I created a public table of Firefox's keyboard shortcuts. It can be searched and filtered.

When it comes to keyboard shortcuts, the winner of the browser wars is clear: Firefox has 142 shortcuts, more than twice as many as Google Chrome and other browsers.

This resource should help to discover and remember them: https://keycombiner.com/collections/firefox/

This screenshot shows only a tiny fraction of the table

You can switch between Mac and Win/Linux key bindings or display them side-by-side.
The table can be searched and filtered by keys, description, modifier keys,... and should also look good on mobile devices. It also provides highlighting of the current search term. These features are not provided by the official documentation.

It is hosted by my side-project KeyCombiner, which is a free tool to organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts.

I appreciate any kind of feedback!

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I created a public table of Notion's keyboard shortcuts and commands. It can be searched and filtered.


Notion has great keyboard shortcuts and I love that they promote them in tooltips.

On the other hand, I am not so sure how much I like their official documentation page listing all the shortcuts and slash commands

In contrast to most similar shortcut listings in other software's documentation, they do not show a plain table, but present the combinations in full sentences. This is nice to read through, but hard if you are searching for something particular.

So I created a new public resource showing all of Notion's key bindings:


You can switch between Mac and Win/Linux key bindings or display them side-by-side. The table can be searched and filtered by keys, description, modifier keys,...

The table is hosted by my side-project KeyCombiner, which is a free tool to organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts. I have already used it in the past to learn a lot of Notion's shortcuts.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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Periodic Table of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

For those who do not know there is a periodic shortcut table for excel that can be useful.

It is divided into general shortcuts, range selection & navigation, formula editing & management, formatting, workbook & worksheet management, useful dialog boxes and visual basic editor keyboard shortcuts.

Print it and leave it on your desk: Periodic Table

Edit: with white background >> Link

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Sublime Text Periodic table of the Keyboard Shortcuts. wakamsha.github.io/dev.cm…
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Table of keyboard shortcuts en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tab…
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Table of keyboard shortcuts - Win Mac KDE Gnome en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tab…
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Table of Keyboard Shortcuts en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tab…
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Table of keyboard shortcuts (windows & mac) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tab…
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LPT: Make your life easier with Ctrl shortcuts

You can use (or at least most of) these in pretty much any text editor or any program with a textbox:

  • Ctrl + β†’ : Move cursor to the start of the next word
  • Ctrl + ← : Move cursor to the start of the previous word
  • Ctrl + ↑ : Move cursor to the previous line break
  • Ctrl + ↓ : Move cursor to the next line break
  • Ctrl + Del : Delete word to the right of cursor
  • Ctrl + Bksp: Delete word to the left of cursor
  • Ctrl + Home: Move cursor to the start of the document
  • Ctrl + End: Move cursor to the end of the document

A much bigger and more complete list can be found here: Table of keyboard shortcuts

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What I've Learned From AoC 2020


1. Start much earlier than I think I need to start.

This year, a little before Thanksgiving, I reviewed and updated all the subreddit's rules, wiki pages, my copypasta document, etc etc etc... Ya know, typical pre-launch things.

I also drafted the megathread and Gettin' Crafty templates a week in advance, then I fine-tuned them 3 days beforehand with the other moderators. Same with the Google Forms poll for the community vote, the community awards table tracker, the community awards table Markdown post, this post...

2. Avoid uncles with tasty peanut butter-flavored alcohol.

Probably helps that this year we're not traveling or visiting anyone due to the plague, but I wouldn't have put it past my uncle to mail me a bottle of the damned tasty stuff because he's a loveable butthead like that...


1. English 101

I learned how to spell the word toboggan properly.

2. Our community is smart and full of good ideas.

My usual SOP in the megathreads:

  1. Verify that it complies with our posting rules: How Do the Daily Megathreads Work?
  • If non-compliant, it's copypasta time!
  1. Upvote
  2. Collapse thread
  3. Rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat...
  4. Check on earlier megathread(s) for additional post(s). Rinse, repeaaaaaaat...

Moderating the first few megathreads were literally painful to navigate due to the sheer number of submissions. For reference, Day 01 alone had 1,417 submissions; now multiply that by 25 days - that's gonna be a lot of clicking.

By Day 02 my wrist was killing me. I needed a solution. I remembered that RES has keyboard shortcuts! JACKPOT! Now I can a to upvote, enter to collapse thread, Alt-J to move to next thread, rinse, repeat! That lasted until Day 03 when my other wrist started to hurt too from the unnatural-reach and repetitive key combinations.

While moderating the Day 04 megathread, I upvoted (ow) + collapsed (ow) + next'd (ow) someone's submission that was written in AHK (AutoHotkey) and I swear on all of Santa's reindeer that my brain went tires screech. I have AHK, I use it all the time, why am I not using it while moderating the megathreads?!?

I now have Reddit Megathread Upvote + Collapse + Move to Next.ahk running on a simple Ctrl+backtick trigger. Bonus: my megathread moderating time went from 8+ hours to 2-3 hours.


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I put all RStudio Keyboard Shortcuts into a public table that can be searched and filtered

I created a new public resource showing all of RStudio's keyboard shortcuts. it can be searched and filtered more extensively than both the official documentation and the in-app reference.


This screenshot shows only a fraction of the table

The table is provided by my side-project KeyCombiner, which is a free tool to organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts.

In case you want to go beyond browsing the shortcuts, you can create a free account, import some of RStudio's shortcuts into a personal collection, and start practicing.

There is also a KeyCombiner Desktop app that can show the shortcuts for the currently active application. So, if you have RStudio open and press a global shortcut, a pop-up will show with all of RStudio's shortcuts. This way you don't need to leave your current context, you can search for the right shortcut and pick up right where you left.

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Initial thoughts on the GK68X (when compared to my older Redgear Invador MK881)

I have been using a Redgear Invador MK881 with Kalih Blue Switches for 6 months now. My core use case is touch typing.


The Invador was nice to type on for the most part. But it was incredibly loud, and the switches caused fatigue after 10 to 20 mins of typing.

I got the GK68XS with Gateron Browns from Epomaker to keep the noise low (and enjoy the tactile bump). My unit arrived a few days back, and I have been typing on it a lot (mostly on monkeytype) to figure if it is a fit for me. Here are some thoughts for anyone who is considering getting one of these keybs.


The GK68XS features XDA profile keycaps, which are very different from the ABS keycaps I am used to on the Invador. The XDA caps are too smooth - this makes it wee bit harder to touch type, since the ABS ones used to have almost sharp edges, so you can feel the edge of a keycap with your finger (which ensured that you would not accidentally move over to the next one and cause a mistype). However, these keycaps looks way better, have much nicer legends compared to the old ABS ones. They are not shine thru, but the backlighting is more than enough for me to easily read the keys in the dark. Overall, some rougher texture/molding on the edges would have been nice, as these key caps are too smooth. However, they do feel 10x more premium, and my typing speed has gone up by an average of 8WPM (also thanks to the switches). So I think I will grow to like them in a lot in a couple of days. Also, if you do not touch type, you will not care about the issue with the XDAs that I had mentioned above.


Gateron Brown Switches

At first, these switches felt mushy (after having used Kalih Blues). However, a few days into it, I am starting to see like them. They do not cause any fatigue (unlike the kal blues) and are great for long sessions. I do mistype every now and then when I type fast, but I think I will be over it soon. Again, the mistyping only happens when I touch type (i do not face this issue during regular four finger amature typing). Also, the stabs come factory lubed, which makes them feel and sound amazing - very premium, almost like those YouTu

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The Habit Reframe [METHOD] - updated. A completely different approach to ending bad habits and starting up on good ones.

So, I posted this method back in April. It recieved a ton of positive feedback, questions and useable criticism. Here’s an updated version. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or you experience a sticking point. There’s also a link to a PDF in my bio. γ‹›

Part 1: The problem

Bad habits. Compulsive behaviors. Out of control bingeing.

Apathy and lethargy. A lack of drive, motivation and consistency.


These issues we all face, almost always come down to two things :

(1) Runaway positive feedback loops causing regrettable time wasting.

(2) Experiences that sends messaging to our antiquated brains to suppress motivation.

Let's first unpack (1) as it explains what is happening when you procrastinate. Then we'll move on to (2) as it explains more of why this process starts in the first place. From there we can proceed to a fix; to a solution.


So, imagine you’re at your desk, doing some work on a project. It's going fine, when, of course, you get the idea to take a break. You tell yourself: two minutes. Two minutes to check what’s new on Reddit, and then it's right back to work.

Two minutes soon turns to 15.

Fine. It happens.

Let's pause the tape right there.

If that was the end of it; if you thought, hey it’s ok, that was an interesting post, it was worth the extended time, but now it’s back to work, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

But, that's not what happens. Instead you give in to an impulse to check Instagram, just for a second, which leads to a full hour wasted.

Why did that happen? Why does that sort of thing pretty much always happen?

To answer, we’ll need to rewind this mental movie and take a closer look in slo-mo.

So, there you are browsing Reddit when, ok, it hits you that you're wasting time and so you surface to the present moment. You look up and away from the laptop. There. Pause the tape.

It's subtle as heck and easy to miss, but in that crucial moment… you felt bad. You felt…what? Maybe it was a little prick of, well, guilt maybe? Could have been the guilt you'd get from realizing you just broke the promise you made to yourself to have a distraction free work session. Or maybe you felt irked and irritated because, well, fun time was now over, and you had to get back to tedious work. Hard to tell, but whatever it was, it was simply unpleasant.

Now, you'd think that this negative emotion would compel you to get the heck back to work. Like how the pain of a burn wou

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β€œIntermediate” Excel Skills Assessment Test Prep Experience and Advice

The comments of excel skill level being subjective are too real it hurts.

Tonight I took an β€œintermediate” excel assessment test for a job I recently applied for. I had five days to prepare for it and brush up on my skills. So like any diligent job-seeker, I scoured the internet and this sub for advice on how to prepare. I even joined SkillShare for a free trial to go through some courses.

Now I am in excel every day for my current job, but it’s extremely basic usage. Mostly just formatting for easy tracking, basic PEMDAS stuff, etc. Nothing like what I was studying for.

I totally psyched myself out thinking there’s no way I can pass this, but damn I want this job so bad! So I was deep into the IFs, match/index, Vlookups, nested formulas, pivot tables, and even basic macros, etc. I actually got quite good at them quickly too.

I wish I am kidding when I tell you that at least 25 out of the 35 question assessment were on basic formatting, conditional formatting, print settings, and how to save to different locations on a computer. The rest were keyboard shortcuts and basic math, no formulas whatsoever, and one question on pivot tables.

I feel great knowing that I did really well and really enjoyed my time studying - even if it was overkill. I def feel like I can discuss these skills with the new employer to give me an edge, and I even want to continue to expand my excel knowledge. But I also feel super silly for worrying so much!

All of this to say to the next person furiously searching this sub and the internet for advice: having a very solid base-knowledge of core functions is critical, use resources available on the internet and in this sub, take any practice test you can find (for free of course), but also don’t stress too much! Learn and enjoy what it is you’re learning!

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[Launch] SCHENKER VISION 15 with Intel for 2021
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CMV: Memorization, and flashcards don’t get the love they deserve!

Memorization, and flashcards don’t get the love they deserve. People frequently bash memorization/flashcards as an outdated tool that hinders real learning. I disagree.


I believe flashcards (or more generally any question/answer prompt) combined with a spaced repetition system are extremely valuable tools to increase productivity and increase people’s ability to learn.


I have 3 examples I want to cover:

  1. Elementary math.
  2. 2nd language learning.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts/command line


Before I go over my three examples, I should get some definitions out of the way:

Learning The act of understanding something. For instance, understanding that multiplication is simply repeated addition. i.e., understanding that 5x4 == 4x5 == 5+5+5+5 == 4+4+4+4+4


Memorization The act of committing things you already know to memory. i.e., being able to recall that 5x7 = 35 without having to do the underlying addition.


Flashcard A generic question answer prompt. i.e., seeing β€œ Yo – Hablar - el presente” as the question, where the answer is β€œHablo”


SRS (spaced repetition system) A system where newly introduced and more difficult flashcards are shown more frequently, while older and less difficult flashcards are shown less frequently. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition https://apps.ankiweb.net/


Elementary math Back in my school days, after I had learned a subject like addition, multiplication, exponents, etc. My parents would make me memorize some basic examples. For instance addition/subtraction and multiplication/division and squares and cubes tables up to 10 or 20. While I’m sure I didn’t enjoy it at the time, this was extremely useful both later in my academic life, and into my adult life. 1st lets look at why it was helpful for later academics, and then why it was helpful in later life. Later in school when I had to take subjects like algebra/geometry/calculus, I was able to focus on understanding the actual subject rather than be distracted by the underlying calculations. I frequently had classmates who would lament that there β€œbad at math”. But that was never the case, they simply never got to learn/focus what the subject was because they had to spend all their time doing the underlying calculations. In my adult life I have found having these simple addition/multiplication calculations memorized to useful in everyday life. Two basic examples are dat

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I made an app to show the shortcuts of the current application. Works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Looking up keyboard shortcuts on the web takes you out of the current context and breaks your workflow. That’s why, as a Linux user, I have always been a bit envious of macOS users, who had access to tools that could instantly show the current application’s shortcuts.

On Windows and Linux, there was no such thing. You had to find shortcut information in the software’s documentation and hope that it was searchable.

KeyCombiner Desktop shows the current application’s shortcuts in a searchable table, triggered instantly via a system-wide key combination. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

This lookup also includes all shortcuts and text snippets from personal KeyCombiner collections, making it a universal cheatsheet. To fully understand what this means, please have a look at this blog post: https://tkainrad.dev/posts/app-to-show-shortcuts-of-current-application-windows-linux-macos/

The application can be downloaded here: https://keycombiner.com/desktop/

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[Update] Shortmoji 4.4 - the final version has arrived! - Please read the post

Am so happy to announce the final version of Shortmoji, I know most of you were confused with Shortmoji's features lately because I was working on it extensively and pushing a lot of new features in constant updates.

I will sum it up now so you can know all the features that Shortmoji can do.

Shortmoji is an all in one tweak for iOS keyboard, It lets you replace some of the big/broken/paid tweaks:

  • Textyle
  • KeyShortcut Pro
  • Translomatic
  • ColorBoard
  • SwipeSelection
  • Barmoji
  • DockX
  • RGBoard
  • and a lot other small tweaks

And also adds a lot more useful things as well, All of those features are working together flawlessly and seamlessly with no issues at all.

Shortmoji can customize the keyboard and also adds controls to two areas in the keyboard:

  • Predictive Bar
  • Keyboard Dock (the bottom area of the keyboard))

You can put and use any of the (6 Views) that comes with Shortmoji

  • Emojis
  • Shortcuts
  • Emojis + Shortcuts
  • Numbers
  • Trackpad
  • Custom Texts

Each View has its own settings and configurations, The biggest and the most useful view is the Shortcuts View which has more than 1800 shortcut that you can choose from. (including Activator).

Key Features:

  • Translate: A very big and useful feature that lets you translate anything quickly without the need to leave the current app or tap multiple buttons.
  • Keyboard customization (Font size, Keyboard color, Keyboard height.. etc).
  • Adds 3 kinds of coloring options Custom Color, Razer Chroma RGB, and Based on App icon color with 2 settings for Light Mode and Dark Mode.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: (e.g. hold V letter to paste or hold C letter to copy).
  • Home Bar customization (Set width, height.. etc).
  • Enable iPhone X Keyboard Layout fon non-notched devices.
  • Support Activator Actions and Filpswitch toggles (requires Activator and Filpswitch to be installed)
  • Ability to change any shortcut icon by choosing over 1600 icons from iOS system icons.
  • Support a custom Single, Double-Tap, and Long Press actions for all Shortcuts, Global/Emoji button, and Dictation Button.
  • Ability to import, export, and share your settings with friends in a very easy way.

I can't list everything but those are some of the features that worth highlighting, just install it and give it a try πŸ˜‰

For screenshots please [click here](https://miro92.com/repo/depictions/screenshots.html?p=c

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Exam PA: R Tabular output

Have people who have taken the exams gone through the efforts of tidying up tables for the word report? I know the Excel Text to Columns feature can be helpful in cleaning up the spacing and format but because many keyboard shortcuts will be disabled I am hoping that we can just paste the rough unformatted output directly into Word. Considering the time limit and the emphasis on communication, I would rather spend more time on proper discussion of the tasks rather than cleaning data in Excel.

Have any previous exam takers done the same or should I just make the effort to make things "look nice"?

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Can I use Shortcuts app to "get" data from an external source to run a Shortcut app?

I've been creating my own food logging system and wondered if instead of creating the dictionary internal to the shortcut app, if the app could get the data from an external source such as a locally stored Excel sheet.

My initial idea, which is currently implemented, is simple: My shortcut app has a dictionary of the typical common foods that I want to log and keep track of. As I discover what foods I want to keep track of, I add to the dictionary. When I want to log the nutrition of a food that I'm taking (typically calories, fat, carbs, cholesterol, etc.) I open the shortcut app, tell it what food I'm eating and how much. Then it calculates all the nutritional data using the internal dictionary and logs it into the Apple Health app. That's it!

The shortcut app is essentially a nutrition calculator that passes output to the Apple Health app.

Of course, creating the dictionary in the Shortcut app is rather tedious because the app doesn't allow duplication of the "table" (the key) for each food. The tables all have keys such as : Calories, Serving Size, Total Fat, Cholesterol, etc. But each time I create a new food entry for the dictionary, I have to manually type up each key.

If instead the Shortcut app can get its base data from an Excel sheet (one that I can easily type up and keep up to date), this would makes things so much simpler.

Is there a command or commands in Shortcut app that allows this?

If not, are there other simple ways to get it to do what I want to do: access an external source (locally stored though), a source that I can easily update using a keyboard and can easily copy/paste without having to deal with the limitations of editing within Shortcut app.

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Is the Razer Tartarus a good enough replacement for the Wacom Express Key Remote?

I'm asking opinions from the good people who use a Wacom Cintiq or the Pro version. I'm not really a fan of ExpressKeys, in fact, I had to buy a keyboard just to use Photoshop shortcut keys. But it really takes up a lot of table space, and it's hard to get used to ExpressKey remotes. So I was wondering do people use products like the Razer Tartarus or any related product in replacement for the ExpressKey remote. Please share your thoughts. Good day.



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New Zircon Release is out: 2020.2.0-RELEASE

> Zircon is an extensible, multiplatform and user-friendly tile engine. > > If you are not yet familiar with the project take a look at our > Project Page. > > The kdocs can be found here. Javadocs are also coming soon! > > You can grab this release from Maven Central here. More on how to add Zircon as a dependency to your project can be found here.

> Also if you have any questions about this release, feel free to come up to our Discord Server and ask them!

TL;DR for the Impatient:

Highlights of this release

This was a very busy year for us. After the previous release we started focusing on the internals of Zircon. Previously we didn't have an FPS goal nor performance optimizations in the code. The Swing benchmark was running with ~60 FPS with a 80x24 grid and `

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Xbox & PC compatible, arduino based button box for ACC

I live in a really humid area, so the stickers aren't staying put. A problem for another day.

Taking inspiration from posts in the official ACC forums, I just put together a macro keypad to use as a button box on Xbox. Since the same macros work for the PC version of the game, this is Xbox & PC compatible.

I used this PCB as a base, and bought a version with buttons already soldered (since this is my first build). Next iteration will have two rotary switches (as allowed by the PCB). I used an off-brand Arduino Pro Micro (programmed as a Leonardo). This is a nifty PCB for a number of reasons, not least of which is the ability to program up to 4 sets of codes per button (cycling with a "mode" button on the PCB).

All buttons except for the TC+ are working perfectly. Not sure why, as the button does what it should on PC (SHIFT+T). Might be an xbox issue, who knows. I just re-loaded the code to the arduino, and hopefully that fixes it.

Here's the button box mounted to my wheelstand (I used the spare shifter mount from my Omega GT classic as a button box mount):

Cable management and FOV police may want to look away

If you already have a soldering iron, this should cost about $20 to put together.

Here's the code I used

   A multi-mode Macro keyboard with Arduino Pro Micro using
   row column matrix.
   This is a blank sketch to understand key layout and assignments.
   (c) 2020 Ryan Bates

// ----------------------------
// Standard Libraries
// ----------------------------

#include "Keyboard.h"
// Library with a lot of the HID definitions and methods
// Can be useful to take a look at it see whats available
// https://github.com/arduino-libraries/Keyboard/blob/master/src/Keyboard.h

// ----------------------------
// Additional Lib
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Alpha 11.7 out on testing branch

Steam Post
Click here to see how to join the testing branch.

Please note that the hardware mechanic will not be available in older Alpha 11 saves, since they require changes to the software types, which are embedded in the save file. However, they will still load.

#Major changes


This update adds conveyor belts, forcing you to plan out your logistics in more detail than just placing down some printers and some pallets. With conveyor belts comes a lot more options for how boxes travel from printer to courier. They can be routed through walls, floors and even out of a building directly to a parking lot.


Hardware manufacturing seems like a natural offshoot from conveyor belts. Hardware manufacturing currently affects how you have to approach console and phone development. You also unlock new hardware contracts with 2 business stars, and you'll receive hardware manufacturing deals whenever a competitor develops a console or phone operating system.


Employees will sadly no longer partake in majestic flights through empty elevator shafts. Elevators now require queueing and load balancing. 2 new larger elevators have been added and each of them has a display showing current floor, load and direction.

#Roadmap changes
The final release of Alpha 11 has been pushed back a couple of times now. It mainly came down to the fact that the convention mechanic hasn't panned out the way I intended, when I brainstormed it. I've decided to make Alpha 11.7 the final update before I release it officially. The convention mechanic has been shelved for now in favor of the new hardware mechanic. The "updates and expansions" update is still planned and I'm still planning on making it a part of Alpha 11.

#Patch notes
##Alpha 11.7.26 (2020-12-30)

  • Added panel to v
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More keys

Hi there.
I like making shortcuts and automating stuff.
I don't like having to do key combinations.
My keyboard isn't enough.

Basically, i want to buy or build a keyboard with the biggest amount of keys i can have.
Stuff like having 24 functions keys, all the multimedia keys, and all the other keys that can be understood by a computer.

Are there any resources on this? I can't find much. If there is a PCB made for this kind of stuff, or some way to join keyboards, or a tutorial on how all of this works, anything that can help me would be really appreciated.

I'd love to have a table of keys...

If there is a way to use more than one keyboard, with different keycodes for each one in linux that any of you know, that would be really cool too.

Thank you all for your attention!

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What's the keyboard shortcut for creating a new row/record in a table?

I'm entering a bunch of new information in a table, so I want to add a record, fill out the record, and then go on to adding a new one. The last property in the table is a relation, so when I hit enter on the keyboard it opens the "selected related record" dialog. If the last property is not a new relation, it creates a new row and moves me down to that row (in the same property column, though).

How do I create a new row/record, and move to editing it (preferably at the first property 'Name'), with keyboard shortcuts?

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A Guide to the Differences Between JRPGs Ports and Enhanced Versions (Part 1).

A new day, a new guide.

This is the hardest one of the guides I wanted to make, because the information is never easy to get, which is weird. So please forgive me if I missed some changes, and by all means tell me if I missed any of them or if any of them are incorrect.

Since this list is really long, this guide is going to come in parts, this part covers:

  • Valkyrie Profile (PSX) vs Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (PSP vs iOS & Andriod).

  • Chrono Trigger (SNES) vs Chrono Trigger (PSX vs NDS vs iOS & Andriod vs PC).

  • Star Ocean 2 (PSX) vs Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP) vs PS4 (JP.ver).

  • The Last Remnant (Xbox360) vs The Last Remnant Remastered (PC vs PS4 & Switch).

  • Tales of Vesperia (Xbox360) vs Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (PS4/PC/Switch/Xbox One).

  • Tales of Symphonia (GC) vs Tales of Symphonia (PS2 (JP.ver only) vs PS3/PC).

  • Skies of Arcadia (DC) vs Skies of Arcadia: Legends (GC).

  • Person 3 (PS2) vs Persona 3 FES (PS2 (English.ver)) vs Persona 3P (PSP).

  • Persona 4 (PS2) vs Persona 4 Golden (Vita vs PC).

  • .hack//G.U (PS2) vs .hack//G.U. Last Recode (PS4/PC).

  • Final Fantasy 12 (PS2) vs FF 12: International Zodiac Job System PS2 (JP.ver only) vs FF12 Zodiac Age (PS4/PC/Switch/Xbox One).

  • Rune Factory 4 (3DS) vs Rune Factory 4 Special (Switch).

Important Notes:

  • This is made for Ports and Enhanced versions, so No Remakes. So this is about differences between the different versions of Chrono Trigger, and not about the differences between FF7 ps1 and FF7 Remake.

  • The differences are taken from all over the internet, either from official sources, wikis, youtube, and even forums.

  • I cover all the changes for a game, unless there is too many, in which case I will highlight the ones worth mentioning.

>~ Valkyrie profile (PSX US.ver): vs Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth PSP vs iOS & Andriod. ~

>>Valkyrie profile PSX:

>>Nearly identical to the Japan version but with minor fixes in the menu screen. In the Japanese version, Characters not in the party were unable to change or learn skills nor were they able change or remove equipment. The US version allowed out of party members to change and learn skills as well as change or remove equipment without being added to the party. Also in the Ja

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v6 Plans and the Future of Slide


v6 has been a long time coming, and I am super excited to announce that the final TestFlight build has been released, and v6 will be available on the App Store soon! Over a thousand of you are a part of our beta testing community, and your feedback was extremely valuable to shaping Slide's new navigation homepage and the feature set that v6 brings to the table.

If you haven't tried out our beta builds, here's a quick look at what's in store:

  • Slide is getting a huge navigation upgrade, with a new homepage sidebar and improved navigation gestures across the app! The new split-content layout on iPad takes advantage of iOS 14's triple pane layout, and switching between your favorite subs and Slide actions is a swipe away
  • Full support for iOS 14 features, including Widgets, limited Photos access, and the new Apple Color Picker. There is a new Account widget, a Hot Posts widget showing top posts from your favorite subs, and a Subreddit Shortcuts widget that is fully configurable in Slide Settings!
  • Some new icons brought to you by the Slide community
  • Full rewrite of Slide Gestures: they look better, function more reliably, and don't interfere with swiping between subreddits and comments. Also, you can now swipe from right to left on the toolbar to go back to pages you closed out of!
  • A deep dive into Slide performance, memory usage, and speed improvements that should make Slide a lot more stable and performant

Other changes include

  • All new History browser
  • Full support for Siri Shortcuts and Siri Suggestions
  • Redesigned swiping tabs bar
  • Support for Reddit Galleries and Polls
  • Sound on some more video sites
  • Better support for the iPad Magic Keyboard
  • Redesign of Comments menus
  • Improvements to Live comment sorting
  • New option to disable comment popups on iPad
  • Improvements to on-device Notifications, which are free and never share credentials outside of your connection to Reddit
  • Tons of bug fixes, visual polish, and improvements across the board

I also want to give a big thank-you to u/sandwicheconomist, who has been a huge help with Slide development and feature planning throughout this update!

I will throw up a new post when v6 is officially available on the App Store, and until then you can join the final beta test at this link. You can also chat with us on the [Slide

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Patch Notes v 5.6

New features

  • Edit book: Show a non-modal popup for a few seconds to allow undoing file delete operations
  • Device books view: Add an action to the context menu to easily jump to the matching book in the calibre library view Closes tickets: 1903418
  • Add ability to undo Generate cover in the Edit metadata screen, by long clicking the Generate cover button Closes tickets: 1903270
  • Edit book: Allow adding tags to the list of tags for the insert tag button
  • calibredb add: New option --automerge to automatically merge duplicates
  • Add an edit notes action to the context menu in the viewer highlights panel Closes tickets: 1905646
  • Content server viewer: Allow viewing images in a new window by right clicking them, matches the calibre builtin viewer behavior Closes tickets: 1903333
  • Book details window: Allow opening the edit metadata window using either the keyboard shortcut or the context menu Closes tickets: 1903403
  • Allow copying the current search as a calibre:// URL by right clicking the search box
  • Book details panel: Add entries to copy calibre:// links for the current book to the context menu
  • Edit book: Upgrade book: Ask whether to keep the NCX based Table of Contents

Bug fixes

  • Windows: Fix calibre portable launcher not working correctly from root directory in calibre 5.5 Closes tickets: 1904310
  • macOS: Fix rendering of space after punctuation incorrect in Big Sur Closes tickets: 1904505
  • DOCX Input: When converting images placed using the obsolete VML markup default them to being inline rather than block images Closes tickets: 1905319
  • Metadata edit dialog: Fix keyboard shortcuts for bold/italic/underline not working when more than one comments editor widget is present on a single tab Closes tickets: 1905479
  • When using calibre://show-book URLs and the book is not found, clear any Virtual library or search restriction and then show the book Closes tickets: 1905113
  • macOS: Fix calibre:// URLs not working from other docume
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Just in time for the Pre-weekend - Minecraft 1.16 Pre-release 5 is out!

Spend your weekend with this brand new fifth pre-release for Minecraft Java Edition 1.16 - it has a check to warn you not to try to run with too high graphics settings for your system and a bunch of bug fixes.

This update can also be found on minecraft.net.

If you find any bugs, please report them on the official Minecraft Issue Tracker.

Changes in 1.16 Pre-release 5

  • Added a GPU warn list for graphics drivers that are known to have rendering issues with Fabulous graphics.
  • If your GPU driver is detected as problematic then a warning message will be displayed with details of the detected problem.
  • This warning message can be ignored, but support cannot be provided for graphics drivers on the warn list running Fabulous.

Fixed Bugs in 1.16 Pre-release 5

  • MC-141934 - Ctrl + Pick block on a lectern does not display its book despite being saved to NBT
  • MC-148955 - Iron golems can spawn inside of non-full blocks
  • MC-149308 - Thrown items appear right in front of head for a frame
  • MC-166276 - Thrown items and blocks sometimes appear black for an instant
  • MC-166413 - Item frame turns black for an instant when being placed
  • MC-166718 - Mobs no longer suffocate inside of soul sand, farmland or grass paths
  • MC-167359 - Items are bright for a brief moment after being broken
  • MC-167362 - Item frames are bright for a brief moment when placed
  • MC-177361 - Villagers/wandering traders don't flee away from zoglins
  • MC-180867 - Jukeboxes grabbed with an NBT+ picker do not release discs on right click.
  • MC-181605 - Right-clicking a Respawn Anchor with an item in off-hand uses that item
  • MC-182119 - Game mode description text is no longer centered and now extends off the screen in some languages
  • MC-183469 - Mobs do not pathfind around holes or lava
  • [MC-185777](https://bugs.
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Console Update 8.2 – Patch Notes

To view the full patch notes with images, head to our website.


September 2 7PM PDT Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue causing a crash connected to the Team Up Systems.

UPDATE September 2

  • Updated TBR skins to include WackyJacky101 items


UPDATE August 27:

  • Added TDM under Custom Matches
  • Added Ranked Mode map frequency update


We're bringing some new toys to the Battlegrounds in update 8.2, along with some visual improvements to a few weapons, a nostalgia hit in the main menu, and more!

Live Maintenance Schedule:

PDT: August 26 2020 22:00 - August 27 03:00 (5 hours)

CEST: August 27 2020 07:00 - 12:00 (5 hours)

Live maintenance schedule may change. We will update you if there are any changes made.

The full patch notes are below, so let’s get right into it.

New Weapon: MG3

The latest weapon available in Battlegrounds Care Packages is the fast firing MG3 Light Machine Gun. With two different rates of fire, a bipod for stability, tracer rounds to help you keep track of your spray, and increased weapon damage to vehicles, there's a new reason to fight over the big red box.

  • Spawns in Care Packages on all maps, in Normal Matches only.
    • Not currently available in Ranked Matches
  • The MG3 has two firing modes which change the fire rate between 660 rpm and 990 rpm.
  • Chambered for 7.62mm, holds 75 rounds and has a muzzle velocity of 820 m/s.
  • Tracer rounds are fired every 5th round, as well as for the final 10 bullets of each magazine, letting you know that ammo is running low.
    • Tracer rounds can only be seen by the shooter.
  • Supports optical attachments up to the 6x Scope.
  • MG3 does greater damage(x 1.25) when shooting at vehicles.
  • The MG3 has a bipod attached, deploying automatically when prone to greatly improve weapon stability.

New Throwable: Decoy Grenade

Disorient your enemies and cover your movements with the new Decoy Grenade. Available as world loot on Sanhok, the Decoy Grenade will make fake firing sounds for about 10 seconds after thrown, giving you a few moments to make your move.

The Decoy Grenade is a new throwable which mimics gunshot sounds. Purposely made to be used as a tactical item to distract and outwit your opponents.

  • Available only on Sanhok in Normal Matches, as a rare world spawn item.
    • Not available in Ranked Mode.
  • Decoy grenades can be cooked to reduce their detonation time out of the hand and
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My 36 key layout with only 2 layers β€” and lots of combos!

Here's a diagram of my custom corne mini layout, which has 36 keys. It has a num layer which adds 27 more symbols, and then lots of combos for everything else. The combos make backspace, esc, and delete available from the home row, and everything else very close too! It's been awesome to use for both prose and coding! More info...

  • Code: My code is built on top of sevanteri's early_combo branch which hopefully will soon be merged upstream. (All the overlapping combos would fail miserably in QMK master.)
  • Ctrl & Alt mods: I couldn't get home row mods tuned well enough for my liking so I decided to commandeer the Z and X positions for Ctrl and Alt. In the process, I ended up shuffling the Q key as well, but I'm super happy with the result. Other than those key swaps, my base layout is standard Colemak. I have combo-macros set up for common Ctrl-based shortcuts, especially ones that would otherwise be difficult to reach, like Ctrl+A (which is labeled on my diagram as "sel all").
  • OS Mod: I'm using Linux and have set the OS key (aka Meta) as the prefix for all global shortcuts. So instead of Alt+Tab to walk through windows I use Meta+T (and Meta+Ctrl+T for reverse walk since I can't press Meta and Shift at the same time.) Almost all the rest of the keys serve some global function with the OS key (e.g. desktop switching, volume, etc.) which makes it kind of like a third layer, although not one for which QMK is responsible.
  • Right-handed: This layout is convenient for right-hand mouse users because it has all the mods on the left hand as well as other things you might want to press while holding the mouse, like Delete. Some keys like Space and Enter even have duplicates on the left hand for just this purpose, though their single-button counterparts on the right hand win out when I'm not using the mouse.
  • Defining combos: QMK's syntax for defining combos is verbose to say the least, and I wanted to add dozens of them, some triggering macros, with the ability to q
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BetsEdge Casino 50 no deposit free spins bonus code

BetsEdge Casino Review & Promotions

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BetsEdge Casino Review:

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  • Great selection of casino games
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  • Top-notch player support via FAQs, email and live chat

Though BetsEdge has been around for a year, it seems to strike the right chords with players in terms of game selection, bonuses, security, and customer support. Lots of progressive jackpots are available for grabs as well as five levels of VIP bonuses. We can only hope that they will get better with time and shed the tag of the β€œnew kid in the block”.

The live casino games make gambling add to the thrill of playing table games and poker games. Despite the fact that they don’t have a native casino app, it’s still nice to see that this firm enables players to gamble on the go from their mobile browsers. Over a dozen payment methods and cryptocurrencies means you can fund your account quickly.

BetsEdge Promotions and Bonuses

When you sign up as a new player, you receive a great welcome package along with generous bonuses on your first three deposits. You can use them to play hundreds of games and slots. The bonus package also comes with up to 177 free spins on select games. Here is a breakdown of the welcome bonuses;

  • First Deposit Bonus – 100% up to 100 Euro and 100 free spins on Book of Dead
  • Second Deposit Bonus – 50% up to 50 Euro and 50 free spins on Starburst
  • Third Deposit Bonus – 200% up to 75 Euro and 75 free spins on Super Joker

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Bonus Terms and Wagering Requirements

Before you can withdraw your gameplay winnings or winnings obtained using bonuses, you have to meet all the wagering requirements. You have to bet 40x the bonus amount to claim these funds. BetsEdge does things differently from most online casinos that require playe

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HK Gaming MIRA-M - detailed review

HK Gaming MIRA-M Review

Thanks to u/HK_Gaming for sending this one out to me for review, it's much appreciated :) As always, my opinion is unaffected and all thoughts are my own.

Quick Summary: The MIRA-M is pretty much a bigger version of the MIRA-S, with the same G PRO Wireless inspired design. It's not a 1:1 clone, though, and there are some minor shape differences in the back and the sides. The sensor is a PMW-3360, which performs excellently here as expected. Like the MIRA-S, build quality is great with no flexes/creaks/wobbles, and the lateral wheel movement present on the S is now gone on my copy as well. All buttons feel great, with the main buttons being relatively light and the side buttons being relatively heavy. Cable is a paracord-style cord - not the lightest or most flexible, but certainly good enough in a bungee. Feet are average. Overall, I'm sticking with the same verdict I gave for the MIRA-S: if the mouse suits you, it's a very good choice especially for the price.



  • Pixart PMW-3360 optical sensor
    • 12000 CPI (default steps: 400/800/1600/3200/6400/10000)
    • 50G acceleration
    • 250 IPS maximum tracking speed
    • 12000 FPS (sensor frame rate)
  • ~65 grams (w/ a bit of cable)
  • Omron D2FC-F-K (50M)
  • Huano Blue-shell white-point (side buttons)
  • 124mm x 64mm x 39.5mm

REFERENCE INFO: I have 19x9cm hands, generally using fingertip grip with the G PRO Wireless as the current main. Sensitivity is a 65cm/360 (800/0.8 in Source/Quake engine).

In the Box

HK Gaming recycled the packaging design from the MIRA-M's smaller sibling, with the same thick cardboard creating a sturdy container that should hold up well even to rough handling during shipping. The front of the box, themed in again-identical red and white, shows the same line-based graphic of the mouse's basic design, with a "63G" weight badge in the top left corner also indicating the colour of the version you ordered.


The back and two sides give more information on the MIRA's basic features, given in several different languages.

The lid of the box slides onto the base, and is tightly fitted. Unlike other mice with similar packaging designs, HK Ga

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Chrome OS Stable channel got promoted to Chrome OS 84. Here is everything that changed!

All right crew!

The Chrome OS Stable Channel got promoted to milestone 84 last week on Tuesday - from 83.0.4103.119 to 84.0.4147.94. As with every new milestone update, this brings massive changes to the table, offering several new features, bug fixes, and security enhancements to better improve your Chrome OS user experience. In light of the global situation, Google decided to defer the features from Chrome OS 83 to 84. This means this update is packed with major features. Fun fact: exactly 10,000 commits landed in this build of Chrome OS, excluding platform specific updates. Here is everything new I found in this build of Chrome OS!

Like my content and want to buy me a coffee? You can support me on ko-fi using this link or by using the link in my Reddit profile. If you want to be kept up to date with everything new to Chrome OS, feel free to give me a follow. Thanks in advance for your support!! :)

Featured changes

This section showcases changes I believe to be the most significant to this build of Chrome OS. They make a massive impact to the user experience and may be something to look forward to when upgrading your system to this build. These changes will also be listed in the "Notable changes" section of the post.

  1. Ash: You can now snap app windows to the top of the screen to maximize, and unsnap a maximized window by dragging down from the top bar. Small change, HUGE productivity booster. See my demo on Reddit here.
  2. Multi-display overview and snapping windows in clamshell mode is enabled by default. This means you can snap windows in overview mode without needing to go into tablet mode. See screenshot.
  3. Files app: The completely revamped file manager built with Google Material theme and WebUI is enabled by default. This features a nice white theme, outline iconography, and native RAR archive support. This replaces the old files app on Chrome OS. See screenshot.
  4. Linux (Beta): The new Terminal system app that features a cool black theme, tab UI, and new settings page is enabled by default. To find terminal settings, right click the terminal icon on the Shelf. See screenshot.
  5. **Linux (Beta): Linux apps can no
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Command line writing

50 % Done

Very opinionated writing environment and landscape (VOWEL)

Command line always excited me but it became more of a passion when I started learning Linux (around four years back). Even in graphical mode, there were many good reasons to get into terminal. Slackware presented a new paradigm, with boot right into the shell and startx if (and only if) you need GUI. While newer distros do great in bringing Linux to Windows (and Mac) users, Slackware still follows the tradition. It could be bit steep learning but it makes you learn the system. An investment totally worth the pain.

Going back 20 years, aside my tech job(s), I was always exploring new tools/ platforms to write (and share) effectively. Blogger was a godsend which morphed into love for Medium and finally to my own blog on github pages. Github Pages, enabled me write natively in vim and publish with a simple git push. That led further discoveries into power (and distraction free) writing in terminal. Almost addictive. And an year back I discovered command line interface of Reddit. This made life even simpler. I could edit live and publish as soon as I save the post on my terminal. No more git repos. It does have limitations, such as Reddit doesn't allow to embed pics in the text posts but that is a very little price for the comfort it offers. And I am anyway not big on pics / vids. Over these experiments and part time hobbyist indulgences, I discovered few tools and tricks. This post is to summarise them all - as a personal reference and in case someone wanna share the love of labor. Needless to say, these are just a tip of what command line offers to both developers and technical writers. And may be , with little effort (and training), these tools could be accessible to any one who wants to go beyond traditional word processors .. but ...

>> If writing doesn't give you immense satisfaction, you should consider becoming a youtuber cuz just like past, the future of writing is bleak. Actually more. And for right reasons. Humans always communicated in voice. It was an anomaly that printing press showed up hundred years before the streaming services. That gave writers enormous reach with millions of copies in print. That time is OVER. If youtube is not your cup of tea, might as well start a podcast. Every serious author these days has multiple. Even people with impaired hearing will likely have a touch sensitive vest that will act as a sixth sense. Not to mention the natural

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I made Basketball GM, a basketball management video game that will help you get through your quarantine. And it's free, with no microtransactions or anything like that

Every NBA offseason for the past 7 years, I have posted a link on /r/nba to Basketball GM, a basketball management simulation game that I created. I never expected to be making my annual post in March, but here we are. Obviously this is a very shitty situation, but there is some good news - although players can die in Basketball GM, there is no coronavirus in the BBGM universe!

For people who have not played Basketball GM before, it's a video game where you get to be the general manager of a pro basketball team, kind of like Football Manager or franchise mode in 2k. You sign players, draft players, make trades, manage the finances, and try not to get fired. See this recent review at gmgames.org for more info.

Most importantly: it's free. Actually free. That means no microtransactions or "free to play" or any kind of horrible corrupting nonsense like that.

If you have played Basketball GM before, you might be interested to learn that many improvements have been made over the past year:

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Oculus Quest for Work: First Impressions

After reading this, this and this and this, I've got Oculus Quest willing to try it for work. I am a software developer and spend 8-10 hours per day before the laptop. My main machine at the moment is Mac Book Pro, I also own Thinkpad with Linux.

This way, in terms of software, ImmersedVR seems to be the only contender and only compatible headsets are Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. I've go Quest as it has a higher resolution.

After reading all the posts above my expectations of the image quality were quite high, I was hoping to get something similar to what I have with regular physical computer screens. In (virtual) reality it appeared to be not that good. The text is crisp enough to read, but the overall image has some moving artifacts and general experience is somewhat close (I think) to what I've seen long ago on first 14-15 inch CRT monitors. The video in this post is pretty accurate - you can see these moving artifacts (should I call it moire? or distortion?), especially on the edges of screens. I don't know if that is a resolution that is not high enough or a refresh rate not high enough, maybe both. There is eye strain too, after using it for 2-3 hours and taking the headset off, you can feel like your eyes begging to stay closed for a while to get some rest.

Anyway, this is a future of screens as I see and want it where you have a wearable (headset, glasses) that create a virtual screen or several screens of any size you want. It is way more compact and easier than having a physical setup. I also like to move often from place to place, work outside, sit, or stay, so I rarely use a stationary workplace that I have at home with 27-inch monitor. Usually, I just take the laptop and sit on a coach with it. Having a VR screen is a big addition to the portable setup that you can take anywhere with you.

Although the image quality is less than what I expected, it is not that bad, and I was able to work in VR for the most of the day, I am just saying that it i

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macOS Solution: Mixing specific and random Plex preroll content

I saw that the question about whether it was possible to mix specific pre-roll content (e.g. a cinema style intro) with random content (e.g. a trailers) has been asked a few time on r/Plex and the Plex forums. I knew there had to be a workaround, so I had a go at cracking it last night and came up with a reasonably simple solution for macOS that could also be adapted to Linux or Windows pretty easily.

What will I need?

  • Some way to download trailers - Assuming that you don't already have a method for nabbing trailers from YouTube, get yourself a copy of 4K Video Downloader. The free plan allows you to download ~20 files per day and the app is ridiculously easy to use. Set it up properly and it should keep your trailer library well stocked. Feel free to use whatever method works for you though. If you use 4K Video Downloader, I'd suggest enabling Smart Mode and selecting the following configuration:
    • Format: MP4 - Video
    • Quality: I selected 1080p, but this is entirely up to you. You can choose a 4K setting if so inclined.
    • Subtitles: None
    • Directory: The path to the Trailers folder you create in Step 2 below
  • Admin access to macOS - Another assumption, but if you're asking about custom Plex setups, then you more than likely have admin access to the macOS instance hosting your Plex server. Technically you don't have to have admin access to the Mac hosting Plex, as you could use this solution to process the trailer files on another machine that the Plex host has read access to.
  • Homebrew - "WTF is Homebrew?" I hear you ask. Homebrew is a free software package management system that simplifies the installation of software on macOS and Linux. You'll use Homebrew to install GNU Core Utilities in the next step. To install Homebrew, you'll need to use the Terminal console. If you' don't know where to find Terminal, it lives in Applications > Utilities. Alternatively you can click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen and start typing Terminal. Once the Terminal window appears, type/paste the following into Terminal and hit Enter to begin the Homebrew download/install process:
    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
    This will possibly take quite a while to install depending on your Mac's performance. The Terminal console will tell you once things are good to go.Note: You might also have to enter your MacOS user password into Terminal when prompted.
  • GNU C
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πŸ“°︎ r/PleX
πŸ‘€︎ u/Electric_Jeebus99
πŸ“…︎ Nov 02 2020
🚨︎ report
I created a public table of Vim's keyboard shortcuts and commands. It can be searched and filtered.

Admittedly, there are many similar resources out there. However, this table provides sophisticated searching, filtering, and export capabilities:


This screenshot shows only a tiny fraction of the table

The table can be searched and filtered by keys, description, modifier keys,... and should also look good on mobile devices.

It is hosted by my side-project KeyCombiner, which is a free tool to organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts.

For Vim specifically, there are probably more efficient shortcut trainers out there. However, if you would like to practice other application's shortcuts together with Vim bindings, you might want to have a closer look and create an account.

If you just want to have a resource to look up Vim commands and shortcuts, all you need to do is click the link above ;)

I appreciate any kind of feedback!

πŸ‘︎ 144
πŸ“°︎ r/vim
πŸ‘€︎ u/tkainrad
πŸ“…︎ Sep 11 2020
🚨︎ report
I created a public table of all VSCode keyboard shortcuts. It can be searched and filtered extensively.

VSCode and keyboard shortcuts are two of my favorite things. So I created a new public resource showing all of VSCode's default key bindings:


You can switch between Mac and Win/Linux key bindings or display them side-by-side. The table can be searched and filtered by keys, description, modifier keys,...


The table is hosted by my side-project KeyCombiner, which is a free tool to organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts.

I am currently using it to learn every single one of VSCode's keyboard shortcuts. I wouldn't really recommend doing that, as many are not all that useful, but learning *a lot* is definitely a productivity boost.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

πŸ‘︎ 118
πŸ“°︎ r/vscode
πŸ‘€︎ u/tkainrad
πŸ“…︎ Aug 27 2020
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I put Gimp's Keyboard Shortcuts into a public table that can be searched and filtered

Gimp has a good in-app shortcut explorer and there are a lot of similar resources on the web. However, I believe this new table can be searched and filtered more thoroughly than any other reference:


This screenshot shows only a fraction of the table

The table is provided by my side-project KeyCombiner, which is a free tool to organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts.

In case you want to go beyond browsing the shortcuts, you can create a free account, import some of Gimp's shortcuts into a personal collection, and start practicing using KeyCombiner's interactive trainer.

There is also a KeyCombiner Desktop app that can show the shortcuts for the currently active application. So, if you have Gimp open and press a global shortcut, a pop-up will show with all of Gimp's shortcuts. This way you don't need to leave your current context, you can search for the right shortcut and pick up right where you left.

KeyCombiner is currently used primarily by software developers, but I would love to know what graphics designers think of it. I am not a designer, still, I have been using Gimp for many years.

πŸ‘︎ 52
πŸ“°︎ r/GIMP
πŸ‘€︎ u/tkainrad
πŸ“…︎ Jan 04 2021
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New Zircon Release is out: 2020.2.0-RELEASE

> Zircon is an extensible, multiplatform and user-friendly tile engine with text GUI support. > > If you are not yet familiar with the project take a look at our > Project Page. > > The kdocs can be found here. Javadocs are also coming soon! > > You can grab this release from Maven Central here. More on how to add Zircon as a dependency to your project can be found here.

> Also if you have any questions about this release, feel free to come up to our Discord Server and ask them!

TL;DR for the Impatient:

Highlights of this release

This was a very busy year for us. After the previous release we started focusing on the internals of Zircon. Previously we didn't have an FPS goal nor performance optimizations in the code. The Swing benchmark was running with ~60 FPS wit

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πŸ“°︎ r/Kotlin
πŸ‘€︎ u/addamsson
πŸ“…︎ Dec 13 2020
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I created a public table with all Airtable keyboard shortcuts. It can be searched and filtered.

Airtable has awesome keyboard shortcuts! This resource should help to discover and remember them: http://keycombiner.com/collections/airtable/

This screenshot shows only a fraction of the table

The table has some advantages over the official docs:

  • You can switch between Mac and Win/Linux key bindings or display them side-by-side.
  • The table can be searched and filtered by keys, description, modifier keys,... It also provides a highlighting of the current search term.

It is hosted by my side-project KeyCombiner, which is a free tool to organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts.

I appreciate any kind of feedback!

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πŸ“°︎ r/Airtable
πŸ‘€︎ u/tkainrad
πŸ“…︎ Nov 24 2020
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Chrome OS Beta channel got promoted to Chrome OS 85. Here is what changed!

_All right crew!

The Chrome OS Beta Channel got promoted to milestone 85 a little over a week ago - from 84.0.4147.94 to 85.0.4183.39. As with every new milestone update, this brings massive new changes to the table, offering several new features, bug fixes, and security enhancements to better improve your Chrome OS user experience. Due to the sheer size, I may be missing a few things here and there. Here is what changed!

Like my content and want to buy me a coffee? You can support me on ko-fi using this link or by using the link in my Reddit profile. If you want to be kept up to date with everything new to Chrome OS, feel free to give me a follow. Thanks in advance for your support!! :)

Featured changes

This section showcases changes I believe to be the most significant to this build of Chrome OS. They make a massive impact to the user experience and may be something to look forward to when upgrading your system to this build. These changes will also be listed in the "Notable changes" section of the post.

  1. New accessibility feature to change cursor colors in Chrome OS. This feature has 5 colors for now: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Purple. Custom cursor colors are important for visibility to some users with vision impairment (e.g. color blindness). To change the cursor colors, you’ll need to enable chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-accessibility-cursor-colors. See my reddit post to see what it looks like!
  2. The print management feature flag is enabled by default, which allows users to manage and view their print history on Chrome OS. The print managing app will display ongoing print jobs and will dynamically update depending on the status of the job. When a print job notification shows up in Chrome OS, tapping on the notification will open the print jobs management app. Click here to see what it looks like!
  3. The Crostini USB allow unsupported feature flag is enabled by default, which allows developers to mount their USB serial devices to their Chromebook without having to change a flag in their Linux container. Your mileage may vary as some serial devices will not work (FTDI, CH341, etc).
  4. **The Port forwarding feature flag is enabled by default, which allows users to set up multiple netw
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