Does anyone have a list of the Monarch Point bonuses you get from Hindu Deity worship events?

I have a 6/2/4 heir, want to know who my next king should worship so I can get +2 to Diplo.

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Some resources for if you are having trouble with a character's name, semblances or weapon.

You ever have an idea for a character but not be able to think up a name?

Maybe you have a name but no weapon or semblance?

We've all been there and quite honestly: fuck that.

So I've decided to make a list of some websites that may come in handy should you need them.


#NAMES ^This-list-of-lists-is-no-doubt-incomplete,-if-you-have-a-suggestion-of-something-to-add-here-please-leave-a-comment.

Behind the Name, has a set of pre-made searches for colors, stone, metal and gems. They aren't perfect but you can supplement the keywords with some of your own to fill in some of the gaps, and even filter by nation/culture of origin if that's something you want.

Comprehensive List of Color Names, is a (possibly) larger list than can be found on Behind the Name, but arguably less well sourced in it's meanings (both are publicly editable so take anything you find with a grain of salt). There's about 1,800 on the main list of names, so there is quite a few to choose from.

20000-Names, An older site with at least a couple hundred color names on it. Admittedly there isn't much to say about this one.

Nameberry, a comparatively small list numbering at 85 but there still might be something for you here.

Team names, 470-some odd names and even more abbreviations for teams.

RWBY Name Generator, it's exactly what it sounds like: it shows random names and a color association (some are better than others). It has male, female, unisex and even team names.

#WEAPONS ^This-list-of-lists-is-no-doubt-incomplete,-if-you-have-a-suggestion-of-something-to-add-here-please-leave-a-comment.

List of pre-modern combat weapons, obviously not the end all be all of pre-firearm weaponry but it houses a decent number.

List of firearms, Again: likely not every firearm in existence but it's still a pretty damn big list. Includes: pistols, shotguns, sniper ri

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Can Kratos take out the pantheons of other religions?

Kratos isn't satisfied with taking out all the Greek gods so he's decided to move onto other religions and see how far he can get. He starts out with his basic gear and has to work his way through the gods, from weakest up to most powerful. He doesn't need to take every single deity out, just the key/major ones. He can obtain relics/powers from gods he defeats along the way to power him up like he does in game; gods have their minions/legions like the greek gods in GoW series do. Can he take any of them down?

These are the his opponents:

And just for fun: From Asura's Wrath, the 8 guardian deities

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Why is no one talking about Romney's religious views on display last night during the debate?

See, what gets me about the debate last night, and something no one seems to be commenting on (as Big Bird being killed off is more important) is the following quote Romney made when talking about health care:

"We’re a nation that believes we’re all children of the same God." - New York Times Debate Transscript

How can a person who believes that, with fervor and fundamentalism enough to make a comment like that, be expected to care for Americans who practice, let's say, Hinduism (where most schools of thought in it are [pantheistic] ( )) or Buddhists (where supernatural beings or "gods" exist, but have no powers of creation, salvation or damnation)? How about those who practice Shinto (where everything has a god-like spirit)?

How about plain ole Atheists who would look at that statement and laugh?

I don't care how fervent you are about your beliefs, and how "correct" you "know" they are - show me proof or go away. Just because you believe it, just because you can repeat the mantra or quote the dogma, doesn't mean it is true for anyone else.

A President, while he may personally believe it, needs to leave it out of politics - especially out of a national debate. That Mr. Romney is one of the biggest reasons you shouldn't be President.

EDIT: Yeah, it is an -ism, not just the "u" as referring to an adherent.

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[Record of Ragnarok] Why even bother with the "gods VS famous humans" premise if you're just going to write OC characters?

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie, aka Record of Ragnarok, is a manga series with a simple premise. All the gods want to enact the end of the world and wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. Humans fight the gods in a set of 1v1 battles, and if the humans win more times than the gods, they get to live. If not, Judgement Day. This is a pretty solid premise and I've been enjoying it so far, even if it feels like a worse version of Kengan Asura sometimes. But the current fight between "Bishamonten" and "Buddha" has been really bothering me.

Why bother with this premise if you aren't going to write the characters you already have?

I know that these people existed a long time ago, and the gods are up to interpretation to put it mildly. I'm not asking for the most stringent historical and mythical accuracy, and I've enjoyed the interpretations this series has had of some of the characters. Knowing little about Hindu myth, I liked Shiva and his backstory. Knowing that it was a little weird, I liked the way they portrayed Sasaki Kojirou and his famous loss to Musashi. But this current fight has made me notice that what we are seeing are not even slightly beholden to the records of these people. This isn't legendary deities VS famous warriors, they're just anime tropes wearing the skins of those characters. And I know that that's to be expected on some level, but I think this goes beyond the amount of leeway it should be given.

Look at Hercules, for example. Hercules' backstory, a human who "descended to godhood" to protect his friend, an ardently heroic character, is absolutely not Hercules' character at all. Hercules was born a god and abandoned for fear of Hera's wrath, a highly emotional man prone to violent rages, a complex and flawed figure that was hardly a paragon of virtue. But that's not what he was in the manga. They didn't even really do a spin on it or anything like they did with Kojirou or some of the other characters. The author wanted to do a reprehensible human VS a virtuous god storyline, so he wrote Hercules into that role even though the myth has nothing to do with it. He completely made up a backstory for a character that already has a backstory. The Fate franchise usually skews more accurate than this, and that's the series that turned Elizabeth Bathory into an idol singer. Liza-chan has more attention to the base inspiration than most of this stuff.

But Bishamonten VS Buddha is where it got noticeable for me. First off, Bishamonten isn't Bish

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[Spoiler] I read all the chapters in one day. Wanted to share my thoughts.

So, I had seen some artworks about this in an Indian anime subreddit during start of the lockdowns(remember those time?) and had been wanting to read. Now, with the second wave in full force and anotehr weekend with nothing to do I decided to pick it up.

I liiked the concept from the start and seeing some familiar faces like Shiva and Ganesha in the first chapter sure hyped me up (I am from a Hindu family btw and Shiva is one of our 3 most important deities). Burnhild showing faces of some of the most famous or infamous humans ever was also clever so that to make the verse more familiar to us.

My main worry going in was how would they powerscale humans to the gods. Volund (which sounds funny to me as it means that penis in my native) was a nice trick as it also humanizes the gods somewhat as they also need tools to become gods. Thor vs Lu Bu was a very nice way to start. Going with the most recognizable name on the list in round 1 was quite ballsy from the Fukui. It had good flow even with so much exposition. Also the moment they shwed the combatants list was also very hype as I found some very familiar names in there. I know Sakata Kintoki, Okita Sougo and Kojiro Sasaki are all real life people, but being a fan of both vagabond and Gintama, you can't blame me for getting excited to see those names. And, fucking Nikola Tesla is there. Man I am most excited to see one of the best inventors ever to see in a fight. Speaking of fights, Zeus vs Adam was hilarious af. "who needs a reason to fight for their children" is my favorite quote from the series as of yet. Now, I was also confused about why choose sasaki over mushasi? However, the flashback and the scene at the end where he channels Mushasi's 2-sword style was very fitting. Also, this was my favorite fight till now. The next fight, I felt real bad for Hercules(Heracles?). The hero of justice losing to one of the most merciless killers of all time felt pretty sad but Hercules definitely is the chaddest characters among the literal gods. The 5th fight was the one however where I was dreading the result the most. Don't kill me for this but I just did not want Shiva to lose. even though I am not overly religious, Shiva is one of the characters that is closest to my heart and most of the Hindus. I really loved the backstory of Raiden though. This was my second favorite fight. As for the current fight, I will just say that this version of Buddha is somewhat similar to what I imagined him to be lol.

I love

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"The Sikh Religion" by Macauliffe (1909). Vol. 1, Part 2 - Introduction - On religious history, ideas about God, and the Janamsakhis

Hello friends! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Here is my summary of Bhai Macauliffe's great work. We have done the preface, and now begin the introduction.

Chapter 1

Bhai Macauliffe begins by discussing the developments of 14th and 15th century Europe and India. The 14th century laid the foundations of religious change - the English began to study the Greek works and became influenced by Plato's version of monotheism (and subsequently burned Lollard and Huss for heresey). In India, the Brahmins banished Buddhism and laid the groundwork for Ramanand and Saint Kabir.

Macauliffe asserts that generally, new religions have a source - humans in their suffering call out to God for relief. He quotes Guru Amar Das Ji:

"When the world is in distress, it heartily prays.

The True One attentively listens and with Its kind disposition grants consolation

It gives orders to the Cloud and the rain falls in torrents"

Macauliffe interprets this last line as being about the Gurus Ji (being the cloud) and their instructions (being the torrent of rain).

He goes on to say that Hindus and the people of India had a great reason to be desperately praying to God- the brutality of the Muslim emperors was so very great. Macauliffe then gives an account of the Muslim emperors from 1100 to Aurangzeb's day. Various events like killing 1000 Hindus per day so that their blood could bathe their idols, that kind of thing.

The author then quotes Guru Naanak Ji, who personally witness many atrocities, from the Maaj Ki Waar (by Gur Das?):

"This age is a knife; kings are butchers; justice has taken wings and fled.

In this completely dark night of falsehood the moon of truth is never seen to rise.

I have become perplexed in my search; in the darkness I find no way.

Devoted to pride, I weep in sorrow; How shall deliverance be obtained?"

Macauliffe then describes various crimes of Jahangir. Unlike his father Akbar, who was influenced to religious tolerance by the historian Abul Fazal, Jahangir was a tyrant. He had Abul Fazal assassinated, along with the husband of Nur Jahan. His son Khusrau gathered many followers to petition his father to kindness. Guru Arjan Ji was shaheed not only for his religion, but for his hospitality to Prince Khusrau. Jahangir's grandson Aurangzeb needs no further introduction for this audience.

Chapter 2

Just as Christianity was once confined to the Latin language and the priesthood, so was Hinduism confined to Sanskirt and the priesthood. T

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Atheists are wasting time arguing philosophy and morality instead of getting into the archaeology and history.

Hope this doesn't break rule 7, its more of a general pattern even outside the sub.

When talking about existence, at some point we end up with a Start button. We could be several layers in, a simulation created by other beings who were themselves part of a simulation. Doesn't matter, Original Source still exists. But each culture has a different idea of a Creator.

Talking about the "logic" around the concept of a Creator or its morality is not simply ridiculous, it is a complete waste of time. You're trying to put rules around something that is claimed to have created the rules of reality in the first place.

You're most likely arguing with people who don't care about logic and causality at all, and are instead looking very specifically for comfort. Literally God of the Gaps used by ancient people.

Step back, take a breath, and recognize that we're not talking about a generic concept of a Creator deity, its more of a specific Cultural god. This is the absolute most common mistake that all non-religious people make, and then they get caught up in the semantics. YOU HAVE TO ZOOM IN, NOT ZOOM OUT.

No one is talking about Hindu/Greek/Norse mythology, it is specifically the Jewish god Yahweh that is in question. This also means being agnostic (A-gnosis = lack of knowledge) about Yahweh doesn't make any sense as a position, because we have the text.

You need to change your argument by looking closer at the primary text and familiarizing yourself with it. This is the proof that you actually care about the topic, anything else is absolutely not sufficient. The primary focus of the Old Testament is NATIONALISM, because that is what the final Priestly writers during Persian rule had in mind.

Its a local tribal god who then takes on more and more attributes until eventually it becomes the Source of Creation itself, literally sustaining the world around us. THIS PART IS SIMPLY MARKETING, and to spend any time arguing that it doesn't make sense or he's mean or something is to miss the point entirely. You're arguing low level nonsense, and its a waste of everyone's time.

Learn to shift focus to the actual history and away from endless abstraction, and make a commitment to doing so. The explanations and framework around the cultural belief system are worked out later, by people who are professionals at twisting logic and being conveniently inconsistent.

The messy patchwork is very easily visible when you look closely, but instead of zooming in to the reality

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Guide for 638% fort defense (221 days per siege phase)

R5: Was experimenting with fort defense bonuses in console and made a monster. It should be near impossible to achieve this in an ironman game. First of all, you should be Anarchist France with Swiss ideas before 1600. And then be forever in a `French Wars of Religion` disaster. And then switch to Hindu. And a bunch of random bonuses.

Anyway, here the complete list of stacked fort defense bonuses:

  • Terrain: Mountains +25%
  • State Edict: Defensive Edict +33%
  • Building: Ramparts +15%
  • Great Project: Ambras Castle III +50% (province + area)
  • Event: Local Fortifications Expert Discovered (id: 737) +25%
  • Event: Fortification Expert (id: ideagroups.802) +10%
  • Event: Military Divided (id: 737) +20%
  • Event: To the Last Man (id: ideagroups: 814) +25%
  • (Disaster: French Wars of Religion) Event: Capital Lost +200%
  • (Religion: Hindu) Deity: Vishnu +20%
  • (Government: Tribal) Tier 1 Reform: Stateless Society +75%
  • Swiss Idea 4: Alpine Defensivness +25%
  • Defensive Idea 5: Defensive Mentaility +20%
  • Espionage/Defensive Policy +10%
  • Influence/Defensive Policy +10%
  • Innovative/Defensive Policy +10%
  • Advisor: Military Engineer +20%
  • Power Projection +10%
  • Revanchism +25%
  • Swiss Mission: Alpine Bastions +10%

So the possible way to get it:

  • start as any tribal/horde nation
  • conquer Switzerland, release and play them
  • conquer France, switch culture to Francien, become France
  • conquer Innsbruck, upgrade Ambras Castle, make it capital
  • trigger Wars of Religion disaster (can't change religion before that point or won't trigger)
  • switch to Hindu (by conquering a bit of India)
  • max PP and get Revanchism
  • pray for events

I'm not going to try and achieve it in Ironman (anymore), so I just wanted to post it here, if anyone wants to try this thing. Good luck)

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Etymology/Translation Corner

Blurb: "Converging thoughts call forth a shining miracle. Arrive alight! "Shooting Savior Star Dragon"!!"


Yusei: "Converging thoughts call forth a shining miracle. Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Arrive alight! Shooting Savior Star Dragon!! Accelerate your Duels with a new bond!"


Yusei: "Witness the Shooting brilliance."

This is a list of translated Japanese names for all of the cards in Dawn of Majesty. See below for further notes.

Each card name is linked to an image!! (Use an image-zooming extension like Imagus to view them instantly.)

Any questions or issues you may have about the translations are welcome.


  1. Token
  2. Token

  1. Thought-Converging Dragon
  2. Stardust Synchron
  3. Stardust Trail
  4. Despian of Comedy
  5. Despian of Tragedy
  6. Albert, the Occult Comic of Despia
  7. Dramaturgia of Despia / Supreme Occult-Theater God of Despia
  8. Albion, the Dragon Clad in Black
  9. Attendant Sword Master of the Bewitching Eyes
  10. Musketeer of the Magical Key - Clavis
  11. Shari Gunkan / Sushi Warship of Pressed Rice
  12. Ikura Gunkan / Sushi Warship of Salmon Roe
  13. OOPArts Magella Globe **/ Prehistoric Heritage - Magella
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Light childs names research (long read of Egyptian mainly, and other mythologies )

I have noticed that after Cleopatra appearing, other childs started to appear like Bast or Horus which looked like Egyptians. But when I started to google names of other childs - it was a surprise because even not egyptian looking waifus are also related to the same mythology. Where is Korea and where is Egypt, right? Maybe for some of you this info will be interesting.

Wepwawet (also rendered Ophois) was originally a war deity, whose cult centre was Asyut in Upper Egypt. His name means opener of the ways and he is often depicted as a wolf standing at the prow of a solar-boat. Some interpret that Wepwawet was seen as a scout, going out to clear routes for the army to proceed forward. One inscription from the Sinai states that Wepwawet "opens the way" to king Sekhemkhet's victory

Sekhmet is a warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing. She is depicted as a lioness. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare. Upon death, Sekhmet continued to protect them, bearing them to the afterlife. Sekhmet is a solar deity, sometimes called the daughter of Ra and often associated with the goddesses Hathor and Bastet.

Bastet or Bast was a goddess of ancient Egyptian religion. In ancient Greek religion, she was known as Ailuros (Koinē Greek: αἴλουρος "cat"). Bastet was worshiped in Bubastis in Lower Egypt, originally as a lioness goddess, a role shared by other deities such as Sekhmet. Eventually Bastet and Sekhmet were characterized as two aspects of the same goddess, with Sekhmet representing the powerful warrior and protector aspect and Bastet, who increasingly was depicted as a cat, representing a gentler aspect.

Pakhet, Egyptian meaning she who scratches is a lioness goddess of war. It became said that rather than a simple domestic protector against vermin and venomous creatures or a fierce warrior, she was a huntress, perhaps as a caracal ...

Horus is one of the most significant ancient Egyptian deities who served many functions, most notably god of kingship and the sky. He was most often depicted as a falcon, most likely a lanner falcon or peregrine falcon, or as a man with a falcon head ...

Astoreth (Northwest Semitic) a form of [Ishtar](https://en.wikipedia.or

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Books on gods and godesses of various countries

I'm looking for non fiction books on various gods and deities of various different pantheons, specifically ones that list these gods and tells me their stories. I need these for a story I'm working on. I'm specifically looking for books on:

Aztec Gods

Hindu Gods

Japanese Gods

Chinese Gods

Irish Gods

Celtic Gods

And any other Gods I've neglected to mention. (i already have books on African, Egyptian, Greek and Norse)

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Worldbuilding Wednesday — The Underworld: Part Four, Naraka

Got questions about worldbuilding and story ideas? Post them here.

If you have questions about the specifics of the project you're working on that don't constitute prose critique then this is the place for them. We would ask that users do their best to engage with each other's work rather than merely solicit feedback and give nothing in return.

Last week we explored Tartarus, the first in a three-part look at representations of punishment in the underworld. This week, we move on from our start in the Greek Myths to join the Indian religions. Next week, this process will continue, ending the cycle with the Abrahamic Hell itself, before we move on once more; to Chthonic deities and other denizens of the underworld such as psychopomps.

As a brief note, I've now returned to a stricter work timetable, so these posts will become significantly shorter. I will strive to keep their factual content as high as possible, but topics may be stretched across more weeks as a result.

To accurately discuss the three principal variations of Naraka in the modern world—the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist varieties—it may help a Western audience to understand a smidgeon about the history of the Indian religions, and a few of the core concepts shared between them.

The Vedas

With their origins in the Prehistoric religions of the stone age, one of the key periods of development in the shared practices of the region was the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilisation, lasting roughly 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE. The Indo-Aryan migration pattern took place during this period, introducing concepts that would change cultural patterns in the region.

Hinduism formed from a synthesis of the contributing cultural and religious practices from these changes, the seeds of its core conceptions set with the creation of the Ancient Vedic Religion—so called due to the proliferation of the Vedas. Forming one of the oldest layers of Sanskrit literature, and written in what became known as Vedic Sanskrit, the Vedas constitute a wide variety of religious texts spanning some 20,379 mantras spread across four core books—the Rig Veda (oldeast, from 1500-1300 BCE), Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda (all from 1200-900 BCE). Considere

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Cosomology of the Quran

[This is part one of three parts on the reality of Earth and the universe from a Quranic perspective.]

[Part II]: The Heavens

[Part III]: The Big Picture

Every culture has its own creation myth, and while it is not blatantly obvious, the Quran has one of its own, influenced by other myths and legends rampant at that time. The Chinese believed the skies were held by Eight Pillars, the Hindu believed there were Eight Elephants which bore the Earth, the ancient Iranians were Zoroastrians and believed the Earth was a flat disk floating on water and the Arabs themselves were no strangers to myths and legends. As a society which depended on traveling and trading, it is not hard to imagine that they would some stories from their neighbors as their neighbors did from them, an example for this is Hubal Al-Lat, which may have been the Arabic version of Aphrodite/Urania

The purpose of this pseudo-analysis is to make a case for the mythical and unrealistic beliefs that the author of the Quran had. By part three, we will uncover myths that scholars would like to remain undiscovered lest it shows the true nature of the Quran and its author. Also, if you came to comment that this is biased, well... it is, so go waste somebody else’s time.

I know that not all of you speak Arabic fluently so I have gone through the trouble of translating every new Arabic word and linking its original definition in Arabic. For those who want to dispute the English translation, I have only included it just so non-Arabic speakers can understand what I am talking about and I am mainly concerned with the Arabic definitions themselves. I will be defining words by the Tafsirs and most importantly by their original meaning in Arabic dictionaries (Ma'jem) and the meaning of their roots, to dispute any form of "misunderstanding" the verses.

Chapter 1: Do they n

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Nepal Package Tour with Kathmandu , Pokhra and Chitwan

The Memorable trip to Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan

The trip for a Nepal Package Tour was planed a long ago, the day we were returning from the Maldives. I read many wonders with treasures that never fail to amaze and inspire us to visit Nepal. Nepal offers lots of stunning natural diversity, wildlife, verdant valleys, historical and cultural aspects, and the Himalayas. Despite its growing modernization in places like its capital Kathmandu and other cities, Nepal’s Ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites is still alive and thriving in Nepal. This complete travel blog will guide you to know Nepal’s highlights in a better way.

UNESCO Heritage Site - Pashupatinath Temple

Whenever I get holidays, I always plan for a trip outside the country. At some point in our short lives, we would like to get out of our monotonous work and explore the world with our own eyes.

We had decided to take the help of a Travel Agency who assisted us in the touring endeavor. NatureWings My Travel Agency arranged everything for us for the Nepal Tour, leaving us with free time to do as we please instead of worrying about transport, permits, meals and accommodation. I would recommend hiring a travel agency is better while visiting Nepal to explore and understand the destination.

The very morning when I arrived at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, the weather was so pleasant, and the moment the flight landed, I felt so good. After completing all the immigration formalities, we were greeted and received by our tour guide. I was so happy to see both of them welcomed me with a smile on their face. So after that, together in our car, we headed towards the hotel in Kathmandu. My guide made everything clear and informed me everything about my tour in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

Kathmandu-The capital of Nepal

Our first stop was beautiful Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The first bucket list on our trip list was the heritage sites of Kathmandu. The largest city of Nepal is Kathmandu, with around 1.5 million of population. We have learned that since medieval times, Kathmandu has been the home of Newari culture. We have seen lots of Buddhist and Hindu sites which including the heritage site in Kathmandu.

In Kathmandu, f

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Update in Munawar Faruqui's Case!

This is thread based on tweets by News Click journalist Kashif Kakvi,

>UP to take custody of Comedian Faruqui likely by Tuesday in connection with a case filed in #Prayagraj in May 2020 for insulting Hindu deities & Amit Shah. UP Court issued 'production warrant' to Indore Central Jail, where he has been kept.

>Rakesh Bangre, Superintendent Indore Central Jail, claimed that they have not received any official documents yet maybe because of weekend. Only heard about it. "If received, we would sought permission from Indore Bench MP HC to transfer Faruqui, where bail plea is underway," he said

>Sishupal Sharma, George Town PS (Prayagraj, UP) incharge confirmed that lower court has sent 'production warrant' to MP, seeking Faruqui's custody ASAP in connection with a case filed last year. Crime Branch has conducted the enquiry.

This is just getting bizarre and bizarre... I mean, Started with Arrest after 1st January Show in Madhya Pradesh, He is in jail in MP since then, Here is complete list of charges against him and link to the joke he cracked...

Then just few days after, Local Police said, "‘No video of Munawar Faruqui insulting Hindu deities,’ say police two days after arresting him" Source

So its just beyond rational understanding, How can be someone kept in jail for so long without any sort of evidence against him...Judicial system and Law & order Protectors And Hindutva Goons going hand in hand to criminalise an innocent individual out of pure religious vendetta...

Ordeal of Munawar Faruqui will put even Banana Republic to shame...

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Timeline of all Mythologies?

I’ve been trying to make a chronological list of all mythologies, and was hoping y’all could help. From what I’ve researched, mythologies have evolved from three main territories: Euro-African, Asia and America.

The first mythology known to us is Mesopotamian mythology (~3000 BCE), as the Mesopotamian Empire was the first writing civilization. That empire would go on to influence Egyptian society and their mythology (~2700 BCE), which would go on to become one of the vastest mythologies to exist in terms of numbers of gods and deities (more than 1500 gods). Interestingly, Egyptian belief would evolve from thousands of gods to the origin of the first monotheistic religion, Atenism (1351 BCE). Meanwhile, Mesopotamian civilization would also impact/influence Minoan mythology (whose scripture we haven’t cracked). Minoans (~2200 BCE) influenced Mycenaeans, which is the basis of Greek mythology (~1500 BCE). As everyone probably knows, Greek mythology serves as the foundation for Roman mythology (500 BCE).

In Asia, Chinese folklore is a mix of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. I’m not clear which came first and how they influenced one another, but they all seem to have come around 500 BCE. I heard that Journey of the West basically encompasses all of the Chinese mythology/folklore, but someone please check me up on that. Any more info of Asia would be greatly appreciated and helpful.

Finally, the oldest known mythology known from Central America is Olmec mythology, the earliest Mesoamerican society (1200 BCE). From there, Teotihuacan comes and goes (150 AD), and then Mayan (250 AD), Toltec (900 AD), Aztecs (1325 AD), and Incas (1438). There’s also more Mesoamerican societies and accompanying myths in North America, like the Pueblo people (100 AD) and the Apache and Navajo people (1000 AD). Literature is very scarce on these myths and societies, so I’d appreciate any book you recommend.

This timeline is not all-encompassing and is notably missing Hindu Vedas Brahmanism (1700 BCE), Persian mythology, and most of north European myths and tales, including Celtic/Norse mythology, as well as British folktales and legends. I think it could be really fun if we all put our heads together and created an encompassing myth timeline with associated books for everyone to enjoy.

Please comment with any additional info you might have!!

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How To Play A Cleric Of Trickery

>Then spoke the one who came last, who was called Logi : “I know such a trick, which I am ready to try: that there is no one within here who shall eat his food more quickly than I.” Then Loki answered: ”That is a feat, if thou accomplish it, and this feat shall accordingly be put to the proof.” He called to the farther end of the bench, that he who was called Logi should come forth on the floor and try his prowess against Loki. Then a trough was taken and borne in upon the hall-floor and filled with flesh; Loki sat down at the one end and Logi at the other, and each ate as fast as he could, and they met in the middle of the trough. By that time Loki had eaten all the meat from the bones, but Logi likewise had eaten all the meat, and the bones with it, and the trough too; and now it seemed to all as if Loki had lost the game.

>-The Beguiling of Gylfi of The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson-

You thought I would put a post months after the fact about a Cleric subclass? This post is fake. There is nothing to tell, it’s the worst one out there. The features are useless, the damage is sub-par, and there are classes and even subclasses that do things better. My advice: Don’t play a Cleric of Trickery. Play a Rogue or Sorcerer instead. Or go for War Cleric, those are obviously better. Make it a Dwarf so you’ll get a bonus to armor, there is nothing better and any other choice is just stupid. If you can’t get a 20 in Wisdom then don’t bother. Then what you do is pick Guiding Bolt and Mass Heal and upcast it, then take a long rest because those 8 hours don’t matter at all. Better yet, plan on becoming a god by overthrowing your own. Nothing beats a good goal of epic proportions. Wear white, because white is a Clerical color. If you are still reading this then good on you because the trick is that this post is actually legit.

#Creation In most editions, Strength is the standard for the Cleric next to Wisdom. But in this case, I urge you to put points in Dexterity instead of Strength if your edition allows you to fight with that score and wear lighter armor than usual. Otherwise, Dexterity will help you out with stealth and sleight of hand to act out any tricks without too many repercussions. Second, take a look at Charisma if you see your Cleric to be more of a social trickster rather than a practical one. Deception and Persuasion are going to work out well with the mindset of thi

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Theosophy is at the root of so much crankery these days. It seems like the show stays away from hot-button issues like religion, but Theosophy can totally be covered without stepping on toes. Everyone from the Ancient Alien set to the Atlantis people, to the weird Earth Crustal Displacement folks have their roots in Theosophy. Before Aliens were all the rage, the entire occult world for nearly half a century can be reasonably characterized as a response to Theosophy. Theosophy and Charles Fort, as competing paradigms, could easily be credited with the creation of our modern framework of the weird.


In 1875, a Russian aristocrat named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky published Isis Unveiled, which formalized the doctrine of Theosophy. Born of, and a response to, the Spiritualist movement, Theosophy marked a departure from the prevailing mystic theories of the day, offering alternative metaphysics and charting much of occultism’s future course. Blavatsky described Theosophy as "the synthesis of science, religion and philosophy" and her work is a collage of Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Theosophy provided the philosophical roots of future western esoteric traditions such as Ariosophy, Anthroposophy, and the New Age Movement as well as helped introduce interpretations of Eastern concepts into Western occult thinking. In popular culture, Theosophy or its intellectual descendants have been referenced in too many works to enumerate, from H.P. Lovecraft to Led Zeppelin,

Core Concepts

1. The Ur Religion

Blavatsky asserted her Theosophy was a rediscovery or re-articulation of a global “ancient wisdom religion” which was known to certain historical figures of renown such as Plato and Solomon. The Christianization of Europe obscured this ancient wisdom, forcing it underground (in this way, the doctrine shares similarities with Margret Murry’s ideas in Witch-Cult in Western Europe), but the tradition persisted in the East, maintained by Hindu scholars, African wisdom keepers and Buddhist mystics. Thus, Theosophy was not new, but the reintroduction of lost knowledge.

2. The Ascended Masters

While Blavatsky’s cosmology was fundamentally monotheistic and absolutist (i.e. the world we inhabit is a projection, emanation, or reflection of some absolute or higher reality), both the deity and the higher realm were somewhat distant and impersonal. Blavatsky’s revelations were not direct messages from a deity but rather from a group

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3 strange events from the past (long post)

Ok been lurking around this sub for a while so I’m going to share three events from my childhood that have always been with me, but for some reason they have become even more vivid in the last six months. Would be interested in your thoughts or if someone has has similar experiences.

Bearing in mind this happened in the seventies and I was under ten years old, this has particular relevance to the third event. I will list them as I rate them from least strange to most strange.

Event 1.... This has happened many times over many years, as I used to lye in bed at night not been able to sleep or if for what ever the reason I was afraid, I would always look to the darkest corners of the room and get this feeling that “my friends” are coming and then tiny orbs of orange light would light up the space and give a great sense of peace, I would watch them dance around the room and I just knew I wasn’t alone. On one occasion I remember running into my sisters bedroom bringing her in to see them, to which she did acknowledge she could. During this time and just prior to them appearing there was this almost static in the room, so even before I saw them I knew they were coming.

Event 2..... This I think was somehow connected to the first event but I’m not entirely sure so bear with me. Again as before I would get this “calling” lying in bed to get out and walk to the top of the stairs. I would stand at the top of our stairs and look down to the hallway below. The bottom of our hallway was a tiled floor, small space surrounded by three doors, the front door and two side doors leading into sitting and lounge room. So in the middle of the night it was pitch black with no light, the stairs had 13 steps and I would find myself saying “jump, trust them they’ll catch you” and I did. I know this sounds mad but it was as if time slowed way down, in mid motion of jumping down the flight of stairs I would consciously look at the flowered wall paper and see it wizz by and by the 3rd last step the orbs would appear slow everything way down and i would land on my feet, no pain but just an amazing feeling, so much so I would run back up and without hesitation jump again with the same results, now at the second thump my mother would be out saying “what the f—k is going on?” I’d say I fell, I’m getting some water etc etc and go back to bed. I’ve done this at least 4-5 times that I can clearly recall.

Event 3... This is the strangest one, I have 2 VERY vivid memories of this, I c

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PSA: Main character unit is probably Narukami

I have seen quite a lot of discussion going on about overdress and the new units and I've encounteres quite a bit of surprise about the new unit "Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana" and the fact that it's related to Hindu symbolism. And I haven't seen any mention of this yet, so I thought I'd make a bit of a PSA on some old (and apparently forgotten) part of Narukami, so that hopefully this unit can make a bit more sense to those who don't see a connection. So, here's a list and some Wiki links for some similarly named old Narukami units:

Lord of Demonic Winds, Vayu

Turbulence Deity Howl, Rudra

Vajra Emperor, Indra

Avatar of Heroic Spirits, Vishnu

Lightning King Spirit Emperor, Vritra

Mystic Wisdom Creation, Brahma

I hope this helps anyone who wasn't very familiar with some of the origins of the Narukami clan and possible connections to the new units. Also, as a side note, the main character ace unit from the booster set also seems to be surrounded by quite a bit of lightning, so there's more signs that seem to point that he's mainly a Narukami user (kind of how the new Dark States player seems more focused on spikes).

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Thank you for helping us reach 1000+ subscribers at r/bhajan!

Just 9 months ago, we reached the milestone of 500 subscribers, and now we have more than doubled the size of this little community in the space of less than a year! :)

I would like to again sincerely thank each and every one of you who have been liking, sharing & contributing to the content on this sub. A massive thank you and shout-out as well to u/WaveParticle1729 who assisted with the translations & proofing of so many of the early posts here.

This subreddit has very stringent rules about post-titles and requiring translations in the comments to ensure the quality standards are maintained, so I would also like to thank everyone who assists the mod team here by reporting any posts breaking the rules.


Use the below flairs on desktop in new reddit to navigate by post-flair:


You may also enjoy these Hindu subreddits -

List of Subreddits related to [r/hinduism](https://

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Why are people so skeptical of Malayalis and view then with suspicion

Being a North Indian and living in Kerala, what i have seen is that generally people have a non friendly approach to things. Initially i was not sure if i was the only one who felt it but after staying there for 3 years in Kerala, what i have observed is that most people there itself do not hang out with each other. The friendship over there is totally superficial. Smile, but do not genuinely mean it.

Sharing a few articles

It’s not just unity but discord among themselves that are the hallmarks of Malayalees as a community anywhere in the world, including their home state.

While the bonding and unity among Malayalees is what would be apparent to an observer, the factor of discord will usually be an undercurrent that brings the ugliness of it to the surface only when things go bursting at the seams, or it cannot be contained anymore with pretentions.

When collectively facing trouble, perceived or real, Malayalees will stick together like kernels on a cob of corn. When things are indeed looking up, well, that’s when the kernels fall apart and each start popping like popcorn.

Comfort of speaking one’s mother tongue, reminiscing a common past, sharing nuanced jokes that other communities cannot understand, a cuisine diverse yet unique that calls for constant exchange of notes, polarised politics that fuels heated exchanges that could never be concluded, movies that at once draw from and define the cultural identity of Malayalees. All these and many more are the reasons for Malayalees to bond with each other. And if they’re anywhere but in Kerala, it would be a yearning for the laid-back life and simple pleasures they left behind back home that calls for unity.

Other communities too may share all or most of these traits, but when it comes to Kerala, there are a number of distinct yet tenuous cultural markers that set Malayalees apart from similar cultures as a result of geographical sequestration all through the history of Kerala. It’s by constantly reminding themselves of this perceived uniqueness, or even superiority, that Malayalees keep their identity intact.

One way to illustrate this is to look at the Tamil vazhai ilai virundhu and Kerala sadya. They might look similar to the uninitiated, but two Malayalees together having a vazhai ilai virundhu in Che

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Unreached People Group of the Week - Balinese of Indonesia

I've been in a fairly beachy mood so I thought I would use that today to find a UPG. Meet the Balinese of Indonesia!

Region: Indonesia - Bali

Climate: Indonesia lies along the equator, and its climate tends to be relatively even year-round. Indonesia has two seasons—a wet season and a dry season—with no extremes of summer or winter. For most of Indonesia, the dry season falls between May and October with the wet season between November and April. Indonesia's climate is almost entirely tropical, dominated by the tropical rainforest climate found in every large island of Indonesia. More cooling climate types do exist in mountainous regions that are 1,300 to 1,500 metres (4,300 to 4,900 feet) above sea level. The oceanic climate prevails in highland areas adjacent to rainforest climates, with reasonably uniform precipitation year-round. In highland areas near the tropical monsoon and tropical savanna climates, the subtropical highland climate is prevalent with a more pronounced dry season.

Tectonically, Indonesia is highly unstable, making it a site of numerous volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. t lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire where the Indo-Australian Plate and the Pacific Plate are pushed under the Eurasian plate, where they melt at about 100 kilometres (62 miles) deep. A string of volcanoes runs through Sumatra, Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara, and then to the Banda Islands of Maluku to northeastern Sulawesi. Of the 400 volcanoes, around 130 are active.

Being just 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali has a fairly even climate all year round. Average year-round temperature stands at around 30 °C (86 °F) with a humidity level of about 85%. Day time temperatures at low elevations vary between 20 to 33 °C (68 to 91 °F), but the temperatures decrease significantly with increasing elevation. The west monsoon is in place from approximately October to April, and this can bring significant rain, particularly from December to March. During the rainy season, there are comparatively fewer tourists seen in Bali. During the Easter and Christmas holidays, the weather is very unpredictable. Outside of the monsoon period, humidity is relatively low and any rain is unlikely in lowland areas.

Terrain: The island of Bali lies 3.2 km (2.0 mi) east of Java, and is approximately 8 degrees south of the equator. Bali and Java are separat

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Exploring Chinese fantasy.

I firmly believe that it's beneficial to read widely, across not only genres but also cultures. There is great value in venturing outside the familiar and having our ideas and sensibilities challenged. This comment thread brought up the lack of translated fantasy novels, and why it's not easy to find non-English recommendations. So here's a post I hope will spur some interesting discussion.

While I haven't kept up with modern Asian fantasy à la Ken Liu and R. F. Kuang, I have read some Chinese literature while growing up, and I can offer some examples that might interest fantasy readers hoping to dabble in non-English fiction.

Some disclaimers before I begin: I'm not a literary expert. Asia is huge, and I'm only focusing on Chinese fantasy here. I've only read the original Chinese versions of the following works, so I can't vouch for the quality of the translations.

Genre definitions are always contentious. Here, I take fantasy to mean "stories that are unlikely take place in our world", which leaves out classic historical fiction such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin and Dream of the Red Chamber. I urge you to check them out nonetheless.

Oldies but goodies

Why classics? Well, because they've been around for a while, there's a good chance you'll find a translation or two in your preferred language. Also, classics are classics for a reason - for better or worse, they're the surviving representation of the past, and their stories have retained enough relevance to weather the passage of time.

Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en

Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classic Novels in Chinese literature, along with the three I mentioned above. Set during the Tang dynasty, the Monkey King, which has roots in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, goes on a quest with a Buddhist monk to retrieve the sutras. Accompanying him are a pig warrior ^(1) and a deity-turned-river-demon-turned-monk ^(2).

Wikipedia has a list of notable translations; W. J. F. Jenner's has been praised in particular, an excerpt of which you can find here.

1: Yes.

2: Yes.

The Investiture of the Gods by Xu Zhonglin

Written during the Ming dynasty, this is a mythologised portrayal of the daw

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Japanese references in Cyberpunk 2077

Dear reader!

If you are curious about some of the Japanese references seen in Night City and throughout the wider Cyberpunk (2077) universe, please refer to this introductory and incomplete list comprising some of my own (very basic) understanding of Japanese language, history, and culture supplemented by some surface-level research. I hope you will find this interesting and perhaps even acquire a newfound appreciation for your weapons and vehicles.

Note: This is technically a work-in-progress so if I've missed anything or if anyone has suggestions or corrections, feel free to let me know.



Befitting Arasaka’s militaristic airs, most of their products are named with a similarly martial flavour, ranging from famous figures from the age of the Samurai to WW2-era warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

JKE-X2 Kenshin | 謙信

• Likely named after Uesugi Kenshin (上杉 謙信), one of the most powerful daimyō of the Sengoku period. While chiefly remembered for his prowess on the battlefield, Kenshin is also regarded as an extremely skilful administrator who fostered the growth of local industries and trade.

• Kenshin is famed for his honourable conduct, his military expertise, a long-standing rivalry with Takeda Shingen (see below), and his belief in the Buddhist god of war—Bishamonten. In fact, many of his followers and others believed him to be the Avatar of Bishamonten, and called Kenshin "God of War".

HJSH-18 Masamune | 政宗//正宗

• Likely named after Date Masamune (伊達 政宗), a regional ruler of Japan's Azuchi–Momoyama period through early Edo period. Heir to a long line of powerful daimyō in the Tōhoku region, he went on to found the modern-day city of Sendai. An outstanding tactician, he was made all the more iconic for his missing eye, as Masamune was often called dokuganryū (独眼竜), or the "One-Eyed Dragon of Ōshu".

• May alternatively be a reference to Masamune (正宗), a figure widely recognised as Japan’s greatest swordsmith but considering the other names in this list, the former seems slightly more likely.

Nowaki | 野分

• Literally meaning “Fall Gales”, this weapon was likely named after the Japanese destroyer of the same name.

Shigure | 時雨

• Literally me

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Elsweyr and India
  1. Introduction

So, when I tried to search for a race to play that resembled my own culture and religion i.e. Indian and Hinduism respectively, I came to 2 races 1) Dunmer and 2) Khajiit, I had heard that the Dunmer had been insipired from many Asian cultures, Indian being one of those, but for me the resemblance of the ALMSILVI and 3 Good Daedra to the Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar trimurti was the only Indian inspired aspects of the Dunmer.

Eventually I came to the Khajiit, now while majority of consensus online relates the Khajiit to the Romani, Arabs and Persian, I indeed think that Khajiit have been inspired by Indian and other Indian influenced cultures like Thai, Cambodian and Indonesian cultures, I'll do my best in this post to explain and justfy the conclusion I have come to. This is going to be a long post as I will try explain many complex concepts, draw many parallels and try to list as many facts as possible so please, bear with me and incoming wall of text. English is my second language so apologies for any mistakes.

  1. Religion

The Khajiit are deeply religious and spiritual people so let's start by analysing their faith and beliefs. The Khajiiti religion can be divided into 2 periods based on the time period. The ancient Khajiiti religion involved ritual worship and veneration of various beings in exchange for various blessings both spiritual and material, these beings and spirits were divided in certain groups based on their nature, like Sky spirits, Wordly spirits, Wandering wpirits, Dark sprits, etc. There are also some characters which are not exactly deities but are venerated regardless like Baan'Daar and Rah'Jin, which we can perhaps see as hero or ancestor worship,information and teachings regarding these deities are found in ancient texts which were compiled by a priest in olden times, now this is very similar to the ancient Indian religion which was known as the Vedic religion, the Vedic religion was based around the scriptures known as the 4 Vedas, the Rigveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda and Yajurveda, these 4 texts explained the the nature of the world, cosmology, but most importantly these texts also talked about several celestial beings of varying natures and how interaction with these beings had an effect upon human lives, depending upon the nature there several beings like Devas, Asuras, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Rakshasas, etc. Similar to how the Khajiiti religion has a few prominent sprits in each category like Kenharthi

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Small and Cool Bits of Lore/Trivia
  • Molag Bal at one point possessed the blueprints of the Numidium written by Kagrenac himself. - Library of Dusk: Rare Books
  • Dragon Priest Ahzidal created a race of animals from fungi. No doubt knowledge learned from the Chimer and Telvanni ancestors. - Gloomspore Crates
  • Aside from being the stone of Ada-Mantia, the Zero Stone wards the Argent Aperture, a lock consisting of 13 rotating rings. Nobody knows what lies behind it. - Once
  • Many Psijic Monks spend their time studying 'et'Ada dream residue'. - Loremaster Celarus
  • High Lord Torinaan is the Aldmer who led the colonization of the Summerset Isles and exterminated godlike beings who resided on the Isles. - The Lay of Firsthold, 3rd Pocket Guide and The Faerie
  • There is a Daedra Lord named Hha-Lugh-Zhek (commonly called Hollowjack) who derives power from feeding off of mortal fear. - Hollowjack
  • There is a possible reference to Zero-Summing in Morrowind Fictional book: "I am Kena Zombel Mokafa, and I can prove that you do not exist," said Oin. He wrote out the mathematical formula, which proved correct, and Kena Warfel Tomasin vaporized on the spot. - The Four Suitors of Benitah
  • At one point Anu was worshiped as one of the Aldmeri Eight Divines. - Torinaan
  • Some pre-Ri'Datta Kahjitii tribes assert that Hircine fathered Nirni's first litter, possibly implying that the Prince may be an ancestor to changelings. - The Worldly Spirits
  • The Earth Bone known as the Guardian of the Earth claims that the Ehlnofey were the Y'ffre in the past, implying that Y'ffre may not be a singular entity, but perhaps a collective state of the Earth Bones in the Dawn. - Guardian of the Earth
  • Paarthurnax claims that by wielding the Elder Scroll, the Last Dragonborn has the 'very bones of the Earth at [their] disposal'. And Feldir the Old claims to banish Alduin with 'b
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Looking To Make My Own Wheel Of The Year, Looking For Ideas For Lesser Holidays.

I know there's the main 8 (Mabon, Samhain, etc), but I want to know about the lesser holidays that you celebrate, or that you know of

I'm in the middle of changing my entire life, due to circumstances beyond my control, & one of the things I want to do is create new rituals & traditions in my life. I want to get more involved in my spirituality, so I'm going to be making a calendar of different things that I could celebrate, Goddess Birthdays, festivals from all over the world, silly things that adults stopped doing when they grew up, anything. I want to throw everything against the wall & see what sticks, to help discover myself again

But every time I do a search for 'Wiccan holidays' or anything similar, I only get the main 8. I've found some others, but I could still use some more ideas & inspiration.

To give you an idea of the sort of thing I'm looking for, here's the list I have so far for the year (I'm trying to make this a general calendar instead of just for this year. It's a work in progress, but I don't mind sharing, just don't judge too harshly)

JAN. 1: Hag's Day-honouring the Goddess as She Who Transforms.

	New Years Day

	Janus & Diana's Festival

	Celebration of the 7 Deities of luck

	Celebration of the Goddess Fortuna

JAN. 2: Birth of the Goddess Inanna

JAN 5: Yule Ends

	Festival Of Befana

	Night ritual to honor Kore

	Birthday of the chinese god of wealth, Tsai Shen

JAN. 6: Triple Goddess Day-honouring the Goddess as the Three-In-One

	Day of the Lord of the Dance-honouring Shiva, seeking his aid for prosperity and wisdom in the New Year, and also for a spouse if desired.

JAN. 8: Justica’s Day

JAN. 10: Day of Freyja

JAN. 12: Besant Panchami or Dawat Puja

	Compitalia to celerate the Lares (household gods)

JAN. 18: Day of Danu - Celebrating the Great Goddess who Shows the Way.

	Theogamia of Hera

JAN. 20: Grandmother's day for Baba Yaga

	A day of the Kitchen God

JAN. 23: New Years Day For Trees

JAN. 24: Blessing of the candle of the happy women

JAN. 27: The Paganalia

JAN. 31: Chinese New Year

FEB. 1: IMBOLC SABBAT: Cleansing, Purification, Quickening.

	Feast day for St Brigit

	The lesser eleusinian mysteries

FEB. 2: Feast day of Oya

FEB. 3: Setsubun

FEB. 7: Day of Selene & other moon goddesses

FEB. 8: Mass for the Broken Needles

FEB. 9: Singapore New Year

FEB. 12: Festival Of Diana

FEB. 14: Valentine's Day.

	Feast of St Valentine

FEB. 15: Pan's Day-Hon

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Sukuna the Asura Demon (Write Up)

I have been reading this manga for over a year and love it's lore and connections to mythology! In this thread, I want to speculate about Sukuna's abilities around the manga's ties to Buddhist and Hindu mythology, specifically around his depiction as an Asura.

If it looks like a duck...

First off, Sukuna's appearance is that of a two-headed and four-armed humanoid. A clear depiction of this is seen in the title page of chapter 117. This is a direct connection to the Asura in Buddhism, who "are described as having three heads with three faces each and either four or six arms." [Wiki Link](

The above image of Sukuna also shows him holding a vajra and a trident or trishula, two weapons associated with traditional depictions of Buddhist and Hindu deities. Additionally, Sukuna is seen using a bow in chapter 116, and I will talk about this further down. With all this info, I think we have established a sturdy link between Sukuna and the Asura.

What were the Asura?

They were depicted as demigods in Buddhist mythology, who got their name because they were stricken down by the protector of Buddhism, [Sakra](, after drinking the intoxicating alcoholic [sura]( Asura are not all evil, and some of them are actually benevolent beings. Perhaps the Jujutsu Kaisen story follows some of the mythology in some way, but I am thinking that it might only have minor parallels.

So what about Sukuna's abilities?

I'm thinking that the key to Sukuna's powers lie in the depiction of the trident, which can represent three trinities–specifically in this case: creation, maintenance, destruction. Nevertheless, Sukuna having only two heads is very telling as well. The Trimurti is the combination of the three gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (Creator, Preserver, Destroyer) which is depicted as having three faces on one body. I think that the lack of a third head on Sukuna belies his power imbalance. He has only shown preservation (healing powers used to restore Yuji Itadori) and destruction (this one is more obvious). His lack of any inclination towards creation (only destruction and self-preservation) is what makes him an

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Basic Rotes for the Euthanatos - Correspondence

So, lets begin the Euthanatos. I took some time to go more into the details about possible paradigms and themes of the tradition in this list. I hope the later ones are more straight to the point since much has already been previously established.

I tried to broaden up a bit my initial Hindu focus, so there are quite a mix of fantasy and myth involving death, the underworld and the mage as an agent of fate. I hope you guys like this decision.

As aways, feedback, please.

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Past Lists:

Basic Rotes for the Traditions



O - The Perfume of Eternity - The world is suffused with a myriad of essences and energies that require spiritual awakening and training in order to be sensed. Paramount for the Euthanatos are the set of forces that arise following the transformative stages that compose the great wheel of life. While these essences are ever present, pulsing at each act of maturation, renewal and decay, they become most flagrant in the places and occasions in which birth or death announce themselves. When the doors to eternity open up and dense clouds of otherworldly essence emanate, vibrating and twirling according to the unique character of the people they envelop.

Hospitals, Cemiteries, the crib of the new born, nursing houses of the very elderly, temples of death-related gods or saints, murder scenes as well as objects and tools present in such places ressonate with the energies of the wheel are seen by the chackravanti as totem poles from which many threads extend connecting people and things in ghostly trails.

Through a process that involves cleansing the spirit with cold water or fire and attuning the spiritual senses with meditation and mantras, the mage can take hold of these lines of energy tracking them through the landscape. From a coffin the mage can find the way back to the deceased person's former house, by taking a small cut from the dirty bed sheets over which a baby was delivered a path can be unveiled toward newborns or the father, mother and obstetrician who brought them to this world. By holding to the murder weapon, the stained clothes of the victim or even a small clipping of the nails of a corpse, the mage can follow the trail back to its assassin.

Alternatively, when no anchor can be found or when the mage is not trying to follow a particular trail, the chackravanti can renew their dedication to t

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The Truth

The truth is that the whites have this inherently evil nature which gives them the propensity to subjugate and enslave EVERY other race across EVERY other continent, including themselves!. And by whites I do not refer to all people of Caucasian descent, I just refer to particular type of people who look like the cave-dwelling, direct descendants of Neanderthals who burn red whenever they step out into the sun. These inhuman and unintelligent beings, I have noticed, whose anger almost surpasses that of an animal, have no hearts and will do everything out of greed for their own wellness. Mock me all you want, call it pseudoscience, but I am only observing from intuition and the spiritual forces that guide OUR lives. The truth has been known for time and is slowly being validated, the only barrier being the unfair and extreme racism inherent in this white man's world. I myself am of Chinese ancestry, and I follow the eternal way (Hinduism). Yes, East Asians are thought to have more Neanderthal DNA than most europeans, but do we look like the direct descendants of Neanderthals? No.

Way before the pandemic and killing of countless innocent blacks, I recall a black person who taught me that the Chinese cultures and the African cultures have certain similarities, due to the fact that they share a "root" culture from which all its deities and customs derive from. Not only this but there are similarities in the present day (Why are EAST ASIANS and BLACKS specifically the targets of racism, revealed in the hearts of these beings in the year 2020)? Also, I can't help but notice that the protests of HK very much mirror the BLM protests, all in the same time frame, struggling against a corrupt system of injustice.

We need to connect spiritually to the Gods and use our intuition to guide us to the TRUTH, instead of institutionalized lies and manipulation.

Another issue that must be addressed is the racial identity of modern-day Indians. Conventional history taught in schools (Miseducation and division centers) teaches us that the Indians are descended from the indo-europeans, infecting the masses with the lie called the indo-european invasion theory. Nothing can be further from the truth. This lie, infected with the disease caused by the white man, is a strategy to divide the Indians as a people. Even when the whites have stolen history and claimed as their own, they STILL feel the need to claim the discoveries of THOUSANDS of scientific and technological discoveries

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The Lore of Legend of Korra and Retconning: A Partial Criticism

Before we begin, let me be clear--Legend of Korra is still a decent show, and shouldn't be smeared upon. There is room for legitimate criticism, but outright hate is over the top and unwelcome.


As everyone here is probably aware, the lore of Legend of Korra is incredibly controversial. People argue left and right whether it retcons the entire lore and otherwise runs counter to what was introduced in TLA, and many people do so here. Generally, I have seen defenses of the lore introduced in LoK, such as here and here. While I do not disparage these people and the positions I take, neither do I agree with them--in fact, I rather see very differently on this issue than do the defenders of LoK. Therefore, I intend to provide a criticism of the lore of LoK. I do not, however, believe this shows that LoK is “garbage” and shouldn’t have aired, because, in spite of continuity problems, LoK is a good show.

Section 1: The Avatar State

I consider this an explicit example of a retcon. In TLA, Roku instructs Aang about the Avatar state, saying:

>The Avatar State is a defense mechanism, designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all the past Avatars. The glow is the combination of all your past lives, focusing their energy through your body.

This essentially contradicts LoK’s version, where the Avatar state is fueled by Raava, independent of the Avatar’s past lives, and the glow is merely Raava’s power surging through the Avatar, even though Korra lost her past lives.

The definition of a retcon is a revision to previously-established lore.Cambridge English Dictionary defines a retcon thus:

>Retcon (noun): a piece of new information given in a movie, television series, etc. that changes, or gives a different way of understanding, what has gone before. Retcon is short for "Retroactive Continuity."

Merriam-Webster confirms this definition. I quote:

>Retcon is a shortened form of retroactive continuity, and refers to a literary device in which the form or content of a previously established narrative is changed.

What is shown in LoK of the Avatar state expressly mee

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/r/Neoliberal's Guide to the Next Pope!

Hey all! This is intended to be an effort-post detailing the selection of the Next Pope- when it will happen, what to expect, and who the candidates will most likely be.

#How Does it Work?

When the pope dies (or resigns), every Cardinal under the age of 80 goes to the Sistine Chapel. They lock themselves in without any phones or ways of communicating to the outside, and begin the decision making process. A 2/3rds majority is needed to crown a Pope, and the number of votes/ballots taken before that majority is reached can range from 3 to (rarely) 100+.

CGP Grey’s video on the matter is actually very high-quality, and I’d suggest you watch it if you want a more in-depth explanation of the entire process.

Pope Francis has been stating that he plans for his papacy to be a short one, and that he will likely retire at some point. It’s anyone’s guess as to when that’ll be, but it’ll likely be after Pope Benedict dies. Whenever he chooses to do so, the next Papal conclave will begin.

#Who is Eligible

Officially any Sunday Catholic can become pope (Including, theoretically, a woman), but in reality the Cardinals almost always vote for another Cardinal. Generally, Popes are expected to be within a certain age range (65-75) and bishops from inside Italy or who have ties with Italy are historically favored, though that is likely to change in the coming conclave.

Pope Francis has spent his papacy stacking the cardinal-electors with bishops outside of Europe, and a lot of the criticism of Pope Francis in conservative Anglo-American media has (unsurprisingly) caused a bit of a backlash, leading to the church leaning away from electing a Ratzingerian-style European traditionalist.

What this means is that the top contenders for next Pope are from all over the world!


The "Papabili" are the cardinals who are considered most likely to be selected pope. The word translates roughly to "Pope-able," and while it's common for popes to come from outside the Papabili ("Enter the Conclave a Pope, exit a Cardinal"), the list of Papabili do give a reasonable guide to who are the front-runners in any given conclave.

Of the most recent popes, Pope Paul VI, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis were all considered Papabili going into the conclave, while Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II were not.

During this effort post, I’ll be examining fou

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List of exiled Gods and Goddesses

Since the time before the LORD God created the physical dimension the dimension we live in now, many Gods and Goddesses who were born began to create and mutate things that they had no right to do or went against the natural order as the LORD God ordained. These divine beings often thought what they did was for the greater good while others thought bending the rules that was laid down by the LORD God was quite different from breaking the rules outright.

When a God or Goddess broke the rules laid down by the LORD God, they were declared evil by the LORD and exiled. They would be deformed by the LORD God (multiple arms or some other inhuman attribute) and then cast out of the home of the divine. Where they go is not the business of humans but we do have the right ot know the status of a divine being if it is true or in exile. Once a God or Goddess is exiled, the exiled will be eternal.

Here is a list of some pantheons of divine beings and others that do not belong to a pantheon that we are aware of on this planet but have done or something that has become known about on this planet from the mutations of demons to the creation of evil forms of mysticism such as magic, witchcraft or the creation of animals or other sentient races that the LORD does not allow.

All of this I have learned from the LORD God and this is still a work in progress as I intend to add more pantheons to this list as well as other divine beings who deserve mentioning.

Canaanite Pantheon:

Baal: ordered his followers to harm themselves during worship by cutting themselves and bleeding onto the altar where the sacrifice was placed. He commanded this because certain blood types are psychically charged and can assist in the ritual and rites when the sacrifice is offered up.

Note: Hermon and Hammon variants of Baal are Master Demons

Anat: Master Demon

Asherah: Evil Goddess. Tried to create a non-spiritually advance race of beings called “Idants”

Lotan: Master Demon

Melqart: Evil God. Commanded his worshipers to worship while intoxicated from beer.

Astarte: Evil Goddess. Was exiled because she had commanded her priestesses to prostitute themselves out to raise money for their temples.

EL: Evil God. Was exiled for trying to create a race of spiritually advanced beings called “Bornas” which was modeled after the “Lycan” race which is a spiritually advanced race of Elve or “eldar” like humanoids.

Astaroth: Evil Goddess. Exiled for telling her w

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Characters who i think should be added into Smite eventually.

this is more or less a list of gods/legends/folklore/myths. i think would be fun to have in the game, highly requested by the community, or would add something to the Lore. or have some form of relationship with a character in smite. such as Tsukuyomi being Amateratus' brother/Husband. some may be just names i seen thrown around or personal picks (Mind you i wont necessary remember all the names i seen thrown around)

Note: I do not expect all of these to get in. just are alot of ideas that i think the community has either requested, have a high chance of being made playable, or are just personal ones i would like. and it all comes down to weather Hi-Rez considers them and if smite continues to be popular enough to eventually get this many new characters.


Mordred Pendragon, Arthur's Illegitimate Son and the Knight of Treachery who caused the Battle of Camlann. Sometimes depicted in Black, or white armor.

Morgana Le Fay, Arthur's Half-Sister. a Sorceress and Enchantress. Desired the Throne for herself

Lancelot, Arthur's Most Trusted Knight who end up sleeping with his Wife. and felt immense guilt for what he did.

Lady of the Lake, a fey who watches over Avalon and gave Merlin Excalibur in the legends to give to the one he deemed worthy. also known by her name Nimue. Some stories is a Lover of Merlin


The Dagda, one of the Tuatha de Danann; God of Magic and Strength

Epona, Goddess of Fertility and Horses, Protector of Horses, Donkeys, Ponies, and Mules

Arawn, God of the Dead, Terror, War, and Revenge

Lugh, God of Kings, Justice, Rulership, and Light

Balor, King of the Fomorions

Titania, Queen of the Fey. not mentioned by name in myths/folklore. but was named in one of Shakespeare's stories.

Cliodhna, one of the popular banshee queens.

Queen Medb, Queen of Connacht. Sometimes considered one of the Gods of Celtic myth

Scathach, Queen of Shadows. Rules the Realms of Shadows. Trained Cu Chulainn.


Yu Di, The Jade Emperor

Sha Wujing, the Water Demon from a river called flowing sand river from the story: Journey to the West

Zhu Bajie, the Lazy Pig Companion from the Story: Journey to the West

Fu Xi, Nu Wa's Husband/Brother and God of Elements. One of the Three Sovereigns like Nu Wa

Shennong, God of Medicine and one of the Three Sovereigns

Zhu Rong, God of Fire

Yen Lo Wang, King of the Und

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Unreached People Group of the Week - Sinhalese in Australia

Sorry this is later today, I am with the future in-laws and have been busy celebrating late Christmas with them and my wonderful fiancé, so I just found space and time to write this out.

Was thinking about Australia today and found these people, so meet the Sinhalese in Australia!

How Unreached Are They?

The Sinhalese in Australia are 0% Christian and 100% Buddhist. That means out of their population of 113,000 there are likely only a few believers at best.

There is a full Bible translation in their language (Sinhala).

What are they like?

Typical qualification that all people groups can't be summed up in small paragraphs and this is an over generalization.

>The Sri Lankans eat curries, fish, rice, soup and vegetables for example. Coconut milk is a very important ingredient with regards their cooking of meals. They have holidays each month when there is a full moon. With Buddhists, May is the most important full moon holy day as Gautama Buddha was born and passed away then. Sinhala is the main language spoken amongst the Sinhalese.
>The Goyigama Caste of the Sinhalese is the main one. Sri Lankan Americans do not use caste limitations when mixing with Americans. They live in single units but not with relatives. Relatives may come to live in the same community though.
>Cross cousin marriages are most favored. The preferred person for a man to marry is the daughter of the sister of his father and with the woman the favorite way to marry is with the son of the brother of her mother. Children can refuse the marriage partner chosen by their parents even though marriages are arranged. The Sri Lankans have nuclear families of husbands, wives and their children who are not married. Joshua Project
>The Sinhalese are the dominant ethnic group in Sri Lanka (formerly, Ceylon), an island off the southeastern coast of India. Composing about three-fourths of the population, they live mainly in the central and southwestern portions of the island. The Sinhalese have lived in Sri Lanka for more than 2,000 years. They were ruled by various European powers for over 400 years until Sri Lanka was granted independence from Great Britain in 1948. Since that time, they have been engaged in nearly constant conflict with the Tamil minority, who have called for an independent state on the north side of the island.
>The Sinhalese are divided into two major g

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Golems and Rasputin's Development, a Deep Dive.

Spoiler Warning:

This post contains spoilers for The Liar lorebook and accompanying audio lines that will come with the end of “The Lie” quest. Don’t read if you wish to remain unspoiled for those developments, which are likely only days away.

Siddhartha Golem:

In The Liar lorebook Felwinter is shown to be the “SIDDHARTHA GOLEM”, a creation of Rasputin.

The Golem’s Purpose:

  • Upon declaring the initiation of the Golem, Rasputin defines its purpose as “to assess integrity of moral structures”
  • The PASSAGE call may indicate that this Golem is to go through rites of passage, or that the information it collects will be equivalent to a rite of passage for Rasputin himself.
  • The criteria for the Golem’s activation refer to emotions, codes and tests that are part of what makes something “human”, or “alive”.
    • SONDER is a word coined in 2012 to describe “the profound feeling that everyone has a life as complex as one’s own”.
    • HAMMURABI refers to the Hammurabi Code, a Babylonian list of laws and punishments that defined justice in their civilisation, named after a Great King
    • TURING refers to the Turing test, which determines if an AI is capable of thinking indistinguishably from a human, named after WW2 Codebreaker and father of modern computing Alan Turing.
  • Siddhartha is the main character from the novel of the same name by Hermann Hesse
    • Siddhartha is comprised of two Sanskrit words:
      • Siddha - one who is accomplished, who has become perfect
      • Artha - the pursuit of that which allows you to live as desired, specifically in regards to material wealth and financial security
    • During the novel Siddhartha gains wealth and voluntarily leaves it behind, achieving Enlightenment through living a humbler life.
  • Felwinter is resurrected in a library so he must have died there, mid-research. Additionally throughout The Liar he consistently goes into the dangerous Dark-Age world and seeks out useful technology and his own past in Rasputin's bunkers - even
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As Indore Police Admits It Has No Evidence Against Comedian, UP Police Moves to Make Arrest

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 54%. (I'm a bot)

> Speaking to The Wire from Indore, Munawar Faruqui's lawyer, Anshuman Tiwari, confirmed that the Uttar Pradesh police has indeed filed a case against his client but a copy of their remand application has not been made available yet.

> Faruqui was denied bail by the judicial magistrate in Indore despite the Indore police acknowledging in the media that they had no evidence against the comedian.

> Though the police station investigating the case is across the road from the high court, the judge gave the police a week's time to submit the diary and the matter is now listed for hearing on Friday, January 22.

> All six - Faruqui, Nalin Yadav, Prakhar Vyas, Priyam Vyas, Edwin Anthony, Sadakat Khan - were arrested on January 1, 2020, at a show in Indore on a complaint by Eklavya Gaud, the son of BJP MLA Malini Gaud, who thought Faruqui and his teammates made objectionable remarks against Hindu deities and "Hurt religious sentiment".

> Even as the Indore police failed to produce a case diary, it has been insisting that all of them should be kept in custody to prevent possible "Law and order problems" in Ujjain and Indore.

> Town Inspector of Tukoganj Police Station Kamlesh Sharma had earlier confirmed to Indian Express the police had no evidence against Faruqui directly and that he had been booked as an organiser.

Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Faruqui^#1 police^#2 Indore^#3 against^#4 case^#5

Post found in /r/india.

NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.

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Mard Mahratta Memeposting(Pt.45)-Bengal Campaign of Marathas

Some Light on the Atrocities of Marathas

The main goal of this page, was not to push forward chauvinism, but to get the readers into expanding their source materials, to trigger their deep analysis skills and understand how narratives are built.

The Bangal Campaign of the Maratha Empire has been deliberately misrepresented by likes of Jadunath Sarkar. Even Marathi Historians have failed embarassingly in this (and in many other aspects). The rationale behind the accusations of rapes is clear when you see how he nitpicks from primary sources to put forward his agenda.

Fall of the Mughal Empire (Volume I) contains snippets that have haunted Maratha history stalwarts for years. Jadunath Sarkar "citing" primary sources to explain how Marathas were notorious for rape and devastation.

For this he uses a citation from Maharashtra Purana written by Gangaram.
MP is a single canto contemporary chronicle of the Maratha invasions led in field by Senasahebsubah Raghujiraje Bhonsale's Diwan Bhaskarram Pandit with supernatural elements. It is written however in a very lucid manner to explain the otherwise twisty politics of that period.

And another citation is from Citracampu of Vidyalankar Vaneshwar. Citracampu is even more supernatural in its theme.

These have a storyline to put forward that must fit historical events in it and not the other way round. Maharashtra Purana is written like a Purana only. A doomsday themed Purana set at the end of Kaliyuga (the rise of the Hindu Maratha Empire was seen as the end of Kaliyuga by short-sighted folks) with messianic elements represented in the Marathas, while also covering the obvious destruction going on but using Hyperboles extensively. The story has a plot-twist due to which one faction of the gods decide to favour the Muslim Alivardi Khan in his infamous treacherous murder of the Maratha generals.

There is another Bengali primary source which Jadunath Sarkar did not cite, known as Anandamangala written by Bharatchandra.

Now that the sources have been listed, we can cover the purpose and the narratives intended in these works.

  1. Maharashtra Purana has a religious angle to it. Gangaram has turned this whole battle into a battle of Gods almost exactly like the Illiad with Marathas being the Greeks in this case.
    Bhu Devi (Earth) complains to Brahma about the evil mlecchas ruining her, Brahma in turn complains to Shiva, Shiva commands Nandi, Nandi possesses Chattrapati Shahu Maharaja, and the Marathas are de
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