school, college, or university. New friends, funny stories, outstanding professors, amazing events, and lots of memorable moments that will remind about years of education. Everything seems fine; even numerous home tasks cannot distress you unless one day your professor gives you the assignment to write a research paper. Now you have faced a real challenge because writing a research paper is not a piece of cake. To cope with this task successfully and provide a quality paper, you need to have excellent critical thinking skills and be good in analysis. Besides, a research paper is not a 3-page essay that you can write in one day. You need to spend much time gathering credible information to satisfy the requirements of the assignment.

What a Research Paper is

Even when students have enough time to write a good research paper, they often fail to get the highest grade. The most common reason for t

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PSA: Learn how to write a paper properly! You have tonnes of resources available at school.

Honestly, this is more of a rant.

But seriously, I'm a 4th year student and I still have group projects where people don't know how to write a proper paper. I mean... come on. APA is pretty much common, ASA probably not that much but it's not difficult to learn! You have so many resources provided to you by the school where they literally teach you how to write and yet I keep getting groupmates where they don't know what the fuck they're writing. I just have to give out three 0s in peer evaluations to my group mates because they can't write a goddamn essay for the life of them.

Outlines of papers:

  • Write your shit in third person. No "me, we, us, you," etc.

  • Introduction, Body, Conclusion

  • in more depth:: Introduction, Literature Review, Results, Implications, Recommendations, Conclusion.

  • A paragraph should have 5 sentences. Intro sentence, 2-3 body sentences, concluding sentence.

  • For apa, intext citation = blablabla (author's last name, year, page if required)

These are

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