So sad that I messed up on my bibliography

So part of my rubric was making sure there were on errors on my MLA bibliography. Otherwise, I would get a Fully Meeting Expectations (B), which was 1-5 errors in formatting.

I looked at my bibliography now, and saw that there was http:/ in front of the websites, despite me using zoterobib.

I was scared. I thought my other bibliography for the last project also had the same mistake. It did. I was in denial. I thought this was a draft, or this was a mistake. This couldn't be my last bibliography.

Turns out, it was. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to turn back the future. It was making me a little mentally unstable.

I realized later that I deleted my previous bibliography, and that was because it wasn't double spaced, so I thought that it was wrong. I did double check. I triple checked the bibliography for errors. Problem was, I didn't check another set of instructions for electronic publications, and not just for the general set of bibliography citation types (book, journal etc)


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