If existence precedes essence, is Hume's Bundle Theory an existentialist analysis of beingness?

Hume's Bundle Theory struck me as something like an existentialist take on phenomenology.

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Beingness, the true Portal.

The matrix (your 3d World) is a play of energy of which you have the control you believe you have.
Hence, the most important part of Nevilles teachings being self concept.
Who are You? This question will materialize miracles if you trully investigate it. You are the consciousness from with the universe sprouts. Not Marco, not John, not Mary.

Simply dedicate your days living from this I Am place in you, being. Sharp, clear, engaged.
All the manifestations will come, because you are being limitless :D

PS. Beingness means being Present and enjoy life to the fullest reminding yourself that it is ALWAYS a bridge of events to your highest happiness.

As a good read 'The Surrender Experience' by Michael Singer

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DDJ 32: "Knowing cessation of this existence/beingness, there will thus be no disaster"

(my translation):



######Daodejing 32


>{32i} ้“ๅธธ็„ก ๅๆจธ. ้›–ๅฐ ๅคฉไธ‹่Žซ่ƒฝ่‡ฃไนŸ.

Dao, constantly of non-being/non-existence, is named uncarved^1 . Although small (because it is non-existent), all under heaven cannot subordinate it.

>{32ii} ไพฏ็Ž‹่‹ฅ่ƒฝๅฎˆไน‹ ่ฌ็‰ฉๅฐ‡่‡ช่ณ“.

If dukes and kings can maintain [this uncarvedness of non-existence], the ten-thousand things will submit-by-themselves [to it].

>{32iii} ๅคฉๅœฐ็›ธๅˆไปฅ้™็”˜้œฒ. ๆฐ‘่Žซไน‹ไปค ่€Œ่‡ชๅ‡.

[Just as] heaven and earth mutually unite to shower sweet rain โ€“ without [requiring any] order/instruction from people, [the water submits into] distributing evenly by-itself^2 .

>{32iv} ๅง‹ๅˆถๆœ‰ๅ ๅไบฆๆ—ขๆœ‰ ๅคซไบฆๅฐ‡็Ÿฅๆญข. ็Ÿฅๆญขๆ‰€ไปฅไธๆฎ†ใ€‚

When an administration has existent name/definition/form, it has [definite form] thus in existence. Know then to cease [this existence/beingness back into uncarvedness]. Knowing cessation, there will thus be no disaster^3 .

>{32v} ่ญฌ้“ไน‹ๅœจๅคฉไธ‹ ็Œถๅท่ฐทไน‹่ˆ‡ๆฑŸๆตท.

Then just as Dao [operates] under heaven, valley-streams [will distribute and lose

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You are not your thoughts. Your beingness is the source of thinking.

Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here? Why does the Universe exist? Where is my place here? We all have questions. We all are curious. We all want to know.

Knowledge is nice, to some degree. The final and most important knowledge is the knowing of one self- when that is known, everything else just comes and goes like clouds on the sky. You are the untoched sky full of love and bliss.

The whole cosmos is within you and what you do is what the whole Universe is doing, just like the wawe is what the whole ocean is doing- Allan Watts.

Just ask yourself "who/what am I". Where do you feel the center of yourself? That's the only truth. Everything else just flows like a river. The self is beyond physical boundaries and limitations- it is infinite and limitless- love.

Love = selflessness = infinity = your true nature.

You are wonderful, already complete and enlightened, just notice it and be free. <3

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Quality of Beingness
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"Be still. It takes no effort to be still. When your mind is still, you have no name, you have no past, you have no relationships, you have no country, you have no spiritual attainment, you have no lack of spiritual attainment. There is just the presence of Beingness with itself" โ€”Gangaji
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How can I get rid of blocks and feel my beingness?
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The Beingness of Being and the Nothing

After being and time Heidegger realised there were different epochs of being, each with their own particular characteristic ways of making things intelligible, like a series of irrupting event horizons as worldly reformulations whose causal zone evades rational thought on account of the self-secluding mysteries of the earth. (as an aside remember Plato grounded his polisphere in a superficial lie, an earthly simulacrum, in order to cement hierarchical sets and series?).

A key to Being is appreciating with each successive world horizon of Being, demarcating the limits of thought and what we can know, Being actually withdraws, becoming ever more remote, corrupted and misunderstood, up until Being becomes totally forgotten, subsumed, exhausted and overcome by the overwhelming gravitational pull of the metaphysical Nothing (something similar to Nietzsche's nihilism, first detected in Platonism).

Being and Nothing are understood as the same thing, but their significance is conditioned and

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[WP] After most to all strains of cancers are cured someone sets out to invent anticancer. But rather than geneplexes that are anticancerous: a new compund that improves beingness. The next step for them is to find a better name for the pro strains and strands than 'anticancer'.
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Just be - On what does your beingness depend? Nothing. What do you have to do to be? Nothing. Being is the only thing that you can be absolutely certain about

Easiest meditation, powerful meditation. You dont have to do anything, you can just be. You have nowhere to get to, to be, nothing to do. Do you have to concentrate to be? no, it is the letting go of attention. rupert spira says it is when attention return to its source (awareness). Everything is, because you are.

Some videos that talk about that:
https://youtu.be/eDNqt-x1zvU?t=58 - Mooji
https://youtu.be/VWjSDrBjrWM?t=54 - Mooji
https://youtu.be/w-CdASp2TGA?t=118 - Rupert Spira

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Here's a radical idea: the God of Christianity is not a Being, but BEINGNESS. Which renders Christ both Being and Beingness. Is that possible? firstthings.com/article/2โ€ฆ
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