Sourdough sandwich bread, teaching my mother in law how to bake using sourdough starter
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📅︎ Jul 07 2020
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Sponge Sandwich from my mother in laws selection of recipes she handed down to me when she passed.
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📅︎ Dec 03 2019
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Please help....drawing a mural of sorts for my mother in law in the garage and my “Saturn” looks like a damn sandwich....I cannot draw so any help is welcome..TIA
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📅︎ Oct 04 2018
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If your ex wife, and ex mother in law were drowning and you could only save one.. What kind of sandwich would you make?
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📅︎ Jan 14 2015
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Mother in law fed my starter whilst I was away. So I made her a sandwich sourdough!
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📅︎ Feb 27 2015
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Quick and Easy Cilantro Chilli Sandwich from my wonderful Mother-In-Law…
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Cheap and Easy Veggie Sandwich my mother-in-law makes.
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Toast sandwich

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchNot to be confused with Toasted sandwich*.*Toast sandwich📷A piece of toast sandwiched between two pieces of bread to make a toast sandwich.TypeSandwichPlace of originUnited KingdomRegion or stateEnglandMain ingredientsBread, toast, butter, salt, pepper, cuminFood energy
(per serving)330 kcal (1382 kJ)

A toast sandwich is a sandwich made with two slices of bread in which the filling is a thin slice of toasted bread, which can be heavily buttered.[1][2] An 1861 recipe says to add salt and pepper to taste.[1]


Victorian recipe[edit]

A recipe for toast

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📅︎ Jan 15 2020
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AITA For telling my Brother in law I'm not his kids' mother?

My brother in law's (Conner) wife passed away over a year ago. I had a good relationship with her and their 2 kids. This loss affected everyone. The family got together to help Conner with the kids. He used to live in an apartment he hasn't worked in a year and my in-laws were unable to pay for rent anymore. My husband asked if Conner and the kids could stay with us temporarily. I immediately agreed and found time to get everything ready.

Once Conner arrived, he did little to nothing when it came to the kids. I started taking care of the kids' needs because he asked. I handled feeding/cleaning/and playing activities. But kid's are in constant need of care and attention. Every time his 3 year old asks him to make a sandwich or help with the bathroom or wearing clothes or anything. Conner'd point at me and say auntie will do it. I end up taking care of it. Although he got nothing to do. Either on his laptop or sleeping. One time his 5yo was calling for him to help him with something in the shower. Conner asked me to go instead. I got annoyed then he shrugged his shoulder saying he'd just ignore him then. Resulting in me handling it. I couldn't ignore it.

My husband's is a dentist he's not home always. I work from home but I too am not always available. I made this clear to Connor and he said no problem and will handle it.

Yesterday I was in an important meeting. I was in the office. And suddenly my 3yo nephew was knocking on the door wanting me to help him because he wet himself. And daddy told him to come to me I had to pause. I ran out and found my nephew sitting on the floor. I cleaned him up and took him to the bathroom. I was kicked out of the meeting since It wasn't the first time I leave. I was mad I went to see what Conner was busy with. He was busy playing an online game and talking to a lady. I asked him and he brushed me off. I unplugged the device and told him his neglect cost me a meeting and that I already told him my work can't be interrupted to take care of the kids while he ignores them and avoid responsibility. He criticized me saying a few minutes won't hurt and brought up how overwhelmed he was and needing help. I snapped. yelled at him that I'm not his kids' mother. He was staggered. Clearly what I said made him too upset to react. He argued with me then left the house.

My in-laws took an issue with what I said. Calling it ghastly callous treatment towards someone that lost his wife so recently. (They offer to help but then they make

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Waypoint Radio Episode 380: This War with My Mother In Law…
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📅︎ Mar 16 2021
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Mother in law not well

I have been married to my husband for 4 years, and my mother in law has had a lot of issues since we got married. She was very depressed and had to be hospitalized right after we got married. She said she is better now, but I also see that there are behaviors she has that concern me. I think she has an eating disorder. She was going through a period where she refused to eat and said it was due to her medication. That could be possible, because she was on a lot of meds at the time. However, even now, she still has some odd behaviors. She’s around 120 pounds and constantly looks at her belly that’s as flat as a board and says “I’m getting a belly.” She walks on the treadmill for at least an hour a day, but she’s home alone most of the time so we really don’t know how long she does it. She goes through a big thing of miralax in a month, and she’s even had her husband give her an enima because she’s always constipated according to her. If she eats at family dinners, she eats on a small dessert plate, not a regular plate. She always orders from the kids menu at restaurants. Most of the time, she won’t eat at family dinners. She’ll either say “I already ate a sandwich” because she forgot or didn’t know about the dinner, or she’ll walk around cleaning up the whole time and no one really notices she never eats. I always notice and have asked my husband about her behaviors. He said she’s always been like this and she was made fun of in high school for being overweight so now she obsesses with it. She’s always talking about eating a pack of crackers for lunch and then walking a mile on her lunch break. She’s talked to me and commented on my weight more than once. She has said I’m too skinny, but I weigh more than her. Her husband just says she doesn’t have one if asked about it, and he’s a nurse. I think he’s just ignoring the signs, but is this an eating disorder? What can be done to help her when it seems like I’m the only one who notices

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Boundaries with Mother In-Law?

I have been in this middle ground between my mother in law and my husband for the last few years and really need some resolution and perspective. My husband and I are considered obese. My in-laws and brother in laws are very fit and active people. Every time we go over for family dinner or just to see them the issue of my husbands weight/appearance are always on the table. My mother in law will go up to my husband put her hand on his stomach and say “are you really trying to lose weight or have you just given up?”. She constantly is on his ass about what and how much he eats so much so that they legit got into an argument at thanksgiving dinner because he took a piece of sourdough bread cut it in half and made a turkey sandwich with it in front of her. I honestly don’t even know what to do anymore. She never says anything to me directly but just from the comments and the way she looks at my husband I feel the sting of judgement as well. It has gotten to the point where I don’t even feel comfortable going over there. We have tried to have conversations with her around how she approaches him about his weight or weight loss. It works for 6 months and then it goes back to the same rude comments and just disgust in her tone. I am beginning to think that she will never change her perspective or approach. Has anyone else experienced this situation? Any suggestions on how to navigate this besides completely losing my shit at her?

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📅︎ Feb 07 2021
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Mother-in-law fighting us on initial brain MRI

I'll be as brief as I can.

Mother-in-law unexpectedly came to live with us back in July. We knew she was having some issues, but it wasn't until we saw them everyday that we grasped the severity. We got her in front of our GP, got a recommendation for a Neurologist, visited the Neurologist who requested an MRI of her brain, and took her to the imaging center.

She emotionally broke down and couldn't express exactly what her concern was. We suspect it was the MRI tech asking her - point blank, "So how long have you been having memory issues?". Her mother had "memory issues" and my MIL's biggest fear is "being left in some [retirement] home".

We rescheduled the appointment for tomorrow and the Neurologist has prescribed a couple Xanax - one for about an hour prior to the appointment and one for right before or as a "just in case" (she weighs 70 pounds dripping wet so I imagine the first one will do the job).

Anyway, I'm not expecting her to take this pill willingly and expect to have to crush it up into her food. I typically make bacon and eggs for breakfast each day (of which she usually has one of each), and her lunch usually consists of soup or a sandwich. I'm worried about having a limited number of pills and them altering the flavor of the food to the point where she won't eat it.

I'm sure many people here have experience with this so I'm asking for suggestions I guess. Or just venting? I'm not sure anymore.

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📅︎ Oct 27 2020
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My mother in-laws thieving friends try to move in, go after my dog, and get a bit mark and the boot.

So I love this group and have a ton of stories I could post about my own family and fucked off childhood. But for right now I just wanted to talk about my mother in law's friend. So Oma- Mother In-law Bob-Oldest son Zedik- Another boy who is like a son to Oma Bill- my husband, her middle child Hillary-entitled friend Daryl-Entitled Friends boy toy who steals for her And Me

So not long after I moved in with my husband and his mother, bringing my year old Aussie mix with me seeing how he is my ESA(important later) Oma in formed us that Hillary would be leaving her dogs with us for a couple weeks as they wanted to move from their state to ours. Bob and Bill hated this idea as they didn't really like Hillary and we had 2 dogs, one who is aggressive to other animals. But I felt bad for Hillary and Oma so I told my husband to let it rest. Well Hillary didn't have any kennels of her own, and demanded that we clean the kennels with bleach before they got there the next day. I and Zedik took a kennel apeice (we have two, one large and one smaller) and started scrubbed them We rinsed them really well and set them out side to air out and dry. So they next day they show up. We had not only had to clean the kennels but also scrub the room from top to bottom. So they bring the 3 beautiful dogs in. They have 2 big black labs, who they said we're 4 and 5. And one pocket pit. Not even a year old yet. That Hillary hated and would beat and shun for not being well behaved. She tried to kick it on the street but I wouldn't allow it and found him a safe home.

So night rolls around and they still haven't left. At this point we are all like WTF? So Bill pulls his mom aside. Turns out Hillary convince Oma to let her stay a week. More grumbles from the boys but what ever. So they are here 3 days before shit starts up. Now Oma is one of the people that tries to have good intentions but she gets on your nerves fast and doesn't realize how rude she can be. So I had taken to defensive sarcasm to get her to stop. It worked. But Hillary saw this as rude and disrespectful. Well Oma was being an ass and I made some comment of along the line of "yes princess" curtsied and went back to what I was doing Hillary had a fit. Got in my face yelling. It took Bill in her face and Bob in Daryl's (he was being hateful to Bill) to get her to shut up. Not 3 days later Zedik hears them and Oma talking. He told Bill and I. It went something like this.

Hillary: I don't know why you put up with

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My mother-in-law moved. It’s been a s$&tshow ever since. I appreciate any advice.

I need some advice.

My family is very private. For that reason, I don’t really share a lot with others. That’s why I’m putting this out there anonymously for some advice. I’m sorry in advance that this is really long.


My mother-in-law moved in with us almost two years ago. She was in a verbally abusive relationship with her ex-husband...they were high school sweethearts who had reunited after years and years. (The marriage between my husband’s father and my mother-in-law didn’t work out for many reasons.)

Because we were really worried about her, we encouraged her to get out. We offered her a place to stay, rent free. She lives on Social Security only. We understood that money was tight.

We weren't the only ones who encouraged her to GTFO. My husband’s sister and her husband said they would help support this decision. They reassured my MIL that they would help out when they could with my MIL’s prescriptions, help her move in with us, etc. (My MIL has several chronic health conditions that require $$$ meds.)

Moving In

My MIL moved in to the master on main with the en suite bathroom so she could have her space and her privacy if she wanted it. She can’t do stairs well, which is why we gave her the downstairs room. We took a smaller bedroom upstairs, which was totally OK. I thought it was cozier and quieter than our bedroom downstairs, anyway. MIL was excited because she said this is the first time in years she was able to decorate how she wanted.

She had lived with us about 15 years ago in a previous transition...before she married the current "angry old man waiting to die" (her words). This wasn’t a first for us. It had gone well back then. She had a full-time job and was healthy at that time, though. I had no reservations about her moving in.


My husband is gone a lot for work...often for months at a time. That means that I’m at home alone with my kids; it’s worked ok. We gave my MIL the use of my car. I work from home so don’t need it too often. She has quite a few doctors’ appointments.

My husband left fairly soon after she moved in. It has mostly been just me to observe and to deal with all of this.

The Money

We knew she was on a limited budget. She gets a little bit of money from Social Security. She’s said she pays for a small health insurance premium and a life insurance policy. That’s it. We don’t charge her rent, utilities, anything. No car insurance, no car payment. We tell her to let us know if she n

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Always wondered what this stuff was. Mother in law bought on impulse. Turns out it the white stuff inside a tunnocks tea cake!
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📅︎ Jul 13 2020
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[Need to vent] Mother-in-Law is on her death bed and still hoarding.

My gf's mother is really close to the end. She has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and she's about 80 lbs now.

She's pretty much hoarded her whole life. She has a huge pole barn that can fit 6 cars easily and it's full to the ceiling with shit that she's been saving up for a garage sale every year.

She's the type of person that will drive 20 miles out of her way because hamburger is 5 cents cheaper at that store. And then she will end up doing her groceries at 3 different stores throughout the week because certain items are cheaper at different stores. She values money over time, priorities, and literally anything. The biggest cheapskate you can imagine. Will make comments if people touch her food, but will happily eat your meal and ask for seconds.

So anyways...

She's got less than a few months left and doing pretty good. She's let us clean up her house a little bit and throw things away and even let her daughter have her truck. It seemed like everything was going great and with everything going on, young toddler at home, two other kids, corona, we decided to move her into our place and let her have a room to herself.

We just realized she's been hoarding pretty much everything we have been buying her. She's got her meds hidden. She's been taking the waters we have been buying her and hiding one, drinking one. So she's got about 200-250 bottles of water hidden in the closet. She request special meals every day which is a strain on us because we can't just go out to eat every single day. But she has to have McDonald's breakfasts, Burger King for lunch with coffee from McDonald's, dinner can be just about anything from pizza to taco bell/wendy's along with something else from somewhere else, either coffee at mcdonald's or fries from burger king or what have you. It's never just something simple like a number 1 on the menu... it's a chicken sandwich, no item 1, no item 2, add on this item, or fries with no salt so that they are made fresh and she can add her own salt later. Oh yeah, which reminds me, all meals must be fresh/hot or she doesn't want them. We return meals about 3-4 times a week.

If you have read this far, you are probably thinking why is someone with pancreatic cancer eating spicy/greasy food... she doesn't care. She gets belly aches and pains and just does it because she has to have her meals the way she wants them. Which in turn means more pain medicine that she can hoard for later.

Well anyways, the reason I am venting is because lately

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📅︎ Jul 23 2020
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My mother-in-law, feeding my youngest offspring's obsession, got him this for Valentines day. I'm still laughing at "Han Sandwiches."
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📅︎ Feb 13 2019
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Everyone thinks I'm a crazy hippie and my mother in law thinks I'm ruining his son

I need to vent and I would like for someone who can relate and advise or provide encouragement/correction or something. My aunt an my uncle visited this weekend, they have made it very clear that my diet is not sustainable for anybody and are convinced that enviromental damage of the production of vegetables/grains and animal farming is the same. I made them snacks and my uncle refused to even try them even though my aunt said the chickpea salad sandwiches I made were really good. My uncle (60y/o) just raises his eyebrow at everything I say when I try to tell him to just try to change his diet. He has coronary heart desease and has been on medication for years. My aunt's cholesterol levels are permanently at over 300, she is also medicated. On top of that, she has multiple stomach problems. My cousin's son has asthma, I told her that a simple diet change (avoiding eggs and dairy) might help improve that, to just give it a try for a few weeks and she literally said that I am insane to want to take dairy away from her 4 year old son since he absolutely needs it. My partner's mom sent me a message saying that my ideas are wasting away his son and that he looks skinny. I explained that he is a powerlifter who hasn't been to the gym in 6 months and that is natural for his body to lose mass but that the 12 pounds he has lost have been mainly fat (we have an impedance scale) and I have literally see his gut just go away, his waist narrowed and his vascularity come through even more. She said she does not believe is that but that is because he doesn't have proper nutrition anymore and that I forbid him from eating animal products, which is not true. He just knows the consequences and has experienced the benefits so he lost interest in being part of the problem ON HIS OWN, but she insists it's because of me and my crazy self. Is this my life now? Should I just get used to everyone hating me and thinking I'm a radical hippie?

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📅︎ Aug 24 2020
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My wife and I just had our first baby. Now my bipolar mother-in-law is bullying my wife and overstepping boundaries.

Sorry for the long one.

The problem: Over the last 5 years, due to untreated bipolar disorder, my mother-in-law's mental & behavioral health has declined dramatically, leading to divorce, bankruptcy & foreclosure, a damaged career, losing friends, and now my 15 year-old brother-in-law is at risk of dropping out of high school.

This last week my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. We are overjoyed with how perfect our life has become. The only catch is that we are struggling to find the right way to set boundaries with my mother-in-law. She has singlehandedly introduced stress on my incredible wife, who has just gone through a lot.

Examples: During delivery, my MIL was bombarding our phones with demands for updates. We were obviously...busy. But I did provide frequent updates. Shortly after delivery I sent my parents a photo of our daughter. They unfortunately did not have the same context about my MIL and when asked, shared it to her. Next thing we know, my MIL is the first to announce our daughter's birth on her FB page with our photo, sandwiched into about 30 anti-BLM and anti-LGBT memes that she posted in the same 2 hour window. The things she shares on the internet are truly revolting and kind of remind me of when Kanye goes through one of this shitposting episodes on Twitter, but much more hateful.

But even more importantly, due to the fact that she's radically alt-right, she is anti-mask. What makes this even more fucked up is that she is a nurse who has been charged with caring for COVID patients in the hospital. While my wife was in labor, my MIL took time off to fly to a party in Arizona and made a FB post about getting into a confrontation with flight attendants over removing her mask on the flight. Now my mother-in-law starts making assumptions about coming up to visit and watching the baby. That's a big no. Even if we agreed to supervised visits after she quarantines, there is zero trust.

She's further enabled by my wife's siblings who don't have the energy to stand up to her - she lives in my sister-in-law's basement a few hours away. This means her entire family co-mingles without taking precautions, so knowing who we can trust to safely visit is really challenging and effectively cuts off half our support network. Even requiring them to wear masks scares me.

Our attempts to address the problem: After all this, my wife tried to calmly set expectations with her about when it will be OK to visit

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My mother-in-law, making peanut butter sandwiches for squirrels around her house, this is the result
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📅︎ Dec 24 2018
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My Mother-in-Law has breast cancer

I had to share this!!

My mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer about six months ago and she just had her first surgery, Her lymph nodes removed a couple weeks ago. Ever since she found out, my husband and I (2 1/2 years vegan) have been visiting her and respectfully suggesting veganism. She is 70 and we weren’t sure how to go about telling her how to diet! When we visited after her surgery, We opened her fridge and to no surprise , every dairy product imaginable. Yogurts , milk, and heavy whipping creams, cream cheeses and big tubs of sour cream and butter and about 4 different types of shredded cheese . We tried to ask her if we could clean out her fridge but she wasn’t ready for that :(

On our last visit we replaced those items with vegan brands and brought her 5 different coffee creamers to try since she couldn’t find a tasty one. AND I made her a CHICKPEA SALAD SANDWICH and to my surprise SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! She started telling me how to now she doesn’t have to feel like a hypocrite for eating a cheeseburger because she always LOVED COWS! 🙃

This morning she called and said that she saw a study on the news about breast cancer and how much dairy products increase your risk , and that she in LOVE with the Coffee-mate Nondairy Oatmilk creamer and that Veganaise is her new favorite thing, AND that she is 100% ON BOARD and is READY to Go VEGAN!!!!!!

My husband and I were crying tears of joy this morning and Now she’s excited to go Doctor Mcdougall’s program this March in Santa Rosa with us ! Now she will have a real chance for her body to heal itself and we just know she’s going to feel so much better although She still has to do chemotherapy.

NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!! Just because someone didn’t make the connection the few few times doesn’t mean they never will !!! whether it starts for their health, the planet, or the animals , it will always come full circle !!!

P.s Honestly, the sandwich might have turned her vegan!! Lol Chickpea Salad Recipe

Thanks to anyone who read this!

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📅︎ Feb 25 2020
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This is how my mother-in-law makes toasted sandwiches! *Twitches*…
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📅︎ Feb 10 2017
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Gave mother in law something to look at.

It's not something that was supposed to happen believe me. My mother-in-law isn't hot, she isn't sexy, doesn't have a huge rack or a big ol booty.

This happened with my ex-wife's mother-in-law. For about 2 years after we first got together we lived at her parents house. I was working construction but it was the winter so I only worked two or three days out of the week. My wife was working at the mall second shift so we would hang out in the mornings but she would leave to go to work around noon and come back around 10 p.m. My father-in-law also worked second shift but slept in a room in the basement, he rarely came up only to eat breakfast, or to chat with everyone for a while. Not sure what was up with that relationship my wife didn't talk much about it, but something told me that he got caught cheating and so that basically he was living in the dog house.

Well anyway, let's get to the point. It was December I have been chilling around the house watching TV, grabbing something to eat, working on the computer doing whatever I could to keep myself occupied. One day after my wife left to go to work I decided to take a nice long hot shower, as I was getting dressed I realized I forgot to bring some underwear so I just threw on my shorts and a t-shirt. I don't usually walk around free-balling but it felt nice and decided to just stay as I was. After a while I sat on the couch and started watching TV, my mother-in-law set down and watched with me. Before long I nodded off, I don't remember what I was thinking about, or dreaming about but somewhere in my dreams something good was happening and I start getting a hard-on.

I'm sure I was out for about an hour, and when I started to wake up I realized I had a huge tent in my shorts. I didn't panic or bring attention to myself I just shifted push my cock over into my short leg and against my leg. I look straight at the TV and pretending like nothing happened, but at the same time I would turn my eyes over to the right to look and see if my mother-in-law had noticed what happened. Just by looking at the expression on her face and the way she was breathing I could tell she had seen it all.

After I softened up I excused myself and went into the bedroom. I sat there and thought about what would happen if she told my wife that I was sitting in the couch with a big ass hard on. After all my panicking and thinking about the situation, 2 days had passed and not a word was said by my wife or

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📅︎ Jan 03 2020
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I just told my mother in law I’m fasting and I’m stoned

My mother-in-law asked if I wanted a tomato sandwich. That sounded gross at the time and the first thing I thought to say was... “naaa, I’m fasting”. She doesn’t know I’m high

I donno why. I just said it, okay?

Now I’m hungry....

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📅︎ Oct 03 2019
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Pregnant and miss my parents. Today I saw them and made peace with estrangement.

Just want to share the story of my parents, and how I'm at peace with them being out of our lives after seeing them today.

Cw: sexual abuse.

They were hippies back in the day. Happy people. I remember 9/11 being the big event that changed them. Made them increasingly suspicious, anti-social, and occasionally bigoted.

My mom was the one to listen to fringe conspiracy people like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, while my father was Mr. Rational. A very Romney republican. They bickered here and there. I remember them fighting in 2016; my mom loved Trump, and my dad thought he seemed like an asshole. But that didn't last.

The Trump era really changed everything in our family. They began seeking out more and more fringe content that spun and deflected from valid criticisms of Trump. Dad went from "let's give him a chance, he's a businessman" to "he's literally the savior of American culture!" Our house became decorated in Trump flags, hats, fridge magnets, and stickers. The TV was never off. Always on Fox, then Newsmax and OAN. It was surreal.

But last summer, as the 2020 election approached, they both started getting into Q.

I tried to pull my dad back (he had previously mocked QAnon) but it was like the more I tried to reason with them, the more they clung to it. My dad's boss was holding Q meetings late at night, with people skyping in from across the country. They went shooting in the forest near Canada to "prepare for civil war" with a group led by a couple veterans. They invited my husband and I over for movie nights but then played us Q youtube videos. Regretted encouraging me to be the first in the family to go to university, because I came out brainwashed. They blew up at us when they found out we were planning to vote for Biden. My mom essentially said, "How can you vote for a pedophile like him when I was raped by my father as a child?"

By the election, I wasn't speaking to them aside from the occasional small talk phone call.

Then the Capitol attack happened. They were thrilled and I was horrified - by the attack itself but mostly at their joyous response to the violence. As my dad started texting me instructions to "prepare for martial law" and stock up on "emergency food supplies" I had to cut them off entirely. Distance wasn't cutting it. Unfortunately I did so through text, but I knew a phone call would get me emotional. I essentially told them that their addiction to Q and the violence was shameful, and I didn't want it near myself

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📅︎ Feb 13 2021
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Ted Bundy picked me up while I was hitchhiking....

My friend and I had decided to drive from Philadelphia to Miami Beach. The car’s block cracked in North Carolina. This was around 1975 (although I could be off by 14 months or so). I thought it would be an adventure to hitchhike the rest of the way. I remember waiting all night on a god-forsaken stretch of highway in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We got a ten mile ride from some guy with a prince valiant haircut, who upon dropping us said, “I’ll probably see you guys in the morning on my way to work.” Nine hours later, sure enough, he picked us up in a station wagon filled with vending machine sandwiches. We finally got to the area around the border with South Carolina. That’s when a guy (the spitting image of Bundy in retrospect) stopped and asked us where we were going. When I said Miami, he said:”What street?” We were overjoyed that this young guy (older than us) was going to take straight to my Mother’s house in Bay Harbor. Now, I cannot prove this person was Ted Bundy, but what happened was creepy and I have researched a little and found this happened at the time after Bundy’s “prison break” in Colorado and at the same time he was supposed to have moved to Florida. Any way, after we got in the car, he offered us a joint. He didn’t want to have any but told us to toke up. Well, whatever was in the joint was powerful enough to almost paralyze both of us. He then began to start playing with the buttons on the radio. Switching stations compulsively almost every few seconds. I began to feel paranoid because I could sense some weirdness exuding from the guy. I was in the front seat and my friend in the back. We went to a rest stop and he disappeared into the bathroom for about one hour. When he finally got back to car, he said he had to detour to his “bank” and he started to take us through miles of small roads in Georgia. I remember seeing houses on stilts in marsh land. He finally stopped in the most remote location where there was single building that looked like an abandoned tavern. We were still stoned. He got out of the car and went behind this building. I remember seeing palm trees and was shocked that palm trees were so far north in Georgia. He got back in the car and had these sunglasses on and I noticed that he seemed short as he walked back to car. He said he had to now speak with his lawyer and began to talk about Real Estate law and the changes in the law that would allow development in this area. And, do we drove for hours and hours until w

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Need opinions RE: quirky reception menus. Also a little venting about my mother in law to be.

So, I need to add a little backstory to this because I just need to vent a lil bit. My wedding was originally planned to be a very small and intimate affair. My MIL had different intentions. So now my 60 guest, $7,000 cabin camping weekend has become a $17,000 one day barn wedding with 150 mouths to feed. And it's going to be a beautiful day but I'm pretty stressed about the event and have done things to try to keep my day fun and quirky like my fiancé and I.

Part of the reason I agreed to make all these changes is because all the parents agreed to help. My mom bought my dress, my dad paid for the venue and mom in law said she would pay for the catering. And so began the planning. Involving the parents opinions took a large toll on my vision for the day but I was happy to make changes because they were all contributing and I was grateful they were willing to do that for us.

The largest argument in this planning process has been about food. We wanted a fun, quirky, light menu since we are having a Sunday Funday wedding and food will be served at 3. They shot down all my fun menus including artisan pizza bar and soup and grilled cheese sandwich bar. We somehow landed on a Taco bar. However right now Taco bar menus are incredibly popular, making their price astronomical. (Which I didn't realize when I agreed to the idea). Three catering consults later and the cheapest bill for feeding 150 people is 6,000.

I'm thinking to myself that it's no biggie because my fiancé and I budgeted $3,000 for catering and my in laws are gonna pick up the other half. Well, I've just learned that my in laws will not be picking up the other half of the tab. But my MIL is stuck in the Taco bar idea and keeps sending me alternate menus for things that are more expensive than the stinking Taco bar! She keeps trying to decide things and I don't think her opinion has as strong of a value now that she's no longer contributing.

So I've found a way for my catering to be $3,000 but my MIL thinks the ideas are tacky and I'd like some opinions on if I should ignore this opinion. Here is what the menus I'm leaning towards would look like:

Afternoon Brunch -2 quiche choices, Lorraine or Florentine OR a build your own breakfast burrito station -Breakfast potatoes -fruit platter -veggie platter -Sandwich sliders w/ 3 sandwich options -Assortment of pastries -Donut display for for a cake -Mimosa Bar w/ a beer option

Asian Menu: (Would supply guests with cool chopsticks from our pe

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Any advice regarding caring for my mother-in-law with dementia?

My 89-year-old MIL was diagnosed with dementia a couple of years ago. She now lives with my SIL.

I often go over to look after her so that my SIL can go out and run errands or what-not. (Leaving her home alone is not an option.) She seems to have good days and bad as far as her memory is concerned. (Perhaps bad days and worse is a more accurate description.) Although it is clear that she recognizes me, I often have to explain to her who I am and how I fit into the family. She seems to believe I am her "friend" (sure, I'm that too, but it's obvious she has forgotten that I am married to her son and have been in her life for the past 29 years).

Other than memory loss, the extent of her dementia includes such things as fixing herself a sandwich with raw meat (it was taken from her before she could eat it) and trying to reach into a boiling pot of water for a piece of corn (again, she was thwarted before she could burn herself). When I am there, I try to keep her out of the kitchen at all costs. She also worries a great the extent that it is irrational. Whenever my SIL goes out, she seems to think she'll be a victim of a shooting. She doesn't seem to worry about her being in a car accident - just that she'll be shot. (?) I have to try talk her down from that, though I don't think I really get through to her. She is just beginning to show signs of paranoia (one incident in which she thought my SIL was trying to steal money from her). She has not exhibited any anger, though her doctor had advised to expect that.

When I am there, we pretty much just sit and watch TV. She doesn't really follow what's going on in the shows (or movies). Basically, she is just sitting and staring at the TV. (The only show she gets anything out of is America's Funniest Videos...I guess because there is no plotline to follow.)

My SIL and BIL will be going out of the country soon. They will be gone for a month and MIL will be staying at our house during that time.

My question is...what sort of things can I do with her to keep her stimulated? It makes me sad to see her just vegetating on the sofa staring at a TV, not really getting anything out of it. Getting her to go out anywhere is like pulling teeth. Plus, she absolutely hates the cold.

Any ideas? Thank you!

(I'm sorry this is so long.)

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Saint Sandwich Eats her words

Trigger Warning: Death

Saint Sandwich is back guys!

I’ve been quiet for a long time but I come with good news (kinda): We moved out!

Our new home is tiny, but it’s ours and it has a garden and I have a kitchen that nobody can bitch at me for using!

I know this post is about SS, but it involves my aunt.

My aunt was toxic in her own way but she showed me love as a child, I don’t know if any of you read any of the posts on my previous account (maybe I should repost them here) but if you didn’t the gist is that my aunt (while still abusive in her own way - because my entire family is freaking toxic) became very much like a mother figure to me because I was starved of love as a child and she at least showed some.

She’d come back from the country she worked in with gifts just for me when I was little (the whole family seemed to really hate me and would shower my big sister with gifts, but my aunt really put effort into getting to know me, mainly because my mom hated me and they had this thing between them where they’d compete - I’ll post about it in the JustNoFam sub when I’ve figured out how to properly word this weird relationship dynamic - but the point is that her and I grew close)

My aunt was ill with Lupus which she managed very well, she was a nurse and so it was easy for her to understand what meds she needed to be on and how to take them to avoid the side affects getting in her way too much.

When I met my (now) DH I had explained to him that my aunt was very sick (it was important to note because my cousin would have had to come live with me if aunt died, you don’t just not give a dude a heads up about this level of responsibility that I undertook - cousin is now 18) but the probability of her dying really was not that huge, she was managing and I hadn’t had to look after her in years.

Unfortunately, years later, there was an incident.

My aunt being a nurse was bitten by a little boy who was her patient at the time, turns out he had rabies and there was a colossal fuck up. They gave her the wrong vaccine and essentially killed her. It took two years for her to actually die. It was ugly to watch. She sued them and won, cousin at least has that.

My mother in law was disgusting about it.

Now I get that she didn’t know my aunt before, but I am telling you “this woman is very sick and dying” just stfu and take my word for it.

My aunts brain started to die and she’d say some horrific shit to waiters or tellers and I’d have to go back a

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My mother in law, Koffing


I've been reading this community for a while now and I can't tell you how nice it is to read stories and see comments that are so understanding and sympathetic.

I'll start off with a little background on my FMIL, Koffing. I'll call her this because she's a huge chain smoker and I have never once seen her without a cigarette in her hand.

I started dating my FDH back in high school. Back then, he used to come to school everyday with these huge lunches packed, but he would never eat them. With how big of a pot head he was back then, that always brushed me as strange, but never thought a lot into it. One day when I didn't have anything to eat, he offered me his lunch.

It was so gross. It was just a sandwich made with cheese bread but somehow tasted like sour milk. I couldn't finish it and felt like I was going to throw up.

We we went to his house after school and Koffing wasn't home. We went into the kitchen and I realized why the food tasted so bad. There wasn't a single thing in that kitchen that didn't have a 50% off sticker because the grocery store wanted to get rid of it before it went bad. Normally there isn't anything wrong with this as long as you use it quickly or freeze it to keep it somewhat fresh, but all of these things of bread were hard as rocks. On the 50% off label they write on the date when the put the label on.

Guys, the date was over 5 days ago. She bought bread that she knew was already going bad and left it on the counter for days.

I was so bewildered I looked over at FDH and told him how shocked I was. Then he told me that wasn't the worst of it. Koffing once made her children live off of nothing but Kraft Dinner for a month, the power and water get shut off every couple months, and Koffing always claims she just doesn't get enough money from her disability cheque. In reality she has a horrible gambling problem. Every cent she can pinch goes towards cigarettes, online slots, and scratch tickets. She's still technically married to FFIL even though he lives over 40mins away in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, and he pays her mortgage. That's not including child support for FDH's siblings, he pays her mortgage PLUS child support.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, drama llamas. The worst thing is she has cancer so anytime I've ever called her out on her shit all I hear from everyone is, "But she's siiiiick." Being sick does not mean you get to blow whatever money you have on luxuries when you have children to car

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Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, Arcturus

A Pebble : Previous : Next : My Other stories

Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, Arcturus

"Our fortress among the Stars." Halo Reach

January 6th, 2151, 13:00 Coordinated Universal Time

Migrant Fleet, Arcturus, Arcturus Stream

"It has five Primary Relays and a secondary Relay." Vice Admiral Yara'Fet vas Tonbay whispered in awe at a system that was nearly as dense as the citadel’s own cluster of Primary Relays.

"They weren't lying about having ten fleets." Admiral Shala’Raan vas Tonbay looked over the fleets currently stationed within the system and felt a chill down her spine. "The Citadel is no longer the dominant power in the galaxy."

"And these people wanted to help us?" Yara had only known persecution throughout her life. She'd only seen disgust or pity upon alien faces. It was difficult for her to believe these humans wouldn't turn out the same but she wanted to believe they were honest. That the Quarian people would finally have friends among the stars. "Well what now Admiral?"

"Admirals Hackett and Shepard are currently docking their ships with the largest station in the system," Shala stood up having been at her captain's chair for far too long. "I will be stretching my legs and joining them along with the other admirals. Apparently Admiral Neema and Admiral Moreh are awake and waiting for a ride home."

"Good luck, I can't imagine either of them being happy about having alien nanites shot into their heads after attempting a coup." Yara wished the human had just killed the two trouble makers or let the Quarian marines handle them. Instead they'd insisted on taking as many of the supposedly indoctrinated traitors alive as possible. "We're still finding sabotaged repair jobs, everyone the human scanning program pinged is guilty."

"Well if what the humans said about the Reapers are true then they weren't guilty, not truly." Admiral Tonbay would not trust anyone the human scans pinged even if the humans swore up and down they were healthy. 'I don't want to doubt our new allies but if they have the technology to cure that kind of injury, they have the technology to control the minds of others. That is beyond d

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My Mother in Law buys theses
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MIL's bad behavior amplified by our refusal to attend COVID wedding

Hello! New to this sub, I will try to make this as cohesive as possible, sorry in advance for the length!

Some background: My husband and I have been together for 6 years, married for 2. In the past MIL was not great, but bearable or maybe hiding her true colors for our wedding. She is diagnosed bipolar and I am now suspecting some narcissism, but I am not here to diagnose, just sharing my experience. SIL and BIL are treated as the golden children, and DH the scapegoat. DH's family is Jewish (more culturally than religious), but when we got engaged they said that they didn't care how Jewish our wedding was. We are a mixed race couple, I am asian and the first POC in the extended family.

Leading up to the wedding, my family isn't small but DH's extended family is huge in comparison. MIL's extended family alone accounted for around 50% of the invite list. We approached her with concerns about the count, and she threw a fit and screamed that she wouldn't come to our wedding unless we invited every single one of them, even people DH hadn't seen or spoken to in over 20 years. My in-laws were not very involved in the planning and only paid for the bar, DH and I as well as my parents paid for the rest.

Remember how in-laws said they didn't care about the wedding being Jewish? MIL pressured us to meet with the only half-asian/Jewish rabbi in the country who happened to be in our area (we do not attend any religious services) even though we had an officiant in mind. A few weeks prior to the wedding she suddenly takes interest in what the chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) would look like, and we didn't have pictures as it didn't take place yet, but that wasn't good enough and DH received an onslaught of abuse via text about it. She texts me a picture of a wedding program from one she recently attended and said she wanted all of the Jewish elements incorporated. A few days before the wedding, MIL calls me while I'm at work, saying that DH and I "have not been organized in the past" and accuses me of fucking up all rehearsal dinner and wedding planning. She doesn't know me that well, so I don't know how she assumes I can't organize anything. The rehearsal dinner has a sangria bar, and she says "what if every store in the area runs out of fruit for your sangria bar???" She isn't nice on the call and I end up crying in front of my coworkers. Not sure if SIL is a flying monkey or just modeling the same behavior, but the day before the wedding she had asked us if she c

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My mother-in-law is ignoring our rules.

We have a seven week old (our first) and just had my husband's mother here for a ten day visit. I was well aware of how hands-on Nana would be and that at times she has frustrated her daughters by not respecting their parenting rules. My husband and I discussed ahead of time and decided we should be appreciative of the help, recognize that everything she does it out of love for her grand kids, and try to be patient and flexible during her stay, while also proactively communicating to hopefully avoid any issues.

Let's just say this week was more frustrating and stressful than any other experience since having the baby. Nana wanted to do EVERYTHING for the baby, which I expected (and appreciated!) during the day. My husband got frustrated by the way she did certain things without asking (e.g. Putting lotion on the baby's face) but for the most part nothing during the day bothered me too much. Nighttime was a different story. We made it clear that my husband or Nana could give her one bottle at the beginning of the night, but that the baby was to stay in her crib the rest of the night and that I would breastfeed her when she was hungry. She doesn't wake up during the night except when she's hungry and then goes right back to sleep. The one bottle limit is so that I can build a milk supply for work and so that I'll continue producing milk throughout the night. (It hurts to skip feedings!)

The first night the baby went missing on the monitor and we found her in bed with Nana. Every other night included Nana sneaking in and waking her up, each time with me catching her and having her hand the baby over. If the baby made a noise, I would jump up and find Nana making her way in and when I told her I had it she would still pick the baby up and then hand her to me. She would come in during a changing and tell me to go to bed and that she would take her, and I'd remind her that I needed to finish feeding. This morning I caught her grabbing a bottle out of the fridge with baby in hand. Every day we reminded her that she should not touch the baby essentially after midnight and then every night I'd find myself doing this same dance. Sleep deprivation took on a whole new meaning this week, even though the baby is sleeping really well, ugh.

I know she does this because she loves the baby and wants to hold her as much as possible while she's here, but I'm blown away by her repeatedly ignoring pretty clear rules! She's supposed to visit again in December (baby will be 5

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When a body is found 600 miles away... Extensive two part write up on the bizarre case of Judy Smith (1997). Part 1 of 2.

Hello everyone, for the last few months I have been creating long form write-ups on a variety of unsolved cases. If you are interested in other lengthy write ups you can find them on my profile-

Months ago, I was asked to cover the inexplicable case of Judy Smith, a woman who went missing from Philadelphia or perhaps Massachusetts, only for her body to be found in North Carolina months later. The case was famously covered on the show Unsolved Mysteries, and it is strange enough to warrant a long, hard look at the case and a comprehensive timeline. I hope you are able to learn something new about this semi well-known case.


Judy Smith was born Judith Eldridge in Massachusetts in 1946. Right out of high school Judy married for the first time. Her husband and she had been married very shortly when in an attemot to avoid the draft, he fled to Sweden. Judy went in search of her young husband but soon returned to the states empty handed and filed for divorce. Years later, Judy married Charles Bradford a man who worked in the racehorse industry. They had two children together, Craig and Amy, but unfortunately the marriage did not last and soon Judy found herself jobless and raising two children by herself. Rather than fret, Judy got a job and enrolled in nursing school. Judy was known to study in all of her free time and soon became a successful home health care nurse. In 1986 at age 40, Judy was caring for a man who was recovering from throat surgery when she met her patient’s son, a well to do lawyer named Jeffrey Smith. Jeffrey said he was impressed by how Judy cared for his father and asked her on a date. Judy and Jeff had several things in common, both had been divorced single parents who raised children alone, and Jeffrey worked in healthcare as well, except he was a lawyer. The couple both enjoyed going to plays and Celtics basketball games. After seven years together, Jeff and Judy moved in together and three years later the couple married in Nov., 1996.

According to friends and family, Judy was a rather assertive and independent person. She was no stranger to travelling alone. Judy had been to Europe on her own a few times, and when her children were pre-teens, she took them to Europe for a backpacking adventure. Judy also independently traveled to Thailand where she went hiking and visited friends. While Judy wasn’t the epitome of fitness, she was a

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Gonna kill my mother in law!! [rant]

This lady... I swear!

So, first of all, she has come to stay for a week and is being obnoxious. She wants to spend a lot of time with her grandson, and I love that. However, she wants me to not be there when she is spending time with him... Like, what does it matter if I am there or not??? We live in a tiny little house with 1 bedroom! Get over yourself!

Also, she believes that since she is here she gets the right to decide his meals and feed him. So guess what he eats? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That's it. No veggies or fruit. Also she only gives him milk. No water. Great.

And also.. She won't let me put him down for naps or bedtime. I'm not trying to be possessive or anything like that, but I do love my job as his mommy and I love to take care of him! I just keep telling myself "only a few weeks a year..."

So the thing that makes me want to kill her: she found my baby 411 book that I received as a present during my last pregnancy. She is literally going through the chapters and saying things like "did you know you shouldn't eat Brie cheese?" "Did you know that you should only be eating x amount of calories a day?" "Have you been flossing? Did you know you should be paying extra attention to your gums?"


And then, to top it all off: I bring in my husbands dry cleaning and she goes "what do YOU need dry cleaned?" As if I would never own a piece of clothing that needed to be dry cleaned. I tell her "it's your sons shirts for work". She says "what, you don't do his laundry?" To which I replied "no, we just drop the shirts off there". This lady starts to LAUGH. No joke. She says "didn't anyone teach you to iron????"


Edit: wow thank you all so much for listening to my problems and for being so supportive!! I feel so much better now that I have had a chance to let it out and work out how I actually feel about it. You all rock.

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Me [26F] with my mother in law [64F] of 5 years drives me totally insane.

So I have been married for almost 5 years and the first year was alright with my mother in law. I suppose the best way to describe her is quirky or just different. After we had kids she really started to grind my gears. She would call my sons diapers "panties", she refuses to feed them anything healthy when watching them (I.e. Cheetos and cookies for a meal instead a sandwich and some fruit) and when I bring it up to my husband I am called a bitch. He says that I'm not like this towards my mother and it seems like I hate his. My mom knows how to feed children and knows that they needs naps without constant reminder. His mom would let my two year old and one year old stay up all day eating junk food then get mad when I would blow a gasket. I'm near my wits end with this woman.

tl;dr mother in law has no clue when it comes to kids.

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Wrong Title, Wrong Sub and OP in the Wrong.

Faux Pool Sauce.

There are just so many things wrong with this post.

  • OP doesn't like her stepson's (SS) mother.
  • OP doesn't like that her FMIL likes SS' mother.
  • OP doesn't like that people feel sorry for SS' mother, since OP's fiancé left her for another woman.
  • OP doesn't like that her fiancé gets along with SS' mother.
  • OP doesn't like how mother raises SS.
  • OP doesn't like that FMIL has pictures of SS' mother.
  • OP doesn't like that the mother is concerned about Covid after OP and fiancé come from another country.
  • OP doesn't like that FMIL agrees with mother's concern.
  • OP doesn't like being told that that is a consequence of moving to another country.
  • OP doesn't like that FSIL meddles about their vacation in relation to SS' mother (the only fair complaint TBH.)

OP is a whiny, self-centered brat, who can't stand not being the only woman who matters in this family dynamic. She's going out of her way to meddle in her fiancé's (not even husband) CO-PARENTING just so she can assert her dominance. much no.

EDIT: Since it was removed (WARNING: it's freaking LOOOONG):

tl;dr. Sister in law thinks we shouldn't enjoy the pool as it might upset my fiance's ex. Also MIL thinks it's ok my fiance's ex doesn't allow him to see his son. Need some advice in this crazy situation.

I do not give permission to use and post this anywhere else.

Sorry for the mistakes as english is not my first language.

I am 36 female, my fiance is 48 male. We've been together for 2.5 years. We are very happy together and planning the wedding. Well my fiance had quite colour full past. He has a son (10 years old) from his previous relationship. He was never married with his son's mother. Let's call her Faith. My fiance and Faith has been together for 2 years, then had a baby (lets call him John). When the baby was 1 year old my fiance met another woman (let's call her Irene), fell in love with her and left Faith. He was with Irene for 8 years, when Irene cheated on him and thats how their relationship ended. (Call it karma if you want) I met him soon after that. Our friends introduced us so I also know some history from them. Well my future MIL always hated Irene with passion. My fiance even was no contact with his mother for 3 years, because she had problems accepting Irene in the family. As poor Faith was left with

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AITA for telling my daughter (5F) that she would be getting a bob cut if she couldn't manage her own hair?

AITA for telling my daughter (5F) that she would be getting a bob cut if she couldn't manage her own hair?

My wife - my daughter's mother - recently passed away.

Before she passed away, my wife would always do our daughter's hair. She has long hair that goes down to the middle of her back. My wife would often braid our daughter's hair or put it in a ponytail, or style it if left loose.

I'm a guy who has almost always had short hair. I had long hair for one or two years when I was a baby (my parents' choice) and my mother always did my hair then, not my father. Since the age of 3, I've always had short hair and never grown it out. So I really don't have experience dealing with and styling long hair.

The funeral rituals ended a few days ago. During the funeral, my mother-in-law did my daughter's hair. But now she is gone back home (she lives in another country).

My daughter came up to me and asked if I would braid her hair before school today just like her mother used to. Her school is partially online and partially in person right now.

I told her I didn't know how to do that and to figure it out herself. If she couldn't, then I would take her to get a bob cut. She started crying.

A bob cut for those who don't know is short hair, kind of like a buzz cut or crew cut.

Am I the asshole?

UPDATE - I read the responses and realized I am the asshole. My daughter's long hair is something she and her mother bonded over and it would be cruel to get rid of that, especially when she doesn't want me to. It's similar to someone chopping my wedding ring in half, which I would be horrified of.

Last night, I did a lot of research on dealing with girls hair and checked to see what products my wife had used to care for my daughter's hair. I also watched videos and read online articles on how to braid hair.

This morning, I woke my daughter up a little earlier than usual. I kissed her on the forehead, apologized, and told her that I was going to braid her hair before school. She smiled and gave me a big hug, which was heart-warming.

After she brushed her teeth, I washed her hair, dried it, detangled it, combed it, and braided it. My daughter was over the moon and looked beautiful.

After school is over, we are going to head over to the convenience/drug store to buy more shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, a new brush, and even a few cute bows, hair ties, and headbands.

I told my daughter that I will do her hair everyday until she is older and she said I am the best

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Asian mother in law expecting me to buy stuff for her

I went on an amazing vacation with my Chinese Girlfriend and her mother. I am American. Girlfriends mother speaks very simple English and does not understand very much English etiquette or understand American culture. I paid for everything except when the offered to pay for things. Everything was fine.

Fast forward to the drive home: everything is going great for the trip until she brings up the idea that I pay for her big expensive meal: We stop for food. She said that I buy the fast food for her (specifically said that my gf does not pay and I pay it for her). That is what set me off. I am able to maintain my composure, but I have no poker face either.

I don't know if it was a combination of her request being totally unreasonable (she wanted a 18 dollar meal from a fast food restaurant, while gf and I spent almost 4 dollars combined at a nearby restaurant because we wanted that. She was adamant on getting a specific food from that menu and needed me to pay for it.

She does not understand the concept of 'please" or 'thank you' and it made me feel like I was being forced to pay for it. I was every upset. Please and thank you wouldn't really make me feel happy either since the request to me is very unreasonable.

When I tried to teach her 'please', she ended up making it just as bad by wording it in a way which it is not understanding 'please' and where she is forcing me to do it with no room to say no without her or my gf getting upset.

My gf is upset at me because she saw that I I was visibly upset for me feeling like I am forced to pay it. The item was not on the menu and she settled for a deluxe sandwich from the menu instead. My night was ruined just because of her first request, and consequently the next day because my gf is still upset.

There are other instances where she has told me that she will go on a trip to a nearby big city overnight and for me to pay her hotel stay and food. My thought process: I feel like I am being forced to do it, therefore I am unhappy.

Has anyone ever had issues like this with a inter-cultural relationship and what do you guys think is the best way to approach this topic to where we can all be more understanding?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The increasing amount of support for Nick Fuentes & America First is really concerning...

I am becoming more and more concerned by the increasing amount of support that seems to be going towards Nick Fuentes and the America First/Groyper movement. Over this past year, I have lost several friends who have all been influenced by Paleoconservative rhetoric into thinking I’m a “disgusting degenerate“ and “liberal Jew.” I couldn’t believe it. And soon it started spreading all around my campus. It’s gotten so bad that the dean has had to plead with most of the female students to not unenroll after a group of “Nickers” started hacking into library computers and taking over their screen, deleting all their work on documents and typing in shit like “Femoid Detected. Submission Invalid” and ”Trying to become a surgeon? Only thing you should be cutting is the crust off my sandwich.” Then they changed the network names to form the beginning of a message: “DESPITE. BEING. 13%” but there weren’t enough networks available to form the 2nd half of that sentence. Only some of those involved were caught and reported, but similar stuff continued to happen.

I first got caught in the crosshairs of this ideology when I made the mistake of entering a zoom debate with one. The topic was about segregation. I was arguing against it and the opposition was arguing for it. I thought that this was a practically a guaranteed win being handed to me, so you can imagine my shock when I ended up not being able to defend my anti-segregation position. It was fucking embarrassing and humiliating. How do I LOSE a debate on segregation to someone who has the most disadvantaging position possible. As much as I hate to admit it, these Paleocons and Groypers are fucking verbal geniuses. They know how to word things and are able to win over the crowd through snappy one-liners and clever comebacks, despite not actually making any logical arguments. They used semantics against me and verbally beat the shit out with me with half-truths and misleading data presented in a convincing way. My performance honestly pathetic and cringeworthy. I became the “AIDS Skrillex” or “Carl the Cuck” meme of the campus, being mocked as some whiny soy boy bitch who was too dumb to understand anything. I then ended up having to dump my girlfriend as she was constantly being used to deduct points from my arguments (“You’re only saying women should have the right to vote cuz you’re simping for your gf. You’re such a cuck.”) So when my gf was out of the picture and I was still arguing that the 19th amendment sho

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My mother-in-law and sugar

My mother-in-law is always shoving sugar in my kids' mouth. I'm sick and tired of it and don't know what to do.

Backstory: I love my in-laws. Their good people. Educated. Caring. Very helpful. They are a big part of our childcare right now. My father-in-law is the nicest guy in the world with the biggest heart I've ever known. My mother-in-law is dedicated to family, but morbidly obese and gives Paula Dean a run for her money with the way she cooks. She's even had heart issues and won't change her ways.

My wife and I are fairly healthy. Both of us could stand to lose 5-10lbs but we're doing well. We encourage healthy eating at home and our kids do a good job for the most part. They like veggies, fruits, etc... All 3 kids are in good health and have healthy weights. I personally struggle with a sugar addiction and if I didn't stay active and eat healthy for the most part, I'd be in trouble. I know one of my kids is obsessed with sugary treats even though she rarely gets them.

My mother-in-law is constantly shoving sugar in their face when she's around. If we saw her once or twice a month (as in she lived in a different city) I wouldn't mind but she sees the kids several times per week. When she cooks for them, it's saturated in fat and sugar. Always desserts and treats.

I do sometimes put my foot down but it's a delicate balancing act. My wife and her folks are very close. Just don't know how to properly handle it

[Advice Request]

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I Went To A War - Chapter 10 PART #: 1

Notes To The Reader: This Post is in two parts. This is Chapter 10 Part #: 1

As well, At some point I have to just get this out or it will never get out. It has not been edited so forgive the mistakes where you find them. I return back and clean it up as best I can as soon as I'm able. I appreciate all who continue to follow along with this story and I make every effort to respond to anyone and everyone who is thoughtful enough to leave a comment and yes, even the critical comments - your time is appreciated also - Thomas

Let's begin…

Part #: 1 of 2

Her two sons carried her into the trauma clinic and with the help of staff got their mother up on a medical table where doctors began working feverishly. With her two sons, what looked like two doctors and two nurses and John there wasn’t much room for little ol me so I backed out of the room and watched from the hallway. In all honesty it was difficult to tell what doctors were doing. I saw a nurse draw something into a needle that I could only hope was some serious pain medication. The old woman’s groaning had become louder and I thought how helpless it must feel to be her sons, adult men, who could do nothing other than stand by and watch. I thought about how hopeless it must feel to be a community doctor one day and the next you’re white coat version of a combat medic. One day you're doing ears, nose and throat shit and the next you're trying to stabilize people who’ve been literally blown apart. Now I don’t know exactly what type of medicine these doctors were practicing two months prior to the moment we all found ourselves in right then, but it’s safe to assume they weren’t attending to people who had been ripped open by shrapnel from mortars, artillery, and tank shells.

Within just a few minutes doctors had done what they could and her sons once again lifted their mother off the table and were rushing as best they could carrying someone who was at this point unconscious back to their car. Still running, the two men jumped into the front and just as fast and noisy as they had arrived, they were gone, headed to Sarajevo’s main hospital.

Just as intense as the last few moments were, now it was silent. Nobody spoke. The two doctors took off their latex gloves, sat down in what could only be the clinics waiting room area, each pulling a pack of cigarettes from the front pocket of their medical coats, lit them, took a very long drag and looked off into nothingness.

I fall back into one of

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Cooking for my mother-in-law (Recipe advice)

My boyfriend's mother is coming over in August. My boyfriend used to live in another country before we finally managed to move in together, so I don't see his family all that often. This is the first ime she will come over to where we live and that I will have to cook for her.

So now I am stressing out about it, I really want to make a good impression. I am a decent enough cook, but usually my go-to recipes when people come over are slow cooked ribs, pulled pork sandwiches or homemade fried chicken. They don't really scream 'I swear I take good care of your son', so I am looking for 'mature' (maybe semi-healthy) recipe ideas.

What are some of your go-to meals you make when your family or friends come over that you always score with?

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On how my mother in law gave me pink eye, ruined my sex drive and is close to getting slapped.

We moved in with you to help you out while you've been having money troubles. You'd do it for us in a heartbeat. You're one of the most generous people I've ever met, you would always rather go without then see us go without. So we're happy to help, you've done so much for us and treated me like your own daughter since the day I married your son.

But I'm going to have an aneurism if you don't sort your shit out. Here's a list of things I wish I could tell you:

  • You've lived in filth for years. I don't understand it and I've never seen anything like it. You have a dog and three cats that you let shit and piss on the floor and leave it for days. They don't do it because they're bad animals, they do it because you're the worst pet owner I've ever met. You don't change the litter box. You haven't taken the dog for a walk in years and holding him on the leash for five minutes just outside the door once per day does not count. If he doesn't shit by the time you've gotten tired of standing then you bring him back inside. You will get sick, you will make us sick, you will make the animals sick.

  • So since we moved in, I take him for two walks per day and outside throughout the day periodically there hasn't been a problem until we go away for a night or two. When we come back, it's a fucking war zone again. A war zone of piss and shit and flies and ants that I have to clean up because you've just fucking given up. You given me pink eye.

  • The dog is not your child or boyfriend, please stop treating him like it, especially with your actual son right there. Stop telling him every ten fucking minutes about how tired you are or how much you love him. If you did love him you'd care for him. You wouldn't feed him off your plate every time you eat. I'm not talking about a scrap of meat now and then. I'm talking every day you give him human-size bites of your sandwiches including the bread, mayonnaise and lettuce. He snorts like a fucking pig awake or asleep because he's too fat to breathe anymore.

  • You're horribly addicted to Pepsi and cigarettes and your shitty lifestyle. You go through a 2 litre every day. You slept till 5.30 PM yesterday, woke up and complained to the dog about how tired you were, made me go out to buy you cigarettes and then spent all day on the couch watching tv. At night, you don't sleep. I don't know what you do. We were trying to have sex but hearing you down the hall talking to the dog and watching your shows,

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📅︎ Sep 22 2014
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