$UAMY is a good primed target play with long term potential. DD.

$UAMY is ready to make a move, it has potential to be a solid short term play and an even better long term play.

In 2010 AMBRI was founded by Donald Sadoway and partners after inventing the liquid metal battery (LMB) in MIT lab (https://dmse.mit.edu/people/donald-r-sadoway). After receiving funding, etc through the years they've finally come to their first testing phase out of the manufacturing process in 2021. (link and image above). The reason this is good news is that the UAMY letter of intent was disclosed earlier this month (https://www.streetinsider.com/dr/news.php?id=17940760) and UAMY swapped board directors to Lloyd Bardswich who has connections to a lot of mining companies himself, extensive career managing and operating mining firms.(https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Joseph-Bardswich-089NCF-E/biography/). This means that once they demonstrate their LMB technology and more investors climb in, they will need to source more raw material for manufacturing to meet quota. - Let me sidetrack here for a second to let you in on why LMB tech is going to be the next thing to take out Li-ion batteries on large scale applications. See attached photo and read about why. Its use for grid application is going to be in high demand, especially with more of a green energy focus and climate change throttling new lows and highs for grid demand. Their IP (intellectual property) portfolio is over 50 patents here and around the globe which ensures unique positioning in the marketplace. Their goal is to have these LMB replace Li-ion batteries for grids and short-term peak power grids. The reason this is good is because their systems are high-temp, no degradation, highly scalable storage systems which aren't possible with todays Li-ions. When I say high-temp I mean 500 degrees C. They do not explode into flames and cause ESS to go off. Understanding all of this should help you more in why this stock is extremely bullish, especially based on policy changes going into effect these next 4 years. - although stocks are not inherently political, politics do sway them, just like anything else.

ambri.com/business/ Initial system deployed 2021, LOI for UAMY for 2021.

Antimony pricing went up 1k -- after biden EO -- after staying flat for days That's a huge 16% jump. The highest this security has ever been was 4.5 on 6/12/2012. Why was this? Charting coincides with a ramp up in antimony pricing to an ATH of 13977/ton in June 2012. Still think focus was turned else

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