YSK that in American English, periods and commas go inside of quotation marks ("brilliant," he said) not outside of quotes ("brilliant", he said).

As someone who grades college students' writing, I see this mistake constantly. Fix this mistake and you will appear more professional when compared with the great number of people who don't.

Note: In British English, this rule is the reverse. The American way is objectively more aesthetically pleasing, though.

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📅︎ Mar 26 2020
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i wish the letter "" (which has been plased in quotation marks to reduse konfusion) never existed in the english language and is instead replased by k and h as it is kompletely unessesary and sentenses kan be made without it.
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📅︎ Sep 16 2020
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When to use 'simple' and "double" quotation marks in English?

I'm asking generally but also more specifically in the context of academic papers/theses. What's the necessity of having two types of quotation marks?

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👤︎ u/Scharlzt
📅︎ Aug 11 2020
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This question I found in a Chinese quiz about a book. The question in English is "Which one of these isn't dialogue?" and it's the only one that doesn't have quotation marks.
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📅︎ Jun 04 2020
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Can you start a sentence with quotation marks in NZ English?

Hi everyone, I would like to know a couple of grammar rules for NZ English around this sentence.

There, sitting on my bed, eating cannelloni was a grinning woman.

“You called, Melanie?”

Namely, is it okay to use a quote without first identifying who is speaking and can I start with sentence with the quotation marks? Also, does the question mark go before or after the quotation mark.

If you've noticed anything else wrong, please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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📰︎ r/grammar
📅︎ Feb 13 2020
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In handwritten English, which way do quotation marks go?

My friend and I have spoken English all our lives, but we write quotation marks differently. Are open quotation marks like / or ?

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📅︎ Oct 02 2019
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[PubQ] Writing in British English but using double quotation marks? Does it matter?

Hello. I use British spelling in my book but I've formatted it with double quotation marks. Does it matter? I'm planning on querying agents from both the UK and America, will they care about what spelling/formatting I'm using?

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📰︎ r/PubTips
👤︎ u/MarioMuzza
📅︎ Mar 12 2019
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I paid an English teacher to edit my novel, but in certain instances in the dialogue, she puts the comma after the closing quotation mark.

"Sweet”, Boston breathed, tracing the scroll work with one finger.

I know it is MLA formatting, but I can't find anywhere in the novels in my collection where a professional editor has done this within a novel.

I just need to know what style novels should conform to. Did she do this right? And why is this right?

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📰︎ r/grammar
📅︎ Aug 11 2013
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TIL: Modern Quotation Marks, as we know them, have only been around for roughly 400-500 years, making them the "youngest" punctuation marks in the English language. aphelis.net/origin-develo…
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👤︎ u/bolanrox
📅︎ May 06 2013
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12 questions
  1. Dialogue structure "Hello. My name is John." spoke the gunslinger. -All the character words in quotation marks, space, minuscule unless proper name, who is talking (not everytime) and a dot in the end. Is that right? In my country we use hyphen on the start, but I'm assuming that's always quotation marks in english, right?

  2. Overuse he/she/it is a problem? It is too annoying to read? How can I evade them? With character characteristics, like name, profession, physical, etc instead of "he" per example? Ex: "John was thirsty. Then he go to the kitchen. He drink a beer. Now he is happy." "John was thirsty. Then the gunslinger go to the kitchen. He drink a beer. Now the tall man is happy."

3)How about metonymy? Is they acceptable or not? Things like "shhhh", "ahhhh" or "hm..."

4)I should use: "I will wait until 9 am.", "I will wait until nine am." or "I will wait until nine a.m.."?

5)converting meters to feet, I should use "five feet ahead" or "five feets ahead"? (for fiction, not needed to be precise)

6)I can use "you" then "it" referring to a monster? "You will die, monster!" "After the blow, it fall to the ground"

7)"bed of roses"; "four ounces of wine"; "he better really lives there" sounds strange or seems OK?

8)If I use "it" for inhuman race, I can use "he" or "she" to a similar inhuman race or this would stay at my discretion?

  1. "pretty", "handsome", "beautiful" I can use all of them to places like parks, gardens or houses or people only?

10)"She had balls". Everyone can understand that she is brave or she can be confused with a tranny?

  1. I should use "they" or "it" for an organization with multiple people? Like: "The Akatsuki knows me. They will hunt me to the end of the world"

12)"specially" or "especially", there's a huge difference between them or I can use both equally?

Thank you

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👤︎ u/trebien777
📅︎ Oct 15 2020
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Ask anything translation-related here

I've been getting mentions and private messages from Redditors with translation-related questions. I figure I might as well make a post to contain them in one place.

Three things I can say about myself: 1. I'm very careful when it comes to translating, so I rarely mistranslate, 2. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so I often recheck my own translations for errors and fix them as soon as possible, 3. I'm not afraid to call out mistranslations, even if it's Viz or myself, and I'm only interested in making sure little is lost in translation.

So if you have any questions about how certain lines are translated, or how some translations can differ so drastically, or if you are just dubious about a particular line, ask me and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability when I see it.


To start with one: the Engagement Ring/Prenup line that seems to cause a lot of arguments recently. All you need to know that are objectively true are:

  1. Both "engagement ring" and "prenuptial agreement" appeared in the Japanese text. Prenuptial agreement is written in kanji (婚前契約), whereas engagement ring is the accompanying furigana, written in katakana (エンゲージメントリング).

  2. The prenup kanji and engagement ring katakana were written inside quotation marks (〝 〟), not corner brackets (「 」). Usually the use of the corner brackets is analogous to how we use quotation marks in English (" "), but Togashi does use the Japanese quotation marks for Nen-related phrases and names.

In other words, the Prenup/Engagement Ring phrase is written like how a Nen ability would be. If Engagement Ring is a Nen-ability, then we have not been given enough exposition about its user/effects/other details as of right now, and we won't know until Togashi chooses to tell us. The engagement ring could be literal, but I personally doubt it because it personally makes no sense to me narrative-wise. The engagement ring could be a metaphor for how fucked up the Hisoka x Illumi relationship is, but I cannot say that with absolute certainty.

I personally believe it's just a metaphor because I still can't imagine how a Nen ability is required for the entire arrangement. Whatever it is though, the only thing you can be certain about is that nothing is certain. People who claim that "it's 100% figurative because of the quotation marks" or "it's a mistranslation" have no basis for that claim. It may be Togashi's intention to keep us speculating, but we will never "know" until he allows us to know, if he

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📅︎ Mar 19 2018
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Is Sweden being destroyed by immigration?

Retirei isto do quora. É uma opinião muito sensata e lúcida das consequências da imigração desgovernada na Suécia. A nossa imigração também tem pouco ou nenhum controlo, e a facilidade com que se obtém a nacionalidade, é no mínimo preocupante. O que nos separa da Suécia, é o facto de sermos pobres. Só atraímos PALOPs e agora também indianos. Isto não é de todo algo positivo, é simplesmente melhor do que o desastre Sueco.



What mass-immigration has led to is, among other things, a divided society.

There are still those who think immigration is great. And by immigration I don’t mean people from India and China with degrees. Those who defend immigration talk about how “Sweden needs educated people”.

Of course, Sweden benefits from educated immigrants and most Swedes don’t mind if people who come here are educated or at least hardworking.

In reality, nowadays, a large part of the immigrants to Sweden never get a job, and even the jobs they get are often hourly jobs, internships or rely on government subsidies.

You can also see this answer I wrote a few days ago that was just collapsed by Quora for “not being in English”: Fredrik Johansson's answer to How bad is the immigration problem in Sweden in terms of crime committed by immigrants and the ratio of immigrants to locals?

Whether or not Sweden gets destroyed remains to be seen, but we are now seeing the seeds of division. One part of Sweden is saying that immigration is great, that we need to save lives unless we are Nazis, and that we have to care about everyone in the world, while the other side is saying that we need to put Sweden first and ensure that we have a manageable economy.

In that regard, “the old Sweden” is dead. The Sweden where women felt safe and where we were paying taxes to help ourselvesour children, our elderly, our disabled — and not to benefit people who come here from the other side of the world to live a comfortable life in unemployment with their extended family.

While one part of Sweden celebrates the new multicultural and diverse New Sweden, where we can eat falafel, the other part of Sweden is missing the Old Sweden that we remember from the Astrid Lindgren films. Somehow the sun was always shining and

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👤︎ u/doiaonde
📅︎ Mar 30 2021
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CMV: Commas or a period of a sentence which contains a quotation, should be after the last quotation mark, not before it.

This has bugged for decades, and I am finally getting this itch out. I can't be the only one who feels this way, can I? To my knowledge, this is only seen in American English sentence structure. Either way, I look forward to hearing grammatical feedback to change my mind.

My reasoning:

  • Literally speaking, the purpose of the comma and period is to add to or create a structure for the reading experience of a sentence. They intend to either to separate clauses within a sentence or end the sentence. A quote should be within the structure of a sentence (even if it is the only part of a sentence), it should not dictate the structure. The comma or period should then notify the reader of the next step of the sentence.
  • The current structure allows for ambiguation of punctuation between the quote and the sentence. If a quote already contains a question mark or period at the end, those punctuations should be mutually exclusive to the punctuation of the sentence. In the following example, the sentence is a statement but quotes a question (e.g. In OPs first Post statement point, he asks "I can't be the only one who feels this way, can I?"). The question mark should not end the sentence, as the sentence itself, is not a question. It is recommended to add a period after the second quotation, to structure the sentence appropriately as a statement.
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📅︎ Mar 22 2021
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The Genevieve-sized elephant in the room

I am not going to name accounts because of the no doxxing rule, but it appears to me that either Genevieve The Québécois Stalker or her very dedicated allies make regular appearances on this sub.

There are several accounts—at least one seemingly based in Canada and all of which write in a somewhat erratic non-native English—that obsessively push the weird claims that Hillary is some kind of mail-order bride; that the HB/AB marriage is a fake "business arrangement"; that they have never actually lived together; that HB wore a prosthetic belly to fake her pregnancies (where the babies then supposedly came from, who knows? At times these accounts have insinuated that the kids actually belong to other Baldwin brothers!); that it was all done to cover up the fact that Alec contracted HIV from Kim B, who contracted it from Prince (uhhhh...yeah), etc etc. Truly wackadoodle stuff.

These accounts are sometimes hyper-focused on finding some sort of legal or criminal liability for Hillary, like that she stole US tax dollars by defrauding the UN (umm UN is not a US institution but ok), or that by using the name "Hilaria" when she called 911 to report the stalker, HB committed perjury (a 911 call is not testimony under oath, ma cherie). They often pose as though speaking objectively about the stalker's claims, usually making sure to put "stalker" in quotation marks, effectively amplifying the wackadoodleness ad nauseam. They often use the HillyVanilly monicker (which, props, is great!) that Genevieve uses on her twitter, and the Reddit posts/comments often mirror what's on G's twitter feed.

It makes sense of course that a stalker sent to jail because Hillary reported her would relish in HB's downfall. Hey, who can blame her? Revenge shadenfreude is a helluva drug!

I'm just flagging this so my fellow cucumberitos are aware that there may be some accounts pursuing their own personal vendettas and possibly even unhealthy stalkery obsessions (like, real stalker, not casual Instagram stalkers like ahem some of us have become). Perhaps this is the "agenda" that the u/stillabunchoftrolls account we suspected to be Alec was referring to.

I'm not saying Genevieve shouldn't be able to express her...quirky...theories in this free Reddit marketplace of ideas. After all, she has done her time and is a free woman.

Just something to be aware o

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📅︎ Feb 26 2021
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[Live Translation] 2021 WayV Online Showcase 'Kick Back' 2021.03.10

Disclaimer: there very well may be subtitles as this showcase is prerecorded, but our interpreters will still be on call just in case. We assume that the showcase will mostly be in Mandarin as it will be streamed on Chinese sites, but please do not view this post as definitive. Thank you!


Welcome to r/NCTranslations!

As it has been uncertain whether or not there will be English subtitles prepared beforehand and NCT & WayV's live translations have been largely incomplete and inaccurate in the past, we're going to be live-translating WayV's online showcase preceding the release of their third mini-album 'Kick Back' and the 'Kick Back (秘境)' MV.

The translations are taking place in the comment section here, so please refrain from commenting unless you are named below as an official translator. You can discuss the live-stream in real time in the NCT or WayV chatrooms. Since this is a global virtual event, links to ALL platforms that are streaming the showcase are listed below.

"2021 WayV ONLINE SHOWCASE <Kick Back>" - YouTube Link

"2021 WayV ONLINE SHOWCASE 'Kick Back'" - Twitter Link

"2021 WayV ONLINE SHOWCASE <Kick Back>" - VLIVE Link

"威神V第三张迷你专辑《Kick Back》SHOWCASE" - 微博直播 (Weibo Live) Link

"威神V第三张迷你专辑《Kick Back》SHOWCASE" - 虎牙直播 (Huya Live) Link

Note: the WayV_official account on Weibo will be starting their live at the time of the stream (7PM KST / 18:00 CST).

r/WayV_For_Life will also be hosting a listening party for the album as it drops, so you can head over there right after.

Reddit desktop will work best for you if you want to switch between the live-stream and the chat. You won't need an account to watch the live-stream if you're using a web browser. At the same time there will be a transcript of everything that’s being said in English — for context/continuity, but also for those who are not able to watch the live stream or who watch it without sound.

As it is prerecorded, the members might be reading fan-submitted comments well as scripted questions. Non-performance segments of the show hold a degree of uncertainty, so instead of tags, we will just be ins

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📅︎ Mar 09 2021
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How do you properly format dialogues in your native language/a language you know?

I've noticed that different languages use different style guides and it results in the dialogues looking quite different when, for example, translating a fic. Or that when writing in English some people will write them the same way they would in their native language.

— When writing a dialogue in Polish you ought to use emdashes, — they said.

"But the Czechs use quotation marks like normal people," they added.

So yeah, how do you format dialogues in German, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, etc? I'm really curious!

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📰︎ r/FanFiction
📅︎ Mar 04 2021
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Question about German editions of novels?

I've recently got my german edition of The Hobbit in the post, as a very late Christmas present, and it is unlike any book I've ever seen in English. To start with the book is titled "Der Kleine Hobbit" which translates into "The small hobbit". In English the book is just called "The hobbit". Is their a reason for this change? Also instead of quotation marks like "this" it uses marks like >>this<< . Any reason for that? The authors name on the spine is also in an unusual position, usually with an English book you would turn it to the right and place it horizontally so the name would be readable but with this book it is the opposite, you turn it to the left instead. Any reason for this? The edition is dtv's pocket edition. Thanks for the help!

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📰︎ r/German
📅︎ Feb 09 2021
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how I learned to buy weed from the "trap house" in the middle of a favela

so, since you guys seemed to like my last story, here's another one. Although this one is not nearly as tense as the previous one, it was quite a lesson for me.

Also, this story happened before the one I posted a few days ago, so it's kinda like a prequel to it lol

A bit of explaining and context (you can probably skip this if you read my last story):

So, here in Rio, one of the most cost-efficient ways to get drugs is to buy it from a "trap house", and they're usually located on a more hidden part of a favela, far enough away so cops don't go there, but also close enough for people to be able to get to it. Needless to say, those places are pretty sketchy, but if you know how to get there and what to say, you'll be fine.

Also worth mentioning, those trap houses are almost always controlled by factions, so it's not people who you want to mess around with.

btw, I'm using the term trap house in quotation marks cuz they're not always a house, sometimes just a small tent, but that's how ppl call it, so I'll do the same. Just know they're the place you get drugs from.

One last thing, since this all happened in portuguese, and I'm translating the story, some details might get lost in translation or some terms might not make sense in english, but I still tried to make it easy to be understood in english.

So, enough explained, here's the actual story:

It was january, hot as fuck down here cuz the hemispheres and shit

I've been trying for more than a month to get a friend to take me to one of those trap houses and show me to get there, since I was too afraid to go alone for the first time

Eventually I decided to get my shit together and face it by myself

I was already told about a trap house that was near JD's house, but he didn't want to go there with me cuz he gets his weed from a dealer, and the trap house doesn't have the best quality drugs

He was still confident enough that I could go there by myself, so he just gave me some vague directions and said "you can't miss it"

His directions were literally "make your way up the street (where I live in) and turn left"

And so I started my journey. I start making my way up the kinda steep street, pass by JD's house. So far everything is fine.

I get to the top part of the street, where I turn left, as he told me to. Here's where the problem started

After a few meters, the street divides itself on two streets, a wider and a narrower one, with the narrow street looking kinda off-co

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Help! find previous post of alt-script handwriting

Edit: Solved! It is Vianaic

Sorry if this is pushing the rules but a few days ago I saw a post on there of someone showing off their handwriting, english but written in an alternative script. The OP did explain the name of the script as well as a link to the subreddit, however I missed the opportunity to follow or even upvote the post...

I tried looking through this months~ posts and the conlang sub but no leads. I think I remember the tutorial post where the "A" is written as a "^" and double letters is notated by a quotation mark symbol after the former letter. I also believe the name of the script started with a "C"...

It looked so cool and it is such a shame i couldnt find it after, if you know what im on about or remember the post please help, thank you!

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📅︎ Mar 04 2021
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I've seen many formal reports put project names in double-quotes. Is this right or should they just be capitalized?

I review annual and donor reports for an institution. These are formal documents. My focus is on content more than grammar, but correct spelling and other obvious mistakes when I see them.

I often see project names in quotation marks, as in:

The Institution partnered with Collaborating Institution to implement the "Major Project Name: One that's so important it has a colon and a subtitle" in seven countries.

I'm tempted to take out the quote marks, but I've seen it done so many times that I often just let them pass. Is this a normal convention? A convention of a particular style manual or language (some reports are in British English, others in American English). I also wonder whether the entire project should be capitalized.

The institution has its own small style manual (which doesn't cover this) and says to use Chicago for everything else.

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👤︎ u/TheYask
📅︎ Mar 13 2021
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Alternate History Novel Translation Request: "In Search of the Epitaph: Keijo, Showa year 62 (비명을 찾아서: 경성, 쇼우와 62년)" (Redux)

Part 1

Part 2

A map of Asia in this Alternate Timeline the Novel takes place in

(Note: Showa year 62 = AD 1987)

An Alternate History Novel that takes place in an Alternate Timeline where An Jung-geun failed to assassinate Ito Hirobumi which lead to the Japanese Empire never becoming an Axis Power in WWII (Also, apparently in this Alternate Timeline, WWII took place from AD 1942 to AD 1947 instead of AD 1939 to AD 1945), America committing a nuclear genocide on Nazi Germany instead of Japan (Thanks to the Pacific War never happening) (Which lead to Germany never being spilt in half by the U.K. and Soviet Russia, as well as the Berlin Wall never being built), the KMT "winning" the Chinese Civil War (Thanks to the Second Sino-Japanese War never happening) (I sadly put winning in quotation marks because apparently in this alternate timeline, the Chinese Civil War ended in stalemate, with North China becoming Communist China (Capital: Beijing), South China becoming Nationalist China (Capital: Nanjing), and Manchuria becoming independent from China), any chances of the Belgian Empire, the British Empire, the Dutch Empire, the French Empire, the Japanese Empire, the Portuguese Empire, America, and Spain's respective colonies ever becoming independent officially being completely far past fucked (Thanks to the Pacific War never happening), and all of Korea's Post-WWII achievements getting completely robbed by the Japanese Empire.

Since this year (2021) is Bok Geo-il's 75th birthday (Bok Geo-il is the author of this Novel BTW). I'm hoping one of you guys will translate this novel into English in honor of the author's 75th birthday.

BTW I never actually read the novel myself (I don't live in Korea nor speak Korean) (Mainly because it was never published in English).

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👤︎ u/burai1992
📅︎ Mar 26 2021
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What would be helpful to a historian/archeologist in decoding an ancient language?

I'm writing a story right now about a spacecraft similar to the Voyager. The story will be in the form of a chat log aboard the vessel. At the beginning of it I want to include deciphering key for English, as put in place by the creators so that an alien race could translate the texts. The only problem is I have absolutely no idea what that would entail. So does anyone know what would be helpful for deciphering an unknown language if the key had to be in said language?

This is what I have so far:


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

(Ch) (Sh) (Th) (Zh)

0 ()

1 (.)

2 (..)

3 (...)

4 (....)

5 (.....)

6 (......)

7 (.......)

8 (........)

9 (.........)

10 (..........)

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

{ } [ ] ( )

    • × ÷ = < >  (1+1=2) (2-1=1) (3×2=6) (6÷2=3) (1<2) (4>2)

. (End of sentence) ? (End of question) ! (End of Emphasized Sentence)

@ (At) # (Number) $ (Currency) % (Percent) & (And) / (Or)

, (pause) ’ (Contraction [Can ‘ not] [Can’t]) ”

(Quotation [Sombody said, “this”]) : (Leads to related statement)

; (Leads to 2 related statements) _ (Marked space)

Bear in mind that in universe this is just meant to serve as a guide for reading the one text. Not as a comprehensive guide to English as a whole.

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📅︎ Mar 25 2021
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First OBE, lucid dreaming or astral projection ?

Hey everyone, I got up at 3:55 a.m. and stayed awake for about 20 minutes. As usual, I tell myself that I'm going to be lucid dreaming. I just changed my method to do the Monroe method with 5 elements to end up telling myself that I'm going to have a lucid dream. I see a very strong white light and some circles.

I become aware in the middle of a dream by having my fingers at eye level, I see 6 fingers with a twisted little finger. I immediately become aware that I am in a dream and continue as advised on Reddit: I make a white door appear, open it and cross it. It's dark as if I was in space, but then I don't remember very well what happened at this point. Then a few moments later I woke up suddenly panting af, mouth open like I'm out of breath. I don't know when it happened exactly though.

After I passed the door I ended up in my current apartment but with completely different decoration and furnitures. There's no one in the room and I don't see or feel my body. I go to the living room, it's a bit dark so I think about clarity now and it works: the room lightens up. There is wooden furniture , the room is more big, there's a bay window instead of the usual window, and the living room door is missing. Someone appears (I'm surprised cus I am not afraid), dressed all in black, he's brown, short hair, with silver and golden feline eyes. I feel that he is not a threat he tells me to sit on the couch and starts asking me questions, I can't remember exactly what. Before his questioning, a voice in my head tells me not to worry, that he just wants to make sure I'm ready. Everything goes well and after I remember that I wanted to do a test to make sure it was real. So I think of a little pink box in which my boyfriend and I put our wishes for the year and what's inside is secret and can't never be opened. He remembers what he put and so this is our test. Just thinking about it, the little pink box appears, no need to open it because a torn paper appears on the box, I think it must be the right one to read, I read it a first time and I see quotation marks so I know straight away that there is a problem because my boyfriend wouldn't have put any quotation marks on it and he confirmed it to me later, there are three lines, now I don't remember exactly, I read it once it made sense and then I thought in case I forgot to reread it but the second reading becomes difficult and I only remember two words (I don't know if it was written in French or in English anymore) Wh

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The Dialogue Toolbox

Something that has always been a minor irritant to me, is how dialogue is often handled in fanfiction.

So, in the spirit of mansplaining something something which I myself am certainly not an expert in. Lets get down to it.

Dialogue and Tags and Beats, Oh My!

First, lets nail down some terms:

  • Speech. This is the core of the dialogue. In the British standard, this is contained within single quotation marks (‘Hello’), while elsewhere it is typically contained within double quotation marks ( “Hello”).
  • Actions. Like Speech, I guess we know what these are. 'John nodded.'
  • Beats. Beats are actions which are associated with Speech, but are not Speaking Actions. An Example of a beat would be: "Hello." John nodded at the new arrival.
  • Tags. Tags are, specifically, Speaking Actions. These are centred on a verb which expresses some form of communication. 'Said' is such a word. As are 'shouted', 'screamed', 'cried', 'whispered', 'murmured', 'replied', 'posited', 'argued', etc. Less obviously, something like 'signed' could also serve this purpose for a mute character.

These are our nuts and bolts, and I'm not about to pretend I have furnished anyone with ground-breaking new information here. I just want to make sure we're using the same language as we move forward.

Tag Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

The most basic form of Dialogue is unattributed Speech.


The problem with unattributed Speech is that it becomes difficult to follow once multiple characters are introduced.

>John waved at Tom.
>"How are you doing?"
>"Alright I guess, though the missus is on the warpath. Didn't mow the lawn."
>"Better get to it then, eh?"
>"I guess so."

We don't know whether it is John's partner, or Tom's who is annoyed about their inability to stay on top of the grass cutting. This is where tags come in. The next most simple form of dialogue is Tagged Speech.

>"Hello," said John.

It doesn't give you much more information than the raw Speech, but it does at least let you know who is who in an exchange. It gets a bit repetitive, though:

>John waved at Tom.
>"Hello," said John.
>"Hi," said Tom.
>"How are you doing?" said John.
>"Alright I guess, though the missus is on the warpath. Didn't mow the lawn," said Tom.
>"Better get to it then, eh?" said John.

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Combo theory: accident + manipulation of bodies

Hello there folks. I'm a relative newcomer to this case, and have spent the last several days having fallen down the rabbit hole. I've emerged with a solid theory that I would like to share with you all here, and perhaps hear what others have to say.

*EDIT* Updated my original article to include links to sources that I've relied on to come to the conclusions alone. I'll mark each addition with an *EDIT* for clarity.

As mentioned in my title, I believe there's a bit of a combination going on with this case. I firmly believe that the girls suffered an accident after getting "lost" - and the resulting minimal remains and oddities surrounding their belongings, are the result of tampering by the locals. Occam's Razor - the simplest solution is usually the correct one. Bear with me, because this is going to be a lengthy post. I'll make an attempt to go chronologically so it's easier to follow.

First, in everything that I've been able to find about both of these girls - aside from them both being intelligent - they weren't well versed in outdoors skills. This doesn't mean that they hadn't previously done hikes or things of the sort, but, for example - they weren't girl scouts. Sure, they knew how to use a compass and likely knew how to orient themselves directionally in relation to where the sun is rising and setting (more on this later) - but they weren't what could be termed, as wilderness trained or knowledgeable. Not saying they were dumb, just some things we don't inherently know to do until we've learned that information. What may seem to be common sense to some, is a completely alien thing to someone else. This is evidenced by their own journal entries - both girls were young, idealistic, arguably having the time of their life at the first portion of their trip, but faced a pretty harsh reality check upon arriving in Boquete and realizing just how difficult it was to converse with their host family. In reading their diary entries, their youthful naivete is apparent. Again, this is not a slam against them in any way - hell, I was the same at their ages.

*EDIT* First indication of their lack of wilderness knowledge and experience: they brought 1 water bottle, looks to be store bought, no bigger than a Dasani bottle between 2 of them, on a day hike that was clearly marked/estimated to be around 4-5 hours in full length. They also only brought one backpack of supplies. Kris' backpack and their compass were left in their room. While this does NOT indi

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Monogatari Series 2020 Novel Order Rewatch - Kabukimonogatari 1 (Monogatari Second Season Episode 7, recap episode skipped)

#Monogatari Series: Second Season - Mayoi Jiangshi 1 (Kabukimonogatari)

Previous Episode | Next Episode

Rewatch Index and Schedule Daily at 5 PM EST | Watch Order Post | Overview, Rating Sites & Legal Stream Search

#Questions - Don't forget that we skipped the recap episode

###"When the world is filled with red lights signaling danger, the world is safer than usual. But when it is filled with green lights signaling safety, it creates a place more dangerous than anywhere."

  1. New OP, Happy Bite! We also get an opening dialogue about green and red lights between Araragi Koyomi and Oshino Ougi, any thoughts about the attitude towards danger and feeling safe?

  2. Ononoki is back in town and brings up some existential questions. Did Araragi die, is Hachikuji happy and what about her pondering of her purpose?

  3. Shinobu casually brings up time travel to do some homework and who would have thought, it backfires! Now they are back 11 years in the past and it's May 13th. Given the date, what will this arc be about?


###Trivia collection comment

Shoutout to /u/maxdefolsch and all the other translators in the community!

Endcard Kabukimonogatari 1. Links to the Wiki, first timers beware

The wiki says the following about the meaning of Kabukimonogatari:

The title is portmanteau of kabukimono, originally referring to flamboyantly dressed hooligans of the Edo period, and monogatari, "story". Kabukimono later came to refer more generally to people whose dress and behavior were ostentatious or outre, hence the translation of the title as Dandy Tale.

An English adaptation of this title could alterantely be twistory.

The kanji used to write "kabuki" (傾き) more typically reads as "katamuki" and means "slant, slope, inclination, deviation". As with

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Landscapes of Fantasy: First lay out three fields

In response to popular demand (bows to u/Kdog122025 and to u/mysterious_sibling) here is the sequel to my information about wheat.

Given that most of us aren't planning to get deep into an agricultural POV–farmboy is usually, after all, just the first chapter or so, before the mysterious stranger shows up with the magic sword–I've thought about the most helpful things to focus on, and come down to concentrating on the way a functioning pre-modern northern European (alright, British) agricultural landscape would look.

Now, we are lucky, because the artists of Northern Europe have taken huge interest in this theme, and we have a near limitless resource of paintings and woodcuts which are only a Google search away. Take this jewel from 1517.

The first thing: this isn't a polite, 'park' type landscape such as we understand from the term landscape painting. It's not a decorous, empty landscape to pop behind an elegant portrait as in the famous painting Mr and Mrs Andrews by Gainsborough.

Ditch (pun intended) the concept of the artistically spaced trees, the occasional flock and the complete absence of country workers. These are all part of the Romantic image of landscape, the moment in time when the Lake District ceased to be viewed as a nasty cold wet impractical wilderness and became the home of poesy, and the Lady of Shalott set off down the river. I am pretty convinced that this Romantic view, via such Gothic pieces as the Castle of Otranto and Dracula, has fed the trope of the exciting, desolate, blasted landscape topped with fancy pinnacles and castles straight into the modern Fantasy tradition, where it causes things like this, much to the annoyance of Brett Devereaux (follow his blog, I'm telling you again, and if you are looking at the absence of agriculture in Fantasy start here) and also to me. Because I am the sort of irritating nerd who wonders at once what everyone is eating.

So having established what we are not dealing with,

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - Revised Modding Guide

I published a modding guide here some time ago, and I've received good feedback from almost everyone who played the game with it. Back then I promised a TW2 guide, too, but it didn't materialize because real life happened. After the disappointment of CP2077 I thought it was a good time to have another playthrough of The Witcher games. I'll be posting updated modding guides for them. If you want to have a look at my original guide - here it is. On a gameplay level it's identical to this one, but the new one has significantly enhanced visuals. Now for the revised one:


This modding guide is written for The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut version 1.5 (A) from GOG. It should be compatible with all 1.5 versions of the game, regardless of the platform you're using.The aim for this guide is to give the player a better experience by fixing vanilla bugs, improving the visuals and tweaking the gameplay. The improvements are lore-friendly and respectful to CDPR's original vision of the game and the rich world Sapkowski created. All the changes are made to provide the most stable and bug-free experience possible, and from my tests the modded game is more stable than the unmodded one on modern systems. This guide supports only the main story.


After downloading the game, verify/repair the game files. Launch the game for the first time and go to Options. In Video Options set all graphic options to max. In Game options disable Autosave, Tutorials, Floating Info, Combat Feedback and Show Object Names. The reason to do all of this is to increase game stability and neither of those options are that important, anyway. The game runs on an ancient Bioware engine, so every bit helps. Autosave and the pop-up tutorial images are the biggest culprits here. To further increase game stability keep only 10 to 15 saves for the whole game and save frequently. The save files in this game are relatively huge and if you have a high number of them expect frequent crashes even on unmodded game. The disabled pop-up tutorials will appear in Geralt's journal, so you're not missing anything by disabling these features. Exit the game.

Now go to The Witche

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Matthew 15


Chapter Fifteen

>>>Tradition of [מסורת, MahSORehTh] the elders

>>>([compare with] Mark 7:24-30)

>>>[verses 1- 20]

>“The law is here rejected in a much more sweeping fashion than in the Sermon on the Mount (cf. [compare with] on 5:17-20 …). The passage is drawn from Mark 7: 1-23, a section which include some genuine sayings of Jesus but has been given its present from as a result of controversies between Christians and Jews. We can find a sound historical basis for interpreting Jesus’ teaching on the law by considering the great controversy over the admission of uncircumcised Gentiles which took place about A.D. 46 (Gal. [Galatians] 2:1-14; Acts 15: 1-5). No dispute could have arisen between Paul and the Jerusalem leaders if the conservatives had not been able to say that Jesus lived a life faithful to the law, though they would have conceded that he modified its details. Nor, on the other hand, would there have been disagreement unless Paul and the Christians of Antioch could appeal to sayings and deeds of Jesus which, when carried to their logical conclusion, abolished the law’s distinctions. If Paul had nothing but ‘visions and relevations [sic] of the Lord’ on which to rely, would the Jerusalem leaders have accepted his gospel as genuine? It is noteworthy, too, that Peter, who was respected by all parties, is regarded as a mediating influence (Gal. 2:12; Acts 15:7-11). He must have recognized that there was some justice on each side. Vs. [verse] 11 (=Mark 7:15) is probably a genuine teaching of Jesus. It actually destroys the distinction between Jew and Gentile by saying that ceremonial cleanliness is irrelevant; but its logical effect may not at first have been recognized. At the same time, one must remember that Jesus accepts in principle the validity of the O.T. [Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible] revelation (vss. [verses] 3-6 = Mark 7:9-13).” (Johnson, 1951, pp. VII 436)

>“Mathew has carefully and subtly rewritten Mark here so as to make it clear that, while Jesus (and Matthew’s church) broke with Pharisaic halaka [the collective body of Jewish religious laws derived from the written and Oral Torah], he (and they) nevertheless remained faithful to Torah [the first five books (Pentateuch or Five Books of Moses) of the Hebrew Bible], when interpreted his way (see comment on 5:17-20). Matthew has done this by suppre

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Korean Lesson with Maze in the Mirror

On the most recent General Discussion Thread I asked what songs y'all might like me to create korean lessons for and Maze in the Mirror had the most requests/upvotes. So, I am starting with that one! I am an intermediate Korean learner. I will first give the original lyrics, a breakdown, and finally my English translation. Quizlet: Maze in the Mirror

>끝은 어딜까 달려 보지만
In the mirror 속의 미로
보호란 통제가 날 가두고
아파도 더는 투정 부리면 안 돼
나를 꼭 감춰둔 세상, 세상
Please don’t give up on me

끝: end, final

은/는: topic marking particle

어디: where

(으)ㄹ까: asking oneself a question, asking a listener a question, "shall we"

달리다: to run (달려)

보다: to see

지만: connector meaning "but"

속: inside, the interior

의: possession marker

미로: maze

보호: protection

란: a shortened version of (이)라고 하는 -indirection quotation, "the/a noun" called "noun"

통제: control, regulation

가/이: subject marker

날: 나 (I, informal) + 를 topic marker = 나를 shortened to 날

가두다: shut something up in, lock up

-고: and

아프다: to be hurt (아파)

아/어/여도: even though

더: more

투정: complain, whine, grumble

부리다: to manage, handle

-면: if preceding X

안 되다: must/should/ought not to do (안 돼)

꼭: surely, certainly, undoubtedly, at any cost. Gives strong emphasis

감춰둔: hidden, covered up

세상: the world, society

I wonder where the end is, I try to run but

In the mirror, a maze

A restriction called protection has locked me up

I can't complain even though it hurts

The world, world that hid me

Please don't give up on me

>We’ll be going up 넘어지지 마
In the mirror 속 네 위로
커다란 틀에 날 맞추기엔
여전히 작고 작은 것만 같은데
나를 좀 찾아줘 제발, 제발

넘머지다: fall down

지 마: don't

네: your

위로: 위 (up) with 로 (direction marker)

커다랗다: to be big, large, huge

틀: cast, mold

에: at, on

맞추다: adjust (something to something)

-기엔: used to express that something is not enough to do something. A기엔 너무 B하다 : it is too B to A

여전히: still, as ever

작다: to be small, little (verb)

작은: small (adjective form of previous verb)

것: thing, one

만: only

같다: to be like

-은데: a connective ending used to talk in advance about a situation to follow

좀: 조금 (a little) shortened to 좀

찾다: to find, to search for

주다 (줘): to give, to ask someone to please do something for you

제발: Please

We’ll be going up, don’t fall
In the mirror, above you
Trying to fit myself in this big frame
I feel so tiny and still so small
Find me please, please

>거울 앞에서 난 또 굴복해
여긴 너무 컴컴해
여리기만 한 내 어깬
숨지도 펴지도 못해


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Summary of Dpei’s Twitch AMA on 19 Nov

Near the start of OWL Season 3, I wrote a summary for an AMA that Dpei (Gladiators Head Coach) did on Twitch. People were interested in another summary for the AMA he did today, so I made another one.

Like last time, I encourage you to watch the vod before repeating anything from this thread, so you and I are less likely to spread misinformation. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/809037423

This write-up is broken into sections by me, and except where indicated with ‘quotation marks’, uses my own wording. Almost everything here comes from a direct question asked by the chat.

Gladiators’ 2021 roster

  • The Gladiators are not totally done with the off-season, but Dpei refused to say much about their next moves, saying it’s the job of the marketing team to announce them. However, he did say that the team has a very strong ‘base’ and knows what is needed to fill the holes.
  • The Gladiators will keep their 2021 roster ‘tight’ and focus on developing their own players as opposed to signing back-ups and specialists. Dpei said that the roster will be smaller than last year’s (which had ten players). Dpei stressed the point about having a ‘tight roster’ every time he was asked about what moves the Gladiators will be making next.
  • The Gladiators asked Moth if he was interested in the team, and he said yes. The process was quite simple afterward. Dpei said that the team could have looked toward younger talent, but it was clear that Moth was the right player for them.
  • Dpei says that the new team has the highest ‘individual skill’ of any Gladiators roster. He needs to see how the team performs as a collective before saying too much, though.
  • Dpei can’t answer questions about the precise strengths and weaknesses of the new roster because it depends on the meta, hero pool, etc. He has ‘ideas’ about the team’s best meta, but they are not concrete. He’ll gear his team toward its strengths once those become apparent.
  • The Gladiators’ roster decisions are mostly made by Dpei. He says that he specifically asked for roster control for the upcoming reason. He also said that the team is ‘very collaborative’ overall and is working very well with their budget this year.
  • Dpei says that he could have all the talent in the world and still nothing would happen if everybody didn’t work hard. Dpei says the Gladiators done a good job recruiting ‘pieces’, but they currently only have ‘planned success’ and nee
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A kid lied about going to japan and meeting a girls to the entire school

I am so beyond pissed at this fucker. I think I actually made a post about how happy I am for him not that long ago.

So here’s some backstory.

Just before the Christmas break we had to do this assignment that was also a competition for English, it was an essay that had to be at least 4 pages long about something that had affected our lives. We had to also provide proof of this event happening (keep this in mind) and if you didn’t have any proof or caught lying you were disqualified from the competition and have to redo it all over again for the assignment part.

I wrote about a time I’d scolded my leg when I was a dumbass 8 year old near a tea pot.

And a kid named Justin who had only came to my school at the beginning of the new school year, had very little friends and he wore a fuckung fedora (I’m not kidding)

wrote about the time he and his “family went to Tokyo” last summer (notice the quotations)

He said that he met this Japanese girl in akihabara (weeb town) who was called Yuri who was also the same age as him. He said that they got talking and they really hit it off, and they become friends. He said that she’d meet him at his hotel after his family would go to touristy places. He said they would hang out almost everyday and always near Tokyo tower since she liked it a lot.

And when it was Justin’s time to leave Japan, they were both sad. But Yuri wrote him a latter in Japanese, as a farewell gift. He said that he got curious on what it said and ran it threw google translate it talked about how much she’ll miss him and that Japan was waiting for him.

When he finished he won the contest and won a small cash prize. He was also met with a deafening applause and many questions about Yuri and japan its self (even I fell for his little fucking act at that time) he also made a bunch of new friends after people got to know him better.

But not everything ran smoothly for Justin, there was a bunch of kids who smelt bullshit and asked “why doesn’t Yuri just give you her number or email?”

Justin just said that he didn’t know why and she should of

But these kids were 100% sure he was lying about this entire thing. Soon we got off for Christmas and everything was quite. Until a new few before New Years. I go onto my friends Snapchat stories and it’s a huge line of screenshots from other peoples Snapchat stories and so on.

Someone had found the “picture of Yuri” on twitter, Justin has literally just printed out a picture of some random Japanese w

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My[25m] "girlfriend" [26f] wants to be friends when we move on and I don't know how to handle things

I'll explain the quotation marks around girlfriend first as it's important to the advice I need. I've been seeing this woman for about 8 months now, the first 6 we were in a relationship for but after she found out that I cannot have kids without a surgery (nor want them, provably ever) she decided we shouldn't date any more because having a family was in her short and long term plans. I completely understood this and as hard as it was for me to deal with, I was ready to wish her well and move on as kids can be a huge dealbreaker for people.

The last few months are where I have fucked up though and I only began to realize it very recently. We've been seeing each other casually but nothing has really changed from when we were officially dating, other than the fact we are allowed to start looking for other people to date. This would be fine with me normally but because we seriously dated for a while I'm feeling uneasy knowing she's talking to other dudes while I'm still technically around. She's said stuff like "I bet x would turn me on because he might give me hopes for having a kid" to me after talking about her sex drive disappearing which are pretty hurtful (to someone like me at least).

She also wants to stay friends after we move on from whatever the fuck we're doing. I've never been friends with any of my exes because I believe that most people just can't emotionally deal with seeing someone they used to date happy with another person. She would be someone I could be friends with normally which is why I think she thinks we can stay in contact once things are completely done.

I have a few questions I would love insight on though: Should I leave immediately? How do I tell her we can't be friends once things are over without being manipulative/mean? If anyone needs more info I'm happy to give it to you as an edit or I the comments.

Also apologies for any bad English, I live in the states but English is not my native language.

Edit: Told her things are doneand erased her from social media. She was upset about the friends thing but understands our lives are going different directions. Thanks to anyone who commented!

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First OBE : lucid dream or astral projection ? The door appears but I think I was not aloud in Astral.

Hey everyone, I am new here, So my experience: I got up at 3:55 a.m. and stayed awake. As usual, I tell myself that I'm going to be lucid. I see a very strong white light and some circles.

I become aware in the middle of a dream by having my fingers at eye level, I see 6 fingers with a twisted little finger. I continue as advised on Reddit: I make a white door appear, open it and cross it. It's dark as if I was in space, but then I don't remember very well what happened at this point. Then a few moments later I think I woke up suddenly panting af, mouth open like I'm out of breath. I don't know when it happened exactly though.

After I passed the door I ended up in my current apartment but with completely different decoration and furnitures. There's no one in the room and I don't see or feel my body. I go to the living room, it's a bit dark so I think about clarity now and it works: the room lightens up. There is wooden furniture , the room is more big, there's a bay window instead of the usual window, and the living room door is missing. Someone appears (I'm surprised cus I am not afraid), dressed all in black, he's brown, short hair, with silver and golden feline eyes. I feel that he is not a threat he tells me to sit on the couch and starts asking me questions, I can't remember exactly what. Before his questioning, a voice in my head tells me not to worry, that he just wants to make sure I'm ready. Everything goes well and after I remember that I wanted to do a test to make sure it was real. So I think of a little pink box in which my boyfriend and I put our wishes for the year and what's inside is secret and can't never be opened. He remembers what he put and so this is our test. Just thinking about it, the little pink box appears, no need to open it because a torn paper appears on the box, I think it must be the right one to read, I read it a first time and I see quotation marks so I know straight away that there is a problem because my boyfriend wouldn't have put any quotation marks on it and he confirmed it to me later, there are three lines, now I don't remember exactly, I read it once it made sense and then I thought in case I forgot to reread it but the second reading becomes difficult and I only remember two words (I don't know if it was written in French or in English anymore) When I want to read it again, the paper is no longer there.

Next on comment

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Monogatari Series 2020 Novel Order Rewatch - Bakemonogatari Episode 1

#Bakemonogatari Episode 1 - Hitagi Crab 1

Previous Episode | Next Episode

Rewatch Index and Schedule | Watch Order Post | Overview, Rating Sites & Legal Stream Search


  1. Especially for First Timers: What is your first impression of Bakemonogatari as a whole, was it as expected?

  2. What do you think about Araragi, what about Senjougahara?


This post has an explanation for many names throughout the series. Extreme spoiler warning, First Timers do not click. I will reveal relevant info once it no longer spoils things.

To get things started:

Oshino Meme, 忍野 メメ

> メメ (meme) - Senjougahara says his name sounds moe. That’s because it’s a female first name. Just imagine this dude named something like Jane from now on.

Opening Scene in English

##^Spoiler ^Policy

###Keep the subreddit policy in mind and don't hype future episodes or future character development and don't tease First Timers too much.

Don't hype future arcs beyond "this is my favorite arc, I'm looking forward to it". Events of the current episode or past episodes do not have to be spoiler tagged. If in doubt, break up your comment into a safer part and one just for rewatchers and rather tag too much than too little

Please remember to tag your spoilers properly; this: [The author of Monogatari is](/s "NisiOisiN") becomes this: The author of Monogatari is

Explanation on why this format was chosen for r/anime. If you have troubles, you might have the "fancypants editor" on new reddit which screws with the quotation marks or have other problems.

For First Timers: Try to not look up anything. The translation for Character or Arc Names, eg. Hanamonogatari, in itself is no real spoiler. But explanations of the translation,

... keep reading on reddit ➡

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