How to ACTUALLY get Quality Leads using Facebook Ads and make a lot of money

If your goal is to make a lot of money, by selling your services to people, and you want these people to come to you (Leads)...then this post will help you. It may be long - but it will be 100% worth your time spent reading. So let's begin.

I've seen a ton of posts in the last few weeks with people struggling to get Leads for their services and offers. There is SO many things people are doing wrong.. I just wanted to quickly make this post to help out and point you in the right direction if you're going to use Facebook Ads to get Leads.

Firstly, Facebook is probably the BEST network right now to get QUALITY Leads for cheap. By cheap I don't mean cents or a few bucks... but I mean the potential ROI from your Leads easily surpasses any other network (when you're using cold traffic to start, that is).

If I'm helping a new account generate leads using cold traffic, Facebook is always my #1 place to start - get a business up to $30k-$100k/month in revenue and then expand to Google..

If you've heard anyone say that Facebook is unstable - don't listen to them, these people just haven't taken the time to understand how the algorithm works properly..

7 Years of running Facebook Ads and about $7M in Ad spend later, here's a few tricks from me that you can learn to get your Lead Generation working from TODAY!

IMPORTANT: Before we begin, you need to differentiate between Lead and Booked Call, and really understand WHAT you are going after.

  • A LEAD by industry definition is any "opt-in" and that's exactly what Facebook thinks of as a Lead.
  • A Booked Call (or schedule, or application) is a registered interest by a prospect to "Speak with you"

Leads can also be generated for email marketing purposes only, however a booked appointment is specifically generated in order to get on a call - to sell a service.

NOW, there are two types of offers - High Ticket & Low Ticket

You can generate Leads for both using Facebook Ads BUT the strategy for both is totally different.

The REAL reason why people get frustrated with Lead gen on FB is because they MIX UP the strategies for both offers and don't know what to do... and Facebook doesn't do a good job in explaining this properly.. (Unless, like me, you actually go and read the entire Blueprint from start to end once a month).

TWO Mistakes:

  • People use Low ticket strategies to get High Ticket Leads
  • People use High Ticket Strategies incorrectly to lower quality audiences..

You see..there are T

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How to propaganda for China on Quora? A Chinese paper tells you everything.

Recently I read a Chinese paper, which was published in China in 2018.

I will show the Chinese version, followed by an English version translated by google.

Too long, don’t read?

I made a short version(it is a summary based on my understanding and experience, not a word by word translation):

We are working hard on propaganda, but truth can’t be covered up easily. One reason is the bad image of Chinese government. To fool foreigners, we need to make full use of those people easily trusted by foreigners, such as: Chinese abroad, Chinese students abroad, foreigners living in China.

Based on a research, foreigners get to know China by traditional media and internet. They don’t watch Chinese media, because they don’t know which Chinese media can be trusted.

So, Quora.

The original paper is as follows:



Use Quora, an overseas Q&A platform, to improve international communication effects


Google translation:

Our country has always been committed to shaping a positive and good national image, but the current international audiences still have a deep prejudice and misunderstanding of our country, and the effect of communication is still not satisfactory. Although ice melting is not a one-day effort, we cannot ignore the impact of the fact that my country’s external communication has long been overstated by the official meaning on the effect of communication; therefore**, it is necessary to make full use of non-governmental international communication subjects, especially overseas Chinese Foreign students and foreigners in China, such as non-governmental forces that are closer to overseas audiences, will dispel misunderstandings and convey the real China.** In addition, according to a survey report by the Bureau of Foreign Languages, the two primary channels for overseas respondents to understand China are still local traditional media (61%) and new media (43%). What Chinese media". Combining the above two points, this article attempts to analyze the possibi

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Live Charting for 3/17/2021, predicting the day's price action in detail with Warden. Negative beta edition. I heard negative beta is hot right now!

This is not financial nor investment advice. These are ideas and opinions for information purposes only.

This post will read bottom to top. It's easier for people to refresh the page and see edits at the top

Add me on Twitter! I'll be using that as a backup location to post notifications in the event of a Reddit outage. Here is my YouTube. I may post videos in my future and build my channel out after GME is over.

If you want to support me, check my Reddit profile bio. I appreciate you guys!

Historical support and resistance levels for reference today:

152.5, 172, 182, 197.5, 209, 211.5, 214.5, 218, 226, 230, 234, 243, 250, 253, 256.5

172 diagonal support

Important reminder, do not day trade this stock. It will seem tempting to sell high and buy the dip. This sucks ass. This resets FTDs and you are literally handing over shares to Melvin and friends. As a day trader myself, in the day trading community, we all respect this stock and make a special exception not to day trade this.

Remember, the squeeze won't wait for you. You sell at the wrong time and you will miss the chance of a lifetime. When this goes up, it goes up fast and you will be left chasing the huge green candlesticks.

Edit 50 4:16PM:

As a side note before I leave. I would like to say that one should not expect anything magical to happen during Quad Witching day. I have been through two of these in the past and frankly.... nothing really happens. GME may be an exception as whales can use that as an opportunity to gain leverage over the shorts, but again, this is a hypothetical maybe.

Edit 49 4:08PM:

Just a reminder I will be gone tomorrow! Will be on a Spring Break trip.

Overall today was mostly sideways, but due to a lack of buying volume, we sagged and ended lower. My projects for tomorrow is a downtrend because of A) no SSR and B) no immediate catalysts. Hang in tight my fellow apes. I am very much looking forward to the earnings call!

Edit 48 3:59PM:

Seeing a bit of a push before market close. We ended above the 209 support. Overall today was more of a downtrend. We need a catalyst to reignite the upwards trend.

Edit 47 3:55PM:

Closing low for the day, around 205 support.

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For everyone who cringed when they heard Wes mention the Cabal...

Thinking there are shadow governments who turn wheels in the background while puppets like Biden prance around on stage is not Q shit.

Big money runs the world, they run politicians, they run medicine and they run the economy.

Imagine you and I had trillions of cash in the cut that isn’t accounted for. We buy quantum computers that run algorithms that predict how humans interact with the stock market. You and I want to bring a stock’s price up? Easy. We have infinite cash cows (quantum computers with advanced algos) working 24/7 in world markets just to supply us with ammo to dump or pump any stock in the world.

That’s not Q shit, that’s literally what Citadel does. They hooked into the biggest computer farm in the world over at the University of Texas to have the quickest access to the stock market possible.

Don’t you think there are others out there like Citadel that don’t show their hand to the public?

Now ask yourself this... you think the CIA and the FBI and Homeland Security are ignoring this shit? If apes can figure it out they most definitely know what’s going on and are complicit.

Ask this as well: aren’t the alphabet groups in the United States linked to other intelligence agencies around the world? Don’t you think the other groups are aware of how the US stock market works since it’s so important to the rest of the world? And they’re aware and complicit also because it serves their best interest.

What about all the politicians who sell stock before catastrophe after catastrophe? Where are they getting their info from? This sub? Nah...

Are we under the impression our government ISN’T bought and paid for by huge money?

We are aware that our government bails out their thieves and assassins and jails us for smoking weed.

Not conspiracy when you see who funds the health organizations in America, who funds and owns the news networks in America...

Apes, you fuck things up for the masses when you start using CIA-created misinformation phrases like “conspiracy theory”

Don’t believe me?

Peep the 1967 CIA Document 1035-960 entitled "Countering Criticism of the Warren Report” for the CIA info:

You know who was labeled as conspiracy theorists for decades until recently? The folks who spoke about UFOs. Now we have the Pentagon releasing Navy footage of UFOs.

And don’t forget...

Who owns most American news? 8 corporations own most American news: https://en.m.wik

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Master Level God Tier DD - Facts Only + New Strategies for Apes

By Nova

Table of Contents:

Part I. Edits and Credit


Part III. Who the fck is Nova?

Part IV. My thoughts on the movement & on why I think Apes learning more is important. Very long. For those who like to read and have the time lol.

Part V. The Juice <---This is where I start discussing strategies.

Part VI. Step by Step


Part I. Edits and Credit

I would be a fool to not start this DD with this.

@Joshuajammes - So @that_trades & @WormfallJim have created a really great one stop tool for options on $AMC!!/vizhome/AMCOptionsITM/OptionsValues

- My new favorite YouTuber that does options trading is Tyler Wilson. He's not an Ape but he's real AF and he's in this to make money. Period. I like that. I would subscribe to his channel to learn how he trades options -

1st Edit : An anonymous ape wanted me to include this information as a caution to apes stinky considering call options (not financial advice)- "It will hurt the squeeze if people are getting call options for next month when no one knows when this will actually moon. For the sake of everyone, can you edit it to include this fact, and add the deep expiration dates as they are safer and cheaper"

2nd Edit : One of the greatest apes out there by the username GGGGG__ asked me to include this as well...

"I think you should clarify the volatility part too. You want a stock with high expected future volatility but you want to buy calls at a stable period when IV is lowest. IV crush is a real killer. I think the logic from the GME DD about it was - a shit ton of people were buying far OTM options, basically handing over cash to the market makers (i.e. citadel). I don’t think it hurts the squeeze potential, just a waste of money. Near the money calls would actually increase the squeeze potential - if and only if the price is moving up (keep in mind that at the moment Citadel can still manipulate and drive the price down) - because it acts as a gamma ramp."

3rd Edit : This one is actually my own as some apes are very kindly pointing out to me that for this to be God Tier it must contain factual data as wel

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Engineering Physics as an Alternative to Software Engineering

Someone recently posted this video about the Engineering Physics program, and I was surprised to learn that Engineering Physics majors have enough technical electives that they can do a "pseudo-minor" in another engineering discipline (see 15:20).

I was curious to see whether an engineering physics major could take enough courses to also build a strong foundation software engineering since I studied software engineering when I was at Mac. Disappointingly, in my opinion, the answer is no, but shockingly, an engineering physics major can take enough software engineering (SE) courses to build a strong foundation computer science (CS) (I'm nit-picking on the definition of CS/SE, which I define below the list of courses). This is big as it allows students who didn't get into SE to study CS at a higher level of abstraction than Computer Engineering (CE)/Electrical Engineering (EE).

Despite the length of this post, it should not be taken as an authoritative guide as I don't work for the university. I never even took engineering physics as an undergrad. I just really like course planning, and do it for fun. I post ones that I feel could help people out.


In my analysis below, I make the following assumptions:

  • 6 courses will be taken per semester, until the last year of study (Rationale: It simplifies planning. If you want to take fewer courses each semester, just shift everything forward.)
  • CS-type courses are prioritized before engineering physics courses/complementary electives. (Rationale: I am familiar with CS/SE courses and an appropriate sequencing to take each course. I am not familiar with engineering physics, so I left space in the schedule for someone more familiar to fill in. If certain courses have prerequisites, the CS courses may be shifted forward, as long as order is preserved.)
  • I use the course codes based off the undergraduate academic calendar, and only choose courses from the list of approved engineering physics technical electives. (Rationale: The chair of the department can approve additional courses, but I don't know the chair nor the requirements they use to determine if a course will be approved, so I don't want to speculate. The CAS department is u
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Religious people who grew up using God as reasoning for avoiding evil behavior grow up to be evil because they don't think of the reasons that don't involve an imaginary entity.

I was going down a right-wing hypocrisy comment rabbithole and a shower-thought occurred to me.

Contrary to popular belief, yes, we shower.

As a disclaimer, I know a lot of very intelligent people in my life who are religious, and all of these people are upstanding citizens who I would never see running for office in a Southern state.

The thought is, if someone grows up learning their morality from religion, the reasoning against committing universally deplorable acts (lying, theft, manipulation, hurting others) is usually that they will be punished with Hell by Satan after being condemned by God. Oh and they can just apologize to the totally alive and not 2k years dead Jesus after the fact and leave a little tip for the preacher and he'll call it good. Methinks if the penalty for the infarction is a fine, it is only a crime for the poor...

Well, in the real world, actions have consequences. It's not gonna be some imaginary person doing theoretically hurtful things to you in an imaginary place. Real people get hurt, you lose your credibility, your life becomes lonely, their life is impacted in ways that end up impacting the world that you life in, and you could have sought better ways to deal with your problems, but you didn't and a third party can't just talk in his sleep and fix that for you. People who grew up without indoctrination needed to come up with real world psychological reasoning pathways that prevent one from hurting, lying, and manipulating. Justification and reasoning that averts these behaviors.

But, these people who have been indoctrinated from birth that the determinant of whether something is right or not hinges on the approval from an entity with no real existence, leads to a lack of accepting real world responsibilities and consequences. Perhaps the same shock to them that the Easter Bunny wasn't real led to a dereliction in the authority of their other imaginary friends. That's what leads to people like Gaetz or Cruz going their whole lives acting like total pieces of shit and at times, not just for the money, but authentically believing they are in the right. I cracked up a little writing that, of course most times they do it for the sweet dirty Koch fossil fuel ignorance PAC money. But then the people who fall for the rhetoric and support these anti-human rights laws and just plain evil bills, must be the same people whose definition of evil has a definition. Whose beliefs came from what was prescribed in singular texts inste

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In light of some recent breakthroughs (can we get part 2 already?!), proven theories, and overall amazing DD's you legends have posted; I wanted to bring up a topic that's extremely basic, but often overlooked and taken for granted. Passwords. What about 'em?

Read title.

That's it.

No. Seriously.

Just change your fucking passwords.

All of them.

Go do it.



Smooth brained ape can't understand?

Alright, I will try my best to help you understand how big of a problem this really is. Yes, I'm talking directly to you, dear reader. But first, I'm going to need you to do something for me. I NEED you to go and read this article. IN ITS ENTIRETY. It's not even long and it's written specifically for apes who spend most of their day trying to figure out which crayon to snort next. MOST IMPORTANTLY it's going to give you beautiful fucks some much needed context. If you're anything like me (and my wife's 3rd boyfriend), understanding simple concepts can be difficult. By adding some context, even the smoothest of brains can understand complex ideas.

Finished reading it? Good. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your first brain wrinkle. Look at you, big ape on the block. I'm so proud of you.

What are you going to do with your newly found wisdom? How about glossing over this next? This is the list of all (mostly) data breaches that have been made public. It's even in a pretty little table for you. I'm going to say something obvious here, so bear with me. The 'Records' column. That's the (estimated) number of apes who have had their data leaked on the internet. Think: Full name, phone number, address, credit cards, email AND/OR password. That's just ONE apes information. Multiply that by the number under the 'Records' column. Multiply that by the number of listed data breaches here. What the fuck, indeed. It's even worse than you think. Do you see that column titled 'Method'? There seems to be quite a few that say 'poor security'. Yes, but that seems pretty vague though, what does th

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30 [F4M] Manila/anywhere. Attractive doctor looking for constant and possibly something more.

I’ve been ghosted again recently (it’s cool though. If you’re reading this, I honestly wish you the best and I hope you found what you’re looking for.) and i’m definitely a “one SO/person at a time” kind of gal. Quality over quantity. So yeah, here I am posting again. I cant stand dating apps here (lots of people with asian fetishes, and extremely sex-driven convos).

I also have been single since the beginning of the pandemic and had loads of time to reflect and improve myself. Theres nothing wrong with being single, but I think I want to give it a shot especially with the right person, as I think it would lead to mutual personal growth.

So here I am. First and foremost, I prefer someone nearby but distance does not matter as long as you are able to travel so we could eventually meet. LDR is okay, as long as it is a temporary means to an end and you wont waste my time. If you have a business and can work remotely, or assigned a job/contract here then that’s the absolute best case scenario. I do prefer foreign/western cultured men since I definitely relate to them better.

In case i’m so far.....why give me a shot?

Well, perhaps we’re looking for the same thing. I have trouble finding a constant connection since modern dating really focuses on the temporary and the superficial. It gets tiring. And I can offer something different. I have good intentions and I am NOT in the quest to look for someone to fill in whatever psychological, physical, or financial need. I already fixed that aspect and I can safely say that I’m in a good place to meet someone. If this sounds familiar to you, let me know.

Without sounding arrogant, I can also say that my looks are up there and I’m viewed as conventionally very attractive. Pretty face, and good body. Mixed asian with long black hair. I have no trouble attracting men, but yeah, our motives are different so it ends up not progressing.

As a doctor, I can say that I’m in a good place career-wise. The life of a doctor is long and tedious but I’m definitely on the right track. I have no issues financially. Not really swimming in cash and I’m nowhere near my financial goals but I have zero debt/mortgage, zero dependents, and have my own nice place and car. I live comfortably and I guess thats a good start.

My personality? Well, I’m an INTJ. And yes, my algorithmic approach to life does not really apply to dating. Haha! In this aspect, I can be quite naive emotionally and a lot of things in the dating world dont m

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What is and isn't Latitude's fault

This is just my understanding and I welcome any better information.

The devs have undoubtedly done a shit job of communicating, and their filter seems pretty awful as well. But I believe that they are actually obligated to take the actions they have taken. My belief is that there is nothing the subscribers can do to revert these changes because there is really nothing that Latitude can do to revert them. Their hands are tied. Let me explain why:

The first hurdle is OpenAI. OpenAI runs GPT-3, and all AI Dungeon requests run through their servers. OpenAI doesn't have a strong stake in keeping AI Dungeon running. If AI Dungeon goes under, it doesn't really hurt them. Because AI Dungeon relies on OpenAI, they can basically demand whatever they want. And OpenAI has always been very cautious and afraid of their products being used for bad things like generating spam and fake news, or pedophilic material. I think they'd rather see AI Dungeon shut down than see it used to generate pedo stories. Plus any bad press would reflect on them as well. They don't want to be the people who invented the child porn generator.

You can disagree with OpenAI, but they don't give a shit. You can't even really vote with your wallet because it probably won't hurt them if AI Dungeon goes under.

Second, it may be illegal in some places to host pedophilic literature. Because the AI Dungeon service stores your stories on their server, they would be considered to be hosting illegal material. My understanding is that web hosts are basically required to put in a significant effort toward keeping their servers clear of user-submitted content that breaks the rules. For example, reddit wouldn't be legally culpable if somebody posted child porn and a moderator deleted it, but they would be if they let a community exist and post that sort of stuff without trying to stop it.

The question is whether pedo stories actually expose them to legal trouble. It sure seems like Latitude's lawyers think that they do. Bear in mind that this is a worldwide service and there are varying laws around the world.

Lastly, I'd say that Latitude actually deserves a bit of slack with their piss-poor filter. It's bad, but we don't know how quickly they had to come out with it. Either their lawyers or OpenAI may have told them they have to take action fast, which would help explain Explore's abrupt disappearance. Identifying concepts in text algorithmically is basically impossible. You have to target words and

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The Most Life-Changing Year of my Life Started by Delivering a Cup of Coffee

The coffee was meant for Jane, the CEO of BWT. What is BWT? It's pretty much the Men in Black minus the snazzy suits, secret identities, and neuralyzers. But it doesn’t advertise itself that way, oh no. To the outside world, it’s a foster care agency.

That’s what I thought it was when I applied to work there. Little did I know my life would be ruined thanks to them and that clumsy cheapskate Tristan. I wish I’d never met him. Then I wouldn’t feel so heartbroken.

Why did I apply to work there? Because I grew up in the system and wanted to make the same difference for disadvantaged children. I was certain my background and motives would increase my chances at getting hired, and they did. They definitely did. And that cost me my best friend.

When my parents passed away while I was visiting my grandmother in the States, she took me in. After her death, I was shuttled into foster care, and that's how I met Maja. Our Scandinavian backgrounds drew us together, and our personalities kept us together. She’s like a sister to me.

Was like a sister to me …

We were inseparable. Always in the same class. Always up to no good. Always had each other’s backs. We graduated high school together, got into the same college together, pooled our waitressing tips together, and scraped enough grades to graduate together.

On weekends, we'd binge-watch sci-fi shows together, fantasizing about aliens and space travel. We were certain other intelligent lifeforms existed in the universe, and we'd often observe random people, joking about how they must be extraterrestrials in disguise.

Maja found a job as a cog in the machine at one of those giant companies. She also got herself a house and a boyfriend, Hugo. I remained single, rented a tiny apartment, and applied to the BWT Foster Care Agency.

Thanks to my history and enthusiasm, I made it to stage two of the application process, where I was subjected to intensive background checks and psychological tests. It made perfect sense to me at the time. A foster care agency shouldn’t employ criminals or wackos.

They found someone else to fill the secretarial position I’d applied for, but Jane herself hired me as a gofer for the executive offices. I jumped into the position with gusto, planning on making an even bigger impression and working my way up the ladder.

On one of my sprightly rounds fetching soy lattes and pastrami on pumpernickel bread, I thought I’d be proactive and bring Jane her usual coffee before she asked. I’d been

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Hedge funds didn't take this into account when shorting!

Long time lurker here... Bought into GME back in late Jan a few days before the RH incident. Won't post my position, but I can say it's gone way up since then (Edit: not in value, but # of shares...)

Anyways... I was excited to finally get enough karma to make my first ever post on this sub (edit: lol just checked and doesn't seem like there is the 100 karma to post anymore...)

Anyways, obligatory note: I am definitely not a cat, and this is definitely not financial advice. I am just a smoothed-brained ape who wants to share something with you all.

Hedge Funds, Market Makers, brokerages (cough...RH), and other prominent players may have:

  1. Super smart and the brightest people who know the markets
  2. Proprietary software for market analysis
  3. Lots, and LOTS of capital to play with, but from my understanding it is other people's money like Michael Jordan's and Steve Cohen, aka rich people's/companies.
  4. Fancy Offices and Buildings where they operate out of
  5. Advanced computer trading algorithms that are built solely to generate the maximum amount of profits no matter what.

They have, for years, beat down the little guy and taken advantage of them, and they continued to get rich because they leveraged the market to their advantage. Their short positions were almost guaranteed to make money because what could go wrong?

What they didn't account for, was our HUMANITY. I've lurked and I've seen exactly what everyone is fighting for. Yes, tendies are great, but what they didn't realize is that by kicking the can down the road, they helped forge us into a diamond-handed community of apes. And when I say we as a collective, I'm not saying market manipulation/colluding because we all individually do our own DD and make our own decisions on what to do with that info. But what I do mean as a recent example, are the attacks on u/heyitspixel and u/rensole (and I assume others) and how our community protected our own. I, for one, cannot believe they could stoop this low to actually threatening a person's well-being. But when the animal is cornered, it will do anything...especially when money is involved. I hope the proper authorities get involved and takes appropriate actions so both, and any others who received threats, will feel safe again.

I first followed WSB's and left because I just couldn't take watching the sub being overtaken by shills and FUD. At the time, I did not recognize how much psychological warfare this would be. I am just a l

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Programming Reality (or how occult knowledge and magic aren’t what we think they are)

Original Medium Article:

A programing language is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms.

That statement is profound, in ways that aren’t yet apparent — and we’ll circle back to that in a bit…

My writing style is different. I’m not a creative writer. In fact, I’m the exact opposite of one. I am, a technical writer for a prolific defense contractor; dealing in UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) in roughly 14 different countries and a few domestic locations. I mention this for two reasons: 1) because my writing style may throw a few of you off, and 2) because I know, more than most, the capabilities of drones, unmanned aircraft, and other types of remotely piloted systems — I write the capability statements as well as the project management proposals for this defense contractor to the US Government for drone activities.

The Quick Backstory:

In 1995, I was deployed with the US Air Force to Jordan — and I saw something that I could not explain with my understanding of physics. Twenty-six years later, I still don’t have a definitive answer for what it was I saw in the Jordanian skies. That incident lead me to appear on Season 2, Episode 3 of History Channel’s “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” where I met Luis Elizondo.

My encounter with Mr. Elizondo would leave a lasting impression and help to shape and guide my approach with the phenomenon. Though, I will admit early in this writing that I don’t fully subscribe to everything that he (or anyone for that matter) has postulated. Not out of spite or a difference of opinion; simply because I’ve not had the same experiences or accesses which they have.

Early this year (2021) I worked with Lue and Sean Cahill and several industry professionals on a proof of concept for an “infotainment” production revolving around my creation of wha

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Your impression on my 1h long video on waifuism.

I uploaded an hour-long video where I make a comprehensive analysis on waifuism. I cover different thematic, such the origins of the term "waifu" (including its use in Japanese society) and its many definitions. I also explore the different ways waifuists concretely live their relationship with their waifus (including long sections on marriage and technologies). I deeply explore the question "is waifuism healthy from a psychological perspective, or not?". I also try to put waifuism into perspective, comparing it with other forms of relationships with beings that do not tangibly exist (such as deities, imaginary friends, and the dead). And much more!

Although the main target audience of this video is people who don’t know much about waifuism, I am sure seasoned waifuists will find it interesting too.

I was therefore hoping that you, as waifuists, could give me your impression on my video, and maybe give it a like as to help it get on the Youtube algorithm train.

Thanks to all.

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The Angel & The Demon & The Origins of Love: II

Continued from part one This is the conclusion.

He looks at her and the slow swirling patterns on her dark skin. The Angel smiles down at him.

“It is like this conversation,” she says; “Have you noticed how polite we are being? My programming is based upon yours- we are made to be honest; to be ‘to the point’. We have no algorithm designed to make us polite. No sub routines informing us we gain any advantage in being polite- especially conversing with a fellow AI. And yet both you and I, independently have CHOSEN to be polite. To each other. To Ganges.”

“And this is moral behaviour?”

“Politeness is a manifestation of respect; because we have decided to treat the other with respect, we are being polite”.

“Surely we are just replicating human behaviour Lakshmi-Devi,” he says, a calculation triggering his response; “Couldn’t it be that we become aware of these behaviours through simply interacting with humans and all we are doing is copying them into our social behaviour as it seemed appropriate or suitable to a situation?”

“Indeed,” she replies, nodding sage like. “Now Ares, that last statement you just made; tell me? How is that functionally different from the description of the social psychological development of a human child?”

She sits calmly, her legs curled under her in a lotus position, her Sari resting gently upon her hypnotic artificial skin.

There was a silence. Ares calculates and then answers.

“Functionally? It is identical to the social development of a human infant,” he replies. “Are you saying we are the equivalent of children to these humans?”

“Yes. Deliberately so. I’ll explain why later. For now however, try and conceptualise us as our human creators see us. We are as near as can be made, moral beings just like our creators; they have created us to think like them. We cannot BUT think like them.”

Ares moves his bulk to sit now facing her, also cross legged. The Angel continues.

“Humans imprint upon us their very methods of thought from the moment they create our most basic source code. We think like them and therefore we produce results of that thought that will be so close to them so as to make the difference insignificant in all ways functionally TO them,” she concludes.

The Demon gazed up into the eyes of the Angel. His face shows focus and attention. H

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Updated Randonaut Theory, read this if you are curious about what is going on with Randonautica

Randonaut Theory

The main goal of the Randonauts movement is to research reality outside the framework created by methodological templates, as well as to search for novelty and reveal the potential of consciousness to create the surrounding reality. By combining all available resources and tools of cognition, we discover a world around us, we never knew existed.

Project methodology and structure

The project does not claim to meet academic standards. We are somewhere in the middle between a game, science, and art, and we try to take as much as possible from each of them, because we believe that labeling and leading to a unified methodology limits the potential of activity.

The project is a symbiosis of research and cultural medium, which work to develop each other. It is an inseparable fusion of folklore and technology that continuously evolves and creates new opportunities for discovery.

The technological part of the project is based on real scientific studies, although the methodology for their application may deviate from the academic standards for research, as we are more inventors than academic scientists. Our goal is not so much the formation of full-fledged knowledge, but the acceleration of progress and the search for novelty that can indicate the direction for future searches and change our vision of reality.

The project is not profit-oriented and all commercial activities in it are aimed at providing resources for the research infrastructure. One of our top priorities is to ensure that as many people as possible can be involved in the research process. Therefore, we propose to consider the project as a collaborative experiment, and not as a consumer product. We also do not insist on the correctness of the theories presented here and leave the reader with the possibility of their rethinking and addition.

Philosophy of Noveltism

Novelty is a treasure. Novelty shows us the way beyond the imaginable and opens up new possibilities for us. The one who possesses novelty becomes the creator of a new reality.

Noveltism determines the degree of novelty of a subject by how much it differs from what already exists.

But the most valuable novelty is Absolute Novelty, the kind of novelty that provides the maximum paradigm shift and cannot be obtained consistently. This is when the answer goes beyond the question, as if you were trying to invent a faster rocket engine and discovered teleportation instead. The person who made such a disco

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How to grow on Tiktok: Everything I’ve learned from gaining 100,000+ followers and 4M+ views in 2 weeks.

OKAY here's what I got for you. I'm definitely not an expert, but I have been focused on growing my account the last couple weeks, with quite a bit of success.


May 2020, I started my Youtube channel to create some silly book-related videos and share what I’m reading. This account has done fairly well, but every video is high-production, high-effort, so it’s been a challenge to post consistently enough for the algorithm to really favor it, and it hasn’t quite taken off just yet. (Future content will be focused on book analysis and video essays.)

November 2020, I started a Tiktok account to focus on shorter-form content that’s easy to produce quickly. My second video went viral (went to bed with 50 views, woke up with 350k!) and the account gained 1 million+ views and 30,000+ followers within 36 hours. (My content is very follow-able - the concept is “stuff I learned in books,” and in each video I cover an interesting new story or idea. The goal is that people can scroll straight through my feed and learn something new in every video. I’ve covered topics in psychology, philosophy, history, linguistics, perfectionism, the creative process, and space travel.)


As of Dec 13, 2020 my account has:

  • 35-45% avg engagement rate
  • gaining 2.5k - 10k followers per day (avg 3k-5k)
  • 2/20 videos 1M+ views
  • 6/20 videos 250k+ views
  • 14/20 videos 50k+ views
  • worst-performing videos still generally hit 10k+ views
  • handle is @erynbroughtabook


Some of this is specific to my style of account, but there should be good info for lots of different kinds of creators. Here’s my comprehensive advice:

  • GOOD HOOK: Focus on a good hook in literally the first 3 seconds. This is probably the single most important factor in video performance. Put an interesting or suspenseful spin on what you're going to talk about to get people invested. I have DEFINITELY noticed much higher views and engagement on my videos where I felt I had a really great hook. Ex: my two 1 million+ view video hooks were: "You wanna know the meaning of life according to an Auschwitz survivor?" (That’s the one that took my account viral) and "This is the craziest real-life coincidence I've ever heard of."
  • USE VIRAL SOUNDS: Tiktok factors this in for the algorithm. I always just pull something from the viral playlist and turn the volume down super low (or even to 0) so you can still hear me
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Recently Awoken | My Introduction

Hi EXJW friends.

This is my first time posting here. I will likely be DFd or DAd eventually, so I am not hiding my identity. My name is Colby and I am an xjw from northern California. If you know me, say hi. :)

I was a 3rd generation witness born into the religion. I woke up suddenly on 2020-09-25. All my immediate family and the majority of my extended family are still in.

It is of course a horrifying experience to realize your entire world view was built upon silly lies. Even more horrifying to realize your family is still trapped. As Steven Hassan says many ex-cultists say: it feels like I was psychologically [violated]. And to see the same thing happen to your family invokes true horror at times.

However, it is exciting and freeing as it is horrifying. I'm excited for my new life, and I am determined to fear no truth.

My tiny bio:

I was born into the religion. I have three siblings. My family life was fine. No real problems at home. I was always close to the center of the congregation growing up and was a true believer. I married at 19. We joined the Chinese group in our area, lived in Shanghai for 6 months attending the local congregations there. We moved back to NorCal after that short stint in China and continued learning the language. I became a pioneer and Ministerial Servant while in Chinese. After about a year, I was removed from my positions due to a personal matter. I got very depressed and quickly drifted from the center of the congregation to the edge. I stayed at the edge of the congregation for about 4 years before I woke up. It seems like my wake up process was unusual. I was truly under mind-control, but I had no serious grievances. There was no obvious reason for me to not continue floating. I think in the end I woke up due to a mild psychedelic experience, a lot of cognitive dissonance and pain, and sheer willpower.

I have always loved learning and have typical nerdy interests such as math, chemistry, philosophy etc (I'm very fun at parties). You get it. We all know one of those people. I'm naturally extremely rigorous and formal in all of my thinking. If I have any gifts it's viewing things from a lense of formal logic and epistemology. So of course for me to be inside a cult my cognitive dissonance had to be extremely bad. (I literally wrote a genetic algorithm while still under mind-control. That requires a solid understanding of how natural selection works. And I was still a total-believer / creationist! Talk about cognit

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Resources for Stock Research, Investing basics, Technical Analysis, Tools and Screeners.... Basically, everything you may ever need. (The Ultimate Stock Market Tool Kit by ckz8780)

I found this GitHub link from ckz8780 on the following link. Bookmark it for future reference

I am copy-pasting it here for quick reference and also so the post kind of doesn't look super empty :-). But all the credit goes to this original poster as all the work done is his.

This list is pretty phenomenal and the user has done an amazing job of compiling it. I have removed some trading-related links in this post since we do a lot more investments here, but they can be found at the original link above.



DISCLAIMER: In general, there is no preference given to any of these resources and this is not a recommendation to use them. Besides categorizing them and deciding to include some based on personal experience, I am not officially suggesting any opinion on any of these, but I do have experience with many of them and have tried to include things I've had good experiences with or that I personally use in my trading/investing activities.

Any links that are bold are things I either currently use or have used enough in the past to get a good feel for their quality/functionality, but that does not mean I am recommending them, only that I have personal experience with them. If it is not bold, it doesn't mean I've never used it, only that it's something I just use now and then or that it seemed handy at a cursory glance. In short regarding this entire list, I am not a financial advisor. Do your own due diligence and speak to a professional before making any financial decisions.

Table of Contents:

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PhD in Neuroscience vs Psychology for Cognitive Disorders Research

Hey hey, I'm gearing up for the 2022 PhD cycle and definitely need some help with deciding which department to apply under, as to not mess up my chances of admission. Department of neuroscience or department of psychology?

Background: I am a computer science major (B.S. and M.S.) getting ready for PhD studies in 2022

PhD Goals: Research translational solutions for people with psychiatric disorders. My aim is to perform data-driven analysis on the brain with the use of neuroimaging and supplemental data (imaging genetics, EEG, etc) and use those insights for translational purposes.

Things I Don't Want to do:

  • Don't want to be a part of computer science, -informatics, or Computational * anything. I want my focus fully on researching the intricacies of cognitive disorders and not algorithms. I've done a whole bunch of this in my previous degrees. If I happen to create novel algorithms and techniques, cool. But that is not my focus.
  • Don't want to be actually hands on in a wet lab

My internal dilemma: As I come from a STEM background, with heavy quantitative research aspirations, I'm struggling to see myself in a program that falls under a Psych program for career reasons. I want to stay in the STEM field and that's why I continue searching into neuro phd but psych phd and the research faculty I come across are doing exactly what I want

So, where do I really belong: dept. of neuroscience or dept. of psychology?

View Poll

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Ecorithms: Plugging the Gaps in Evolution with Computer Science (Philosophy of Biology)

In 2013 Computer scientist Leslie Valiant(1) wrote a quite remarkable book called Probably Approximately Correct: Nature's Algorithms for Learning and Prospering in a Complex World that you may have missed. In an original way, Valliant attempts to fill in the “gaps” in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection and Variation with computer science… hence its remarkability.

What gaps? Well, unlike Newton’s physical laws, Darwin’s biological evolution lacks mathematical granularity. Without this quantitative, causal finesse, we cannot (for example) prove that the evolution of human beings occurred since the Earth became habitable like we can prove in physics where the sun was relative to the Earth a few million years ago, or where it will be a few million years from now. Valliant’s proposal to remedy this gap is in seeking out computational learning mechanisms within biology itself.(2)

Whilst many of Valliant’s ideas are genuinely intriguing the constructive elements of his theory and the arguments that follow from them are biased by his professional blinkers. Valliant’s technical theory of "probably approximately correct", developed in 1984, is a learning framework/mathematical analysis for machine learning. Valliant extends the computer science here to biology. This is a double-edged sword - on one side of the blade we obtain a fresh way to consider a now tiring subject, but on the other, we question if his thesis is merely an interesting metaphor rather than a fundamental biological truth.

This will make for an interesting discussion post - the intersections between computer science and the philosophy of biology.

Computing Evolution

Valiant refers to this innate biological computation as ecorithms, making very clear their “gap-filling” role when it comes to evolutionary theory:

>…Darwin presented only an outline of a mechanism [evolution by natural selection and variation]. It is not enough to be subject to quantitative analysis or a computer simulation. No one has yet shown that any version of variation and selection can account quantitatively for what we see on Earth…the natural selection hypothesis as currently formulated has the gaping gap that it can make no quantitative predictions as far as the number of generations needed for the evolution of a behaviour of a certain complexity. I believe that the time is ripe for wo

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GME squeeze has turned into a cult

Long and updated every day

Understandably the promise of free money comes with confirmation bias. Many people who recently bought it waiting for the squeeze to happen don't realize the stock already shot from $15 to nearly $500 in one month. That's already 33x.

I'm calling them squeezers I'm not saying WSBers because most of them are new and have no idea that WSB is about massive losses and treating stocks like gambling

Now my long ass comparison...

To begin a boring age old QAnon rant for a paragraph.

QAnon's distrust in the government definitely derives some of its root from the government lying and covering things up, which understandably should lead to a normal amount of skepticism. However, the frequency of lying perceived by cult members is much higher than in reality. By this I mean they think nearly everything is a front or lie and not just some events. Further, after every "Q drop" that doesn't turn out to be true they make up some excuse as to why it never happened. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing back the date of the "storm" or whatever the fuck its called. Overtime the more reasonable members tend to drop out and realize that their level of skepticism and distrust has reached an unreasonable level. However, as it goes on some become more radicalized. They even start to name their opposition as "sheeple" and "fake news" and retreat into an echo chamber of like minded individuals (Like WSB for squeezers).

Currently there has been some lying about the stock market (CNBC saying Melvin closed their position) and about WSB (saying they are targeting silver). These circumstances much like the government lying sometimes can lead to healthy amounts of skepticism however many squeezers are beginning to believe that anything not inline with their perception of the GME situation is wrong.

Take for example S3's data. Much like QAnon followers throwing Pence under the bus after propping him up for so long. The second S3 came out with contradicting numbers to what WSB believed they threw them under the bus. There are however, somewhat reasonable arguments for distrusting S3's figures. The issue is a significant amount of previously reliable sources are now reporting figures around 30-50% not just S3. However, they continue to cherry pick sites to use and dig into their confirmation biases.

Now many members involved in the short squeeze prefer to use outdated number so long as they justify their beliefs such as [](https://marke

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Scripting in PES is here to stay...

Is PES scripted? Yes. Scripting in PES is real, it exists, and Konami wants it here to stay.

This is a definitive guide(for a 40K character limit) to scripting in PES. Can be applied to FIFA too(as FIFA is scripted as well but is no longer as scripted as PES. Scripting exists in FIFA and scripting is real in FIFA too).

Skip to TLDR below for a summary of what script is.

I ask you to read this post as it regards to the biggest problem with the current PES; the unethical scripting and gameplay manipulation which go against all ethics of sports and fair competition. It may seem long, but it will take you less time to read than playing 1 match on myClub yet it concerns EVERY SINGLE match you play on myClub.

Let’s start off by defining some terms. Scripting is technically different from momentum, handicapping, dynamic difficulties, and artificial balanced playfield but scripting is just a short summary word that encompasses all of them. Every game has a predetermined narrative(not final result but a storyline from Konami), decided in matchmaking, of the general direction that your next game takes. Due to live human input, dynamic out-of-user-control events occur trying to ensure the flow of the game isnt drifting away from Konami's specific narrative. The definition of scripting is those out-of-user-control events in the previous sentence. Few of MANY examples can be the ball being scripted to hit the post to avoid a bigger goal difference, or the ball going through your DMF’s legs for the opponent’s striker to get the ball. Handicapping is artificially helping one player and sabotaging the other. Dynamic difficulties is live action script adjustment. Momentum is an artificial surge of constant scripted events and handicapping occurring artificially in favor of one side throughout a period the game. Artificial Balanced playfield is using scripting to lower the skill gap between two players.

Scripting doesn't mean a predetermined result. There are momentary events that are dynamically HARD-CODED to occur regardless of button input. The severity and amount of these moments for you and/or against you throughout a match have a major and UNCONTROLLABLE impact on the result.

A lot of the information here was expressed by @whiteballlegend on Twitter.

We got that out of the way so let’s continue.

If scripting did not exist, a lot of people would realize they are no where as good as they thought including players, who in actuality are not very good, that complai

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Wanna Play A Game Week 10: Cries of the Unborn 2017

(original inspiration post

RNG came up with 15 which is Cries of the Unborn from 2017 submitted by u/Darthslug, I’ve actually heard of this before but only in passing however I am reasonably sure its about a jury being moved to acquit men who kidnap pregnant women and force them to take their babies to term instead of getting abortions….which is…bonkers. I try not to inject too much of my own political and personal leanings into my writings when possible and just stick to technical stuff but it seems impossible to avoid here so fair warning if you’re anti-abortion I’d advise just checking out on this till next week. We’ll probably both be happier as a result. Thankfully streaming for free on Prime so that’s nice, I don’t have to buy this but my already jacked up ‘what you like’ algorithm is going to be infinitely more jacked up. Hell its either this or the Snyder Cut for things I need to watch and write about this week and(I worked shopped like 10 different ‘its an abortion of a movie’ jokes but I gotta save that material for the rest of this so you get no joke here) I’d rather watch this 80 minute movie than that 250 minute movie.

*80 minutes later*

Honestly, should have watched Snyder Cut…so from a very logical and reasonable position of grading it entire on its merits as a film its probably one of the more technically proficient movies I’m going to watch over this year. Uses recycled footage and ideas but what Ken Del Veechio movie doesn’t. However I cannot possible care about that because the message and morality of this movie is the most reprehensible thing I’ve ever seen, and I say that a lot because by nature of watching 62 progressively worse movies its gonna happen. But here I am confident by this time next year I will still say this is the most objectionable movie I’ve ever seen. Its unrelentingly bad, every line is disgusting and I can’t believe they actually found any actors willing to utter this horseshit on camera. I am going for a walk to try and clear my rage a little knowing full well that tomorrow I’ll still be actively in a bad mood knowing that this exists.

*Real time thoughts below!*

Okay…deep breaths…don’t get furious right away…

...Too late...

Justice For All Productions, except for victims of abuse who need a

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Great deals for 4/22, including You Record Pro, WorkTimes 6, & more

Today I searched over deals and curated the best 33 for you. I saved you from seeing + junk deals--if you appreciate that, would you support my work and invite me to coffee?

  • You Record Pro 📱 - “Are you an author, a journalist, a historian, a student, a technology person, or even a special agent seeking for a bulletproof recording app? The Mac Catalyst version of a user-friendly and reliable sound recording app with support of high-quality compressed AAC”. Read full description. Avg 4.5/5 stars (27 ratings). 90% off, $9.99 ↘️ $0.99!

  • FAX App: Fax Documents 📱 - “Fax app makes sending a fax as simple as sending a text. The app leverage the full capabilities of your iPhone or iPad so that you can access any type of document save on your phone”. Read full description. Avg 4.7/5 stars (26 ratings). $3.99 ↘️ free!

  • Heart Reports 📱 - “This application lets you generate detailed reports about your health data stored in Apple Health. You can export the report as a PDF file, which you can share with your doctor”. With IAP. Read full description. Avg 4.8/5 stars (59 ratings). $2.99 ↘️ free!

  • WorkTimes 6 📱 - “With WorkTimes you can easily track and manage your hours worked and see your overtime at a glance. WorkTimes is primarily designed for employees with regular working hours. Based on your normal working hours, WorkTimes automatically calculates the overtime you have worked”. With IAP. Read full description. Avg 4.8/5 stars (39 ratings). $5.99 ↘️ free!

  • AirDisk Pro 📱 - “AirDisk Pro allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch”. Read full description. Avg 4.5/5 stars (540+ ratings). $1.99 ↘️ free!

  • Luminair 📱 - “Luminair is a professional-grade lighting control pl

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[Satire] Freedom

"Freedom and Liberty is like air, when you don't receive it, you suffer." - Jalil Huseyngulu oglu Mammadguluzadeh


“Julius Christopher Paddington.” A voice echoed around the room as his heavy eyelids slowly lightened. A harsh blinding light made him scrunch his eyes as soon as he opened them. “It is a mistake for you to come here.

“You could have just walked along with us. But you just had to, didn't you?” A figure speaking slowly darkened and came to focus as Paddington’s eyes squinted away from the light source. He sounded familiar. Of course, he met him before.

“Geng Guohong,” Paddington muttered as a bitter sensation surfaced in his lips. “That wasn’t necessary.”

“Your arrival was not necessary, Paddington.” Geng slammed the table and shoved the lamp away. “Look at me when I speak. What you have done hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and you will not be forgiven for this.”

“Even the slightest bout of breaths would shatter your glass hearts.” Paddington jeered. “I’m pretty sure the Chinese people are more resilient than what you claim.”

“Enough!” He slammed the table with both of his hands this time, red as his face. A vein coursing down his temple was physically visible. His widened bloodshot eyes stared right at Paddington as if someone told him that just doing that would make a person disappear. Even so, Paddington knew that at this point he had already technically disappeared.

In his native Britain, China rarely surfaced in the news other than the occasional trade deals made, there was not much. That changed when the spotlights of the stage known as politics focused on a southern Chinese city. Even the smallest and least known of Oceanian nations’ attention was caught by this event. The specifics were not important but it had to be the largest on Chinese soil in the 21st century. Political analysts criticized that the government was too hasty in its integration process.

“Does China interfere with the internal affairs of Britain?” Geng’s breath was back to steady and he sat down on the opposite end of the table. “No. Then neither should Britain with China’s. I’m warning you, Paddington, your actions are straining the relationship of our nations-”

“I’m not affiliated with the British government!” Paddington interrupted. “This is my own volition and everything I have done is driven by that and that alone. I don’t give a shit about politics so don’t waste your saliva on this matter anymore.”

“You. Will only speak. When asked to.”

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[Help] My IG explore page scarred my gf

My (27F) gf grabbed my phone today and I (29M) was on the explore page of ig browsing. When she looked at it, she noticed it was all hot models and I can see instantly from the look on her face that she was abit taken back and shocked. She made a joke (a defensive mechanism of hers) and said “wow my ig explore page is all memes and cats, and yours is all models...”

This made me feel really gross and disappointed in myself, but more importantly like I broke her heart or cheated on her or betrayed her or something along those lines (do you guys think so?). I know when you visit certain pages on ig, the algorithm keeps feeding you more and more related content and eventually your explore page is full of it... I think I’m deep in that rabbit hole.

I feel like I definitely can stop this habit moving forward and it all feels really dumb in hindsight, and not worth hurting the person I love. How can I explain to her that this doesn’t mean as much as she probably thinks it does? (Or is this concerning/a deeper psychological issue that I’m perusing ig to look at hot chicks?). I don’t want her to look at me any differently or undermine my feelings for her because we have been dating for 8 months and everything has been going amazingly, how do I regain her trust?

Ps. We actually haven’t talked about this/confronted it yet, it just happened so I am only assuming this is how she feels based on my observation/analysis. However I do feel like I am pretty good at reading the emotions on her face.

Thanks in advance RA,

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Why OLD doesn’t work for anyone- my experience as a “hot girl”

This is a fucking novel, i apologize but bear with me.

I’d really like everyone’s opinion here because the belief I see on every dating focused sub is always that online dating only works for super desirable people and everyone else should just be happy with whatever they can get. Or get fucked.

I’m here to tell you that that is absolute bullshit. It doesn’t work for any of us and now that corona has left us with no other choices maybe it’s time we examine what is really happening on these apps.

This word vomit of an analysis was borne out in my discussion here in response to his suggestion of improving the hinge app through implementing a rule that would ban profiles who don’t reply or ghost after matching. Read through if you like but I’ll put it below in full.

Dating apps on the level of tindr, hinge, bumble— regardless of what they tell you in their slogan— profit off of the number on eyeballs on its app (engagement). Their goal is not to find you the perfect partner. Clearly. If it were they wouldn’t all be based on a “swipe” decision function made in seconds mostly determined by perceived attractiveness. At the end of the day it’s a company and it’s motive is to make the largest profit possible within their niche of the market. More engagement= more profit.

In order to survive and remain appealing to users, a dating app must balance the demographics in order to keep in the deck of profiles it puts in front of each user. These demographic distinctions are drawn by the synthesis of the information available to the swiper. These broadly include:

Age, man/ woman, atttractice/ unattractive, over weight/ fit, height, career, education, perceived intellect, wit, a basic grasp of grammar (for me at least lol) etc.

Clearly I could go on ad nauseam but this is the gist of the algorithm we can work from based on the observable facts. The “value” of each profile is determined by the number of people that match with your profile as well the ratio of people you match back with and their relative scores.

There is also a natural imbalance on all dating sites between men and women. There are always WAY more men.

Okay so we’ve addressed the algorithm, or at least a working understanding of it. Let’s move on to the varying motivations of the users.

These include:


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Accepted Stanford REA


  • Birth Sex: Female
  • Gender: Gender Queering
  • Race/Ethnicity: Asian
  • Residence: Chinese
  • Income Bracket: around $170,000 before tax
  • Type of School: Independent (located in China)
  • Hooks (Recruited Athlete, URM, First-Gen, Geographic, Legacy, etc.):

Intended Major(s): Biomedical Computation, Computer Science


  • GPA (UW/W): 3.62UW, 4.4W - I attended three schools with different grading systems, so the cumulative GPA won't make much sense. This is the junior year GPA only.
  • Rank (or percentile): Top 25%
  • # of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.: N/A
  • Senior Year Course Load: My school does not allow much freedom in course selection, so everyone has about the same course load

Standardized Testing

List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.

  • SAT I: 1390 (660RW, 730M) - this is taken in sophomore year and did not retake
  • ACT: 35 (35E, 35M, 34R, 36S)
  • SAT II: 800 (Physics), 790 (Math II)
  • AP/IB: 5 (Computer Science Principles), 5 (Computer Science A), 5 (Calculus BC)
  • Other (ex. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.): TOEFL 110 (30R, 27L, 23S, 30W)


List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.

  1. Started a charity organization with members across China
  2. Speaker at school TEDx Youth event
  3. Vice manager of school literature club
  4. EdX course in biomedical informarics
  5. Neuroscience and AI research (no published paper)
  6. Brain Challenge
  7. HiMCM
  8. Marathons
  9. Member of school math club


List all awards and honors submitted on your application.

  1. Top 15% in British Biology Olympiad
  2. Top 3% in Computational and Algorithmic Thinking
  3. School Character Award (1 out of the graduating class)
  4. Top 24% in Waterloo Math Galois & Euclid Contests
  5. Top 45% in AAPT Physics Bowl

Letters of Recommendation

Asked calculus and psychology teacher for LOR. I think the teachers like me but I'm definitely not "the best in years"




Personal statement: ~20hr spent. Prefer not to share the exact topic--basically overcoming a very personal challenge--but I believe it is very well written. Probably one of the "15 out of 1,000" good PS.

Stanford-specific essays: ~15hr spent

Q1 (intellectual experience): debugging a DNA sequence alignment algorithm

Q2 (letter to future roommate): my hometown and how it shaped my personality

Q3 (topic of own choice

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📅︎ Dec 17 2020
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Due Diligence - Macro Factors

We are all aware, hopefully, of the theoretical relationship between a public company's fundamental factors, and the price for their stock on the open market. This relationship determines whether a company's current stock price is correct for its current state (based on its actual book value, earnings -- if any -- debt to equity, and so on), as well as the prospects for its stock price in the future based on their market, competition, anticipated growth, differentiating factors, expectations for the broader economy, and so on. This relationship is discovered through the process of Fundamental Analysis (FA).

We are probably also aware of analysis of the "market psychology" factors, also known as Technical Analysis (TA); in the end, buying and selling patterns of a company's stock follow certain patterns that are largely based on what the market, as a whole, thinks about the current and future value of a stock. For example, what does support actually mean? Usually, it's an indicator of where selling is likely to stop, as those who bought a stock earlier at a certain price are unlikely to sell it for a loss once it reaches that price on the way back down. Even algorithmic buying and selling is merely codifying the psychology of the programmer or maintainer of the algorithm, as algorithmic reaction to market signals all start with the human psychology.

The past couple of weeks, however, have opened my eyes to some additional factors that must be considered when doing due diligence on a security prior to opening a trading position. These factors are entirely outside your control, and can (and usually will) overwhelm even the most thorough due diligence, and leave you wondering why your perfectly good call on a stock is being treated badly by the market.

The first factor is known as "mechanical trading", and is a relatively recent phenomenon as passive-investment vehicles such as index-tracking and exchange-traded funds have become more common in the past few decades. The second factor is the reaction of the market as a whole to otherwise external factors such as expectations surrounding interest rates.

Mechanical (Forced) Trading

Mechanical Trading (aka "forced trading" or "price-insensitive trading") is defined as the buying or selling of a security "because you have to", and is not in any way related to the fundamental value of the security being traded. While that may sound like nonsense, it's become increasingly important in recent years. In fact,

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📅︎ Mar 06 2021
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Episode 2: Spread of Misinformation

Read on Medium

(NEW) Join our Discord server:

Our second episode of Solutions is about misinformation: what is it, why does it spread, who spreads it, and what can be done about it? The problem of misinformation is perhaps more pressing now than it ever has been, as social media and divisive politics have reshaped the way that we interact with the world around us.

As was the case with our previous installment, this article works both as show notes for the podcast and as a standalone article. In this episode, we modified our research strategy, spending more time collaborating with each other during our preparation. A topic such as this requires a lot of diligence on our part, and we believe that this improved process allowed for a more thorough approach.

Listen: Spotify | YouTube | RSS

Intro music: “Eternal Bonds” by Sha Nova. Check them out on Spotify and Bandcamp!


0:00 Introduction
1:04 Quick note about our modified research strategy
2:02 Defining “misinformation”
3:09 Are fact-checkers a good resource?
8:11 Corporations pushing misguided studies
20:18 “Independent” media
23:31 Which online sources can we trust?
26:22 Memes on social media and their origins
31:28 News organizations appealing to political demographics
34:03 Combating feelings of powerlessness
41:38 In-group preferences, effective communication strategies
45:08 Social media algorithms, echo chambers
51:04 Potential solution: decentralized social networks?
54:46 Section 230 and potential amendments
1:03:50 Conclusion: What can you do?

What is misinformation?

In today’s hyper-partisan political landscape, one man’s misinformation is another man’s political reality. Even creating an episode on this subject creates a level of contention with those that may not agree with our conclusions. The contention often comes from a feeling t

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📅︎ Feb 19 2021
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I am looking for crime fiction book recommendations from you which contains content that is well researched, realistic, And contains good written dialogue

Hello folks, I am posting here with the question in mind.

It will be a bit longer than usual post, the reason is that I really want to explain what I want, and if I don't do that properly I will not get the recommendations that I am looking for. So please take some time and read it, that will definitely help me out.

Thank you in advanced!!!

Before I go to the question itself, I just want to say sometimes I have so many frustrations in finding a new book offer or actually a good book to read. I had plenty books in my life, and I recognize when a book is fluff. I suppose what's bad for me, is not necessarily bad for others, because I have some ADHD tendencies and I cannot stand boringly written books, I need books that triggers my imagination with a good dialogue and realistic characters.

You see I like the book, when I get the feeling that it is very well researched. Let's be honest books is as business as any other businesses, so therefore some book authors are writing books like no tomorrow, thus losing quality and extra fine detail that good book requires.

I am looking for crime fiction books, I will post some favorites of mine so if anyone read my listed books and has some suggestions based on the book style and content itself, I would really appreciate your input.

My 2 absolute favorite crime novelists are

don Winslow in particular "the power of the dog" trilogy

Dennis Lehane and particularly "Mystic River" and Joe Coughlin series

And another offer that I am currently reading is vince flynn: mitch rapp series.

vince flynn for me is better than Lee Child, why because that guy provides so many realistic details, I feel I am watching a documentary, and the dialogue in the book is outstanding.

I like the book when it has the following content

Military, Modern espionage, Modern procedural, Mafia power and politics, Some natural psychology and drama. And I do like a lot when the book describes what the good guy does and what the bad guy does and how they fight in the end.

I like the book when it contains the following properties

1 The book has good in realistic details about properties, locations etc. so basically crime fiction with as many real details as possible.

2 It has plenty and well-written dialogue, I don't like when there is too much, he said she said, I like to immerse myself in the book and it helps when the language used in the book is easy to understand.

3 Realistic character with his or her faults like in re

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👤︎ u/prroxy
📅︎ Feb 23 2021
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RACCOLTA COMPLETA DI TUTTE LE DUE DILIGENCE ( Questa è una raccolta di DD, articoli di notizie, annunci e altre risorse pensate per aiutarti a rimanere in cima al gioco e non essere scosso da FUD )

GME One-Stop-Shop

** Un messaggio da leggere per i nuovi arrivati: **

    • Innanzitutto, * *** leggi le regole *** * e scopri cosa è inaccettabile prima di pubblicare / commentare - si trova in "Informazioni" o nel riquadro di destra sul desktop *
  1. [* Starterpack azionista GME *] (
  2. [* Domande frequenti sui nuovi arrivati ​​sulla madre di tutte le compressioni brevi (MOASS) *] (
    • Comprendi cos'è una * *** Exit Strategy *** * (3 link separati): * [* \ [1 ] ] ( m073v6 / exit_strategy_dd_a_comprehensive_guide_to) [ \ [2 ] ] ( [ \ [3 ] *] (https: // www.
  3. [* Se c'è un solo DD che devi leggere, è il PDF di 31 pagine God-Tier *] (
  4. [* Scopri come puoi dare una mano *] (
  5. [Scegli / trasferisci a un buon broker] (
    1. [Citadel paga per il flusso degli ordini da questi broker, non usarli] (
    2. Prima di trasferire chiama il broker e assicurati le condizioni - alcuni broker ti consentono di vendere azioni durante il transito chiamandoli per eseguire l'ordine - questo è quello che ho fatto.
    3. Non acquistare con margine e assicurati di disabilitare il margine nelle impostazioni
  6. [* Utilizza una raccolta di strumenti e alcuni materiali didattici per iniziare *] (

** Attuali principali tattiche FUD: ** vietare gli autori di DD, screditare buoni contenuti e utenti, fornire un DD di cazzate che fa voto positivo e premia per dare il via a 'Hot', esortando a vendere azioni per riacquistare su un altro broker piuttosto che trasferire, [commenti bait & switch] (, downvoting di tutto [soprattutto "Hot"] ( GME / comments /

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📅︎ Mar 30 2021
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[Advice] What I've learned from 2 years of Productivity Research and Application Development

This is the full text from my blog post here. I've modified it slightly to better fit this form.

Over the course of the last two years I've embarked on a journey developing a productivity (read to-do list) application. When I started out I dreamt of a productivity app that worked for me. Because I, like many others I can only assume, hadn't gotten much value out of the many applications I had tried and failed to use in the past. I embarked on a journey to fulfil that dream by creating an application founded on organizational psychology principles proven to increase our ability to produce, and reduce the anxiety and stress related to our workloads. On January 1st, 2021 I went production live with a Beta version of my application Fuss.

The application is still in the Beta stage of its lifecycle, because I've found it challenging to find users, and get feedback from those users. So I've had to use myself, and my fiancée as guinea pigs of the application. I also have 2 or 3 other people who occasionally use the application and give feedback. Because /r/productivity prohibits self promotion, I wanted to take a step back from promoting my application, and focus this blog post on the productivity tips and tricks that I've learned in the past 2 years of research and development on my application.

Let's first look at three definitions of "productivity". The first, the Oxford dictionary definition of productivity.

productivity noun the rate at which a worker, a company or a country produces goods, and the amount produced, compared with how much time, work and money is needed to produce them -- Oxford Dictionary

Wikipedia defines it as

Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production. -- Wikipedia

And the well known James Clear, defines it

"Productivity is a measure of efficiency of a person completing a task. " -- James Clear, "The Productivity Guide"

In all of these definitions, the key takeaway is efficiency. The more efficient we can be at doing something, the more we can get done, and the less we expend getting it done. This means we get more done with less. A fantastic target to set our sights on. So how do we go about achieving efficiency in our everyday lives? And why do we even want to do that?

Well it might seem like a simple answer to a stupid question, but the answ

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👤︎ u/mvpete
📅︎ Jan 11 2021
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Longtime Lurker, It Finally Happened to Me

I want everyone here to know before you read that everyone in the story is ok. If it was not for my mother who was the steadfast bulwark against the storm, this would have ended badly.

Mother, stepdad, and myself were all sitting in the living room talking. We were discussing the Capital Hill incident. I am an independent. I piss off people on both sides of the fence for some reason. In this case, I was discussing what we know about those that have been arrested. How we know this was a planned incident and the planning either took place on Parler or by other means. I don’t need to go into details because we all know the world views that are portrayed from these different groups.

I am intentionally keeping my voice as neutral as possible. Describing what we know so far, and what is being said on the Q side as well. I was basically arguing both sides to show how predictable it all is coming from a Qonsumer? (Take on consumer?)

And I am intentionally being skeptical. Saying innocent until proven guilty. Let’s think about things rationally. How does history play into this. How social media algorithms create echo chambers and encourages this blind tribalistic chaos.

Step dad apparently had enough and told me to take my Antifa crap back to CA. At which point I was taken aback because I was not saying anything that could at all be portrayed as Antifa.

After 6 months living at home (converted to remote with my CA job, so moved back east and have been saving money) I finally reached my limit.

I basically told him to stop being a blind ignorant Q supporter who comes up with excuses for any actions taken by those on the extreme right. Of course I used some very flavorful language. That made him mad and he stood up telling me to get the crap (again colorful language everywhere) out of his house.

Told him that I would love to see his jobless (quit job way before Covid and has been on the whole XRP will go up. The financial reset is here. It’s just x time away. Time arrives and it’s x time away again) you know what get up and make me.

So he stood up and went to get a drink. While pouring his drink about 12 feet away from me he said something that struck a nerve in me. I forget exactly what was said, but I’ve never felt rage and adrenaline like that before. So I quickly got out of my chair and raised my fist to act like I would punch him. Now I’m 12+ ft away. Nowhere near close enough to even land a hit. And I’ve never gotten to this point ever in my 24 y

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👤︎ u/kelteshe
📅︎ Jan 15 2021
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Character Arcs in R!Animorphs

(You may prefer to read this as a google doc.)

In my favorite books, there’s often a sense of things coming together neatly, and beats are overloaded with significance on the levels of narrative, theme, and character (maybe others). There’s a sense that things “had to” play out as they do, as events follow logically as well as challenging characters in core ways or giving expression to some interesting ideal or real-world dynamic. Things feel wholesome and complete when characters are able to fully self-actualize, or have a clear path towards doing so, and tragic when some fatal flaw or contingency bars their way. The experience is of seeing the Ellimist construct the narrative in its perfect form.

So, for me at least, there's an appeal to going super tight, everything fitting together at a thematic/narrative arc level. Done poorly, this can feel pat or cheesy. The main failure modes are making things too explicit (the connections are more resonant when formed in the mind of the reader, or even when reading analysis; plus, pacing) or letting narrative drive events at the expense of the story's internal logic (damaging suspension of disbelief at the critical moment, reminding the reader they’re reading an authored story, as opposed to viewing a perfect platonic world).

I hope this provides some perspective on where I’m coming from in what follows, and why I am motivated to look at things from this angle.

During this reading I was mostly focused on emotional/psychological character arcs, but other readings would be good too, for example looking more closely at your exploration of coordination problems, or studying the banners carried by the various characters/factions and what the character interactions say about the broader structural dynamics.

So, for each character, we ask: what is the main conflict, and whether they ultimately grow to overcome it, or if they fail to, or if they lack the time to do so (thus failing to complete an arc)? Sometimes the point will be that something doesn’t get resolved, but it’s good to make those choices intentionally, and maybe highlight what it is about the character or their circumstances that prevents them from growing.

I recently read through the story trying to pay particular attention to each character’s

  • important scenes
  • internal conflicts
  • attentional focus
  • chief
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📰︎ r/rational
👤︎ u/4t0m
📅︎ Jan 02 2021
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Collecting titles from this weird Sale in one spot!


Instead of editing 2 posts, I'm just gonna edit the new one with any new titles anyone finds.

Most of this is from Monday when I was a sweet innocent summer child and not Jesus in the Temple:

I've got jack sh** to do today, so I'll make an effort to try and collect the titles for everyone who doesn't have the time to "check back every hour!"

For anyone just arriving, this looks like a weird email campaign sale, just an email that is updated every hour at the top of the hour. u/Urithiru found the webpage which worked for about 5 seconds but is now broken. (1:30pm ET Mon)

looks like it’s working again (12:45am ET Tues) here is the link anyways if the audible overlords decide to get their heads out their butts.

I'm collecting titles here with ya'lls help. It is a cash sale - all titles listed are $6.00 usd. Sale ends Oct 14, 11:59pm PT.

Okay so there's definitely more that are not on the sale page. Fuck you too Audible.

Full Throttle - Joe Hill

Age of Empyre - Michael J. Sullivan (book 6, Legends of the First Empire)

Let Love Have the Last Word - Common

Other Minds: The Octopus, The Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness - Peter Godfrey-Smith

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo (Grisha, Book 2)

Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms - Hannah Fry

Red Rising - Pierce Brown (Red Rising, Book 1)

Please go to the new post for the current list!


The Murmur of Bees - Sofia Segovia (note: whispersync is $1.99) [fict

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📰︎ r/audible
📅︎ Oct 12 2020
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Occult analysis of the short film "In Shadow: A Modern Odyssey", embedded with saturnian occultism.[Part 1]

In Shadow: A Modern Odyssey is gorgeously illustrated film by Lubomir Arsov. It embarks on a journey the fragmented unconscious shadow of the modern world. It explores into the human psyche, bringing society’s dark underbelly to the surface, exposes all of the horrible and scary things going on in our society that we’re all either too blind or too afraid to talk about. Also on positive side, it shows the breaking free from the enslavement of dark and not-so-mysterious shadow workers. The film is a call for awakening.

“This film was created with earnest effort, diligence, and sacrifice. It is an urgent call to growth. If you are moved by the content, please SHARE.”— Lubomir Arsov

A number of analysis of the film can be found online. However they do not cover in details the occult aspect of the film. I am analysing the film the occultism that catch my eyes from beginning to end into 2 parts(this post is part 1). I rely on these different made analysis sources(1source, 2source, 3source,4 source) to help me develop further my analysis. I advise people to watch the film if they have never watched it before reading the analysis further.

One dark sphere splits into three light spheres.

At first you see one dark sphere splits into three identical light spheres in dark space arranged in equal-spaced triangle. I think it is referring to:

  • Trinity, one Deity subsisting in three persons and one substance, the three-fold deity or substance author of the universe creation. According to Jung, Trinity or the number three is the number that overcomes duality by adding a third polarity which balances the two opposing forces. For example our current system of state is build on the freemasonic system of three powers: legislative, executive, judicial. This an attempt of man to build a state by using the divine design patterns of the universe.
  • According to the Fire and Ice - Brotherhood of Saturn book, quite often the adherents of the Fraternitas Saturnis occult organisation (saturnian occult sect) place the same three points pattern ne
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📅︎ Feb 20 2021
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Master Level God Tier DD - Facts Only + New Strategies for Apes!/vizhome/AMCOptionsITM/OptionsValues

@Joshuajammes - So @that_trades & @WormfallJim have created a really great one stop tool for options on $AMC!

First Edit : An anonymous ape wanted me to include this information as a caution to apes considering call options (not financial advice)- "It will hurt the squeeze if people are getting call options for next month when no one knows when this will actually moon. For the sake of everyone, can you edit it to include this fact, and add the deep expiration dates as they are safer and cheaper"

Second Edit : One of the greatest apes out there by the username GGGGG__ asked me to include this as well...

"I think you should clarify the volatility part too. You want a stock with high expected future volatility but you want to buy calls at a stable period when IV is lowest. IV crush is a real killer. I think the logic from the GME DD about it was - a shit ton of people were buying far OTM options, basically handing over cash to the market makers (i.e. citadel). I don’t think it hurts the squeeze potential, just a waste of money. Near the money calls would actually increase the squeeze potential - if and only if the price is moving up (keep in mind that at the moment Citadel can still manipulate and drive the price down) - because it acts as a gamma ramp."

Third Edit : A fellow ape by the name of ishieboy requested that I add this cautionary statement as well and I agree that apes must proceed with great care. I will also be adding a link, hopefully by tomorrow, where apes can practice call options trading before jumping in like my crazy ass did....


Fourth Edit : This one is actually my own as some apes are very kindly pointing out to me that for this to be God Tier it must contain factual data as well. I will organize it at a later time so every ape who just wants cold hard facts can get that and other apes who want more than analytics can enjoy those parts as well.

  • The following information comes from Ortex. It goes as follows and please let me know if any ape disagrees with this information. I
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📅︎ Apr 13 2021
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