The OCTOPUS Yacht is for sale. 230.000.000€…
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Saw Paul Allen's Yacht The "Octopus " This Past Summer In Malaga. One of The Most Amazing Ships Ever!
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📅︎ May 15 2020
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TIL Yacht is remarkably similar to Paul Allen's real-life yacht Octopus
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Microsoft co-fonder Paul Allen pulls up for the Olympics in his 400 foot yacht "The Octopus".
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Paul Allen's Yacht Octopus [1024x768]
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📅︎ Feb 28 2014
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Gallery of Paul Allen's "Octopus," the world's largest expedition yacht
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Paul Allen's Yacht, Octopus, Cruising Through Sydney Harbor. [OC]
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A Wasted Reaction - Week 2

A Wasted Reaction – Week 2

The Denver Broncos galloped into Arrowhead Stadium today with a chance to be the first team in NFL history to set NFL divisional road win record with 13 consecutive road wins since 2011, a record even Jim Irsay would be proud to hang in his most deep twisted demented states. Needless to say I was more ready for tonight than J-LO after the divorce. In a nail biting, down to the wire, tied at every quarter flag-fest, early candidate for best regular season game since the San Diego come back, The Denver Broncos set a new consecutive divisional road win record with 13 and move to 2-0 for the year!

Going to Kansas is never easy, heck, even the Duke himself has piercing memories of what a few too many good racks of barbecue will do to the masses, literally. Speaking of Andy Reid, what was the fatman thinking? The Chiefs dressed in their brightest communist attire and played hard nose football, a defensive clash that would have made the dear leader proud. The tomahawk chant seemed to die down rather quickly as the game progressed, an anomaly at Arrowhead like the play-calls at the end of the first half, all beneficial.

Peyton Manning needed just 134 yards to reach 70k career yards and step closer to Bret Farve's record, it seemed hopeless at first, he threw his second pick 6 of the season with a side of extra--extra luck. You could tell the offensive plays just weren't meshing along with the Oline, the run was just not there to much of the Chiefs credit, he overthrew Sanders again and almost connected with Thomas by inches deep, take it as you wish. I believe Gary Kubiak took the reins off Manning and let him do his thing as the game went on, it was obvious, maybe it will remain this way from now own because this defense... Oh baby. For the second time so far this young season, the defense although a bit undisciplined at first came away with a take away to seal and win the game, its a bit early to jump into conclusions but from what has transpired so far its looking special.

The Positives

  1. Each of the starting Denver Broncos CBs now have a touchdown so far this season, that is one season and more than every WRs for the Kansas City Chiefs.

  2. Peyton Manning is back, for as long as Kubiak wants him to be with us that is.

  3. Damian Steward was around the ball at the right time again, Rahim Who?

  4. Miller l

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Beyond Ghislaine: The Maxwell Octopus

Robert Maxwell (born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch) was born into a poor yiddish-speaking Jewish community in Czechoslovakia in 1923. When Nazi Germany invaded Czechoslovakia during the Second World War, Maxwell fled to France as part of an underground organization ferrying youth out of his homeland. Still a teenager, this would be his first taste of the world of spycraft, an occupation which would define the remainder of his inscrutable life. After several years spent engaged in underground resistance activities which saw him shuttled across Eastern Europe and the Middle East he eventually found himself back in France, now a member of the French Foreign Legion and an active participant in the French Resistance, utilizing the newly acquired pseudonym of Ivan du Maurier.

After participating in the Allied invasion of Normandy, Maxwell (soon to adopt the name of Leslie Johnson) was shortly recruited by British Intelligence. Already a seasoned veteran of international espionage, the young man's multilingualism and underground connections made him a valuable asset to the British government. He continued to work for Britain in the years leading up to the end of the war and in its immediate aftermath, ostensibly as a press attache to the foreign office in Berlin. His actual assignment was to interrogate captured German scientists, work likely done in conjunction with the Alsos Mission, a branch of the American Manhattan Project which cooperated with British forces to collect and classify information on Germany's atomic weapons program. Though the goal of Alsos was primarily to prevent sensitive information from falling into Soviet hands, Maxwell soon also became affiliated with Soviet intelligence due to his desire to seek out surviving relatives who still resided in his homeland, now under Soviet jurisdiction.

He changed his name for the last time in 1945, and as the newly-christened Captain Robert Maxwell married Elisabeth Meynard, a native of France and the future mother of all nine of his children. Still working for allied intelligence, Maxwell began to anticipate the value his work could have on the private market. He started to gather German and Russian scientific documents and research papers which were unknown in the English-speaking world, with the intention of later selling or publishing them for profit.

Meanwhile, in America, a young scientist and child of Czech immigrants by the name of Frank Malina was establishing an international reputation for

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🔥 Octopus's garden.
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📅︎ Jan 03 2020
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Anyone heard of DAGON Maritime Shipping? Report of an abandoned fishing yacht (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here.

A Second Search and Rescue:

After analyzing offshore storm reports and ocean currents, the detective investigating this case, a woman I’ll refer to as “Stephanie,” was able to estimate how far the yacht had drifted before the time stamp embedded on Emmett’s last cellphone video, the one that showed the newly formed volcanic island.

Using this information, Stephanie narrowed the island’s potential location to a dozen square miles of ocean, roughly 200 miles S/SE of Oahu. A second search party was assembled and the detective boarded a HC-144 Ocean Sentry that flew a grid pattern over the region for six hours.

They saw nothing but endless blue waters the whole time.

A second and third flyby yielded the same results. Perhaps they were searching in the wrong area. The storm reports could have been wrong. Or the calculations that determined that patch of ocean in the first place. Perhaps the island was too small to see from a plane. Or maybe this was all some hoax. An elaborate life insurance scheme.

Stephanie mulled over every option as she reviewed the evidence. But a major breakthrough was just around the corner. Not long after the third search concluded, Frank’s wife contacted the detective again. The woman, whom I’ll refer to as “Maxine,” had appeared reserved and distant during the initial interview regarding her husband and sons’ disappearance. But now she finally felt ready to talk about the “real reason for that fishing trip.”

Through my law enforcement contact, I obtained a transcript of Stephanie’s second interview with Maxine. Part 1 is outlined below.

Maxine’s Interview, Part 1 (DAGON Maritime):

A year before Frank and Bill’s fateful “fishing trip,” the two brothers had gone into business with a logistics company called “DAGON Maritime Shipping.” Bill had worked in logistics for many years for companies like APM-Maersk and American President Lines, so the venture seemed normal enough. Maxine knows her husband Frank had always wanted to work in shipping like his brother. Plus, Bill said it was guaranteed to make them a lot of money. Given Frank’s debts from past business deals that turned sour, the DAGON venture seemed like music to his ears.

The two brothers met with members of DAGON at Bill’s office in Honolulu. There, they discussed plans to expand the company’s current shipping route from a small South Pacific at

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RPDS Yacht Ride
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📅︎ Apr 20 2020
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RPDS Yacht Ride
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Have there been any instances where people transport their car on their private boat?
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Gone yachting. The Spartan Korinthian Yacht Club
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Info and facts about the games themselves apart of 51 Clubhouse Games

EDIT: The game’s trial/local mode is available in Japan now and gives you Four-in-a-Row, Dominoes, President, and Slot Cars for free and all of the tutorial videos and text for the rest. In the Ludo tutorial, they mention it is based from India. Seems like Nintendo is basing their origin locations from their original game/s even if they are depicted differently in the collection

I’m a very casual gamer compared to my family and friends, so a game like Clubhouse Games really strikes my fancy as it causes me to research as I love researching games like these (which is the reason I made my first Reddit account!) Special thanks to my son for helping me format this.

Games with unknown origins; could change with the release of the game and it’s world mode!

  • Sliding Puzzle: derived from puzzles called “Tour Puzzles”

  • Sevens: derived from Domino the card game

  • Speed

  • Matching

  • War

  • Mahjong, Klondike, and Spider Solitaire

  • Toy Baseball (yes, that’s a real game)

  • Toy Curling: derived from Shufflepuck

Games with unknown info

  • Yacht Dice: unknown location of origins (1938; derived from Crag; plays differently to Yahtzee)

  • President: created in the US (derived from Daifugo)

  • Pig’s Tail: created in Japan (direct translation of Buta No Shippo)

Location of Origins


  • Bowling: 5200 BC

  • Checkers: 3000 BC

Created by the Roman Empire

  • Nine Men’s Morris: 1400 BC

  • Mancala: 100 - 300 AC


  • Hare and Hounds: during the Middle Ages (as early as 400 AC)

  • Billiards: 1340s

  • Dots and Boxes: 1895 (created as La Pipopipette)


  • Mini Shogi: 900 - 1200

  • Shogi/Japanese Chess: 1400 - 1600 (derived from Chaturanga)

  • Hanafuda: 1573 - 1592 (derived from Karuta)

  • Gomoku: 1868

  • Riichi Mahjong: 1924

  • Shooting Gallery and Battle/Team Tanks: 2006 (developed by Nintendo EAD 2 for Wii Play; Shooting Gallery is reminiscent of Duck Hunt from 1984 by Nintendo R&D2)


  • Chess: 1200

  • Blackjack: 1611 (derived from 21)


  • Renegade: 1883 (derived from Reversi)

  • Ludo: 1896 (derived from Pachisi)

  • Darts: 1896 (301 point rule)

  • Toy Soccer: 1921 (derived from Foosball)


  • Chinese Checkers: 1892

  • Last Card: 1930s (derived from Mau Mau; plays differently to Crazy Eights or UNO)

United States

  • Texas Hold’Em Poker: 1900s

  • Takoyaki: 1901 (derived from Flinch)

  • Slot Cars: 1912

  • Toy Boxing: 1964 (derived from Rock Em Sock Em Robots)

  • Air Hockey: develop

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Similar bands?

Really like the band Naxatras and Glowsun (they not quite the same I know but just a refrence point to what I like). I then discovered Somali Yacht Club and they blew my mind. Was so mesmerized by their music. Any other bands you guys recommend with a similar style? Thanks.

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📅︎ Jun 14 2020
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[Question] Looking for recommendations or similar fast-paced instrumental stoner rock bands and songs. X-post from r/ifyoulikeblank.

**Disclaimer**: I am not good at identifying or labeling music by genre/style and that's why I'm using a lot of examples so people know exactly what I mean with this question. So yeah, basically my problem is that I am not sure how to look what I want.

I like to listen music in order to focus at work, I have the best results with instrumental, fast-paced (you might say monotonous/repetitive) hard rock music. Some of it happen to be "instrumental stoner rock" others might not be. Even the instrumental music by Daisuke Ishiwatarii is useful (any guilty gear fans?).

The "Gold standard" when talking about bands that make music of the kind I'm looking for would be this band called Balero

Their entire discography is what I just described. I've seen this band labeled as "Stoner Rock" but also "Retro Metal".

Others at that level would be:

Songs that are the "gold standard" of what I'm talking about:

And think songs like these if they were fully-instrumental:

Finally, here are some songs that I really like but I would like even more if they were fully instrumental, just to give an idea (of the pace/upbeat/tempo whatever the right term might be) of type of music I'm looking for:

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Default English word list

Alright so, I took the default database from there and with the help of html, I extracted the words to a list separated by commas. It's useful when you want to translate those words into your native language.

Word of advice, when using google translate, do not put all words at once there, it can rapidly worsen the translation.

(And there is a last thing. Their algorithm of picking only custom words is not working really good, at least for me. Meaning that I often get duplicates, despite having a list this big and without duplicates. I'm still trying to find some solution to this, so if somebody is experiencing this as well, share the knowledge please, I will do the same.)

SOLUTION: Thanks for the reply from /u/PepegaWR who identified the cause. I also tested it and there seems to be a custom words limit of 5000 characters. The easiest way in my opinion is to shuffle the words before each session to minimize the impact. Also thanks to the /u/flynger who had the same idea before me :)

Finally, here it is, enjoy the scribbling ^^ :

ABBA, AC/DC, Abraham Lincoln, Adidas, Africa, Aladdin, America, Amsterdam, Android, Angelina Jolie, Angry Birds, Antarctica, Anubis, Apple, Argentina, Asia, Asterix, Atlantis, Audi, Australia, BMW, BMX, Bambi, Band-Aid, Barack Obama, Bart Simpson, Batman, Beethoven, Bible, Big Ben, Bill Gates, Bitcoin, Black Friday, Bomberman, Brazil, Bruce Lee, Bugs Bunny, Canada, Capricorn, Captain America, Cat Woman, Cerberus, Charlie Chaplin, Chewbacca, China, Chinatown, Christmas, Chrome, Chuck Norris, Colosseum, Cookie Monster, Crash Bandicoot, Creeper, Croatia, Cuba, Cupid, DNA, Daffy Duck, Darwin, Darwin Watterson, Deadpool, Dexter, Discord, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, Dora, Doritos, Dracula, Dumbo, Earth, Easter, Easter Bunny, Egypt, Eiffel tower, Einstein, Elmo, Elon Musk, Elsa, Eminem, England, Europe, Excalibur, Facebook, Family Guy, Fanta, Ferrari, Finn, Finn and Jake, Flash, Florida, France, Frankenstein, Fred Flintstone, Gandalf, Gandhi, Garfield, Germany, God, Goofy, Google, Great Wall, Greece, Green Lantern, Grinch, Gru, Gumball, Happy Meal, Harry Potter, Hawaii, Hello Kitty, Hercules, Hollywood, Home Alone, Homer Simpson, Hula Hoop, Hulk, Ikea, India, Intel, Ireland, Iron Giant, Iron Man, Israel, Italy, Jack-o-lantern, Jackie Chan, James Bond, Japan, JayZ, Jenga, Jesus Christ, Jimmy Neutron, John Cena, Johnny Bravo, KFC, Katy Perry, Kermit,

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📅︎ May 10 2020
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New, Santopany Area Operations

May 28, hidden in Santo The secret of Pani Island Mystery Lab is waiting for you to unlock!

After exploring and fighting on the island, the survivors will take a yacht to the low temperature experimental island. Here, corridors are covered with pipes, and dangerous liquid nitrogen leaks are spewing out at any time; and horrible monsters are waiting for research materials, all putting a mysterious veil on this laboratory. With the deepening of exploration, the unbearable low temperature, and the shark's attack at any time in the deep sea, it will become another test in the face of the truth ...

The submarine elevator seems to be your chance to get out, but it is the entrance to the huge submarine training room. Looking at the huge petri dish in the distance, what choice do you make ...

"The boss seems to be a giant octopus."

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📅︎ May 23 2020
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Meandering in Red's mind, or "Red, in his own words." Part 5: His stories

Over 7 seasons we have accumulated a lot of stories about Red, his personal experiences. True or not together they paint a picture of the character.

Some of them are about his childhood:

  • When I was young, I wanted to be able to dance just like Gary Goddard. I still remember going to the Snowflake Dance and watching him for the first time. That kid, man, he could move. Won the eighth-grade talent show. He was on the Yell Squad. Gary even danced his way into Helen Hummer’s pants, and let me tell you something, that was like breaking into Fort Knox. Then in the summer of ‘88, I saw Gary in the diaper aisle at Safeway. He looked like hell. Gray. Out of breath, fatigued. Turns out Gary had a bicuspid valve, needed a heart transplant. He was on the wait list until the day he died.
  • Funny. The janitor at my elementary school was called “Smokey.” No idea why. He never smoked a day in his life.
  • I was a lifeguard my junior year in high school. Had to give mouth-to-mouth to Mrs. Beerman. She belched up a lung full of corned beef and chlorine. I haven’t been in a pool since.
  • I spent two summers operating the Whack-the-Cats at the Emmet County Fair
  • You know, when I was 15, I had a summer job installing carpets for Albert Kodagolian on Lake Charlevoix. Horrible job hot, indoors, forced to listen to “The Gambler” on 8-track while the rest of the world was at the beach. Three days into the job, I knew I had to quit. I asked my father for adviceAll he wanted to know was whether I’d given my word to Mr.Kodagolian that I’d work the summer. I told him I had. My father suggested I stick it out. I’d given my word. Worst eight weeks of my life. Until the last day. Mr. Kodagolian shows up at the jobsite, pulls me aside, and tells me that in 27 years, no kid has ever made it through the summer, gives me a bonus $40. The most valuable money I’ve ever made. A priceless lesson about life. Value loyalty above all else.
  • Well, [I want] another spin of the bottle in Melanie Reichman’s basement
  • Your cummerbund. Pleats up! You look like Bob Yoshimura in 8th-grade swing choir. It’s upside down!
  • *You know, BJ Simpson and I started a lawn-mowing business in the summer of ‘72– bagging, hedging, the whole ball of wax.One day, I’m out rototilling Pat Hunt’s garden. I go in for a bottle of pop– must have been 110– and there’s BJ in the sunken living room, shoes off, feet up on the couch, eating a fried-bologna sandwich, watching Mike Douglas. Mike Douglas! C
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[EU][WP] In your years at the Daily Planet, you've kept an eye on Clark Kent. He's clearly putting on the whole "dweebish coward" persona, he has a bunch of mysterious sources and he vanishes whenever Superman shows up. It's obvious. He's a supervillian, and you're going to find proof. [PART 5]

Prompt by u/Urbenmyth

It didn't take long for us to arrive at the pile of sand that barely surfaced above the water a few miles off the coast of Metropolis. Four years earlier, it had been deemed sufficiently fertile ground for an artificial reef, and four months before our date, I had written a long piece on the subject and its implications for the fishing industry. Arthur maneuvered the small, beaten-down, cozy little sailboat like a pro, and I wondered idly if he was in on Clark's secrets. How did a farmboy from Kansas meet a professional sailor?

Another boat approached the same area. It made Arthur's boat look like a wayward child in a rich man's lawn. There were no scratches on its paint, no chinks on its rails and, I would discover later, no persistent fishy smell. It was an ostentatious display of wealth so vast I idly wondered if they would try to pay us off in order to make certain they had control over their view.

For the first few minutes, everything was fine. I got my gear on (Clark was already wearing his), and Arthur gave us a few instructions. Flip backwards into the water, not forwards, be careful what you touch, don't go up too fast, and so on. Basic stuff. I'd already dived into the area before, when researching the article, but it had been an efficient and frustrating affair mostly for the benefit of Jimmy, who got to take pictures of everything while I was underwater for maybe twenty whole minutes.

This time, I got to explore.

For a whole hour, I swam around in delight. Clark followed me, pointed to certain things, and we communicated in a surprisingly successful kind of gesturing. Neither of us was particularly fluent in sign language, but that didn't matter. I thought it was a fantastic date. I thought Clark had dropped at least a little bit of the act, because I had succeeded in ingratiating myself to him. I was swimming and smiling and staying pleasantly close to him.

That's when the enormous sea-monster attacked.

You'd think it would be an octopus. That's the archetypal sea-monster. Or maybe a squid. Something tentacled, rising from beneath to grip us. Instead, it was some sort of arthropod. It looked like the very, very pointy and spiny answer to the question "what if crabs could be tarantulas?" Afterwards, as I was nursing my bruised ribs, I found out that its closest non-monster relative was the deep sea king crab.

Clark saw it first, its enormous shape nearing the reef. He grabbed me by the arm and guided me up wi

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The Call of the Sirens. Insight in to sailing life. Part 1

We had been planning this trip for nigh on two years, now. My mother claims she wanted to wait until I finished my studies for good; my sister already having done so a year before. We tried to tell her that we were good to go whenever, that we truly missed the ocean – despite everything – and that if anything, bringing some books to research on board would be somewhat refreshing. We were used to the sea, we missed the ships, we pined to be back on board something, anything. She conducted a whole farce of considering it, but the answer was always a no. We understood, and didn’t press the matter, but it was frustrating.

The trip itself would have only taken five weeks, give or take a day or two for weather and unforeseeable mishaps, but considering what had happened to my dad, she wanted to make sure everything was planned – from the state of the ship itself being in peak sailing condition, to provisions, to the multiple destinations; she’d checked with coast guards of the waters we’d be sailing in, giving them a run-down of our trajectory and queried in to the possibility of sending search parties to trace our career should something go awry, and we didn’t turn up within three days of the designated date.

She’d been in touch with other sailors who had crossed the same waters, and accosted them with what had turned in to a rigid checklist-turned-questionnaire, of which she would then cross-reference with the others – even though she had sailed these waters herself earlier in life. She needed to know how they fared, were there any causes for concern, any bad experiences that befell others and if so, what? how? when? was it avoidable? was it down to lack of experience? I knew that she’d always been one for details and preplanning, but this was a whole other level, and it broke my heart.

It got to the point that any brochure or article my sister and I would allow to galvanise our excitement – stating what there was to do at this dock, this port, this city – would soon be tainted and poisoned by her insatiable need to scrutinise every last detail. Literally, every last one. And that poison would affect her most – our symptoms were disdain and pity, hers a sickness of feverish research all over again. She usually commanded an effortless and quiet confidence, but now she was a twisted reflection, bedraggled, exhausted and stressed.

One of the reasons I wanted to go on the holiday so much was because she seemed almost desolate, now. It was like having a basta

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Bill Gates' the Octopus. One of the top ten superyachts in the world [800x534]
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Co founder of Microsoft Paul Allen's superyacht Octopus [3008x2000]…
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📅︎ Dec 30 2013
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Looking for music similar to Sleep's "The Botanist"

I'm familiar with Sleep's catalog, as well as other commonly related artists (Earthless, Dead Meadow, Electric Octopus). What strikes me about this song is how different it is from their usual stuff (specifically the solo); it's almost a darker, plodding Hendrix type of sound (like "Lost in the Cold Sun" by Earthless), and I have trouble finding more instrumental music in this vein.

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📰︎ r/stonerrock
📅︎ Sep 30 2019
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The Grateful Dead in the 90's: A Look into the Music After Bruce

Goal: I know there are plenty of you that lived through the era, and have already listened to the era and have no interest in 90's Dead post-Brent, post-Hornsby, etc. I am not trying to change your minds at all. I am trying to help provide some info to those who may never have been exposed to the era. Whether this is due to being new to the band's catalog, or avoiding the 90's in general due to the negative connotations they have heard, I am trying to deliver my perspective on why I think there is a fair share of material from the post-Hornsby era for the curious Deadhead to check out, and perhaps find value/entertainment from.

As we know, the 90's can be a controversial topic amongst heads for a variety of reasons. Garcia's health, Vince's sound and songs, the status of the lot/scene, and so on. I am going to try my best here to focus primarily on the music. Here is what I think is valuable for those new to the era to know for a general background on how certain factors affected the music. These opinions are my personal bias and beleif, as is this entire write-up (please keep that in mind):

  • Garcia's health was the deciding factor for much of how the music went. Garcia's relationships with drugs, physical health, mental health, and women (ESPECIALLY women) at the time all contributed to highs and lows in the era; much like the rest of his/the band's career. For more information on this, I highly recommend reading Garcia: An American Life by Blair Jackson.

  • The band, outside of Garcia, was, in my opinion, functioning on a whole new level during 1993-1995. Again, in my opinion, Phil and Bobby had finally mastered what they had been working on creating sound-wise through most of the 80's by this time. I think Phil really reached this level of superior sound in Summer '89. For Bob, I think there was still much transition personally within his sound that developed through the first part of the 90s. It really culminated just in time for the December '92 return (Fall '92 was cancelled due health issues with Garcia). With the triumphant return to good health for Garcia in Spring '93, this was the time Bobby had finally not only mastered the wonky, odd, lead-rhythm he had been developing for years, but he just nailed the sound he was going for creativity-wise, musically, and texturally, in Spring '93. It expanded even further by Spring '94. The drummers were more locked in and synched up in a way at this time that I think reflected more of t

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[Map] Finished My Contest Submission

I have finally finished my contest map (for now) and am sharing it here WITH annotations



  1. Ice Sheet - Large open ground, baby penguins spawn here.
  2. Broken Ship - Hiding space for smaller animals surrounded by cold adapted vegetation.
  3. Walrus Fields - Open patch of sea floor home to many walrus. Has hiding spots for small fish.
  4. Grotto - Covered by ceiling. Secret shady hangout for any animals that can find it.
  5. Arctic Deep Caves - Essentially the same as original deep caves, serves as a passage from the shallow arctic to the open deep.
  6. SS Deeeepio - Massive fallen ship atop a large geothermal vent, surrounded by turbulent waters and hiding spots for small fish.
  7. Tube Worm Haven - Community of giant tube worms gathering around large volcanic vents open to the world border, strong upwards currents push food out and prevent animals from touching the world border.
  8. Polar Vortex - Transitional biome between the arctic and temperate ocean, AI humpbacks take refuge in the maze of turbulent water (please fix whalepool for this to work).



  1. Temperate Islands - Functionally the same as the original islands with a small visual change near the base.
  2. Kelp Oasis - Small breaks (with a larger one to the right) of open ocean filled with kelp. There are no hidings spots for smaller fish but kelp does slow larger animals by 30% (similar to turbulent water).
  3. Continental Turbulence - Patch of turbulent water, provides some safety for large animals near the reef.
  4. "Ancient" depths - A homage to the original sea floor of deeeepio, is in a transition between shallow and deep waters with hiding spaces for smaller fish. AI Jellyfish spawn here.
  5. Sunken Ship - Hiding space for larger animals, provides extra detail on the deep floor (aside from sponges and pineapples.
  6. Deep Caves - Essentially the same as the vanilla deep caves, serves as a way for deep sea creatures to move around different parts of the world
  7. Tube Worm Outpost - Small colony of giant tube worms, contains an air pocket and serves to break up the monotony of the deep caves.
  8. Ope
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One of Paul Allen's Superyachts - Octopus [3008x2000]…
👍︎ 43
👤︎ u/Phiddler
📅︎ Jul 24 2011
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10 Awesomely Weird Facts About Nicolas Cage

10 Awesomely Weird Facts About Nicolas Cage

It’s not wrong to say that Nicolas Cage is one of the most fascinating figures in Hollywood. Nephew of legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, Cage was inspired by James Dean to get into the acting biz as a teenager, and in the years since has become an Academy Award winner and the subject of Internet worship. Here are ten of the most entertainingly bizarre Nicolas Cage facts we know.


10. China Thinks He’s the Best Actor in the World

Cage has taken home a number of awards for his work in American films – an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas in 1995, for example – but nothing beats the honor that the Huading Awards bestowed on him in 2013. How does “Best Global Actor In Motion Pictures” strike you? That’s the kind of award that really opens doors in Hollywood.

9. He Sued Kathleen Turner Because She Said He Stole a Dog

Hollywood is a notoriously lawsuit-happy place, but this one is bizarre by any standards. In 2008, Kathleen Turner published her memoir, Send Yourself Roses, and a chunk of it dealt with her experience working with Cage on Peggy Sue Got Married. Turner claimed that her co-star was once busted by the cops for swiping a Chihuahua. Cage protested, sued, and eventually won a public apology.

8. He Once Woke Up Next to a Naked Man

No, not in the way you think. This bizarre story happened when Cage was living in Orange County with his wife. He woke up one night to discover a man, completely naked except for Cage’s leather jacket, sitting on the foot of his bed eating a Fudgesicle. The actor managed to convince the obviously disturbed man to leave the house without incident, but he moved his family out of the house soon after.

7. He Once Did Mushrooms with His Cat

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Nicolas Cage has done a fair amount of psychoactive drugs in his day, but so far we only have one confirmed story. In 2010, he told David Letterman a story about his pet cat Louis getting int

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Miami Music Week 2019 Event Schedule - Sat-Sun [UPDATED]

The Specials and Mon-Wed megathread is here.

The Thurs-Fri megathread is here.

This list is currently up to date. I'm keeping this updated daily with new information. Please note that I live in Japan, so I will be updating this list in the evenings, Miami-time. If you know anything I don't, please DM me or comment below!

[Last Update: 03.19.2019 01:41]


>Ultra Music Festival With Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Zedd, Carl Cox B2B TBA, Deadmau5, Richie Hawtin, Tchami, NGHTMRE and SLANDER pres. Gud Vibrations, NGHTMRE and Big Gigantic pres. Gigantic NGHTMRE, Solardo B2B Camelphat, Cheat Codes, Jamie Jones B2B Joseph Capriati // Dubfire B3B Nicole Moudaber B3B Paco Osuna, The Martinez Brothers // Griz, Illenium // 3LAU, ANNA, Bonnie x Clyde, Borgeous, Cash Cash, Christoph, Elephante, G Jones, Getter, Hector, Hot Since 82, K?D, Le Fleur, Louis Futon, Marcel Dettman, Matador, Monstergetdown, Mykris, Phantoms, Pleasurekraft, Popof, Salvatore Ganacci, Spencer Brown, Spor, Thugfucker, Tommie Sunshine // Alex Zinn, Antz, Callie Reiff, Eric Powell, Fabio Neural, J Worra, Jean Marie, Jay Robinson, Kevu, Rinzen, Tinlicker // Takshak, Christopher james, Josh Wetherington, Metaphysical B2B Motoe Haus, Jimmie Page, Richard Fraioli, Kanye & Sanchez, Motion & Sky, Bebe Breaks. Noon-2 a.m. Saturday, March 30, Virginia Key Beach Park 4020 Virginia Beach Dr, Miami. 18+. Tickets cost $399.95-$1499.95 via

>David Guetta With David Guetta, Tom Staar, and Brooks. 11 p.m. Saturday, March 30 at LIV, 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. 21+. Tickets cost $100 via Tables available.

>Get Lost Miami 14th Session *With Adeline, Ae:ther (live), Alex Kennon, Atish, Audiofly, AVIDUS, Bedouin, Behrouz, Black Motion (live), Bontan, Brina Knauss, Butch, Cassy, Chris Liebing, Claude VonStroke, Damian Lazarus, DAVI (live), Davide Squillace, Denney, Dennis Ferrer, DESERT HEARTS (Mikey Lion / Lee Reynolds / Marbs), Diplo, DJ Sneak, DJ Tennis, DJ Three, Doc Martin, Doorly, Emanuel Satie, Felix Da Housecat, Francesca Lombardo, Gorgon City, Guti (live), Guy Gerber, Heidi Lawden, Joeski, Jonas Rathsman, Jonny

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Miami Music Week News 2/18-2/25

Welcome to the weekly MMW update thread. This thread is a weekly update post on Sunday evenings with a link to the MMW megaposts and a list of the updates that have happened in the past week.

Please note that ALL events are posted as soon as they are announced in the MEGATHREADS linked below. This weekly thread is only for changes and additions during the past week. Tier pricing increases will not be included in this list.

The COMPLETE Mon-Thurs event schedule megathread is posted HERE.

The COMPLETE Fri-Sun event schedule megathread is posted HERE.

Megathread links are also posted on the sidebar/topbar

Special notes for this week:

  • Sorry about the lag on updates in the megathreads last week; I was at A State of Trance in Utrecht. That's also why the weekly update is a day late.
  • If the links in the megathreads aren't working, use the desktop version of reddit or the browser version on mobile. Some versions of the reddit app will not process links correctly and make them unclickable.
  • Another huge week this week, probably will be a big week the next couple weeks, too. Tons of announcements.
  • Unfortunate news, Oliver Heldens confirmed that there was a mistake on the Heldeep 5 tour poster and there will not be a Heldeep event on Wednesday, March 27. The only Heldeep event will be the pool party on Friday, March 29.
  • Another annoying thing I've noticed is that some listings need to manually be moved up to the next pricing tier when a tier sells out. Because of this, there will be a time when a listing looks "sold out" but the promoter / coordinator just hasn't manually flipped to the next tier yet.


Mon March 25

Day – Nitti Gritti & Friends @ The Hangar announced and on sale.

Tue March 26

Day – Villano @ The Langford Rooftop announced (with lineup).

Evening/Night – The Blu Party @ Mana Wynwood announced (with lineup).

Night – We're Never Going Home @ Red Room announced and on sale.

Night – Guy Gerber @ Wall announced (with lineup) and on sale.

Wed March 27

Day – DJ Mag Pool Party @ Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel partial lineup announced.

Night – Sweeeet @ Do Not Sit on the Furniture announced (with lineup) and on sale.

Night – Heldeep 5 Night Event CANCELED

Night – *HoTL Miami @ El Patio lineup announ

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Gunrunning part 2 speculation
  • Floating Operation Center: FOC.

  • New vehicles which can be modded in the FOC:

  • Weaponized dinghy. missiles explode on contact with water, and are launched from the bottom of the dinghy, blowing you up instantly.

  • Faggio Mod Custom: Unlock the ability to make it a submersible via research, but you also have to research a scuba suit first. also some research for a cosmetic armor plating.

  • Octopus: Submarine with stock machine guns that are about as effective as trying to chop down a tree with a dull needle. Research unlocks torpedoes and a speed boost.

  • Aquapressor: a jet ski that has extendable wings and a rocket, but can have cannons like on the hydra/laser/savage via research.

  • APS: Armored Personnel Sailboat. Can be used on land, and comes with a tank cannon. Research unlocks another SAM battery that has no lock on, but it's a separate research from the APC.

  • Mark 2 weapons:

  • Vintage Pistol Mk2: Now looks like a flintlock pistol, and behaves like one. weaker than the marksman pistol, however. It doesn't accept special ammunition.

  • Knife Mk2: Literally just makes it a karambit. nothing else. the upgrade costs $1337420.

  • Heavy Revolver Mk2: Makes it so you don't have to pull the hammer back every shot, and through research you gain the ability to hold two at once.

  • Assault shotgun and Minigun Mk2: Now with explosive ammo. Also, the Assault shotgun mk2 has a drum magazine by default, even with special ammo.

  • Dripfeed:

  • Week 1:

  • New Adversary mode: Overtime Brawl. You thought overtime shootout was boring? That's nothing. Now, you have to wait for 19 other people, not just 9!

  • Dodo Custom: Allows the seaplane to have better explosive resistance, and can now drop bombs.

  • Week 2:

  • Extended overtime brawl 2x.

  • Technical Aqua Custom: Copy-pasted technical custom research, but makes them separate.

  • Week 3:

  • New Adversary Mode: Power Crazy. 8 Teams of 2 fight over a powerup that gives the user the explosive assault shotgun, and nothing else. *DayShark: The nightshark as a sedan.

  • Week 4:

  • Extended Power Crazy 2x

  • The Pegassi Crumbler: Fulfill your dreams of being a F1 driver with this new racing vehicle. It's accurate to an actual one, complete with how easily it falls apart in a collision. But hey, at least you're safe.

  • Week 5

  • New Adversary Mode: Aliveline. Your goal is to run into other player's lines that is created by their shitaros.

  • The Nagasaki Shitaro: The name sats it all. It's the shotaro, but about as fast as a fa

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Name still W.I.P. Anyway, this is a series I will do if people care. Otherwise no point, but I have a lot of ideas of a series of rockstar updates that would slowly fix GTA's core problems as it addresses them. KEEP IN MIND, THEY WILL NEVER DO THIS BECAUSE OF SHARKCARDS. I AM AWARE OF THIS. Now then, time to get into it.


Research system is altered. You can choose what your scientists research. Now I know everyone will be triggered if they spent real money and they fix this, but we shouldn't keep a broken system broken to screw over others. And this is justified in the update later on. You can still fasttrack, so maybe they can do this without hurting sharkcards?

There are a few aircraft carriers around Los Santos. About 3 to be specific. These are necessary for freemode events anyway, and theres no reason why they can't sit there on the coast to give people something to check out.

A single Oil Rig is in the ocean off of the right side of the map. It's pretty far out, but also ties into missions.

Several new wrecks and things to explore with the submarine are in the ocean.

A new area is added to all yachts, though its covered with a tarp...for now.


-Coast Guard Clothes

-Sailor Clothes

-Pirate Clothes

-Fisherman Clothes

-Diver Outfit (Cheesy fake looking one)

-Octopus Mask

-Pufferfish Mask


-Underwater Rifle [APS]

-Underwater Pistol [SPP-1]

-Harpoon Gun

-C4 (Sticky Bomb is based on C4 but looks more improvised. This is military grade C4 that can do much more damage, especially underwater. However it cannot be thrown as far.)

-Boat Rudder (Melee)

-Giant Shark Fang (Melee)





-Plane based on the PBY Catalina

-HVY Crocodile [Based on a tankboat]

-Brute Urchin [Military gunboat]

-Currently Unnammed HVY Gunboat

-Mammoth Glenadier

-Mammoth Fangtooth

-Truffade Marin

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Bands playing in Vancouver from June 19th – June 25th

Hey /r/Vancouver,

It’s time for the new weekly concert listings, giving you the information you need this week on who is playing, where they’re playing, and why you should see them. The point of this thread is to help spread the music scene in Vancouver, find concert buddies, or hype up your concerts for the week. As always I may’ve missed a few bands but generally don’t include crappy cover bands playing in pubs, if I did miss a legitimate touring band please comment below. If you want to know who is playing today, look at last week’s thread.

Perdin’s Picks Changing up the pick system, we’re introducing Weight Classes based on ticket prices. Pubweight will be for tickets under $15, Clubweight will be for ticket prices between $15 - $35 dollars, and Arenaweight is $35 and over. The reason why I’ve introduced three different picks at three different price points is because I was using the value of a ticket price to get in the way of some of my choices. Also I think it’ll make everything fair so people don’t ask ”Why did you choose a show at a pub over this Rogers Arena gig?”

Pubweight Pick: Carousel Scene with Redwoods @ The Portside Pub – $10

  • Super tough pick between Carousel Scene and Ninjaspy. Reason why I chose them is Carousel/Redwoods are new upcoming bands and Ninjaspy is a Vancouver staple.

Clubweight: Nomadic Massive @ Performance Works – $30

  • Easy pick, especially if you’re seeing Jurassic 5 on Friday, this will be a good show to see the following day. Like I say below, people are sleeping on this rap group from Canada.

Arenaweight Jurassic 5 and Lazy Syrup Orchestra @ Commodore Ballroom – $45.00

  • Easy pick, there’s a reason why they’re playing two shows in Vancouver. It was between Jurassic 5 and Bonnie Raitt but with Vancouver Jazz Festival going on during the weekend and Nomadic Massive being my Clubweight pick, I do believe these two shows complement each other if you’re lu
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The Touch Tank

I was a volunteer at the Montview Heritage Aquarium since sophomore year of high school. It was equal parts devotion and gullibility that kept me going. Even though my dreams of becoming a marine biologist fizzled out once I left high school, I stayed loyal to that place, believing them every time they said a job opening was just around the corner.

The touch tank is the exhibit that all the kids love. Some starfish sand dollars, maybe an urchin or two that you can pick up and fondle and no one will tell you to put it down. Ph is always a nightmare. Sometimes you have to skim greasy blobs of peanut butter sandwiches off the filter. I've fished band aids out of the pool more times than I can count. But the animals can usually take it. When they can’t...well, you can always replace a sand dollar.

Management at that place was hell. Did a kid pick up a starfish and break off three legs for no reason? Comp his family and give them stickers! Someone spit in the water? Free lunch at the cafe! The customer must be kept happy and come back, no matter the cost.

I guess this was why it took so long to notice what went wrong with the tank. I was so used to no one caring that I had given up most of my efforts and just settled for making sure the animals survived the day. I remember not feeling angry when I saw the pulverized bits of starfish floating in the water, just tired and sick. I skimmed the remains out with a net and rinsed the filter. A elementary class was coming by in ten minutes, no time to do anything else.

It was exactly 12:15. I was glancing up at the clock, anticipating sweet freedom when the schoolchildren went back to their bus for sack lunches because the school was too cheap to spring for the cafe. The second hand of the clock ticked and I heard a funny little squeak. I looked over to find a girl backing away from the touch tank, the front of her jacket sopping wet, looking down at her hand. The edge of it was bright pink and beginning to puff up. Oh no.

The girl was making those little sharp noises that you make when you’re in too much pain to scream. I could see several red dots along her hand, like she’d been stabbed with a comb. I tried to talk calmly to her, maneuver her down to the first aid station, while the other children just stared at us. One of the supervising teachers took the girl's arm and led her away. I managed to get the class out of there and over to the deep sea tanks. When I got back to the touch tank, the remains of another

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Black & White Chapter 3: Fall

Atina’s a nerd.

That sounds like an insult, and in many senses it is, but it is her most stand-out feature, the source of both weakness and power. She is obsessive, introverted, given to self-loathing and depression at one moment, then manic wild energy at another. She’s able to keep focus through impossible tasks, make connections others don’t, and see things clearer than I can in many cases. She often sees the worst of people, and she helps them anyway. She sees how savage people can be, and she keeps helping them. And she gathers information like a crow gathers shiny things.

For example, did you know that Seneca Lake is the largest Finger Lake, and the deepest body of water contained entirely within New York State? I certainly didn’t, until Atina informed me of that fact. In my body of knowledge, my awareness is spectacular. If you have questions about European folklore and culture, I probably know more than Atina does. The same is true of swordfighting, and certain aspects of the fae. The thing is, outside of my areas of expertise, I know very little.

So Atina’s advantage is in being able to find information. She knows a little about a lot of subjects, which is all you need to start asking questions. Scarcely a week goes by without an email or a conversation full of questions. She uncovers unnerving amounts of information that way.

Atina doesn’t trust people. Not really. When she opens herself up, you can see her bracing herself for the stab. She expects it every time. I’m the opposite. I don’t expect the betrayals, save for those I consider bad people. This is because I rely on my reflexes, and she relies on her logic. She tries to make sure she won’t be crippled by betrayal while still allowing it to happen. I rely on being able to stop betrayal in the moment. It’s a useful combination of skills.

There are a handful of people she does trust. The Half-Faced Man is one of them, and I wish I could understand why.

Standing here, on the dock, a twelve pack of beers under one arm, staring out at the boat, I think I began to get it a little bit.

"Guinness! Poseur."

The Half-Faced Man stood on the stern, grinning. I could see what he really looked like. The other people on the dock didn't appear to be able to, just like they could not tell that the silly cosplay armor I wore was steel chainmail, and the two swords on my hip were true weapons. Their eyes glanced over it, and assumed. Fairies were good at forcing people to make assumptions.

He sto

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NHK Japan has aired special documentary

Remember Paul Allen's yacht Octopus found the Musashi under the Sibuyan Sea in March 2015? NHK did obtained the unpublished 100 hours survey video from Paul Allen and converted video frames into 3D images. So far this program only available in Japanese.

Program description: NHKスペシャル - 戦艦武蔵の最期 ~映像解析 知られざる真実~ (2016.12.04)

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📅︎ Dec 07 2016
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Kana Valua, The Hidden Jewel of The South Pacific!

“Kana Valua, The Hidden Jewel of The South Pacific!”

The printed paper slid under my doormat was simple and unadorned aside from that tagline. It was something printed off of someone’s home printer with nothing but a vacant space from which a phone number must have been torn, but it caused my heart to drop.

I can’t say I didn’t expect this day to come. I mentally prepared myself for how I’d write everything down: I went over it in my head ad nauseum. Each time the story was different than the last but never before had I experienced any hesitation or nervousness. Not until now, not until I read the name of that damned island.

Tucked underneath the paper was a handwritten note from Anthony, one of my oldest friends; the best man at my wedding; the god-father to my boys.

“Jason, Stacey left this behind on her trip to New Zealand and she never made her return flight. I’ve been trying to reach you but your phone is off. Please call me as soon as possible. I need your help. She ended her business trip early and though I dread the thought she must have booked a charter to that island on a lark. I don’t know where the hell she got this but I’m going out there. I have to find my wife. -Anthony”

I knew immediately what he meant, so I tried to call him but went straight to voicemail numerous times. I went by his house but he and his car were already gone.

He was talking about a vacation our group of friends took back in 1999 to an island in the South Pacific called ‘Kana Valua’, and I’m sure he never told his wife about that trip.

Kana Valua wasn’t the kind of place you’d find in the resort and cruise brochures. It was a closely guarded secret, or so I was told, only accessible by a very specific nondescript private charter. I’m still not clear if there was or was not a permanent population but it had some basic accommodations to support the more adventurous crowd. There was excellent surfing, beautiful snorkeling, hiking, fishing and all the rest. It was a small island though with only one bar, a couple restaurants, a sport shop, laundromat, a few homes and of course the pavilion (where visitors stayed, think open air huts). You could kayak around it in a day if you were pretty aggressive and in great shape. Now, of course if you look for this island you won’t find it, not unless you know which charter company to call. In the old days it would have been too small to mark on any map, and you’d have a hell of a time trying to find it on Google Earth today ev

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MUSASHI BATTLESHIP LIVE STREAM EVENT: Discuss the battleship and submit questions here. Not an AMA. Good q's will be shared with expedition team for answer during stream.

On March 2, 2015, a research team led by Paul G. Allen located the Musashi, one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced battleships. The ship was sunk during World War II and, despite numerous eyewitness accounts, the exact location of the ship was unknown.

Using historical records from four different countries, detailed topographical data and advanced technology aboard his yacht, M/Y Octopus, Mr. Allen and his team discovered the wreckage in the SIbuyan Sea off the Philippines.

Now, the exploration crew on the M/Y Octopus will use the same technology to offer the public a live tour of the battleship and give the world a first-ever complete view of the sunken ship in a unique live stream event.

Viewers will experience more than an hour of exclusive footage of the battleship, including details such as the bow and stern sections, and the main conning tower. The tour will be conducted using the same state-of-the-art Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) that was used to discover the Musashi. The tour will be narrated by the M/Y Octopus's on-site underwater exploration expert in addition to an on-site historian.

A Musashi social media team on from Vulcan Inc., Paul Allen's private company, will monitor this Reddit discussion for questions. Interesting, unique and relevant questions about the discovery will be shared with the team on the M/Y Octopus and may be answered during the live stream as the team explores the sunken ship.

Please understand, this is not a Reddit AMA and will not include immediate, live responses from any party directly involved in the discovery, nor from Paul Allen, on Reddit. Its purpose is to exist as a home-base for the Musashi wreckage discussion, which will allow the Vulcan Inc. comms team to quickly locate and grab great questions from history enthusiasts and make sure they are seen by members of the exploration team.

Please join us!

Date and Time: March 12, 6 PM Pacific Standard Time

Important Links Live Stream Feed:

Live Stream Additional Information:

Twitter Handles: @VulcanInc @PaulGAllen


Paul Allen's website with Musashi updates includes Japanese translations, and a Japanese translator will be ass

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Our Idols and Name Puns

So... we all know that Callie and Marie is a play on Calamari, and that's cute and wholesome.

And as far as I'm aware, their Japanese names, Aori and Hotaru relate to the type of Squid they're based off of.

Enter Pearl and Marina. Or, Hime and Iida if you prefer. Hime makes sense if you consider the translation: Princess, and how much of a brat she seems to be, and as I can't at time of writing find a Princess Squid for her to be based on, or a Crown Squid in the vain of a Crown Jellyfish. It would appear Hime comes from the crown she's wearing. And her white colour scheme plays into her localised name of Pearl.

No real pun, and not as fun really overall.

Then we have Marina, or Iida. Iida Octopus on Google however does give me a neon octopus result, and a redditor recently theorised the type of octopus Marina may be based on. But there's still no real pun. Between Iida and Marina, it looks like Marina may just be a nice aquatic themed name.

But what IS a Marina exactly?

Google defines a Marina as: a specially designed harbour with moorings for pleasure yachts and small boats.

A specially designed harbour. A marina is a type of harbour.

Pearl and Harbour.

Pearl Harbour!

BOOM! Nintendo Treehouse is just trolling at this point!

Edit: Ok, so the base of this entire thing is a shitpost, but I am genuinely curious if there is a pun this time around in Pearl and Marina.

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UK politicians - this is why we hate you.

Theresa May is going to be on the front cover of Vogue Magazine. Vogue Magazine: Fashion news, backstage photos, fashion trends, catwalk videos, supermodel chats, beauty trends and now Theresa May, with a bunch of purple grapes around her neck and just enough upper thigh to catch the glint from Donald Trump’s wandering sex octopus eyes.

Who was in charge of the country while Mrs May spent a day indulging her childhood fantasy of appearing arty and human? The captain of The Titanic was pictured on the day his ship sunk walking his dog on deck. Alternatively, he could have been doing the job he had been entrusted with, but he just loved dogs. Personally, I’d feel a lot safer if Mrs May was actually in her office figuring out how to best navigate the United Kingdom out of Europe without sinking the economy.

I just want the Prime Minister of this country to act like a leader; craving for attention and acceptance is weakness, not strength. Appearing in Vogue is a David Brent move: Mrs May is picking up a guitar and singing Free Love Freeway to Donald Trump, in the hope he’ll join in on some of the high notes.

A Vogue feature also sets Mrs May up for a life after politics, a life where she becomes a fashion icon for the over 60s and moves from cutting public spending to instead asking us to buy her necklace of grapes, or tiger shoes. Advice for Mrs May: The bigger mess you make while in power, the more successful you will become in your next role.

According to past examples, if Mrs May leaves No10 with all the poor people, disabled people and mentally ill people lined up dead in abandoned hospital corridors, and everything above London is on fire, and the capital has become a tall phallic golden statue that disappears into the clouds and houses billionaires who feast on the dreams of orphans, then Mrs May will be welcomed with open arms by book publishers, world media, film companies and award givers, and surely be on the right path to an OBE or some kind of fancy title.

After all, the ‘not giving a fuck about anyone but yourself’ method has reaped dividends so many times for so many politicians. David Cameron gambled the future of the entire country in a move designed to tighten his grip on power. Instead, it backfired spectacularly. Now, at one point I didn’t mind Mr Cameron. In comparison to other political leaders, he appeared human at times. He could get embarrassed, if he was angry, his Gabor wavelet filters would flush red dye into his pigmentation u

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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 180: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • >>>CONT
    • They have to respond they're being put on notice
    • This isn't like saying there's noise at JFK Airport or sending Pat Crowley a message saying hey there's noise at LaGuardia Airport
    • This is like saying I want my records
    • And it causes you
    • It causes the office to change their pattern you're putting them on legal notice to change their pattern of behavior, which is not
    • I can tell you right now when they get most correspondence up there there's no request for action there's requests for action a lot but there's no legal responsibility for them to change their behavior
    • The only way you can get through to Congress is to get them to change their behavior
    • At least in my limited experience and be it up there
    • So here we go national spoilation notice campaign for day one
    • And send me the perfect order post the perfect spoilation notice in the comments
    • And then we're also obviously going to ask for that Rayburn police report
    • We're gonna ask for about all the beating police reports as well
    • We're gonna ask about the CDW
    • Make sure that they retain all the CDW records
    • And we're gonna ask them to retain all the Congressional credit union records as well
    • We should start mapping these things in here
    • So we could just pick up all the papers on one go and we could just send one house page through and they can pick up all the papers we're gonna need for the lawsuit
    • Well they might have to go--a little bit of a walk but we should start mapping how the page is gonna have to walk to pick up all the relevant papers for the lawsuit
    • Should only take about five minutes five minutes

  • Day 357.3. Asking For Your Records - Private Vs Privileged Information - YouTube
    • This is Day 357 part 3
    • So we're gonna do this together this see these are the 10 perfect elements the 10 perfect legal hold notice elements
    • We were not hiding this no no no we're gonna get you the top 10 elements
    • This is written by a guy named Craig Ball who is probably the number one has a number one resource out there on the internet you can buy his I'll give him a little props there
    • But what the ten elements are for telling your Congressman to hold your records
    • This is like it--remember this is not
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Storm and Angel #3: Ice Pick

#Storm and Angel

Volume #1: Uprising

Issue #3: Ice Pick

Previous Issue: Gang Raid

Next Issue: Baseline

Edited by /u/UpinthatBuckethead

Written by /u/FireyRage

‘One week after the Gang Raid…’

“The most vital thing is that you don’t break concentration.” Storm advised before she let her power wash through her. She allowed the familiar prickling sensation along her skin to grow. Electricity charged every fibre of her being. She harnessed the energy and channelled it into her core, then her arms, all the way up to her fingers. Her eyes turned into the white of moonlight, matching her hair. Arms raised she rose a few feet off the ground, with the winds as her foundation and with the sky keeping her grounded. She jerked her arm forward, serving as the metaphorical and literal lightningrod in this circumstance. A bolt crawled out of her system through her fingertips and pierced the heart of a massive spruce some distance away.

The scent of ozone wafted through the air as the woman gave control back to gravity, descending to the earth with the gentle hand of the breeze guiding her. Ororo looked to where she made her mark. A smouldering pile of firewood stood where the grand tree once was.

She turned to her audience: the Italian newcomer with awe practically plastered on his forehead, and Ethan with a Coke in one hand and boredom on the other. The photokinetic rolled his eyes as he leaned back on the railing of the miniature yacht and sipped his drink.


“You didn’t say that the first time you watched Storm.” Diether said with a smirk as he stepped out of the enclosed cockpit. They rented the boat -- large enough to house all five of them with room to spare -- for a mission, and, surprisingly enough, Ethan was their captain. He had experience with the sea.

The young man’s eyes narrowed as he finished his drink and tossed it aside. Gino scrambled to make sure it didn’t fall into the water. Ethan huffed and crossed his arms. His cheeks glowed faintly; he was flustered. “How would you know? You weren’t there.” He looked to the side, attempting to mask his embarrassment by focusing on one of the others’ backside.

Ororo rolled her eyes. Boys.

“You’re not denying it.” Diether teased as he hoisted himself onto the roof of the boat

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Late night intown food

Where are some go to spots to eat decent food after ~9-10pm?

I keep forgetting places I know are open later when I need them. Of course, there's a catch, the womany "can't do cigarette smoke," so pure bars are probably not an ideal option, though she's gonna have to get real and accept a little smoke after 9pm. So bars that are not total smoke traps might be ok.

I'll try to call some of these places next week and ask them when the kitchen closes. A lot of bars shut the kitchen down early, which makes this a little complicated sometimes.

  • Apres Diem
  • Atkins Park
  • Bookhouse Pub (no smoking inside, only on patio)
  • Carol Street Café
  • Corner Tavern Edgewood
  • Cyprus Street Pint & Plate
  • Delia's Chicken Sausage Stand
  • Euclid Avenue Yacht Club
  • Fellinis (Ponce until 2am, Candler Park until midnight)
  • Golden Buddha
  • Highlander
  • Hill Street Tavern (no smoking inside)
  • Mac McGee's (Decatur)
  • Majestic (24 hours)
  • Octopus Bar (10pm - 3am)
  • OMG Taco
  • Ormsby's
  • R. Thomas (24 hours)
  • Square Pub (Decatur)
  • Tin Lizzy's
  • Waffle House on 5th/ATDC (24 hours, it is what it is)
  • Woody's
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Clicking button should refresh result? (javascript)

Just starting out, playing with a list generator, from what I understand, when I click the button "Ship" it should generate another ship, but it does not, can anyone help me see what i'm missing? Code below.

    var d100L1 = Math.floor(Math.random() * 100) + 1; 
    if (d100L1 >= 1 && d100L1 <= 5) {
        var l1r = "Armada";
    if (d100L1 >= 6 && d100L1 <= 10) {
        var l1r = "Deathspider";
    if (d100L1 >= 11 && d100L1 <= 15) {
        var l1r = "Clipper";
    if (d100L1 >= 16 && d100L1 <= 20) {
        var l1r = "Dreadnaught ";
    if (d100L1 >= 21 && d100L1 <= 25) {
        var l1r = "Flying Pyramid";
    if (d100L1 >= 26 && d100L1 <= 30) {
        var l1r = "Great Galley";
    if (d100L1 >= 31 && d100L1 <= 35) {
        var l1r = "Hummingbird";
    if (d100L1 >= 36 && d100L1 <= 40) {
        var l1r = "Hunter-Killer";
    if (d100L1 >= 41 && d100L1 <= 45) {
        var l1r = "Jade Spider Command Ship";
    if (d100L1 >= 46 && d100L1 <= 50) {
        var l1r = "Cuttle Command ";
    if (d100L1 >= 51 && d100L1 <= 55) {
        var l1r = "Octopus";
    if (d100L1 >= 56 && d100L1 <= 60) {
        var l1r = "Man-O-War";
    if (d100L1 >= 61 && d100L1 <= 65) {
        var l1r = "Monarch Armada";
    if (d100L1 >= 66 && d100L1 <= 70) {
        var l1r = "Mammoth";
    if (d100L1 >= 71 && d100L1 <= 75) {
        var l1r = "Pirate Clipper";
    if (d100L1 >= 76 && d100L1 <= 80) {
        var l1r = "Yacht";
    if (d100L1 >= 81 && d100L1 <= 85) {
        var l1r = "Great Bombard";
    if (d100L1 >= 86 && d100L1 <= 90) {
        var l1r = "Tsunami";
    if (d100L1 >= 91 && d100L1 <= 95) {
        var l1r = "Locust";
    if (d100L1 >= 96 && d100L1 <= 100) {
        var l1r = "Archaic Man-O-War";
    var d100L2 = Math.floor(Math.random() * 100) + 1; 
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Contests Ending This Week | Week of March 26, 2016

Ending 2016-03-26:

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Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of (2014-2015)

Download and streaming links available here:

Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of (2014-2015)

What a year(s)! We're proud to present you with what we consider to be the best of every indie release released within the last two years. This edition includes some new tracks, new versions, and updates to audio quality for many songs that were originally unavailable in high quality.

Thanks everyone for sharing your favorite tracks each month. They were catalogued and used as a guideline.


  1. (00:00:30) Various Artists - (IRP) Intro
  2. (00:04:48) The Districts - 4th And Roebling
  3. (00:02:53) ELEL - 40 Watt
  4. (00:03:53) Fidlar - 40oz. On Repeat
  5. (00:02:23) Circa Waves - 101
  6. (00:03:29) The Dandelion - A Sweet Death Song
  7. (00:02:22) Rabbit! - A Year In The Life
  8. (00:04:35) Incubus - Absolution Calling
  9. (00:06:25) Sons Of Rico - Adjustable Value
  10. (00:02:39) Bear Hands - Agora
  11. (00:03:07) Twiggy Frostbite - Ahai
  12. (00:04:22) Nate Ruess - AhHa
  13. (00:03:19) We Are Z - Airbrush
  14. (00:03:03) French Style Furs - All The Way Down
  15. (00:03:47) Beach House - All Your Yeahs
  16. (00:04:21) The Mercy Beat - An Act of Mercy
  17. (00:03:13) Codes - And Arrows and Aarrows
  18. (00:04:01) Aloa Input - Another Green World
  19. (00:03:56) of Montreal - Apollyon Of Blue Room
  20. (00:03:26) Arctic Monkeys - Arabella
  21. (00:03:25) Eaves - As Old As The Grave
  22. (00:03:44) The Belle Brigade - Ashes
  23. (00:05:01) Kithkin - Asunder
  24. (00:03:57) Famy - Ava
  25. (00:02:39) CURXES - Avant-Guarded
  26. (00:03:45) The Fratellis - Baby Don't You Lie to Me
  27. (00:03:38) Wartime Recitals - Bad Dances
  28. (00:03:11) The Provincial Archive - Bad Kids
  29. (00:02:57) Animal Noise - Bag of Bones
  30. (00:02:12) Rachel Goodrich - Bananas
  31. (00:03:27) Red Cabin - Barricade
  32. (00:03:10) Gengahr - Bathed In Light
  33. (00:02:45) Batteries - Batteries
  34. (00:03:02) Autoheart - Beat The Love
  35. (00:02:31) Math the Band - BFFU
  36. (00:04:44) Cayucas - Big Winter Jacket
  37. (00:02:18) San Cisco - Bitter Winter
  38. (00:03:31) Kishi Bashi - Bittersweet Genesis For Him AND Her
  39. (00:04:46) Death Cab For Cutie - Black Sun
  40. (00:03:32) Onions - Boring
  41. (00:03:07) Belle and Sebastian - Born To Act
  42. (00:03:49) Candy For Julie - Bread Crumbs On My Feet
  43. (00:02:52) OK Go - Bright As Your Eyes
  44. (00:02:56) The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers
  45. (00:04:04) Rain Over St. Ambrose - Broken Love
  46. (00:03:57) The Mispers - Brother
  47. (00:0
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Wikipedia's plot summary for Gravity's Rainbow

The opening pages of the novel follow Pirate Prentice, an employee of the Special Operations Executive, first in his dreams, and later around his house in wartime London. Pirate's associate Teddy Bloat photographs a map depicting the sexual encounters of U.S. Army Lt. Tyrone Slothrop, an employee of a fictional technical intelligence unit called ACHTUNG. Each of Slothrop's sexual encounters in London appears to precede a V-2 rocket strike in the same place by several days. Employees of a fictional top secret psychological warfare agency called PISCES, headquartered at a former insane asylum known as "The White Visitation" investigate Slothrop's apparent precognition, including statistician Roger Mexico and Pavlovian behavioral psychologist Edward W. Pointsman, among others. Slothrop's encounters and the rocket sites match the Poisson Distributions calculated by Roger Mexico, leading to reflections on topics as broad as Determinism, the reverse flow of time, and the sexuality of the rocket itself. Many characters not significant until later are introduced in "Beyond the Zero", including Franz and Leni Pökler, while others who appear significant in Part One, such as Thomas Gwenhidwy and Jessica Swanlake, vanish from the narrative and don't re-appear until the closing pages of the novel. Indeed, most of the four hundred named characters only make single appearances, serving merely to demonstrate the sheer scope of Pynchon's universe. Slothrop is also submitted to various psychological tests, many involving the drug sodium amytal. Flashbacks reveal the story of Katje Borgesius, a Dutch double agent who infiltrated a V-2 rocket-launching battery commanded by a sadistic SS officer named Captain Blicero, who kept Katje and a young soldier named Gottfried as sex slaves. Pavlovian conditioning is a recurring topic, mostly explored through the character of Pavlovian researcher Pointsman. One of the more bizarre Pavlovian episodes involves the conditioning of octopus Grigori to attack Katje. Early in part two, the octopus attacks Katje on the beach in France, and Slothrop is "conveniently" at hand to rescue her.

In part two, "Un Perm' au Casino Hermann Goering", Slothrop is sent away by his superiors in mysterious circumstances to a casino on the recently liberated French Riviera, in which almost the entirety of Part Two takes place. He is in fact being monitored by associates of Pointsman, including Katje and a linguist named Sir Stephen Dodson-Truck. Katje and Slo

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The team that discovered the wreck of WWII Japanese battleship "Musashi" is collecting questions from Redditors on /r/WarshipPorn for their live-stream tonight - they're looking questions from outside the naval historian group

The Musashi, along with her sister Yamato, was the largest battleship ever built in terms of tonnage, and carried the largest diameter main guns at 18". She was sunk by American aircraft during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, and her wreck was only found on March 2 this year by Paul Allen's yacht, the M/Y Octopus.

The live-stream tonight will involve a direct view from the Remotely-Operated Vehicle that will show live-stream participants live views from the wreck, which rests over one kilometer deep.

Here's a link to the thread where they're looking for questions from Redditors. I would ask the moderators on /r/History for help on this first, but it is really short notice (the livestream is tonight):

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[IIL] fast-paced instrumental Stoner rock bands like Mother Engine, Balero, 35007, [WEWIL]?

**Disclaimer**: I am not good at identifying or labeling music by genre/style and that's why I'm using a lot of examples so people know exactly what I mean with this question. So yeah, basically my problem is that I am not sure how to look what I want.

I like to listen music in order to focus at work, I have the best results with instrumental, fast-paced (you might say monotonous/repetitive) hard rock music. Some of it happen to be "instrumental stoner rock" others might not be. Even the instrumental music by Daisuke Ishiwatarii is useful (any guilty gear fans?).

The "Gold standard" when talking about bands that make music of the kind I'm looking for would be this band called Balero

Their entire discography is what I just described. I've seen this band labeled as "Stoner Rock" but also "Retro Metal".

Others at that level would be:

Songs that are the "gold standard" of what I'm talking about:

And think songs like these if they were fully-instrumental:

Finally, here are some songs that I really like but I would like even more if they were fully instrumental, just to give an idea (of the pace/upbeat/tempo whatever the right term might be) of type of music I'm looking for:

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The Grateful Dead in the 90's: A Look into the Music After Bruce

Goal: I know there are plenty of you that lived through the era, and have already listened to the era and have no interest in 90's Dead post-Brent, post-Hornsby, etc. I am not trying to change your minds at all. I am trying to help provide some info to those who may never have been exposed to the era. Whether this is due to being new to the band's catalog, or avoiding the 90's in general due to the negative connotations they have heard, I am trying to deliver my perspective on why I think there is a fair share of material from the post-Hornsby era for the curious Deadhead to check out, and perhaps find value/entertainment from.

As we know, the 90's can be a controversial topic amongst heads for a variety of reasons. Garcia's health, Vince's sound and songs, the status of the lot/scene, and so on. I am going to try my best here to focus primarily on the music. Here is what I think is valuable for those new to the era to know for a general background on how certain factors affected the music. These opinions are my personal bias and beleif, as is this entire write-up (please keep that in mind):

  • Garcia's health was the deciding factor for much of how the music went. Garcia's relationship's with drugs, physical health, mental health, and women at the time all contributed to highs and lows in the era; much like the rest of his/the band's career. For more information on this, I highly recommend reading Garcia: An American Life by Blair Jackson.

  • The band, outside of Garcia, was, in my opinion, functioning on a whole new level during 1993-1995. Again, in my opinion, Phil and Bobby had finally mastered what they had been working on creating sound-wise through most of the 80's by this time. I think Phil really reached this level of superior sound in Summer '89. For Bob, I think there was still much transition personally within his sound that developed through the first part of the 90s. It really culminated just in time for the December '92 return (Fall '92 was cancelled due health issues with Garcia). With the triumphant return to good health for Garcia in Spring '93, this was the time Bobby had finally not only mastered the wonky, odd, lead-rhythm he had been developing for years, but he just nailed the sound he was going for creativity-wise, musically, and texturally, in Spring '93. It expanded even further by Spring '94. The drummers were more locked in and synched up in a way at this time that I think reflected more of the dynamic sound t

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