How to choose a key for a karaoke?

Hello!!! Hope you're alright 😜 So my vocal coach has been giving me some songs to sing and sending me karaokes on youtube to practice. Many times I sing songs that are higher than my voice (I'm a baritone definitely) because I sing a lot of amy winehouse and jazz as well.

I expected the songs to be in a lower key but surprisingly, they are in a higher key than the original. I asked her about it and she said that it is better to go higher in key with the karaoke and then sing lower... But many times I find it easier to sing in a lower key Is she right or should I go for lower key karaokes?

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Could I possibly start with Baritone sax? I’d probably choose Tenor if I certainly definitely can’t.

I know it takes a lot of muscle and control. However, I am 6’9 (205cm) and over 300lbs and am pretty strong. While I haven’t spent THAT much time with reed instruments, I do play the French Horn so I have some experience with aerophones.

The main thing is I know I want to play Baritone and I don’t want to spend money on a Tenor unless it’s absolutely certain I have to learn it first.

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Baritone singer here. I feel like I could definitely use more breath support, but was wondering if anyone else had any advice?
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HS choir voice type profiles.


Definition: Dramatic, deaf, high-note loving cyborg with an affinity for maximum volume.

Negative Attributes: Superiority complex, irritability, profound hatred for bass section, drama divas.

Positive Attributes: Responsibility, independent vocal strength, very serious about choir. Reliable hard workers.

Lightbulb: It takes one soprano to screw in a lightbulb, because she holds it and the world revolves around her.

Likes/dislike: Hate everyone, especially the bass section - sometimes even more than the altos!

Quote: "Wait, crescendo? I was already as loud as I can be!"


Definition: Essentially a soprano, but can sight read, abstain from ultrasonic frequencies, and sing quietly.

Negative Attributes: A superiority complex as well, but definitely not to the extent of sopranos. Too quiet.

Positive Attributes: Strong in numbers, strong competitive drive.

Lightbulb: One screws in the lightbulb, the rest complain about it being too high.

Likes/dislikes: Likes bass, slightly dislikes tenors, at war with sopranos.

Quote: "Forte? Fortissimo? What the hell is that?"


Definition: The silent punching bag for the entire choirs anger problems, both hated and loved.

Negative Attributes: Understaffed & overworked section, spoiled.

Positive Attributes: Can compete in volume with the sopranos, chronic uncontrolled ADHD.

Lightbulb: They only think they can reach that high. It takes 2, 1 to climb the ladder and 1 to keep him from falsettoing off.

Likes/Dislikes Likes being spoiled by the choir director, dislikes the bass.

Quote: "La la la la... squirrel!"


Definition: Opposite of sopranos in every way.

Negative Attributes: Underappreciated & overlooked part.

Positive Attributes: Solid, dependable, & consistent. Tend to not hurt their voice as much.

Lightbulb: They don't do that stuff, they can't reach that high.

Likes/Dislikes: They're usually cool with everyone, but might dislike a soprano or tenor.... or 5.

Quote: "(Random deep sounding noises)"

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“I Think It’s Bullshit”: Trying to Define Cult Movies With Ron Perlman The baritone-voiced actor has definite cult films like ‘Cronos’ and kind-of-but-not-really cult films like ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Drive,’ so if there’s anyone who can provide clarity on this Hollywood genre, it’s him…
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For all the producers out there here's a solid FREE Saxophone VST Plugin called Saxophia by Fanan. The GUI looks like a friggin potato but the Saxes are all definitely usable. It comes with alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes. It has fx like reverb, filter, phaser, tremelo, delay and much more.
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For all the producers out there here's a solid FREE Saxophone VST Plugin called Saxophia by Fanan. The GUI looks like a friggin potato but the Saxes are all definitely usable. It comes with alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes. It has fx like reverb, filter, phaser, tremelo, delay and much more.
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For all the producers out there here's a solid FREE Saxophone VST Plugin called Saxophia by Fanan. The GUI looks like a friggin potato but the Saxes are all definitely usable. It comes with alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes. It has fx like reverb, filter, phaser, tremelo, delay and much more.
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For all the producers out there here's a solid FREE Saxophone VST Plugin called Saxophia by Fanan. The GUI looks like a friggin potato but the Saxes are all definitely usable. It comes with alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes. It has fx like reverb, filter, phaser, tremelo, delay and much more.
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[RESOURCE] Here's a solid FREE Saxophone VST Plugin called Saxophia by Fanan. The GUI looks like a friggin potato but the Saxes are all definitely usable. It comes with alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes. It has fx like reverb, filter, phaser, tremelo, delay and much more.
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For all the producers out there here's a solid FREE Saxophone VST Plugin called Saxophia by Fanan. The GUI looks like a friggin potato but the Saxes are all definitely usable. It comes with alto, tenor, soprano and baritone saxes. It has fx like reverb, filter, phaser, tremelo, delay and much more.
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Could anyone tell me what my voice classification is? (short recordings included)

Hey all,

I'm curious to find out what my vocal classification may be. I have been classified as a baritone in the past, but I've noticed that my voice I think sounds lighter than what I usually hear classified as baritone. My range, however, does fit in with the baritone definition, although I know that's not what classifies range. Usually I am able to hit max G#4, but I have been able to belt out A4 - C5.

Here are some audio samples (EDIT: took out the short recordings and replaced them with finished songs):

Let me know what you think!

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The Doctor Will See You Now

At night, the doctor stands at the foot of my bed, talking to me. Well, talking at me, really. I can never move, let alone speak. He usually appears between two and four in the morning. Two and five if he’s been busy. He dons a standard plague doctor getup, with a long black hooded cloak, and that godforsaken bird mask with glass eyes that reflect moonlight. He asks about my health. About school. About my family. And he keeps asking, even though I’ve never once spoken back to him. He once told me that his name was Alain, a French field doctor who died back in the Hundred Years War. To be fair, he also once told me that his name was Lucius, a street vending physician from Venice. His accent is indistinguishable, a garbled jumble of seemingly every voice I’ve ever heard, yet is a deep baritone. Definitely male. Every night, he stands there at the foot of my bed, at the place reserved in mythology for the guardian angel. But tonight is different. Like every other night, I wake up in a cold sweat, completely paralyzed apart from my eyes. My room is darker than should be possible, save for the glow of my alarm clock, and the glint of goggles shining from the outline of a figure that seems to absorb light. A black hole of a man. Time: two twenty-four. “You’ve been shooting up again, haven’t you Nolan?” Silence. He shuffles to where my bookshelf should be, and I hear the flipping of pages. “Wonderful drug, isn’t it? Opium? It takes all the hurt away.” A chuckle. “Until the withdrawal hits.” Heavy footsteps that belie the figure’s spectral gliding rattle the knickknacks on my desk. “And when it does, it hits in a big way, isn’t that right, Nolan?” Two-twenty five. “You’ll do anything to get your fix. Pick pockets, rob houses...” He exhales. “Kill people.” Two-twenty six. “Oh, tsk, tsk, tsk, Nolan. Don’t you know it’s rude to check the time when you’re with company? You’re making me feel unwelcome!” I blink, but those two moons are still there, hovering only a few feet from my face. “Now tell me, Nolan. Have you been injecting yourself with heroin again?” I try to cry. I try to respond. I try to scream. Nothing comes out. “DO NOT LIE TO ME NOLAN!” Two-twenty seven. The goggles are within inches of my face. The beak of his mask should be passing through my jaw. “I’m going to ask again,” he whispers. His breath smells like the ages. “And this time, it’d be in your best interest to answer truthfully. Have you been injecting yourself with heroin?” I blink back tear

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The definitive answer to every "am I a tenor or baritone?" post
  1. Are you 25 years of age or older? If the answer is no, there is no definitive answer because your voice is still changing.

  2. Have you learned to mix your registers and access your full vocal range? If the answer is no, there is no definitive answer because you may be a tenor and think you are a baritone or bass because expanding your range is challenging; or you may be a baritone and think you are a tenor because it comes easy to you.

  3. Have you been singing long enough and are familiar enough with your voice to know what your voice type is without asking reddit? If the answer is no, there is no definitive answer because you can't determine voice type from range alone.

I am by no means an expert --in fact, I'm still relatively new to singing-- but I've had the same experience most men on this subreddit have had, which is "I can only sing up to an F4, all my favorite singers can sing into the fifth octave, I must be a baritone doomed to an eternity of transposing songs down, help me reddit." When I started singing, my voice teacher was convinced I was a baritone. Two years later, it's likely that I'm a tenor; but my voice is still changing so there's no way of knowing for certain.

In fact, unless you're singing opera, voice types don't really matter. You are not stuck with the range you have when you start singing. Check out /u/philmoufarrege 's singing program, I started a couple months ago and my voice has already grown quite a bit. There is no magic bullet. You're never going to expand your range by watching YouTube videos or browsing reddit. Find a voice teacher that knows what they're doing (or get a program that you know works), and start practicing.

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TIFU by laughing and barking uncontrollably at my neighbors' sex sounds

This happened last night. I live in an apartment complex, and I was taking my dog out one last time before bed. It was a particularly warm night here, and my apartment complex doesn't have Air Conditioning.

As I approached a neighbor's house, heard the unmistakable sound of two people having very loud moany sex. The couple's window was understandably open due to the heat, so I heard everything. That unmistakable clapping sound. A higher pitched girly moan, timed perfectly with a more manly animal sounding grunt. I could not SEE anything because they were on the 2nd floor, but they was clearly fuckin.

That is where my fuck up comes in. My dog is tiny. She's a puppy that barely weights 7 lbs. Her normal bark is this adorable little squeak, that makes me do whatever she wants whenever I hear it.

However, after hearing my neighbors, my tiny squeaky puppy "discovered" her baritone "I am going to make myself sound bigger" bark and went apeshit. As though she was saying "maybe if I make myself sound as big and loud as possible, this screaming hell-beast with two backs will decide to turn and run instead of killing us both".

The awkwardness of hearing my neighbors animal sounds, combined with the totally unexpected full-throated murder bark of my tiny puppy sent me into a fit of manic laughter. I tried to stifle it, and that just made it sooo much worse. I began roaring with laughter myself.

It was at this point, my neighbors stopped making noise. I presumably had ruined the moment. A dog bark, even as unexpected and deep throated as the one that my had just bellowed, probably wouldn't knock me off my f-game, but a fucking madman screaming with laughter outside my window definitely would.

Keep in mind this all happened in an instant. We approach the window, hear sex, dog barks, I laugh hysterically, they stop.

At this point, I was certain they would come to the window and see what the ruckus was that interrupted their happy time. Only to find a pervert doubled-over scream-laughing outside their window next to what must be a full grown English Mastiff or Saint Bernard.

To avoid further embarrassment for everyone, I did what any sensible person would do. I ran.

I grabbed my tiny bellowing puppy off of the ground and got the fuck out of there as fast as I could. Hopefully I got out of view of the window before my neighbor looked out to see this pervert now in a full sprint carrying a tiny dog under his arm like a running back with the end-zone in sight.

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Sexy Space Babes: Chapter Forty Five

“It’s not going to happen.”

Assisse sighed as her captain repeated exactly what she’d said to Hela five minutes earlier. She glanced around the bridge to see the reactions of the rest of the crew – which was just a little cramped with everyone having shown up for an impromptu ‘meeting.’

Well, except for the man of the hour. Apparently, he’d had to make a runner for the lavs. A sentiment she could well appreciate. Nothing like a little imminent danger to get the downstairs plumbing running. Few stories mentioned how often during a firefight all a gal was thinking about was how much she needed to drop a brick.

Grinning a little at the thought, she took stock of the room, and, naturally, she could see a few unhappy faces. Glider and Cerilla in particular. Some relieved ones, too. Kernathu and Yaro. And some that were somewhere in between. Scales and Rocket.

She’d have to put herself in the last category.

Of course, no one was about to speak out against the captain.

…Except for Assisse. That was kind of the unofficial job of the most experienced enlisted aboard. To act as the voice of those who might otherwise not speak up.

“Are you sure about that?” she asked.

She ignored the betrayed look sent her way by a few of the crew, just as she ignored the subtle expression of relief that came across Cerilla and Glider’s faces.

“I am,” Tisi said, eyes glittering dangerously. “And I shudder to think that any of my crew might disagree. Such a thought might be considered mutinous.”

Assisse raised her hands defensively. “Let’s not jump to any conclusions here. All I’m saying is that you might not be thinking this all the way through.”

“What’s there to think about?” Yaro butted in. “The merchant woman is asking to take on  our crew as slaves.”

“She hasn’t said that,” Assisse pointed out. “Coalition, which is where she's heading, also don’t have slaves. They’ve got indentured servants.”

She actually felt dirty just having said the word. Unfortunately, she’d have to continue. It was her job to act as the counterweight to the captain and explore alternate paths.

No matter how distasteful, she thought.

“Slaves by any other moniker,” Yaro spat.

Assisse shrugged as she looked at the furred woman. “Alright, let’s run a hypothetical here. We give Jason to Hela.” Again, she resisted the urge to wince as she said it. “She takes him. She goes to the Coalition. She either keeps him or moves his contract onto some wealthy Coalition woman. No matter what, the guy’s liv

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Physical Training

On a tiny blue marble, in a backwater solar system.

"Colonel Greene, may I ask why your soldiers are being punished?"

Colonel Greene turned towards his Narten liaison officer, one Captain Benthrum. "Why do you believe my soldiers are being punished, Captain?"

"Sir, this 'physical training' as you call it, seems rather harsh. They have run a great distance, and done many of what you call 'push-ups'. We would only have soldiers push themselves this hard if they had committed a punishable offense. Do you not injure many soldiers, punishing them this way?"

Colonel Greene chuckled. The rich baritone laugh was pleasing even to Narten ears. "Captain, this is no punishment. This is the basic physical training we do almost everyday. Actually, they've only run about two and a half miles today. We're taking it easy on them today, since it's the Monday after a four day weekend. Tomorrow they'll run four or five."

The Narten's three eyes all opened wide in shock at the implication of the Colonel's statement. His military bearing was nearly blown away. "This is an easy day?" Captain Benthrum threw in a hastily added "Sir" at the end of the question.

"If it wasn't would they be singing and laughing down there?"

Captain Benthrum nodded. "Yes sir, that makes sense." The soldiers below were indeed singing and laughing, and had been the whole time he and the Colonel had been watching. Something about "What's the sound of artillery?" and "C-130 rolling down the strip." Captain Benthrum had no idea what those were, but made a mental note to ask the Colonel later. Still, he was not quite sure, and asked one last question. "Why do you push them so hard sir?"

The Colonel looked Captain Benthrum in the eyes as best he could, and said in a serious tone, "The enemy must be kept at bay, to protect those we love from the horrid realities of war. These men and women volunteered without coercion to be those protectors. We push them so hard so that they become the most lethal fighting force the galaxy has ever known, so they can protect their loved ones." The Colonel, seeing the still present look of shock on Captain Benthrum's face, added in a lighter tone, "Plus, it's easier to kill those spider fucks if you can outrun them, Captain."

Captain Benthrum muttered a quick, "Yes sir," and nodded, before making a second mental note, to ask the Colonel what the meaning of "spider fucks" was.

A bell sounded, signifying the end of 'physical training', and the pair walked off, head

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X & Y: What went wrong (IMO)

Forgive me but this will be a long read (so I apologize for my English as well).

It will also contain some opinions that could potentially offend certain Coldplay fans. That is not my intention but to explain my realization of what I believe to be the single most important factor explaining why X/Y failed.

You see, I used to be a massive Coldplay fan in the early days. I started loosing interest around Viva La Vida, which I didn’t initially like, before they lost me completely with the albums after that (with a few exceptions here and there, like Fly On, ALIENS or Arabesque).

When revisiting their work over the years, I’ve noticed a sharp shift in some of my opinions. One of those being my view on the Viva La Vida era, which I now consider to be their creative peak alongside A Rush of Blood To The Head.

X/Y went the other way completely. It used to be one of my favourite albums, then it got more and more flawed in my ears as time passed by. Now I completely agree with the critics that it was a dreadful follow up to AROBTTH.

But despite being less and less impressed by it as I’ve aged, I never managed to figure out what exactly went so horribly wrong there. The songs themselves are pretty good for the most part: The piano in Speed of Sound, the Kraftwerk sample in Talk followed by a solid riff, and the legendary songwriting skills on display on Fix You.

I also really like some of the spatial, sonic landscapes they created on some of the rockier tracks, like the underrated Low. Or take Square One (based on Also Spracht Zarathustra from 2001: A Space Odyssey), a bold and epic opener. Or the trippy guitar and amazing outro on White Shadows. When they played The Hardest Part live on the Viva tour, I could hear that it was a well-crafted song but something still seemed a bit off with the studio version.

Something also went wrong with the new material live in 2005, I found, but I could never pin-point that either. AROBTTH tracks like Politik, Clocks, The Scientist and God Put A Smile Upon Your Face still sounded so good on the 2005 tour but the new stuff? A bit of a mess, to be fair, and Chris often struggled to sing it live.

Then, after 16 long years, I finally figured it out

It’s the vocals. Or, to be more specific, it’s the decision (conscious or unconcious) to go extremely high-pitched on the vocals on almost all of the songs.

For the record, I do like music with falsetto quite a bit but it must be done right. Coldplay did on their two f

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Chapter 1: Strange New Worlds

(Before: This is the first chapter of my series Strange New Worlds, if you haven't read my Intro to these series, which is like a chapter 0 you may want to go back and read it, but it is not absolutely needed for this chapter to make sense. I hope you enjoy!)


Collision Interdiction:

It was after a standard human week, that V'kiln learned that a month long expedition meant from the moment they land on D4-G0-B4, not from the moment he left his world of Rykh'kapt, which made him think of how annoyed the other species collected must be. V'kiln still could not wrap his antennae around the concept of a human "week", who logically measures time in 7 planetary rotations, why not 10? Furthermore they subdivide these rotations which they call "days" into 24 segments called "hours", these "hours" 60 "minutes" these "minutes'' into 60 "second". It is only then that they start a logical 10 base with deciseconds.

V'kiln also learned that this month long expedition was four of these weeks, which only furthered his dissatisfaction. He had wrongly assumed that a month was the same as a decacycle which is 10 standard galactic planetary rotations. An average which is taken from the planetary rotations of worlds occupied by sentient species. All of these were far shorter than the measures of time that the humans used, and V'kiln was already missing his laboratory. His sole consolation was that the laboratory on the U.S.S.V. Cleveland was in earnest, very well equipped, and he spent most of his time there.

V'kiln had expected to warp straight to D4-G0-B4, which the humans’ consistently

called "Day-goh-bah" for reasons he could not understand. They told him it was an old movie reference, which only led to more questions until V'kiln decided it wasn't worth his time.

“I mean, a swamp world, D4-G0-B4, it practically spells it out! I half expect to find a small, hairy, old, green guy!” The Private (V’kiln had no idea what his name was, and did not care) had said while barking out a baritone laugh.

No wonder the humans are so erratic, they raise their youth on fictional fabrications of reality. Humans are raised on lies. All V’kiln knew was that he wanted this whole ordeal over and done with as soon as possible. Well, that was a lie, he admonished himself, he knew quite a lot, vast swaths of the knowledge that the huma

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Any love for Club America?

I went through The Cure in near-chronological order, and by the time I got to Wish, I was feeling pretty burnt out with The Cure's songwriting staples. I was also neglecting Wild Mood Swings thanks to its divisive reputation (word of advice, if an album is divisive, listen to it! You might fall on the side of the divide that loves it). In fact, I somehow mistook it for some kind of greatest hits collection and skipped it entirely for a little while. Anyway, I finally got around to it, impressed by the fuller sound of the opening track. All right, I think, The Cure always has great album openers. Lets see where this goes...

Cue the tape click

I love this song. It's what sold me immediately on Wild Mood Swings after the excellent--if fairly unsurprising--opening track. Actually, it serves as a great counterpoint to Want's pining for excess. I think it's The Cure's best take on being in the middle of that excess; not the aftermath, not the cold regret, not the anticipation. No, it's being right there in the delirious moment. There's a shield of sarcasm and ironic self-awareness--a disassociation to cope with being a part of this big phony act--but there's no denying that the narrator is there.

And man, the instrumentation. I've always loved songs that build up, and this one does so in spades. This despite starting from a crazy wash of splashing cymbals and fuzzy, flanging guitars. Yet, as it comes to the bridge, things step up a notch and there's a clear drive toward some great impending thing. Then the chorus hits and the song reaches an absolute fever pitch, swelling to a glowing, unstoppable nightmare, all washed down with a guitar solo.

Listen to it with headphones and tell me by the end that you aren't on some kind of substance.

Robert's vocals here really excited me too. RS isn't the most dynamic of singers. He's distinct and has some fun tics, but doesn't try a whole lot outside of his comfort zone. And though this isn't all too far outside, he's definitely going for something intentionally different here. Deeper, more baritone, aggressively disinterested. Part of the disassociation, I think; creating a character to live this way so it doesn't have to have been him. The album had a few other instances of him trying on new voices (the 13th, notably) and I really appreciated the fresh sound, even if it was one-offs.

Anyway, I love the whole album (3rd favorite, I think), and I'm coming to believe that thi

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Okay, so who do you hear when you think of ILY characters? I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm still pretty new here, so forgive me if this has been already done to death. I don't know many voice actors by name, but let's start. Also, sorry for the lack of photos, but I'm at work atm. The WiFi is being a brat. Webtoon doesn't work here right now.

Shin-Ae: I hear Shin-Ae as a mezzo-soprano, not quite alto, though she could be later in life. I think a higher voice is often used to depict innocence, and Shin-Ae has just had too much trauma to make that believable, imo. Still, she's a teenager, so somewhere in the middle, with perhaps a tiny hint of roughness would work, I think. She also sounds like an American, though I know that's completely wrong! Tara Strong is a good contender, (somewhere between Batgirl and Raven) but I'm thinking maybe Kristin Bell playing younger, maybe with a Korean accent.

Nol? To me, Nol sounds mostly tenor but is secretly a baritone, like he's right on the edge of a deeper voice, but because he's still a teenager, he's not quite there yet. As goofy Yeong-Gi, his voice would be higher-pitched, but when serious, or morose, his voice would slide down an octave. A really good example of this is the late, great Christopher Reeve as he switches from bumbling Clark Kent, to Superman. It will be interesting to see Nol as a man when the time jump happens. He also has a slight Irish lilt, or so we've been told by Quimchee.

Kousuke in my head sounds like a soft, but crisp tenor, with a sort of Transatlantic accent. Occasionally he sounds British, which I know is really wrong too, but sometimes I just can't help it! 🤣 It's the formality with which he speaks that does it. Some might think Mark Hamill in Castle in the Sky, but that's not quite right to me. I'm not sure who, as I just don't know voice actors by name like I should...hmmm...maybe Johnny Depp...-ish? A bit? As Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow? ...meh, not quite like that, but close. Idk. Some think he has a deeper voice, but I really can't match that with his pretty boy face. There'd be an almost musical quality to it, too. He wouldn't be monotone, although he might think he should be.

Dieter obviously has a German accent, and in my head is a soft-spoken baritone, but he usually speaks with a higher pitch, too. It's the lovable awkwardness that tells me so, plus he's still a teenager as well. I'm thinking Simon of the Doppelganger Twins in the old game, Bloodrayn

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My friend's cat has very strange care instructions

So, first off, let me say that there are two things in life that I am completely crazy about: cats and creepy pastas. My friends like to call me the creepy cat lady. It’s kind of funny because I’ve never owned a cat due to my mother’s cat allergies, but that didn’t stop me from developing an obsession with all things feline. Every year since I was allowed to pick out my own costumes, I’ve been some sort of cat for Halloween. And ever since I discovered the world of creepy pastas, those costumes have gotten ever darker in nature. It’s a fun combination, really. Or, at least it was until my obsessions clashed in my own real life personal horror show.

It all started when my friend Ron told me that his family was going to be out of town for a week during the summer and they needed someone to house sit. Okay, full disclosure here: I had been secretly crushing on Ron since he started growing a beard about a year ago. He’d already had a nice body from years of playing lacrosse, but there are plenty of nice bodies to be seen at school. Like, so what? But, that beard! So dark and silky under his sensitive green eyes. I kept wondering what it would feel like against my skin if he pressed his lips against mine. Not like I was ever likely to find out – the girls he goes for are popular, not weird like me. Still, the thought of gaining access to his most intimate space with no one around made me volunteer for the job before he had even explained the entire situation.

“Well, you sure are eager,” Ron said before biting into his store-bought burrito. I never understood how he could eat those things, especially right before we were about to go grab some burgers with our other friends. Don’t even get me started on how much I wished I could have his metabolism for a day. I’m not fat by any means, but I do have to watch my calories if I don’t want to be a chubby kitty.

“Yeah, well, who wouldn’t want a whole house to themselves for a week?” I said. “I mean, it’s different for you because you’re about to go off to college anyway. But, I’ve got another year before I get to have my own space. A week without my stupid brothers under me sounds like heaven on Earth.”

“Good point,” he said, wiping his mouth clean with a napkin. “All right, just check to make sure it’s all right with your folks and I’ll let my mom know she can take down the ad in the paper.”

“In the paper?” I laughed. “Don’t you guys have access to the internet?”

“Well, you know old people,” he shrugged. “We st

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Interspecies Acclimation - Part 20

Author’s Note: Part 20, wow. This is the longest thing I’ve ever written, public or private. I have a clear idea for this series, and an endpoint in mind. That being said, this will continue to be a POV slice-of-life style of Humans and Heads interacting with the various denizens of the galaxy during the lead up to the first shots fired by the newly-established Terran Republic against the Keraxi Dominion. Fireteam Kodiak will be the first major departure from that, and will show the ground war side of the Human-Kerax conflict. Both will be updated as I figure out the story. I know where it’s going, just gotta figure out how to get there while the characters continue to grow. As always, comments and criticism are encouraged!

Author’s Note 2: Sorry this took so long to get out, my hard drive died and it took me forever to recover all the data.

EDIT: my first award, thanks! EDIT 2: Two awards, wow!


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Rastaban, Miasma

“So I use the trowel?” Tornac said, looking at Rastaban quizzically.

He bobbed his head noncommittally. “You definitely can, but I prefer to use it to dig the planting hole. The cultivator is better for digging the potato out. You’re a bit less likely to break the skin once you hit the potato. Like this.”

Rastaban gripped the base of the stem, moving the top of the plant out of his way. While still green, the stem and leaves were withered and dead. He dragged the cultivator through the soil around the base of the plant. The ground, smoothed by many weeks of footsteps along the row, broke apart into clods of the rich, black soil that lay just beneath the surface. He sighed happy at the smell of fresh dirt.

“So once you break up the dirt and have a firm grip on the plant, you want to pull it up. As you do, keep raking around the tubers with the cultivator. You’ll be able to pull up the whole bundle that way.” He handed the cultivator to Tornac, and watched as the Sicatian worked, giving occasional tips.

Their initial interactions had been acrimonious, but the man had grown on Rastaban. Tornac had initially seen Rastaban’s people as children actively running into traffic, and Rastaban had failed to capture how deeply shaken losing a medical relief ship to the Dominion had been to Tornac, let alone his people. When Ra

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[GEAR] Is it worth it to get a 27″ baritone instead of a 25.5″ for Metal in D standard/Drop C?

So, kind of a strange question, I'll try to explain.

Been playing gtr for about 4 years, exclusively metal, exclusively rhythm. Finally want to upgrade from my 100 euro superstrat and I've set my sights firmly on the Harley Benton Amarok. Simply no debating that there's no better metal axe for the price, I'm afraid.

Here's the thing: it has a baritone version for the same exact price, which has thrown me into a week-long brainstorming session on why I might actually want a baritone(???).

My band plays D/Drop C, and I write almost exclusively in D, so this might seem stupid at first. But I thought hey, it's just a normal guitar with 1.5 more inches (compared to my superstrat), and with the proper string gauge (probably 10-52s?) and setup it could easily play D/Drop C but with the added clarity and low end definition of a baritone. Basically, I'm looking for that added tightness.

Now, baritones having more low end clarity is - as far as I can tell, never having played one - just a fact. But does that trait only really become noticeable in tunings like B, Ab, G etc, or does it exist no matter the tuning? If it does, then I see no good reason to not get the 27 inch instead of the 25.5 and just set it up for the tunings I play. Even if the benefits aren't massive, I can't really think of any drawbacks.

There's a decent chance that I'll tune lower in the future, but basically 0 chance that I'll go back up to E standard (and if I have to, I have my other guitar still).

Obviously I mean that D standard is my HIGHEST tuning, and I may or may not drop to C#, C, etc. And while a normal scale length can play E standard, it definetely can't play like, Drop G (not without an extreme setup), which the baritone will gladly do. In both cases, a significant change in tuning will require new strings and a truss rod/intonation adjustment, so it's not like a baritone requires more work to do the same thing or anything like that (?).

  1. Is the transition from 25.5 to 27 scale length difficult? Does it feel clunkier to play? Are some positions, chords or scale shapes much harder to finger? Or is it basically unnoticeable?
  2. Is the difference in tone significant enough to justify this?
  3. Are there any plausible downsides to doing this?
  4. Is this like a cheat code to better rhythm tone or just a really stupid idea?

I'm not really sure if my thoughts are making much sense, but I just want opinions, experiences etc, because I realise basically noone has thought o

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Soulless Victories - 44

Head Arbitration

"Prickles, we're hitting our limit over here. You got anything to send?"

"Some injured reserves. Nothing else. Water pressure is out, can't wash them away. Sorry, Hale."

"Well, shit. I was kinda hopin', not going to lie."

"Starting to look like we'll be a headline on tomorrow's news."

"Maybe my handsome mug, but your bony face? Footnote, tops."

"Uh, hello. This is Francis. We're out of the, um, shock bat things. Can anyone help?"

"Harland here. Still got yer throwables? Yank the pin, chuck 'em them as far as you can. Don't blow your face off."

"Okay. Sure. Um, what then?"

"Got hands?"


"Use 'em."

Aldi retreated from the embedded drone, expecting an attack at any second.

He knew systems. Several kinds, actually, with the certifications to prove it covering a wide variety of fields. He just didn't have a deep understanding, the kind required to build one from scratch. That would require a lot more focus and effort than he was willing to invest. Prior to the last few weeks that was the most enjoyable way to get through life: Drift in, learn enough to pass a placement test, then work off whatever immediate financial need was at hand. Then drift out again to find something else.

It was a tactic that worked well for him in general. With enough passable scores it was entirely possible to get temporary worker status on just about anything, at least for a bit. There was always some sort of temp work going on with an enormous station habitat and Aldi did a fair bit of roaming. Which meant in one form or another he'd experienced every possible kind of system there was, from hardware- to software-based. Physical to digital, even some of the nascent bioengineering down in the ill-funded Corporate sectors.

So he knew, without a doubt, what he was looking at shouldn't be possible.

Aldi eased completely away from the GravComm array, retreating to just outside the broken door while he thought. The hallway was reassuringly, depressingly Corporate-- something he felt naturally comfortable being around. A predictable kind of environment where things made sense. Because whatever was going on inside the comms room was decidedly not, in multiple ways. In his experience drone systems were physical things: Microcontrollers, servos, power sources, hardware. With some sort of operational software, certainly, but it was hardlocked to the physical reality of the system it ran on.

Which meant drone softwar

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Vocal Ranking: Like A Virgin

(requested by u/rcanbian)

Like A Virgin, Santana's breakout song in the show, and Will, Emma, and Jesse's breakout into the Vocal Rankings series. This is a really fun song with some juicy harmonies and I'm excited to get into it.

Reminder that this ranking is based on the song being covered only, no external factors.

Here we go:

  1. Jesse - First off, Jesse and Rachel have the best harmonies in this song. They have such cohesive voices, but for me it's Jesse's tone that really shines through. His "touched for the very first time" is the definitive moment of this song for me, his tone is just gorgeous. The sound he uses is quite twangy, which helps create that poppy sound, and also ensures he sounds very comfortable and relaxed despite the very sudden shifts in pitch. He goes from quite a low baritone range to an awkward jump up, but never loses the richness of his tone, and always remains complimentary of Rachel's voice. These two were gold together.
  2. Rachel - I have to admit, my hopes for Rachel sank on her first line when she gave us a needlessly sustained "wilderness", which due to her musical theatre vowels is a vibrato heavy "wilder-naaaaass". But her weakest point comes fast, and from there on out, she does a fantastic job. Like I say, she and Jesse sound beautiful together, and she also does some nice tone work. She blasts out some of the lyrics to give it that passionate energy, but she also takes it down to a more gentle sound on "Oh, your love thawed out" which highlights how gorgeous her voice is. It's a very strong performance from her, great use of dynamics and her pop singing, though sometimes maligned, is great here.
  3. Santana - Clearly going for a big impact, Santana is riffing here there and everywhere on this track, and the way it's gradually introduced and builds through is excellent. They're all controlled, tuneful, and demonstrate a powerful, twangy belt that adds a really unique element to the cover. Her "nothing to hide" and subsequent riff is a true highlight of the song. Up and down and all around, and not a single note out of place. I have to criticise her first "you're so fine", as she falls into quite a common singing trap: she tries to execute a pop-lick on "fine", hitting the note, then suddenly dipping to a slightly lower one. It's very common, and when done well, sounds great, especially in pop, but she drops to the lower note too fast, and sustains that, and I don't know how to describe it other than it makes a singe
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Yuqi’s Solo Debut is Amazing!

First, what do idols know about the future that we don’t? Why is everyone releasing in May???

Okay, back on topic. Yuqi. Yuqi Yuqi Yuqi.

Yuqi Giant

Yuqi Bonnie and Clyde

I am SHOCKED. Both songs on her mini album are very reminiscent of The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, and Sia. However, Yuqi’s unique touch is evident throughout the songs and provides a great preview to what we can expect from her in the future. Her tone is rich while not overpowering and gives the comfort of both familiarity and exploration.

The production is pristine. While the songs definitely fit into stereotypical pop rock ballads, the execution is idiosyncratic and highlights Yuqi’s talents. YUQI’S voice is distinct and stands out despite the heavy guitar and drum melody. Also, WE CAN HEAR THE INSTRUMENTS. In kpop if instruments are used, they are often heavily distorted or blended into electronic beats. However, Yuqi’s singles allow the instruments to deftly collaborate with Yuqi’s powerful and almost baritone voice.

Often times English kpop songs are dissed for lyrics that don’t make sense, but YUQI’S songs, Giant and Bonnie & Clyde, are filled with sentimental and inspirational lyrics that are bound to encourage anyone listening. Here’s just a sampling of some lyrics.

Giant: I will rise up like a giant Hold my head a little higher So don’t you doubt me when I’m fighting my lonely nights

Bonnie and Clyde: They’ve all tried to bring to bring us down, but we keep moving up They wanna steal our golden crown, but all the roads lead em back to us

These songs are really great and I encourage everyone to take a listen.

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Let's give some love to the basses!

Sadly, the deep-voiced men of opera are too often neglected. So I'd love to hear about your favorite basses, your favorite operas for basses, your favorite bass arias/set pieces, etc. There's no reason tenors should have all the fun!

My Favorite Bass Singers:

  • Italian bass: Ezio Pinza. As much as I do love Cesare Siepi, for me Pinza was a better actor with his voice. He conveyed a lot more nuance and colored his words very effectively. Okay, yes, he crooned at times... but so what, it sounds good to me! He could also bust out true stentorian greatness whenever he wanted, too. Besides Siepi, I'd also give nods to Bonaldo Giaotti, Ivo Vinco and especially Tancredi Pasero.
  • Russian/Slavic bass: Nicolai Ghaiurov, without hesitation. He was one of the rare Slavic basses who could perform in the Italian and French repertoires convincingly. And what a voice, about as thunderous as possible when he was in his prime. But Christoff has to be the runner-up, with head nods to Alexander Kipnis and the recently-departed Yevgeny Nesterenko (RIP).
  • German bass: Gottlob Frick edges out the other contenders in my view. He had a true "black bass" voice, unbeatable in the Wagner roles. I'm not sure I've heard a more impressive Hagen on record. He was equally impressive as Sarastro and Osmin. Other contenders are Kurt Böhme and Karl Ridderbusch.
  • Basso buffo: I'm torn here between Fernando Corena and Salvatore Baccaloni. The former was a better singer (and could actually pronounce German correctly!), but the latter certainly embodied the spirit of the comic Italian bass. Shout out to Enzo Dara here as well.
  • "Other" bass: Martti Talvela has a special place in my heart, and will always rank as one of my all-time favorite singers. His voice was just gorgeous, even if not perfect at times. And the (sadly few) video recordings show that he was a superb actor. Talvela is definitely my absolute favorite Grand Inquisitor, a role in which he was truly terrifying.

My Favorite Operas for Bass Roles:

  • Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky - Not a shock, I'm sure :) . But you've got at least THREE great bass roles in this one: Boris, Pimen and Varlaam. Even Rangoni is sometimes sung by a bass, such as by the great Kim Borg on the Christoff EMI set.
  • Don Carlos by Verdi - This features arguably Verdi's greatest bass role, Filippo II. But it also has what is inarguably the greatest operatic scene ever for two basses, the titanic Grand Inquisitor scene. It's a shame Verdi's last work
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Client review and ramblings: Cornos

GUI and visuals: 9.5/10

The starting colors lack contrast, so it's hard to tell when a module is activated or not. However, you can just change the colors, so it's not a big deal. Other than that, the visuals are really clean. Vibe is a nice module, AutoFemboy is amazing, etc.

Combat: 3/10

But it's not designed for pvp, so whatever. For some reason ChestStealer is also under the Combat tab. There's a Surround module, so I'm guessing 0x150 is planning on adding a basic CA. Also add autototem ty.

Utilities: 8/10, it has some really nice modules like MassBreak. Nuker isn't very configurable, but it's really fast and works pretty well. OreSim and AntiAntiXRay are also present, very poggers. There are some modules that would be really nice to have, namely InventoryMove or whatever you call it.

Movement: 7/10, it has the standard modules, they all work. Except for blink, which pretty much never worked for me, but probably just a ping issue. Lacks Baritone integration but whatever.

Exploits: 11/10

This is where the client really shines. It has all the standard creative mode exploits, but also premade items you can bonk people with. I'm retarded so I couldn't get most of the crash exploits to work, even on a vanilla server, but TryUseCrash worked pretty well. It caused lag with my full enderchest but not an empty, so I'm guessing that the lag results from all the content packets being sent back and forth or something. I also almost managed to crash before they added a packet limiter, very pog.

The commands are really nice. There's a kick book that you can use to crash other players through the chat, custom fireball comands, etc.

Compatability: 5/10

Unfortunately, it's not compatible with Meteor. It does, however, work with Inertia and Area. When using it with Ares I had about 30 fps, so probably Inertia is your best choice.

Side notes: Developer has a good sense of humor, reading through the code gave me a good laugh. Thanks

Overall impression: 9/10 very sexy client, definitely would reccomend playing around with

Paging u/RLinux12

Also, would you mind if I skidded ported some modules to my own private fork of Meteor? Asking because I kinda need its combat modules a lot.

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Trying to ID song post-2010, Indie/emo (little like Fallout Boy); male singer starts weak/shaky voice - wants a better singing voice. It then switches, his voice and music gets angry
  • Singer sounded young, midwest US accent - voice was kind of weak, wavery, not perfectly on key; maybe sounded between baritone and tenor - until it switched to "angry" and sounded more confident - with the band coming in all aggressive.
  • It felt like a bullied kid expressing self doubt and anger... Maybe.
  • The lyric about his voice- I though it was "wish I had a better voice so I could sing" but haven't had any luck. It's something like that. About a desire to improve his singing.
  • I've tried "better voice", "sing better", "better singer"... I really don't recall the exact words...
  • It sounded modern. Probably a post-2010 style.
  • Heard it on Spotify within last 6 months, but unable to find history back that far
  • It wasn't in a playlist - I started with a Fallout Boy song and hours later it popped up.
  • It is not country, it is not rap, it is not 90s.
  • Definitely the first part sounded self-critical, emo-like.

(Note: I have requested a data dump from Spotify over this song lol)

Thanks so much!

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Bright Eyes - Fevers and Mirrors Survivor (Round 7)


VOTE HERE ----> Bright Eyes - Fevers and Mirrors Survivor (Round 7)

Hey all! Sorry for the wait, I been busy. Come summer I'll have a lot more time and be able to stick to a more consistent schedule. Anyway, hope you guys are still having fun! Lets' get to it...


The form received a total of 126 votes, with each song getting votes, the least of which being 4. This round was actually the first in this season with NO ties (probably due to the lack of The Movement of a Hand), and the votes were decently spread amongst the final 7. The most-voted song received 32 votes, with the second most-voted trailing with 27 votes, and the third most-voted at 25 votes. The largest gap between songs was a 12-vote difference between the fourth most-voted song and fifth most-voted song, at 22 votes and 10 votes respectively. Could this signify a definite final 3? Who knows. But, which song was booted?


From a cradle to a casket, there was no way for "Sunrise, Sunset" to escape as it was voted out with 25.4% of the vote (32 votes) in Round 6. It's voting history is as follows:

Round 1 - 7.2% (15 votes, 6th most-voted)

Round 2 - 8.8% (12 votes, 7th most-voted)

Round 3 - 10.9% (12 votes, 5th most-voted)

Round 4 - 13.9% (16 votes, 5th most-voted)

Round 5 - 24.1% (26 votes, 2nd most-voted)

This song was a bit of a shock for me. I mean, looking at it's performance in the first 4 rounds, I thought it was a lock for at least the final 5, but given it's sudden jump to second most-voted in Round 5, it wasn't looking good going into this round. Funnily enough, there are two songs in this competition that have placed above that song in nearly every round so far but 5 and 6, so it'll be interesting to see when those two songs go. Also oddly enough, neither of those two songs were second-most voted this round. Really wild stuff. Anyway...Sunrise, Sunset. I love this song quite a bit. It was a huge standout for me the first few times I'd listened to this record and has stuck with me ever since. I love how, for lack of a better term, gothic it is. With the imagery in the lyrics, repeated phrases, melodrama, slow build, strained vocals, I think it's possibly the quintessential example of a song from this album (I can only think of one or two songs that could also hold this juris

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Looking for a specific headcam (certified hood classic)

This is kind of a random and specific one, but there’s this Carolina Crown brass headcam where the dude says “this is a certified hood classic”, and I can’t find the video for the life of me. I’m pretty sure it was a baritone, and is definitely 2013 or later. If anyone knows which vid it is I’d be so thankful! I laughed really hard when I saw it and now I can’t find the video :(. Thank you for any and all help! Also sorry if the flair is wrong

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The Rails: Loose Ends - Chapter 01

Hello everyone. This is technically my second attempt at a novel, with my first novel being completed but in editing limbo. Wanted to approach writing in a different way this time, and I am excited to get this project started. Any feedback is appreciated.

[First] [Previous] Next Last


My name is Donovan Maxwell Kenter. I work out of an office on the third floor of a non-assuming business facility in the midtown of the Rails, District 14 of New Columbia, in New America. Living in a world of genetic manipulation and cybernetic augmentation, I have taken great pride in keeping all of my genes and digits intact. It’s proved to be a much larger problem than I would prefer. Color me paranoid, but I am hardly the most trusting individual when it comes to physically altering myself. Of my thirty-five years on the planet, I have spent four of those years occupying myself as one of several private detectives for the area. Definitely not as easy nor glamorous as I had thought the job would be as a kid.

I scratched my beard as I flipped through a folder of my case file number thirty-two, labeled “Kaldwin, Bennett”. It was not for the sake of an itch, but a simple habit. There was a soothing feeling of running my fingers through my facial hair that helped me focus while performing generally tedious tasks. Despite the case being closed successfully, it bothered me that there was a consistent nagging feeling regarding a loose end that had not been addressed. The case in its entirety took the better part of a week to close. It was one of the more complicated cases I had taken under my belt, and the success merited a much needed economic stimulus to my personal wealth, however temporary it may be.

A simple tip from a contact that led to connections with a relatively influential crime syndicate within the Rails of New Columbia. I grimaced as I flipped through the reported contacts, each tagged with a status ranging from “SIA (Still in Action)” to “CD (Confirmed Dead)”. It bothered me that some of the names of the syndicate were not documented in my files. That unfortunately was the price to pay for getting involved that deep. There were men and women that “need not be named”, which should have been a part of the file. It just served to remind him t

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The New Faces of Mt Rushmore

The country gathered and waited for the big reveal. Cameras were at the ready. News people were scattered about straightening their clothes, checking their hair, clearing their throats. Locals and tourists alike shoved and jockeyed for position, for footing, for a chance to see this new moment in history.

It had been quite a long, long time since the folks of this goddamn beautiful fucking country [fuck yeah and a yeehaw] had something truly awe inspiring to look forward to. Considering the devastating amount of malicious incompetence that plagued the place in the past, and really plagued the country, too, with those ratpigs prisoners breaking into the CDC and becoming walking bio-bombs blasting every public toilet in the great Old Atlanta metropolitan area, and also the war of the networks that tore households apart, oh and the tater famines, can’t forget the first and especially the third tater famines, the simple folk these days were looking forward to something a little more wholesome. And hoo wee doggy almighty almighty, did the people get what they needed, and so they gathered.

A reporter straightened her skirt to a couple cat calls from the crowd. Then she adjusted it more with a little ha-cha-cha to it, and that really brought out the whistles then, and within minutes, there was a small crowd of guys and gals alike with their phones out watching this hot young reporter straighten her skirt over and over again and she swerved her hips and swung her hair around and around until her straightening turned into wriggling and writhing, and her hair swinging turned into violent hair whipping. The crowd was slobbering and clapping at the impromptu show and swinging their heads around in the same way, concussing themselves with frequent collisions in the crowd. Finally, the producer put down his sandwich and cracked a bullwhip at the crowd and his reporter. He still held the sandwich firm and steady, that beautiful son of a bitch, as his bullwhip snapped and slashed those dummies in the crowd, Keeyaw! Get! Get! He crack whacked his reporter too to snap her out of her entertainment trance. She straightened her skirt and got ready to report.

The howling wolfwind of the crisp South Dakota morning hardly registered over the din of the crowd, all those giddy fools haphazardly bumping into and talking over one another like a bunch of excited and confused cattle who had just recently received the gift of sentience through some sort of divine blunder. Combined

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NU'EST is such a well-grounded group (and praise for discography)

I really think NU'EST as a five member group is incredibly well balanced. Each member is unique and is able to shine. Baekho (who composes a lot of their music) mentioned in a recent interview that for Love Paint he tried to create parts that play up each member's strengths (Minhyun's falsetto, JR's baritone voice, Ren's unique pronunciation, Aron's rhythm, Baekho's belting). And it's definitely noticeable not just in Love Paint but throughout the group's recent discography. The interview in general shows how well he knows the members and their strengths and really tries to showcase their talent. The group's line distribution is also well balanced with nearly equal distributions for comebacks like I'm In Trouble. For Inside Out, each member also has a killing part or sings the chorus. It's just so great to see how as a five member group the members all complement each other while standing out in their own way.

Before this current comeback I was a casual listener but have always enjoyed their albums. I remember discovering Canvas when it first came out in 2016 and loving all the tracks there (and still believe it deserves more recognition). Now I think I'm a full fledged LOVE. It's a joy to listen to NU'EST's discography (and I personally love their mature/chill house-oriented sound). I really hope NU'EST can gain more international recognition and I wish them all the happiness in the world <3

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My Biggest Barrier - My Voice [MtF directed post]

Hey Everyone! I appreciate some insight on this topic and welcome any information I can get.

  1. How difficult/easy was it for you to adjust your voice after transitioning?
  2. Are there any tips, tricks or just "I wish I had known" things you can share

I'm about 85% of the way there to transitioning. I've attended multiple therapy sessions, had many sit downs with myself and tried to grow as a person in the last year to know that transitioning is something I would really want to do to live my life in the way I want it. I have overcome self image issues but the only thing that's holding me back is my voice.

I treasure my voice. My job requires me to use it all day, and when I'm not working or studying, I'm on call with my friends. Its my best form of expression and I am proud of it. When I was younger I was always a participant of speech and debate and long story short: My voice is what I love most about myself. That being said, I definitely sound more masculine. It's not completely baritone, I can speak in a higher pitch, and my friends have also commented that I have a typically softer voice than their other cis male friends (I am not out to my friends btw, no one knows about my desire to transition by myself and my therapist).

I would just like some direction and expectations on how long and how difficult it is to sound closer to a female once I begin my transition. What are the best courses of action and how does one cope by looking female but sounding cis male?

TL;DR: I'm hesitant to transition because I don't want to be stuck sounding like a cis male.

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👤︎ u/Finch_938
📅︎ Jun 03 2021
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Pleasant View Church Is Back In Session

Senior year was lame. Alienation the theme for our group’s time here at Mitchell County High School.

Camilla, Georgia was a small town. And with it came ignorance and boredom. There wasn’t much to do… no movie theaters, no cool coffee shops. Even our Walmart was tiny. And considering we were all underage, none of us could take part in the local bars. The one thing adults did to stave off the depression.

I guess I should’ve been glad to have the weird friends I had. Not every hipster could be this lucky before college, much less in a dormant community like ours. Given my anorexic frame and blue highlights, I stuck out… Not necessarily in a bad way so much as being a traveling freakshow for Camilla’s conformity. But hey, at least my parents weren’t embarrassed. And I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was just me.

Considering my loud voice and even louder personality, I surprised myself when I started dating Eric Christensen. He had the looks and physique to be a jock. Tall, square-jawed, muscular. But he was different. Sensitive, articulate. Much to our macho coaches’ dismay, Eric rejected teams in favor of the movie club with me. Then again, Eric wasn’t all that interested in the sports he once excelled at. And he quit for good when his dad abandoned him the summer before middle school.

Countless times Eric told me how losing his father affected him. Left with just his mom, Eric never knew where his dad went. And most painful of all, he never knew why his father left. I couldn’t imagine how horrible that loneliness must’ve been. The uncertainty… How tough it was to lose a dad you thought loved you.

Playing both girlfriend and therapist, I did my best to support Eric. I loved him, after all. Regardless of the interracial dynamics in this little country town, my parents didn’t care Eric was black. Like me, what they cared about was him. Even after we decided to break up before senior year. A soft separation neither of us considered permanent… Both of us mature enough to realize staying high school sweethearts was the kiss of death.

Much to my relief, we stayed close. In the movie club, outside of school. We kept texting and Snapping. Eric even the producer for my YouTube channel. My real passion project. But most of all, nothing ever got awkward between us. Maybe we were too young to let superficial shit spoil our bond. Or maybe we just truly enjoyed one another’s company.

During the winter, both of us started dating other people. Me with Jake

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Andre Rieu - Strauss Party

Hi There Everyone!

Well, the time has finally come for us to do another project. A SUPER BIG ONE, SO BIG of an instrumentation score like this that we need ALL of you RSO members as we can to help out! That is, EVERY SINGLE one of you total RSO members in this WHOLE ENTIRE RSO subreddit community as possible (whether active or inactive/interested or not) to volunteer and take part of this amazing, epic, and loads of fun project!!!!! Fill your heart with joy while playing this as you imagine yourself playing this awesome piece at an Orchestra Pops Concert!

I’m sure that you all might understand and know this piece of music as a whole medley. This is my orchestra/concert band transcription/arrangement of this medley called “Strauss Party”, written by violinist “Andre Rieu.

For the ones that haven’t heard this medley before, I would please recommend you listen to it hereYou must have a Spotify Account in order to listen to this track.

The medley includes 6 different classical pieces which were all written by different composers. It starts off with Johann Strauss I.’s Radetzky March, followed by Gioachino Rossini’s William-Tell Overture, Franz Von Suppe’s Light Cavalry Overture, Franz Lehar’s Merry Widow Overture, Hermann Dostal’s Fliegermarsch, and finally the medley finishes off with Jacques Offenbach’s Can-Can.

As many of you would be wondering:

>Why is it called “Strauss Party” even though every other piece was written by a different composer?

Well, to prove it, almost every piece is supposed to be in the style of Strauss. It even has a variety of polkas, gallops, marches, etc.


  1. Piccolo/Fife Players, you definitely have the option to add some exciting and fun ad lib parts within the solo of Merry Widow Overture and Can-Can, just like what you heard in the original recording from above.
  2. Piano Players! Keep it in mind that your part has “4 staffs” meaning “4 hands”. It would be best for you to record your part with two of the separate staffs for both Primo and Secondo parts. You are more than welcome to merge both Primo and Secondo parts together in your recordings.
  3. Watch out for the time signature change at the Light Cavalry Overture section! It transitions from cut time to 6/4 time.
  4. During the Fliegermarsch section, we ALL should play a lot more louder, STRONGER, and have MORE excitement and energy, also acting like the grace
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The Parsky Files: The Deep (Part 1)

Nestled deep into the country of Ohio, off the beaten track from the main highway, Parsky is a relatively unassuming town.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing it actually exists, lest you turn off the frequently travelled route 35 and take a strange series of turns from there.

But, if, for whatever reason, you end up there, keep your wits about you. Parsky is a place not to be taken lightly.

I would know, not that long ago I’d been tasked with investigating a mysterious death in the town’s water tank.

A boy had drowned inside, leaving behind a devastated family, and a pair of emotionally destroyed friends who had been with him at the time.

The reason this made little sense?

The water tank was supposed to have been completely empty at the time. Supposedly, the water had been funnelled out so a local company could undertake repairs.

I heard down the grapevine at the time that the kids claimed they were attacked by some kind of zombie monster - which while interesting, probably wasn’t going to hold up in court.

The drowning was subsequently ruled accidental, and despite the mystery of it all, it would appear that this case would be lost to the annals of time.

That was until several years later, when I was called in to investigate another incident involving the same water tank.

Again the tank had been drained of water.

Again a child had drowned inside with no natural explanation.

Now I could probably come to grips with the fact that this kind of unexplained drowning happened once...but twice?

Something was going on in this town.

While the spread of misinformation made it difficult to determine exactly what, after a series of run-ins with the same two friends who had witnessed their friend drown, I came to realise there was something in Parsky that I had only seen in one other town.

Lurking in the shadows there are beings of spiritual energy, built purely off of the intense emotions that we all experience in our lives.

Fear, loss, anger, guilt...for some reason or another, these feelings manifest themselves into entities that can be extremely dangerous.

Having dealt with previous cases where these beings have been involved, I know that sometimes certain areas can attract them due to a number of factors, environmental or otherwise.

I believe they were responsible for the deaths which took place in Parsky over these recent years, and I have been given special permission to try and prove my claims.

My name is Federal Agent John Garrison, and these

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The HEL Jumper [Chapter 4.3]

Book 1 of The HEL Jumper

Year 2 of The HEL Jumper

Year 3 of The HEL Jumper


Previous | First | Next | Patreon

Thanks to Big_Papa_Dakky, Darth_Android, bloblob, AMERICUH, Ironwing, Krystalin, Mamish, Vikairious, Sam_Berry, KillTech, LilLaussa, Daddy_Talon, Gruecifer, Gaelan_Darkwater, Konrahd_Verdammt, red-shirt, DaPorkchop, Benjamin Durbin, Siddabear, and everyone supporting me on Patreon.


“Hey Anita, are you almost done? Aren’t we going to be late or something? I don’t think we’re important enough for the shuttle to wait for us,” Xan called out, resting against the metal wall just outside of Anita’s small cabin aboard the Event Horizon. When she didn’t say anything, he pushed himself off the wall with his shoulders and stepped cautiously inside, finding an embarrassed and miffed Indian woman looking over at him from her sink and mirror.

“Xan, unless you want to help me brush and braid my ponytail, asking me when I’ll be done is only going to make me take longer. And you can’t just walk into a girl’s room either!” she insisted, her mild indignation overwhelming a natural inclination to trip over her words or remain silent.

“Wait, then how am I supposed to help you with your hair and-”

“Out!” Anita squeaked, giving thanks that she’d put on her jeans and sweater before tending to her hair. The young woman calmed herself by returning to her task, taming her waist-length hair into a suitable style for both heading down to Mara’s surface and celebrating Alice’s twenty eighth birthday. There was no explicit ban on having hair as long and unwieldy as hers in Beta Division, but it didn’t mean that anyone was around to actually help her with it. She smiled faintly in the mirror, knowing that Xan, in all likelihood, would just manage to mess things up if he tried to help. She’d become plenty competent over the months and years, and she forgave the Cauthan his curiosity, knowing that he had grown up in a home with only two rooms. For him, the idea of private rooms was likely as foreign as her hairless skin or clawless hands. “If you like you can come back in, Xan.”

“But you just said-”

“I know, but now I’m inviting you inside,” she explained, weaving strands of chocolate black hair one over the other as the sound of the young Cauthan’s talons and

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Deadlier of the Species - Chapter 32

My Patreon page:

Link to the Wiki page, with additional links to Clan information and background Lore.

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Chapter 32: Goin’ Down To The Crossroads

Kalypso and Xeno looked on in amazement as Samara burrowed into Engineering, effecting what repairs she could as well as any Tinker. Only it wasn’t Samara, not exactly, but one of the alien Avatars playing puppeteer, using her body to do what it could not. Watching her channel Guardian or one of the other Cognates, as they referred to themselves, was a frankly disturbing sight. Every movement and gesture were subtly wrong, somehow, as if the person wearing her flesh was used to a radically different form. They’d asked, but Guardian had proved rather cagey regarding what they’d once looked like.

Samara levered herself out of the console she’d been working on, securing the panel before entering a command on the terminal. The engines started coming back online, and even to their untrained ears they could hear the difference. What had sounded like a boulder in a washing machine was now much less jarring, but it was still a far cry from what anyone would call fully restored.

Turning to face them, she briefed them on the situation. “***I regret there is little more I can do,***” the cognate explained. “***This vessel requires far more extensive facilities than these to address the unresolved issues.***”

“Will it get us out of Tu’udh’hizh’ak space?” Xeno asked.

Unlikely,” the alien replied. “***Based on the stellar projections you have provided, the probability of this craft traveling beyond the indicated borders is vanishingly small. However, I have been able to increase the range slightly. There are now a handful of systems we may reach, as opposed to one.***”

“Thank you,” Kalypso nodded, “... um... sorry, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your name.” She flushed in embarrassment.

The alien inhabiting Samara gave no notice. “***Artificer 1st Grade Mashad Dillosh,***” it replied. “***I regret being unable to do more.***”

“You have improved our odds of survival considerably,” Xeno informed them, “and for that you have our gratitude.”

“***Such is my purpose,***” Mashad replied, managing a stiff half bow in return, though it was obvious the being inside Samara found it to be an unnatur

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Crazy Re-affirming of My Gender.... AHHHHHHH!!!

OMG!!! so... I have been taking my time with everything, going slow in discovering myself, and all the good things with my transition... I took my first vocal training class the other day, just because I was curious and it is painless to start working on my voice while I'm in the closet. I took to it relatively easily for day one, or so they told me. I had a little light-bulb go off just now while practicing that affects how I viewed my entire life before/during puberty!

TL/DR: My whole life I've wanted to be a woman! I realized 10 years of my life I worked to keep my high singing voice, to imitate the women I wanted to be like! HOLY CRAP!!!!!

So, the long version is a little more interesting... I have always been crazy about singing! I was always out in the yard singing songs at the top of my lungs as a kid! I was way more interested in feminine things growing up in general, but especially with singing! I practiced and practiced and practiced (though, it didn't feel that way), especially singing with high feminine voices. Lot of Disney of course... But later, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Styx, CCR, Elton John, Freddie Mercury! My parents have good taste!!

My family encouraged me of course. Though, thinking about it... They definitely guided me towards more male-appropriate songs, for better or worse. Anyways, my music teacher got word, and immediately I was in the choir! I was super young, we're talking 3rd of 4th grade. After all the playing with high voices, I started out as the only male alto in the choir! I took a lot of pride in that, and still do honestly.

The fun and amazing part of it all is... All of a sudden I see now why I enjoyed it all so much! I was in choir grouped with all the girls! Back at that age, there was no difference between me and all the other girls in the choir. All my friends were girls. We all hung out at each other's houses. I was one of the girls! And I loved it more than I can describe well here...

I chased that feeling all through puberty. I still love music, and I love my voice too... But after puberty started I was immediately segregated from the girls by default. While all the other boys began to drop further into bass or stayed in tenor, I went to work! I sang like crazy, even when I was old enough that it wasn't "cool" anymore.

I pushed with my head voice and eventually figured out how to "cheat" by contracting my vocal chords certain ways. I had a few instructors who were not a fan of this particular head voice,

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Amazing Barred owls in the city.

Heard two owls calling out in the early morning. Definitely Barred! Not an expert but could tell from the calls there was a good sized male calling out, and the other seemed to be a male too. But the call was quieter but more baritone.

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The Hermit at the Cliff

"Hello stranger," the hermit called out, slowly working his old bones down the stairlike rocks. His lantern swung as heavy as the pockets of his long duster. "What brings you out all this way, son?"

The young man jumped. No one ever expects someone to live out here, ten miles from any road and only the sounds of the Rio Grande churning in the dark below for company. A dog or coyote yipped in the distance, hopefully caught in one of the traps the hermit had laid out that morning.

"Oh!" the young man called as he shielded his eyes from the lantern light cutting through the dark. The beam carved a lovely silhouette of the man stretching down the chasm. The hermit knew his own shadow was snaking behind him, brushing up to flare against the stones near the curve of his home. He stopped about twenty paces back, waiting for the lie.

"Just started walking and lost track of time," the man, closer to a boy actually, maybe eighteen, said. "Sorry if I'm trespassing."

The hermit laughed and stepped closer. "The only souls with a claim to this land are Comanche and they've not bothered me so I'd say you're alright."

"You live out here?"

The hermit nodded, stepping closer till he stood beside the short, young man. He sat the lantern down and sat himself beside it with a long groan, looking over the edge. He took a bag of jerky out of his pocket and held it up, eyebrows raised above a warm smile.

"Thank you." The man bit gingerly before grimacing. The hermit watched with amusement as the man pocketed the rest.

"Now, do you want to tell me what really brings you out here?" the hermit asked nonchalantly.

Shame, fear, and disappointment all took a turn on the face the hermit looked up at, soft orange by the lantern light. Another moth, come fluttering to the fire of Paper Heart Gorge.

"That obvious?" the young man said, shaking his head as the tears started to come. "Do I just ooze pathetic loser? Are you going to call the police?"

"None of the above," the hermit said quickly, enjoying the gamy meat. "I just ask one favor?"

"What's that?" he asked neutrally, running a hand through his thick hair. The hermit shivered in the late desert chill.

"Humor an old man and let me tell you a story, after that, I'll leave you alone. Sit"

The young man sat obediently beside the lantern. The hermit hid only half his smile as he breathed in.

The hermit had crafted the story over the years, polishing the peaked and carving the valleys. He describ

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Which ukulele should I get as a beginner?

So I’ve never played an instrument in my life and I don’t know much about it, especially when it comes to stringed instruments. I finally decided, however, to play the ukulele. It’s always been one of my favorites and seeing as it’s said to be a good beginner instrument there’s not much downside. Problem is I’m not sure which one to start with.

From what little I’ve researched/ already know about them I know I absolutely love the classic island sound of the soprano and concert, and they seem like a good size from what I’ve seen.

But, I’ve also heard baritones are tuned more like a guitar and I’m maybe planning on upgrading to guitar eventually, plus it might be better for playing more songs on, so I’m wondering if that’s better?

I don’t want to spend a whole lot. Under $100 if I can, but definitely under $200.

As far as what I’m using it for, I mostly just want something I can play short tunes and pop songs with. Maybe some country as well. Just random songs I like really. Not for any event or anything, just for fun.

What do you guys think?

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📅︎ May 17 2021
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