If anyone tries to tell you that Buggy isn't an important character, just remember that he appears in 12 of the 23 One Piece openings, only one less than Shanks (list of openings in comments).
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📅︎ Sep 07 2020
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A list of plotlines and character threads that need to be resolved before One Piece ends

The recent chapter has finally began shifting the storyline to the end game, however there is still a mountain of plot points that have barely been touched let alone resolved. So I decided to compile a list of the vast majority if not all the open ended plot points and character threads that still exist in One Piece.

Individual Strawhat's and their Goals/Dream

  • Luffy: Besides his most obvious ambition of becoming the Pirate King. He and Roger have had a seperate goal/dream that has been deliberately offscreened by Oda [ CH 585, 966]





  • Zoro: Defeating Mihawk and cementing himself as the worlds greatest swordsman
  • Nami: Drawing a map of the whole world
  • Sanji: Finds all blue
  • Chopper: Developing/Finding a cure for all diseases
  • Usopp: Becoming a brave warrior of the sea
  • Robin: Decypher the rio poneglyphs and discover the true history of the world including the void century
  • Brook: Keep his promise and meet Laboon ( This will supposedly happen when Luffy returns to fight Laboon again)
  • Franky: Franky has more or less acheived his goal/dream

World Government/ Navy/Bounties/ Revolutionaries

  • Who is Imu, what are his/her devil fruit abilities, potential awakenings, why is he/she holding Vivi's poster, why was he/she last seen in front of a giant strawhat and what does that hat refer to
  • History of the 5 elders, what are their abilities and potential devilfruit awakenings
  • Admiral Ryokugyu, Fujitora, Kizaru devil fruit abilities and awakenings
  • What is 'SSG' and how powerful is it ( artifical ancient weapon? )
  • Backstory of Vegapunk ( how does he look like), explaining what devil fruits are and the lineage factor
  • What are Rayleighs, Scoopers, Oden's, Dragon's, Mihawk's, boa hancock's etc; bounties
  • What happened in God Valley [Full backstory]
  • Aokiji vs Akainu full battle ( how did Akainu win?)
  • Who other than Coby and Drake comprise of the Marine special force - Sword ( who is their leader?)
  • Garp+ Roger vs Rocks, prime Garp's abilities, prime Roger's abilities, Rock's devil fruit abilities and potential awakening
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📅︎ Jul 23 2020
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I made a tier list of One Piece Characters based on how much I like them.
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👤︎ u/letsgomina
📅︎ Jul 05 2020
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An un researched and totally biased list of which one piece characters are gay (for fun)

Note - author is big ol homo in a happy marriage and made this post on his phone instead of working. I am not able to reference anything for research so 90% of this is misspelled or just wrong. This is for fun so please enjoy and feel free to add your take or anyone else I didn’t mention.

Monkey D Luffy - most likely asexual, has not shown any romantic interest and has no signs of attraction to male/female/fish/mink etc.

Zorro- most likely straight, his relationship with Kuina was plutonic and they were more rivals than anything. He’s shown no signs of attraction to any other person except maybe Tashigi. He lived with Daddy Mihawk for 2 years and clearly wasn’t with Perona so in my head cannon they are the power couple of swordsman, but it reality Zorro is almost certainly Heterosexual

Ussop - his relationship with Kiya well establishes him as straight. He does have a mancrush in Giants but that’s a whole mother bag of cats

Sanji - about the definition of aggressively heterosexual. One of the few characters that can be classified in absolute certainty

Nami - Super Fem lesbian. Shows no attraction emotionally or physically to any male characters. Took a bubble bath which Kalifa. What convinced me is her interactions with Tashigi, Nami had a real moment when she saw a young/strong female marine with a kind heart and if they are not endgame I’m going to be severely disappointed

Chopper - he’s not really human but he’s still almost certainly straight. His reaction to the lady deer mink was the only time I recall him showing any physical or emotional attraction to anyone.

Robin - No real evidence to support either but she doesn’t feel asexual the same way Luffy does. She actually does seem at least a little flattered with Sanjis affection, so she seems capable of physical/romantic feelings, we just haven’t really seen any. I’d like her to be a power lesbian, but she is most likely straight.

Franky - if he lived in the real world he’d be an Insta gay celeb. Way to represent your people Franky, pants are the enemy. He’s honestly shown now actual signs of attraction, he didn’t seem to be involved with anyone in the Franky Family even thought he had two hot “twins” with huge boobs and bikinis, plus all the other members in metal diapers (why am i still analyzing, he’s SUUUUUPER gay)

Brook - pretty sure there are laws named after this perv. No interest in seeing any mans panties so he’s not boning any dudes soon (Yohohohoho)

Jinbae (how do you spell

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Decided to make a tier list of what I think are the saddest backstories in all of one piece, let me know if I missed a character or if some people should be moved up or down
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📅︎ Jun 26 2019
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I compiled a list of every statement Oda has made regarding the way One Piece is written and drawn. (includes comments about story/character themes, art style, mindset while writing certain subjects, etc.)

The sources are in bold, and are mostly in chronological order. Huge-ass list, but there's some very interesting stuff here, folks. Especially if you're an aspiring comic artist or a major One Piece geek.....of which I am both.

  • Author's Notes Vol. 1: Oda gathered and read a lot of material in order to create One Piece.

  • Blue Grand Data File + Jump Festa 2018: Is constantly taking ideas from his personal life and meetings into the manga. Even random people who pass by can become inspiration for One Piece.

  • SBS Vol. 32: Whenever Oda has trouble with coming up with a name, he opens up a book about birds to find some.

  • SBS Vol. 66: Will sometimes use the Internet to search for weird creatures to use for the story.

  • Color Walk 8: Draws his favorite faces from the real-world into the manga.

  • Author Comments Ch. 913: Seems to make it a point to at least allow an arc to be unique even with all of the inspiration he takes.

  • Author Comments Ch. 25: Held a contest for cover page ideas.

  • Bonus Pages in Vol. 2 & & 10 & 15 & 26 & 36 & 41 & 51: Draws a pencil sketch of the page before finalizing it.

  • Author Comments Ch. 41 + SBS Vol. 28 & 29: Regathers art supplies at a yearly pace, and recommends going to an art store for proper stationery. Oda uses Muse Manga paper, Zebra G-pen and Zebra Round pen, Pilot Business ink, and IC-Screen.

  • Color Walk 1: Uses A3 paper for double page spreads, although he at first simply taped two regular papers together for it.

  • Author Comments Ch. 478: Uses B4 paper for the original print.

  • Author Comments Ch. 545: Also loves Nikko G-pens.

  • SBS Vol. 4: Names most characters with names that he finds fitting for their characters.

  • SBS Vol. 4: Thinks antagonists are more mysterious and appealing if they are "strange".

  • Comickers: Purposely avoids attaching himself too strongly to the traditional pirate motif.

  • Comickers: His art style was not something naturally developed, but rather specifically chosen due to how unorthodox it was.

  • Comickers + Sail & Anchor: Doesn’t consider character deaths to be an inherently powerful literary device, and believes that evoking emotions through death is too easy.

  • Vicky the Pirate, The Origin of an Adventure Comic: He seems to actively avoid drawing deaths as they ruin the ability to draw end-of-arc party scenes.

  • Comickers: Everything pre-Grand Line i

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Let's make a list of the neglected One Piece Characters

Japan is about to get it’s umpteenth Dressrosa batch consisting of only V2 RR Rare Recruits and bringing with it a V2 Legend. They have officially milked this arc dry, though I don’t think that is going to stop them. So how about we look through the relatively untouched part of the cannon and come up with a list of characters that deserve a RR version that the Bandai spies can steal? No need to think about what they should do, just think about who might make a better batch of RR Characters than Marineford Arc Part 11.

There are only two rules

  • The Character cannot have a RR version already. With RR I mean a 4* to 5* version that is pullable outside of special events, so if we look at the Whitebeard/Marco batch that just arrived on global, they all qualified. Though none of the characters were knew to the game (Strawberry appears in the buster call and the others all already had Legend Versions before among others) none of them had always pullable versions

  • The Character does something that can be turned into an Attack/Special Animation. Basically the “No Dragon” rule. If we’ve only seen the character talk, no matter how cool they are, it’s too early to turn them into units for the game. I know that Bandai themselves occasionaly breaks this rule, but we can be better can’t we?

Also, Bonus Points if you come-up with an unused scene for the Bandai People to use. We technically don't have a RR Whitebeard yet either, but between two legends, an ambush version, a TM version, a LRR version and the upcoming Raid Whitebeard I doubt there is anything he did that is not in the game yet.

An example of this would be RR Wyper, I could imagine his Special Animation being him taking down the bean stalk. I know he didn’t try to hit anyone with a falling bean stalk, but it would be a cool looking special if they tried to imply that he did.

Finally, no spoilers, obviously. The point of the exercise is to try and find characters that Bandai have neglected up until now. If they haven’t appeared in the anime yet they haven’t had a chance to be neglected, now have they? ;)

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Was going through the Simpsons Japanese cast list and realized that a lot of them voice characters in One Piece, so here they are

Homer=Gaimon=Toru Ohira. Unfortumatley he is dead now

Abraham=That fat Navy Admiral in that filler arc=Junpei Takiguchi. Dead as well unfortunately

Ned Flanders, Moe Syzlack= King Neptune, Naguri the filler guy who knew Conquerors=Minoru Inaba

Milhouse, Jimbo, and Professor Frink= Pekoms= Nobuo Tobita

Mr. Burns= Professor Clover= Koichi Kitamura who ise unfortunatly deceased

Lionel Hutz=Kozuki Oden=Hiroya Ishimaru

Troy McClure and Krusty=Wapol and Foxy= Bin Shimada

Seymor Skinner, Dr. Hibbert=Don Chinjao=Shin Aomori

Hermann, the Army surplus guy=Buggy and Woop Slap=Shigeru Chiba

Ringo Starr=Blackbeard=Akio Otsuka

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Need help for a list of One Piece characters!

I'm doing a mod for Football Manager and want to make an One Piece team.

If possible, i need a list of 10-15 characters mix with strongest, best or importants characters in One Piece universe, if you help i will apreciate a lot. Thanks

And sorry about my english, i´m brazilian

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Where can I find list of official one piece characters heights?

And has oda given the heights of kaidou, Whitebeard, all tall characters like franky group in water7, 3 different sized dudes in foxy group, zou elephant, sea kings, kraken, wadatsumi, san juan wolf, oars, oars jr, etc.?

I need official heights for a personal one piece project i want to do. Is there a website or file with them?

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👤︎ u/sgn15
📅︎ Oct 24 2019
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A list of One Piece characters based on how dead they are

The title says it all folks. We will be counting down some of the major characters based off of how dead they are. We will not be counting zombies, nor will we be counting down all the deceased.


Tier 4. Schrödinger Dead

Much like the famous Schrödinger's Cat, these characters are both alive and dead. How is that possible you ask? Simple. We haven't seen or heard from them in a long time. For all we know these characters could be long dead by now. They could have been struck down by Enel's lightning for all we know. Notable examples include:

  • Marco and the remainder of the Whitebeard pirates. We know Weavile was after them after, but we don't know if he ever caught them.

  • The Revolutionary Army. We know Baltigo was defeated by Blackbeard, but don't know if there were any survivors. Yes, even Dragon, Ivankov and Sabo are in this category.

  • Basically everyone else who has been on radio silence including those who went to Wano


Tier 3. Sabo Dead

But wait, u/TheWarGiraffe, I thought Sabo was Schrödinger Dead? Yea, well he "died" once before. This is that category. This goes to everyone who is implied dead but might not really be dead. Generally, no body was recovered.

  • Before the most recent chapter, Pekoms would have been a great candidate.
  • Jack can also fit in this category. I mean, I doubt he survived Zunisha, but hey, no body recovered. Apparently he is shown alive in the anime or something. my b
  • Kuma also fits in this category. We see lots of CP robos running around, but no Kuma. It is implied that he lost his consciousness, but is he really dead?
  • Bobbin he was "taken care of" which might not equal killed
  • My favorite is Jaguar D. Saul. We know for a fact that people can be defrosted from Aokiji's frost and survive. Heck Doflamingo did it. However, due to his impact on the plot, I think it's safe to say that home boy is likely tier 0 dead.


Tier 2. Dead

This category goes to everyone who is dead (wow, who saw that comming?). These characters are 100% confirmed dead, but don't substantially impact the story line. Such characters include:

  • Noland the "Liar"
  • The previous Vander Deckenses
  • Oars Jr.
  • Russian and Gimlet (yes, Senior Pink's side story is sad, but Russian and Gimlet are still only Tier 2. Dead)
  • Smiley
  • Monet
  • **All other general cannon fodder charact
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Does anyone know where I could find a list of One Piece characters in order or appearance?

Most lists show the whole crew as it us currently but I'm still on Sky Island and I don't want to spoil anything about them.

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Newest hopefully most updated list of One Piece character references. And do you think they know the joke? That the people that characters in One Piece are based off of know they have a cartoon version of themselves with superpowers and funny speech paterns.

For starters we have this kind of list that I am sure we have all seen. http://cdn-usa.gagbay.com/2013/04/one_piece_characters_are_real_life_people-273235.jpg (PS fuck 9gag for putting their shitty little water mark on this, I know for a fact they are not responsible for this image) But this is far from all

Oda said himself that Sanji is based off of Steve Buscemi's Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs

Oda also says he loves Tim Burton. We see this in three characters:

Brook is obviously Jack Skellington, but there are also three famed musicians contributing to his look: Jimi Hendrix (Clothes+Fro) + Slash (Hat) + Ozzy Osbourne (Glasses). (Man can he ever fucking rock)

Gecko Moria is Oogie Boogie Not only in appearance but for his hatred of Brook/Jack Skellington, his creepy little minions, and his powers with the help of Doctor Hogback.

and Inazuma, who shares scissor hands with Edward Scissorhands.

Further more Sentomaru is basically the more popular depictions of Kintaro.

Crocodile is a mix of John Travolta and Steven Segal, both of who have achieved fame playing the opposing roles of Gangster and Cop. And as we know Robin, who worked with Crocilde, is based on Uma Thurman's character Mia Wallace. Travolta and Thurman both worked together in Pulp Fiction on the same team... sorta.

WhiteBeard is Hulk Hogan who is famous for having muscles like tree trunks and calling everyone "Brutha" (kinda ties in with WhiteBeard wanting a family more than anything else in the world) Speaking of which does anyone know is Hulk Hogan knows there is this character based off of him? Cause if he doesn't he should cause I imagine it would be very flattering to know that there is a character based off of you that is 1) a wise leader and respected badass 2) literally called the strongest man in the world even by the government and his enemies and 3) such a family man and with such an important role in the series.

Mihawk "Hawkeye" Dracula is obviously

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Is there an archive of One Piece characters where it lists all their fights?

Such as listing one character vs another as well as how many wins/loses the character has had in the series? It's probably a lot to ask for but I think it would be cool if it existed. I am sure the One Piece Wiki lists fights a specific character has but i'm trying to avoid the Wiki due to spoilers, thanks!

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📅︎ Jul 04 2019
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