6 million new members. Using statistics to make picks. DD for the upcoming week while everyone is focused on meme stocks.

Here's a breakdown of potential free money moves for tomorrow.

Noobs will load up on these companies because of Robinhood shitting the bed:

FIS (Fidelity National Information) based in Jacksonville, FL.

A financial processing company.


FNF (Fidelity National Financial) based in Jacksonville, FL.

Title insurance and mortgage company.


They literally have nothing to do with Fidelity Investments which is a privately held company based in Boston, MA who hold a AUM of $3.3 trillion.


But noobs don't know that.

Long GM, also known as General Motors based in Detroit, MI, because of the typos when people look for GME.


Long AMD also known as Advanced Micro Devices based in Santa Clara, CA.


>DD: D is next to C on the keyboard.

Boomers searching AMC will load up on AMD by accident.

Bonus points for AMCX if you like the Walking Dead.

Long BBY also known as Best Buy based in Richfield, MN.


BBY sounds like Blackberry also known as BB it is also very close to BBBY which is Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Shorting RH might be the move as well.

They're not Robinhood the broker. They're Restoration Hardware based in Corte Madera, CA.


Earlier this week, NYC area charity called Robin Hood came under attack with threats from angry customers as the GME saga escalated.


>Robin Hood is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We are not affiliated with any for-profit businesses that use a similar name.

Robin Hood NYC

>Fighting poverty in New York City for more than 30 years.

That's the average Internet user.

6 million degenerates joined /r/wallstreetbets in the last 2 weeks.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 21% of the adult population possess some form of illiteracy.


Out of 6 million, 1.26 million are illiterate.

According to various IQ testing agencies, 6.9% of the population tests below 80 IQ. 70-79 IQ is cognitively impai

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UWR Kiki @ PTQ Sacramento 6/14/04 [27th] (5-2-1) Tournament Report

Deck List (http://essentialmagic.com/Decks/View.asp?ID=1013438)

TL;DR: My Reddit-fu is still weak, so the article may be difficult to read compared to others, but I had a blast of a tournament, the deck performed very well, and I would recommend that anybody run a similar list whatever level your tournament. Tweak it to your tastes, play the heck out of it, and be confident!


I drove 8 hours from Joshua Tree to Santa Clara on Friday. I traded 5 duals from 25 modern staples. Saturday morning I arrived at the abandoned Bed Bath & Beyond ready to sleeve up some competitive magic. I picked up on site a card I'd forgotten (Hallowed Fountain) and a card I thought didn't exist in the state for sale (Peek) and had the full 75 I wanted. I was ready to get disembark. I had my sights set on top 8.

A brief aside on the deck: UWR Kiki is a control deck at heart that can win in one turn with a two-card combo -- Kiki + Pestermite or Kiki + Restoration Angel. You have the option any game to present one of three viable competitive gameplans: combo, tempo, or control, and you can switch between the three as the game progresses. Because of this, your opponent has to decide which gameplan they can best combat, and you use this information, as well as your draws, against them to figure out when to lie in wait and when ferociously pounce.

Round 1: Scapeshift. My worst matchup undeniably. Each game results in disaster.

Game 1 sees him electrolyze me down to 18 despite my best efforts to stay above that, and I'm left counting how many basics he has before I dive for my sideboard (3 islands, 2 forests - discouraging to say the least).

Game 2 I go for Blood Moon on turn 6, leaving up recast mana if it's remanded, as well as pay-for-mana-leak mana, as well as my own mana leak, but with four lands up he casts Swan Song. The next turn I Vendilion Clique him and see 3 Scapeshifts and an Izzet charm with him on 6 lands. I pack it in. I knew this was an awful matchup, and that I didn't really know how to win it, but losing so decisively was a blow.


Round 2: WR HateBears.

I won game 1 off controlling until I hit the combo. I did not feel threatened in the slightest, drawing enough removal to keep his beasts at bay (Mirran Crusader?). Many a Thalia died gloriously.

Game 2 he duded me out. Two Leonin Arbiters will do that, when coupled with Ghost Quarters and Path to Exiles. Things died, but eventually Eidolon of Pyrostatic Pill

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