Using iA Writer for Academic Writing?

After using Notion for a while, I decided to try out iA Writer as they both have a similar minimalistic aesthetic and both support keyboard-only working. I want to fully work with iA writer for my academic writing, but there are two things which I could not figure out quite yet.

  1. Is there any way to make footnotes appear at the end of a page instead of the end of the document? (strictly speaking, aren't notes appearing at the end of the document called endnotes anyway?)
  2. is it possible to combine iA Writer with processing plugins from reference management software like Zotero? I am looking for functionalities like this one for Word, where you use a keyboard shortcut to put in certain references in the text. Problem is, Zotero only provides Plugins for LibreOffice, Google Docs and Word. The Zotero Documentations lists [a few plugins for plain text editors](
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MLA vs APA – An Ultimate Guide Of Citations

β€œ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”- Will Durant.

Nowadays, academic becomes an uphill task for the students as writing become a crucial part of their study. Usually, there are three styles in higher education in America: MLA, APA, and Chicago. The main objective of these citations is to maintain a plagiarism-free data within the format structure.

Here, we will provide the information regarding MLA citation and APA citation format. History and economics assignment use the Chicago style, whereas APA & MLA have some similarities and dissimilarities. Therefore, we have to select the format of both according to the assignment work and the standard of the assignment. This article gives the idea regarding MLA vs. APA with their respective formats.


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Academic referencing programs on chromebooks

Hi all

I'm looking at getting a chrome book as a cheap portable laptop for my masters degree but I'm concerned about being able to use referencing software to store and organise pdfs and reference in Google docs. I last used EndNote back in undergrad (>5 yrs ago) which plugged right into word.

Is there a similar program, either app or website that offers the same functionality for chrome books? How do you guys organise all your references while using chromeos

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The best tool for writing citations in MLA, APA and Chicago

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):

I am a third year English major with a concentration in Technical writing. I have had to write so many citations and there are two things that always surprises me when helping other English majors and non-majors. One is that college-aged students think they can still use bibliography generators and the other is that people do not know about this site. Hopefully, this can help some people out there. As many of us know, bibliography generators are often times not the best so this site gives countless examples of anything you could need for a citation and is extremely up to date. This can avoid plagiarism issues as well as making it super simple to do your own bibliographies with clear outlines

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LPT: Microsoft Word can cite your sources for you in any common format (MLA, APA, ISO)

Look under the references tab and there is a section for "Citation and Bibliography" that a surprising number of people don't know of yet.

When you hit "Insert Citation" it opens a box that prompts you to input all the required (or available) information in to create the citation.

(In the version I'm using) It can cite in around 15 different styles and create a properly formatted Bibliography/Works Cited as you add sources. It's pretty useful if you're like me and turn to MLA/APA generator websites and such. Much more convenient to have it right in your word processor.

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