Hawaii Fire Fighters Association claims 'inadequate training' is putting lives on the line: In June 2016 a routine exercise off Diamond Head goes terribly wrong. Veteran firefighter Clifford Rigsbee sustains blunt force injuries while being towed at the back of a watercraft. kitv.com/story/40177224/h…
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If any of you have an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in your area, they have a ton of models on super sale. Lindberg, Monogram, and Revell. Planes, Cars, Watercraft of varying scales. The watercraft were mostly non-military. If this post doesn’t belong here, then I’ll delete it.
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[Artisan] Fraktal Kaps x GMK Shanshui Raffle Sale (and giveaway!)

Ahoy Mechmarket!

Welcome to my latest collaboration sale! This time around I’m honoring the ancient traditions of watercraft in the picturesque mountain regions of Southern China that is often the subject of traditional shanshuihua, with some caps that perfectly match the spirit and look of the new set from budding designer u/bershuang: GMK Shanshui!

GMK Shanshui is a white-on-black Cherry profile keycap set designed to capture both the enduring shanshui images of the Lijiang and the essence of the uniquely Chinese artform of shanshuihua, practiced by artists in China and around the world. It features the first-ever base set with Cangjie sublegends, making it the first set with true Chinese characters!

If you haven't already, head on over the the GMK Shanshui GB page to check out where you can get your own set :)

The sale will start at 6pm EST today (so RIGHT NOW!) and will be open for 24 hours.

Album of all caps available

Butt example pic


Sale Page

Direct Raffle Form Link (closed)


Sculpts available: (All caps are MX stems)

  • Shanshui Aweigh! x 14 ($70)
  • Shanshui Mortem x 14 ($70)

The sale details:

  • Raffle-style sale.
  • Can win 1 cap per person.
  • Form will be open for 24 hours.
  • Invoices will go out immediately afterwards.
  • You have 24 hours to pay or your invoice will be re-raffled.

Shipping Options/Costs:

  • CONUS $5 (USPS First Class Bubble Mailer)
  • CONUS $9 (USPS Small Priority Box)
  • CANADA $12 (USPS First Class Bubble Mailer)
  • INTERNATIONAL $16 (USPS First Class Bubble Mailer)


If you want to keep up with m

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CPS Technologies (CPSH) - Response to "misleading" claims post

Apparently, this response is too long to have as a direct reply to the following post: https://www.reddit.com/r/trakstocks/comments/lhf70t/deadnsydes_feb_2_video_about_cpsh_was_highly/

DeadnSyde provided a response to the post by u/_thirdHarmonic ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feKUs6daYP8 ) and I thought I would pull out the easily accessible public information that helps define the opportunities that CPS Technologies could use to apply their novel array of products and material solutions (https://www.alsic.com/ ) to Federal, State, and Local procurement needs. Please note, this compilation of information is no indication that CPS Technologies will invest in expanding their operations. This information illustrates how the new COO could go about obtaining government contracts. This information is not an indication that $CPSH will apply this information to their future operations.

It goes without saying but I encourage everyone to review the links and descriptions to build your own opinions.

Quick Note: I own $CPSH stock. I am not a financial professional. I could be completely wrong, so do your DD before you invest. I'll do my best to simply write out the information I'm seeing in an unbiased manner. This is also my second post ever with research, so be nice.

CPS Technologies is registered with three North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and two Product Service Codes (PSC). These are standards used to classify services, it's a relatively simple thing to update and CPSH should be able to register for more and compete for more contracts as a result of their service/product offerings. See the link to learn more about NAICS. https://www.naics.com/six-digit-naics/?code=31-33

NAICS Code Description
332999 All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
334413 Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing
334419 Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
Product Service Code Description

See below for the $CPSH registration with sam.gov. This is available for any public or private company wanting to do business with the government.

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Shadowrun 5e character creation guide (comments welcomed).

I recently went back to the official Shadowrun forums (after being chased off years ago for the heresy of suggesting that the game would work better and faster with fewer dice at 4+ for success) to get some old forum posts and found the WIP, but mostly complete, guide I was writing to help people make characters. Considering how many posts I've seen lately about this subject, I figured, "Hey, why not post it up? Sure, it's a bit out of date but I can get comments from people to make it better ya know?"

DISCLAIMER This is written mostly from a minmaxing, munchkin-ass, squeeze-every-Karma-til-it-bleeds style of play. While I do not myself advocate such play, I maintain that knowing what the bare minimums for broad archetypes as well as the absolute best options for each build gives even a dire-hard role-player vital tools in making characters.


Really, this is THE priority that must be chosen first. Deciding whether or not your PC is Awakened influences everything else, and should be decided on initially. If you're not, just skip past this section to the next 18-point font header and don't worry your pretty head about it.

If you're going Awakened, go full-bore - I know those lower Priorities look tempting, but putting A for Magician/Technomancer, and B if you're Aspected/Adept is VITAL. Not only do you get more free Skills and Spells to start with, but it means you don't have to spend any of your Metatype Special Attribute points increasing your Magic - and you NEED as high a Magic as possible, as it's what you'll be rolling for almost everything you do.

The split between Magician and Mystic Adept is quite easy to define. Choose Magician if you need the expanded senses, as well as the ability to scout astrally. Choose Mystic Adept if you're going far more combat, and you don't want to have to cast and sustain buffing spells on yourself in order to fight. Which one to choose is hard to say - a team with only a single magician will find astral recon and assensing invaluable, but a mysad can laugh off attempts to Geek The Mage First (GTMF).

Adepts are ass-kickers, or ninjas, or pretty much anything you want them to be - a lot of the 5e adept powers take the game closer to an Earthdawn-esque era where magic is used as an edge that replaces cyberware/bioware entirely. However, there are certain things they do better than 'wared characters - some of which is only available to an Adept. Specific adept builds are later in this

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Follow up to a fellow snarkers post on Alert academy. How dangerous is this place? It clearly states the employees may give incomplete instructions or warnings.

I acknowledge that my participation in Chain Saw, Fire, First Responders, EMT, Paramedics and High Angle Rescue Trailing; Guided Overnight Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Backpacking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, and other Watersport activities entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or damage to myself, to property, or to third parties. I understand that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity. The risks include, among other things: water hazards; accidental drowning; collision with fixed objects or people; possibility of burns or cuts; possibility of falling rocks, falling from heights; slipping and falling; musculoskeletal injuries including head, neck, and back injuries; the negligence of other participants, or other persons who may be present; equipment failure or operator error; weather conditions; and my own physical condition; collision with fixed or movable objects or other watercraft; boat capsize and entrapment; travel in remote areas; rapidly changing adverse weather and water conditions; boats are slippery when wet and accidents can occur getting in, out, on or off ; damage to equipment or personal injury; crashing; forces of nature including extremes of weather, lightning and rapid weather changes, exposure to sun, strong wind, cold, large waves, eddies and whirlpools, tidal conditions, surf and currents; exposure to temperature and weather extremes which could cause cold water shock, hypothermia, hyperthermia (heat related illnesses), heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn, dehydration; exposure to potentially dangerous wild animals, insect bites, and hazardous plant life; aggressive and/or poisonous marine life; my own physical condition, and the physical exertion associated with this activity. Traveling to and from the pier will raise the possibility of any manner of transportation accidents. Furthermore, IAA personnel have difficult jobs to perform. They seek safety, but they are not infallible. They might be unaware of a participant's fitness or abilities. They might misjudge the weather or other environmental conditions. They may give incomplete warnings or instructions, and the equipment being used might malfunction.

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[US-CA] Minifigures and Polybags [W] Paypal

Shipping to Continental USA (Lower 48) Only.

Paypal Goods and Services Only Please.

Prices are in US Dollars.

$3 shipping per minifigure, or up to 5 minifigures.

Thank you.




30279 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle - 6

5004408 Rebel A-Wing Pilot - 8

30227 Police Watercraft - 6

30315 Space Utility Vehicle - 7

41513 Gobba Mixel -16

41512 Chomly Mixel - 12

5002130 Good Morning Bilbo Baggins Polybag - 12

5004388 Nexo Knights Intro Polybag - 1

Hero Factory Invasion From Below Complete Minifigure Set - 35 for all




LINE 1 (Studios) / LINE 2 (Studios) -

Director (with megaphone) - 2

Cameraman (with camera) - 2

Grip - 2

Werewolf Boy (Before Change) - 1

Gent - 2

Chef - 4

Bandit - 4

Airline Crew - 4

Male Astronaut - 4

28 shipped each for all

LINE 3 (Horror Movie) -

Director (with megaphone) - 2

Cameraman (with camera) - 2

Grip (with bat on torso) - 2

Werewolf - 7

Female Astronaut with jetpack - 6

Male Astronaut - 4

Alpha Team Member - 4

Baron Von Barron (Black Hand) - 1

32 shipped for all

LINE 4 (City) -

NBA Red - 2

NBA Purple - 2

Racer Green - 4

Racer Red - 4

Surfer Dude - 4

Police Officer - 4

Cameraman (with camera) - 2

Lady - 2

28 shipped for all

LINE 5 (Fantasy) -

Pirates - 4 each

Lion Knight - 4 each

40 shipped for all

LINE 6 / LINE 7 (Ninjago) -

Lord Garmadon (Final Battle) - 12

Overlord (Golden Master) - 26

Bonezai - 2

Chen - 5

Warrior - 4

Fang-Suei - 3

Krazi (Jester Cap) - 3

Swordsman - 3

Scout - 3

Krazi - 2

Chima Peg Leg Raven - 2

Frakjaw - 2

Lloyd (Techno Robe) - 4

Lloyd (Final Battle) - 8

Chima Raven - 2

Chima Peg Leg Raven - 2

70 shipped for all

LINE 7 (Harry Potter A)

Harry Potter Violet Cape - 4

Ron Weasley Hogwarts Star Cape - 2

Ron Weasley Blue Sweater Star Cape - 5

Hermione Granger Star Cape - 5

Draco Malfoy - 3

Snape - 5

Rubeus Hagrid - 6

32 shipped for all

LINE 8 (Harry Potter B)

Harry Potter Violet Cape - 4

Ron Weasley Hogwarts Star Cape - 2

Ron Weasley Blue Sweater Star Cape - 5

Goblin Black Torso - 6

Draco Malfoy - 3

Snape - 5

Rubeus Hagrid - 6

33 shipped for all

LINE 9 (Harry Potter C)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Star Cape - 3

Harry Potter Red Uniform, Gryffindor Shield - 5

Harry Potter Blue Shirt Tan Legs - 4

Harry Potter Red Shirt Light Gray Legs - 4

Gandalf (With Hair) - 4

22 shipped for all

LINE 10 (DC Comics) -

Zod (No Cape) - 2

Faora - 6

Tor-An - 4

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[SC][Task] To Stohess By Barge, Boat, or Watercraft

The barge moved along its track under the nearly midday sun, occasionally creaking as it crawled toward Stohess. With a small breeze at its stern, travel seemed to be faster, but without any sails the breeze was meaningless. A few people were standing on her deck in separate groups. Two sizable groups had formed around a pair of merchants as civilians tried to haggle for better prices upon reaching a market. Standing in a small patch of shade, Sarah watched them disapprovingly with a small paper-wrapped box under her arm. A brief glance to the right brought Miles into her view as he peered over the barge’s side into the water below. Kukoro had vanished from sight, likely among the crowd of people trying to gain the merchants’ attention.

“Well, at least we’re halfway there,” Sarah mumbled to herself while walking to join Miles. Placing the box at her feet, she put her elbows on the edge after a gentle punch to his arm. “Is this your first time on one of these barges?”

((Sorry for crappy writing, just wanted to get this setting taken care of. I’ve got other things on my mind. MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE HALL OF JUSTI- oh wait. BACK IN SOMETHING THAT PERTAINS TO THIS RP; it’ll be me and Miles until Kukoro shows up. After that we’ll go with a posting order of Miles, then me, then Kukoro. Any questions? No? Good. Let’s get to work.))

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What was Invidia's ultimate plan if the Vord never existed? (spoilers all I guess)

Let's say Invidia and Attis succeed in overthrowing Sextus and the Vord never showed up. Septimus is long dead but she and he were around the same age, so she's around 40-45. So she and Attis rule for a while, right but then what?

Assuming she doesn't murder Attis like he was planning to do to her, was she gonna pop out a kid? It's been said that the First Lord's line never had a lot of kids and it seem the High Lords followed that considering none of them had at most 2 kids. Could she even have a kid that late? I know it's possible if real life, but it's uncommon/rare. Nothing in watercrafting indicates that she would still be fertile, considering it couldn't heal Amara and it really only keeps people looking young, not being young. Gaius looked 50 but he still had creaky bones like the 80yo he was.

I wouldn't put it past her to not think any farther than her rule (she does seem that selfish) but dang man, so many royal lines have been wiped out due to lack of progeny seems like she'd at least have a backup/a plan for her line being continued.

On Attis' side it makes sense, banging a much younger Caria would give him 20 years for offspring.

The whole 'next in line' for each high lord has bothered me each time I read the series. Each lord seems so covetous of their position but only 2 off the top of my head think to make 'an heir and a spare'. I guess when you're essentially Superman, you tend to think you're unstoppable.

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Top 30 Tours in Los Cabos, Tours in San Jose del Cabo and Tours in Cabo San Lucas

As Mexico's premier tourism destination, Los Cabos is home to many of the world's most luxurious hotels and resorts, incredible spas, unbelievable selection of fantastic restaurants, top ranked golf courses and amazing tours, activities and adventures. The area known as "Los Cabos" or simply "Cabo" contain both cities, San Jose del Cabo - the region's more local ambiance and feel with a Local Art Walk and district, home to large residential developments, schools, and historic buildings - and Cabo San Lucas - the more touristic-centric city with great Night Life in Cabo. Book your Cabo activities with our world class team here at Cabo Day Trips! Cabo Day Trips offers a large variety of the Best Things to do in Los Cabos or Things to do in Cabo. Here are 41 of the most Popular Tours in Los Cabos, Tours in Cabo San Lucas and Tours in San Jose del Cabo.

Zip Line in Cabo

If you are looking for things to do in Cabo that have the feeling and touch of Adventure and Adrenalin look no further. Come and join our Zip Line in Cabo for Adrenalin filled safe action and tons of fun. 7 fantastic and easy to do Zip Line in Cabo 300 feet above the surface and with speeds as much as 50 mph are a guarantee to get your heartbeat up and the Blood flowing at accelerated speed through your veins. This Zip Line in Cabo San Lucas is the most popular adventure and Free round-trip transportation is included in your adventure here in Cabo. In our Zip Line in Cabo San Lucas, you are being attended by professional and certified Zip Line Tour Guides that make sure that this safe adventure is even safer. If you feel up to it and want additional challenges in your Adventure optional and included are also the following additional free adventures; Rappel down a 300 Feet Natural Rock and walk over the Commando bridge.

Zip Line in Cabo

Los Cabos Dune Buggy Tour

Head off the beaten path in this adrenalin 4-wheel drive Los Cabos Dune Buggy Tour. Explore the Baja’s Desert trails and secluded and dry riverbeds on top of a stunning Beach where you can speed up Your Dune Buggy in Cabo San Lucas. Your search for things to do in Los Cabos is over. Prepare for Amazing views and trails you will discover during your Los Cabos Buggy Tour. You are always safe with our profession

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Frozen Homes Pt 37: Stranger In A Strange Land

Another Late night release!?

[First] [Prev] [Next] [Wiki]

Just a chapter to set things moving forward.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy the story!


Chrarada sat smugly on the bridge of her ship, perusing the after-action battle report. "We did well. We destroyed approximately sixteen large vessels and twenty fighter class ships ourselves." Swiping her finger to switch over to the complete fleet statics. She finally allowed herself a chuckle as the approximated enemies defeated were nearing the nine hundred mark. "The Terrans definitely know how to fight. I daresay they are quite vicious and would make for terrible enemies. Quite unexpected from how friendly they are."

"Ma'am, we're receiving a com from force commander Becude. He wished to inform you that contact with the new alien species has been made. All three are expected to make a full recovery."

"Send him our thanks and try to keep up with any fleet chatter about our guests." Moving her display to the mass of hard light aliens following the fleet to her system. Chrarada's grin slowly shifted to a frown. "Does the commander have any idea what the hard light aliens are up too? I'm not keen on allowing them into our system." Tapping her finger as she waited for a response. Chrarada keyed some battle footage to study. Specifically on how the Terran ships engaged in combat.

"Yes, Ma'am explorer Srettia has made contact with one. They say communication has been troublesome, and they require language specialists. They are listed as friendlies currently."

"Mmm, I see. I should thank Srettia for finding this battlefield for us in person. It was a good chance to see how the refit would stack up to the enemy." Thoughtfully watching the battle footage of an odd-looking Terran ship crashing through an enemy vessel, firing all its weapons while doing so. Chrarada couldn't help but feel excited. "Yes. I think I will pay her a visit."


Ankiah flattened her ears as the officer, one Michael, fumbled with his device. Seemingly arguing with it for unknown reasons. "Y

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[SEUS] Before the Water Gets Too High

I searched the ruin for something that would be of use to Obnitor—the resistance. I stood where the speaker once had, a tattered rag of red, white, blue at my back, and presided over the corpse of American democracy.

One hundred years from when the waters first rose.

I scanned the chamber hoping that maybe within this once vibrant body of liberty there remained a lasting pulse, however faint. I walked along concentric rows of splintered pews long since looted for fire-wood, lifting overturned tables and rotted strips of blue carpet hoping that maybe, tucked away for safe-keeping, or haphazardly strewn under a mislaid piece of marble, there existed evidence of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

“Where did it all go wrong?” asked Barry as he walked into the chamber. His hair was greasy and his black t-shirt hung lazily on his frail frame.

“This system wasn’t fair; it was rigged against all of us,” I replied, “we aren’t here to bring back what was. Obnitor sent us here to better learn the failings of the past, and anything we can find here puts us one step closer to achieving that goal.”

My grand-father told me tales of this once storied land: how America was born of ideals; how it was founded on principles of equality; how it was once an ostensible utopia; and he spoke of an ideal, now defunct in the age of Valpec that, “all people are created equal.” But he also mapped how things got so bad: how corporations came to be people; how money was always power, but then money became tantamount to speech, which lead to money becoming tantamount to rights.

Then when the waters rose, the government failed to act.

There were mass migrations of people fleeing impacted coastal cities—refugees in their homeland. The individual states were left to their own devices as the federal government dawdled and debated. With coffers running dry and the land sodden, states and municipalities began turning to wealthy residents to fund relief efforts and to coordinate care. Corporations stepped in to provide shelter for displaced peoples, they provided supplemental income and jobs to those who lost their livelihoods, and even created an interstate system for connecting displaced people with loved ones lost. This appeared, according to my grand-father, to be American Capitalism reaching its true potential.

But, as the laws of Valpec dictate: nothing is free.

These rich “benefactors” soon demanded power for their money. It was no longer enough to re

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A Question of Power - Tales from the Twin Cities #1

He went through another wall, taking a few pipes with him this time. They stopped hurting after the seventh. Eighth? He was starting to lose count.

Power Up attempted to stand up, quickly realizing his legs barely have anything left. He reached up to pull himself upward, and grabbed the nearest solid object.

He heard the sonic boom of his opponent landing near him, and felt the shockwave shortly afterwards. He was vaguely aware of her talking, but he was only catching a few words between his own breaths and the ringing in his ears.

“I’m disappointed… more to offer.” He already knew that she was giving a speech on how he wasn’t strong enough. At first, it was annoying, but now he felt that he actually was failing.

A strange sound whined in his ear, which he would’ve had to guess was his earpiece. He was hoping the rest of the team had at least cleared out the civilians, but he knew they were moving too fast to get everyone.

He realized she hadn’t struck him again, and looked up. This villain, Eve, seemed to be waiting on a response. He attempted to speak, but every part of him hurt.

“Well, any excuses before you die?”

Her sentence, somehow making it through to his muddled brain, was meant to strike fear. He knew what she was about to do, and yet… he was calm. He knew being here, against her, was saving everyone else.

Plus, he wasn’t completely out of the fight yet.

Power Up reached to the back of his belt, concealed underneath his cape, and felt the cuffs holstered to his belt. Before he could pull them, he went through another wall.

As he tumbled, the light he could see as he was spinning told him he made it outside. The vehicle he slammed into told him he was probably on the street. The adrenaline went through his body immediately and he planted his legs into the concrete, stopping his momentum. He looked up, trying to find Eve, but she was nowhere on the street. As he scanned the horizon, he became aware of the shadow above him.

He launched upwards, rocketing toward Eve with energy coursing through his hands. Before he could maneuver for a blast, a vehicle slammed into him from above, slamming him back into the pavement. The pressure was lifted for a moment, only for it to come right back down, knocking his breath out of him.

He shifted the car off of him, looking up to see her floating just above the pavement. He stood up once again, standing as tall as possible.

He had been beaten mercilessly, thrown through multiple

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I spent the weekend with a Native Watercraft Titan.

On Thursday I picked up the Native Watercraft Titan to demo for the weekend.

On Friday I woke up at 4 and headed to the bay. The trip I had planned was six miles roundtrip. The first two miles I pedaled hard, the wind at my back. I stayed about 200 yards off the shore line in the bay. Part of this trip included crossing the intracoastal waterway with barge traffic. Thankfully it wasn't as busy as I thought. The last mile was a mix of pedaling and fishing into a marsh cut. I never got into water shallow enough to cause me to pull the drive. I caught a couple speckled trout and decided to call it a day.

Getting out of the marsh was a breeze even with this watercraft being so large. The rudder is the same as the Slayer propel but on the Titan it seems like it sits lower and more prominent in the water allowing for a tighter turning radius. When I got to the marsh drain I knew I'd find the wind at my face. It was around 13-16 mph with some decent swells. The Titan did great in the rougher water. The propeller cavitates in between larger waves but not once did I feel out of control or unsafe as it's nearly 42" wide lol. The trip back took about 15 minutes longer than on the way to the marsh.

The next day I took the Titan out on a calm cove on an otherwise choppy lake in the late afternoon. I felt like this is where the Titan really shined. There was still some chop but I felt so comfortable trolling this shoreline switching between standing and sitting with ease. Caught three bass that night because I didn't have lights to stay out any later.

I really enjoyed my time on the water in the Titan. It's an extremely stable boat that still has some good speed. I didn't get to paddle the guy because I didn't have a 260 cm paddle and my shorter one was uncomfortable. I wasn't nearly as tired after getting out of the Titan as I was when I got out of a Hobie PA 12 in similar conditions. I feel I prefer the propel drive's cyclical motion vs the mirage drive.

While it's a heavy beast I was able to load and unload it out of my truck bed without too much hassle. You can't​ see in the pictures but I have a DIY PVC cart I strapped to the bow.

Please let me know if you have any questions I might be able to answer related to kayak fishing and the Titan. I'm not affiliated or sponsored by native watercraft. I was actually planning to get a Hobie PA 14 but now I'm getting the Titan.

Launching at the marina for marsh trip


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Powerboats (including electric rental boats) are required to yield the right of way to manpowered boats and sailboats on Lake Union

I’m tired of being ignored, cutoff, and nearly hit by powerboats on the lakes here, especially on Lake Union. Sailboats, kayaks, paddle boards, row boats, and anything else without a motor almost always have the right of way. I get it, there are a lot of stupid people out on inflatable kayaks and paddle boards who have no idea of what they are doing, but that doesn’t give powerboats the right to ignore the laws and drive like entitled assholes. Brush up on the rules and regulations for operating a powerboat, and please be better people on the water.

Yesterday, I was in my kayak when two powerboats didn’t yield the right of way. The second one very intentionally cut me off and nearly hit me. “Bravo,” a cabin cruiser flying an Italian flag and American flag, was heading southbound while throwing off as big of wake as possible. I was ahead of him on his starboard side, heading eastbound. The operator looked my direction then dead ahead, I don’t think it was possible that they didn’t see me, and maintained his course. If I didn’t stop paddling and back up, they would have hit me. My girlfriend saw the whole thing happen from her boat and was equally as amazed at the reckless driving. Another person on a kayak that was nearby asked if Bravo almost hit me. Very shortly after Bravo passed me, they slowed and stopped throwing off a large wake. They very intentionally cut me off and were ready to hit me, and very intentionally created a large wake in an attempt to either capsize me or just to be an asshole. They didn’t have the right of way and were required to change course to avoid a collision. Even a powerboat has the right of way in that situation. To the owner of Bravo, well, fuck you. You are a piece of shit. To Coda, operated by an entitled old white man who appeared to be completely ignoring the other boats, I could have reached out and slapped the stern as he cut me off, fuck you, too. I know it won’t do anything, but I’ll be filing a police report to document that both were negligent and reckless. Watch out for Bravo, they tried to hit me and to capsize me with their wake.


“Sailboats under sail and rowboats almost always have the right of way. Stay clear of them, remembering that your wake can give them trouble.”

Negligent Operation: It is unlawful to operate a watercraft in a manner likely to endanger any person or property. You can be in violation

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transferring boats/watercraft via trailer

i noticed in the gameplay trailer there was a truck pulling a trailer....on that trailer was a boat, if this is something you can do at will that would be way awesome, and hopefully give you the ability to store boats at your house/ transport them to other bodies of water..... ps. i saw this when franklin passes by that guy with a wig holding a sign saying "this is the land of opportunity GET OUT!" when the camera goes behind the guy's head the truck passes

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[Alien Ecologists] Part 02

Alien Ecologists: Part 02

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USS Missouri: The Doctor's Reinstatement

"Mr. Vincent Blandings, are you willing to see our guests again? They, and I, would like to discuss their mission, or at least your possibly helping that mission."

With gallows humor sarcasm, "Captain Bligh, you have a very odd sense of humor."

"And you have a biting one. If I were Bligh, you would already be keelhauled. Mr. Blandings, I am, and have been, doing my damnedest to keep you alive."

"With a threat of a death penalty? That's a strange way to convince me that you want me to remain alive."

"Mr. Blandings, can you repeat exactly what I said? Exactly? If you can, you may see that you misinterpreted what I said."

"Let's see; I believe the part you are referring to is: "Summary judgment, by my word, will not include the death penalty. Court-martial, by law, does." That certainly seems to be a threat of a death penalty."

"Doctor, you are already predisposed to disagree with me, so I cannot be the one to correct your apparent misinterpretation. How do you feel about Bo'sun McBride? Or our guest Mr. Little?"

"Mr. Little holds beliefs that I find objectionable. Bo'sun McBride has not expressed any such beliefs and has treated me with as much respect as is allowed. I would accept him."

"Bo'sun, your opinion on the words?"

With that little question, I got one of the biggest surprises of my life. Bo'sun McBride — Aye, Cap'n. Nay, not I, Cap'n. — speaking like a scholar.

"Mr. Blandings, with all due respect to your former position, and in consideration of your current position, I inform you that you have made a most grievous misinterpretation of both the Captain's words and his intent."

Mr. Blandings is almost as stunned as I. He misses the mark because I have known McBride for years, and never once have I heard him speak this way beyond a bit of formality when clearly stating some important matter.

"Bo'sun? Can you clarify that for me? If for no other reason than hearing gracious speech again?"

"Mr. Blandings, nothing would please me more.

"First, the Captain has been doing his desperate best to keep you alive. I suspect you hold certain beliefs that would m

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Fiber snob rant - my (abbreviated) views on fibers

Paracord is very popular, but trash (IMO). It doesn't hold knots well, unless you resort to glue or melting. Yes, I made a paracord survival bracelet for myself. It's still trash. I hate it.

Nylon is less UV resistant than polyester - polyester cord would be better for outdoor use than nylon.

Polypropylene cording would be even worse than paracord for knotting, and rots in sunlight. Yes, it's used everywhere outdoors - watercrafts and such. Chemical resistance is probably its most distinctive charm.

Synthetic cording has its benefits - like water and mildew resistance - but as a craft rope, there are hardly worse picks. Yes, I am a beginner - in macrame - but I sold rope for years. If you want a shitty looking rope that will be hard to use for crafts, head on down to the local home improvement warehouse and peruse the tiedown bays.

If you want to pay through the nose for a strong synthetic rope, rock climbers use a variety of specialty ropes specifically designed to support human weight. I do not know how well those ropes hold up over time in the outdoors - rock climbers may know - but if you are looking to make a hanging macrame chair, it's an idea.

If you want your creations to last a bit longer in the sun, but don't want to use a glorified trash bag, a can of Scotchgard is $10 to $15 and comes in many formulations. Test it first before ruining a piece. There are other ways to weather proof natural fibers without resorting to synthetics and sprays. I may be looking into wax, oils and specialty grease in the future. Leather craft requires specialty oils and waxes that can add beauty and shine to a piece. And, while I'm ranting, suede is (mostly) trash, too. Top grain or nothing. And there are many different types of leather. Leathercraft suppliers have a waxed sewing cord that may hold appeal for some crafters - and wax blocks.

There's nothing wrong with using synthetic rope for practice, just so long as you are fully aware of the shitty drawbacks. As for natural materials, I love cotton, but there's Jute/Hemp/Sisal/Bamboo/Linen/Wools/leather, too. Why limit yourself?

Yes, I am a fiber snob.

There's nothing wrong with using acrylic yarn cough (trash) cough for practice. If you want to pay a just price for acrylic yarn, check out thrift stores.

BTW - some natural cords can be nastily pokey and/or stinky, so be warned and wear gloves when needed. I have received splinters in the past and it hurt. Cotton is splinter and s

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THE Solve - A 10 year Odyssey of mine

Alright, I am convinced finally... but not satisfied. I want to tell you about this solve that I talk so much about on here now, as I do believe that the treasure was hidden, and that is has now been found. I feel ok with letting the Reddit community in on my solve. After reading your solves all these years, I think I am obligated to tell you mine. When I read the poem after it was published, I immediately set out and actually started my search in Ojo Caliente, in Yellowstone, but moved north and west from there.

A few years ago I had posted a little bit about my solve, because I was getting frustrated and tired of searching. I even gave a specific searcher a GPS coordinate where I reaaaaally thought it was close to. And now I kind of regret it after seeing the ground photos of the chest location. It basically looks exactly like my area's forest floor...

So from start to finish, the clues, or where I originally interpreted them, of the poem and my solves for each of them. This has been my only search area over the past decade, as I live close, and it is easy for me to get out there:

  • And hint of riches new and old. > I took this to mean Yellowstone, as the Yellowstone Club is a group of fantastically rich developments nearby, and Montana, especially all over Yellowstone, from North to West entrances, were rich in gold mining in the early days. Based on Fenn's history, I felt this was a safe place to start narrowing down the search. I figured this about 10 years ago.
  • Begin it where warm waters halt > To me, in this whole area, the spot, over all others (now, I'm not saying this is the ONLY spot this applies to in this area) would be where the Firehole meets the Gibbon, and forms the Madison, one of Fenn's most revered waterways. Honestly, this clue tripped me up the most, as I said, there are tons of places this could apply to in that general area. But when I took a step back and stopped searching in areas I WANTED it to be, I could see that Fenn wouldn't make it that easy to access the areas. This helped me further narrow down my searching, and pay more attention to the order in which this poem presents its clues.
  • And take it in the canyon down, > This line refers to which direction to head from there, which would then be due west into Madison Canyon.
  • Not far, but too far to walk. > This means, to me, that it is necessary to use a car, but is in very close proximity. I theorized with the distance, and sett
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Damien Craig/Smoke

Name / Alias: Damien Craig/Smoke

Age: 27

Alignment: Villain

Starting Reputation: -4C! Public Information:

Smoke was an enforcer and dealer in the street gang known as the “Cedar Valley Movers” which operated in the Cedar Valley area of Iowa, particularly the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Metropolitan Area. The gang was known for peddling drugs and being extremely confrontational with other gangs in the area to the point of waging multiple turf wars simultaneously or in quick succession. At some point the Movers were overtaken by a rival gang and many of the higher-ups were killed while most of the capes were absorbed into the new group. Smoke didn’t agree with the new leader’s way of doing things and chose to leave the gang shortly afterwards.

Physical Appearance: Smoke is an adult Caucasian male who stands approximately 5’9. His short-cropped black hair is graying at the temples despite his young age. He has an average weight and build, though his face could be described as sallow, with thin, high cheekbones and wrinkling uncharacteristic of his age that drags down the corners of his mouth. His dark brown eyes are slightly jaundiced.

His costume consists of nothing more than a dark gray cowl that covers the upper portions of his face.

Mentality Smoke believes in survival of the fittest and that the weak should make way for the strong or be pushed into the ground. The only place this doesn’t apply in his life is with children. He believes that you never know how a kid will grow up until it’s done, and that you should try to raise them to be strong rather than put them down or target them.

He recognizes authority only when that authority proves its worth in physical or mental contests, i.e. combat or sparring of wits. He has no love for governmental authorities and thinks that laws are put in place to keep the strong from preying on the weak. Otherwise, he’s a perfectly decent fellow, jovial and boisterous with people he likes or wants to befriend and deferential to those he deems an authority over him.


Has a decent car from his time as a dealer, though it’s starting to get on in years. Having just recently arrived in Devilfish, he’s staying in a crummy motel while looking for job opportunities and potential investments.

Wealth Level: 4


  • Pocket knife
  • Multitool (Knife, pliers, miniature saw, scissors, nail file, phillips-head and flathead screwdrivers, the ever-important can opener)
  • 2-quart c
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Flipped on its head

As the years unfolded, Tartessos continued to prosper as a powerful hub of trade in Iberia and across the strait.

However, as Tartessos grew, so too did its rivals. Buoyed by the success of Tartessos, various Iberian kingdoms have began to sprout up. These haphazard kingdoms were born from the small farming communities that Tartessos had long enjoyed de facto sovereignty over, often pressing them to surrender a portion of their harvests. These new polities enjoy a somewhat parasitic relationship with Tartessos, growing rich off of her trade while exercising a hostile foreign policy.

Thus, while a demand for trade across the peninsula only grew with the emergence of Tartessos' many rivals, Tartessos soon found itself few avenues of expansion. In the few skirmishes that would break out in Iberia, Tartessos would attack one of these small kingdoms expecting an easy fight––only for all of them to align themselves against Tartessos.

All together these kingdoms proved a more than even match. Luckily, these wars invariably ended in a bitter draw due to attrition. The effect this had on the people of Tartessos was negligible, as the city lay in the heart of its demesne far away from all the fighting. A marked increase in the profits of armorers was perhaps the most pronounced effect.

However, many feared that as soon as the rival kingdoms built a navy––well, Tartessos' goose would be cooked to say the least.

Thus, while Tartessos' avenues for expansion inland were hampered by this new powers, the same could not be said for the Tartessian colonies in Africa. These intrepid folk were barely hampered by the relatively primitive Maurusian inhabitants... Using Tartessian ingenuity and technology, large swathes of land were carved out and settled.

The lack of breathing room in Iberia had the unintended side effect of making Africa the default frontier for Tartessian expansion. Thus merchants, aristocrats and nobility alike were funding expeditions and settlement hand over fist. This marked boom in colonization pushed Tartessian shipmaking in new directions, as they began to resemble contemporary Phoenician watercraft, conveyed by both oar and sail.

Exotic creatures were brought back to Tartessos for the first time, chief among these the Barbary Macaque, which were said to have been discovered in forests along the base of the largest mountains in the wor

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My Full Hitman III Concept (Repost)

Update: Obviously, Dubai is confirmed as one of (maybe the first) missions... so one of my levels has to go. That said, I'm not going to pick, I'm going to leave them all in. Maybe IO will do 7 main missions ;) I also know that this post is outdated and it's very likely some of my suggestions have either been confirmed, will be confirmed, or will not be possible. This is very simply a thought exercise.

Original Post:

I know IO already know what they're doing, but I enjoy pretending I can do their work for them, so here's my overall concept for Hitman 3. I've posted a version of this once before, but I've added more to it and have adjusted some things.

Basic Plot Synopsis: 47 continues to hunt down remaining key members of Providence with the help of Lucas Grey, as it becomes clear that Grey has a hidden agenda, culminating in a final showdown between 47 and Grey to tie up all loose ends.

MAIN MISSIONS (summaries posted here may different somewhat from the full versions linked)

  1. Ireland - Murder at Black Valley (Murder Mystery Dinner): A trio of crucial Providence members are celebrating the grand opening of their joint venture; a prestigious Castle Hotel in Black Valley, Ireland, by hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner theater for wealthy elites. A portion of the hotel is open to the public, but the "First Class" wing is restricted for the elites only, and is where the Dinner is taking place. 47 has many devilishly poetic opportunities to kill his targets in plain site with guests possibly believing that it's all part of the game.
  2. Ohio, USA - Power Struggle (Nuclear Power Plant): The grand opening of a Nuclear Power Plant (built out of a retrofitted century-old coal plant) owned by a Providence Member as part of a wider scheme to control the US Power Grid is threatened by an Cultist Terrorist who plans to cause a meltdown. An opportunity to eliminate another member of Providence is met with the chance to prevent a nuclear catastrophe, a world concern that can't be ignored even by the typically a-political Agent 47.
  3. South Dakota, USA - The Ecstasy of Gold (Wild West Resort Town): Low-key Providence Members operating a Wild West themed resort town as a front for huma
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The rise of piracy in the Second American Civil War


The consequences of the Second American Civil War have been felt far beyond the battlefield. As the United States collapsed, so too did its control over its territorial waters. Once the greatest naval power on Earth, it quickly became unable to enforce its authority along much of its coastline, which predictably led to a surge in oceangoing crime. Part of this took the form of smuggling, but the other side of the coin was the resurgence of sea piracy in the Americas. As early as the winter of 2017, small boats were harassing ships near the coastline of the FRA, and it only got worse from there, rising in intensity and spreading to other waters as federal power grew more feeble.

Mirroring the rise of Somalian piracy twenty-odd years beforehand, the new generation of American pirates were drawn into the lifestyle by the crippling poverty which gripped the country as the war picked up steam. Young men in coastal communities began capturing fishing trawlers, usually by rushing them with smaller, more maneuverable craft, and either stealing their cargo to sell or holding the crew for ransom. Things gradually escalated, with pirates becoming more organized and graduating to more lucrative targets.

Today, piracy is more common than it has been at any other point in history since the height of the golden age of piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The pirates, who still mostly use smaller watercraft but have been known to make use of trawlers, old coast guard ships (stolen or bought from corrupt local governments), and even small cargo ships in the most ungovernable waters, mostly target smugglers and foreign aid ships. There are two stretches of coastline where pirates are most active: one, known as the eastern high-risk area by the UN and private shipping companies, stretches from the outer banks of North Carolina to the western end of the Louisiana peninsula; the other, known as the western high-risk area, stretches from the Aleutians to the coast of southern Oregon. In addition to coastal dangers, piracy on the high seas has become an issue as well, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Though they make their living at sea, pirates rely on the mainland to keep their ships working and their stomachs full. Those with speedboats can blend into their communities well enough, but the crews with larger, more conspicuous ships must seek refuge in friendly ports. The two high-risk areas have become rife with pirates becaus

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Need kayak camping advice!

Just went through a rough breakup...Before my layoff comes to and end, I'd really like to find a good place I can go camp and kayak around for a few days just to kinda getaway from all the reminders and normal day to day.

I've camped on the cannon river and a few other watercraft camp spots with my now ex, and that was great - but I need somewhere I can park my car and get back to it without abandoning my gear at the take out spot since I'll be solo. I dont have a working bike at the moment to do it that way, but I could potentially bring a longboard with not too much hassle even though again that leaves my gear up unattended :/

Just looking for options I guess. Still learning all the paddling spots and moving from hike in camping to paddle in... just really need to clear my head with some nature bathing. I really like the sioux river but I'm unsure of any watercraft camping and I would be sol once I got to the end as far as getting back.

Kinda just rambling, any tips or suggestions super appreciated. I wont ask for secret spots on a public platform, but if qny just happened to appear in my inbox I would keep them close to my heart only.

Thanks for reading

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I wrap the six road flares, now spray-painted brick-red and stickered with the appropriate manufacturer's labels, with black electrician’s tape into a hexagonal cross-section, closest-fit bundle. I have a black plastic project box that contains a battery for ‘long-lasting power’ or so the manufacturer claims. An Arduino board that I programmed the other night that runs the wee little speaker and set of blinking LEDs I had mounted on the box. From the box sprout a pair of tightly coiled lengths of demolition wire. Not detonating cord, but just insulated copper wire. These attach to the blasting cap and blasting cap super-booster from which I’ve taken the time to extract all the explosives.

I have to admit, it certainly looks authentic; but there’s a small problem. The aesthetics don’t hit me properly. So, I decided to hot glue a cheap-ass Casio digital watch, removed from its band to the large blank spot on the black box. I run a few more coils of tightly wrapped demolition wire, to give it that more earnest and decidedly homebrewed look.

Perfect. A faux time bomb that could fool anyone.

Smiling, I set it into a drawer of the desk in the portable office. Once all the glue, paint, and mastic dries, I’ll shift it to its permanent home.

That done, I wander outside to see how things are progressing. I walk over to the whiteboard to see what sort of ideas they’ve cooked up in my absence.

“Hey, Rock”, Yogarasa asks, “What do you think of this?” as he points to the red-lined ship’s schematic.

“On, no”, I reply, “I’m JAFO here. Just Another Fucking Observer. Let me know when you guys come to a consensus.”

“Right, Rock”, he smiles, “Will do.”

I fire up a heater and wander around the job site. I may be in JAFO-mode, but I do make a few comments on personal safety. I note how some jobs they’re attempting could be done with a bit more care, introspection, and attention to Safety, Health, and Environment.

“Damn”, I think, “But that’s a big fucking boat.”

I’m standing down on the sand, under the prow of the ship. It’s well and truly beached and the farthest point frontwards of the boat, the bow, is easily 50 or 60 feet above my head.

“Gonna take come real cunning and cuteness to chop up this little dinghy”, I think to myself.

“ROCK!” I hear my name.

I’m being paged.

I ease over to the whiteboard. They have a list of items necessary for the job they’re proposing. They have a set of procedures as well. Now they have to sell me o

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He’s got 99 problems, but safety ain’t one.
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The Sailor’s Talisman - Strange Findings from The Archives

Obligatory introduction for context- I work as an archivist for a historical society in a rather large city in the US, so I get to handle a lot of interesting things (and a lot of not so interesting things). There are a lot of items that have been donated or bought, but the backlog is extensive and some items have been sitting for decades, untouched and unexamined. I’d like to share here some of the oddities and strange things, as well as stories I have from working here.

We operate as a historical museum where the public can use our public documents and records for various projects (typically family genealogy, occasionally writers/authors for research). We also house collections of historical artifacts for the museum portion, typically donations from locals but occasionally obtained from auctions, etc.

If you’re interested, here are links to previous findings:

"Him of the Woods"

“The Cats Keep Us Safe”

/ / / / /

There’s an artifact in one of the lower levels of the Archive rooms. Just for full disclosure: there are many artifact rooms, but all the main ones were built in a sort-of basement over a hundred years ago or so and wallpapered in different colors. Each room has a different clearance for staff and volunteers. Volunteers may only go into the Green Room. Green for go, green meaning easy. Green means safe. Artifacts from the Green Room may be examined, but not taken, by members of the public. Upon request, of course, and they must know what they are looking for in order to ask to examine it.

The sailor’s talisman is in the Purple Room, accessible only to staff and certain High Up people, influential types really like authors or big bucks donors.

The talisman a funny little thing, a sort of mermaid looking thing carved from wood. Perhaps old driftwood. It’s a woman with a fishtail, but it’s forked off into four fins at the end, not two like your typical mermaid. Her eyes are perfect circles, and her mouth is open slightly with long strands of seaweed slithering down her body. The seaweed covers her breasts, but in between them in the sternum area is a symbol: sort of a cross between an ankh and a sulfur cross. A rounded-top cross- like an ankh- sitting on top of a triangle.

It’s very light to carry, but she is always damp. Not damp – now that I t

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Mystic River PSA - NO WAKE ZONE

For all who frequent the Mystic River for fishing or just relaxing, you should know that it is a no wake zone.

This weekend I was canoe fishing on the Mystic. There were lots of other canoes, kayaks and paddle boards.

At around noon two guys on jet skis ripped up the river practically toppling my canoe with their (apparently intentional) wake, as they were doing quarter turns at high speed next to my canoe. I yelled at them that it’s a no wake zone and to slow the fuck down. Guy gave me the finger and kept heading north toward the lake. I encountered a bunch of other paddlers heading south afterward who all said these assholes almost tipped them with their wakes.

About an hour later they must’ve made their loop and headed back south. I encountered them at the intersection of 16 where they ripped past me, another canoe and an ENTIRE FAMILY OF PADDLE BOARDERS. The paddle boarders all had to take a knee to not get knocked into the drink. Again I yelled some things and again one of them gave me the finger and told me to “Go home.”

This is dangerous, inconsiderate and downright rude.

If you are taking a powerful watercraft on the mystic, DO NOT MAKE A WAKE, IT’S FUCKING DANGEROUS.

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Do the $DOOO

Summary: Powersports is likely one of the places vacation/recreation dollars are/have been being redirected, with things like movie theaters, bars, national parks, theme parks, cruises, and flights only slowly coming back online or coming back with restrictions. As noted in a fund's report from April on boat/engine maker Brunswick, any savings that would have been allocated to vacations involving flying, cruise ships, theme parks, etc. are probably being spent on other big-ticket purchases instead.

Which big-ticket items? Well, ORVs/watercraft are one category: Search interest for off-road vehicles- things like ATVs, UTVs/side-by-sides- all of which are seeing spikes of ~2X-4X YoY search activity and ~2X ATHs. Personal watercraft, i.e. jet skis, are seeing similar spikes. Small watercraft related search terms are also at ATHs or seeing above-average or on-trend activity levels.

Key players in this space are Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP, $DOOO), maker of Can-Am ORVs, Sea-Doo PWCs, Evinrude outboard motors, Alumacraft small boats, etc; Polaris ($PII), make of Polaris ORVs as well as several small watercraft brands; and Brunswick Corporation, which makes Mercury outboard motors and a range of watercraft, including Boston Whaler, Lowe Boats, and the more upscale Sea Ray.

I had been eyeing this play, particularly for Polaris, and in fact I identified this play a month ago but paper-handed my calls. More recently I was waiting for a bit of a pullback since PII is already pretty close to ATH. Unfortunately Polaris jumped up even more last week against the market trend, to $83, about 11% off its February high of $93 (it has been as high as $101 last December). In researching this play this weekend I found out why $PII bounced up on May 20: an article, (some paras pasted below) that went out in an industry publication on that date.

>OEM’s April dirt bike sales double with half of its dealers open

>“It started off rocky at first but then business took off. I’ve never sold as many machines before in a month as we did in April,” said Mac Johnston, owner of East Central Sports, which has locations in North Branch, Burnsville

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If UbiSoft asked everyone to suggest what they could do to make the world of Auroa feel more: populated, engaging, immersive, and mostly more dangerous as they advertised...and then said that in the next update they would add many of those suggestions, what ideas would you give them?

I’ll tell you I certainly don’t feel like I’m stuck on an island with the bad guys. I FEEL LIKE THE BAD GUYS ARE STUCK ON THE ISLAND WITH ME!! Joking aside even with drones, helos, enemy OP’s, FOB’s or Patrols every couple hundred meters I don’t feel hunted or out numbered.

As much as many people complained about AI squad in Wildlands lacking intellectually because they often would get you caught and inevitably get you killed by a Mac10 sniper, I’ve seen about the same amount of people say they wish they had been in BP from the beginning. They were shown in all the game trailers but initially were never part of the final plan to be in the game which makes you scratch your head and wonder as to why they would even be in the trailers at all (maybe representing co-op squads?). Maybe will see out AI squad sooner than later if things go according to plan. I will give UbiSoft that you certainly do feel along in the world but that’s about the extent of what they said you would feel like (you’ll feel alone, hunted, outnumbered, outgunned, etc).

If I could see new things implemented I would suggest a few things:

One, first fix the major bugs that plague the game. BP has more bugs in it than a Starship Trooper movie.

Two, I know this will make people roll their eyes 🙄 but add more customization options (e.g weapons, clothing, accessories) but don’t hide these options behind a Raid. Make the customization a mechanic of the game like it should have been.

Three, implement some type of faction warfare mechanic where you can help groups of Outcasts take back strongholds on the main island and outlying islands. You have Outcasts yet they don’t actively fight to take the island back. You might be “Brute Squad” but you’re still just one man, it never hurts to have help. You literally are doing all their work for them.

Four, I would like to see enemy AI driven watercraft and opportunities for water combat. “Water water everywhere and not a drop patrolled.” I’d love to see an enemy boat suddenly zoom by on the river as I’m casually strolling along like I own the place. It would be awesome to have an enemy cargo ship or large vessel anchor out in the open water and have to board and clear it whether it’s for a mission or because I’m in the mood to roll play and make up my own mission.

I’m not suggesting Breakpoint becomes Wildlands but make what worked for WL work for BP while making it unique to Auroa. The world has so much potential yet it wa

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Car and Driver and Jalopnik writer has gone missing on a motorcycle trip in CA.

Hi folks:

Davey Johnson, who has written for Car and Driver and Jalopnik and others has gone missing while riding a press bike in Amador county, CA.

I’ve met Davey a few times through work and he’s a genuinely good guy. If anyone’s in the area and has any info, please call the Calaveras County sherifs office.

Here’s a copy paste;


This is my friend Davey G. Johnson and I'm trying to help Jaclyn Trop find him.

Name: David Gordon Johnson He is 5'10" and around 200 lbs. Grey hair and riding a Honda CB1000R press bike (mfg plate 3421).

Last contact was somewhere along RT 49 around 2:11am PT on Wednesday morning. He's been out of touch with everyone we know, since.

UPDATE ONE: The local police have pinged the last known location of his cell phone to Amador County, CA, around 8 am PT Wednesday morning. There have not been any pings since. We have called all the hotels in the area and the hospitals.

UPDATE TWO: (12:13 AM PT, Saturday, June 8): THE POLICE HAVE FOUND THE BIKE: Parked outside rest stop on RT 49 near Mokelumne Hill. Davey's backpack, computer and phone are not there, but the bike has been found. The Calaveras County Sheriff is planning a search and rescue starting tomorrow morning to look for Davey.

We don't have specific route details but believe he was heading home (west) to Sacramento from the Mammoth area. He was due home yesterday or today at the latest.

Jaclyn has filed a missing persons report with the Sacramento Sheriff and has been in touch with Tuolumne County Sheriff and CHP (with the tremendous help from Cory Burns and Chris Cantle). The case is now with Calaveras County.

The area is remote and Davey was in warm weather gear. From his texts he was tired and cold and had a hell of a time getting over Sonora. Rt 108 just reopened on May 30.

We're coming up on 72 hours of no contact.

If you are in the area, saw him, spoke to him after 2am Wednesday morning, or know anything please reach out and/or share.

Edit 2:30 PM EST, June 8th:

A huge thanks to all who have upvoted, crossposted, and shared this. We still don't have any more info on Davey's whereabouts, but if anyone has any information, please call the Calaveras County Sherrif's office at (209) 754-6500.


UPDATE 10: 5:54 PM PT, Tuesday, June 11

As the sun begins to set, the only information I have tonight is that the search will continue tomorrow.

The sheriff's dept has a whole variety of watercr

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Is my idea of a takedown canoe stupid?

I apologize but I cannot sleep because this idea is Stuck in my head.

Context: I am moving out of state to a new city and will be living in an apartment without space for my canoe (she's staying with my parents in the meantime). I've always wanted to build a stitch & glue canoe and I do a fair amount of woodworking so taking on a project like this isn't too daunting.

Disclaimer: I don't want a kayak, I've also thought about doing a fancy one made from aluminum poles and vinyl fabric but that seems too complicated for a beater canoe.

My idea: build a canoe in 3 sections that can be bolted together, a mid section, Stern, and bow. Each piece would have a full transom-like piece at the "open end" so even if water got between the sections it wouldn't matter because it wouldn't get inside the hull itself unless it went over the height of the gunnwales. The "transom pieces" would be thick (3/4" at least) plywood and reinforced with washers or metal plates where bolts would go through. I was thinking multiple heavy duty stainless steel bolts at each joint of the boat sections. I was also thinking of putting some rubber gasket material between sections to prevent wear from rubbing against each other. 3 sections at 4-feet a piece would make a nice little 12' solo canoe that would fit nicely in the bed of my pickup or in my apartment then could simply be bolted together once at the water. The whole thing will be fiberglassed of course. I'm not sure if the visual of it translated well through text. I will try to draw my idea later.

Is this idea dumb or promising? I'd love to get some feedback. Thanks.

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Ellie scooted over and poured some ice cold Champaign into a glass for me as I climbed into the Jacuzzi. The jets churned the hot water around us in massaging waves as steam rose into the cool night air. I tried to ignore the sharp pain in my back from where the hot water splashed over the scratches Ellie had left as I put my arm around her and held her close. We toasted again and took a sip of Champaign, then Ellie snuggled up against me. For a while, we just relaxed in silence, watching the dark clouds dance in front of a bright winter moon as the soft hum of the Jacuzzi washed caressing waves of hot water over us. I could feel my eyes getting heavy and I happily contemplated drifting off to sleep in this idyllic setting.

“SO!” Ellie suddenly exclaimed with a splash of water that brought me back to full wakefulness and sobriety. She set her glass aside.

“Welp,” I thought. Here it comes.

“Creepy Doctor, right?” I said.

“Why not?” Ellie persisted. “C’mon, Fox! Your stories are good. I mean, why wouldn’t you want them to be read?

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know. I really just wrote them for myself, so that I wouldn’t forget the event. I guess. I don’t know.”

“Yeah, but that stuff happened, right?” said Ellie. “I mean, those stories are true, right? You’ve actually experienced that weird stuff? I mean… I’m not the only one who…”

She stopped suddenly.

I set my glass down and looked Ellie in the face. Her long, light blonde hair clung close to her, framing the face of most beautiful girl I’d ever dated against the bright moonlight. Ellie had never been one to be short on words. However, here she was now, breathing hard and struggling to find the words to say what was on her mind.

“Sweetheart, did something happen to you? Did you experience something?” I asked.

“You…you promise you won’t think I’m nuts?” replied Ellie.

“Hey,” I said. “I made Italian Soldiers chase a ghost in the Zerkoh Valley in Afghanistan. I got chased by Bigfoot while training to be a Cavalry Scout in Pennsylvania and, oh yeah, my cousin’s artillery unit blew away some mythical bat-woman monster in the Philippines. So…”

Ellie pushed me down into the water playfully. “So, you better not think I’m nuts, mister, because I’ll leave you and not look back because there are ten guys to every smoking hot chick like me around here.”

“Blah…blah…blah…” I replied. “Are you going to tell me what happened to you, or ar

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A mystery key that fits every lock, but opens a portal to...

Edit, made a python script to parse all submits, there might be few funny errors which i try to modify later. I'll also run the script few times in case of new submissions

1)The inside of an enormous bullywug’s mouth, now with 2x as many flies!

2)The bottom of the an old wizard's bag of holding

3)A closet in a far flung castle,

4)A small town bakery,

5)An old rundown house in the middle of a Isolated forrest,

6)A wine cellar,

7)An outhouse,

8)A treasure vault(with numerous traps).

9)A windlowless room with a low ceiling. It is dimly lit but it's not clear where the light is coming from. Facing the wall at the opposite end of the room is a man(?) seated on a stool working at a table. You can't see what he(?) is doing, but there are wood shavings on the floor around the stool. The only other furniture in the room is a simple chest of drawers against the wall to your left. A wicker basket sits on top of the chest. In the basket are three balls of red yarn.

10)A town full of succubi-mind-flayers, get revenge on those “thinking with their pants” bards

11)A well furnished room with chairs, end tables, and other knick-knacks. There is a chest off to the side of the room. The chest is the only piece of furniture in the room that's not a mimic.

12)A tavern on fire. This is fine

13)A long hallway that keeps going and going and going...

14)A nondescript room with two trails of blood leading away from the door to another door on the other side. Looks like somebody dragged a bloody corpse through here.

15)The inside of Santa's workshop....Or Satan's workshop if you prefer...

16)Like a Portal placed behind you, you can see the backs of your own head, your party, etc.

17)An incompetently-staged boss fight where mid-monologuing the BBEG forgets his master plan or fails to rationalize his plan under the scrutiny of the PCs’ questions. Then, he summons easily defeatable henchmen and dies after a single round of combat.

18)A box to another key, that opens up another box with yet another key. This goes on for awhile until it opens up a box with a letter saying, “Thou art a fool and hath fallen for mine classic jest.”

19)A room oddly similar to the one where the players currently are...

20)The set

21)A parallel reality where everything is the same but all sound is tonally shifted. It is a Key Change Key.

22)* The person's subconscious mind

23)* An endless void of black and white static. Everywhere you look you see a giant billboard that reads Error 4

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SMG4: Game Plan

It Starts inside The Castle. Everybody is taking refuge Here. With their New Teammate, Agent 8, They've been making plans as to how to raid Anime Island. "We should disguise as Anime Cartel members." Agent 8 says. "And we'll take some of their Watercraft To get There." Axol replies. Everybody gets everything they need and they finally set sail to Anime Island. It would take 3 Days to get There.

Meanwhile, On Anime Island, All the Inklings who got kidnapped are getting Their Ink extracted as we speak. Francis, Having his plans almost finished, exclaims in ecstasy. "Finally! My plans are finally coming to plan! WAIFU WORLD, HERE WE COME!" He says. "SIR!" An Anime Cartel member says. Francis responds. "Status Report!" He says. "There's a Submarine of ours headed our way!" The member says. "Well, tell them to bring the Ink to The Facility!" Francis orders. "Yes Sir!" The member says. Anime Island is an entire Base. It has a Facility, H.Q, and Science Lab. But it is still an Island. Anyway, As of now, no Inklings can escape.

Little Did they know, The Submarine Not only had Ink, But had The Entire SMG4 Gang inside. With 2 Days remaining, They are getting ready to go to War. The Now Retired A.S.S is Following too. They're preparing their weapons. Mario is more ready than ever. "Mario's gonna kill some bitches!" He says. Agent 8 is also ready. "They took my friends, And now their going to pay!" She says. It will take some time before they get There. "This is it, Desti." Meggy says. Axol Gets Everybody's Attention. "Listen Up, Everybody! The Time is nigh! We are almost There! Get Ready!" He says. Everybody Then goes back to sleep in Their Rooms in hopes of stopping The Almighty Francis, Whose plans are almost Finished.

Back at Anime Island, Francis is Upgrading His Inkweaver. He Wants it to be Powerful Enough to Conquer The Entire World, As The NILS Statue. "NYAHAHAHA! One day, The World would be covered in Waifus!" He said. His Inkweaver is already at Ink-Boi Status, Which He also studied. The SMG4 Gang is Almost there, With little time remaining and Francis almost planning to conquer The World, Will The SMG4 Gang stop The Almighty Francis? Or will they share The Ultimate Fate like Desti? Stay Tuned on the Next Part of My Story Arc About Francis!

Stay tuned as I Will make another part,: Part 4 of This Story, As Well as a Mini Part that plays a Major Role in The Story. Goodbye, Guys!

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Heads Up: There Are Payment Bugs

Over the weekend, I experienced a few situations where payments are being missed and the bank is a little glitchy. I don't know if this is on all platforms or just Xbox One, but just keep an eye out and report any big losses to Rockstar.

Things I experienced:

  • I loosely track my expenses and earnings, and the earnings screen for my gunrunning computer is $87,000 short in its calculations.

  • Wanting to clear out extant product for a fresh start on production and research, I sold a small batch of weapons for $42,000, but the cash never arrived.

  • One 100% Export delivery didn't pay, so I didn't get the $100k but got charged the $20k mod fee (typical banks!).

  • Money paid direct to my Maze Bank account from other Exports doesn't appear in the Transaction ledger.

  • Some smaller transactions don't show up, or are delayed by hours.

  • It's possible you'll be charged for bunker staff and utilities more often than once per game day. Several times I noticed being hit for those charges, doing a couple of things that didn't take a combined 48 minutes, then getting hit again.

Also, there's a pretty important bug that those running MC businesses need to be aware of ...

TL;DR: If you're making biker business deliveries via Dodo (sea plane), fly over the shoreline when passing Paleto Bay to avoid an abrupt end.

Off the beach near Paleto Bay the yacht from the Series A Heist is anchored for a gunrunning resupply mission - get in, kill some dudes, get the stuff. The yacht doesn't appear in the water until/unless you get that assignment, but after that mission you'll see it in the water with the lights off.

If you get close to the yacht in an attempt to board it outside of a resupply mission, you'll be teleported to the beach just below the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Station. Any aircraft you were in will crash into the water, and any watercraft will simply drift away. I've tried parachuting and even swimming from shore, and every time you're teleported to the beach.

THAT TELEPORT "ZONE" IS THERE EVEN IF THE YACHT ISN'T. If you're on a resupply mission using the Dodo, and you fly into that zone, the screen will go black, you'll appear on the beach, and the Dodo will vanish. The delivery mission will be over, and you'll only get paid what you already delivered.

Here's a video demonstration, which I sent to Rockstar along with a support ticket. (Incident at 1:08.)

Until that is patched, fly close to the shoreline

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Theory Revisited: Updated Analysis for "Where is the Last City's Location?" (v.2)

Please Read :)

Some of you may remember this post from a few months back analyzing clues related to the location of the Last City. This post serves as an update to an ongoing question that the mod team is developing a temporary answer for. Please see the recent FAQ effort.

Here are the goals of this post:

  • Allow the lore to speak for itself objectively as much as it can
  • Analyze the references hidden within each entry to establish any connections
  • Identify which lore entries provide the strongest arguments for theories for the FAQ

As always, feedback is weclome and I encourage people to challenge anything below. I am attempting to remain as neutral as possible with my own analysis. Bungie has not confirmed the actual location of the Last City in-game, but has only hinted towards it, especially during Destiny 2. The most popular theories we've found include Nepal or India and the Himalayas in Southeast Asia, as well as Chile or Peru and the Andes in South America.

Direct References via Lore Entries and Transcripts

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[F] Patricia and the Death Guard, combining the grimdark with the very wholesome

I wrote this short script (it's half the length of a normal comic book) with something of a surprise towards the end. My favorite character from a gentle setting in my early childhood makes an appearance. Enjoy! (When I pasted this in from my word processor, it moved all of the centered text to the left. There's not a way to center stuff here, is there?)

Patricia and the Death Guard

Page 1

Panel 1

This is a panel large enough to take up a third of the page (horizontally). This is the waterfront of the city of Kensa, on the planet Richor. It’s a very nice day, and there are people everywhere. They’re strolling, eating yummy treats, talking, etc. There are street vendors, performers, etc. Note that there is no beach here, but there are piers with tied-up watercraft.

Panel 2

This panel also takes up a third of the page, in the middle this time. The scene is still the waterfront, but now in the center of the scene we can see a table with one adult woman (MRS. TESTOR) and four young GIRLS (aged about fourteen or so) behind it. They are wearing blue Girl Guides uniforms, with prominent Aquilas (Aquilae?) visible. Numerous small, colorful boxes are arranged atop the table,  along with a metal cash box. A couple of CUSTOMERS are on the other side, examining the cookies.

Panel 3

Closer up, one of the customers has a box of cookies, and is chatting with the girls and Mrs. Testor. Everybody is all smiles.

Panel 4

One girl, PATRICIA, is putting some cash in the cash box.  

Panel 5

We’re looking right at Patricia, who looks cheerful.


Thanks! Enjoy.

Page 2

Panel 1

Down on the sidewalk, a somewhat grizzled man is walking along. He’s an Imperial Guard VETERAN, although there are not necessarily any obvious signs.  

Panel 2

From the Veteran’s POV, three or four round shadows appear on the water.

Panel 3

The veteran looks up at the sky with a hand to block the glare.

Panel 4

There is a glint/flicker appearing in the sky. \[I’m trying to depict the “arc light” effect of objects coming down from high in the sky.\]  

Panel 5

The veteran has a sudden moment of clarity. He remembers.

Panel 6

The veteran turns away from the water and towards the various people in the vicinity. The table with the Girl Guides is in the background.

Panel 7

This panel takes up the bottom third of the page. The veteran is now moving, waving his arms and gesticulating.


Run! Run!

Page 3

Panel 1

The nearby pedestrians are unfazed and unim
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The Bear Lake Monster of Utah

The Myth

Many years ago when the Mormons first came to Bear Lake, and began mingling with the Indians, they noticed the Red men always avoided the lake when possible, and became very much alarmed at the whites when they went boating or bathing, on or in the lake. The white people wondered what could be the reason for their fear, so one day they inquired of one of the Indians, who told them the following legend of the Bear Lake monster: It was the custom of their forefathers to go bathing, and fishing in the lake. It sometimes happened, that some of them would not return. In some mysterious way, which the Indians could not understand, they were taken away. One day a large monster was seen to rise out of the water and catch one of the braves, while bathing in the lake. Often after this it was seen by the Indians at different places in the lake. So the story was handed down from their forefathers. Always the Indians remembered the silence, the waiting, the longing for the Indian braves who never returned to their wigwams. True to their memories and the fear of some command given by the chiefs, the Indians never entered the shimmering waters of the lake. Long they watched for the monster’s return and even now feel that when the buffalo return to their old hunting grounds and feed in their old haunts, that the Bear Lake monster in all his fury and strength will return (Young Ladies’ Mutual Improvement Association, 1917, p271).

The Shoshone explained the presence of the Bear Lake Monster as the result of a forbidden love between a Sioux warrior and lovely Bannock lady (the Bannock are another tribe closely related to the Shoshone) and the subsequent intervention of the Great Spirit.

The Hoax

Joseph C. Rich was a prominent and well respected figure in the early Mormon settlement of Utah, he was a big shot in the Church of Latter Day Saints, an aspiring Journalist and he also had an established reputation as a humorist and prankster. The July 27, 1868 issue of The Deseret News printed Rich’s account of his “research” into the Bear Lake Monster, and a Bear Lake Monster flap ensued.

*All lakes, caves and dens have their legendary histories. Tradition loves to throw her magic wand over beautiful dells and lakes and people them with fairies, giants and monsters of various kinds. Bear Lake has also its monster tale to tell, and when I have told it, I will leave you to judge whether or not its merits are merely traditionary.  The Indians say there is a mo

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[Alien Ecologists] Part 03

Alien Ecologists: Part 03

first | previous | next | last

Mitchell Island: John Little's Radio Shack

"Rock House, Rock House, Rock House, do you read, do you read, do you read, this is Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell."

"Mitc$$$$$$$$$ell, Mitchell, we read you, we$$$$$$$$$$read you, $$$$$$$ Rock House, Rock House, $$$$$$$$$$"

Depending on conditions, radio communications can be excellent, execrable, or impossible. Today, they are somewhere north of execrable. Code might be better, or might not. At least this way, you can hear some of the voices. We will dispense with an accurate rendition of the communications in favor of something more legible.

"Rock House, USS Enterprise sunk, Admiral Parker dead, most crew recovered."

"Mitchell, Understood, Location Captain Young?"

"Rock House, Captain Young on hand."

"Mitchell, Please put him on."

As difficult as the conversation was, when you put it all together, it sounded something like this.

"Rock House, this is Captain Young. Admiral Parker proclaimed Empire of the Rockies, claimed leadership. Circumstances required sinking Enterprise. All but power crew, Lieutenant Hernandez, Admiral Parker, and five crew recovered. Bridge crew state Admiral Parker shot Lieutenant Hernandez without justification. Power crew commendation, believe they deliberately flooded to avoid further meltdown. Believe they deliberately sacrificed selves to save others. Crew mutiny found justified, I say again justified. All cleared of charges."

"Mitchell, CNO Jackson, Actions approved pending after action report. Status mission?"

"Rock House, Get stuffed Jackson. Actions stand as stated regardless. Man on the spot rule. Actions essential mission. Crew resolution essential mission. Mission critically important. Say again, Critically Important."

"Mitchell, Get stuffed yourself, Young. Actions approved. YOU will stand for action review. Explain mission."

"Rock House, Accepted. Will stand for personal actions. Mission complicated. Require current code to report further."

"Mitchell, Ship's Doctor present?"

"Rock House, Ship's Doctor speaking."

"Mitchell, Confirm san

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