TIL Of Travis who was a male common chimpanzee who, in February 2009, attacked and nearly killed a friend of his owner, blinding her while severing several body parts and severely lacerating her face. He was shot dead when he tried to attack a police officer. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tra…
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Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson vs Travis (Chimpanzee)

Travis the Mad Chimp

And if you don't know who Lee, Ali and Tyson is, sorry, you can jump out of this thread and comment on another. Or just go hunt some polar bears and wolves with the eskimoes, because you're for surely living inside a igloo in Greenland.

Without any kind of disrespect or mockery - for sure, Travis's 2009 attack in Connecticut is one of the most shocking and saddest I have ever seen. I wouldn't wish it for my worst enemy. On the other hand, I see people saying that "this pathetic chimpanzee failed to kill an elderly woman and totally unprepared, any peak fighter in would massacre." Anyway, just don't forget that Travis was not a 40 kg chimpanzee. He was between 90-91 kg range. It looked like a mini gorilla. So, let's assume that Prime Tyson, Lee and Ali are pit to fight against Travis inside a ring. They need to stop the chimpanzee hand to hand, but they're not wearing gloves. Would they be able to stop the crazy chimpanzee?

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TIL that in 2009 Travis, a 200 pound chimpanzee who could drive and use a computer, mauled a woman while on Xanax and was shot dead by the police. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tra…
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Travis (chimpanzee) - as an animal actor, Travis had appeared in several television shows like The Maury Povich Show, The Man Show and commercials, including spots for Coca-Cola and Old Navy. He also attacked and caused life-threatening injuries to a woman in North Stamford, Connecticut. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tra…
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[ETC] - Travis the Chimp - A "Socialized" Chimpanzee who Became Notorious as the "Face-Ripper Monkey" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tra…
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In February 2009, Travis, a male chimpanzee, brutally mauled his keeper’s friend, Charla Nash. The attack did major damage to Nash’s face causing her to lose her eyes and nose. She also lost her hands because of the attack. Travis was shot by Connecticut police when the incident took place.
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Travis (chimpanzee) - attacked Charla Nash and mauled her, blinding her while severing her nose, ears, and both hands, and severely lacerating her face. He was subsequently shot dead. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tra…
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TIL of Travis: a Former TV Star and pet Chimpanzee who, in 2009, ripped off and ate the face of a neighbor trying to help get the ape back indoors after an escape. Losing two hands, face and vision in the process, the 70 year old neighbor also lost a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tra…
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A disturbing technical metal music video by TransHumanizer orchestrated around a horrific actual 911 call by Sandra Herold, reporting her friend Charla Nash being attacked by pet chimpanzee Travis. youtube.com/watch?v=lfQjh…
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TIL In 2009, animal actor, Travis the chimpanzee, who was living domestically, severely mauled his owner's friend Charla Nash, after seeing her hold one of his favourite toys content.time.com/time/hea…
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UGCrowns on Travis The Chimpanzee youtube.com/attribution_l…
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In February 2009, Travis, a male chimpanzee, brutally mauled his keeper’s friend, Charla Nash. The attack did major damage to Nash’s face causing her to lose her eyes and nose. She also lost her hands because of the attack. Travis was shot by Connecticut police when the incident took place.
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Suggestion for a youtube video

You could tell the story about the most graphic story in history, about a woman who got mauled by the most famous chimpanzee in history named Travis. There is even photos and an audio recording of the woman's friend screaming while calling the police awhile the chimp is ripping the woman's face to pieces. The most scariest thing about this event is that it is a true event that happened only a few years ago. P.S be careful about showing the pictures, it gets extremely graphic! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travis_(chimpanzee)

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Please link this thread or any thread like it to WWW posts where people talk about Chimps being able to 'literally rip people apart' or being able to overwhelm human armies with actual weapons and armor.

Of all the dumb things that get posted around all of the time, this stupid and still incredibly pervasive myth is by far the most agitating.

Chimps, pound for pound, in case you do not want to read the article and studies it references, are NOT SEVEN TIMES STRONGER THAN A HUMAN.

Chimps, pound for pound, ARE ONLY 1.5 TIMES AS STRONG AS HUMANS.

Humans are almost always bigger and taller than chimps, making any strength difference negligible if not human favored towards humans when talking about fit male humans, especially soldiers or MMA fighters.

[The most famous and oft cited chimp attack when it comes to ferocity was on an old woman who didn't expect her friend's pet to violently attack her.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travis_(chimpanzee)

The difference between a chimp attacking an unsuspecting old lady, verses a chimp attacking a fit human male that is expecting the attack, is so stark in contrast that it can't even begin to be exaggerated. Yes, chimps fight dirty. Yes, chimps are ferocious and will go for testicles, eyes, etc.

This does nothing to stop someone like an MMA fighter from using their vastly superior human tactical capability and fighting experience to literally manhandle the chimp. The most EGREGIOUS case of this I've personally seen is someone saying that a chimp would maul a bloodlusted Mike Tyson which is absolutely laughable.

Chimps can not defeat armed human armies. Chimps would be hard pressed to beat the average adult man that was aware they were going to be attacked.

Chimp attacks are dangerous, like many animal attacks, to those who are old, very young, frail, or unprepared, none of which applies to a standard soldier, MMA fighter, boxer, or whatever other fit male you want to use that is aware of the chimp's presence and inclination to attack.

Please do not perpetuate this awful, stupid myth that somehow manages to continue cropping up in a worse fashion than NINE INCH SKULLS ever did.

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Poor conditions aren’t a significant factor in β€œtamed” wild animals attacking their owners

I’ve spent some time looking into a few cases of wild animal attacks, and from what I have seen wild animals snap regardless of their conditions.

When looking at famous cases like Dawn Brancheau’s death, all of the comments are blaming the attack on the poor conditions of Seaworld, but I don’t think they played any part in the attack, or that the orca had any real problem with them. I think that the killer orca that attacked her was incredibly intelligent. It interacted with her in ways that made it seem like it loved her. Most see her death as a clear sign that it was all fake or just to survive and get food, but I don’t think that is the case. Just like with PTSD, animals like that have evolved to kill, and not much else. I don’t think that it was some internal hate or anxiety that built up in the orca, I think it was a snap back to its predatory and primal ways not due to any offense by Dawn.

We can see this take place in other wild animals too regardless of how well they were taken care of. Travis the chimpanzee was kept in great conditions. He acted like a human in many regards, wasn’t really aggressive, and was loved like a son. Nothing happened to cause the attack, an owner just walked in with one of his favorite toys and was immediately attacked with no build-up in anger, very similar to Dawn’s case. Same idea when it was mad, anyone that got in its way was totally mangled, with an owner’s face torn off and parts of the body eaten, until the animal was eventually shot to death. Was this due to bad conditions? Or was it an inevitable effect of trying to tame nature after millions of years of evolution to kill, maim, and eat, while enjoying every second of it.

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Karl would love this and ricky would not believe a word of it! (x-post from TIL) MONKEY NEWS!

A chimpanzee that was socialized to humans since birth could log onto a computer to look at pictures, watch television using a remote control, brush his teeth, feed hay to his owner's horses, water plants and learned the schedule of passing ice cream trucks.


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Could cops be getting paid for shooting dogs?


>Frank Chiafari, the police officer who fatally shot Travis (chimpanzee), was initially unable to get his therapy for depression and anxiety covered after the incident. This led to legislation proposed in 2010 that would cover compensation for mental or emotional impairment after killing an animal when under threat of deadly force.

If cops are getting compensated for killing animals, that might explain why so many are getting shot.

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Le Travis has arrived
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Charla Nash was attacked by the 200 pound pet Chimpnazee Travis and mauled almost to death. Her wounds were so severe that the surgeons needed therapy afterwards. The chimpnazee had been living his entire life with humans and had never been aggressive prior to the attack. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tra…
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Ok, who delivered to splinter ? v.redd.it/k84j93apo5b61
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A reference to how strong chimpanzees really are - crosspost
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My character, Lucas Quantum.

Name: Prince Lucas Quantum

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Rouge (additional speed and charisma)

Appearance: 17 year old with Dirty Blonde Wavy Hair, Teal Blue Eyes, and freckles. Wearing a Orange and blue striped sweater over a button down white collared shirt, also wearing a strap to hold knives, and a backpack. Also wearing khaki shorts and brown boots.

Passive Abilities: Hand to hand combat, escapist, speed, charming, stealth, and master gambler and sword fighter.

Active Abilities: Throwing projectiles and manipulating their trajectory, telekinesis, agility.

Personality: A charming prince who is funny but also determined. Hard to persuade, doubtful and aware of his surroundings.

Equipment: A sword, Knives, money, medical supplies, food rations, drinks, and his Father's crown.

Backstory: Prince who went rouge due to his father (The King of Quantum's Summit) kicking all the poor people out of the Kingdom. He rebelled and trashed the castle along with him leaving. He is currently being hunted down by the Q-Force, a government secret organization. He befriends a baby chimpanzee and names him Ricky Quantum. He also has a on and off relationship with Jasmine Porter, the local priest's daughter who went rouge along with Lucas, she has a dark secret. He also befriends Travis Guller, a weaponsmith and a former slave, he is the one who navigates the gang through the jungle to find Shadow Springs. There Lucas can find the answer on how his father became the king, but he also finds a hidden force hiding in the shadows below Quantum's Summit.

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Have you ever wanted an unusual pet? Dogs, Cats or the odd Goldfish might be all well and good for certain people. But some lean towards a more unconventional choice of furry friends. It has not been completely unheard of for some wealthy owners to purchase Lions, Tigers, Bears, or even Primates. This is the story of one primate in particular, a Chimpanzee by the name of Travis.

Travis was born at the Missouri Chimpanzee Sanctuary, just outside of Festus, on October 21 st , 1995. When he was just three years old, he was adopted by Sandra and Jerome Herold, who took Travis all the way back to their Stanford, Connecticut home. At first, in an effort to socialize him, the Herolds took Travis everywhere with them. They would take him to work with them and he would often accompany them on shopping trips to local supermarkets. Travis grew to be an incredibly intelligent, capable animal. He was able to use keys to open doors, drink wine from a stemmed glass, water plants, feed hay to horses and even dress himself. He was also so fond of Ice Cream that he memorized the schedule of passing Ice Cream Trucks. During an interview, the Herolds claimed that Travis was able to use a computer and the TV’s remote control, and that he was a huge fan of baseball. As an animal actor, Travis had appeared in several television shows and commercials, including spots for Pepsi and Old Navy. He had also appeared on The Maury Povich Show, The Man Show, and a television pilot that featured Sheryl Crow and Michael Moore. It wasn’t long before Travis wasn’t only famous in his hometown, he was well known all over the US.

But despite growing up around humans becoming somewhat socialized, Travis wasn’t exactly perfectly behaved. In October of 2003, Travis escaped from the Herolds’ vehicle at a busy intersection and was on the loose for several hours while he held up traffic. The incident apparently began after a pedestrian threw something at the car that went through a partially open window and struck Travis while they were stopped at a traffic light. Frightened and angry, Travis promptly unbuckled his seat belt, opened the car door and chased the man, but did not catch him. When police arrived, they lured the chimpanzee into the car several times only to have Travis let himself out of another door and occasionally chase the officers around the car. The incident led to the passing of a Connecticut law prohibiting people from keeping primates weighing more than 50 pounds as pets and req

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An unarmed grunt (Halo) vs a Chimpanzee

A covenant Grunt minor takes on a bloodlusted adult male chimpanzee. The grunt gets his armor, but no weapons or other equipment.

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How can’t u smile when he pulls out his feet v.redd.it/i3ct8h0aaav41
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[AMA Request] Charla Nash: Chimpanzee attack survivor, face transplant recipient

My 5 Questions:

  1. Charla, in the time since the attack how have you recovered from your injuries?
  2. Do you think the incident was avoidable?
  3. What was your relationship with Travis before this terrible incident? Did you think he was capable of such an attack?
  4. You have come an amazingly long way in your recovery, can you explain how arduous the process was to get to the place you are now? What were some of the most difficult aspects?
  5. You are a true survivor and has come an insanly long way, what do you attribute your stength to? What brought you here?

[email protected] PO Box 286 Roslindale MA. 02131

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The 4 Groups we should feel sorry for
  1. The Animals.
  2. Joe's employees that were trying to get their lives together and genuinely loved the animals.
  3. Don's family
  4. Travis
  5. Don and the sardine oil he was covered in

Edit: Added a group, but reddit won't let me change the title

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The comparison at the end of young Joe and today Joe was rough

The 2 points were I got most emotional during this series were travis' suicide and the old footage of young Joe being interviewed towards the ending. Seeing how ambitious and enthusiastic about animals he once was and hearing him breaking down on the phone in jail minutes before that made me totally forget all the things he did and genuinely feel deeply sorry for him. I'm not saying he does not belong in prison. It's just seeing the life of a real man and that of 20 other persons completely derail on screen is something else. I think I have never been connected to a TV show in that way. Seeing years of people treating animals and other people like shit boiled down into 7 episodes was kind of intense to say the least. However, I hope Reinke is right and the feds will go after the people who did the same and even worse things than Joe.

That was just my 2 cents. (shout outs to Saff, Reinke and Eric!)

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Happening Soon around Shreveport: Rainbow City daily events + 1999 films celebration at the Robinson + Election season with President Trump in Bossier

***Louisiana Election Day***: Saturday, November 16th******


Thru Dec 8: Rainbow City - Caddo Common Park, FREE/open



Nov 9: 2nd Annual Creswell Classic Car Show - Norton Art Gallery, FREE/open

Nov 13: The History of the Color Blue - Spring Street Museum, $

Nov 16: Chimpanzee Discovery Day - Chimp Haven, $


Wednesdays at lunch: Healthy Food Trucks in Common Park, $

Nov 13: Wine Dinner at The Port Grill, $$

Nov 14: A Taste of Culture with Niema - Fatty Arbuckles, $$

Nov 14: Haunted Hotel: A Murder Mystery Dinner - Retro Downtown Cafe, $$

Nov 14: Bubbles and Burgers - Whisk Dessert Bar, FREE/tickets


Nov 16: Margarita Crawl Shreveport, $$

Nov 23: 6th Annual Cranksgiving - Great Raft Brewing, $


Thursday evenings: Drum Circle in Common Park, FREE/open

Friday evenings: Live Music Dance Nights in Common Park, FREE/open

Nov 10: Good Trip 2000: The Mole People + The Zoltars + Casanovascotia + Jerry Lee + D’Angela Richardson (indie) - Minicine, $

Nov 12: Kevin Gates + YP Osiris + Rod Wave + SDoT Fresh (hip-hop) - Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, $$$

Nov 14: Nick Brumley (folk) - The Port Grill, $

Nov 14: [Zoe Bratlie + Human Host + Ziel Zust

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[Table] IAmA: I am UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)

Date: 2015-01-22

Link to submission (Has self-text)

Questions Answers
How often do you train? And how to do keep motivation to train? I find that I start off with a ton of steam and start losing some towards the end of the camp. Also, you are a beast! Thanks for doing this. During camp I train twice a day, 6 days a week, to keep my motivation I focus on my goals and the analogy I use is I have a bucket, no amount of money, no amount of fame will ever be able to fill it. What is my ultimate goal? Is it to be a champion or is it to be famous or is it to make money? My goal is to be one of the greatest of all time. That bucket is hard to fill.
That's how I keep my motivation to continue masturbating and reading Reddit. That's amazing!
How are you enjoying Sweden? Whos your pick for this weekends main event? I love it here, I love the culture, I love the city, it's a beautiful city. I wish I could stay longer and turn it into a real vacation, go up north and see the Northern Lights, get some dirt on my boots. It's my kind of country.
Gus and Davis. I want Hendo to win but Mousasi is no joke.
Hi Travis! Big fan here... Thanks for taking time out of your day to do this AMA... A few questions.. 1. How was life growing up in Hawaii? 2. How did you get started in MMA? 3 thoughts on Fedor? 4. Thoughts on Jon Jobes recent drug test for cocaine? 1.It was tough, it's not all palm trees and beaches, there's a large gap between having money and not having money, I was on the latter part of those two so the struggle was real.
2.I was an athlete growing up and wanted to continue being an athlete in my adult life and proof to my kids that they come from an atheletic background.

[What do you think of Conor Mcgregor? Do you thing he deserves a title shot over Frankie Edgar? And we share a birthday, July 17th is the best day to have a birthday :) Cheeers.](http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2taptv/i_am_ufc_heavyweight_travis_brow

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Official: Even chimps in tutus can be vicious cnn.com/2009/LIVING/wayof…
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[Spoilers E112] VIP for the night goes to... the cameraman!

That zoom though. That cameraman deserves a shout-out. And oh my god so does Matthew Mercer, that beast.

(Video has major spoilers) https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedWanderingChimpanzeeDoritosChip

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Patriots 2001 Season in Gifs

Howdy friends. I've been working with /u/arbrown83 to go backfill some older seasons with gifs for his website.

Finished up the 2001 season and wanted to share. If you haven't had a chance to peruse his site, he has a great gif search!

Week 1: Patriots at Bengals

Prime Corey Dillon. Free Agent acquisition Mike Vrabel. Drew Bledsoe's most reliable target, Troy Brown is doing work. Terry Glenn is a contract hold out. It's Week One 2001 and the New England Patriots are a blank slate. Will they start the season off with a win, or will the Cincinnati Bengals earn their stripes?

1 Kitna Fumbles, Phifer recovers

2 Bledsoe to Emanuel 14yd

3 Bledsoe to Brown 24yd

4 Bledsoe to Brown 14yd TD

5 Bledsoe to Patten 32yd

6 McGinest takes down Corey Dillon

7 Bledsoe to Brown 31yd

8 Bledsoe to Wiggens 8yd TD

9 Phifer tackles Dillon -4

Week 2: Patriots at Jets

The game that changed it all

0 Testaverde Tuck Rule from 1:09 2Q Ray Lewis is livid

1 Faulk 9yd run

2 Bledsoe to Patten 19yd

3 Hamilton sacks Testaverde

4 Bledsoe to Brown 58yd

5 Lewis tackles Bledsoe

Bledsoe came back in and played 1 more series after this hit. Dude was tough!

6 Brady to Pass 6yd

Week 3: Patriots vs Colts

1 Cox levels Pathon

2 Patten on the reverse for 11

3 Smith runs for 39

4 Smith 4yd TD

5 Cox stops Edgerrin James for -3

6 Otis Smith Pick Six

This has audio.

7 [Phi

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Charla Nash name synchronicity

Charla Nash was grievously injured by Travis the chimpanzee about 10 years ago.

Sandra Herold was the one who herolded the incident. Travis was the center of the travesty. Most of Charla Nash's injuries were inflicted by gnashing teeth.

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'She looks fantastic': Woman mauled by chimp undergoes full face transplant dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…
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32 Teams : Summary of each game in 5 GFYs
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[EVENT] The Adventures of the Old Guard

It is a dark day in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

A sombre mood hangs over the room, consuming all thoughts in the minds of those gathered here. An emergency COBRA meeting has been called, and all members of the British Cabinet have been assembled. His Majesty, by Grace of God, King William VI, is here too, alongside the Earl of Hillsborough, the Supreme Soviet Al-Stalin. His great black moustache is unmoving, and his jaw is clenched tightly. Even he knows that he should not speak at this occasion. Prime Minister Sir Francis Horatio Cornwallis, Marquess Cornwallis, sits opposite the king, at the other end of the table, staring blankly, knowing that he has failed in his mission. Beside him, flanking him on both sides, are sat the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Sir Adam Chamberlain-Smith, and the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth and Colonies, Sir Herbert Bannerman, and beside them were the Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, 10th Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, and the Secretary of State for the Treasury and Taxes, 12th Duke of Marlborough, Charles James Spencer-Churchill. Further along still were the Secretary of State for Welfare and Philanthropy, 12th Duke of Grafton, Henry Oliver Fitzroy, the Secretary of State for Transport, 13th Duke of Argyll, Torquhil Campbell, the Secretary of State for Research, Technology and the Environment, J B Umbridge, the Secretary of State for Education, Spencer William Sr., and his son, the Secretary of State for the Arts and Culture, Spencer William Jr., Secretary of State for Housing, William Chattel, and the Lieutenant of Scotland, 9th Duke of Montrose, James Alexander Graham. Last, and most certainly least, for he is without occupation, kept in the Cabinet only to be mocked and scorned, is the former- Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 11th Marquess of Londonderry, Reginald Alexander Vane-Tempest-Stewart, whose only salvation is his great name and title.

CORNWALLIS: A great tragedy has befallen us. Oh, dear, how I have failed. This is our worst nightmare. How, oh how, were we bested by the Republican scourge? Now, we must turn to our plan for the future. We cannot let Northern Ireland, our sovereign land, be held by our enemies much longer, lest we be outraged and held as a laughing stock before the world. Some among you may feel that we must swallow our pride and back down, for it would be foolish to waste British blood for but small stretch of land.

The Prime Minister s

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The five stages of Yankees fan grief:

The five stages of Yankees fan grief

By Michael Brown

The Yankees are longshots to make the playoffs, and you're feeling gloomy. But don't fret, internet group therapy is here to help!

In an occurrence that seems to come around about twice every nineteen seasons, barring a miracle, the Yankees are about to miss the playoffs. And while other fans will likely scoff at your misery, let it be known that Pinstriped Bible is here for you. Here, take this pamphlet. Now let us overcome your feelings of baseball-related sadness through the Kubler-Ross model, otherwise known as the "Five Stages of Grief". Please note: your feelings need not mirror the examples presented, as you may in fact enjoy the play of Chris Stewart for some ungodly reason.

Stage One: Denial

" C'mon, we're the Yankees. Making the playoffs is what we do. Sure it's been a tough season, but we're still in it! We just won yesterday, didn't we? Stranger things have happened than a team coming back from 2 1/2 games with 10 to play and making it to the postseason. Brett Gardner is bound to come back soon!"

Stage Two: Anger

"What the hell!? Vernon Wells, Ichiro Suzuki, Kevin Youkilis and Travis Hafner were the best you guys could come up with to fill the holes in the lineup for this team? FIRE CASHMAN! And why the hell has Chris Stewart been in over 100 games? Would it have killed you guys to have resigned Nick Swisher and Russell Martin? The franchise is only worth a couple of billion dollars. AND FIRE GIRARDI for good measure!"

Stage Three: Bargaining

"Dear Bud Selig: I swear that if you fix the rest of the games so the Yankees make the playoffs, I'll do whatever you want. I'll buy all the overpriced, crappy merchandise on MLB.com, even the hideous Derek Jeter mask! And I promise to never stream another game without your expressed written consent. Just make sure the umpires eject all of our opponents' best players."

Stage Four: Depression

"We were so close. With all the injuries and mishaps, the team was still able to come all the back to within one game of the playoffs. Was it just all to tease us? All those hours watching this team struggle uphill, only to fall flat on its face right before the finish line. Why must Yankees fans endure so much suffering year in and year out?"

Stage Five: Acceptance

"I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I suppose we should just focus on the fun memories of the season gone by. Getting to watch Robinson Cano everyday was pretty gre

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