Fatal diving accident scuba diver slowly sinks to the bottom with no one to help him. youtube.com/watch?v=cRj0l…
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Terrifying description of why diver never returned to surface on fatal scuba dive attempt to 1,200 feet.
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25 Fort Hood Soldiers' and their mysterious DEATHS?!?!

I'm a little worried about posting this suggestion but ALL of these soldiers stories deserve recognition. Why is it still happening and not getting more media coverage..?? I'm sure the families would appreciate you sharing.

I hope this doesn't sound intensive considering the topic... If you consider or end up covering it and can legally discuss it ...please give a shout out to my 12 yr old son. He was recently diagnosed epilepsy and the doc said no restrictions other than swimming and scuba diving. Despite this my son said he doesn't care what anyone says he's going to do what he wants in life and wants to shoot for the most difficult military branch..You've inspired him to become a Navy Seal. He really enjoys your stories and willing watches every episode with me(the mom). Thank you for bringing closer us together. We've been thinking about story suggestions to help you out. ...He also totally understands that your kids should be your number one priority so no pressure from us. Just a few links below.





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British diver who helped rescue Thai soccer team is himself rescued from cave in Tennessee nydailynews.com/news/nati…
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Lessons In Stupidity or How To Lose A Showstopper in 2 Weeks

Let me first preface this by saying, I am fully aware that I deserve the consequences of my actions. For a pretty smart guy, I do some dumb shit sometimes and I'm pro level at fucking up good things that happen to me. My addiction to dope has lead me to do some really stupid shit and lose people who mean so much to me. Especially the one I'm about to tell you about.

TL;DR: I met an incredible girl years ago, finally connected with her last month and fucked it up due to my addiction to dope.

Also sorry for the lengthy post but it's been something I've need to get off my chest and writing things out helps me process it.

I have been off dope for eight days now. I have no desire to ever fuck with it again and although that's not a lot of days, it's something I'm currently happy about. There hasn't been a lot to be happy about the past year but that's one of them.

About 6 or so years back, before my addiction started, I was at a fairly popular club/venue in the city closest to me. I went to go see one of my favorite DJs, Breakbot and also take some acid and all around just have a fun night. Mid way through the show I decided to grab a drink from the bar. When it was my turn to order, the bar tender turned to me and was absolutely one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen in my life. I know its cliche to say, and again, heading swimming in acid, but time literally felt like it stopped. I remember vividly being like "god...DAMN". I don't know how I got up the courage to do so, considering cute bar tenders probably get asked for their number all the time, but I went for it. I said "Hey, um so I'm on a lot of acid right now, like a lot, but is there anyway I could get your number and call you sometime". To my surprise she was like "You're on acid right now?...come see me after the show".

I was fucking giddy. I had no way of knowing if she was going to actually give it to me, but there was a sliver of hope. I go back to my buddy and tell him what happened and he just laughs his ass off and says "bruh lol she ain't giving you her number".

The show ends and I find her again and say "Hey remember me?" She stares at me for a second kind of smiling, kind of staring deep in to my soul (again, LSD). She takes a piece or paper and writes her name and number. Ho....ly....shit. She fucking gave it to me. Play it cool bro. Don't look like you've never got a girls number before. I practically frolic back to my boy and start showing him my grand achievement. I

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Swordfish spears diver's oxygen tank
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Am I taking on too much "Risk"

Long time lurker and may not be the right sub-reddit but as an active diver with my AOW figured I could ask it here as probably not the only participant in a few sports considered "extreme"

I'm no "adrenaline junky" and practice every sport by the book and really don't take any outsized risks but it has recently been a more hot button issue with my friends/family thinking I am involved in too many "extreme sports" - I am a scuba diver (AOW), avid ski racer, working towards my AFF in skydiving, working through my PPL private pilot's license, and general outdoor enthusiast (hiking biking waterskiing)

Does anyone else participate in any or all of these activities? Am I being risky as each of these on a standlone represent a 1 in 100,000 ish fatality rate and udnerstand they are standalone stats and not contingent on one another but get asked all the time if I am 10xing my chances


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Nightmare inducing youtu.be/93WiSq9TIoM
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coVid positive? Please DO REFRAIN!

In a german clinic they made ct scans from people with coVid-19, among them scuba divers that only had very little or even no symptoms.

Even weeks after the illness their lungs show blocked or broken parts and the doctor says they should not be diving again, cause with this conditions it can be fatal

So pretty please share this information!

Here is the link, for those who speak german

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reading Diver Down, what’s your must-have safety gear?

I used to be pretty cavalier about diving. I have a lot of experience with other sports that have much higher injury rates and I guess I have kind of discounted the dangers associated with scuba.

I’m reading Diver Down and getting more serious about diving, and it’s clear that I need to shake some bad habits and give a little more respect to the water.

In regards to safety equipment, what recommendations do you have?

I already dive with an SMB. Thinking about adding a strobe (I do a lot of night dives), a pneumatic horn (surface only, or underwater too?), etc. Any specific models? Anything else?

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Respect King Koopa (Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)

#Respect King Koopa


>"You're stuck back in the mushroom kingdom; Koopa Stoopa, and Brooklyn is safe

>"You forgot one thing plumber; you are stuck with me!"


King Koopa Is a Mean-spirited Tyrannical King who rules over the Koopas (You probably could have guessed that) Koopa seems to have a lot of power over this version of the Mushroom Kingdom which has a very confusing monarical system. Koopa's influence can be felt through the kingdom, and even on the planets moon! His minions plague the land and he has overthrown Princess Toadstool's castle and turned her people to stone. It's not clear what his motives are, sometimes he'd like to marry her, others he attempts to Kill her. What is clear is the nemesis of Mario and Co and their antithesis attempting to block them by appearing in the opposite role

#Threads for scaling







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Shark Boy and Lava Girl...no wait...Shark Boy and Dolphin Boy?

#Kieran Sinclair

Name: Kieran Sinclair

Age: 17

Birthday: June 30

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Hometown: San Diego, California

Face Claim: Keiynan Lonsdale | Gif

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5' 11''

Weight: 165 lbs

Body Type: Athletic


Over everything else, Kieran has always been a kind hearted person. He was always willing to help anyone in need no matter what they needed. He wants to be a hero and save the world but he knows he has a long way to go. He is easily taken advantage of. He does have a bit of a know it all complex and thinks his way of doing things is always the best way of doing things. His fatal flaw would have to be his hubris. Maybe a little too over protective.

Godrent: Delphin


Dolphin Transformation: Kieran can turn into a bottle nose dolphin for at most an hour at a time. Any damage sustained in his dolphin form remains on his human form and if he's killed as a dolphin he dies for real. He can do this at max three times a day but so far only once a day is all he knows.

Underwater Breathing: In both his dolphin and his human form he can breathe underwater. He can breathe in both sea water and fresh water and can never drown.

Underwater Stamina: He has enhanced speed and agility under the water and can move as quickly as a dolphin could even without turning into one. He doesn't tire as quickly when he's in the water and can see through the water as well.

Weapon of Choice: Twin Sai

#Micah Sinclair

Name: Micah 'Mikey' Sinclair

Age: 16

Birthday: December 1st

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hometown: San Diego, California

Face Claim: Jordan Fisher | Gif

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 160 lbs

Body Type: Athletic/Lean

Godrent: Palaemon


Shark Transformation: Micah can turn into a black tip reef shark for at most an hour at a time. Any damage sustained in his shark form remains on his human form and if he's killed as a shark he dies for real. He can do thi

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A guide to Battlefield V Pacific marine life

As a scuba diving enthusiast I was happy to see the marine life added with the reefs in the Pacific, and I decided to make a small guide to the species you can encouter while evading ennemy fire.

Blacktip reef shark


Also known as Carcharinus melanopterus, not to be mistaken with the Blacktip shark.

Among the most abundant sharks inhabiting the tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, this species prefers shallow, inshore waters. It is an active predator of small bony fishes, cephalopods, and crustaceans, and has also been known to feed on sea snakes and seabirds. Timid and skittish, has been known to bite waders but usually considered harmless because of its small size.

C. melanopterus is listed as near threatened by the IUCN.

Green Sea Turtle


Also known as Chelonia mydas, the green turtle or the Pacific green turtle. Comparison game/real life.

Its range extends throughout tropical and subtropical seas around the world, with two distinct populations in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but it is also found in the Indian Ocean*. C. mydas* is mostly herbivorous. The adults usually inhabit shallow lagoons, feeding mostly on various species of seagrasses. The turtles bite off the tips of the blades of seagrass, which keeps the grass healthy. Like other sea turtles, green sea turtles migrate long distances between feeding grounds and hatching beaches.

C. mydas is listed as endangered by the IUCN.

Pennant Coralfish


Also known as Heniochus acuminatus or the Longfin Bannerfish. Not to be mistaken with H. Diphreteus. The main difference is the shape of the pelvic fin.

Inhabit deep, protected lagoons and channels, and the deeper parts of outer reef slopes. Juveniles are often solitary while adults occur in pairs. A planktivorous species that generally remains within a few meters of the reef. Juveniles may sometimes pick on parasites on the epidermis of other fish.

H. acuminatus is listed as least concern by the IUCN.

*Sunburst butterflyfish

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How safe is scuba diving (UK)?

I've just joined BSAC here in Leicester in UK and am half way through my ocean diver course, but I've not done open water training at stoney cove yet. Last week, there were 2 separate deaths of experienced british divers in the news. I'm also reading back through articles in this sub and starting to worry a bit.

I did sky diving lessons when I was in college but I didn't feel nervous as there were almost no deaths. I'm wondering if scuba just has less redundancy backups, or if it's just more people scuba dive around the world than skydive so the deaths happen the same % of times but seen more often....

Let me just say: I trust my trainers and my club is very particular about safety. I'm getting 121 training at the mo so am happy that side, but its general worries like bends etc. I'm looking for discussion as it feels too intense to have at the club in person. The members I did ask said that diving in cold water (UK) is more prone to error of things freezing and freeflowing.

Anyone got any thoughts on the risks in general?

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The Disappearance of Scuba Diver, Ben McDaniel, Part 4(A): Bens Gear

On August 18th 2010, Ben McDaniel, a 30 year old scuba diver, vanished 115ft under water from the cave at Vortex Spring diving resort, in Ponce De Leon, FL. Ben was last seen by two Vortex Spring (VS) employees, Eduardo Taran and Chuck Cronin, around 7:30pm at the gate blocking untrained and non-certified divers from entering the most dangerous parts of the cave. Ben did not have the certification and training required to rent the gate’s key from the dive shop, though he was suspected of tampering with the gate and breaking into the gated area after hours. Fearing Ben would have an accident getting tangled up or over exert himself trying to force his way through the gate, Eduardo decided it would be safer to unlock the gate for the determined diver. That was the last time anyone saw Ben. Recovery divers exhaustively and painstakingly searched every nook and cranny of the deepest, most dangerous areas of the cave. A world-renowned cave diver went as far back into the cave as humanly possible- further than anyone else had ever gone, but found absolutely no evidence of Ben ever being back there. The diver explained to Ben's terrified family that at 6’1" and 210-220lbs, Ben could not have physically gone any further into the cave- that it was spatially impossible for Ben and his gear to even fit through the dangerous 4th restriction, let alone the final fissure at the “End of the Line”. If Ben, in some ludicrous superhuman feat, managed to squeeze his large frame and 200+lbs of gear into the crack just 4 to 6 inches tall, far enough to not be visible, no diver would ever be able to follow. Divers began to wonder if Ben was ever even in the furthest reaches of the cave. If he isn't in the cave, where could he be? Maybe it was a hoax. Maybe he's not even dead…

Hello all, welcome to part 4(A) of a comprehensive, multi-part series about the disappearance Ben McDaniel. Part 4 was getting too long for reddit’s character limits, but not long enough for two different parts, I've decided to make two posts, labeled Part 4(A) and Part 4(B). Part 4(B) will be posted on Friday, like a bonus since these have taken more time than I initially thought they would. Remember to take care of your eyeballs, folks! You've guys have given me such a good response. I've been editing less out and adding more details, so my apologies these are taking longer between posts. This is one of those cases where the little details actually are relevant, and may give more

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The Stars Beckon - Chapter 23

First I Previous I Next

>"Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl Sagan

While Graeme was taking his impromptu swim, Kurt and Khadijeh retrieved the beacon in orbit over Tangaroa. Once again there were no surprises, and once the data core was removed they got to work comparing it to the others. By time the shuttle docked with Magellan, Khadijeh had gleamed a small bit of information from the device.

“Roughly forty years ago, between the attacks on Eden and Earth,” she informed the Captain. “That’s when the squids got hit.”

“They’re not ‘Squids’,” Graeme insisted, “though they are similar. That’s why I’m dubbing them ‘Cephaloids’.”

“Not very imaginative,” Teréz teased.

“I’ve had a rough day, alright?” he shot back, before shrugging. “Look, they’re not all going to be gems. Besides, it sounded better than ‘Hexapus’.”

“If we could move this along, please?” Will prompted. “What’s our next step?”

“We put the gauntlets on Teréz, and hope one of our new friends gets curious enough to check out the probe,” the Astrobiologist explained. “As soon as they touch the sensor plate with one of their tentacles, she should be able to make contact.”

“Will we need to grab them when they do, like we did with the Bathyn?” he asked.

“Maybe, though I’d like to avoid that,” Graeme said firmly. “Look what happened the last time.”

“That poor Bathyn was really terrified,” Teréz said with feeling.

“The mission is what’s important here,” Will reminded them, “and if we have to spook one of them to make contact, then we’ll do it. I’m sure they’ll get over it eventually.”

Graeme and Teréz both looked unhappy at that, but the Captain was adamant. “Get the link prepped. The sooner we can start talking to them, the better.”

While the Telepath was being strapped into her chair and fitted with the gauntlets, Kurt activated the probe’s cameras and sensors. Since it was in shallow water the visibility was good, and soon individual Cephaloids could be seen hovering in the distance, obviously both curious and wary about the intruder in their realm. As some of them drifted closer it soon became clear Graeme’s description was accurate...six thick tentacles arranged symmetrically around a blue mottled body. What looked like a mouth was centrally located underneath, while two rows of four eyes each lined the ventral ridge. They jetted through t

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Help with a Scuba Club

Hello fellow bubble makers! I am the president of my universities unofficial scuba club and I am currently trying to find a way to fundraise or get free gear to raffle away to club members. Does anyone have any suggestions? All help would be greatly appreciated :D

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I Have SOLVED Netflix's 'I Am Mother'- Film Theory

... Mostly anyway. Please read on, it will not disappoint, but how? (Long post ahead, but it's worth it! This movie is a theory gold mine)

How have I possibly cracked 'I Am Mother'? Because I've uncovered the true identity of the Injured Woman, Mothers master plan, the age of Daughter and Injured Woman and what happened to the person who's jawbone was found by Daughter, and I'm 90% sure that my theory holds substantial ground since a lot of "Ending Explained" videos don't mention over half of these details. Please read on.

The things that the Injured Woman says in the movie do not add up and instead accidentally reveals in plain sight who she really is, in fact, she is APX01 the first child born in the facility at day 001, chosen at the beginning of the movie.

Later in the movie when Daughter opens up the embryo chamber, APX01, APX02 and APX03 are gone, but where? Who are these APX babies? Simple, APX01 is Injured Woman, APX02 is the cremated female who Daughter finds the jawbone of and APX03 is Daughter, clearly indicated by her test results being put into "APX03" file cabinet, and also on the test screen she is given at approximately 26:30 into the movie. Bare with me on this theory, it takes a while to explain but I assure you, it is well worth the read if my predictions are correct.

So why do I think Injured Woman is APX01? Because, the things she says does not add up whatsoever. She claims to have been found as a baby, by people living in "mines", essentially survivors but how can that be possible if Mother has assured destruction of everyone? Not to mention the fact, in the beginning, we see the injured woman grow up to around 7 years old maximum (Since Daughter is APX03 by her test logs, yet we see APX01 chosen at 2:40 into the movie, this is safe to assume) until the next counter of days since extinction event: 13,867 days, where we cut to current Daughter's life, APX03.

This essentially means that APX01 was the older injured woman backed up by Mothers final sentence to her before she closed the shipping container, APX02 was the cremated remains and owner of the jawbone Daughter found, and APX03 is Daughter, and I can prove all of this.

So if she was indeed 7 in that scene prior, she would be possibly old enough to keep memories of the facility and Mother way into her late 30's, how could you forget such a thing? Memory wipe seems viable, could have happened as she got kicked out into the wild by Mother or escaped? Actually, no... T

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Loading screens, an experience.

Okay, done most of the prep missions for the casino heist- nice! Lets do this last one so I can give my friend the money to buy an Oppressor MK 2 with the heist money between us. Aggressive style of the Diamond heist, no biggie; lets do the second to last prep mission.. oh its the one where you have to find the explosives in the wreckage? I'll get it done in NO time at all with the Oppressor MK 2. Its in sandy shores? Okay I'll fly over there, blow them up and use a boat to get to the surface of the wreckage. Blow all the goons at the dock to shit and grab the scuba gear, hop on a boat and drive to the boats aswell as th buzzard. I'll try sticky bombing them as diving off of the boat would be suicide, miss every sticky bomb like an asshat and die via the goons deadshot standard aim- epic. Loading screen and then I'll get them again with a heavy sniper; thats where I was dead wrong- rockstar had other ideas- infinite loading screen, that white circle didnt stop moving. Perpetually spinning whilst my ounces of hope slowly fade away. 10 seconds, it doesn't load. 20. 30. I just want to respawn, thats all... nothing. Absoloutely fantastic.

So I close application, pretty irritated to say the least, never had this problem before. Reboot GTA; 2 minutes to load into online, try to join my friends session forgetting it was invite only, gives me the notification that it is invite only and therefore I am unable to join press x to accept the noti and I am placed in a random lobby, finally accept the invite to join my friends session. Okay i'll fly back to the arcade with a hunter from my hangar this time, i'm not failing this shit again. Start up this awful mission, fly over to Paleto bay- set the docks ablaze, shoot down the two buzzards and the goons in their shitty inflatable boats. Land my hunter on the nearest rocks, jump out and swim down to the wreckage and luckily I spot the first explosive instantly. Pick that bad boy up and swim to the surface, two buzzards appear out of no where. The goons on the side of the buzzards shoot at me just out of reach of auto-aim. Try to free aim shoot them, impossible, die to the goons who are shooting me whilst the buzzard isnt even facing my general direction. Fuck you. Respawn on a random island about 50 metres from the wreckage, marvellous. I decide to dive into the water, what with the scuba gear and the 10ft drop not being fatal. Oh ho, boy was I was wrong. I jump like spastic with the skydiving animation and die INSTA

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Season 2 locations and ideas

If you had to create and design the next 6 levels for season 2, what would you do with them? Here's my ideas.

  1. Vegas entertainment resort - Classy resort for the rich and famous located right on the Las Vegas strip. It includes a casino, cabaret theatre and a strip club. Your target is disgraced film director John Stein who is shooting scenes for his upcoming James Bond esque action film.

  2. The Farmhouse - A once beautiful farm now overtaken by a sinister cult. Your able to roam freely around the entire farmland and includes creepy underground caves that hold cult secrets. Your target is cult leader Jameson Jones who has brainwashed hundreds of followers.

  3. Presidential campaign - You have been invited to the event of a lifetime! The 2020 presidential election. It's Diana Cross versus Mick Feng and your target is Steve Padfield who has been hired by Mick to take out Diana during her speech. The event consists of musical festivities and world leaders coming together. Very high security procedures are present.

  4. Tropical island cruise - Visit a tropical island full of holiday goers who are enjoying activities such as scuba diving and jet skiing before jumping on board a luxurious cruise ship. Your targets are Jenny Spencer who is kidnapping young children on the island and transporting them to your second target who is ship captain Spencer McDonald.

  5. Mansion Party - A fancy dinner party taking place in a large mansion. For this mission your target will be randomly generated out of the 13 guests at the party each time you play and your job is to discover who your target is first before knocking them unconscious and dragging them outside of the mansion exit alive.

  6. Action park - A large theme/water park consisting of roller coasters and waterslides. Your mission is to kill park owner Johnny Vito who does not care about the parks safety which has led to multiple ride fatalities in the past years, your job is to kill him on any of the rides or slides in the park in order for the park to be permanently closed.

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WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: 350M SCUBA DIVE divemagazine.co.uk/skills…
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Paladins: Order Undivided Part 37: Fatality

Previous Part

>Be me, PalaDM, maker of both mountains and molehills

>Be the Paladins of Order temporarily divided, Kazador, captured by the powerful burning lord, Julian, Senket, Peregrin, and Yndri, the rescue team, and Jort, leading the kobolds back to the abbey to prepare its defenses.

>Kazador slowly groans awake as he feels something cool and wet on his fevered forehead. He sits up, causing Blugle to bubble at him discontentedly. He looks around and sees that he’s in total darkness. He raises his hand to conjure light and sees he’s in a cell, about 8 by 8, with stone walls and a metal door set into one of them.

>He sits up, noting he’s been left to sit on an elevated stone shelf that serves as sort of a bed. A small trickle of water runs out of the wall and pools in a natural basin. He sniffs it, and it smells perfectly normal. Head pounding from dehydration, he takes a calculated risk and drinks. It tastes normal.

>The only other water in the room, Blugle, continues to wrap around him, cooling him off. He feels fevered, but he knows he can’t get sick. He looks at the arm he damaged in his fight with the chain devil before he was captured. It’s almost completely healed, thank the gods for long rests.

>He looks himself over. His armor is battered but still on him, though his weapons and equipment are gone. Fortunately, they didn’t take to take the flask Blugle was in, so he still has the water elemental.

>He looks again to where his cloak of scales should be resting, but it’s not there. Strange, he still feels the weight of it on his shoulders, and his pauldroons seem to be riding a bit higher. He also feels a strange feeling on his back, right to the left and right of his spine.

>Feeling suspicious, he unbuckles his armor and looks again. Sure enough, the scales on his back and shoulders have grown substantially thicker. “Wings, ye better show yerself if ye’re hiding on me.” He warns the magic item.

>As expected, he feels a pulling sensation as the item de-fuses from his body, like pulling off wet scuba gear. The cloak billows out once more, and the phantom twinges cease. It was necessary to avoid detection. the wings inform him.

>”Ye could have mentioned that ye can do that.” The dragonborn mentions as he rolls his shoulders and puts his armor back on.

>*It was unintended. I required additional

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La Hacienda de Hoder. Part 4 of 4.

[Begin Part 4 of 4.]

“Looks like we’ve got a guest coming over tonight. Seems the second-in-command of the Banger Bullshit Brigade is quietly getting terrifyingly shitfaced at a local Tanqueria. They say he’s beyond scared shitless and won’t say why. A couple of my trusted minions who know the barkeep there are going to slip him a Mickey Finn and deliver his worthless carcass here around midnight.”

“Well, hope he likes concrete, because I’ve already been drinking and it’s going to be a while before…”

“Yeah, I know. Don’t spoil the surprise. This one’s gonna be a gasser…”

True to their word, around midnight we hear the bump gate being bumped and a small dark sedan slowly inch its way toward the house. I’m wearing my Glock (Hoder was finally persuaded to return all my toys) as I’m not one for taking chances and all for taking insurance.

It proved to be unnecessary. Slobbery snuffling and slumbering in the backseat of the sedan was the #2 turd on the local gangster fertilizer heap. He was so out of it, thanks to the wonders of alcohol and chloral hydrate, that he provided no resistance whatsoever and didn’t even require a hood.

Smiles all round, we ponied up our end of the deal but first asked our capturers to transport this flaccid shitstain to the Unsafe House. He had pissed himself and neither one of us wanted anything to do with this lightweight jerkoff. Besides, there was drinking and celebrating (if that’s not too redundant) to be done.

We left a few bottles of water for the cretin and didn’t even bother to zip-tie his hands. He was several sheets, pillowcases and blankets to the wind. This unfortunate waste of carbon wouldn’t be able to provide us any useful Intel for at least 36 hours. We had a bucket in there for him as well. It was bolted to the floor so he could puke, piss or shit there while we busied ourselves defiling our livers some more.

Come morning, I gave Carlos a tidy bundle of Bolivars and asked him just to check the Unsafe House every couple-three hours and see if our guest had stirred or was even perhaps awake. I drove one of Hoder’s cars to the office and put in a serious day’s work.

Glad it was the weekend, I could get things done unmolested by phones, faxes or drop-ins.

Back at the ranch, our guest had indeed awakened and was nursing a near-fatal hangover.

Every so often, Carlos would slip the porthole and toss in a fresh bottle of water. We didn’t want this jerk succumbing to dehydration before we could toss him

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Part 2 of most common words

tracked moreover minimal polyphonic lottery tops framed aside outsourcing licence adjustable allocation michelle essay discipline amy ts demonstrated dialogue identifying alphabetical camps declared dispatched aaron handheld trace disposal shut florists packs ge installing switches romania voluntary ncaa thou consult phd greatly blogging mask cycling midnight ng commonly pe photographer inform turkish coal cry messaging pentium quantum murray intent tt zoo largely pleasant announce constructed additions requiring spoke aka arrow engagement sampling rough weird tee refinance lion inspired holes weddings blade suddenly oxygen cookie meals canyon goto meters merely calendars arrangement conclusions passes bibliography pointer compatibility stretch durham furthermore permits cooperative muslim xl neil sleeve netscape cleaner cricket beef feeding stroke township rankings measuring cad hats robin robinson jacksonville strap headquarters sharon crowd tcp transfers surf olympic transformation remained attachments dv dir entities customs administrators personality rainbow hook roulette decline gloves israeli medicare cord skiing cloud facilitate subscriber valve val hewlett explains proceed flickr feelings knife jamaica priorities shelf bookstore timing liked parenting adopt denied fotos incredible britney freeware donation outer crop deaths rivers commonwealth pharmaceutical manhattan tales katrina workforce islam nodes tu fy thumbs seeds cited lite ghz hub targeted organizational skype realized twelve founder decade gamecube rr dispute portuguese tired titten adverse everywhere excerpt eng steam discharge ef drinks ace voices acute halloween climbing stood sing tons perfume carol honest albany hazardous restore stack methodology somebody sue ep housewares reputation resistant democrats recycling hang gbp curve creator amber qualifications museums coding slideshow tracker variation passage transferred trunk hiking lb pierre jelsoft headset photograph oakland colombia waves camel distributor lamps underlying hood wrestling suicide archived photoshop jp chi bt arabia gathering projection juice chase mathematical logical sauce fame extract specialized diagnostic panama indianapolis af payable corporations courtesy criticism automobile confidential rfc statutory accommodations athens northeast downloaded judges sl seo retired isp remarks detected decades paintings walked arising nissan bracelet ins eggs juvenile injection yorkshire populations protective afraid acoust

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My Heart Transplant Mystery

Lets not waste time, I’ll get right to the point.

A little about me – I am a survivor of a recent heart transplant surgery.

And after years of being trapped in unrelenting cycles of unforgiving pain, oppressive fatigue and undeniable uncertainty, I have accepted that my time is short and that someone may actually benefit from my story.

Besides managing transplants of every sort across America, UNOS – shorthand for the United Network for Organ Sharing – maintains a statistical database on transplants that is nothing short of mind numbing.

According to the numbers, there is a 12% chance that I will be dead before October 2019, because just 88% of heart transplant recipients survive the first year after transplant surgery.

If I make it three years, I’m looking at a 25% chance of survival and I learned just before writing this, that if I beat all of the odds and return to a life of basic normalcy, that I will be dead by or before October 10, 2030.

With 12 years as my best case scenario, I am seeking your input on several fronts.

What should I do with 12 years to go?

Give it some thought … What would you do?

Should I travel … And if so, where should I go?

Should I try to change someone’s life (prayerfully, for the better)? … Should I write a book? … Would you write one? … Skydive … Scuba dive … Eat, drink and party like a crazy man?

Or should I take the easy way out and just give up?

That may be the best way to go, but I won’t take that route until I solve a mystery that has haunted me for nearly two years now.

The sad reality is that 18 people will die today and 6,570 will pass in 2019 while holding a spot on the heart transplant list.

There are just 2,000 heart transplants performed each year in the United States and with 3,768 people awaiting a new heart as on 1:33 p.m. today, the odds are significantly against everyone on the regional heart transplant lists around the country.

And this is where I come in.

For reasons that no one in the world of heart transplants can explain, I received offers for three hearts in less than one year. It is difficult to put into words how incredibly blessed I feel and how I am so thankful for beating the odds and to even have the possibility of 12 years when my very best prognosis was once just weeks to live.

But I can’t escape wanting to know of my donors. Who were these people who were so generous to give me even the most remote of possibilities to receive a new heart?

What were their stories? How d

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What Lurks in Marianas Trench

Did you know that we've mapped more of the surface of Mars than our very own oceans? How has our curiosity driven us to space travel, but not to explore the most perplexing mystery that lies on our very own planet? I've explored much of our waters myself, mapping and documenting our oceans and seas. I have learned that we are better off to just leave what lies below the waves alone.

I grew up by the ocean. In my youth, I loved to explore the tidepools, and sea caves that dotted the east coast. I loved to see the life interacting with each other: crabs scuttling away when a big fish swam by, or an octopus camouflaging itself undetectable until its prey made the fatal mistake of getting to close. The sea was always just so interesting to me.

When I turned thirteen, my father bought me a cheap SCUBA set off the internet. It only allowed for 20 minute excursions underwater, but man if I didn't cherish it. I would dive at least twice a day, blowing all my allowance on air tank fill-ups, and footage for my underwater camera. Most of my childhood was spent under the sea.

As I grew, my interest for the water developed from a hobby, into a fully-fledged career. I received my degree in Marine Biology with the highest marks in my class, and was almost immediately hired by the Poseidon Foundation. Poseidon was a great place to work. I got to travel the globe, documenting new species, and reclassifying the old ones. Here, I met people who shared my passion for the waters on Earth, and discovering what dwells within them.

I was a model employee. My data never had mistakes and was never once late. I quickly rose through the ranks until I was the right hand man of the CEO, Barry Henderson. He was an amazing man, with love for the oceans that even surpassed my own. The man had a twinkle, a spark of curiosity that all great explores possessed. He was not my boss, but my friend. Barry's life goal was to chart the bottom of the Marianas Trench, the deepest pit in the world. Every time we were together, it was the same old story:

"What do you think's at the bottom?" he would ask me.

"Something new." I would always retort.

"One day, me and you, we're gonna go down there."

Of course, an expedition to the bottom of the ocean would cost huge sums of money, which would simply bankrupt the company. But, I knew Barry would be unable to rest until he got what he desired.

It was a rainy afternoon. I was sitting in my office drinking a coffee and finishing up a report on a

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CMV: I want to go cave diving

I recently started scuba diving, and it's been the coolest thing I've ever done. After my advanced open water certification, there are specializations that I can go into, like ice diving, wreck diving, or cave diving, and the specialization I want to go into most is cave diving.

Lots of things are driving me towards cave diving- there's the mystery aspect, for one thing. People smarter than me estimate there are thousands of completely untouched and unexplored caves, and even the more popular underwater caves are some of the most remote places on earth. There's also the danger aspect- I don't get a lot of danger in my life, it's pretty thrilling to go diving in it of itself and cave diving would definitely ramp that up. Don't take that as "I want to be reckless", I understand the risks, the absurd fatality rate, and the extensive training required. I would definitely consider myself to be extremely calm under pressure and careful with what I do.

By far the biggest draw though, are the




The thing is, my mom thinks I'm crazy and I would be putting my life in danger for sights that aren't much cooler than the ones I could see while standing on solid ground with air around me. She's usually right, but I still really want to go cave diving. Talk me out of it, please?

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There is a Lot More than Bigfoot Lurking In The Wilderness (Part 3)

Part 1 Part 2

Sorry it has taken me so long to post another update! It’s been a busy few weeks out in the woods with the temperature starting to warm up. Also, thank you to the user who linked me to the 2015 post from a search and rescue officer. I was unfamiliar with those posts, but I read through the stories they posted, and I swear some of them felt so similar to things I have experienced that I felt like I was reading my own memories. I will discuss the stairs in a future update, as I am waiting for one of my old coworkers to type out and send me his experience with them because I know you will all really enjoy reading about it. Also, I noticed that no one has yet mentioned anything about the windows, so I am assuming that you are all unaware of them. I’ll tell you about those in a future update as well.

Anyway, this story I am going to tell you now comes from one summer when I was working with the NPS out in Yellowstone. I was lucky enough to spend 5 years working for the park, and to this day it is still one of my favorite locations. Now, for those of you who have not been to Yellowstone before, let me just tell you that this park is BIG. So big, in fact, that many park rangers believe that there are hermits who live off the grid in the park year round in some of the remote places that don’t see tourists and visitors, and are able to go more or less undetected because there are so many places you could hide. Over the years there, I encountered some really weird stuff in the Yellowstone wilderness that would suggest that this is either true, or that there is some strange dark energy at play out there. But the dark energy doesn’t confine itself to the park boundaries, as I found out one year.

Mid summer when I was 27, two of my coworkers (who I’ll call Nick and Monica instead of using their real names) and I had the same day off and decided to go out to a nearby lake in southern Montana, right outside the northwest corner of the park. Nick used to be a scuba diving instructor, and had a ton of gear along with a few wetsuits, so we decided to scuba dive and explore around the submerged ruins in Quake Lake. For those of you who don’t know the story of how Quake Lake was formed, here’s a quick history. In August 1959, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck

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Six years in the Marine Corps and 11 as a police officer have prepared me for this, given me the experience to put an end to someone that has no right to exist. He's a violation of the natural order, a perversion, an abomination. He and I first met, if you can call it that, in the summer of 2008, while I was on a boating trip with my wife Miranda and daughter Alicia. I was on vacation, so we decided to do something fun together.

We packed food and water, breathing equipment, spare clothes, and my Smith and Wesson 686 and went down to our boat at the Holgate Marina. Our plan was to explore the wreckage of U-Boat U-869, about 50 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Almost an hour after we left the marina, we arrived at U-869's rough location. Miranda and Alicia put on their scuba gear and jumped into the water. I told them I needed to drop the anchor and then I would join them, but I really just wanted to yank it. The sight of Miranda in her bikini had gotten me going, and I needed some time to myself.

Once they were underwater and out of sight, I got started; didn't finish. After a few minutes, a huge flock of seagulls started swarming the boat. I tried shouting at them to go away, which did not have the desired result. I waited about 10 minutes, hoping they would just leave; they didn't, so I grabbed my revolver and fired three shots into the air; that did the trick. I got back to it, and another few minutes later, I can feel that I'm close to finishing, but of course Miranda and Alicia chose that moment to surface. My irritation vanished when I saw that they weren't alone. They were holding up a man, who I thought was unconscious until he started coughing up water.

"Help us, this guy's heavy!", Alicia shouted.

Jumping into the water, I swam over to them and helped haul the man onto our boat. To my surprise, I noticed that he was bound waist to neck in thick, rusted to hell chains. When we got him on the boat, he started coughing again, and the water he spat out was tinged with blood. My first aid training didn't cover something like this; given how much water he'd coughed up, I couldn't see how he was alive. He needed to go to the hospital, so I turned the boat around, and set the auto pilot to take us back to shore. I sat down and turned to Miranda.

"Ok, what the hell? Where'd he come from?"

"I don't know, he was just down there."

"The radar isn't showing any other boats for at least 10

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