[Fanart] I drew Risotto in the pose of the And Justice For All album by Metallica reddit.com/gallery/i4lmf2
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Lmao someone made a whole album based off of Risottoโ€™s stand
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Dec 01 2019
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Margherita Risotto - it was like eating creamy pizza, absolutely delicious. Recipe in the album. imgur.com/a/qtDW6
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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/Cooking
๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/chiquitatarita
๐Ÿ“…︎ Mar 23 2014
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Arancini- risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella (album in comments)
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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/food
๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/LurkerMcLurkerton
๐Ÿ“…︎ Nov 09 2015
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Slowcooker asparagus-risotto with green onions (recipe in comments/album) imgur.com/a/daRGH
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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/slowcooking
๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/flyguyinthesky
๐Ÿ“…︎ May 15 2016
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Yesterday I went to Borough Market, London & some chefs from Jamie Olivers Fifteen were making Risotto. In the demo kitchen.Heres The Lobster Risotto - Album in comments. [OC] [2,500px ร— 1,667px]
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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/FoodPorn
๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/nonlinearmedia
๐Ÿ“…︎ Nov 09 2013
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Yesterday I went to Borough Market, & some chefs from Jamie Olivers Fifteen were making Risotto In the demo kitchen. Heres some Pics. Borough Market have demos every Friday [Album] imgur.com/a/5OzM9
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Zucchini and mushroom risotto - perfect for a rainy or special day. Not quick or easy, but well worth it!! Recipe in album. imgur.com/a/N0mhr
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jul 03 2013
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Broccoli Cheddar Orzo "Risotto," with some fried Catfish [album in comments]
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/zac--attack
๐Ÿ“…︎ Aug 13 2012
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Yesterday I went to Borough Market, & some chefs from Jamie Olivers Fifteen were making Risotto In the demo kitchen. Here's some Pics. Borough Market have demos every Friday [Album](Repost) imgur.com/a/5OzM9
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From one of the best albums of the '90s (Risotto): Fluke - Reeferendum youtube.com/watch?v=5tc9Zโ€ฆ
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/FourAM
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Dog Panic - Risotto [electronic] (One of the strangest albums I've heard.) chickensnack.com/dogpanicโ€ฆ
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jun 19 2010
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[Fanart] Risotto Nero, Hardwired to self-destruct
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Stand interviews are easy
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jul 31 2020
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Risotto really steals?
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Oct 06 2019
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Easy comfy vegetarian eggplant risotto + tip for easy "free" stock

Hi cooks!

This risotto is a personal favorite. The flavor payoff is great and it only requires a little patience while you stir. the ingredients are easily available, and it's a dish that most palates like. While you do spend some time just mindlessly stirring broth into the mixture it's kind of a failsafe dish that looks like you put in effort.

Get a podcast or playlist ready. (Three options for your consideration: A moody atmospheric synth album from Grimes, or a jazzy playlist where you fantasize about being a real life adult who has a bowl of lemons on their table or a feelgood playlist with some old school vibes.) Anyway, we're here for the food so let's get it going. You got this!

The stock tip:

Get yourself a large ziploc bag. Every time you dice stuff like onions, carrots, celery, garlic toss the ends in there. If you made chicken and have bones left over, toss it in! Keep this bag in the freezer. When it's full, dump it in a large pot and fill with enough water to submerge it all. You can add some salt and if you're really a pro add a bay leaf or two. Bring to a boil and let simmer for as long as you're patient. (at least 2 hrs). You now have FABULOUS stock and it was FREE. Pour broth into a container through a sieve and either use up for soup or this risotto. It also freezes well.

Eggplant ristotto with lemon ingredients (serves 3 or 4)

  • 2 medium eggplants (you can add more if you want to feed more people. See notes)
  • 170ml olive oil
  • 1 onion (diced)
  • 2 cloves of garlic (crushed or finely diced)
  • 240 grams risotto rice (I personally buy a 10 kilo bag of Japanese rice and use this as my risotto rice. Multifunctional!)
  • 120 grams/ml of white wine. (half a glass of wine. The rest is for the chef)
  • 1000 grams/ml of vegetable stock (could use the one you made above! Can also use bouillon cubes. Or use better than bouillon. Or you can simmer 2 half onions, a few carrots, some celery and two bay leaves for a bit. Not really a wrong way to do it!)
  • one lemon. (zest it and set that aside. Squeeze the lemon so you have about 2 tablespoons of juice set aside)
  • 20 grams butter (Heaping tablespoon I guess? Whatever totes your goat)
  • sea salt and black pepper
  • 50 grams grated cheese (parmesam or pecorino is popular, but any cheese you like is fine)
  • if you want, you ca
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/Floofeh
๐Ÿ“…︎ Mar 23 2020
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You VS La Squadra Esecuzioni

I am curious on how you guys will fare against our favourite italian assassins.


  1. You can only use stands that you have created/posted (if you posted your stands on a different subreddit or you have them in a google docs,that's not a problem you can link them in your reply);
  2. Both you and your opponent have a general idea on what each others stands can do;
  3. You can get someone from Team Bucciarati (NOT including Trish) to help you or you can fight them on your own BUT you can only use that teammate ONCE (Example: If you team up with Bruno in Round 1, after that you CANNOT team up with him again);
  4. You can ONLY change stands when you are fighting on your own (Example: In Round 1 you team up with someone, in Round 2 you fight on your own so you are allowed to change your stand BUT if in Round 3 you team up with someone you HAVE to use the same stand in Round 1);
  5. If you team up with someone, your opponent will have the field advantage (in order to make things more balanced);
  6. If you have an OC - they CANNOT use >!the Spin!< but they can use Hamon;
  7. Have fun.


Round 1 - Formaggio - Little Feet

Round 2 - Illuso - Man in the Mirror

Round 3 - Prosciutto - The Grateful Dead

Round 4 - Pesci - Beach Boy

Round 5 - Melone - Baby Face (including Junior)

Round 6 - Ghiaccio - White Album

Round 7 - Risotto Nero - Metallica

Bonus Rounds (these are optional but the rules still apply)(you can team up with Koichi ONCE):

Bonus Round 1 - Polpo - Black Sabbath

Bonus Round 2 - Mario Zucchero - Soft Machine

Bonus Round 3 - Sale - Kraft Work

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jul 18 2020
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How many of you are familiar with this masterpiece of monumental proportions? It's Risotto by Fluke if you aren't.
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Oct 25 2018
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Making JoJo wallpapers everyday until Stone Ocean anime is announced Day: 3
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Feb 15 2020
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Power: A

Speed: A

Range: D (User, like a meter at best)

Durability: B

Precision: A

Potential: D

Namesake: Disturbed (American metal band)

The Sickness (Disturbed album)

DISTURBED is a Symbiotic Close-Range Stand. Rather than being a projection of the User's fighting spirit that appears outside their body, DISTURBED is a separate personality which lives inside the body of its User.

Appearance: DISTURBED looks precisely like its User, as nothing transforms or changes about their body while it is in action. However, while it is in control, it itches to move and attack, so it often grits its teeth, taps its feet, and performs other nervous tics while in control and not striking. DISTURBED also gives off a harsh orange aura whilst it is in control.


Unlike many other Stands, DISTURBED has a set personality that is distinct from that of its User. While its User is polite and intelligent, DISTURBED is brash and lacks brains. It is not, however, devoid of all original thought. It will change up its fighting style depending on what will be the most satisfying, and rarely it will make independent decisions that it thinks will give it and its User the edge in a battle. These are described by the narrator as "spur of the moment strikes of intelligence," and often times make them win the fight easier for sure, but can complicate explanation when the User regains control.

DISTURBED is also a superfluously sadistic Stand, reveling in the violence and injury it causes. It is likened by the User to a caveman that has no need to eat, but only to cause havoc and destroy things.

Its only forms of communication are grunting and panting, as well as its Stand cry, "OH-WAH AH AH AH AH AH...!" (reference to "Down with the Sickness, a song by the band), which it only uses when attacking. Occasionally, it will also scream "Yoai!! (Lit. "Weak!!"), which seems to be the only actual word it knows.

Powers: DISTURBED has the ability of swapping control between its User and itself. It takes over its User's body and mind, while retaining only basic instructions (such as "attack this person/object" or "throw this"). It removes the natural limiter that people have hard-wired into them to prevent themselves from being injured, which usually can only be removed in dire circumstances.

In order to remove this limiter, DISTURBED must remove all other unnecessary functions from its User's mind, like reason and logic. As such, while DISTURBED is power

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I noticed my regular grocery store suddenly carried octopus. Never cooked octopus before. I bought two and I'm going to make 3 different recipes. Today is Pan-Seared Octopus with a lemon garlic butter sauce over noodles, and then Takoyako this evening

Tomorrow will be octopus ceviche. Picture of the finished dish.

So full story, I've really gotten into cooking this year and I can't stop trying new things to cook. I noticed a couple months ago the Whole Foods in the city has a big boi octopus for sale at 15 bucks a pound. Pretty pricy but god I wanted to try cooking the whole thing eventually. When I have time I've been looking at how to prepare Octopus and getting ingredients/supplies for Takoyaki. I'm at my Smith's marketplace this weekend and holy shit, I notice there's some octopus with the other seafood, not babies, but little guys about the size of my fist. And for only 3 bucks a pound. I bought 2 at about 3 bucks each.

Frying seemed too familiar and boring. Using the seriouseats article and Reddit recommendations, I decided to simmer one in water for about an hour, and put the other on a dry dutch oven in my oven at low heat for a few hours. Did not waste time tenderizing them with anything. I do not have a sous vide or pressure cooker (yet) so couldn't try those methods. . There was also an interesting comment about marinating the octopus in kiwi puree? Supposedly makes it very soft? May try it next time.

The dutch oven yielded the better octopus, but partly because I didn't know how soft the octopus was supposed to be. The one simmered in the pot was a little firmer but if I had simply left it a bit longer I think the results would have been about equal. They then went into the fridge to chill. (A Reddit or recommended making risotto using the juice that came from the octopus in the Dutch oven. Sounded good but I didn't have much time on Sunday for more cooking)

This morning I couldn't sleep, so I decided to cook some of the octopus. I used half the tentacles, olive oil, garlic, a little onion, sake, butter, parsley, and oregano. Then noodles and salt and pep obviously. Here's a picture album outlining my cooking method PLEASE offer any criticisms/suggestions of my method, I was making it up as I went. I had my cast iron on medium high and seared the octopus for 2 mins on each side. Also yes I would have used a different noodle but at 5:00 am those were all I had besides lasagna noodles lol.

The result? The octopus was a little crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I could bite cleanly through the tentacle easily. I was shocked to be honest. I've never had octopus or calamari that wasn't fried and a bit chewy and

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/AndooCooks
๐Ÿ“…︎ Dec 17 2019
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La squadra vs Egyptian gods (jojo)

Round 1: Mariah vs risotto

Round 2: pesci vs anubis

Round 3: giacchino vs ndoul

Round 4: prosciutto vs alessi

Round 5: melone and illuso vs d,arby younger and elder in there respective games

Bonus round: dio vs diavolo

Location: part 3 Egypt

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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/whowouldwin
๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/sharky123428
๐Ÿ“…︎ Apr 30 2020
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/PKLAZR
๐Ÿ“…︎ Mar 20 2020
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Choose seven Overwatch heroes to replace Giorno and his gang in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Pt. 5. Can they make it through the whole event?


  • You can choose any Overwatch hero, but you can't have more than one of them in the seven, e.g. no more than one Mercy.
  • Choose whoever has the best chance, at least 2/10 at the most dire of situations.
  • The heroes can see and interact with stands.
  • If one of your heroes obtain the Requiem Arrow, you decide what powers they get. If you can't and/or are too lazy too, assume they get good ol' Gold Experience Requiem

Round 1: Looks like the weakest member of your team has had an encounter with Leaky Eye Luca. How badly does (s)he stomp?

Round 2: vs. Mario Zucchero w/ Soft Machine aboard the Lagoon.

Round 3: vs. Sale w/ Kraft Werk

Round 4: vs. Formaggio w/ Little Feet.

Round 5: vs. Illuso w/ Man in the Mirror.

Round 6: vs. Pesci & Prosciutto w/ Grateful Dead & Beach Boy aboard the train.

Round 7: vs. Melone w/ Babyface

Round 8: vs. Ghaccio w/ White Album

Round 9: vs. Risotto Nero w/ Metallica

Round 10: vs. Carne w/ Notorious B.I.G

Round 11: vs. Cioccolata & Secco w/ Green Day & Oasis.

Round 12: vs. Diavolo w/ King Crimson

Round 13: vs. Scolippi w/ Rolling Stone. Say 2 random members of your team are fated to die.

BONUS ROUND A: vs. the original team; Giorno, Bucciarati, Abbacchio, Narancia, Mista, Fugo and Trish. Giorno does not have Requiem.
BONUS ROUND B: vs. DIO w/ the World & Part 1 Vampire Dio Brando

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Arancini Made From Leftover Risotto. Came Out Amazing!
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/SteveCooksWhenDrunk
๐Ÿ“…︎ Feb 24 2017
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Why I don't recommend Freshly

Hello all, I just tried a 12-meal delivery with Freshly before deciding that it's not for me, and this post will explain why. Here is an album of the meals I had: https://imgur.com/gallery/6AvpeIF

  1. The price: I found Freshly to be more expensive than other meal kits. Even with a coupon, I ended up paying over $7 a meal. Yes, I understand that this is a different service from the likes of Hello Fresh, Home Chef, etc. since the food is already cooked for me, all I have to do is microwave. Essentially, you pay more so that you spend less time cooking. Personally, having tried Hello Fresh and Home Chef, I don't think it's worth it to pay $2-3 more per meal (compared to the other services discounted) given the quality of the food and the amount of time actually saved.
  2. Small portions: You can see it in the pictures. All the meals I chose were between 450-600 calories, which technically is fine, but I never felt full after eating a "meal." What Freshly calls a meal is just much smaller than what Hello Fresh and Home Chef calls a meal, and that's surprising considering the price tag.
  3. Food is hit or miss: In general, most of them are pretty oily, especially pasta meals. Also, since the method of cooking is microwave, you end up with pools of sauce or oil at the bottom while other areas were too dry. Some recipes are meh, like ole chicken and smoky chile sauce, golden oven fried chicken and mash. I quite liked the chicken and spring pea risotto, and cod cakes.

Overall, I don't think I can recommend Freshly. Compared to Hello Fresh and Home Chef, I'd rather pay a little less to actually cook the food, get better portions, and have better recipes. Let me know what you all think. Has anyone else tried Freshly?

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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze - Episode 26 discussion

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze, episode 26

Alternative names: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind

Rate this episode here.

Reminder: Please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show. Encourage others to read the source material rather than confirming or denying theories. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban.


Show information

Previous discussions

Episode Link Score Episode Link Score
1 Link 9.27 21 Link 9.7
2 Link 9.13 22 Link 8.82
3 Link 8.97 23 Link 9.26
4 Link 9.33 24 Link 9.61
5 Link 9.41 25 Link 9.69
6 Link 9.28 26 Link 9.71
7 Link 9.76 27 Link 9.71
8 Link 9.41 28 Link 9.68
9 Link 9.41 29 Link 9.28
10 Link 9.0 30 Link 9.38
11 Link 9.3 31 Link
12 [Link](ht
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I Made Risotto Cacio E Pepe, from Chef's Table

I made Risotto Cacio E Pepe.

If youโ€™re a fan of the Netflix series Chefโ€™s Table, Chef Massimo Bottura came up with this recipe after an earthquake damaged several Parmesan manufacturing facilities in Italy. If they didnโ€™t sell all inventory they were currently aging they would have to lay off employees or go out of business. After he made the recipe, not a single person lost their job. Chef Bottura called it โ€œA recipe as a social gesture.โ€

This is the recipe source I used for plain text

Hereโ€™s the album of the recipe

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/SteveCooksWhenDrunk
๐Ÿ“…︎ Feb 17 2017
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 18 Discussion

Episodio 18 Discussion

When this post is 30 minutes old, the new episode will be available on Crunchyroll for premium users; free users will have to wait for the following week. If the episode doesn't show up right away on their JoJo page, go to their homepage and check the sidebar!

Please spoiler tag anything past the current airing episode - this includes character/Stand names, as well as fights! Any spoilers not properly tagged will be removed.

The new Reddit spoiler code is as follows:

&gt;!Giorno's finally here!!<

>!Giorno's finally here!!<

For discussing later parts, use the older spoiler code that allows context:

[Part 6](#s "Is not here yet~")

Part 6

And don't forget to swing by the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Discord that's partnered with us and has an episode discussion chat going on too! ^^

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JoJo Minor Antagonist Team Battle


  • Minor Antagonists who become prominent allies (e.g. Kakyoin, Rohan, Foo Fighters) will not be added here, nor will defined main antagonists (e.g. Kars, DIO, Diavolo)
  • Fight takes place in the centre of Morioh
  • Last team standing wins.

Team 1: Bruford, Tarkus, Jack the Ripper, Wang Chun, Adams, Doobie, Dio Brando's friends

Team 2: Donovan, Wamuu, Esidisi, Wired Beck, Vampire Straizo, Santana

Team 3: Enya the Hag w/ Justice, Gray Fly w/ Tower of Gray, Steely Dan w/ Lovers, Forever w/ Strength, Captain Tennile w/ Dark Blue Moon, Devo w/ Ebony Devil, Rubber Soul w/ Yellow Temperance, J. Geil w/ Hanged Man, Hol Horse w/ Emperor, Nena w/ Empress, ZZ w/ Wheel of Fortune, Arabian Fats w/ Sun, Mannish Boy w/ Death 13, Cameo w/ Judgement, Midler w/ High Priestess, N'Doul w/ Geb, Oingo and Boingo w/ Khnum and Thoth, Khan w/ Anubis, Mariah w/ Bastet, Alessi w/ Sethan, Elder D'Arby w/ Osiris, Younger D'Arby w/ Atum, Pet Shop w/ Horus, Vanilla Ice w/ Cream, Nukesaku

Team 4: Angelo w/ Aqua Necklace, Keicho Nijimura w/ Bad Company, Akira Otoishi w/ Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Tamami Kobayashi w/ The Lock, Hazamada w/ Surface, Bug-Eaten w/ Ratt, Yoshihiro Kira w/ Atom Heart Father, Ken Oyanagi w/ Boy II Man, Yuya Fungami w/ Highway Star, Stray Cat, Cheap Trick, Terunosuke w/ Enigma, Toyohiro w/ Superfly,

Team 5: Polpo w/ Black Sabbath, Mario Zucchero w/ Soft Machine, Sale w/ Kraftwerk, Formaggio w/ Little Feet, Illuso w/ Man in the Mirror, Pesci w/ Beach Boy, Prosciutto w/ Grateful Dead, Melone w/ Babyface, Ghiaccio w/ White Album, Risotto Nero w/ Metallica, Squalo w/ Clash, Tiziano w/ Talking Heads, Secco w/ Oasis, Cioccolata w/ Green Day, Carne w/ Notorious B.I.G, Scolippi w/ Rolling Stone

Team 6: Gwess w/ Goo Goo Dolls, Johngalli A. w/ Manhattan Transfer, Thunder McQueen w/ Highway to Hell, Miraschon w/ Marilyn Manson, Lang Rangler w/ Jumpin' Jack Flash, Sports Maxx w/ Limp Bizkit, Guccio w/ Survivor, Viviano Westwood w/ Planet Waves, Kenzou w/ Dragon's Dream, D an G w/ Yo Yo Ma, The Green Baby w/ Green Green Grass of Home, Miu Miu w/ Jailhouse Lock, Ungalo w/ Bohemian Rhapsody, Rikiel w/ Sky High, Donatello Versus w/ Under World

Team 7: Diego Brando w/ Scary Monsters, Sandman w/ In A Silent Way, Boom Boom Family w/ Tomb of the Boom, Oyecomova w/ Boku no Rhythm, Pork Pie Hat Kid w/ Wired, Ringo Roadagain w/ Mandom, Blackmore w/ Catch the Rainbow, Giant Tree w/ Sugar Mountain, Eleven Men w/ Tattoo You, Mike O. w/ Tubular Bells, Magent Magent w/ 20th Centur

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The Dissapearence of Madeleine McCann: Abduction, murder or accidental death by her parents

The disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann during a family holiday in Portugal in May 2007 made the three-year-old from Leicester in England the most famous missing child on earth.

Her upper middle class parents, Doctors Kate and Gerry McCann - and their seven holidaying friends, the tabloid-named them the Tapas 7 told the worlds media a gruesome abduction story. Kate McCann immediately referred to a pedophile abductor, soon after she couldn't find her daughter in their holiday apartment. Madeleine and the other young children in the party, had been left unattended in their apartments as the adults dined elsewhere at their Algarve holiday complex.

Despite unprecedented police work, which still costs the UK public millions and global support to find Madeleine, she still is missing. No one was charged with her disappearance.

DCI Andy Redwood even declared: Neither her parents or any of the members of the group that were with her are either persons of interest or suspects.

Only a few in the mainstream media have repeatedly questioned the โ€˜official version of events presented by the parentsโ€™. Although the Portuguese courts officially and legally declared the McCann's had not been cleared of involvement in the disappearance, homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report, the British media never focused on anything, but the abduction theory. The parents were never questioned by Operation Grange, which was set up to investigate the dissapearence of Madeleine McCann.

That stands in total contrast to the Portuguese police officers, who began to consider the McCanns as potential suspects. According to the lead Inspector Amaral: in the beginning both police forces seemed to agree about exploring the hypothesis of the child's death inside of the apartment. But the English police sudddenly gave up on following that track and only followed the abduction theory, and treated the couple like being not involved at all, even after they were declared "arguidos" and likely involved in their child's dissapearence. The portugal police force have often wondered how the McCanns could have had access to information that had not yet been made public.

The official timeline of events:

Gerry and Kate McCann, were on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, with their three children: Madeleine, three, and twins Sean and Amelie, two.

At 8.30pm, the McCanns left their sleeping children in their holiday apartment to meet friends for dinner at a tapas bar in the Ocean

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(JJBA)A few Dio's Minions (Stardust Crusaders) and La Squadra Esecuzioni & Unita Speciale (Vento Aureo) swap places. Do they manage to succeed in each other's missions?

A battle between two groups of minor villains, some with much more alike powers than most would think... but would they last in each other's worlds?


  • Assume the SC minions and La Squadra swap goals: La Squadra is convinced to kill Jotaro and the Stardust Crusaders in order for Dio to help them rid of Diavolo, while Dio's Minions target team Bucciarati in order to protect the Boss's identity. Otherwise, all are in character

Round 1: Risotto Nero w/ Metallica and Mariah w/ Bastet. Risotto is deployed to Luxor to face off against Joseph and Avdol, whilst Mariah encounters Doppio on the beach.

Round 2: Illuso w/ Man in the Mirror and J. Geil w/ Hanged Man. Illuso is sent to work alongside Hol Horse to fight Polnareff and Avdol, whilst the Hanged Man gets his shot at Giorno, Abbacchio and Fugo.

Round 3: Formaggio w/ Little Feet and Steely Dan w/ Lovers. Steely Dan shows up in Narancia's car with a shit-eating grin of steel on his face, while the Crusaders encounter Formaggio after he killed Enya the Hag.

Round 4: Prosciutto w/ The Grateful Dead and Alessi w/ Set. Prosciutto is brought into Egypt to take care of Polnareff and Jotaro, whilst Alessi boards the train where he fights Mista and Bucciarati, alongside...

Round 5: Pesci w/ Beach Boy and N'Doul w/ Geb. Pesci is sent to take care of the Stardust Crusaders by himself, while N'Doul boards the train alongside Alessi to fight Bucciarati and Mista.

Round 6: Melone w/ Babyface and Midler w/ High Priestess. Midler is ordered to attack Giorno with High Priestess aboard her train (or standing closer if she's out of range), whilst the Crusaders are attacked by Babyface.

Round 7: Ghiaccio w/ White Album and Pet Shop w/ Horus. Pet Shop is deployed in an attempt to attack Mista and Giorno, while Ghiaccio chases down a certain Boston Terrier he suspects of being a stand user.

Round 8: Tiziano & Squalo w/ Talking Head & Clash, and Oingo & Boingo w/ Tohth and Khnum. Oingo and Boingo use their weak stands in an attempt to defeat the Bucciarati gang near a canal, while Tiziano and Squalo encounter the Crusaders enetering a cafe.

Round 9: Cioccolata w/ Green Day and Nena w/ Empress. Nena sees the Bucciarati gang leaving the boat with Coco Jumbo and prepares to strike, while Cioccolata is sent to deal with the Crusaders before running into Joseph.

Round 10: Secco w/ Oasis and Rubber Soul w/ Yellow Temperance. Secco is sent to take care of Jotaro near the tramway, Rubber Soul teams up with Nena

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Looking for progressive music that isn't rock

I really like the concept but I can't stand the instrumentation of prog rock and thats all I see recommended in the progressive genre. I get annoyed and bored by most guitar sounds and don't enjoy them.

I prefer more synth heavy/electronic music or even traditional instruments.

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(JJBA) Parts 1 - 8, but nearly every major character's stands and powers are swapped for other random stands and abilities from the series.

In JJBA, Stands are usually a manifestation of the soul, but in this case, one random event completely swaps the stands and abilities of every major character, regardless of ability and personality. How far do they get in their respective parts?

Phantom Blood:

Dio's Stone Mask grants him Scary Monsters instead of his regular vampire powers.

Erina Pendleton has Tonio Trussardi's Pearl Jam.

Robert E. O. Speedwagon can use Spin.

William A. Zeppeli uses Kenzou's Dragon's Dream alongside Hamon.

Battle Tendency:

Joseph, Lisa Lisa and Caesar no longer retain their Hamon powers, but instead use the power of Spin.

In a special case for Caesar Zeppeli, he gains Killer Queen + Stray Cat, while Joseph get's Wekapipo's Steel Balls as Lisa Lisa can improvise or use Gyro's Steel Balls.

Stardust Crusaders:

Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum remains, but his timestop ability is replaced with the time skip ability of King Crimson.

Joseph Joestar's Hermit Purple is replaced with Yasuho Hirose's Paisley Park, which he can channel Hamon through. He also gets his clackers from Part 2 back.

Jean Pierre Polnareff's Silver Chariot is replaced with Mario Zucchero's Soft Machine.

Noriaki Kakyoin's Hierophant Green is replaced with Jolyne Cujoh's Stone Free.

Muhammad Avdol's Magician's Red is replaced with Akira Otoishi's Red Hot Chilli Pepper.

Iggy's The Fool is replaced with Pet Shop's Horus.

DIO's The World is replaced with Diavolo's King Crimson. He also is assisted by his Part 1 self, armed with Doppio's Epitaph and his bare vampire powers.

Diamond is Unbreakable:

Josuke Higashikata's Crazy Diamond is replaced with his Part 8 counterpart's Soft & Wet.

Okuyasu Nijimura's The Hand is replaced with Vanilla Ice's Cream.

Koichi Hirose's Echoes ACT 3 is replaced with Sandman's In A Silent Way.

Rohan Kishibe's Heaven's Door is replaced with Enrico Pucci's Whitesnake.

Yukako Yamagishi's Love Deluxe is removed entirely, but she is given a Stone Mask and the sword of Luck and Pluck.

Angelo's Aqua Necklace is replaced with N'Doul's Geb.

Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen is replaced with Oyecomova's Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure, and Bites the Dust being replaced with Mandom.

Jotaro Kujo still retains Star Platinum: King Crimson.

Vento Aureo:

Giorno Giovanna's Gold Experience

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Ghiaccio (JoJo Golden Wind) Vs. Esdeath (Akame ga Kill!)

Ghiaccio is sent out to eliminate Esdeath, she notices him after he kills her guards.

Esdeath: "You have the powers as me? Is that an imperial arms you're wearing?"

Ghiaccio: "Wait, did you just say imperial ARMS? Don't you mean imperial ARM?"

Esdeath: "No I was right, imperial arms"

Ghiaccio: "But my armor is a single object, why would you be referring to it in plural form? THIS ISN'T MAKING ANY SENSE!!! DAMMIT I'M PISSED OFF NOW!!!"

Ghiaccio gets pissed and the fight begins

Handicap: Esdeath can see White Album

They're similar because:

  • They both have ice powers (duh)
  • They both have light blue hair and all-white clothing
  • Imperial arms are the equivalent of stands
  • La Squadra Esecuzioni = Night Raid
  • Esdeath is pretty much a mix up of DIO (With her sadistic nature, charismatic personality and time stop ability), Cioccolata (Having a hobby of finding new ways to torture and kill people as well as keeping some of them as literal pets) and Diavolo (Basically running an entire city and being hard to get to)
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Margherita Risotto - This was the best recipe I have made in a long time, so delicious! It tastes like eating a creamy pizza. imgur.com/a/qtDW6
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/chiquitatarita
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Hot Risotto with Pancetta and Zucchini, more pic inside, link to the recipe video inside[OC][5472x3648]
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Recap: Lake Side Wedding, North West USA, about $12k, and 165 people

I've read lots of recaps and thought since we just our pictures back I'd share them with you! Hopefully it can help some folks.

Us as a couple: 26 and 27. Been together 4 years, lived together for 1 years. Professional jobs, but live on the East Coast in a HCOL area. We knew we'd never be able to afford a wedding where we live, so we got married in my hometown, this also meant that many of my family and friends who live in the area graciously assisted with our wedding.

Photo tax!

Engagement length: 13 months

Location: North Idaho, USA

General Date: Saturday in July

Guest Count: 165 RSVP'd yes

It was a semi-destination wedding for most of the grooms family and our friends so we invited 259 people (including generic plus ones for all our friends) and had 165 RSVP yes, I assume that is how many people came, but since we did a buffet it is hard to know exactly.

Approx Budget: $12k

My parents gave us $10k for the wedding and we covered the rest. We kept a budget through most of the planning, however there are some costs I'm not 100% clear on as my mom covered it, but I know they spent about $10k and we spent about $2k. I also am not including the cost of our (cheap) rehearsal dinner since my in-laws paid for that.

While our monetary costs are low in many areas, there were large time costs. I am lucky to have very involved parents who were willing to put in a lot of their personal time to make the wedding a success and allow us to keep costs low.

Our theme was lake side, but it was a very loose theme. We split a lot of the big work, so my husband did all the music, found, booked and paid for our photographer and all the website work. I handled a lot of the other details with my mom who was a huge help.

Budget Breakdown:

Venue: $0

Rentals: $1,050

We got married at a family friend's beach house on the lake, they rent it for weddings in the fall but allowed us to use it for the weekend for free. The beach house used to be a restaurant so it had a full commercial kitchen and walk-in which was great for our caterers and florist.

They also allowed us to use the 7 attached hotel rooms for the week for family and friends to stay in for free. The hotel is privately owned by friends and they allow many friends and business contacts to use it freely, but it required us cleaning them all and doing all the laundry before and after the guests stay. My parents also spent a lot of time

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Paupiettes du Boeuf - Stuffed Beef Rolls. Recipe in the album. [OC] imgur.com/a/jEvlH
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Upcoming Dates

Hey guys, just thought I'd compile a list of when we can expect some upcoming releases. This list will be updated when more information becomes available.

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/dacDJPS



  • [Date Unknown]Jonathan Joestar Super Action Statue Released
  • [Date Unknown]Dio Brando Part 1 Super Action Statue Released


  • [Date Unknown]Jotaro Kujo Part 3 Fourth WF Super Action Statue Released


  • [1st]Panacotta Fugo Super Action Statue Pre-order Starts
  • [Date Unknown]Giorno Giovanna Super Action Statue Released
  • [19th]DIO Part 3 Nendoroid Pre-order Starts
  • [28th]Kars Pre-order Starts
  • [28th]Esidisi Pre-order Starts
  • [28th]Wamuu Pre-order Starts


  • [25th]White Album and Risotto Nero Statue Legend Pre-order Starts
  • [Date Unknown]Gold Experience Super Action Statue Released


  • [20th]Noriaki Kakyoin Nendoroid Released
  • [Date Unknown]Bruno Bucciarati Super Action Statue Released


  • [13th]Sticky Fingers Super Action Statue Released
  • [14th]Polnareff Part 5 Limited Run Re-release (Medicos website)
  • [27th]Jotaro 1.5 Part 3 and Star Platinum Part 3 Pre-order Starts


  • [N/A]Prosciutto & TGD Limited Edition Wonderfest Super Action Statue Released
  • [30th]Joseph Joestar Part 2 Super Action Statue Released
  • [30th]Caesar Zeppeli Part 2 Super Action Statue Released


  • [27th]Guido Mista & Sex Pistols Super Action Statue Released
  • [27th]Narancia Ghirga & Aerosmith Super Action Statue Released


  • [17th]DIO Part 3 Nendoroid Released
  • [25th]Kars Super Action Statue Released
  • [25th]Esidisi Super Action Statue Released
  • [25th]Wamuu Super Action Statue Released


  • [11th]Part 4 Josuke Higashikata Super Action Statue Pre-order Starts
  • [11th]Crazy Diamond Super Action Statue Pre-Order Starts
  • [15th]Panaccotta Fugo Super Action Statue Released
  • [28th]Purple Haze Super Action Statue Released
  • [28th]Risotto Nero Statue Legend Released
  • [28th]White Album Statue Legend Released


  • [14th]Muhammad Avdol Super Action Statue Pre-Order Starts
  • [14th]Magician's Red Super Action Statue Pre-Order Starts
  • [25th]Part 3 Jotaro Kujo Version 1.5 Super Action Statue Released
  • [25th]Part 3 Star Platinum (Green) Super Action Statue Released
  • [25th]Leone Abbacchio Super Action Statue Released
  • [25th]Moody Blues Super Action Statue Released


  • [12th]Rohan Kishibe Nendoroid Pre-Order Starts
  • [19th]Rohan Kishibe
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Halloween Dinner Party Photos and Recipes!

We had a Halloween themed dinner party last weekend and it went super well! It was our first time trying to do any kind of themed food and we wanted to make sure the food tasted great in addition to looking spooky. This served 8 people total, including ourselves, and was pretty labor intensive, but it was a lot of fun.

Imgur Album Link Here for photos

Our menu included:

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Battle #9 - Chicken: Mushroom chicken risotto and roasted chicken with rosemary potatoes

The wife and I finally got around to competing in one of these things. Hooray!

I decided to make one dish that's challenging for me - risotto - and one that I'm comfortable with - a roast chicken with potatoes. I adapted this recipe from Ezra Pound Cake for the roast chicken, and did the risotto based on Serious Eats' tutorial. As usual when I cook, I only loosely followed the recipes, and didn't really know what was going to come out until the end!

See the album here for the gory details, sexy pics, and basic description of how things went down.

And, of course, the mandatory username pic.

My brief review: Constant tasting by both me and my wife got us to the exact taste and consistency we wanted in the risotto; a delicate, slightly salty chicken flavor with a hint of parmesan and some earthiness from the mushrooms. The potatoes were crisped on the outsides by the chicken fat, but very soft on the inside, and benefited hugely from the hint of citrus that the lemon inside the chicken added. The roast chicken itself was fork-tender, with a sharp hit of Old Bay on the skin yielding to a rich garlic and lemon sweetness in the flesh.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Item #: SCP-4215

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4215 is to be kept in a 30 x 15 x 2.5 meter dehumidified housing unit with the necessary living accommodations required for regular human beings. The living area is to be surrounded by meter-thick steel walls with five (5) interwoven crystalline-grain carbon alloy meshes at regular intervals to prevent structural failure in the event of extreme cooling. The floor of the living area is to be made of copper or any highly temperature-conductible solid, with quartz heating elements installed underneath. SCP-4215-1 is to remain under constant surveillance, with guards situated on high catwalks in the event that SCP-4215-2 breaches containment. Personnel are to be armed with both major and minor tranquilizers, as well as live ammunition in the event that SCP-4215 becomes active in an attempted breach, although no projectiles are to be utilized in any instance of SCP-4215-3 appearing. Tear gas and similar vaporous substances are instead required in this event.

Description: SCP-4215 is an anomaly which has no observable physical appearance. SCP-4215 instead โ€œsurroundsโ€ SCP-4215-1 in a five (5) meter spherical area of effect. SCP-4215 is capable of rapidly lowering the temperature of any material, regardless of heat conductivity or state, to absolute zero within ninety (90) seconds. SCP-4215 has also been shown to freeze moisture in the air, leading to solidification into a singular mass of ice. Dr. โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ has theorized that SCP-4215 forcibly alters the bonds of the crystallized water particles, although further examination is required. SCP-4215 has also been shown to create a hollow block of ice to hold SCP-4215-1 as a measure of protection. Tests performed on SCP-4215 display a positive correlation between high levels of adrenaline in SCP-4215-1 and potency of SCP-4215โ€™s effect.

SCP-4215-1 appears to be a caucasian male, and, despite no documented evidence, seems to reside within the city of Naples in Italy. SCP-4215-1, referred to as simply โ€œGhiaccio,โ€ appears to be in its mid-20s.

Despite SCP-4215-1 itself possessing no irregular physical characteristics, SCP-4215-1 frequently demonstrates aggressive behavior around personnel, including a particularly violent instance wherein SCP-4215 [REDACTED], which required amputation of the Class-D personnel memberโ€™s left arm. Although SCP-4215-1 has refused any psychological examination, Dr. โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ has noted SCP-4125-1 as exhibiti

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Could Bucciarati, his team, and La Squadra (JJBA) win the Game of Thrones?

Bucciarati and the bois plant themselves in Westoros at the start of season 2. In this universe, the members of La Squadra have allied themselves with Team Bucciarati, so theyโ€™re all on the same side. Can these gangsters make themselves known to the world and take the iron throne? If need be, they can recruit ordinary humans to create an army, but the Stand Users would act as Bucciaratiโ€™s elite guard.

Team Bucciarati and La Squadra:

Bruno Bucciarati: Sticky Fingers (Can create zippers to split things apart or create pocket dimensions)

Giorno Giovanna: Gold Experience (Can turn objects into plants and small animals, can make someoneโ€™s mind go out of sync with their body)

Guido Mista: Sex Pistols (Can redirect the path of bullets, also Mista still has a gun) For the sake of the prompt, Mista still has to reload, but his hat can spawn infinite bullets.

Leone Abbacchio: Moody Blues (Can replay a personโ€™s actions)

Narancia Ghirga: Aerosmith (A small airplane that shoots real bullets and missiles and has a CO2 detector)

Pannacotta Fugo: Purple Haze (Can create a deadly, flesh-eating virus that dissolves in sunlight)

Trish Una: Spice Girl (Can turn any object soft and malleable, which also makes them extremely durable)

Risotto Nero: Metallica (Can transform any bit of iron, even the iron in oneโ€™s blood, to razors and weapons)

Formaggio: Little Feet (Can shrink anyone down to minuscule size over time, can also shrink Formaggio at his will)

Illuso: Man in the Mirror (Can drag anyone into a mirror world where no one else exists)

Prosciutto: The Grateful Dead (Rapidly ages anyone in the area, with the rate based on body temperature)

Pesci: Beach Boy (A fishing pole that can go through solid objects and bodies, and any damage to the line is reflected)

Melone: Baby Face (Can create a homunculus based on the DNA of two people, which becomes more and more powerful the more it learns)

Ghiaccio: White Album (Creates a durable suit of armor that allows the user to skate around, and can create large amounts of ice)

There are no Stand Arrows in Westoros, so no Requiem Stands are allowed, nor can more Stand users be created.

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After killing the Boss, the members of La Squadra (JJBA) all turn on each other. Which one comes out on top?

The group successfully eliminated Bruno's group and Trish, and after that, finished off Diavolo too. But now, the question is who will become the next boss? Only only way to find out.

The seven members of La Squadra are here, just in case anyone forgot:

  • Formaggio/Little Feet

  • Illuso/Man in the Mirror

  • Pesci/Beach Boy

  • Prosciutto/Grateful Dead

  • Melone/Babyface

  • Ghiaccio/White Album

  • Risotto/Metallica

The fight takes place on a moving train.


Windows count as mirrors, for all purposes. Pesci and Prosciutto will not team up. Melone's Junior is already in existence. All members are bloodlusted.

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Status Resistance Buffs

With the coming of trials that imperil status resistance, I started doing research on what or who could provide status resistance buffs.

I figured I'd share that research with everyone! (Note - I had posted this as a comment before, but realized it may be more useful in a post.)

EDIT: or... just look at the wiki. Mine is a bit more compact, so I'm going to leave the post up, but this is a better, maintained resource:https://exvius.gamepedia.com/Unit_Comparison_Charts#Ailments_Protection

A few notes:

  1. Units cannot be equipped to higher than a 100% status resistance. In other words, you can't stack additional resistance to 200% to make the unit resistant.
  2. I'm going to ignore Stop, Charm, and Berserk for the sake of this post. Also going to ignore abilities that only buff a single resistance.
  3. Some of these abilities provide other buffs as well, but I'm not going to address those here.
Unit Ability Resistances Provided # of Turns Notes
Accessory Jade Moon Pendant All 2 Females only, Limited Item
Accessory Marlboro's Eye Poison, Silence, Sleep, Petrify 3 50% buff only
Base 3/4*
Macmedi Protective Stance All 3
Cloud of Darkness Omni-Veil+2 All 3 50% buff only
Conrad Protection All 3 25% buff only
Ilias Enhance All+1 All 1 Unlocked by Special Recipe
Ilias Immunization All 3
Liquid Metal Slime LB All 3 Self only, Limited unit
Mystea Clear Veil All 3
Olif Limit Burst All 3
Sandee Dream Entrust All 1 Limited Unit
Melete Random - just don't
Santa Roselia Counter - just don't
Base 5*
Awakened Rain (7*) Purification (CD) All 3 3 Turn Cooldown
BS Sakura Status Reset All 5
Explorer Aileen Mechanical Build Paralyze, Confuse, Disease, Petrify 5 Limited Unit
Folka Flowing Waters Poison, Blind, Sleep, Silence 5 Can be dual-casted with below for All ailments
Folka Sobering Waters Paralyze, Confuse, Disease, Petrify 5 Can be dual-casted with above for All ailments
Grim Lord Sakura Undying Fervor Paralyze, Confuse, Petrify 3 Limited Unit
Marie Lovely Guard+1 All 3
Ignis Creamy Milk Risotto All 3 Unlocked by Cooking
Maxwell Creator's Breath All 1 Limited Unit
Myra Album Cover Sleep, Silence, Confuse, Petrify 5
Myra (7*) Roaring Crowd (CD) All 3 5 Turn Cooldown
Sylvie Spring Cleaning All 5
Victor Marchenko Implanted Rebreather All 3 Self Only, Limite
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Battle #13 - Watermelon - Steamed Sea Bass with Watermelon, Watermelon Risotto, and Watermelon Sno Cone

Watermelon is a tough ingredient because it's not generally cooked per se. However, TeeArrWilliams and I took on the challenge and came up with 3 really great dishes.

Steamed Sea Bass with Watermelon

The entree was super simple to put together. This could be ready in 15 minutes.

  • slice of watermelon
  • Chilean sea bass
  • mint
  • sealed in a foil pouch and put on the grill for 10 minutes

** Watermelon Risotto **

I love making risotto and this was no exception. Part 1: Make some watermelon juice

  • Cube some watermelon
  • Puree it with a stick blender
  • Strain it to get rid of the solids
  • Reduce it down as much as possible and add some sugar to taste

The risotto itself was pretty straightforward.

  • half an onion + olive oil, just to get some fond/flavor in the pan
  • arborio rice
  • white wine
  • watermelon syrup
  • parmesan cheese
  • basil

** Watermelon Sno Cone **

Super simple frozen drink. This was delightfully refreshing after an incredibly hot day.

  • shaved ice
  • cucumber vodka
  • watermelon syrup

Other versions were made with lime juice and/or small diced strawberries.

** Complete plate **

Full album

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Fluke - Atom Bomb - 1997 youtube.com/watch?v=PHMzCโ€ฆ
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Useful gift giving guide!

Credit to u/squeaking_lion


Papa bear - aroma apple, royal honey

Ack - military engine precision parts , silicon chipset, indus/adv engine,

Albert - triangle sunglasses, pot of asteria

Alice - Busy farm book, vegetable salad, crystal necklace

Antoine - White armchair, small satchel, fruit/veg salad

Arlo - Iron sword, spicey fish soup, waist pack, arm stretcher

Carol - carbon fiber, pigments, veg salad, jewelrey box

Dana - wooden drawers, privacy screen, short stool, golden radish soup

Dawa - Chainsaw, fishermans Axe,ย yel saph necklace, crystal necklace, fish porridge, salmon fried rice

Django - soldier w/ blade, lance, axe, or scepter, bronze sword, crystal chandelier, paper rose, pot of asteria

Dolly - Solstice wreath, red heart knot, stuffed bear, fruit salad, dried apricot

Emily - Busy farm, journey from east, boundary carpet, pumpkin pie, fruit salad

Erwa - Dark Coffee table, workdesk

Gale - Painting Kitty, golden ginseng, multipurpose tea table, tea table, fried rice

Ginger - +4 goddess statue, +4owl clock, +2rainbow lemonade, +2umbrella, +2plum blossom lantern

Gust - fireplace, struc dimen theo + 500 crea design + struc aesthetics, umbrella, bacon roll, bladefish mush soup

Isaac - golden ginseng, solstice lantern, multip tea table, tea table

Jack - Pinecock glasses, cardboard box, aroma apple, apple.

Lee - Wall light, mushroom crepe w/ fish sauce

Liuwa - war drum, sunglasses, fluffy pendant, panbat mask, colorful hat, peach amulet

Molly - feather scarf, furry scarf, fruit tart, silk scarf.

Lucy - double door wood cabinet, photo album, crystal necklace

Mars - fisherman pickaxe, iron pickaxe, crafters toolbox, bubblefish stew

Martha - decocting pot, shrimp and cheese on rice, feather duster, seafood paella

Mcdonald - horse head floor lamp, pony table lamp, water bucket

Mei - golden hairclip, camera, photo album, jewelry box

Merlin - Golden clock, ai chipset, silicon chipset, portian rug, strange soup

Mint - Massage chair, painting city on the sea, hardwood couch, dream lamp, golden radish soup, bladefish mushroom soup

Nora - waiting girl music box, crystal hourglass, taishi chair, wooden music box, seafood noodles.

Oaks - crafters toolbox, busy farm, smoked fish roll

Paulie - wooden horse, wall light, spicey tea, simple desk

Petra - Ai chipset, starry collar, creamy salmon

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My Vento Aureo Stand Tier List

I just finished reading part 5, and I wanted to tier the Stands. I'm using a criteria that measures all-around power rather than just one-on-one capabilities or destructive potential (how much overall damage could it deal, how many enemies can it deal with at once, how does it do in a sudden encounter vs. with some prep time against other part 5 Stands).

image version: https://i.imgur.com/7nvo046.png

text version:

Z Tier- Rolling Stone

Y Tier- Gold Experience Requiem

X Tier- Chariot Requiem, Notorious B.I.G., King Crimson

S Tier- White Album (with access to Gently Weeps), Green Day, Baby Face, Oasis

A Tier- Kraft Work, Metallica, Purple Haze, Sticky Fingers, Beach Boy, Man in the Mirror, Silver Chariot

B Tier- Aerosmith, Gold Experience, Spice Girl, Za Gureitofuru Deddo, Clash

C Tier- Sex Pistols, Echoes act 3, Soft Machine

D Tier- Little Feet, Black Sabbath, Moody Blues, Mr. President, Talking Head

Some of these placements are going to be more contested than others, so for those I'm going to put a brief justification.

Black Sabbath: Can pull your soul out of your body but only if the user ignites a certain lighter. BS also has an extremely exploitable weakness. Automatic stands tend to be bad in general because users have no control over their actions.

Echoes act 3: Act 3 has a very versatile ability, but it has poor range and is too slow to stop most ranged stands (i.e. ones that use bullets) from damaging it. If Act 3 was a little faster, it could easily go into A Tier, but until it's fast enough to stop a rushdown (like Killer Queen's), it will stay in C Tier. It does gain bonus points for being one of the more entertaining Stands personality-wise.

Man in the Mirror: Man in the Mirror is in my opinion the most underrated Stand in part 5 (compared to most of the part 5 tier lists I've seen). All Illuso needs is a shard of glass, and he wins nearly every one-on-one. His mirror dimension also effectively works as a safe zone for an easy escape. Man in the Mirror's greatest downfall is simply that it can't do much more outside of isolate enemies and escape.

Kraft Work: It can take and store kinetic energy and react quickly enough to stop bullets at point blank range, that's damn busted. If Kraft Work had a little more range, it would be near-unstoppable.

Oasis: At first I thought Oasis was pretty trash and Secco was just the perfect fit for it since he could out-speed Sticky Fingers w

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Hurricane Irma Trip Report (x-post)

This was originally posted on a separate sub, but I was encouraged to share this here, especially with hurricane season right around the corner. If you find yourself with a rendezvous in Orlando with a hurricane, the information here may serve useful!


The purpose of this post is to provide a bit of insight into what Disney did for the guests during Hurricane Irma. This was largely considered to be the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded and it caused Disney to close the Walt Disney World parks for two straight days for the first time in history. Iโ€™m not going to go into all of the details of my trip because we all know Ohana is amazing, Flight of Passage is the best ride on property, and that Walt Disney World is a cool place.

The Week Prior:

This trip consisted of four guys in their late 20โ€™s. We all went to Purdue University and met in the marching band there. At the time of this trip, two of us live in Indiana, one in Minnesota, and the last in New Hampshire and none of us had any experience with hurricanes.

The hurricane emerged less than a week before our trip and we decided to go through with the trip based on a few factors:

  1. We booked our hotel with David's Vacation Club Rentals and as a result, we could not get a refund on our hotel room. You get great deals there, but it comes at a risk
  2. Two of us had Annual Passes, so no refunds were available there, either
  3. The uncertainty of the hurricane meant that we could just wind up cancelling our trip for no reason
  4. Disney World is arguably the best place in Florida during a hurricane

We had food delivered to our room through Garden Grocer (including beer), I packed some bottles of water and a bottle of whiskey, and we had a bunch of tabletop games and a deck of cards to help keep us occupied. If we were going to get stuck in our room, we made sure we would be entertained during that time.

Thursday - Arrival:

Three of us arrived on different flights around the same time and we met outside of the Magical Express area. My flight had only about 50 people on a 137 passenger plane. When we got onto the Magical Express, it wasnโ€™t a coach bus like they normally use. It was around 8 PM and they transported us in a 15-seater van.

We arrived at the Beach Club and met a couple who came to Disney World from the coast to wait out the storm. This is routine for them. They come to Disney Wor

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Solid Snake(Metal Gear Solid) runs a gauntlet of La Squadra(JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Rules: Solid Snake gets all of his gadgets from Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 4, BUT he's in his prime.

Snake cannot see or hurt any of their stands, except for White Album.

The setting is the base of Shadow Moses Island.

Round 1: Solid Snake vs Illuso

Round 2: Solid Snake vs Formaggio

Round 3: Solid Snake vs Prosciutto

Round 4: Solid Snake vs Melone & Baby Face

Round 5: Solid Snake vs Pesci

Round 6: Solid Snake vs Ghiaccio

Round 7: Solid Snake vs Risotto Nero

Bonus Round: La Squadra vs Metal Gear Rex

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Meaningful VS Meaningless References

There's a lot of musical references in the series and if you never dug deeper into them, you'd probably think they're all just random bands Araki likes. They are, but a good number rely on their musical connections to inform the character or even arc they show up in. Thing about that is I've never really sat down before and gone through everything to see what's actually been picked with a purpose and what just sounds cool, mostly because I'm not super up on music history which plays a big role in a lot of references.

So I'm going to try breaking down as many as I can think of and divide them up into whether they seem to have some meaning or not. Feel free to add more if you can think of anything and I'll add it to the OP (especially since I don't have every song by all of these people memorized and I might be overlooking connections from a particular band's discography that their name or actions are referencing), but just try to remember that it's specifically references to stuff like music and film instead of analyzing elements of design that feed into a character's personality like, "Tubular Bells is orange because Mike O seems like a guy who likes the color orange." If design is part of a reference, though, then that counts. Also including other pop culture references for the sake of it since those can also play a part in characterization.

Probably going to go back and do novel, game, etc. references later and update as the series continues, but I've been working on this for a full two days and just want it done with the main series to start off. Post limit won't let me do the full thing, so I'll have Parts VI-VIII tomorrow (here).

Buckle up, kids. This is going to be a long one.

>Part I


  • Maybe Poco might be a reference to how the band is country rock (insofar as he lives out in the country) and for the fact that they only achieved their success after the original band the members were a part of broke up, comparing that to how Poco only learned to be brave when his home was besieged by Dio.
  • Doobie is probably a reference to the Doobie Brothers song "Snake Man", but even that's kind of tenuous. If so, it's fairly surface level (also kind of a missed opportunity given he doesn't even have a brother).
  • The only one in the entirety of Phantom Blood I feel halfway confident in naming is Father STYX. It's pretty surface leve
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo Battle Royale

To celebrate the end of the Vento Aureo anime and because I need more of it in my life, I declare a three way battle royale between the three groups of the part. Inspired by this wonderful video by The Shuckmeister, I wanted to make my own version of La Squadra vs The Boss, this time with our protagonists thrown in to shake things up. Apologies in advance for any stupid formatting/spelling mistakes I might make.

Diavolo, Risotto, and Bruno have marshaled all their forces for one winner takes all battle, with their prize being complete control over Passione, as well as the Stand Arrow. It's your job to decide who wins, and of them, who survives.


Team Bucciarati - The Good

  • Giorno Giovanna - Gold Experience
  • Bruno Bucciarati - Sticky Fingers: Not a zombie this time around.
  • Leone Abbachio - Moody Blues
  • Narancia Ghirga - Aersosmith
  • Guido Mista - Sex Pistols
  • Panacotto Fugo - Purple Haze
  • Trish Una - Spice Girl

Unita Speciale - The Bad

  • Doppio/Diavolo - King Crimson: Starts the battle as Doppio. Diavolo can take over at any time, if he feels that obtaining the arrow/living through this is more important than keeping his identity a secret.
  • Squalo - Clash
  • Tiziano - Talking Head
  • Carne - Notorious B.I.G: The rules for B.I.G still apply. It can and will attack everyone, regardless of which side they are on, and Carne still needs to die for it to work.
  • Cioccolata - Green Day
  • Secco - Oasis

La Squadra Esecuzioni - The Ugly

  • Risotto Nero - Metallica
  • Formaggio - Little Feet
  • Illuso - Man in the Mirror
  • Prosciutto- Grateful Dead
  • Pesci - Beach Boy
  • Melone - Baby Face
  • Ghiaccio - White Album

The battle takes place at midnight within the Coliseum and only the Coliseum. No one else can enter, and no one can leave until the battle is complete. Silver Chariot Requiem carries the arrow and prowls the arena during the battle (without putting anyone to sleep, swapping bodies, or creating eldritch horrors, for convenience sake).

Everyone is on the field at once, and there can be no alliances between teams or individual members of teams. You go to war with the soldiers you have, make sure they're the ones you want. The first team to either eliminate all opposition or retrieve the Stand arrow and create Gold Experience Requiem, King Crimson Requiem, or Metallica Requiem wins. While this will most likely be a fight to the death,

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(04/11) CONTINUED!!!












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Z Fighters vs La Squadra di Esecuzione

La Squadra di Esecuzione are assigned to take out these specific targets; Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Roshi, Piccolo, Tien, 18, and 17

The Z Fighters are at their current state after the Tournament (anime) and during the movie

La Squadra are familiar with their identities and abilities while the Z Fighters have no knowledge of their existence or of their assignment, they are also unable to see their stands

La Squadra starts at a hidden base West City, Vegeta is training at Capsule Corp, Goku is training at his home, Gohan is living at his house along with Piccolo, Tien and Chaotzu are Training at their dojo, Krillin and 18 are working at their house, Roshi is at Kame House doing nothing, and 17 is working at his island

Everyone is in character with the exception of Pesci who has a confidence boost

Z Fighters Son Goku Son Gohan Vegeta Piccolo Krillin 18 17 Tien Chaotzu Muten Roshi

La Squadra di Esecuzione Risotto Nero (Metallica) Ghiaccio (White Album) Prosciutto (Grateful Dead) Pesci (Beach Boy) Formaggio (Little Feet) Illuso (Man In The Mirror) Melone (Baby Face)

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Doesn't La Squadra di Esecuzioni pretty much suck at their job?

Obvious Spoilers ahead for the rest of Part 5.

First of all, don't get me wrong. The members of La Squadra are all pretty powerful, being some of the guys in Passione who wield Stands. But I just think their Stand Abilities contradict to what they are supposed to be.

La Squadra is an assassin team. This means they are supposed to kill a target without the target knowing what hit them. Assassins are fast, kill undetected and get out. That's their point. But the abilities of La Squadra are not really subtle, except a few. Also, they are Stand Users. They are already pretty good when it comes to fighting against other human beings, as Stands are pretty powerful in their own right.

But Let's Start with examining the abilities.

  • Formaggio: Little Feet is probably the most amazing ability for assassination. Think of all the possibilites. Aside from getting a friggin car into someone, he could just shrink something like a toothpick and someone wouldn't even realize they were just eating /drinking that. It's also the easiest way to inject poison. Little Feet has so much uses, it's actually the best assassin ability of La Squadra.

  • Illuso: While Man in the Mirror is pretty powerful against Stand Users, it really makes no sense why this is specifically useful against normal humans. Yes you can trap them in the mirror world, but how does MitM help you with killing? Just use the Stand? Then somebody else with a different ability could do the job. Illuso is good at sneaking, yes, but there are probably other Stands who let you sneak around.

  • Prosciutto: The Grateful Dead is powerful. Like really powerful. It's just not subtle. Think of it, you pretty much immediately notice that something is wrong and everybody flips their shit. Wanna kill a guy in a room and use TGD? Once he starts aging, he just runs away. And even if TGD grabs someone, their wrinkled corpse will leave clues and possibly reveal the concept of Stands to other people. I know this isn't really a thing in JoJo, but it's still something that keeps it away from being a good assassination ability.

  • Pesci: Beach Boy is actually pretty good, if used correctly. It's still very obvious and somewhat slow(?) but can still be very sneaky and execute someone. The only downfall here is that it's probably slow and thus it can easily be detected that something is wrong.

  • Melone: While Baby Face is powerful, it is obvious and has a lot of conditions. Melone first has to get a woman

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Dinner 12/03/51

Dinner is nothing overly fancy today. A lot of pasta dishes on offer tonight.


  • Sweet Tomato Ricotta Spaghetti
  • Penne Arrabiata
  • Cheese Pasta Bake
  • Chicken and Mushroom Penne
  • Chicken and Prawn Alfredo
  • King Prawn Risotto
  • Spaghetti Carbonara


  • Strawberry Mess
  • Raspberry Trifle
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

Put all the images in one album for ease of use. Each image comes with a small description as well. Enjoy folks!

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Results of the Third Great FE:H Demographics and Opinions Survey!

Hello All!

First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. In total, there were 2,700 responses! If you responded to the survey or are interested in these results, feel free to share or otherwise increase the visibility. I donโ€™t want anyone who took the time to respond to miss seeing the results!

For context, the survey was posted on May 9th, just after the end of Hero Fest and just before the start of the GHB Ursula Revival. FE:H was released nearly 100 days ago from the time the survey closed.

In case you missed them, previous survey results are here and here. And as always, neither myself nor this survey are associated with Intelligent Systems or Nintendo in any way. Please direct feedback about the game itself to the official channels.

Finally, keep an eye out for u/TheFriendlyFire โ€˜s third Voting Gauntlet survey coming Wednesday. Iโ€™ve never asked questions about the voting gauntlets in my surveys as they cover it better than I could ever hope to! If you like these surveys, I strongly encourage you to respond to that one as well. Now without further ado, letโ€™s get into the results!

  • TL;DR and an Album with all the graphs combined is linked in the closing remarks section

>Note: All percentages should be read as โ€œ% of respondentsโ€, and are percentages with respect to the population that responded to the survey, which may or may not be indicative of the larger player population.

~ Demographics ~

99.3% reached this survey through Reddit, as expected since it wasnโ€™t formally posted elsewhere this time around. [Graph].

62.8% began playing FE:H on release day, with 20.8% more beginning within release week. 7.8% joined in the month of February, 6.0% in March, 2.2% in April, and 0.4% in May. [Graph].

44.6% report being F2P, down from 58.6% a month ago. 74.4% have spent below $100, and 1.7% have spent over $1000. Full breakdown here: [Graph].

54.2% of the respondents are in the 18-24 age range, followed by 28.1% between 25-34 years old. 14.0% are in the 12-17 range, 2.8% are 35-44, and only 3 respondents are above 45. Remember that these results are influenced by the subredditโ€™s dem

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$50k/120-guest November New England wedding recap!

Photos are back! And hereโ€™s my recap. I had a lot of great vendors, for any New England brides looking for recommendations.

Engaged September 17, 2016; married November 18th, 2017.

Location: Newport, Rhode Island.

Guest count: 120 out of 150 invited. Guests were about 50% New Englanders, 50% out-of-towners.

Bridal party: 7 bridesmaids (originally 8, but one gave birth a week before the wedding and so obviously couldnโ€™t make it!) and 9 groomsmen.

Total spent: ~$55k. Out of this, my mom contributed about $6k, FHโ€™s parents paid for our DJ and the rehearsal dinner (not sure how much the latter cost), and my dad gave me about $25k. My FH and I paid for the rest.

What Youโ€™re Actually Here For



10:45 am-2:30 pm โ€“ getting ready

2:45 โ€“ first look

2:45-3:30 โ€“ bride/groom photos; bridal party photos

4:00-4:30 โ€“ ceremony

4:30-4:50 โ€“ family pictures

4:30-5:30 โ€“ cocktail hour

5:30-10:30 โ€“ reception

10:30-1:00 โ€“ after-party in the hotel bar (we rented it out and served pizza/fries/tacos)


Venue: Oceancliff

Hair/makeup: Ali Lomazzo Beauty

Photography: Blueflash Photography

DJ: Corey Young/Outside the Box Productions

Bar sign: Wild Olive Artistry

Bouquets/boutonnieres/corsages: Ecoflower

Alterations: Pochueโ€™s Fitting Room

Doughnuts: Allie's Donuts

Budget breakdown:

Venue (including site rental, food, drinks, tables/chairs/linens, day-of coordinators): $37,000

Photographer (2 photographers for 9 hours) + photobooth: $4,750

(gifted by FHโ€™s parents) DJ + uplighting: $1,500 (normally I think heโ€™s $2,500+, but we got a discount and free uplighting because he and my husband used to work together)

(gifted by my stepdad) Dessert (150 doughnuts): $100

DIY centerpieces: $500

Hair and makeup, plus trial: $400

Bathroom baskets: $100

Various dรฉcor (doughnut stands, signage, card box, bar sign): ~$400

Paper (STDs, invites, postage, table signs, escort cards): $500

Officiant: free (one of my professors) but we paid for her room - $150

FH and my rooms for Fri-Sun: $400

Marriage license: $26

Groomโ€™s suit: free (menโ€™s warehouse had a deal where if your party re

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[RECAP!] Destination Wedding in the South of France + Photos + TATTOOS!! - 5.27.17

Hello weddit! After lurking here for the past year or so and adoring all of your posts, Iโ€™m so excited to make my own! I married my soulmate in the south of France in a wedding that was beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. AMA about destination wedding planning and Iโ€™ll do my best to answer!

But firstโ€ฆ Some photos!! I have many more of our venue/setting as well if you're curious. :)

I wanted a smaller gathering, our family is spread across the world, and we love traveling the most so a destination wedding was the choice for us. Our wedding day cost less than the average wedding in Los Angeles (where weโ€™re from) and although it was for a smaller-than-average group, it was perfect for us. I was nervous about asking people to travel so far, but we did our best to make it easier, cheaper, and very fun. More on that later!

We were considering destinations and venues all over the world but had a few criteria:

  • Must be able to house all our guests overnight

  • Must have a kitchen onsite for us and our guests to use (we love cooking!)

  • One hour or less from the nearest airport

  • Must have a variety of nearby sites to see. Ideally historic, cultural, and natural.

  • Must have a beautiful site for a ceremony

  • Must have modern, comfortable interior decor (no grandma decor!)

After an exhaustive search, we ended up at the Hameau des Baux, a boutique hotel, in the south of France. Originally we looked at many AirBnBs, but ultimately we were so glad to end up at a small hotel with a concierge, restaurant, and housekeeping. Provence was beautiful, we had perfect weather, and we were pretty central within many other European cities so most guests continued their travels in Paris, London, Barcelona, or Rome. If anyone is interested in the websites we found most helpful in our search, Iโ€™m happy to share!


Thursday: Check-In, Welcome Wine & Cheese party hosted by parents

Friday: Sightseeing, pool time, potluck dinner.

Saturday: Wedding day!

Sunday: Brunch, sightseeing.

Monday: Check-Out

Guests: 30 (unfortunately we had 5 last minute drop-outs)

Budget: 30K. My parents paid for my flowers & dress but we financed the rest. We also paid for 4 nights of lodging for our guests which is NOT included in this figure. This was by far our biggest expense but also our favorite thing we spent our money on. However, you could certainly plan a

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La Squadra Di Esecuzioni vs The Boss (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Spoilers)

In this scenario, La Squadra was able to successfully capture Trish from Buccellati's group with no casualties and was then subsequently able to pin down The Boss' (>!Diavolo's!<) location in >!Venice!< in order to try and take over Passione. The Boss is aware of the squad's arrival and has knowledge of their Stand Abilities, but cannot run from the fight. The squad has no knowledge on >!King Crimson!<'s Ability.

Location: The building on >!San Giorgio Maggiore island where The Boss and Buccellati first fought.!<

Round 1: Squad members attack in succession in the same order/grouping they attacked Buccellati's group in- >!Formaggio (Little Feet), Illuso (Man in the Mirror), Prosciutto and Pesci (Grateful Dead and Beach Boy), Melone (Baby Face), and Ghiaccio (White Album).!<

Round 2: Same as Round 1, but >!Risotto!< fights if all other squad members are killed.

Round 3: Every squad member who attacked Buccellati's group attacks at once.

Round 4: Every squad member (>!including Risotto!<) attacks at once.

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European Culture โ€” 2017-03-31

Share your European cultural discoveries; musics, readings, films, spectacles, expositionsโ€ฆ

^(This subject is automatically generated every fourth friday at 00h00 UTC+2)


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Prom ~ On the banks of the Nile

The entrance to the dining area is rather stunning, the theme prominent in the decorations on the way to the main area.

There is a set aside area where the head table is prominently displayed; the other tables are lined up rather haphazardly. They are a perfect setting for groups to meet and watch dancers twirl the night away or for those couples to spend their time having pleasant conversations and a shared meal.

Table decorations are rather austere but the pyramids themselves let off enough light to see whatโ€™s on your plate.

There is a standard area for photos with Mr. D clad in a leopard themed suit playing the photographer; to say he looks unhappy is to say that Mount Vesuvius was just a little irritable. Thalia is quite grateful to have drawn the winning straw this time. He does take great pictures though - there is a silver lining. Donโ€™t get too close to your partner, or theyโ€™ll end up posing with a dolphin house cat instead of their date.

The music itself is a mix of every genre with no one specific theme; Chiron was politely told that his talents would be better suited during the decorating phase of preparations. Instead, an Apollo camper picks through a pyramid of CDs and cassettes, seeming to find the perfect song again and again. Pop numbers that have the camp pumping are followed by tender ballads of love. Everyone is sure to find their jam at some point during the night. If not, a request to the DJ seems to have its way of showing up even though some of the cassettes and CDs are blank.

The nymphs have been preparing all day to make a splendid dinner and their effort surely shows. One simply needs to ask for the dish to have it delivered to them quietly and elegantly.


  • Ribeye steak, cooked to order, with Baked Potato, and Asparagus

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu, Rice Pilaf, and Green Beans

  • Seared Salmon Steaks, Fingerling Potatoes, and Maple Dill Carrots

  • Wild Mushroom Risotto with Roasted Asparagus

  • A full salad bar stocked wi

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Bakugou (MHA) vs Ghicaccio (Jojo)

Eraserhead takes Class 1-A to a trip to Italy to learn about foreign heroes and art, during the trip Bakugou notices a strange man mumbling about a โ€œnew job murdering kidsโ€ stalking them. He goes to confront him and a fight happens. This takes place after the Villain Camp Invasion but before the Liscense exam. Fight takes place at the water bank Giorno and Mista fought Ghiaccio at.
Round 1: In-character, Bakugou is in his hero outfit and Ghiaccio can use Gently Weeps if heโ€™s in trouble, since White Album is a bunch of frozen ice made to look like a suit, assume Bakugou can see it.
Round 2: Same as 1, but Ghiaccio complements Midoriyaโ€™s strength and calls him the โ€œnumber 1 studentโ€ and Bakugou mistakenly calls the pasta he ate for lunch โ€œspaghettiโ€. Both are bloodlusted and enraged now.
Bonus: Both call for backup, the entirety of Class 1-A minus Eraserhead vs La Squadra minus Risotto, all stands except for Ghiaccio are invisible.

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(Spoilers for Pt 5, donโ€™t look at the backstory section)

User Name: Ricotta Mustaine

Appearance: He is a dark skinned man of above average height and a medium build. He keeps his snowy white hair in a ponytail at all times. He has piercing green eyes, which often make him stand out. He wears no shirt, but has a large white coat he wears instead. He wears solid black pants, and the back of his coat has a radiation symbol. He also wears a pear of sunglasses with rivets in them, and headphones with chains coming out of them.

Backstory: Ricotta Mustaine grew up with Risotto Nero, and helped him to become the man he was. Neroโ€™s cousin was Mustaines best friend, and a person he had a crush on. They were friends, and even entered passione together. They both inherited stands of their own as well. They both joined the mafia, but Ricotta left after he started to become addicted to the drugs they were selling. Eventually, he cut all ties to him after he joined formed his own hitman squad. When he heard of his friends death, he came back with a stand of his own seeking revenge on Passione.

Stand Name: Megadeth

Appearance: Megadeth is a colony stand that resides with in Ricottaโ€™s blood. The stand manifest as several glowing creatures shaped like nuclear warheads floating throughout his bloodstream. The stand has a constant angry grimace on its face. The stand itself almost looks like a metallic shark with the radiation label on it

Stats: Power: A

Durability: A

Range: B

Precision: B

Speed: C

Potential: C


Fusion: Ricotta can fuse any objects he comes across at will. If used to its lowest potential, he can do something as simple as fusing a pot and a broom handle into a makeshift mace. However, this ability can be used for so much more. Ricotta Uses his ability in order to: fuse himself to blunt objects to hurt stand users directly, fuse himself with guns so that the bullets can actually hurt stands, fuse people within objects as punishment, fuse a persons head into another persons ass, create chimera pets, and even fuse two people into one Josuke style. He can do this to combine the stands of a person into one disgusting, yet powerful, abomination.

Fission: Conversely, he is capable of inducing fission among objects as well. This can be used to heal people, such as when he removed shrapnel from his wound. He can reverse the effects of any of his fusions with this. One horrifying thing he does with his power is to induce fission on all of a

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21 person NH Sept wedding breakdown (wall of text)

Hi! I'll make this quick and get to the deets.

Date: 9/16/17

Location: Portsmouth NH

ACTUAL BUDGET SPENT: about $25K. 21 person ceremony and dinner/reception. After party had about an additional 60 guests at it.

edit to add - $2,200 for the rehearsal dinner paid for by parents of groom.

First: teaser of professional photos - we should get more next week. http://mikelianzaphotography.zenfolio.com/p35515983

For video and more guest photos - search #growoldwithyoung on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/growoldwithyoung/

Favorite moments (from morning to evening)

  1. I booked a spin class for 15 friends (cost not in this budget but it was $170 for everyone to go). The class was open to the public but I reserved bikes for them. It was awesome and gave me a moment to really clear my mind and rock out. I had all my friends add songs to a playlist on spotify so the instructor could make a playlist just for us: https://open.spotify.com/user/katherineshine/playlist/1MwcMk2LfmnOvdUUDABoyV

  2. Getting ready in the hotel room with the small bridal party. I only had a MOH who was my sister. Then my mom, best friend, MOG, FH's two sisters all got ready together. Everyone in the room was quiet and calm. We chatted, had champange, listened to music and the make up and hair people came to us. It was nice to have these moments quiet.

  3. After the first look we took the limo to a bar to grab a drink. We were the only ones in there. There was AC (it was 80 degrees and sunny outside) and it gave us a moment to cool off and just talk about the day so far. A mini recap within the day. This was with Me (bride) and Groom, MOH and two best men and the photographer.

  4. Sitting in the limo with my parents before the walking down the aisle was also a nice little moment.

  5. Before walking down the aisle I kept telling myself, LOOK AROUND. LOOK AT THE FLOWERS. LOOK AT EVERYTHING. but I basically blacked out and all of a sudden we were at the 'alter'. We got married on a pier.

  6. The ceremony was amazing and touching and funny and 25min. Perfectly long enough that I could take it all in but not long enough that I wanted it to be over.

  7. The BIGGEST part of this wedding was the new orleans inspired second line parade that I surprised my friends, family, and FH with. Only three people at the wedding knew. The look on my now husband's face was one I will remember forever. His reaction, "I heard the music and thought oh man I hope that

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Which part has your guys' favorite music references ?

I haven't seen this question asked :D. My personal fav has to be part 7. Don't really know why ... maybe because the songs were so thematically fitting. Anyway id like to see other people's opinions . P.S. Sorry if theres any broken english

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Duwang Gang vs La Squadra

These are the members of the Morioh Gang: Josuke Higashikata Okuyasu Nijimura Koichi Hirose Rohan Kishibe Yuya Fungami Jotaro Kujo Who would win, if these protags were put in the same positions as the protags of Part 5?

Round 1: Koichi (limited to Act 2) vs Formaggio

Round 2: Josuke, Rohan, and Yuya vs Illuso.

Round 3: Okuyasu and Jotaro vs Prosciutto and Pesci. Assume that both Okuyasu and Jotaro know that if they stay cool, they won't age as fast.

Round 4: Josuke and Yuya vs Melone

Round 5: Okuyasu and Josuke vs Ghiaccio

Round 6: Yoshikage Kira vs Risotto Nero

Bonus Round: Each member of both sides gets two ice cubes, then gets ready for a free for all. Which side ends up victorious?

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1970's Limoge Dining + Coffee set

Album: https://imgur.com/a/aocYx

Hi all,

new to this subreddit, and I hope you can help me.

My cousin got these two beautiful Limoge Dining and (espresso) coffee sets back in the 70's.

With recent financial struggles (not the place for a SobStory) she would like to know how much (or if) she can get from these two sets.

It all consists of:

Dining set

  • 24 flat plates
  • 12 soup plates
  • 3 (long) fish trays
  • 1 gravy boat
  • 1 risotto bowl
  • 1 salad bowl
  • 1 soup bowl + spoon

Espresso coffee set

  • 12 espresso cups with little plates
  • 1 milk jug
  • 1 sugar bowl
  • 1 coffee pitcher

I probably overdid with the pics...

Thank you very much for your help. Extremely appreciated.

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My tribute to JoJo: All my favorite fights from each part

Disclaimer: This is going to be a very long post, so I advice you to just read about your favorite parts first, and maybe come back to the other parts later if you enjoyed.

I finally did it, I finally read all JoJo parts, from 1 to 7 (currently reading 8), and I've got to say, JoJo is easily one of my favorite mangas of all time, along with Full Metal Alchemist and One Piece.

To celebrate my love for this wonderful manga, I thought I'd rank my favorite fight from each Part, along with a listing of things I liked and disliked about each part.

Hope you enjoy this very long ranking, and that it will be able to remind you of all the good and epic moments you experienced while reading/watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Enjoy the read, and thanks for paying attention to this post!

If you're intrested, my part ranking goes like this:


Without further ado, let's start with the OG JoJo Part, the one and only Phantom Blood!

Part 1: Phantom Blood


+The Jonathan & Dio relationship is a very intresting one to follow

+Although theyโ€™re all pretty one sided, all the main characters (Jonathan, Dio, Speedywaggy and Dio) are pretty enjoyable

+Great and tragic ending

-It doesnโ€™t excel in any domain, every part does everything better than PB: better hero, better supporting characters, better fights, better villain, better story, etc

Best fights:

* Honorable Mention: Dio Vs. Danny

  • Honorable Mention: Jonathan & The Gang Vs. Dio (Final Fight):

Very hyped fight, you know itโ€™s going to happen since the beginning and you want to see it during the whole part. Although itโ€™s a good fight for early JoJo standards, I still feel it was a bit too short, and it lacks the epicness of the other final fights in the series. Still, it was entertaining to read. Also, Dire's part of the fight was pretty badass.

  • 1: Jonathan Vs. Dio (Burning mansion):

That fight was the one that hooked me into Phantom Blood. I really like the fact that itโ€™s (if Iโ€™m not mistaking) to only fight in all JoJo that doesnโ€™t involve any Hamon or Stands, and still manages to be good. The pre-fight is intimidating (when Dio transforms as a vampire) and the burning mansion setting makes it more thrilling. The finisher is also very cool, villains getting impaled is always satisfying to watch.

Part 2: Battle Tendency


+The humor and the over the top strategies make the whole thing very entertaining

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My Vegan Japan Trip - August 2016 (long text)

Long-time lurker and commenter, first time poster. Sorry that the length of this post got a little out of hand!

I just completed a 2-week trip of Japan as a vegan and wanted to share my experience! It was my first time traveling to Japan and I have very limited language skills, but it was still a success! My goals were to try to be 100% vegan whenever possible (no dashi) but if mistakes happened inadvertently, that was unavoidable. I used HappyCow, this subreddit, r/veganinjapan, and various blogs to help plan my trip, so thanks to all of you!

Places visited: Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hakone, Tokyo Imgur album of food photos


Stayed at Dormy Inn Hakata Gion. They have an attached FamilyMart which was great for grabbing a light meal or snack. They offer free midnight noodles with your stay (21:30-23:00 nightly), but I didnโ€™t get to check it out. The hotel has an extensive buffet breakfast which wasnโ€™t complimentary; IIRC it was like 1200 yen or so. It had tons of Japanese and Western options, but it was kind of difficult to figure out which were vegan. They did have rice, soft tofu, pickled veggies/umeboshi, and a salad bar with edamame and seaweed. I assume the miso soup and cooked veggies likely contained some form of dashi. They did have dried vegetable furikake that didnโ€™t have bonito!!!

Had dinner at Evah Dining in the Hakata Rivertrain Mall, which is entirely vegan. Itโ€™s a small/cozy place but unfortunately no English menu and staff spoke little English, but were kind and helpful. With Google Translate, I was able to figure out what I wanted. I got a set meal with almond-breaded cutlet, brown rice, miso soup, salad, and pickled eggplant/onion. Everything was tasty and reasonably priced.


Stayed at Ana Crowne Plaza since it was conveniently located, but didnโ€™t eat any meals there, as the breakfast buffet was very expensive (over 2000 yen!) and I wasnโ€™t sure what was served. Ate lunch at Art Cafรฉ Elk which was AWESOME. This place is a small cafรฉ on the second floor with a nice view overlooking the street. However, we opted to sit at the bar. A very small and beautiful kitchen with only a coupl

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M/32/5'7 [165lbs > 149lbs = 15lbs] 9 months. Lost 40lbs in 2013. Focused this year on body recomposition.


Height is really 5โ€™ 7.5โ€ but I thought it'd look messy in the title.

Historical Data and Goals

Bottom of the album is a graph of my weight over the course of nearly two years. The high starting point you see there is during my wifeโ€™s pregnancy where I ate what she ate and in comparable or larger portions. After my son was born I decided I wanted to be athletic again both to model fitness for him and to simply be able to keep up with him. I lost most of that weight through low carb dieting and training for a marathon. However, I found that long distance running was too much of a time drain and didnโ€™t represent enough reward in terms of my own excitement with steady state exercise. It got boring and I missed having time with my family. Iโ€™m not placing a value judgment on long distance running here in a general sense, just that it wasnโ€™t for me and those were my reasons. I'm not including any pictures of myself when I weighed close to 200lbs, since I wasn't really tracking body changes at that time.

After the marathon, in the late summer and fall I hit the weights in an undisciplined manner and got modest results. Iโ€™ve never had sixpack abs, but this kind of lifting would basically allow me to start seeing my chest and arms develop a bit. At the beginning of the following year (2014), I decided to take a more serious approach to weight lifting with my immediate goal being to get more muscular and have an overall strong looking silhouette. My stretch goal for the year was to be able to purchase a pair of underwear, look at the man on the cover, and think to myself โ€œyes, this is an accurate representation of how I will look wearing these.โ€

The Routine

After lurking on bodybuilding forums & subreddits, and spelunking for useful information in various youtube channels, I discovered the BUFF Dudes and was fortunate enough to find them at the exact time they had posted their 12 week workout plan. I highly recommend their channel and their routine, especially since it is all free. The only support I have given these guys is by buying one of their workout shirts, and I was under no obligation to do soโ€”I just felt like supporting them considering the results I got from their plan. I followed the plan to the letter, and you can view it here: http://www.buffdudes.us/2014/04/buff-dudes-12-week-plan.html

Prior to this routine I had never performed a deadlift in my life, and had only done leg days sparing

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Shokugeki no Soma Recipes - Volume 10 Update

Hello all!

I'm here to update you with more official Shokugeki no Soma recipes! This volume we have two new recipes.

And a point of warning for you anime only people! The last recipe featured in this album that you have seen is Soma's Curry Risotto Omelet. You'll have to wait for season two if you don't want to spoil it for yourself. And if you do want to spoil it go read the manga!

Here is the link. You can also find this link on the sidebar!

Happy cooking!

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Shokugeki no Soma Recipes - Volumes 11 + 12 Update

Hey all,

I know it's been a while since I've updated the recipe album. Real life can suck sometimes. I haven't been away from this sub, I've just been a silent observer communicating through upvotes.

Anyway, I've got four new reciepes for you all, but two of them are on one page.

And a point of warning for you anime only people! The last recipe featured in this album that you have seen is Soma's Curry Risotto Omelet. You'll have to wait for season two, which comes out next Saturday, if you don't want to spoil it for yourself. And if you do want to spoil it go read the manga!

Here is the link. You can also find this link in the sidebar!

Happy cooking!

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more cookware

Hello, you delightful bunch of curmudgeons! I have some cookware, again. If yer interested, holla, and if not, I'll sell it elsewhere. I'm not posting pictures this time because I have Cox internet, so something as complex as loading an Imgur album in 2016 could explode the whole house. Suck a dick, Cox, you antiquated telecomm behemoth. I hope Ayn Rand comes back from the dead to write a novel about destroying your terrible company and titles it Atlas Sucked.

What I got:

Unmarked 10" cast iron skillet. I think it might be a Griswold, but IDing it stumped me. Either way, it's old, well-made, and great to cook with. $40

Three 8" cast iron skillets. 2 are Birmingham Stove & Range. 1 is unknown, maybe a Wagner. Useful little guys. All have been restored and seasoned. $15 per

A Wagner, 2-burner, cast iron griddle. Pre-1960s, in great shape. I rarely find these, so if you're looking for a griddle, snap it up. $35

A Lodge, 1-burner, cast iron griddle with a reverse grill side. Again, I rarely find griddles. I tested this one out. It's nice. Perfect for a panini, pancakes, or if you want to flip it over, grilling steaks. $20

A Cousances, flame-colored, enameled cast iron 8" skillet. Pretty thing, but someone used lye to clean it and it stripped a bit of the gloss from it. The enamel is fine, the skillet is in great shape. It's just not glossy. $15

Magnalite aluminum, 5 quart Dutch Oven with lid. I love Magnalite. This pot will outlive us all. There's no seasoning to mess up, no possibility you can drop this pot and break it, and it will cook your risotto as well as it will treat your partner's disgusting ramen-and-hot-dog concoctions. There's a reason these pots cost so much new or used. THEY NEVER DIE. $35

A Cuisinart, multiclad, stainless steel, 1.5 quart saucepan with lid. I like Cuisinart. I think they perform as well as Tramontina, in terms of stainless, multiclad cookware. $20.

Cuisinart mini-food processor. Because, pesto. $10.

A Wagner cast iron cornbread skillet. I've used this to make cornbread once and quiche three times. There's something really satisfying about perfect slices of quiche. $20

Lodge cornbread pan. $15.

...I'm probably forgetting some stuff. I'll edit later if I need to.

EDIT: I forgot about the Tramontina! I have a 5 piece set of triple-ply stainless pots and skillets. Cooks Illustrated rates this cookware as comparable to All Clad. I've cooked with both. They're neck and neck. Anyway, if anyone's interested, let

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Films about authenticity, passion, and integrity in the creative process!

I know, awful title. Let me explain what I mean because I love this very specific type of film.

I think I could explain this best if I gave some examples first. Take this scene from Once (2006). Once centers around two struggling musicians in Dublin as they explore the process of creating music. This particular scene has it all. It's at about the point in the movie when things start coming together. They've scrounged up the money for studio time, but the producer is barely willing to give them the time of day at the beginning of the scene. He is swayed, noticeably, by their passion and talent.

These types of films usually focus on struggling artists with a hell of a lot of talent and passion. That being said, another important part of this type of movie is that our protagonist is recognized for their great work. It's an important dynamic of passion and hard work paying off in the end. It is a wonderful sight to see the creative spirit succeed when they create their work with integrity and passion.

Begin Again (2013) is another film from the same director (John Carney, if you're curious). It follows a very similar premiss and achieves similar results. It too follows the creative process. Gretta, our protagonist, and her crew begin creating an album filled to the brim with authenticity and passion, which is juxtaposed against our protagonist's ex-boyfriend. The ex is a famous musician (played by Adam Levine), but is a complete sellout. We get to see Gretta succeed without compromising her integrity.

Another example is this scene from Big Night (1996). Big Night features two brothers, Primo and Secondo, on the biggest night of their lives. The night that could make or break the success of their restaurant. Primo is uncompromising in his love for cooking and especially about doing things the right way. His risotto is wonderful, but many people are put off because it doesn't look like how they imagined a typical risotto would look like.

Despite their lack of success, it is obvious how talented Primo is. In this scene, they've arranged, with the help of another successful restauranteur, for a famous musician to eat at their restaurant in hope that the good word about their restaurant is able to spread. The musician hasn't shown yet, but t

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Contests Ending This Week | Week of December 27, 2015

Ending 2015-12-27:

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Battle #8 Pasta - Fregola Sarda con Frutti di Mare / Gorgonzola and Buckwheat Honey Toast

Good evening chairman. I just want to thank you and xircso/readaholic for picking a category that forced me to come out of lurkerdom.

Here's my favorite shot of the dish.

I was very close to either going an Asian route or making gnocchi, but decided that I wanted to do something really unusual. I ended up going with Fregola Sarda, a favorite pasta of mine from Sardinia. It resembles couscous more than anything else, however, unlike any other pasta I know, it's actually toasted before hand making it almost look like breakfast cereal. The other unusual thing is it's traditionally cooked in a risotto method, that is, slowly adding stock so everything gets creamy rather than boiling it in copious water.

The dish came about while walking through Chelsea Market today, and seeing what looked good. In the back of my mind I was thinking about using assertive ingredients that could contrast and compliment each other nicely. I ended up getting two first time ingredients, squid ink and guanciale (an unsmoked, cured pig jowl. Reddit should take note, it's bacon on steroids, but more on that later), along with some fresh squid and cockles. Here's a rough order in which I prepared things.

โ€ข I blanched some chervil and watercress and pureed them with a little grated raw garlic, salt, rice vinegar and grapeseed oil. I think I'll call this a watercress salsa verde. It was definitely verde.

โ€ข I steeped some porcini mushrooms, quickly steamed the cockles, and neatly chopped the mushrooms, a shallot, 3 anchovy fillets, garlic and guanciale. I combined the mushroom steeping liquid with the brine left from steaming the cockles, this became my stock for the fregola.

โ€ข I started to sweat the aromatics in some butter, then toasted the fregola in the same pan with some olive oil and sea salt. Deglazed with a little vermouth and starting incorporating my makeshift broth.

โ€ข The squid ink was delicious on it's own. I thought it would go perfectly with the guanciale, anchovy and mushrooms. All really powerful flavors. At first it's almost the consistency of [jelly](http

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24/Male/5'8''/162 lbs - Introductory Post


January 18th, 2011:

Pull-ups: 22; Push-ups: 40; 5K: 23:54; 10K: 54:57; Lead climb: 5.10c

Waist: 31.5''; Hip: 34''; Neck: 14.5''; Chest: 39''; Bicep: 13.5''; Thigh: 22''

Waist: 13''; Shoulder: 19.5''

Bod Pod BF %: 9.5; Omron BF %: 8.6

Age: 24; Height: 5'7''; Weight: 152.3 lbs; Lean: 137.9 lbs; Fat: 14.4 lbs

Update (1/21/11): my actual, accurate height and weight are 5'7'' and 152.3. BF % measurements made today.

Update (1/28/11): More vitals: Resting HR: 58 bpm; Hemoglobin: 12.5 ppm; Blood pressure: 117/70; Platelet count: 189. Donated platelets.

Update (2/1/11): Current weight is 150 lbs. Approximate BF % should now be 8%. I've read at 7% you see a six-pack.


April 12th, 2011: Pull-ups: 30; Push-ups: 75; 5K: 22:00; Lead climb: 5.11a

April 15th, 2011: Race day. 3 legs. 8.0 miles (very steep), 4.2 (moderate), 5.3 (moderate) over 24 hours. 10:00 pace or better.

December 31, 2011: Perfect score (300) on Marine Fitness Test (18:00 3 miles; 20 pull-ups; 100 sit-ups in 2 min).


I'm really curious to see what I can do in 3 months compared to others with a bit more fat. I don't plan to win, but I'd really like to complete my above goals. I've never been fat, but I also have never been very fit. I started exercising regularly 6 months ago, lightly at first and more intensely in the past 3 months. These days, I plan to run at least a 5K almost every weekday. I use body-weight exercises only: dips, pull-ups, push-ups, leg-ups, and sit-ups, as well as rock climbing and swimming. My current focus is on getting really lean, low body fat %, while keeping my muscle. I am motivated to do so for my first race in April, not to mention that I just quit smoking (cigarettes only). I won't follow a strict diet, but I'll try to keep a daily calorie deficit of around 500 calories to lean out.


Listening to trance music while working out and running daily.


Beginning Photo Album

Week 1: Unflexed Flexed

Week 2: Unflexed Flexed

Week 3: Unflexed Flexed

Daily Workout Log

Day 1: 5K: 27:00; 3x15 pull-up; 3x10 dip; 3x10 leg-up; 3x50 sit-up; 3x30 push-up

Day 2: 7.75 mile: 1:08:00; 15 pull-up; 10 dip; 10 leg-up; 3x50 sit-up; 3x30 push-up

Day 3: indoor climb

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jan 18 2011
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Today's smoke.

Was supposed to go for a high dog walk today with my brother but it turned out he didn't wanna go. Gave me a back of sicknuts shake from his box and I had a joint earlier when I was out walking. Here's what I wrote in my phone halfway into the outing:

"Having an almost religious experience listening to Layla walking along the lane. Felt crazed, legs weak, astonished, then turned the corner and saw the beautiful sun and rolling green hills. AND still got half a joint left. Shit."

I saw the hills just as the piano part hit. It was fantastic, full beam smile. Then I listened to the Wu-Tang/Beatles mash-up album. Got some risotto, then some more joints for later. How's everyone else's Thursday?

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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/trees
๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/neil_jung
๐Ÿ“…︎ Dec 27 2012
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(JJBA Parts 1-8) Team Battle, but the teams are characters/stands sorted by Pokemon types + other elements.

We've done colours, the alphabet, and now we'll be sorting teams by what kind of Pokemon they'd be!

NOTE: Results may not be accurate, and I won't be including all characters and stands. Most of these are actual Pokemon types but I've added a few extra ones. Last team standing wins, all fights take place on Manhattan Island, New York.

Type Members
Normal Anne the Runaway Girl, Erina Pendleton, Steven Steel, Hayato Kawajiri, Dario Brando, George Joestar I, Tomoko Higashikata, Suzi Q, Pre-Vampire 17-year-old Dio Brando, 17-year-old Jonathan Joestar, Smokey
Fire Muhammad Avdol w/ Magician's Red, ZZ w/ Wheel of Fortune, Arabia Fats w/ The Sun, Yoshikage Kira w/ Killer Queen, Prosciutto w/ Grateful Dead, Viviano Westwood w/ Planet Waves, Jobin Higashikata w/ Speed King, Esidisi
Water Captain Tennile w/ Dark Blue Moon, N'Doul w/ Geb, Angelo w/ Aqua Necklace, Squalo w/ Clash, Weather Report w/ Weather Report, Blackmore w/ Catch the Rainbow, Caesar Zeppeli
Grass/Healing Josuke Higashikata w/ Crazy Diamond, Giorno Giovanna w/ Gold Experience (Not Requiem), Giant Tree w/ Sugar Mountain, Hot Pants w/ Cream Starter, Mario Zeppeli
Ground Iggy w/ The Fool, Cameo w/ Judgement, Secco w/ Oasis, Doremifasolati Do,
Rock Scolippi w/ Rolling Stones, Iwasuke, Yotsuyu Yagimaya w/ I Am A Rock, Wu Tomoki w/ Doctor Wu, A. Phex Brothers w/ Schott Key, Satoru Afeki, Santana
Steel Mariah w/ Bastet, Forever w/ Strength (Sailing off the coast of Manhattan), Midler w/ High Priestess, Toyohiro Kanedachi w/ Superfly, Risotto Nero w/ Metallica, Boom Boom Family w/ Tomb of the Boom, Mike O. w/ Tubular Bells, Joshu Higashikata w/ Nut King Call, Polnareff w/ Silver Chariot, Wired Beck, Jack the Ripper, Wekapipo, Gyro Zeppeli, Bruford
Ice Pet Shop w/ Horus, Ghiaccio w/ White Album, Kyo Nijimura w/ Born This Way, Part 1 Vampire Dio Brando
Electric Akira Otoishi w/ Red Hot Chili Pepper, Melone w/ Baby Face
Dragon Kenzou w/ Dragon's Dream, Coco Jumbo w/ Mr. President, Diego Brando w/ Scary Monsters, Doobie
Ghost Noriaki Kakyoin w/ Heirophant Green, Devo w/ Ebony Devil, Enya the Hag w/ Justice, Daniel J. D'Arby w/ Osiris, Ken Oyanagi w/ Boy II Man, Yoshihiro Kira w/ Atom Heart Father, Carne w/ Notorious B.I.G, Emporio w/ Burning Down the House, Sports Maxx w/ Limp Bizkit, Eleven Men w/ Tattoo You, Dolomite w/ Blue Hawaii, Reimi Sugimoto, Arnold, Cheap Trick
Psychic Part 3 Joseph Joestar w/ Hermit Purple, Mannish Boy w/ Death 13, Oingo w/ Khnum, Boingo w/ Thoth,
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/Cream_Fortress_2
๐Ÿ“…︎ Jan 13 2020
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[JJBA] A big battle between two teams of people, Team 1 has stands/characters whose name starts with the first letter of your first name, while Team 2 has characters who have the first letter of your last.


  • Your choice between teams is based on the letters your first and last name start with (e.g. if your name was John Doe, Team J would fight Team D)
  • Teams will feature characters whose stand name starts with the first letter, though these teams will also feature standless but important characters such as Pillar Men, vampires, hamon users, Rock Humans etc.
  • If your name has a letter which has no team, feel free to pick a team to fight the other.
  • If your first name and last name start with the same letter, everyone in the team fights each other until there is one left.
  • Assume Hamon Users, Vampires and Zombies can see stands, but not Pillar Men.
  • No Requiem stands.
  • Water-based stands will be placed in fountains or the nearest accomidatable body of water, be it a lake or a beach of sorts.
  • Fight takes place near the Big Ben in London and can sprawl out to wherever.


Letter Characters Letter Characters
A Telence D'Arby w/ Atum, Chaka w/ Anubis, Angelo w/ Aqua Necklace, Yoshihiro Kira w/ Atom Heart Father, Shizuka Joestar w/ Achtung Baby, Narancia Ghirga w/ Aerosmith, Mitsuba Higashikata w/ Awaking III Leaves, Arnold, Adams N Joshu Higashikata w/ Nut King Call, Notorious B.I.G, Nukesaku
B Mariah w/ Bastet, Keicho Nijimura w/ Bad Company, Ken Oyanagi w/ Boy II Man, Polpo w/ Black Sabbath, Pesci w/ Beach Boy, Melone w/ Baby Face, Emporio w/ Burning Down the House, Ungalo w/ Bohemian Rhapsody, Gyro Zeppeli w/ Ball Breaker, Oyecomova w/ Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure, Kyo Nijimura w/ Born This Way, Dolomite w/ Blue Hawaii, Urban Guerrilla w/ Brain Storm, Bruford, Bornnam, Bad Breath Vampire O Daniel J. D'Arby w/ Osiris, Secco w/ Oasis, Poor Tom w/ Ozon Baby, Mountain Tim w/ Oh Lonesome Me
C Vanilla Ice w/ Cream, Josuke w/ Crazy Diamond, Aya Tsuji w/ Cinderella, Squalo w/ Clash, Enrico Pucci w/ C-Moon, Hot Pants w/ Cream Starter, Blackmore w/ Catch the Rainbow, Axl RO w/ Civil War, DISCO w/ Chocolate Disco, Cheap Trick, Caesar Zeppeli P Tonio Tussardi w/ Pearl Jam, Pannacotta Fugo w/ Purple Haze, Viviano Westwood w/ Planet Waves, Yasuho Hirose w/ Paisley Park, Tsurugi Higashikata w/ Paper Moon King, Page, Plant
D Mannish Boy w/ Death 13, Impostor Captain Tennile w/ Dark Blue Moon, Anasui w/ Diver Down, Kenzou w/ Dragon's Dream, Funny Valentine w/ D4C, Rai Mamezuku w/ Doggystyle, Aisho Dainenjiyama w/ Doobie Wah, Wu Tomoki w/ Dr. Wu, Dire, Doobie, 14-year-old Dio Brando, Post Stone-Mask Vampire Dio Brando,
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Nov 10 2019
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[JJBA Parts 1 -8] A big battle between two teams of people, Team 1 has stands/characters whose name starts with the first letter of your first name, while Team 2 has characters who have the first letter of your last. [V2]


  • Your choice between teams is based on the letters your first and last name start with (e.g. if your name was John Doe, Team J would fight Team D)
  • Teams will feature characters whose stand name starts with the first letter, though these teams will also feature standless but important characters such as Pillar Men, vampires, Hamon users, Rock Humans etc.
  • If your name has a letter which has no team, feel free to pick a team to fight the other.
  • If your first name and last name start with the same letter, everyone in the team fights each other until there is one left.
  • Assume Hamon Users, Vampires and Zombies and Pillar Men can see stands.
  • No Requiem stands.
  • Water-based stands will be placed in fountains or the nearest accomidatable body of water, be it a lake or a beach of sorts.
  • Fight takes place near the Big Ben in London and can sprawl out to wherever.


Letter Characters Letter Characters
A Telence D'Arby w/ Atum, Chaka w/ Anubis, Angelo w/ Aqua Necklace, Yoshihiro Kira w/ Atom Heart Father, Shizuka Joestar w/ Achtung Baby, Narancia Ghirga w/ Aerosmith, Mitsuba Higashikata w/ Awaking III Leaves, Arnold, Adams N Joshu Higashikata w/ Nut King Call, Notorious B.I.G, Nukesaku
B Mariah w/ Bastet, Keicho Nijimura w/ Bad Company, Ken Oyanagi w/ Boy II Man, Polpo w/ Black Sabbath, Pesci w/ Beach Boy, Melone w/ Baby Face, Emporio w/ Burning Down the House, Ungalo w/ Bohemian Rhapsody, Gyro Zeppeli w/ Ball Breaker, Oyecomova w/ Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure, Kyo Nijimura w/ Born This Way, Dolomite w/ Blue Hawaii, Urban Guerrilla w/ Brain Storm, Bruford, Bornnam, Bad Breath Vampire O Daniel J. D'Arby w/ Osiris, Secco w/ Oasis, Poor Tom w/ Ozon Baby, Mountain Tim w/ Oh Lonesome Me
C Vanilla Ice w/ Cream, Josuke w/ Crazy Diamond, Aya Tsuji w/ Cinderella, Squalo w/ Clash, Enrico Pucci w/ C-Moon, Hot Pants w/ Cream Starter, Blackmore w/ Catch the Rainbow, Axl RO w/ Civil War, DISCO w/ Chocolate Disco, Cheap Trick, Caesar Zeppeli, the two Corrupt Cops P Tonio Tussardi w/ Pearl Jam, Pannacotta Fugo w/ Purple Haze, Viviano Westwood w/ Planet Waves, Yasuho Hirose w/ Paisley Park, Tsurugi Higashikata w/ Paper Moon King, Page, Plant, Poco's Sister
D Mannish Boy w/ Death 13, Impostor Captain Tennile w/ Dark Blue Moon, Anasui w/ Diver Down, Kenzou w/ Dragon's Dream, Funny Valentine w/ D4C, Rai Mamezuku w/ Doggystyle, Aisho Dainenjiyama w/ Doobie Wah, Wu Tomoki w/ Dr. Wu, Dire, Doobie, 14-year-old Dio Brando, Post
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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/Cream_Fortress_2
๐Ÿ“…︎ Feb 16 2020
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jojo custom words list

Jonathan, Zeppeli, Speedwagon, Erina, George, Tonpetty, Straizo, Dire, Danny, Poco, Dio, WangChen, Jack the Ripper, Tarkus and Bruford, Dario, Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa, Stroheim, Smokey, Suzi Q, Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, Santana, Donovan, Mario, Jotaro, Avdol, Kakyoin, Polnareff, Holy, Anne, Iggy, Enya, Vanilla Ice, Hol Horse, DArby the Player, DArby the Gamer, Pet Shop, Mariah, Oingo, Boingo, Anubis, Devo, J Geil, Steely Dan, Sherry, Anubis, Bastet, Cream, Dark Blue Moon, Death 13, Ebony Devil, Empress, Emperor, The Fool, Geb, Hanged Man, Hermit Purple, Hierophant Green, High Priestess, Horus, Judgement, Lovers, Magicians Red, Silver Chariot, Star Platinum, Strength, Sun, Gray Tower, Wheel of Fortune, The World, Yellow Temperance, Polnareffland, Crazy Diamond, Star Platinum, The Hand, Echoes, Heavens Door, Killer Queen, Aqua Necklace, Bad Company, Red Hot Chili Pepper, The Lock, Surface, Love Deluxe, Pearl Jam, Invisible Baby, Ratt, Harvest, Cinderella, Atom Heart Father, Boy II Man, Earth Wind and Fire, Highway Star, Stray Cat, Cheap Trick, Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, Rohan, Hayato, Reimi, Shigechi, Mikitaka, Yukako, Tonio, Aya, Arnold, Yoshikage Kira, Keicho, Bug Eaten, Shinobu, Nijimuras Father, Bucciarati, Cioccolata, Coco Jumbo, Diavolo, Formaggio, Ghiaccio, Giorno, Mista, Illuso, Abbacchio, Zucchero, Melone, Narancia, Pericolo, Pesci, Polpo, Prosciutto, Risotto, Sale, Superfly, Secco, Squalo, Tiziano, Trish, Doppio, Aerosmith, Baby Face, Beach Boy, Black Sabbath, Chariot Requiem, Gold Experience, Gold Experience Requiem, The Grateful Dead, Green Day, King Crimson, Kraft Work, Little Feet, Man in the Mirror, Metallica, Moody Blues, Mr President, Notorious BIG, Oasis, Purple Haze, Sex Pistols, Soft Machine, Spice Girl, Sticky Fingers, Talking Head, White Album, F-Mega, Jaguars, Morioh Cho Radio, Angelo Rock, Cape Boingy-Boing, Avdols Submarine, St Gentlemans sandwich, Dios Coffin, Caprese Salad, Stand Arrow, Red Stone of Aja, Stone Mask

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/Lamp_squid
๐Ÿ“…︎ Jul 22 2019
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How would YOU divide the fights in Part 5?

So in terms of actual fights, this goes without saying but Buccellati, Giorno, and Mista get most of the screentime.

Fugo only gets one real fight (Illuso), Abbacchio gets two (Illuso, Zucchero), Narancia gets two (Formaggio, Squalo/Tiziano), and Trish gets one (Notorious B.I.G).

It's a shame because they're really cool characters with really creative Stands. A lot of people talk about wanting them in more fights, so I'm curious, which fights would you want them to be a part of?

I would've loved if Narancia, Fugo, and Abbacchio fought White Album instead of Giorno and Mista, and if Trish could've helped Buccellati fight Secco, since he uses her trick of turning the ground to rubber to rebound punches off of and it could've been a cool duality thing.

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/TheArchestofArchers
๐Ÿ“…︎ Jun 28 2019
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Z Fighters vs La Squadra di Esecuzione?

La Squadra di Esecuzione are assigned to take out these specific targets; Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Roshi, Piccolo, Tien, 18, and 17

The Z Fighters are at their current state after the Tournament (anime) and during the movie

La Squadra are familiar with their identities and abilities while the Z Fighters have no knowledge of their existence or of their assignment, they are also unable to see their stands

La Squadra starts at a hidden base West City, Vegeta is training at Capsule Corp, Goku is training at his home, Gohan is living at his house along with Piccolo, Tien and Chaotzu are Training at their dojo, Krillin and 18 are working at their house, Roshi is at Kame House doing nothing, and 17 is working at his island

Everyone is in character with the exception of Pesci who has a confidence boost

Z Fighters

Son Goku

Son Gohan








Muten Roshi

La Squadra di Esecuzione

Risotto Nero (Metallica)

Ghiaccio (White Album)

Prosciutto (Grateful Dead)

Pesci (Beach Boy)

Formaggio (Little Feet)

Illuso (Man In The Mirror)

Melone (Baby Face)

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jan 20 2019
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So, I finished reading Vento Aureo here are some of my thoughts for anyone who wants to read them

Uhh, so where did I stop talking about Vento Aureo last time? Oh yea, after the fight with the two guys on the train. I'm going trough every interesting chapter, as it would be stupid to leave any chapter out, because they were all fantastic, even though there are some things that bother me. So yeah, this is gonna be a long post.

First off, some good things about Vento Aureo:

  1. I liked how progress was made in Vento Aureo It's not like in Stardust Crusaders, where you know they will end up at DIOs house anyways no matter what stand user appears, because in this one there are many smaller goals leading up to the main goal rather than going in a straight line to the main goal which makes the whole thing more exciting.
  2. I also love how Mista's always like "I got this" and shoots the enemy, but the enemy just goes "no u" and reflects the bullets like it's no big deal, always hitting Mista in his pride and legs or something so he can be saved by someone else.

Now, let's talk about the different Arcs themselves

Baby Face Arc

  • Baby Face was a bit weird, but cool. I still don't get how it really works, but hey, that happens regulary while reading JJBA. I really liked tho how Giorno got rid of that Stand User, it was cold, cool and pretty tricky.

White Album Arc

  • That nerd in a freezy suit sure got stuffed into a metaphorical locker by Girono and Mista after a pretty tough fight. I loved the "WHITE ALBUM GENTLY WEEPS" battle cries by him, but he really was a nerd. As always, I just love all the outricking and twists in these fights, even if they strech the fights too much sometimes.

Secret of Crimson King Arc

  • Then ~that russian lady from Indiana Jones 4~ Bucci dies, Giorno revived him, but not really? Idk what that was about. Did Araki just want him to die that badly? I mean, a certain character was longer dead than Bucci, and that guy ended up just fine. Weird.
  • Fugo resigned from the Bucci Gang, good bye cheese man :(. At least he got some more character development than I expected.

And while we're talking about character development, I really like Mista, he's funny, he's unique and he has a great chemistry with everyone in the group, but I feel like some more development for Narancia or Abbacchio couldn't hurt. I would have loved to see them fight alongside Giorno instead of just Mista all the time.

Crash and Talking Head Arc

  • But it seems like Araki had heard my prayers because Narancia got some action too, by facing
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Dinner 03/08

Dinner is nothing overly fancy today. A lot of pasta dishes on offer tonight.


  • Sweet Tomato Ricotta Spaghetti
  • Penne Arrabiata
  • Cheese Pasta Bake
  • Chicken and Mushroom Penne
  • Chicken and Prawn Alfredo
  • King Prawn Risotto
  • Spaghetti Carbonara


  • Strawberry Mess
  • Raspberry Trifle
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

Put all the images in one album for ease of use. Each image comes with a small description as well. Enjoy folks!

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/Tetra_Is_Zelda
๐Ÿ“…︎ Aug 03 2018
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Dinner 8th November

Dinner is nothing overly fancy today. A lot of pasta dishes on offer tonight.


  • Sweet Tomato Ricotta Spaghetti
  • Penne Arrabiata
  • Cheese Pasta Bake
  • Chicken and Mushroom Penne
  • Chicken and Prawn Alfredo
  • King Prawn Risotto
  • Spaghetti Carbonara


  • Strawberry Mess
  • Raspberry Trifle
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

Put all the images in one album for ease of use. Each image comes with a small description as well. Enjoy folks!

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/PrinceOfAll9Saiyans
๐Ÿ“…︎ Nov 08 2018
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My Top 5 Vento Aureo fights

Hi, I am going to make tops for my favorite battles of my favorite parts: 3, 4, 5 & 6!, so read and left your comments, ask everything you want, I am an open book.

Narancia vs. Formaggio

Most people hate this battle, saying that it dragged too long, and blah, blah, blah. I actually like this, Formaggio is really cool, his Stand is pretty nice (but with an awful design), and this starts the whole Squadra di Esecuzione sub-plot, which is by far favorite group of minor antagonists in whole series. Also, we get Narancia's back-story during this arc. I remember the first time I read this arc, I said โ€œWhat the actual page?, Narancia is a he?โ€, still no idea why I said โ€œpageโ€ instead of โ€œfuckโ€. AND EVERYTHING EXPLODING AT THE END IS AMAZING. Hopping to see this one animated.

  1. It is a tie between:

Giorno vs. Cioccolata

7 Pages, this is all I have to say. I want it to be 1 minute long in the anime.

The Race for the Arrow

Hated by some, I know, but I really like this battle. Most people think that GER is the final battle, but everything before it is the real final battle. The beginning was a little bit confusing with the whole body-swapping thing, but when the real battle started, it started. Is nice to have, not only the JoJo, but the whole group of protagonist facing against the main antagonist. Even when Narancia's death was handled poorly, that last scene of him with Giorno was nice. Diavolo's determination was unbreakable; he was willing to do everything, really, EVERYTHING to get the arrow. Bucciarati, respects to you, you are amazing and we owe everything to your strong will to stay alive. And the last words spoken to Diavolo before sending into the infinite death loop sold me Giorno as my favorite JoJo, even up to this day, when I am up to date with the manga, he is still my favorite.

Risotto vs. Doppio

Doppio, Doppio, DOPPIO, I love Doppio, this guy made love Part 5 even more than I already loved it. Risotto is easily one of my favorite minor antagonists in the whole series, and I think he is only one to fight both a protagonist and the main antagonist at the same time. Can we think for a minute how this battle is? I don't have any idea how this will be animated without having 23 minutes of black screen or Terraformars all over again.

Mista & Bucciarati vs. Pesci & Prosciutto

Is it even possible to dislike this battle? I don't think so. I loved Pesci, I think he is really underrated (but his design is ugly). It is in my

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Feb 27 2017
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La Squadra Esecuzioni (Jojo) vs Valentineโ€™s Henchmen (Jojo)

Battle Royale, Takes Place in Philadelphia

La Squadra Esecuzioni

Risotto Nero (Metallica)

Ghiaccio (White Album)

Melone (Baby Face)

Prosciutto (Grateful Dead)

Pesci (Beach Boy)

Illuso (Man in the Mirror)

Formaggio (Little Feet)

Valentineโ€™s Henchmen

Blackmore (Catch the Rainbow)

Mike O. (Tubular Bells)

Ringo Roadagain (Mandom)

Dr. Ferdinand (Scary Monsters)

Axl RO (Civil War)

Magenta Magenta (20th Century Boy)

D-I-S-C-O (Chocolate Disco)

Eleven Men (Tattoo You)

Pork Pie Hat Kid (Wired)

Round 1: Everyone in Character, Both Sides Have No Knowledge of Each Others Abilities

Round 2: Everyone in Character, Both Sides Have Knowledge About Each Others Abilities

Round 3: Bloodlusted

Bonus Round 1: La Squadra is assisted by Mario Zucchero (Soft Machine), Sale (Kraftwerk), Squalo (Clash), Tiziano (Talking Head, Carne (Notorious B.I.G.), Cioccolata (Green Day), and Secco (Oasis)

Bonus Round 2: Valentines Henchmen is assisted by Diego Brando (Scary Monsters), Alternate Diego Brando (The World), Wekapipo, Sandman (In a Silent Way), and Oyecomova (Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure)

Bonus Round 3: Combine Bonus Rounds 1 and 2

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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/whowouldwin
๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/HittoAntonioZeppeli
๐Ÿ“…︎ Nov 06 2018
๐Ÿšจ︎ report

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