Partially Found but still looking for episodes short series Tortellini Western Advice on how to contact?

Hello, I am looking for the lost episodes of the nicktoons short, tortellini western. There are a few shorts on youtube however there are some lost episodes and 4 seasons of unaired episodes. Someone has contact the creator of the shorts before, but they said nicktoons had them. I am new to finding lost media, but is there any advice you could give me of who to contact? Thanks!

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New to/Visiting Waco Mega-Post

Hi everyone! I see so many posts on here about people who are new to Waco or are coming to visit and are asking for food and activity recommendations. Waco is such a wonderful place and I figured I'd put together a big list of the things I have experience with to help people get started. If you think something should be added, reply to this thread and I'll add it to the list (I also selfishly want more recommendations, haha).


Cameron Park

This is a nice park along the Brazos river. There's quite a few nice trails with good spots for picnics and pretty pictures. This is the biggest and most popular park in Waco, and for good reason. They just put up a bunch of different statues of animals, which is fun for kids and pictures. There's also a huge (like really it's impressive) disc golf course if you're into that.

Brazos Park East

This is across the river from Cameron Park, and imo is probably the most underrated spot in Waco. Especially in the morning the sun hits t

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Did you know there's an entire genre of Django Unchained rip-offs? They call it 'western'.
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Stand Name:Β γ€ŒCOLD COLD COLD」 Namesake:Β Col Cold Cold by Cage the Elephant Localized Name:Β γ€ŒFreeze Freeze Freeze」 Type: Long range - Operation type ​

User: Antonio Tortellini

User Bio: Antonio lived quite a lavish life for the most part, he lived in mansions, he owned private jets, he was getting bitches left and tight and he was only 10 years old. But when he manifested his stand, shit started going down hill. The Tortellini's are well known Stand Haters for something that happened in their family tree that, broke it in some way so now the Tortellini's were divided into to Family trees, Antonio got the rich side up until his family learned he had a Stand, which resulted in shots very fired, and in the end mass homicide. This lead to Antonio going to the other side of the Family tree who was in a Western like area, and asked his other side of the family to teach him how to use his stand right. After years of training, Antonio learned how to use the full potential of his stand,

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Hegel’s Bagel

Primer, Introduction, Theorem 1 (part 1), Theorem 1 (Part 2), Corollary 1, Scholium 1.1/2/3, Theorem II (Part 1), Theorem II (Part 2), [Theorem II (Parts 3 & 4)](

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[Race Report] "Sub-20, Bitches!" - The Vermont 100

For the full report with pictures and links, click here.

I've been trying to put together a good trail 100 miler performance for a couple years now. NJ Sufferfest Ultra Fest was derailed by the worst weather I've ever experienced at a race, and Grindstone exposed some weaknesses in my conditioning and mental fortitude. In each case, I finished the race but I was left with the lingering feeling that I could have done much better had a few things gone differently.

Vermont 100 was the race where weather, training, and race prep finally came together and (almost) everything went right.

Note: 100 miler races are as much of an adventure for the crew and pacers as they are for the runners. My wife Alex was kind enough to write her own account of the race, and her comments are interspersed wi

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Polantale! All characters' names and related soundtrack name ideas! If you have anything to share, credit me and u/GloryToPrussia!

Special mention to u/GloryToPrussia for being the first to think of this.

Long ago, two species ruled over Earth.

Poles... and Countryballs.

One day, war broke between them.

It should have been over by Christmas.

Quite surprisingly, even though the Countryball King was the mighty Asgermany, the Poles won.

Filled with CLAY, they deprived the Countryballs of their own and sealed them underground.


Mt. Tatra


Legends say those who climb that mountain get annexed.

Characters and performers


Polandball as Polisk

Austriaball as Flower das Flowerreich

UKball as Torielic Kingdom

Massiliaball as Froggeater and Final Froggeater

Cymruball as Walesun and Walesalot

Luxembourgball as Looxembourg and Luxematism

Vanatuball as Vanatoid

Micronesiaball as Migonesia

Moldaviaball as Moldsmavia and Moldabygg

Eestiball as Eestablook (very high suicide rate)


**Switzerlandball as Sw

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[TOMT] [cartoon] A cartoon where the main character hums the Mexican standoff music in the opening sequence.

This aired on either Nickelodeon or Disney between 2000 and 2008. It had some Mexican themes similar to El Tigre or Mucha Lucha. As the character hummed the tune he would go "Womp, womp, woooomp". It was followed by just instrumental music. That's all I got it's killing me.

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Plounge, who is your favorite author of all time?

My favorite author is Michael Crichton. Creator of the legendary TV series ER. And author to some of the best books of all time. These include Jurassic Park, Lost World, Andromeda Strain, and many many others.

So, who is your favorite, Plounge?

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Had a GREAT day trip to Cleveland from Buffalo, NY yesterday! Thank you everyone for your recommendations!

Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you all for your advice and tips in regards to my day trip to Cleveland from Buffalo, NY! I couldn't get over how beautiful the city is. The West Side Market was AWESOME, but parking was CRAZY!! I'll try and find some side parking next time. My fiance and I wished we had brought a bigger cooler so that we could've brought back home some more goodies from there! We ordered from Steve's Gyro which was mentioned in the comments and WOW was I happy that you guys mentioned that! That gyro was well worth the wait and enough for 2-3 meals. We then went to the Western Reserve Historical Society because we both love history. Unfortunately, my fiance and I underestimated how long it would take us to tour the museum and didn't have enough time to ride the carousel or really look at the automobiles but the Bingham-Hanna Mansion was very interesting and the "In Grand Style" exhibit was wonderful. I especially loved the Coco Chanel Dress! After the museum close

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Firenze aiuto di identificazione ristorante

Bwhahah I tricked you with my faux Italian knowledge and google translate title.

So in 2008 I studied abroad in Rome and spent a week in Florence. Our last night there we ate the best meal of my life. It was amazing, like the skies opened and angels peed on my tongue! I just cant remember what the restaurant is called and only a vague memory of where it was. If anybody here can help, I want to add it to a list of places I recommend for some friends traveling there in October.

What I can remember:

  • it was between my hotel which was one block west of Piazza di Santa Croce and Via Por S. Maria/Via Calimala (as a western boundary). To be honest it was probably only 3 or 4 blocks away from the hotel. And no futher north than Via Ghibellina (I know it doesn't go across the whole city but approximately there).
  • it was a small place styled like a medieval tavern. Two rooms and two levels. I'm pretty sure it had a plate rail around the room with beer tankards sitting on it.
  • I had
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