Revue Starlight General Talk, Gacha, and Q&A Weekly Megathread | Mar. 23, 2020 - Mar. 29, 2020

Welcome to the weekly Revue Starlight General Talk, Gacha, and Q&A Megathread.

Here you can ask questions about topics such as, gacha luck, team building questions, achievements, or if you have any question about the franchise or game.

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Name of Event Server Duration Type Characters
TBA 🌎 - WW - - -
[Revival] Bunnies and Egg Hunters -- Adventure in Frontier Island 🗾 - JP 27 Mar to 8 Apr - -

In-game Announcements

Starlight ReLIVE Global Server

One month left until 1st Year Anniversary

Log into the game during the campaign period to collect Orb Medals and enjoy Double Coin Hunt.

Log into the game to collect Star Gems, Stamina and enjoy Lesson Ticket Hunt Drops x2.

Start: March 19, 20:00 UTC

End: April 2, 19:59 UTC

**[March 24

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Time Capsule - 2017

Well I suddenly recalled the whole time capsule thing we did yearly and i found that the [last one] ( (done by /u/luk3d) was made around this time last year.

So without further ado ... Today's date is March 19th, 2017. The current patch is 7.5 with 7.6 coming up around the corner.


There are currently 134 champions with the newest one being Camille, the Steel Shadow (the other additions have been Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, Kled, and Ivern - in that order). There is currently no new champion yet announced (the Galio rework is coming next patch though).

(Note: these statistics are taken from lolalytics.)

The highest win rate in soloqueue is held by Ivern at 55.81%, with Shaco in second at 54.34%, and Anivia in third with 54.11%.

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📅︎ Mar 19 2017
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