Jamba Juice has purchased Talbott teas, I wonder if they are gearing up to compete with Teavana. nasdaq.com/article/jamba-…
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Oh? You’re British? Name every tea

Global Lipton (Unilever) Tetley (Tata Global Beverages) Twinings (Associated British Foods) Australia Main article: Tea in Australia Dilmah Bushells and Lipton (Unilever Australasia) Madame Flavour T2 (Australian company) (Unilever Australasia) Bangladesh Main article: Tea production in Bangladesh M. M. Ispahani Limited Brazil Matte Leão Canada DavidsTea Red Rose Tea (owned by Teekanne - US and Unilever - Canada) Tim Hortons (owned by Restaurant Brands International) China Main article: History of tea in China Ten Fu Group (Zhangzhou, Fujian) France Betjeman & Barton Fauchon Kusmi Tea Ladurée Le Palais des Thés Mariage Frères Germany TeaGschwendner Teekanne Teekampagne Hong Kong Luk Yu India Main article: History of tea in India Teabox Godrej Tea Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd (Wagh Bakri brand) Limtex Brooke Bond Taaza, Taj Mahal, Red Label and Lipton (owned by Hindustan Unilever) Society Tea Tata Tea and Tetley (owned by Tata Consumer Products) Madhu Jayanti International Ireland Barry's Tea Bewley's Lyons_Tea_(Ireland) Punjana Israel Wissotzky Tea Japan Main article: History of tea in Japan Harada Tea Processing Co., Ltd. Ito En Malaysia BOH Tea Plantation Sabah Tea Nepal Main article: Tea production in Nepal Giribandhu Tea Estate Rakura tea Netherlands Douwe Egberts (Pickwick) New Zealand Dilmah Zealong Pakistan Main article: Pakistani tea culture Brooke Bond Brooke Bond Supreme/Red Label and Lipton (owned by Unilever) Tapal Tea Tetley (owned by Tata Global Beverages) Sri Lanka Main article: Tea production in Sri Lanka Akbar Tea Alghazaleen Tea Bogawantalawa (BPL Teas) Dilmah Heladiv George Steuart Group (Steuarts Tea, 1835 Steuart Ceylon) Mlesna Turkey Çaykur United Kingdom Main article: Tea in the United Kingdom Ahmad Tea Associated British Foods Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate Brooke Bond (no longer trading under this name - see PG Tips) (Unilever) Clipper tea Fortnum & Mason Glengettie tea Horniman's Tea Jacksons of Piccadilly Lancashire Tea Lipton (Unilever) Lyons Tea (Unilever) Matthew Algie Mazawattee Tea Company Nambarrie (Twinings) PG Tips (Unilever) Punjana Ringtons Scottish Blend (Unilever) Taylors of Harrogate (Bettys and Taylors Group) Tetley (Tata Tea Limited) Twinings (Associated British Foods) Typhoo Whittard of Chelsea Yorkshire Tea- a brand of Taylors Tea (Bettys and Taylors Group) United States Main article: Tea production in the United States American Tea Room Argo Tea Bigelow Tea Company Capital Teas Celestial Sea

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Contests Ending This Week | Week of September 27, 2015

Ending 2015-09-27:

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Christmas Countdown - December 20th - Character Profile: Talbott Winger

You can see the schedule, the other character posts (when they are out) and give me more information here.

1 - If you want to talk about the story, mark your spoilers.

2 - No character-bashing. This is not what these threads are for.

3 - This thread has spoilers for the quests Become an Animagus and Birds of a Feather (Flying Solo), and also for some minor interactions in class. Stop reading if you want to discover information about this character on your own.


On the twentieth day of Christmas, JC gave to me...

Talbott Winger, the brooding animagus.

Talbott became a Golden Eagle animagus before he went to Hogwarts. He was put through the rite by his mother, a White Swan animagus that worked as a healer in the St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. His father worked as a writer for the Daily Prophet.

Both of Talbott's parents would openly speak against Voldemort, and for that, they were murdered by Death Eaters some time between when he became an animagus and when Voldemort fell. Talbott was able to escape due to being an unregistered animagus, and he flew away while his parents stayed and died to protect him. Talbott still feels immense guilt for this, and wishes he would have stayed with his parents, although he knows that would have meant dying with them.

A Ravenclaw through and through, Talbott is intelligent, witty, creative, and very blunt. He knows a lot about Herbology, a subject that he enjoys because tending to plants makes him relax and feel closer to his mother, who had a huge garden of magical plants. He is also great at Transfiguration, and is close to Professor McGonagall, who often tries to push him to register as an animagus. Talbott is afraid of registering and having his register used by Death Eaters to hunt him down and kill him, due to what happened to his parents. This fear keeps him awake and can lead him to making (admittedly) drastic decisions if he thinks his secret is at risk.

Despite being aloof, Talbott can be outspoken about what he doesn't like, and he admits his shortcomings. He is absolutely terrible at Divination, a subject he is very skeptical about. He sometimes is rude when speaking about Trelawney, and he gets easily frustrated in her class. He claims to als

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30+ how to lose weight fast

Drink the precise fluids.

First, everybody ought to drink loads of water, your physique wants it to run correctly. And there is a bonus in doing that for people who find themselves aiming to lose weight. Dr. Brenda Davy and her group from Virginia Tech University discovered that giving folks 2 cups of water earlier than every meal resulted in better weight loss after 12 weeks.

Here Without Exercise Lose Weight By Custom Keto Diet

Stay lively.

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how to lose weight fast


Yeah, we simply informed you to pump iron, however you additionally want to eat it. "If you don't have enough of this mineral, your body can't get enough oxygen to your cells, which slows down your metabolism, you may as well get your fill by consuming three to 4 each day servings of meals wealthy in iron, comparable to lean purple meat, rooster, fortified cereal, and soy nuts. If you are feeling signs like fatigue and weak point, ask your physician to check you for anemia at your subsequent bodily.


A examine introduced on the European Congress on Obesity discovered those that laughed laborious for about 10 to quarter-hour every day burned an extra 10 to 40 energy a day. Multiply that by 365 and people energy can add up.


It sounds foolish, however the easy act of blocking time in your exercises will assist reinforce the concept that they're as necessary as every other assembly or appointment in your calendar. And in fact, the extra often you go, the higher you may really feel.


It’s all too straightforward to roll over and press snooze as an alternative of hitting that morning spin class. But if you already know your bestie is ready, you’re extra probably to present up — and go tougher when you're there.


Grazing is a surprisingly good thought as a result of it helps you keep away from metabolic slowdown. "Your body will be tricked into thinking it's constantly eating, so it will never slow your metabolism down," explains Bauer. Ai

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My Idea for Dating Idea

When they first add this in you will go to the great hall and you will pick the person you want to go out with. After you pick them, you later meet up with them and they agree to date you. It would work similarly to how a club works. Clubs use Ranks and this will also use Ranks as well. You will also get little rewards in between the Ranks just like Clubs. The difference is that for the first rank or two, you spend time with your partner in class. So, let's say I pick Chiara to date. It means I have to do classes with her in the class and pick the special highlighted color for the date rank. Just like it is with Clubs. When you get to rank 3 more points are needed, but you gain more options to spend time with said person. You get to have normal friendship level actions. This only increases the Dating Rank if you maxed out their relationship, this can be different for Merula since she doesn't have a relationship level. When you get to Rank 5 you gain a new “friendship” place but this place is only used for dating. The place is Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, and the person you are “dating” will ask you for more personal questions about them. Like what's their favorite book, music, stuff like that. At Rank 7 you gain a new place that is suited to the character you are dating. Like with Talbott it would be in the Owlery and with Chiara it could be in the dark forest play with Borf. But these special areas use energy. They are equivalent to an 8-hour class but you must do the whole 8 hours to get any points. This is all I thought about right now, there could be more events that happen when you get higher up in the ranks. Please tell me what you think about this and thanks for reading :)

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[Comic Series] Truth Behind Talbott's Shirt Gift: Part 2! Part 3 will be the last of the series! Hope it's readable and not too pixelated. Drop down headcanon suggestions for me to create with my interpretation! Who knows, your imagination may be the birth of the upcoming reality ☆
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Has anyone datamined the Valentine's Day outfits for MC? The LI's have special outfits.

Just wondering since someone datamined the Valentine's Day outfits for the love interests.

Link to datamined LI outfits for reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/HPHogwartsMystery/comments/e7o79a/minor_spoilers_datamined_outfits_for_valentines_sq/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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Magnolia bark extract applications

Magnolol and honokiol are the two main active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine Magnolia, and have a wide range of pharmacological effects such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor muscle relaxation, cholesterol reduction and anti-aging. As early as 1930, Japan’s Sugiyra first isolated magnolol from the bark of Chinese magnolia, and proved that this ingredient is also contained in Japanese magnolia, but the amount is very low. In 1973, Fujita successively isolated magnolol and its isomers and magnolol from Japanese Magnolia and Magnolia.


[email protected]



Magnolia bark extract applications

Pharmaceutical use


The active component of magnolia officinalis extract is Magnolol and Honokiol,It can be used as an antibacterial agent (gram-negative bacteria and acid-resistant bacteria) and can be used to prevent and treat acne.

Daily chemical use


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Cosmetics use


The inhibition of Magnolol Honokiol on NF-cB cells proved to improve the function of skin immune cells and had anti-inflammatory effect. Magnolol Honokiol can also be used as an antioxidant and skin whitening agent.

Magnolia bark extract MOA and HPLC chromagram

Changsha Staherb Natural Ingredients Co.,Ltd. Determination of Magnolol and Honokiol by HPLC  1) Reagentsa. Nanopure water                   b. Methanol (HPLC) 2) ApparatusHPLC (Shimadzu)                      Analytical balance (1/10000)  Ultrasonic cleaner                    0.45μm PTFE filter50ml volumetric flask Screw      cap vials 3**) HPLC condition**Column: Kromasil C18 5m 4.6×200mmDetector: UV 294nmMobile Phase: A= water   B= MeOH A:B=20:80(Isocratic)Flow Rate: 1.0ml/minInjection: 10μl 4) ProcedureSamples PreparationAccurately weigh 30mg extraction into 50ml volumetric flask. Add MeOH tovolume and sonicate to mix, filter through a 0.45μm PTFE filter into a screw cap

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First Date Blues

So, I'm sure this has been discussed, I'm just gonna grip a bit. So I just finished the first date event, something a lot of us had been looking forward to. Can i just say, what the hell. It was like the potterverse equivalent of Suicide Squad; a bunch of awesome scenes and snapshots, interspersed with a bunch of drawn out, poorly written schlock. I mean, I can understand overthinking and psyching yourself, but it was SOOOOO LOOONG. Idk, maybe I'm just griping too much.

I will say the awesome bits were soo great! The handholding thing at the end was super cute, the awkward conversation bit was funny as hell. Don't think i was completely let down. I just wanted more after such a long wait.


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Thoughts on the Valentine’s Day TLSQ

The start was very good. We get to spend time with the potential dates while the Professors tell us the dos and don’ts on Valentine’s Day. The bit with the Amortentia was kinda funny. But did it not occur to Snape that he should’ve given us all nose plugs or something for being that close to the cauldron? And when Flitwick was talking about how Obliviate was used to deal with heartbreak, I was starting to feel nervous that there might be a sad alternative where we would actually be given the choice to try to do that if the wrong choices were made.

And then, enter Gilderoy Lockhart. Yeah, I don’t really care to say much about him other than he’s still as obnoxious and narcissistic as I remember. The guy even tossed his cape at Andre as if the guy was a coat rack. How rude of him! He’s so obsessed for attention that even all the energy gets spent on him for the tasks. It’s also a little funny how Andre and MC acknowledge that nothing else seems to matter when he’s babbling and could literally focus on nothing else. And he has us “randomly” chosen for his Valentine’s project. When it came to what MC would be called, I thought the two names were silly and was going to pick my MC’s name Alison, but just for Penny, I picked Captain Valentine. It’s still silly, but also fitting for the holiday.

When it came to spending time with each potential dates separately, they were certainly putting me on the spot, intentionally or otherwise. After picking roses with Barnaby, he made me feel a little sad for him that he wasn’t picked as my MC’s crush. He even casted a rose, too. Sorry, Barnaby. I do like how Penny recalled the Celestial Ball date and the First Date. However, I found it unnecessary to even attempt casting the Entrancing Enchantment. Didn’t look like she was aiming directly at my MC though. I would’ve thought she’d make a potion or two for the party. Not a love potion, mind you, but something to add flair. And Andre comes bursting in with a style emergency, which was just about the color Pink being in the dress code. I wouldn’t say I hate pink, but personally, it’s not really my style. I always enjoy every opportunity I can get to use my Animagus abilities, so thanks, Talbott. I was as suspicious of Lockhart as he was. And of course, there’s Merula. She hates Valentine’s Day, and yet claims to be the most powerful Valentine? Talk about hypocrisy.

For who my MC's Valentine would be; it was Penny. The Valentine’s dress I chose was the Sweetheart. Mainly

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My Hogwarts Mystery wishlist a.k.a Things I wish JC did for the game. Please feel free to add more suggestions/wishes/rants.

Some of the things that I have been thinking about that would be great to have in the game. In no particular order:

  • A snapshot button to capture a scene without all the side/top panels and buttons visible. I would have loved to screenshot the stargazing scene with my date without all the clutter.
  • Fix character height as they get older. How is it that we still look like hobbits in our fifth year next to the professors?
  • After finishing the first date SQ, it would be nice to have some sort of shift in your relationship with your date. For example, maybe have butterbeer with more romantic questions. Even better, go to the tea shop for more dates much like having butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks ❤
  • Make it easier to earn coins. It used to be so easy, now I barely have a thousand to duel or even play gobstones. Like the artefact room with the creature food, would be nice to have a place to earn extra coin. Maybe a side job helping Hagrid 😄
  • Can we please redo the sidequest to befriend Talbott? My game kept on crashing in the second task so I never got to finish.
  • Can we have a headscarf option added? It's only fair since we have Badeea wearing one.
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Thoughts on Potential Second Dating TLSQ

So by now, a lot of us have had a chance to make it through the First Date TLSQ. I was wondering what other people think might happen in a potential second dating side quest.

I have a few thoughts about how it could be done, but I'd love to hear yours as well. I'm marking this post as SPOILER so that we can compare it to the first dating TLSQ without fear.

As far as plot points from other side quests that are mentioned in this one (like Crushed or Flying Solo) we can talk about them if necessary for the discussion, but since not everyone who did this TLSQ finished those, we should probably hide them in spoiler tags. For the record, here is the syntax to produce things like spoiler blocks and the like if you are using the mobile app.

Our first date took place at the tea shop, but I think that the second date should be something more personal. The problem being that there are six different characters we have taken on a first date. And they are all very different. What Tulip likes would be different from Barnaby. And what Talbott likes would be completely different from Merula. You get the idea.

  1. Our date could ask us to choose a place special to the MC. The devs could create three different date locations and we choose one based on what we think our MC is like. Maybe one is a Weird Sisters concert. Another could be the Creature Reserve. And a third might be ... I don't know. I'm struggling here. You get the idea. Anyway, we have the date. The other character and the MC interact and learn more about each other. At the end, our date would ask whether this was better than our first date. Whether yes or no, we could use it as an opportunity to have them choose the next dating location. Or, if we thought it was too awkward, we could call it all off and go back to being friends.
  2. The devs could give us a choice of places to go and once more we plan everything for them. Maybe our choices are Laid Back Date, Magical Date, or Romantic Date. And the devs could have settings for each of those.
  3. Instead of talking to Andre about what to wear, we could talk to Diego about romance and where to go. Since the Ball and the Date were both in Y4, it is not unreasonable for the next dating TLSQ to be in Y5. Diego is already very flirty. Having him help with this could give the character some more screen time and perhaps even some much needed depth.

All of this is assuming that we are taking th

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spoilers dialogue question about dating talbott pt 4.1

when you first arrive at the tea shop on your date, did anyone choose to compliment talbott? i'd really like to know what mc says and how he responds because he later reveals he was disappointed that you didn't ask him. and it made me sad. but i wanted to know what he thought of my mc more (and that courage bonus ayyy). lol. ty

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Bethany Tully, Scion of House Tully

Name and House: Bethany Tully

Age: 19

Cultural Group: Riverlander

Appearance: Bethany is average in height, and very thin. She has blue eyes like her twin brother, Brynden. Her hair is long, red, and wavy, adding some warmth to her otherwise pale complexion.

Gift(s): Beauty

Skill(s): Alchemy, Courtly, Investigator(e)

Negative Trait: Sickly

Starting Title(s): Scion of House Tully

Starting Location: Raventree Hall

Alternate Characters: Lyra Florent, Val Toland, Arta Stark, Lyonel Hersy


Bethany was born in 361 to Lord Hoster Tully and his wife, Lady Donella Tully (nee Vance). She is the twin of Brynden, and was born only six minutes before him. She was also the weaker of the two (born small and pale, and wheezing instead of crying), an omen resulting in the longest six minutes of her parents' lives, until they confirmed the healthy birth of her twin brother. By the grace of the Seven, Bethany survived the first night, and she survived her second, and third, and so on, barely gripping onto life while her brother was the epitome of good health. The maester predicted her death when her wheezing turned into coughing, but miraculously, she clung onto life until the odd symptoms eventually abated. While never truly healthy, Bethany proved she was a survivor, and even grew into a beautiful child, and later a beautiful young woman. She still suffers from asthmatic symptoms, and they worsen at night, regularly resulting in loss of sleep, and lack of energy.

The only daughter, Donella kept Bethany close, teaching her the ways of the court. Though never a skilled singer due to her infirmity, Bethany proved a talented dancer due to her grace and light feet. She is also talented with the harp, in calligraphy, and in painting, and sewing. She is also knowledgeable in heraldry and stories, and things of the like, making her a good conversationalist and popular member of her family's court. While being treated by the maester, she also got her first dose of alchemy at a young age, which began in brewing medicinal teas and soups, sleeping drinks, and later in making other healing poultices. In learning about medicine, she also learned about poisons, t

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